i can say that because i love him

So I was thinking about Lancelot and how I view this because I honestly am in love.

I’m aboard with the flirty Lotor who takes interest in Lance because he sees his insecurities and uses that to his advantage by sweet talking Lance up and showing him how he would make Lance feel like a king if only he joined him.

Can I just say that this would be amazing because that would lead to an awesome character arc for Lance and him realizing his worth and how he’s just as important as the other paladins.

This leads to Lance, of course, not going Lotor after all but does have a soft spot for him because even though he was trying to get him to join the dark side, he showed Lance that he was amazing being who he is. But they’re on opposing teams, so Lance is go on a kick his ass if he has to.

But guys, shit, what if Lotor, who originally just wanted to weaken Voltron by having Lance on his side, develops a really strong liking to Lance after all of this. What if he starts actually crushing hardcore?? Like sure, he thought Lance was pretty before but now he is in love with this Cuban boy??? When did this happen???

He was in total denial of the fact, thinking he was just upset that his plan fell apart but he came to realize that Lance’s smile and laugh had brought him more joy than he’s ever felt in his life? He never felt more at ease and never genuinely smiled until this blue paladin came knocking on the door to his heart.

So his love for Lance becomes the reason of a Zuko-like redemption arc as he realizes that he isn’t his father and he has no need to follow in his fathers footsteps. His father is Zarkon. He’s Lotor. They’re not one in the same. (Guess who told him that sappy mush??)

And in the end, Lance and Lotor become close buds on Team Voltron with Lance being the first to accept Lotor. Then they become space boyfriends.

Alternative: Lance is (unknowing to him) stuck in a love triangle with Keith and Lotor fighting over him.

Angst Alternative: Lotor only finally proved himself to be redeemed when he sacrificed himself to save Lance. Cue him telling Lance he loves him as he dies in Lance’s arm.

I have many feelings about this

Texan Keith

• had to learn line and square dancing as a gym requirement in elementary + the first year of intermediate school

• can only remember the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe”

• taught lance how to dance the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe” because lance asked him to immediately after lance found out

• says “bless your heart” at every possible situation

• is it sincere? is he wishing you’d suffer? no one knows

• says “all y'all”

• is simultaneously annoyed when other people say “all y'all” because “all you all” makes no gosh darn sense. filthy hypocrite

• saw the outside of NASA 1 (one) time through a car window

• can’t say the word “Texas” without a Texan accent. it’s just. it’s not possible when you’ve lived here so long

• keith, seeing northerners make fun of the southern dialect: don’t y'all know we don’t talk like that? i ain’t never heard a single person talk like you folks think we do,

okay, after tonight’s events, i’ve decided to say something. Shane Dawson was kicked out of a party because him and Ryland were holding hands. Because of his sexuality, he was physically harmed, and thrown out. People wonder why lgbtqa+ people live their lives terrified. Tomi Lahren was part of it. If you don’t support lgbt people, there’s not much i can say, but to completely treat them like we aren’t people is absolutely disgusting. Being gay is wrong but breaking someone’s leg because of their sexuality isn’t??? it is 2017, this isn’t something that should be happening. No one should be afraid of loving. No one should be afraid to hold hands with someone they love. My thought are with Shane and Ryland tonight. i love you guys. ((also i apologize that this is all over the place, i’m just so angry and upset))

i mean i know Magnus said Camille is his rock because he was in love with her for so long and she helped him as Magnus explained but can you imagine one day Magnus goes through a dark phase because something has happened (like i don’t know Alec getting hurt so badly and Magnus remembers the moment he died in 2x03 for instance and since then Magnus had fallen in love with Alec and they haven’t said i love you yet) and Magnus says to Alec “you’re my new rock” and Alec just gets confused because he doesn’t know the reference and the moment is sweet and intimate because ugh i’m crying 

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“What are you doing!?” Y/N yells out, causing Joe to look up at her from his spot on the floor.


“Get up!”


“Because I just ironed these pants!” She tells him gesturing to the dress pants he has on.


“Oh my gods,” Y/N groans, tugging at his arm until he stands up. “We have to head to your sisters wedding in like ten minutes. Can you please not wrinkle the only good pants you decided to bring with you.”

“I was saying hi to Alan!” Joe laughs, watching as his fiancee brushes away at the invisible dirt, straightening his pants. “Love.” He grabs her hands gently, stopping her. “It’s fine. They’re just pants.”

“Tell that to Zoe. She’d notice a wrinkle in a heart beat.”

“Fair point.” He nods.

I swear, I am beyond broken now...

please help me.

I can’t bring myself to clear that last intrigue mission

I really… can’t take more angst

Its all hollow in here.

Just thoughts and scenarios of him persists.

Saying im hurt is a understatement

My whole mind is crushed, trampled, torn apart

Because of him

The lord who loves.

Who changed me

into the girl who bitterly loved

@viridian99, @rainbowatnight

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I am so happy because Junkrat got a new emote, skin and victory pose, and the best part is that he is saying "i wish you well" or something similair to it in chinese, And his victory pose is so silly I love it, bless him. I hope there is an event which will have Sym in focus.

I KNOW ALL HIS STUFF LOOKS AMAZIN and I about died with his new victory pose, of course he’d have a bloody firework in his mouth omg

while I can’t complain about Symmetra’s skin because it DOES look beautiful someday blizzard will have to give her a new legendary and I continually look forward to the day when that happens because I will be on that skin’s ass in a matter of seconds

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Serendine for character meme please

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One spider princess coming right up! :D

My otp: Curiously enough, I don’t have one. I don’t dislike his pairing with Sinbad, but I wouldn’t say I like it either.

My notp: with Drakon (maybe because I can’t see him with anyone but Saher).

My unusual otp: N/A

My crossover brotp: You know who I think needs to sit down and talk to the girl? Shoukei from Juuni Kokki. Yes, I know their situations have as many similarities as they have differences, but Seren could vastly benefit from the exchange.

My brotp/friendship otp: Aside from Saher and Tamira, she makes a lovely older sister for Judar~.

Character headcanon: Actually, the spelling of her name is an in-universe issue, too - not in official documents, of course, but people would sometimes mess up the spelling in their own private letters and such. I would like to believe it’s because both words are valid names (and the princess loves them both equally). 

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character

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Jax is maybe? the best thing in my life???? He gets too excited and accidentally launches his toy across the room, then chases it and launches it again on accident. and it is adorable. i got him a blanket for his bed and he doesn’t like sleeping on it but uses it as a toy. so he gets tangled in it and flips around and it’s precious. he loves looking out the window. he cries loudly when i leave sometimes. It’s so hard then. he gets excited and curls up in my lap if i so much as kneel to the floor. he’s punched me in the face several times. i love when he does that because he’s too excited and doesn’t control himself and suddenly i have been punched in the face by a dog. he loves people so much and i feel bad looking at them and saying they can’t pet him, and looking at him and saying he can’t be pet. 

he deserves the world but the poor pupper got me.

i love him so much

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Hi!! 18 for kpop ask :)

18) Tell me about your bias. Why is he/she your bias?

💖 Mark. Tuan. Yi En Tuan. LA Boy. Makipooh. Dimsum. This guy right here. 💖

No words can really explain as to why he is my bias. I guess it’s because he’s always his real self? Like Mark Tuan. That’s him. He’s a friend. He’s a brother. A son. An uncle. An inspiration. A role model. He doesn’t focus himself as being just an idol. He’s mature, but a kid at heart. Sure he’s quiet, but he’s smart when he speaks, and when he speaks, he thinks about what he says before he says it. His personality is like an adventure which i love. He left his family at a young age to fulfill something he never thought of doing. Living in a country across the world, learning a completely different language and to rap in it as well. all while still so young. Learning how to flip and probably hurting himself a bunch of times. Wanting to just quit and drop everything and go home. But he didn’t. He was strong and look at him now. I give a lot of props to him because he stuck with it. They debuted while i was in my second sem of college which made me happy. But nearing mid second year, I wasn’t really in the right state of mind then.. All these things started happening and I was literally just about to drop out and not go back. But I remembered Mark and the other members. Just everything about him and them made me realize that it’s worth it. it’s worth it when you do something you love. it’s worth it when you work hard for it. Work hard for what you love. So I followed my dream and changed my major :) Im very thankful, not just for him, but for all of them. So here I say, Mark Tuan is my bias, but Got7 will always be my bias group.  💖

Ask me some kpop questions!

My recent “study” has been… Finished.

After asking Sasusaku shippers why they ship what they ship all I got were excuses on why Sasuke did what he did (The curse of hatred) which I didn’t take it as valid because… Well because Sasuke has never (with or without the curse of hatred) shown interest in Sakura and even after he was “saved” from darkness he still didn’t see her as a love interest.

Forehead poke is invalid because we all know what it means, and no, it wasn’t a “way of affection” from Itachi, he used it to keep Sasuke away from him, not to say I love you, and Sasuke did the same to Sakura and Sarada. 

At the end of the day, Gaiden shows how little Sasuke really cares about his family, sorry not sorry, I read it, I saw enough to say that relationship is miserable and makes both Sakura and Sasuke look even more bitter and fucked up than before.

At least I can say with alot of security now, SS is a shitty ship and their canon interactions are not helping making it better.

So…Unless the Boruto anime that will be coming out later this year decides to do something different with it, the ship will continue to be pretty shitty. (IMO)

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i’m sorry i simply can’t
i can’t write about my past loves
all i can say is this:

my heartbeat quickens when i talk to him
it races when i talk to a stranger
my parents
my friends
my teachers
my brothers
my best friend i’ve known since i was a month old
(it’s simply my anxiety)

i can tell you how i love to look at his face
because it’s a work of art
really beautiful
(it’s simply symmetrical)

i can tell you how i lie awake at night thinking about him
because without his help i would still be doing homework
(it’s simply gratitude)

i can tell you how i’m overjoyed at hearing his ringtone
because i’m falling apart over my grades and
i need someone to tell me it’s okay
when last week it was my best friend and i felt the same way
(it’s simply validation)

you see
i can tell you all of these things
these things people think equal romance when it is simply platonic
and falling in love simply isn’t in my heart

—  Rui

Can I just say that I love the way the crying scene in episode 7 was handled? Yuuri is feeling anxious and completely overwhelmed because his A) his final score depends on the program he’s about to perform, which determines whether or not he goes on to compete in Russia. B) His entire family is watching and expecting him to do well, and C) Victor’s career and credibility as a coach is directly tied to how well Yuuri does. Victor remembers feeling anxious as a young skater just starting out, but he’d never dealt with the stakes that Yuuri is dealing with right now. Not only does he not know why Yuuri is so anxious, he himself has no idea how to help, as a coach or just as someone who loves Yuuri.

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Okay so I know that we were all swept away by the hand holding and the forehead touching (and I loved it too) but let me take a moment to show you all the things I loved about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship in episode 6 of YOI.

So let me start with what Victor says here because this is huge:

Because Yuuri always hid behind these metaphors (or personas or however you wish to call them) when skating Eros. He was always either pretending to be a katsudon (I lol, but I do find it cute) or a woman seducing the playboy - Victor. But he never skated Eros as himself. But Victor believes that now he can, now that he’s on the big stage, it’s time to let his theme of love bloom and shine and he can only do that as himself.

(more meta/analysis under the cut)

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Some illustrations for my poetry class. I wanted to do a picture book with poetry but I didn’t include the latter because… I don’t like writing……… Anyways it’s a story about a pigeon who falls in love with a colorful peacock so he takes him to live in the city with him and bring some color to his life, but the peacock’s color starts to fade as he is unable to adapt to city life when the pigeon isn’t around, and the pigeon eventually decides this can’t work out and lets him go. My friends say it reminds them of the city mouse/the country mouse but I was lowkey more inspired by the original little mermaid ;; guess the lesson is don’t force yourself to change!



“I wanna hear you! I want everyone here to yell as loud as they can, because I want fucking Donald Trump to hear everyone in Polska, everyone in Europe, everyone in Africa, everyone everywhere to tell this motherfucker to fuck off!

(21st January 2017)

(I was going to gif this but fuck that, you need the full experience, you need to hear and see him say it.)

This needs to stop

I decided to talk about this issue because I’m very pissed right now. Since MBC many people are hating on Jungkook. And after reading @/kookseonyeondan’s tweets I thought that I need to talk about this subject. I will show some of their tweets and respond to them. (This is going to be long so be ready)

// I am not a Jungkook biased. I’m double biased Namjoon Yoongi and my fav vocal in BTS in Jin so you can’t say to me “you only protect him because he is your bias”, he is not. I love Jungkook with all my heart, and all this hate is really unfair//

1. The “Jungkook is always in the center/gets more lines” issue.

So first of all I will talk about the Rainism stage then his lines in BTS songs.

  • Many people complained about the Rainism stage because Jungkook sang all the song and was in the center etc… And I totally get this. But you need to understand that it’s not Jungkook who chose this. It’s MBC who decided of this. Kookseonyeondan said that he has a mouth and he can say that it’s unfair to the other members. But you forgot something: he can’t say that. Jungkook is like an employee, MBC tells him to do that, he does it. And even if he says that he’s not ok with it (first of all it can be rude) MBC won’t listen to him because HES NOT THE BOSS. Jungkook has nothing to say, and even if he wants to say something no one will listen to him so no need to hate him for that. 

  • Then the issue “why Jungkook always gets more lines.” Ok so how a song is made. First there’s have a beat, a melody. After making the beat, they need to attribute which part of the song will be a rap and which part will be sung. And the lyrics are created. Ok so we have the lyrics and the parts who will be sung. The lyrics need to be distribuated to the singers. So who decides of this? Again not Jungkook. It’s more likely to be the producers and all the staff. They decided which part will be the best for each member. So no Jungkook is not going to say “I WANT THE LONGEST PART WHO CARES ABOUT MY HYUNGS” of course he won’t. Also among all the members, Jungkook’s voice is medium. That means that his voice can fit almost anywhere (Jimin: High pitch, Jin: High/Medium pitch, Taehyung: Low pitch). That’s why he’s the main vocal. I also think that Jin or Taehyung should get more lines, but we can’t do shit about this, and hating on Jungkook won’t resolve this. 

  • Why Jungkook is always in the center? I think it’s for two reasons: He’s a good dancer. “But Hoseok is a better dancer, why he’s not more in the center?” Because *sad sigh* Hoseok isn’t that popular. Jungkook is really popular so they put Jungkook in the middle. That’s why. Again we can’t do smt about it and again Jungkook is not going to say “I want to be in the center”. Plus all of the decisions are made by profesionnals.(dance coach, producers etc). So yes sometimes it’s unfair for the other members but  I guess that they may have their reasons.

(I’m not really ok with what @/BTS4ev said. This has nothing to do with confidence. And i’ll talk about the “shy and bad at speaking” later) 

2. “Jungkook is disrespectful and doesn’t like his hyungs”

Tbh this really surprised me. Kookseonyeondan said that Jungkook doesn’t like his hyungs because he gets all the lines. I answered to this in the first part, that Jungkook has nothing to do with this so it’s invalide. 

But what really surprised me is the “Jungkook did nothing for Tae’s birthday”. Its like they were saying that Jungkook simply doesn’t like his hyungs. Tbh I feel like I don’t even need to explain why it’s not true but I guess that some people don’t get it.

  • How do you know that Jungkook doesn’t care about Taehyung. You  didn’t think that he showed him how much he loved him off camera? You don’t have to say publicly to someone that you love them to prove it. It’s not because Jungkook didn’t take a pic with Tae and post it that it means that he doesn’t love him. Like it’s really crazy. Plus we saw at least 54812541681 times that Jungkook loves Taehyung so much so???

  • I saw on their twitter that someone gave them a screenshot of Begin’s lyrics as a proof that Jungkook love them. (which like yall know, is a proof). They answered to them saying that it’s Namjoon who wrote the lyrics and not Jungkook so it’s invalide. Ok. Namjoon wrote the lyrics because Jungkook couldn’t express his feelings. Like yall know, this song is from a moment when Jungkook cried in front of the members because he was feeling so bad. He said that all the members get through so many things and he just can’t stand it. He can’t stand the fact that his hyungs had hard times, he can’t stand the facts that his hyungs felt bad. He said that he doesn’t mind if something bad happens to him but not when it’s his hyungs. Namjoon added that it’s the first time that Jungkook opens up to the members. So how the hell can you say that Jungkook doesn’t like his brothers??

  • Jungkook is a private person. That means that he’s not really comfortable when its comes to express his feelings. So yeah, maybe sometimes  he doesn’t clearly say that he loves the members. But 1.how do you know what he says off camera and 2. there’s many way to express your love to someone. I don’t say to my best friend that I love them a lot. Does that mean that I don’t love them? no.

Jungkook did nothing wrong and all this hate is so unfair. Im not the type of person to pretect a member or even a friend when they did something wrong. But like??? Jungkook really did nothing????

So please this really needs to stop.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The entire plot of Yuri on Ice could happen only because Yuuri got really really drunk at the banquet after last year's Grand Prix Final and Victor danced the night away with him and fell in love with a drunk mess of a Japanese boy who dry humped him while asking to come to his home and become him coach and that's pure, unconditional love and it explains so many things and YOI is so wholesome and beautiful that I can't even begin to contain myself.