i can see clearly now my glasses are on


Hello Sendai!

This is the translation of Visual Board Tour Event Story (not voiced). Special thanks to Edmund (@iamtheoceansgaywaves) for proofreading♡

Visual Board Tour Event: Sendai | Sapporo

Mitsuki: Today, we’re starting IDOLISH7’s new web program, named…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~! (1)

Riku: This web program is presented by the popular idol group, IDOLISH7!

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I have been at work for 5 hours now...

and just realized why I have been feeling like I forgot something at home.

I forgot my glasses. I can’t see anything clearly when its further than 4 feet away, and I hadn’t consciously noticed it all. day. long.

once i went to band practice and i had to be somewhere else halfway through the rehearsal so i asked my conductor at the start “can i leave early”. now, i sit in the back row and i need to wear glasses to see clearly, so when she said ’no’ i thought she was being sarcastic and got up and left when i had to but she wasn’t being sarcastic and i haven’t been welcome back to the ensemble