i can see every single pixel

rapunzelaisaka  asked:

Your towns are really creative! I can't wait til wasser's out. Your qrs are really good too. Do you have any tips for making qrs? I've tried but mine always look terrible haha

ah thank you! i’ve been making pixel art for fun for a long time & that definitely helps with making paths + clothes. there are tons of great pixel art tutorials out there if you wanna get specific, but here are a few general pointers i try to keep in mind while i work on qrs! i even made a (terrible) infographic about it.

  • anti-aliasing & smooth lines make a huge difference! the uneven circle draws attention to the pixels it’s made of, but the symmetrical circle looks a lot smoother. the anti-aliased circle is even better! by using a shade halfway between black & white (or whichever colors you’re using) you can create the illusion of a smoother curve. but be careful not to overuse anti-aliasing, it can make your work look blurry. more info.
  • color choice can drastically change the way a pattern looks. shading with the next darkest shade works, but it’s not always the best way to use a limited palette. you can shade the same peachy color with a variety of purples, pinks, browns, tans, & reds. value (how light or dark a color is if you desaturate it) matters more than hue here. more infomore info.
  • every pixel counts! when you’re working in a teeny-tiny 32 x 32px canvas, every single dot makes a difference. try to be economical & creative. you can condense visual information into simple arrangements of pixels, & you can imply visual information that’s too complex to actually render. there are a million ways to approach anything you could possibly want to draw!

above all, check your work often!!! i like to make a 3 x 3 square of my pattern outside, then work on the design right there. every few minutes, i save & exit the editor so i can see what it looks like on the ground.

i hope this helps?? sorry it got so wordy lol, maybe the images speak for themselves… if you have any other questions, let me know.

windy15  asked:

Howdy! I've been meaning to ask this for a while: how do you go about making your characters more... diverse in design? I mean like clothing and features and all that jazz. Mine always end up being humanoid with a t-shirt and some pants/skirt. It gets frustrating not being creative enough to think of something better.

that’s actually a really good question. hahah Design is so hard for me to like explain on how I go about doing it because a lot of it has to do with the imagination. But like drawing techniques, imaginations can be improved with practice as well, and that’s a fact. 

Well I guess what I draw Fan Art and I kinda  beef up a character design a little but, I guess I try and think of the characters personality and maybe bring out some more traits that they might like  when doing so. And as you can see from my speedpaints I’ll look at the original pixel and try to expand on them. I’ll use Mettaton and Frisk for example, cuz I actually have a whole reference sheet for them already done for Death by Glamour. 


It really all has to do with bringing out a character’s personality

Frisk’s design is still really simple, but it’s in their expression, hair and body shape that I feel really brings out their character. I wanted to keep Frisk simple because they over all are a simple. They don’t show a ton of emotion, they enjoy the little things and see the good in people, and a rather lazy atmosphere about them when not dodging blows in a fight or flirting haha. I think their loving mercy pacifist self really shows once they break this casual and blank posture when perking up and straighting their ‘I don’t care about anything’ posture/body language attitude when given a first impression, which is something I really like about Frisk and wanted to bring out in their design, how in first impression they seem blank and simple, and thus the design and posture below, but when in the right situation their ‘complicated’ personality shows when they get flirty, determined, (lol but seriously) or mercy sympathetic. So staying simple really works for Frisk, with clean cut hair, and so on. 


Mettaton however was a TON more complicated. Being as he’s a diva pop star that loves all the glam and glitter I really wanted to bring that out in his design, as well as desplaying that he’s a robot. Being as he loves style (as part of his personality) and lavishes in his own looks so much, I wanted to add a lot more details that you don’t see in the pixel of the game, such as how the lines on his torso outline the muscle of a cartoony anatomical structure of a slender/feminen man, to highlight his ‘beauty’ from  broad shoulders, muscle, hips, calves, and so on. I also made his body structure the way I did based on the pixel of the game which you see on the right on the top, such as the broad shoulders, thin waist with a little bit of hips and not exaggerate the hips like most people do (not that there’s anything wrong with that) So I tried to follow the pixel as much as I could. 

in fact I tried to follow pixel as much as I could when creating the design for Mettaton, even down to his facial structure, with the sharp jaw line and flat chiseled chin, and his expression as you can see by looking down near the bottom of the reference sheet. haha I guess you could say I did that “Mettaton facial expressions” challenge when making Death by glamour. Literally every single part of his design has a reason, and trying to bring out his personality as well as the look and physique of the pixel straight from the game as much as possible, while still making him individual to my style. 

So I guess what I’m saying is, when I make a character design, I try to bring out their personality as much as I can, usually people that are more reserved  and quiet who keep to themselves are more simple such as Frisk, because they don’t show their out loud personality all to much in their looks. Where Mettaton I wanted to give him tons of detail and bring out what is typically attractive and so on such as highlighting certain parts of his body because he adores how he looks and feels in this body because he’s such an out loud personality who dazzles in his own spot light.  


If you want an Original example, my character Zalgaroth loves his looks to, but he’s incredibly formal, usually serious but has a perky side to him too, is a dragon which usually matches with gems and gold, and he follows the color scheme of Labradorite being as he’s kinda based off of the gem stone it’self. He also weares light armor because he likes to be swift and fast, and has only one armored gautlet on his left arm because his right is his sword arm, and his left arm is for defence or to flaw someone. So what I’m saying is, everything from his color pallet, the tunic/suit he wears, and the light armor and where/how it’s placed has a reason, and it’s all because of his traits and personality. 

So try to bring out traits about them and personality and that might help you think of a more developed character design! :D  I hope that helps!