i can see all the things i want to fix now that i posted it

I am blocking every single person who I see calling me delusional, crazy, idiotic, and desperate. I have given this corner of the fandom so much over the past year, I’ve written metas and fix-its all because I love this community and I’ve never asked for anything in return, I’ve never fought with anyone, and I’ve never gone out of my way to engage those who viciously disagree because my followers do not deserve to see such negativity on their dashboards. I try to put my best self out here every time I come online because it is the right thing to do and I want to have fun. And now TJLCers are dragging me? Excuse me? How does anyone have the nerve to do such things, after all we’ve done for each other? I don’t care if we’re mutuals, if I see you adding negativity directed to me personally on my own posts, I will make sure you never encounter my fix-it fics or metas ever again. You can’t take a writer’s work for years for free only to criticize what you don’t like about them personally in the end. 

‘’Hey! You there!

I know you’re having a tough time right now. Life in the human world is rough, super duper rough! You feel like there might not be any options left, or like you’ve run into nothing but bad endings. Maybe you feel like the very universe is collapsing right in front of you! Maybe terrible things have happened!

I’m really sorry about that, and if I could fix those terrible times for you, I would! Sadly, I don’t have those powers. I don’t have the powers to fight the scary monsters in your head either. In fact, I can’t really do much of anything.


I really care about you a lot and I want you to reach a happy ending! I’ll do my best to try to be here, even though you might not be able to see, touch or hear me. You’re such a strong person to have made it through so much! You’ve beaten all of your hardest and most trying days up to this point! Think about it! That’s amazing!!

You’re amazing!! 

You deserve a happy ending and I believe that you can reach it, even if you’re not exactly sure what that ending is yet!!

You might make a few mistakes along the way, but it’s not the end of the world! Your path is still redeemable! Things may be scary, but someday they’ll be happy instead! I’m sure of it!! 

Remember!! I believe in you and will be cheering you on from whichever path you choose!!

You are such a good person! A brave person! And I believe you can make it through any ending this world throws at you!

Be kind to yourself today! To reach your desired ending, you must take good care of yourself above all else, even when it’s hard!

You can do it! I know you can!

Remember that there are lots of people that care about you, me being one of them! ( Even though I may just be a spirit ヾ( ◜ ワ ◝ )/ ❤️)

One bad ending- several bad endings, doesn’t mean your life is over, even though it may seem so at the time.

Keep pressing forward! You can do it!

I believe in you!

You are worth the happiest of endings!

I'm thinking of taking a hiatus or maybe a semi-hiatus

Don’t worry it’s not because of the hate. I mean yes a little bit because things are so heated in the fandom rn, but I managed to block A LOT of antis so I haven’t really been seeing much hate/received hate compared to others. Mostly I want to take a hiatus bc Karamel has literally taken over my life and I can’t do anything else but be on tumblr and post about them until I reach the post limit.

I’ve got ton of assignments I need to work on and being on tumblr isn’t helping. Plus now that I’ve finally fixed my messed up insomniac sleeping schedule (yay me) i’ve finally got time to work on my stuff but i instead choose to be on tumblr all day. The thing is though I really love our fam and with the upcoming karamel glory filled eps I want to blog about our space pups. Ugh. I don’t know if i will go forward with this idea but if i see it’s messing with my actual life I’ll take a step back. Hopefully next season and during summer things will cool down as well.

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I was inspired by this post

and now I want a Dramione au where Hermione is a dentist and for some reason Draco has a problem with his teeth which can’t be fixed by normal magic, and everyone has been telling him to visit this Teeth Specialist who uses a combination of Muggle treatments and magic.

He’s really hesitant at first (along with the recommendations come horror stories of teeth gone wrong) but finally decides to check it out. Of course, it’s HERMIONE. He’s shocked and horrified and doesn’t quite know what to do but she’s staring at him so he just sits down. But as he looks around the room he sees all these different metal instruments and some of them look really sharp, while others just look TERRIFYING for assorted reasons.

He tries to stay calm and Hermione notices he’s nervous so she tells him to relax, to which he snaps ‘I AM relaxed!’ and she backs off.

She turns her back to him for a moment, grabbing one of the instruments, and he starts sweating. He can’t see what she’s got, but then she’s telling him to open his mouth and he does but also closes his eyes because he’s really scared and just wants it over with.

Then sUDDENLY he feels something cold and possibly shARp?? against the side of his mouth and he sCREAMS and accidentally bites her finger, causing her to scream as well and quickly pull her hand back!

There’s no blood, but Draco is almost hyperventilating and he feels so embarrassed about making a fool of himself in front of Granger.

Then of all the reactions she could have, Hermione starts laughing. She’s bending over the metal instruments slightly, trying to keep herself together.

‘It’s not funny!’ Draco yells at her. ‘You could have killed me!’

Hermione can’t stop laughing and tries to get some words out but nothing makes sense, so in the end she ops to just hold up the instrument she’d been using.

And it’s a mirror. It’s a small mirror on a metal stick. Draco bit her hand because the mirror bumped his mouth and now Hermione can’t stop laughing because it’s hilarious and Draco is scowling and more horrified than when he arrived in the first place.

@hobopollo-week day 2 – heroes/villains
I’m late! I still can’t write endings and editing what’s editing.
The tone feels all over the place. Maybe I’ll fix it later. This is an idea/HC I really do adore so I really do want to write more about it…so we’ll see ;] 

Phoenix was out the door with the case file in hand the moment Athena brought it to him.

She had tried calling out after him but he was already down the stairs.

It was all routine, really; get a case, go investigate, go get them a not guilty verdict. Easy. Very rarely now in his career did things pop up that threw him for too much of a loop.

He didn’t bother to check who the prosecutor was.

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