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So that veil ask got me thinking and hc that the Sharingan needs perfectly clear eye contact to work so it's literally useless if the victim is squinting so their eyelashes obscure their vision, wearing glasses/contacts etc because if you're gonna have super powerful godlike powers it needs an easy human-capable counter ok (also the more evolved it gets the clearer the contact needs to be so like eternal mangekyo can literally be foiled by rain) not canon compliant but I like it

I like it too! And its also kind of hilarious, because as someone who is pretty much blind without their glasses, the Sharingan being defeated by the poor eyesight of an opponent would be just. SO amusing.


“Sorry dude I dropped my contacts down the sink this morning and I can’t see my own hand clearly, let alone your magic eye jutsu.”


Hello Sendai!

This is the translation of Visual Board Tour Event Story (not voiced). Special thanks to Edmund (@iamtheoceansgaywaves) for proofreading♡

Visual Board Tour Event: Sendai | Sapporo

Mitsuki: Today, we’re starting IDOLISH7’s new web program, named…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~! (1)

Riku: This web program is presented by the popular idol group, IDOLISH7!

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I’m reading Patti Smith’s book on my balcony and
today I bought two new notebooks after therapy and
I re-strung my fairy lights so they’re over my head and
they look so pretty, like little galaxies and
I think the new apartment is starting to feel like home.
I don’t tell you any of this, any of these tiny tales of another day without you beside me
and you don’t share anything, either.
Suddenly and clearly, I can see that we’re done;
the arguments, I think we could work through.
The indifference, we can’t.
I’ve been crying for days: in the shower, in the streets, at work
as I package up wine glasses carefully,
trying not to break anything else.
I don’t have the pretty words for this anymore;
I’ve lost the drive to turn all the pain into poetry.
For now, I’m just letting it be pain.
My therapist asked me today why I am so determined
to believe you are so wholly good
I said, “Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”
Everything feels so wrong, now, but at least there’s no more pretending.
At least I’m facing that sometimes what’s supposed to be just…isn’t.
—  Desperate measures (a.p.)

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You are lovelier than a cold cup of milo on a hot day ^^ Do you prefer kyungsoo with or without glasses? Whst do you tunk jongin prefers?

You are so lovely, shall i compare thee to a summer’s day? You wake me up better than any cup of coffee because you’re just my cup of tea. I prefer Kyungsoo without glasses! I love those Harry Potter glasses with the entirety of my soul. I love the swell of his cherubic cheeks when he laughs and his glasses moving up like my spirits. I definitely think Jongin prefers him with his glasses too since he wears it a lot in their personal time together!? I also can’t find it now but I remember a moment where they were on stage and Jongin asked Kyungsoo if he could see properly (to read a banner? or some sort of view?) and moved him closer? It’s a GIF and I remember it because it made my heart flutter. I just think Jongin would prefer his jagi to be able to see clearly although he doesn’t need 20/20 vision to know Jongin is perfect. Maybe Jongin prefers Kyungsoo without glasses to kiss him/make love and to see those beautiful doe eyes better? But Kyungsoo is so effing cute with glasses!! I just really adore that natural, cosy and endearing look when he wears them. Like his squishiness and cuteness is amplified by a 1000x. 

But Kyungsoo still has the same effect on my heart with or without glasses. :> Jongin would agree too, Kyungsoo looking good with anything and even better with nothing.

Super Junior (Heechul, Yesung, Donghae) kinks + what turns them on

A/N: I’m only doing the current 9 members not enlisted in the military, so Shindong and Sungmin are excluded for now :( But if you really want one, just request it.


this boy is one of my strong biases, and I can totally see his ass being into some sort of role playing. He wouldn’t be all vanilla about it in the beginning either, from day one he’d tell you in what outfits he’d want, the positions he’d want you in waiting for him, etc. heechul would go crazy when you waltzed around him on purpose, in your pretend maid attire, dusting in front of him on the glass table, bending over so your ass was clearly visible from the back, your garters riding up and squeezing you, trying to get his attention if he was reading, on his phone, etc. but he would make you regret it, slamming you down on the glass table you had been cleaning moments ago to position his clothed growing member behind your suddenly soaked slit from behind.

“No underwear?” He’d purr, coming up to grab at your chin and yank you to look at him.
Nodding your head no, you’d watch in awe as he pushed up your legs and squatted down, burying his face inside of your heat as you writhed under his strong arms, your face flushing from the pleasure his tongue was giving you.
“Heechul..” You’d gasp out, his tongue dipping in your slit.
“Shut up, you already know this is what happens when you tease me.” And he wouldn’t stop his assault on your core until your were sweating onto the table and begging him to stop because holy shit you were so overstimulated, but even then you wouldn’t be safe. He’d grab you by your ass again and throw you over his shoulder, walking you to the bedroom and tossing you on the bed his dark eyes making regret ever teasing him.


over all I would say yesung would be typical in bed, but he would have his moments. I feel like even if he’s pretty usual, he would love above all to hear you moan, it would give him a feeling on “hell yeah I’m the one making her moan, I’m doing that.” And it would just fuel his desire for you. Like say you’d be kissing him and what not, just kissing, neither of you planning on taking it any further than that but then all of a sudden, a small moan would slip out of your throat, causing you to pull back suddenly and place your hand over your mouth as you both would sit there, dumbfounded. But then all of a sudden, yesung’s eyes would darken a little bit more and he would be at your mouth again, but this time the kiss would be a lot different from the first time around. You would feel a hunger coming from his mouth, it almost would feel like he was trying to suck more moans out of your mouth as he would place his hands on your hips and pull you into his lap, the game completely changing once you would feel his growing member beneath you, you’re mouth opening lightly as you began to catch on to his drift. But as soon as you had gotten a grasp on it, yesungs mouth would lick its way down your neck, his tongue feeling along your veins as he begun to buck up into you, your thinly clothed core suddenly on fire as you’re body would bounce again his movement, harsh breaths coming out of you. This would continue until Yesung finally ground against the spot that was most sensitive for you, a moan erupting from your throat as your eyes almost rolled back into your head from the pleasure. He would take note of the sweet sound and begin to buck in the same manner, hot moans coming from your mouth like a stream, yesungs head beginning to bead with sweat as he worked even harder to make you moan, flipping you over to get an even better vantage point, incredibly u comfortable in his jeans but not caring.
“You like it here? You like it when I do this-” he would tease, wanting to hear you as loud as you could be.


DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS BOY, to me, his ‘cool’ demeanor wouldn’t extend into the bedroom, yeah for the first few moments, while you’d be making out, taking each other’s clothes off, his real kinks would come out to play. Donghae feels like someone who would be into slight spanking and slight dominance, not wanting to completely over power you, but let you know who was in charge during sex. He would kiss you sweetly at first, warming you up before he got a little bit rougher with you, as he would retreat while you waited completely naked for his return anxiously. Once he would get back, you’d see that he’d brought one of your favorite whips out to play. You’d try to control your excitement though, because the second Donghae knew you liked that whip, he’d throw it away and pull another one out, so you simply would stare at him, with wide wet eyes.
“On all fours.” He would command in a gruff voice which sent shocks down your stomach to your core as you complied. You would turn around and arch your back, the edge of Donghae’s whip coming to trace your ass as you resisted the urge to lean back into it in excitement and want for contact.
“So pretty..” He would purr, always peppering you with compliments even if he was like this. Then with one more caress from the small whip, he’d suddenly lightly crack it against the crook of your ass, a hiss coming from you in a mixture of pleasure and pain, the pain being kissed away as Donghae did what he always did after every whip, place a soft kiss on the skin as his free hand ran up and down your stomach, his mouth ghosting over your core.
“1 down baby.” He would announce, adjusting his belt as he grew harder in his jeans from the image of your ass with a single whip mark pushing him over the edge.

Can i borrow your notes?

Jimin Fan Fic 

It was late in the evening when I got a text from my classmate Jimin. He was an odd one id have to say but maybe it was because we had just started talking to each other. I’m sure he’ll open up soon but I’ll admit he is gorgeous and I may have thought of him pressing me against the wall a few times during class and don’t even get me started with his music.

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THIS MUST BE A DREAM // masterlist

Request: Would you be willing to do a Modern! Kylo fic where the both of you went to high school together and he became a successful corporate business leader and you went to work somewhere humble like a cafe or bookshop and you both reunite at the reunion.

A/N: First off, the first book to come to mind was FBAWTF bc the movie just came out so…also, this is nothing but fluff and I kinda changed the request a bit, so instead of running into each other at the reunion, it’s the bookshop. Thanks for the request, anon! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.6K+

It had been ten years, ten years since you had graduated high school, only twenty-eight and still finding your place on this planet. Sure, working as the part-time owner of a bookshop wasn’t the ideal way to go–nor was it what you envisioned yourself to be doing at the age you were in now–but, still, it was better than nothing. In all honesty, you truly enjoyed the peacefulness the shop had brought you, especially since you rarely had trouble with customers.

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Do you have any ushioi hc? I didnt know you ship them!

I do have a few! You can find them in my tag here 

But lets see what else I can do for you anon! I love UshiOi! One of my top ships for both of them!

So how bout some glasses HC’s since thats the hot thing right now!

Ushijima who has near perfect eyesight wanting to see what Oikawa’s glasses look like.  He’s glad he was sitting down when he tried them on because he got dizzy immediately from how bad they were.

Ushijima who knows Oikawa can’t see him clearly in the morning, so he always scoots so he is nearly nose to nose with Oikawa so that he’s the first thing Oikawa will see when he wakes up. 

Ushijima holding Oikawa’s glasses over his head when he’s being a brat, and refusing to give them back until Oikawa kisses him.

Other headcannons:

They go to the same college. Oikawa tries not to be as petty as everyone expects him to be, and actually asks Ushijima to stay after practice one day to work on their set up.  He bites his tongue, accepts his fate, and tries to be at least civil with Ushijima because hey, he still wants to win too.

When Ushijima notices Oikawa limping after practice because he went too hard on his knee again, Ushijima insists on working out the soreness for Oikawa, even though Oikawa says no more than once.

Ushijima could massage the pain away in his leg all day, but the kiss he always places on Oikawa’s knee when he’s done makes everything feel better, even if Ushijima’s hands didnt touch it.

Oikawa gets jealous that Ushijima’s feet are bigger than his, and Ushijima thinks Oikawa is jealous of his shoes, so he buys a pair just like them in Oikawa’s size.

Ushijima still cant tie his tie straight, even at 19, 20 years old.  Oikawa always fixes it for him, making sure Ushijima KNOWS how silly Oikawa thinks it is, but he forgets his complaints when Ushijima kisses his forehead in thanks.

They have a ridiculous amount of matching clothes because Oikawa bough them couples shirts once, and now every time Ushijima sees a cutesy or silly couples shirt, he buys them.

Lie (M)

Genre: Smut / Horror

Jimin Ghoul AU! x Reader

Begin (M)

Tell me like you’re whispering into my ears // Don’t be like a prey // Be smooth like a like a snake…

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata plays through the speakers of the small desolate bookstore as I walk through each isle, looking for my small and fragile prey. The first time I had visited the bookstore had been after I had devoured a rather tasty meek coffee shop employee, in search of some light reading. That was two nights ago, when I first saw her.

She had her head down reading a book placed on the register. The glasses adorning her face appeared two big for her small heart shaped face, as she worked to adjust them on her face. Her eyes caught mine in that moment, her cheeks flushing a red. Remembering the smell she brought forth as she blushed, she smelled exquisite. Slipping into character quickly, my eyes quickly left her face as I shrunk in on myself, making my size less imposing, weak. Adjusting the round wire frames on my face, I approached the counter, sliding a tattered copy of Romeo & Juliet across the counter.

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So in regard to the jake with glasses: yes 100 times yes. And when they get back to the precinct, charles all "i need to get me some glasses so we can be ocular amigos! Now that you can see clearly, can you help me with this mole on my back?" "No charles. What does seeing clearly have to do with your body? I want nothing to do with it." Scully: I have a mole on my back too. Gina: omg you are both so gross and honestly jake looks like a nerd with his glasses but like you can tell Amy's into it.

(part 1)

i picture the precinct meeting going like this:

  • jake working on some files at his desk w his new glasses on and newly found eyesight 
  • charles walks over to him like ‘oh. my. god.. jake you look even better than what i ever imagined. they show off your features perfectly and your baby browns have never looked more radiant’
  • and jake makes the wtf face and is like ‘what? charles, get out of here!’
  • rosa doesnt really say anything she just mock laughs at him and says ‘you look dumb, dum dum’
  • gina gives jake some kind of backhanded compliment but it just ends in her insulting amy (i was gonna give an example but i spent way too long dwelling on it)
  • sarge gives jake a little glasses necklace thing even tho he knows he’s never gonna use it and jake just :) thanks sarge i will cherish this forever 
  • hitchcock and scully don’t even notice bc they’re too busy eating/napping and only notice months later
  • and holt didn’t come out of his office when jake first got back but after awhile jake took his glasses off and went to get soda from the break room, and holt took them off his desk
  • jake doesnt notice until its almost time to go home, he’s frantically looking around his desk and if it didn’t look like a shit storm before boy it did now 
  • in the midst of jake frantically looking in every file holt walks over to his desk, clears his throat and says ‘looking for these’
  • jake sighs with relief but also like wtf man and he’s like ‘captain, give me back my glasses’ then holt ‘laughs’ bc oh how the tables have turned 
  • the end (again)
so my finger slipped and I wrote a little Trohley fic/AU thingy

Please be nice to me, it’s probably crap.  [TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013 - 9:00 AM] p>

Joe exhaled as the automatic glass doors opened on front of him and he stepped into the gym. The perky young woman sitting at the reception desk spotted him and said something about welcoming Joe to the Elite Fitness Gym.
“Shit” Joe thought to himself, he had been seen- it was too late to back out now.
“No,it’s Trohman..like troh-MAN” Joe fidgeted as he stated his surname for the fifth time, what kind of name is Troham anyways? He questioned himself as to why he was even doing this, he glanced down at his scrawny arms and couldn’t help but compare his to the receptionists. Hers was lean and toned, they were strong. Joe had always hated how weak his arms looked. He doubted he would be able to do anything at this gym without causing himself extreme pain and injuries.
“No pain no gain” he thought to himself half heartedly.
“Mr Trohman,this way to the workout room.” The young woman guided him towards a large set of wooden double doors.

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I think I'm finally going to be getting my real glasses today! I've been wearing readers for months, but I finally have eye insurance now so I can order my prescriptions glasses. I am tremendously happy right now.

That’s great! It’s wonderful to be able to see clearly again. 


*Watch at your own risk if you are squeamish.*
**Keep scrolling if you do not want to see**

Hopefully tumblr lets me post this video.
Any ways this video from my lasik eye surgery.
I had all laser or blade-less lasik eye surgery on both of my eyes around 9:00am this morning (9/30/16). All laser means they didn’t use a microkeratome blade to make my cornea flap. My vision was pretty bad and I could only see about 3 inches in front of my face without my contacts in. The doctors and staff were very excited about my bad prescription - not because they are mean and are happy I couldn’t see but because they said I’m pretty much why this surgery was invented. I’m basically the poster child candidate for having this surgery.

The first scene is a aerial view and this is where he is cutting my cornea flap with the first laser. I don’t have a close up of this. Second scene is a close up of my eyes getting the corrective laser. The entire process from start to finish was maybe about 5-6 minutes. My vision from my last eye exam was around -9.00 for contacts and -9.75 for eye glasses.

Basic questions about lasik and my surgery:

You have to have a consultation to find out if you are a candidate. They will give you an extensive eye exam and measure your corneas. If you’ve ever had a regular eye exam it’s pretty much the same stuff with a few extra tests. Your vision prescription is also a factor. I thought my eyes were too bad to get this surgery but I was wrong. The doctor even told me my eyes could be much worst and still be fixed. So if you are considering this surgery your first step is a consultation.

Lasik overall IS permanent. It reshapes your cornea so your eye properly focuses. There is a small chance you could have a complication and will need a second surgery to perfectly fix your vision but that is rare. If any one tells you that lasik only lasts a few years they are wrong. Your eyes will be good until about 40 years of age and then the natural process of an aging eye takes over and you may or may not need reading glasses. It depends on your eyes.

The procedure was 100% pain free. You feel a slight pressure and that’s about it. It’s a little nerve wracking because even if you watch videos about this, you still aren’t sure if it’s gonna hurt but I promise I didn’t feel anything.

If you have eye insurance it most likely won’t cover lasik BUT some lasik offices will give you a discount on the surgery depending on what eye insurance you do have. I was offered a 15% discount but since I did my surgery this week they were having a deal where they cut off $400+ of the price per eye so $800 off total. That is why I got mine done so quickly because that’s a decent discount. Please only go to reputable lasik doctor to get your surgery. My doctor was highly recommended and had good reviews. I won’t say how much my procedure cost in total because depending on your situation and location the price will be different than mine. It’s extremely affordable though, especially for being a surgery. The office I went to offered different payment plans and I ended up financing my entire procedure to help my credit score. 👌🏻

Immediately after the surgery I could see better! It was blurry of course but significantly better than my natural vision. I took a nap for a few hours when I got home and just woke up about an hour ago and my vision is almost perfect! There is a slight blurring but that’s 100% natural and will subside in the next few weeks. My vision is so good I could drive car with no problems.

About an hour after my surgery my eyes started to sting a little which is natural and normal. The doctor will tell you the best thing to do is to nap as long as you can to get through the stinging. It’s a mild sting and nothing too extraneous just felt like dry eyes. I mean I could fall asleep so it wasn’t that bad of sting. After my nap I don’t really feel any sting, it just feels mildly irritated but not painful at all.

You will have 2-3 different eye drops to put into your eyes for the next week. You can’t rub your eye or wear makeup for at least a week.

This is seriously life changing. I used to wear glasses but after my prescription got too heavy I started having bad migraines from them so I have worn contacts since the 8th grade. It was so surreal waking up from my nap and being able to see clearly as soon as I opened my eyes NO CONTACTS OR GLASSES. 🚫👀👓 I used to have anxiety with taking my contacts out to see because if there were ever an emergency and I needed to get out of my house, like a fire, I couldn’t see. I feel like crying because I was born with blurry vision and I’ve had glasses and contacts ever since I was really young and now I can just open my eyes and it’s clear! It’s like getting my first pair of eye glasses when I was a kid. It’s like seeing for the first time all over again. I CAN SEE THE LEAVES ON THE TREES 🌳😊

I highly recommend getting this surgery. I know it can come off as scary because it’s your freaking eyes, I had anxiety about getting it done beforehand, but it was easy and fast 💕 my doctor and the staff were so nice and helpful. It was such a positive experience. I’m so happy I did this.

edit: I’m getting a lot of questions about this so I’m gonna make a master post tomorrow and answer some questions

A Debate on Internal Affairs

Details: Historical fanfiction, the pairing is Jamilton (Jefferson x Hamilton), involves reference to our APUSH teacher (renamed for privacy)

Credit: rapscallion88997 and athenabeawesome​​, as well as some other kids in my APUSH class

Warnings: Some implied smut; nothing directly mentioned

Here ya go, poorbasil! I hope y'all find a way to appreciate this. xD


Circa. 1791

It is a chilly day in Philadelphia; the breeze flows through the windows of Washington’s Executive Cabinet’s meeting room. The room echoes with thunderous roars of Hamilton and Jefferson’s heated hour-long debate over the issue of slavery as other politicians sit meekly and listen.

“Slavery is a horrible establishment, but it is not the right of the federal government to regulate it!” hisses Jefferson.

Hamilton slams his fist against his desk. “Slavery takes away the natural rights of men who are equal to us inherently! It is in accordance with the Constitution that we secure the rights and liberties-”

Jefferson shoots up from his chair, knocking it to the ground as he yells, “It is in the hands of the people in individual states to determine whether we are to abolish slavery; this shouldn’t be the central government’s sole decision!”

Hamilton slowly rises from his political throne, glaring daggers at his arch enemy, but Washington suddenly intervenes in their debate exasperatedly, “Your repeated disagreements irk me! You two keep on repeating the same old arguments over and over again without coming to a single conclusion. I am done- you two can find a solution amongst yourselves while the rest of us enjoy our lunches elsewhere.”

Knox, Randolph, and Adams accompany President Washington out of the room, slamming the door behind them out of annoyance.

Jefferson immediately shoots a scathing look at Hamilton and glides over to his desk to pack his things. “What are you doing?” yells Hamilton.

“What do you think I’m doing? I’m collecting my things. I see no point in wasting my time trying to argue sense into a hard headed fool who wouldn’t know the truth if it was dressed in a corset and danced the waltz in front of him.” Jefferson proceeds to pack, then stomps toward the door.

Hamilton charges over and grabs Jefferson’s shoulder, pushing him against the wall and pinning him there with a hand on each shoulder. “What are you doing, you hooligan?!” stutters Jefferson.

“Let’s stop this charade- I know that you know that my ideas are correct! How can you be so stubborn and bullheaded that you cannot realize that your argument is majorly flawed?”

Jefferson breathes in sharply, preparing a retort in his head, ‘My argument is flawed? You bloody well know that the entire- oh my, he smells amazing! Like apple cider and- stop it, Thomas; you need to get him off of you!’

Jefferson shoves Hamilton but Hamilton is too strong. Jefferson grips his enemy’s arms in a desperate attempt to loosen Hamilton’s grip on him, stunned by the touch of Hamilton’s muscles and their impressive strength.

“What are you doing?” Hamilton gasps in exasperation as Jefferson inclines his head towards him, confusion apparent on Jefferson’s face. “Jefferson? Jeffy? Thomas? Are you alright?” Hamilton stares at Jefferson, concern showing in his eyes.

“What?” Jefferson responds, cheeks tinted red as he lifts his head guiltily away from Hamilton’s.

“Are you okay? You looked dazed for a minute; you’re not sick, are you?” Hamilton grasps Jefferson’s head and draws it closer to get a good look at him.

“Oh… no, no I’m fine! Your concern is pointless, really! I’m fine, I don’t know what came over me, but I’m fine now.” Jefferson jerks his head back in an attempt to leave, but the wall blocks his escape.

Hamilton seems to ignore Jefferson’s pleas of good health and presses his body harder against Jefferson, getting on the tips of his toes in order to attain a better view of the towering man. He’s not that bad looking for a ginger, Hamilton thinks while studying Jefferson’s face. He quickly sweeps his eyes down Jefferson’s body. Hamilton smirks a little and grasps Jefferson’s waist. “What are you thinking about, Jeffy?” Hamilton purrs.

Jefferson blushes. “Don’t call me that!”

“Well, what do you want me to call you? Jeff, perhaps? How about Tommy Boy?”

“I prefer my given name, not some stupid nickname that you deem fit to bestow upon me. Now let go of me!”

“Thomas, then,” Hamilton says audaciously. “You know, I love how it rolls off the tongue. Thomas. Thomas. It’s really… a titillating name- if I do say so myself. And you, of course, may call me Alexander.”

“Hamil- Alexander,” Jefferson glances around nervously, “I…I’m not sure what you are getting at, but you need to stop this instant!”

“Thomas, I think there is only one solution to end our bickering,” Hamilton says, his eyes holding a wicked gleam.

“For you to admit that you are horribly wrong in every idea you ever came up with?” Jefferson retorts, sounding hollow, realizing the fight was over and he had lost to the man before him.

Hamilton strokes Jefferson’s side and opens his mouth to speak when the door to the room opens. Hamilton jumps away from Jefferson while Jefferson tries to adjust his now wrinkled clothes.

“Have you two finally ceased arguing?” Washington asks with a knowing look, standing in the doorway with the fellow cabinet members gawking behind him.

“Why yes, I believe we have,” reports Hamilton. “We were just making arrangements to meet each other tomorrow after dinner to hash things out.”

Jefferson looks around nervously and can barely keep his blush down from the idea that President Washington almost found him with Hamilton in such a compromising position. “Yes… Alexander and I shall meet later on to work out our… disagreements.”

With his back to Washington, Hamilton gives Jefferson a searching look and smiles. It appears to Hamilton that he and Jefferson were indeed going to pick up from where they left off, but hopefully in a more suitable, private place tomorrow.


“You’re looking exceptionally well this evening, Thomas,” Hamilton says, greeting a fidgeting Jefferson at the door. Jefferson clears his throat as he is lead through the front door into Hamilton’s estate. Jefferson attempts to remove his overcoat when suddenly Hamilton’s fingers lay softly on Jefferson’s shoulders, tightly pulling the heavy garment off. “Allow me,” he whispers, gently placing the garment on its rack.

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for this…” chirps Jefferson.

“We don’t have to rush, if you’re unsure,” Hamilton assures him.

“How about we start with a drink?” Jefferson asks in a desperate attempt to calm his nerves.

“Care for a glass of whiskey?” Hamilton strides towards his sitting room, stocked with the alcohol of politicians.

“I’m more of a wine type of guy, a good Chardonnay would be lovely if you have some,” responds Jefferson, ever the aristocrat.

Hamilton reaches for his last bottle of Chardonnay and two wine glasses, pouring slowly to pass the time.

“I think this is more of a straight from the bottle type of situation,” says Jefferson in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere.

Hamilton’s lips part in a smile as he hands Jefferson a glass of the aged white wine. “Try this.”

Jefferson swirls the wine and smells it before taking a delicate sip. After a few seconds of letting it rest on his tongue, Jefferson takes a hearty swig of wine, almost completely emptying his glass.

“Am I making you that nervous?” Hamilton chuckles, refilling Jefferson’s glass.

“Not at all, this constitutes a normal weekend for me, Hammy.” A drunken red blush was starting to appear on Jefferson’s cheeks. Jefferson takes another gulp from his glass.

“You look so adorable when you blush like that, Jeffy,” Hamilton says, raising a hand to caress his cheek.

“Fuck you, I am not ‘adorable,'” Jefferson sneers, smacking Hamilton’s hand from his face. “I will let you know that the last person who called me that met an untimely end.”

“Oh, and who was that?” Hamilton asks with a hidden jealousy that bypassed Jefferson’s increasingly drunken state.

“Why that person, who used to live there… you know, a that place. It was a long time ago, so stop interrogating me! I’m not as inexperienced as you think I am,” Jefferson replies in an obvious lie.

“Well, I suppose you are just going to have to prove that to me, aren’t you?” Hamilton challenges, taking a sip of his wine.

Jefferson finishes his wine quickly and holds it out in the air, “Where is my refill? The bloody service in here is horrific.” Jefferson rambles, clearly intoxicated now.

“I should just let you finish the bottle,” Hamilton laughs, pouring another glass for the impatient, drunk Jefferson.

Jefferson polishes off the glass and proceeds to pass out on the carpet, spilling his wine everywhere. It probably didn’t help that Jefferson had forgoed dinner due to nerves.

Hamilton sighs. His guest bedrooms upstairs are empty, fortunately enough for Jefferson. In fact, the whole house is empty. Hamilton can only imagine what people would speculate, seeing the two of them alone together overnight. But for now, Hamilton puts down his glass and proceeds to carry Jefferson out of the lounge and into a private bedroom, heaving as he did.

“Hamilton…” Jefferson sighs sleepily, “you’re such a jackass…”

“I’m not the one who gulped down three glasses in ten minutes. You, Mr. Jefferson, hold that record,” Hamilton replies affectionately. Hamilton sets Jefferson down in his guest bed and takes off Jefferson’s shoes. He pulls the covers over Jefferson and stares down at his face. “You are an adorable drunk- and I do mean adorable.” Hamilton gently strokes Jefferson’s hair and leaves for his own bedroom to sleep, hoping for a better date with Jefferson sometime soon.


“Aughhhh, what the hell!” Jefferson screams, awakening with a start. “Why am I soaking wet?!”

“I tried to wake you up gently, but you wouldn’t get up,” Hamilton says with a smirk.

“So you decided to drench me in water? You’re insane!” Jefferson looks around and finally takes in his surroundings. “Where am I? I don’t recall what happened last night. Did we… did we… you know, do that?” Jefferson looks away nervously and bunches the sheets up around his chest.

“No, you passed out drunk and I had to carry you upstairs, but not before you insulted me repeatedly,” Hamilton replies with a fond smile. “It’s before dawn, I think you should leave now. I would hate for our reputations to be at stake.”

As Jefferson begins to put on his shoes, there is a knock on the door, “Who the hell is up this early in the morning?”

Jefferson’s face goes pale as he whispers, “Do you think it’s bad news? President Washington was complaining earlier at dinner that he was feeling under the weather.”

Hamilton laughs lightly, still a hint of worry in his expression, “I’m sure President Washington is fine, it’s probably a salesman with a lack of manners.”. Both men know that Hamilton is most definitely wrong, but choose to try and believe the latter rather than the alternative.

The host murmurs to him, “You should towel your face dry while I get the door. The powder room is down the hall.”

Hamilton walks out of the room and down the stairs, afraid to open the door. The person behind the door starts knocking again and Hamilton quickly pulls the door open, preparing for the worst.

“Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Jason Stone! It’s nice to meet you! I’ve heard that you are the Secretary of Treasury; I’ve always been interested in politics and history! I would love to pick your brain one of these days!” the man says, standing in the doorway with a smile and a bright sparkle in his eyes.

Hamilton contemplates just slamming the door in his face but realizes that he shouldn’t because… well, Hamilton couldn’t quite remember why. While Hamilton tries to recall why exactly he shouldn’t slam the door in this Jason person’s face, Jason Stone continues to babble on about obscure history facts and how they related to something or other. It is too early for Hamilton to really process anything of intellectual significance. “Why… are you knocking on my door at this time in the morning?” Hamilton finally asks with a drawn look.

“Oh, wow! It’s six in the morning, isn’t it? Sorry, I’m such a morning person! I get up before the sun on most days and I still manage to be excited and happy!” Hamilton just stares at him, dumbfounded, when he hears Jefferson making his way down the steps.

“I’m sorry Mr. Stone, but I have to go. Why don’t we speak at some other time, preferably after the sun has risen,” Hamilton says, slowly inching the door closed.

“Awwww, I thought we were having such a lovely chat! I shall see you at a more reasonable time, then!” Mr. Stone starts to walk away and Hamilton closes the door fully. He seems like a nice man, but it is far too early to talk about history.

“Who was that? Is President Washington okay?” Jefferson says, the worry palpable in his voice.

“Washington is fine, it was a man by the name of Jason Stone. He’s apparently my new neighbor.”

“What is he doing up and about, calling on his neighbors at this time?” Jefferson said with a bit of a scowl.

“I don’t know, but you really should get going, the sun is starting to rise.” Jefferson starts to move past Hamilton to get to the door, when Hamilton grabs his arm and pulls him close.

“Before you leave,” Hamilton whispers, dragging Jefferson into his arms. “I want to do something I’ve been waiting for all night.” Hamilton leans in and gives Jefferson chaste kiss on the mouth, then lightly pushes a stunned Jefferson, his should-be-rival, out the door.

Jefferson leans against the now shut door and stares out on the street, too dazed to move. After a few minutes tick by, he manages gather himself and walk off to his house, a small smile spreading across his face.


“It is of utmost importance-” Jefferson tunes out Adams and stares vapidly at his freakishly beak-like nose, all the while thinking about the kiss he shared with Hamilton. Jefferson can barely keep his head knowing that Hamilton is only a few feet from him yet unattainable at the moment.

“But if we don’t establish a national banking system, how are we supposed to pay for the war we just won- winning wasn’t free, you know.” Hamilton asks, his annoyance getting the better of him. In truth, all he had been thinking about was Jefferson, the drunken nap Jefferson had taken in the man’s bed, the kiss that would hopefully bring more… Getting involved in this economic debate was supposed to take Hamilton’s mind off things but it did little good to soothe the thoughts of Jefferson that plagued his brain.There goes Hamilton about his ridiculous ideas for our country again. He gets so passionate about those schemes of his. Jefferson quickly blushes when his thoughts turn to Hamilton’s passions used in a more creative way.

“What are your thoughts on this matter, Mr. Jefferson? You’ve been awfully quiet,” Washington asks. He knows Jefferson well- to not say a heated word when Hamilton is talking is unlike him.

“Yes, I agree with Beaky- I mean Adams! Banks are bad, they hurt the… no, they are unconstitutional and… menacing.” Jefferson looks around nervously for a savior but he is on his own. “I’m sorry, I have a minor headache. Can I please have a moment to collect my thoughts?”

Hamilton snickers, directing his gaze down at his desk to avoid arousing suspicion. Jefferson is all talk, of course he wouldn’t be able to hold his liquor; his hangover is obvious.

George Washington shoots Hamilton a glare. “And what may I ask do you find so funny, Mr. Hamilton?”

Hamilton looks up and composes himself. “It’s can assure you that it is nothing, Mr. Washington..”

“No, please enlighten me. You know I appreciate a good joke when there is one to be had,” Washington insists, refusing to give Hamilton a break. Jefferson shoots Hamilton a glare that tells him that he will not get off lightly if he tells the cabinet that he was laughing at him.

“Well, I just never imagined that Mr. Jefferson could possibly have a wild night that would result in such a hangover,” Hamilton chuckles, and the room is swept with whispered laughs as everyone entertains the idea of the hungover aristocrat. Jefferson glares directly at Hamilton. He will never live this down.

“I said I have a headache; I never brought up alcohol, nor a wild night. I have a high tolerance when it come to handling my liquor. I do not make a fool of myself in public when it comes to the drink, though one could make the opposite case with you. Remember last year’s Christmas party, Mr. Hamilton?” Jefferson’s words rang with clear menace.

Hamilton turns to Jefferson, aggravated and slightly amused at whatever game he was playing. “There is no sound reason to bring that up. It was a party and I had a fun time. I don’t suppose you’d know what that is.”

“Really? How could you be having fun, passed out under the tree as you were?” Jefferson smirks and the room starts to guffaw.

“Stop it right now, you two!” George Washington thunders over the sound of laughter. The noise quickly dies down as Jefferson and Hamilton realize they are in a war zone with George Washington about to gun them down.

“My apologies,” says Hamilton, ever the gentleman.

Washington just glares at him. “I thought that you two were going to work out your differences last night? I am deeply disappointed in you both.”

Jefferson stares at the floor and the meeting continues on as normal.

Hamilton’s mind keeps wandering during the meeting now that everything has settled down. With little to do, Hamilton decides to spend his time annoying Jefferson. Quickly tearing his parchment and pressing the pieces into little balls, he proceeds to hurl them repeatedly at Jefferson who was sitting diagonally in front of him.

Jefferson is finally getting into the swing of things when bits of paper start to pelt his cheek. Thinking about what a slimy bastard Hamilton is, Jefferson decides to not even dignify him with a response as the bits of paper keep on hitting him, but Jefferson is losing patience quickly.

Hamilton isn’t getting the rise out of Jefferson that he wants, but he does notice the angry color Jefferson’s neck was turning and the tenseness of his shoulders. Hamilton snickers to himself when he notices that Washington is staring at Jefferson with confusion.

“Mr. Jefferson!”

“Yes, Mr. Washington?”

“Why are you covered in pieces of paper?”

“…I was attacked…”

Washington gives Jefferson an incredulous look before a scowl takes presence on his face. Washington turns to look at Hamilton.

Hamilton quickly realizes that if he doesn’t talk to Jefferson soon, he’s never going to be able to concentrate on the meeting- and he might as well hope to stall the stern talking to that George Washington is surely planning on giving him. “Gentleman, I believe we have presented our arguments. Perhaps we should take a break for now to fully process everything?” Hamilton proposes to the council.

Washington sighs and calls for a recess with the hope of fewer distractions after a brief break. Hamilton stands up, barely able to wait for a chance to talk to Jefferson, but said man is already out of the door. Jefferson heads back to his office in the hopes of gaining a clear mind, for Hamilton has infected his mind like the sexy parasite that he is. “There is only one way to resolve this,” Jefferson mumbles to himself as he enters the office and closes the door. With the knowledge that Hamilton was surely going to follow him to try and get under his skin, Jefferson starts to formulate a plan.

Hamilton follows Jefferson at a slow place, confident that Jefferson had every intention of going to his office. Hamilton has finally decided that he can’t wait anymore and shall do the deed with Jefferson before the start of the meeting. This isn’t quite the long romantic night that Hamilton had been planning for, but in this moment he doesn’t care- he just can’t wait anymore. As Jefferson enters his own office, Hamilton waits a few minutes before going in, in hope of letting Jefferson have time to relax before Hamilton springs himself unto his dear Jeffy.

As soon as Hamilton opens the door, Jefferson pounces, slamming the door shut roughly with a surprised Hamilton now inside. Jefferson attacks Hamilton’s mouth with a fierceness that surprises Hamilton, who never imagined Jefferson would be instigator of anything in their relationship. Hamilton, not one to give up the upper hand, quickly flips their positions, pinning Jefferson’s arms above his head to the door. Minutes later they part to catch their breath and pant for air, heads resting against each other. With a smirk, Hamilton coyly purrs, “I think it’s finally time that I show you the benefits of a big, strong central government.”

Jefferson chuckles, not afraid or embarrassed anymore, just excited. “And I think it is time for me to show you the benefit of a state dominant government,” Jefferson says with a raised eyebrows as he undoes Hamilton’s ponytail, running his fingers through the silky brunette hair. Hamilton smirks at this new side of Jefferson and starts to hastily unbutton Jefferson’s shirt.

“I guess we’ll just have to see whose plans are better; you wouldn’t want to be cheated out of a greater nation, now would you?”


Washington has had it with Jefferson and Hamilton. Not only do they disrupt his important cabinet meeting, but now they are ten minutes late to the renewed session. “They better have a pretty damn good excuse,” Washington hisses as he rounds the corner of the hallway leading to Jefferson’s office.

President Washington walks straight up the door and opens it, too mad to knock as the proper gentleman typically would. “What do you think-” Washington stops at the site before him. There sit Jefferson and Hamilton locked together on Jefferson’s desk, the desk top cleared of its previous inhabitants, who seem to of found a new home scattered about on the floor. Hamilton and Jefferson are in a rather precarious state of undress and are too preoccupied to notice their new guest. Groans can be heard from both parties and Washington pales before slowly backing out of the room, quietly closing the door.

Washington, in a state of shock, walks down the hallway and back to the meeting, telling the other members that Hamilton and Jefferson are occupied with an important engagement. After a while, the shock starts to drift away and Washington starts to come to terms with what he just saw. At least they aren’t likely to take out their frustrations during the council’s time anymore, President Washington thinks, chuckling to himself.

Blurred Vision

iseececeeee said:
HELLOOO!! Omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and I had this thought just now about how the hell does one who has to wear glasses all the time have sex?! I mean, yeah it makes sense to take them off before or during but you don’t wanna experience that as a blur BECAUSE of your vision and as far as I know, I don’t think there are many (or any?) fics like that! I was wondering if you could do a Dan or Phil x reader one-shot with this? I think you could really nail this one😊👍🏼 Thank you!!!❤️💜💛💚💙

Awe, thank-you so much dear. I’m sorry this didn’t turn out so well, I’m having terrible writers block. I myself have to wear glasses yet I still couldn’t think of anything haha. Please let me know what you think anyway xxoo (once again, sorry it’s so bad)


Your eyesight wasn’t the best… Well that’s an understatement. Your eyesight was terrible. You had lived with glasses for most of your life, they were certainly a nuisance at times, such as falling when you looked down, fogging up and much more. At times you had become quite self-conscious about this, however once you met Dan, he did anything he could to make sure you knew how beautiful you were.

Dan had always been there for you and even right now, as you ready yourself for your one year anniversary Dan is running around, getting you drinks and making sure you are as happy as possible. Dan drove the both of you to a beautiful restaurant, ordering a bottle of champagne and some delicious dinner and dessert. After Dan pays the bill, you both went for a walk, hand in hand. The cold air made your body shiver, so Dan wrapped his arm around you and took you back home.

By the time you got home it was already late, so you both headed straight to the bedroom.

“Sit down love, I have a present for you” Dan instructs with a cheeky smile on his face. You can’t help but blush with a little grin as you take a seat on the edge of the bed.

Dan opens his closet and pulls out a small box that has a baby blue ribbon tied around it. The bed sinks as he sits beside you and places the box in your hands. You slowly undo the bow before taking the lid of of the box.
Your eyes widen as you see the gift, a beautiful silver necklace in the shape of a heart with both of your names engraved into it.

“Dan… oh my god, it’s beautiful. Thank-you so much” You say to him. Dan’s lips are turned into a smile, proud that you like his gift so much.

You place the box onto the bedside table before quickly turning to Dan, wrapping your arms around his neck and attaching your lips to his.

“I love you so much” You mumble against his lips.

“I love you too baby” Dan replies.

As the kiss deepens Dan’s hands take hold of your hips, pulling you over so that you are straddling his legs. Your breath hitches in your throat as you feel the bulge in his tight black jeans. You grind down against him and a low groan leaves Dan’s lips. Your skin tingles as Dan’s skilful fingers travel up the back of your top and run across your sensitive skin.

This was as intimate as you had gotten with each other, of course there were times where you wanted to, however you had never felt ready. There was something about this moment that made everything seem perfect and you just knew you were ready.

Dan’s eyes widen as you lift your top from your body, revealing your bra clad breasts. He doesn’t waste any time in cupping your breasts in his hands. Realising what is happening, Dan moves further onto the bed so that he can lay down. As you began to bend down, planing on kissing Dan once again, your glasses slide down your nose and begin to fall off your face. Dan giggles, catching the glasses in his hand before place them on the side table.

You blink a few times, and as your smile fades Dan knows something is wrong.

“Y/n, baby. We don’t have to do this” Dan begins

“I want this. I just…” You trail off, trying to think of the right way to explain.

“You can tell me anything baby, you know that.”

“I really want this Dan. But… without my glasses…”

“You can’t see much” Dan says, understanding now why you were bothered.

“I just wish I could see what is happening clearly… And see you and your reactions”

“Im sorry baby… Maybe you could try contacts? I know some people can’t put them in or they don’t sit well on some people. But if you wanted to you could try..” Dan suggests

“But for now, we can just wait. I don’t want you to be upset” Dan continues, sitting up and kissing your lips.

The way Dans lips feel on yours is completely intoxicating, and the thought of something more intimate… how much better could it get?

“I’m not upset… I still want to” You say to Dan during kisses.

That happened to be the best decision you’d ever made. Though much of it was a blur, the feeling Dan gave you was better than anything you had ever experienced. And the sounds? Nothing was more beautiful than the moans of pleasure that left Dans lips that night. His breathless whispers of how much he loved you and the sound of skin against skin.
You did want to try contacts, you could only imagine how beautiful his face looked as he came. But if you had to continue this without a clear view, you couldn’t complain.

That night you fell asleep in Dans warm and safe arms, your bare bodies pressed against each other in pure bliss.

Lemony Snicket’s #TwitterFiction Short Story - May 14, 2015

I’m standing in the shade of a tree full of noisy birds. Perhaps their tweets will help me find out what is going on.

I know I’m Lemony Snicket and I know I’m almost 13. But the rest is a vague blur in my brain and a throbbing bump on my head.

Amnesia is like a pen without ink, or a toaster without bread - I have no idea why I am carrying it around.

“How did I get here?” I ask the birds, silently but not rhetorically.  “What mode of transportation?”

Tweet: “eagle”

But I feel no talon marks in my shoulders.

Tweet: “hot air mobile home”

I scan the sky and see nothing but clouds, one of which is shaped like the wrong answer.

Tweet: “‘Caw-r’ they answer.”

I silently berate myself for studying Esperanto and Braille and not Aviary. Some educations are nothing but waste.

Tweet: “taxi”

Yes!  A taxi!  It comes back to me now!  I even remember the drivers - my associates the Bellerophon Brothers.

Bouvard & Pecuchet Bellerophon,aka Pip & Squeak,have driven me in and out of suspicious locations and frantic states.

They’re too loyal to leave me dazed and alone. The question is, did I (a) jump out of the taxi of my own accord, or (b) was I pushed?

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once i went to band practice and i had to be somewhere else halfway through the rehearsal so i asked my conductor at the start “can i leave early”. now, i sit in the back row and i need to wear glasses to see clearly, so when she said ’no’ i thought she was being sarcastic and got up and left when i had to but she wasn’t being sarcastic and i haven’t been welcome back to the ensemble

Right Number

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Description: When a near drunk Levy leaves a bar alone at night a stranger follows her. Who will save our damsel in distress?

Rating: T for some violence, triggering content and some coarse language.

A.N.: Hello everyone! Once again sorry this has taken so long. I was really struggling with the ending on this one but I managed to get it completed at least ^ ^’ Thanks for being so patient with me.

I used another prompt for this, once again provided by the blog “bisexualclark” (thank you again!!) and here it is: 

“it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

This fanfiction deals with some triggering content but it’s not overly violent. I just want to make it clear that I am not trying to make light of this type of situation. It is a very serious and scary topic and my heart goes out to all the victims of this type of crime. I used the situation for this fanfiction and if it offends anyone please let me know and I will personally offer you my deepest apologizes as that is not my intent.

Okay now that that’s all clear, I hope you enjoy my oneshot. More will be coming soon(-ish ^ ^’ …I hope ^ ^” )

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters


I pull the door closed on the phone booth as fast as I can with shaking hands and engage the lock.


I never should have walked home alone. Cana had told me not to but I had left anyways without telling anyone. Probably because of the several vodka drinks I had slammed down in the evening giving me some courage.

Now all I’m feeling is fear.

The bar we had been at was in a terrible part of town but it had been fun. All the girls had gone to it and we all planned to leave together. That way we would all stay safe. But I had been stupid.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

Looking out the glass panels I can just see the silhouette of the stranger that had been following me for about 3 blocks now in the illuminated street light. My heart never ceases it’s rapid paces.

If I were sober I’d probably be thinking a little more clearly. Stupid! If I were sober, I’d still be a the bar like I was supposed to be.

But no! I’m an idiot and I’m hiding out in a obviously flimsy phone booth with the saddest and most fragile looking lock in the world as my only protection from someone who’s following me. I’d taken about three or four random turns and stopped in a busy intersection and he did all the exact same things.

I can see him watching me from the corner he just turned and I know it’s a “he”. The way he kept gesturing at me every time I looked back and the fact that I’m pretty sure he was exposing himself a few blocks ago.

A little bit of terror clinging to me, I quickly reach into my purse for my cell phone before I remember I killed the battery with the flashlight earlier at the bar by making it a strobe light.


With near frantic hands I search my purse intensely for the some coins to use the ancient payphone by my side. Coming up with a single coin I quickly jam it into the slot and dial Jet’s number. He’ll be sober. He’ll pick up. Then he’ll come get me. I can always rely on him. He’ll be here before my stalker even makes it down the street-

“Ya?” the line picks up and the voice is so obviously not Jet’s that I start to cry. I’m so scared and I have no money left.

“Please help me!” I manage to whimper out and it’s only slightly slurred. I can’t even think straight with the alcohol swishing around in my stomach and I make the split second decision to beg this stranger for help.

“Somebodies following me and I’m alone and almost drunk and I’m scared and I have no more money for this pay phone and I’m so scared right now!! Please help me!” I’m sobbing a bit partially from alcohol and partially from fear. I’m usually so much more level-headed than this but right now I’m just so scared.

The line is silent for a minute and I hold the receiver like it’s my life line which in reality it is. I hear a muffled conversation going on in the background between the guy who answered and someone else. I can just barely make out my mystery could-be-saviour’s words.

“Some girl asking for help.”


“Say’s some asshole’s following her.”


“How the hell should I know? All she said was she’s alone and drunk.”

There’s more muffled sounds as the phone is placed back on his ear and I catch him grumbling but he doesn’t hang up.

“Listen. My buddy and I are cops. Where are you? We’ll come get ya.” I let out another large sob into the headset out of relief but quickly look around and manage to spot a street sign at a nearby intersection.

“The pay phone by the intersection of oak street and 22nd” I look up and I see the stranger walking forward.

“Please hurry!! He’s coming closer!” I hear more grumbling

“Yeah. We’re not far from there. Just stay where you are.” The phone line goes dead and I’m left clutching a soundless receiver watching this man getting closer to me. I hold the phone to my chest as the man gets closer and closer to me no longer taking his time.

He’s big. Easily taller than me, about three times as wide and it looks like about three times as drunk as well. He’s wearing a pair of jeans and useless belt that’s holding them up just below his hips revealing plaid underwear. On top he’s just wearing a baggy t-shirt with all kinds of profanity written on it. He’s staggering only a little bit but he’s steadily getting closer to me. My eyes dart around on the road. I haven’t seen or heard a car or another person since I hid away in here.

Before I know it, he’s right outside the door, leaning heavily on the glass window and looking in at me with a fogged look of lust and drunkenness.

I just stare back at him holding the phone so tightly in my hand that my knuckles are turning white. I don’t know how long he stays like that before he starts to grin at me with crooked teeth and I nearly yelp when he reaches for the handle.

More tears of hysteria fall from my cheeks as I thank the tiny little lock. Frustration flashes on the mans face and he begins to reef and pull on the door. I watch the dainty bolt being held in place by even smaller screws start to shake under the assault and I silently beg it to hold on. With a particularly hard tug at the door, one bolt comes loose and I screech a little and lunge at it trying to hold the lock in place, dropping the receiver of the phone. My tiny hands do little and soon the second bolt comes loose and the door is ripped open.

I scream again as the man reaches in and grabs hold of my arm. I pull back and struggle against him and manage to pull my wrist free of his grip.

Powered by pure adrenaline and instinct my hands latch onto my purse and the heavy book hidden within it and I lift it up above my head. Slamming it down on the man’s head before he sees it coming and then again.

On my third attempt he lifts his hand up and grabs the bag and simultaneously pushes me up against the phone behind me. He rips my purse from my hand and throws it behind him and then makes grabs for my wrist again. The shelf presses painfully into my side but my eyes are wide with horror at the man in front of me who now has my body pinned but I wind up best I can and aim a punch for his face. It catches him in the jaw and I cry out on the impact because I think I may have broken a finger.

Foolishly I let myself get distracted by this and soon he’s got both my wrists in his fist held above my head, barely fazed by my punch at all. I whimper as his eyes look over my body with a sick slowness. I can practically smell the lust rolling off of him and I see him lift his other hand up and reaching slowly towards my body. I screech again and squirm and suddenly my knee manages to find something vulnerable.

With an huff of air his grip weakens and I push him away from me and land another solid kick to his crotch. He crumples to the ground in front of me holding his groin and that’s when I see two motorcycles come burning around the corner. One pulls up and without even shutting off the engine sets the bike on it’s kickstand and hops off.  

I crumple down next to my attacker letting out any fear that I had managed to withhold.

This new person is about as tall as my attacker but I can tell his build is sharper and stronger even underneath his leather jacket. I can’t see the face through a completely black and shielded motorcycle helmet but I can tell he’s taking in the scene as he walks over to me. Crouching next to me I can feel his eyes on me through the face shield.

“ya alright?” The voice is deep and I recognize it as the guy on the phone. It’s as if the last bits of logic in me have left and I jump forward wrapping my arms around this mystery man’s neck and start crying into his shoulder. He smells of leather but there’s also a thick scent of iron and oil on his coat.

I feel him go rigid under me but after a moment a tentative gloved hand is placed on my back.

“The fuck were ya thinkin, walking in this neighborhood alone? You got a death wish or somethin?” He pulls me back and I can feel his intense gaze through the helmet but all I’m feeling right now is grateful. My lip quivers lightly as I hold his stare despite the shield and the man’s shoulders sag with a sigh. He looks over his shoulder.

“Hey Lily! Ya got this okay?” I glance over his shoulder where the mans friend is kneeling on my attackers back, holding his arms.

He has his helmet off but when he looks up I can tell little about his appearance in the dark. He looks as though he has a strong build and has a commanding, experienced aura about him.

“Ya. I already called Juvia. She’s on her way with a squad car. If you want to give her a lift home you can.” He says and his voice is deep.

A part of me registers that this man is a complete stranger, just like the man that’s being pinned over there. I could be jumping from a bad stiuation to worse.

With a nervous and clumsy movement I push myself away from the man back to standing. His helmet covered face looks back in my direction and I manage to stay on my feet for a few seconds before I start to teeter backwards.

“Shit!” He practically dives forward from his crouching position and manages to get his arm between my head and the ground. I land heavy and I’m sure I’ll leave a bruise on him with my thick skull but right now I’m just concerned with getting away. I try to scramble up again but he grabs my arm solidly and holds me there.

“Chill shrimp! Where the fuck you tryin to go? Don’t you remember what just happened to ya?” I stare into his face shield with fear as we’re both lying on the ground.

“Relax I’m a cop. Remember?” The fear doesn’t shift from my face and his hand doesn’t move from my arm.

“I’ll prove it to ya.” He let’s go of my arm and not the least bit gently, hauls me up to standing. Before my impaired brain can register the movements and make sense of them, he’s got his wallet pulled out and place in front of my nose.

A shiny silver badge is on one side and a drivers license on the other. My eyes study the I.D. and the badge before looking back up at the man. With his other arm he removed his helmet and I can see the face from the tiny picture staring back at me. His nose, eyebrows and chin are all pierced and the light from the street lamps makes them glint and stand out. Long, thick, black hair is restrained at his neck in a ponytail and I just stare and gape up at him like a drunk idiot. He lifts a pierced eyebrow.

“Can I take you home without you flipping out now?” I just keep staring and then nod like an idiot. He shakes his head and puts his wallet away.

“Where do ya live?” I mumble out and an address to him that I’m sure is more slur than words but he seems to get it and moves towards his bike.

With shaky feet I follow him over to his motorcycle that’s still running and stop. I’ve never ridden on one before and I have no idea if I’m supposed to get on or what and I just look over at him with mascara stained cheeks and dizzy eyes. He looks at me without tilting his head and looks like he’s contemplating something before he heaves out a sigh and hold his helmet out to me.

“Here. Put it on.”

I take it from him with clumsy hands and he climbs on the bike. I pull the helmet onto my head and it slides to the right a little bit. It’s much too big for me but I really can’t be choosy right now.

I look through the dark face shield at the officer and his bike and try to figure out how to get on. Deciding that I should probably ride behind him I move to the back of the bike with clumsy steps. I don’t get far before I feel a gloved hand grabbing the collar of my shirt and pulling me back. I loose my balance but he’s got his hands on my arms and turns me around. My eyes spin from the sharp movements and I close them. I feel my feet leave the ground and I think I’m falling but a second later I feel leather seat straddled beneath my legs.

“Hold onto the handlebars.” I do as instructed and then we’re moving. My brain seems to be behind in it’s processing and I just watch as the street starts to move past me. The wind is cold and whips my loose sweater around at my waist. The air nips at my skin and I do my best not to start shaking. When the road curves my body leans and I panic thinking I’m slipping and grip the bar in front of me till my knuckles turn white.

“Gi hi hi. Relax. I ain’t gonna let ya fall.” I feel him laugh against my back and suddenly I’m aware of the solid body pressing against me and the thick arms around me caging me in.

I swallow and lift my eyes up to the road and focus on the lights and buildings blurring by. I have to blink several times throughout the trip to make them stop the spinning that they are doing.

Before I know it the bike’s stopping in front of my apartment building. It leans towards the sidewalk on my left but before I react to the feeling of falling they heavy clump of his boot is on the pavement and halts our descent. The bike rumbles underneath us for a second until his hand reaches for the key in front of me and the bike goes quiet. I stay where I am,my head spinning telling me I’m not ready to get off the bike just yet. The man behind me doesn’t rush me to get off and waits until I take a deep breath and clumsily dismount the vehicle.

When I’m on my own two feet on the pavement I remove the helmet and look at his face. It’s all sharp features giving off the “I don’t care” attitude but I can’t help but notice that his eyes seem to hold a bit of concern. Or maybe it’s the alcohol that’s starting to boil uncomfortably in my stomach. I hold the helmet out for him to grab and he takes it from my hand.

“Ya okay from here?” He nods towards the building and I look behind myself like I don’t know where I am. The tall brick building of Fairy Hills apartment complex towers behind me. I look back at him and try to flash a smile then regret it when I remember my smeared makeup, my puffy eyes from crying and my now likely rat’s nest of hair from the helmet.  

“Yeah I should be okay. Thank you for coming to get me.” The words aren’t clear once again, due to the alcohol in my system but he seems to get it.

“Don’t go lookin fer trouble next time.” I smile. Despite how harsh they sound there’s an underlying bit of concern that has me unreasonably touched. 

He lifts the helmet and slides it over his head then grabs for the key again, but pauses, as if thinking something over. With the same hand that was on the key he reaches back into a small pocket and pulls out his wallet again. He pulls out a surprisingly crisp white card and flicks it out towards me, holding it between his middle and index fingers. A bunch of numbers and a name are scrawled across it in sharp, clean lines.

“Here. Call the station tomorrow when yer sober and ask fer me. I’ll come and take all yer information then, bout the incident.”

I accept the card from his hand with an “Okay.” and without another word he starts up the bike and takes off down the street. His black attire and vehicle quickly getting lost in the darkness of the night. When I convince myself that I’m not listening for his bike anymore and when I most certainly cannot hear it any longer, I turn and climb the stairs into my apartment building, the beginnings of a headache starting to poke at my skull. I slip the card into my pocket and push through the apartment buildings doors.


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