i can reverse all this

Stamp making

Step One Gather materials

- pen/sharpie/pencil to draw on your pattern
- carving tools and or exacto knife
- rubber carving block
- scissors
-ink pad
- paper to stamp

Step two
Measure and cut the size of your stamp
( you can buy smaller blocks of rubber that dont need to be cut or pre mounted/cut rubber)

Step three
Draw out your design, for my lack of drawing and carving ability i try to avoid shading… so i keep it simple and
color in what lines i am going to carve out.
You can also reverse that and carve out all the white space…. depends on how you want your end result to look.

Step four

When your design is finished, time to cut!!

For this design i am using the small knife, just tracing the outer and inner red lines so it peels away.

Step five
When your design is all carved out, time to test it  <3

whala! You’ve just made your own custom stamp.
You can mount your piece of rubber on wood or a hard surface to make sure it doesnt break or get ruined..
OR you can flip it over and make another stamp on the back! ( <- thats what i do)

Custom stamps are awesome for etsy shop owners or anyone who crafts… 100% unique hand crafted stamps are a great way to add an extra little something to your customers packages <3


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

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AU where Sonny is the older cousin?

I actually got that ask a LOOOONG time ago! It’s one of the many reverse AUs (HERE)

I’ll add a bit more though, like Sonny isn’t as overprotective as Usnavi but he has his moments when the situation is dire. He’s also A VERY smooth talker with both the ladies and men, only really pulling out the fast talk on the rare occasion that he’s nervous. Also, since Usnavi’s a good little cousin, Sonny doesn’t really have to put the dad shoes on for him like the canon verse and teases Usnavi CONSTANTLY about how socially awkward he can be, so honestly, in the reverse situation, Usnavi and Sonny’s relationship is DEFINITELY more brotherly rather than father and son-like. 

And god, it once again reminds how Robin De Jesus (aka OBC Sonny) is currently playing Usnavi in my fucking home state of Maryland and I’m stuck on campus as a senior probably unable to afford a weekend for me to drive home and see it because I don’t want to risk my grades. 

Decided to draw some of my favorite Gravity Falls AUs today.

First up: Reverse Portal AU, where Stan gets sucked into the portal while Ford is like “should I…? But the world…but Stan…world???” for 30 years.

Also one armed Stan.

Our Story - Jefferson (OUAT)

Requested by anonymous. 

You held tight to the cape around your shoulders as you walked through the woods, back to your house. You saw Grace playing outside, her stuffed rabbit in hand. Smiling to yourself, you decided not to worry her about what had just happened. Ever since those strange people came to visit, things had started to change. 

The girl who called herself Emma had said that they came from a different world. That you knew to be true, but you still didn’t understand how. With them, they brought strange piece of machinery, and many different styles of clothing. When you took them in, you nearly fainted.

Today, you almost fainted again. You were collecting wood for your fire, when one of the boys, barely older than Grace, came up to you. He introduced himself as Henry, and immediately began asking you questions about your life. When he was finished, he left you with one ominous tiding. 

“Someone’s trying to change your story, be careful.” He ran off again before you could ask what he meant. You hightailed it back to your home, hoping to talk to Jefferson. You dropped your cloak once you came in your kitchen, and got used to the coldness of just wearing a dress.

Jefferson came home about ten minutes later, and smiled at you happily. You smiled, too, just less than his. You stood up as he walked towards you, and placed affectionate kisses across your face. 

“Hello, love,” he said. 

“Hi!” Grace ran in and rushed into her father’s arms. He picked her up, and grinned at her, too. 

“How are my two gorgeous girls?” he asked. Grace beamed back at him, and started telling him stories of her day. You listened and nodded along. Jefferson would look over at you ever few minutes, and you would smile at him. He could clearly tell that something was bothering you, so he asked Grace to run off to her room and get a tea party set up. She smiled happily and rushed to the top of the stairs. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked, looking at you seriously. He was frowning now. You took a deep breath and he reached for your hand, rubbing it softly with his thumb.

“Someone came up to me today. One of the boys from the other world. He told me to be careful, because someone is trying to change my story.” Jefferson furrowed up his brow.

“What does that mean?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but he seemed really worried about it.” He nodded and thought for a moment. 

“Well, let’s find out. Get your cloak.”

“What? Right now?”

“Yes. I have seen things that should be impossible, inside this hat. I have seen dark, strange magic. If this boy says you are in danger, I will take him at his word. I don’t want any harm coming to you,” he said, cupping your cheeks. You gave into his hand and smiled. He felt warm and safe.

You packed up a few provisions while Jefferson went to take Grace to the neighbors. He promised that you would be back in a few days. He came back, and picked up your bag. You put on your cloaks, and you were off. He didn’t really have a place in mind, but new that if you found the strange people, you would find your answer.

For a day, you just traveled. You slept on a hard, rocky floor, and then started walking the next day. It was nearly nightfall when you stumbled across the group. They were setting up tents of their own, and smiled when you walked up. 

“Hello,” one of the men said, a charming smile spreading across his face. 

“Hello,” you said. Jefferson nodded politely. 

“What can we do for you?” a woman, with raven black hair asked. You and Jefferson exchanged a look, coming to the agreement that you could probably trust these people.

“I’m Y/N, and this is my husband, Jefferson. Um, is there a younger boy here?” you asked, looking around the camp. The two people in front of you that were clearly a couple looked at each other and then around the camp. 

“Henry!” The same boy from before popped his head out of a tent, followed by a woman with blonde hair, most likely his mother. He smiled at you and walked forward eagerly.

“Y/N!” he said excitedly. “I knew you’d be back! What are you doing here?”

“Well, Henry, I have some questions for you. First of all, how do you know my name?”

“My book.” He ran back over to his tent and pulled out a big storybook. He rifled through it and handed the book to you, open on a page with your face in it. Jefferson snatched it from your hand before you could give it a good look.

“What the hell is this?” he asked angrily. The blonde woman stepped in front of Henry.

“Hey, watch it!” she said.

“Why don’t you let your kid explain what the hell my wife’s picture is doing in your book.” You put a hand on his chest and he let out a breath. 

“Please,” you said, looking at the blonde. She nodded and looked back at Henry. 

“In the world we come from, your lives are just stories. You, the Mad Hatter,” he said, pointing to Jefferson. “Even my grandparents, Prince Charming and Snow White,” he said, motioning to the couple from earlier.

“You’re Snow White?” you asked in shock. She nodded and smiled slightly.

“Okay. So we’re characters in a book,” you said, trying to understand it. “But who’s trying to change my story?”

“That would be August.”

“Who’s that?” Jefferson asked, getting fed up. 


“Who?” you and Jefferson asked at the same time. The blonde laughed and Henry sighed. 

“It doesn’t matter who, it matters that he’s trying to change your story. If he gets a hold of this book, he can change everything about your life. Who you are, who you’re with, everything.” You looked over at Jefferson nervously. 

“What do we do?” he asked.

“We have to find August and convince him that what he is doing is wrong.”

“How do we do that?”

“We know he’s somewhere in the Enchanted Forest,” Prince Charming said. Jefferson looked down at you and frowned. You shrugged.

“How can we help?” he asked. 

“Help us track him down,” the blonde woman said. “When he sees that you both have a life-”

“He’ll just do it to someone else,” you said.

“We’re hoping to convince him otherwise,” Snow White said. 

“And if you don’t?” No one answered that question of yours, but they all gave forewarning looks.

When you finally found August, it was nearly a week later. Jefferson had been stressed out the entire time. For the obvious reason of searching for August, and for the fact that you had to leave Grace for a while. He was the most eager to walk into the house of August. 

The house was deep in the woods, surrounded by tall, tall trees. There was a deep purple door at the entrance, that you knocked on hesitantly.

“You’re gonna knock?” Jefferson asked. You shot him a look and resisted the urge to knock the hat off of his head. 

“What would you do?” you asked. 

“Walk in.” He tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. 

“Now what?” you asked with a cocky smile, looking up at him. The door opened a moment later so you didn’t have to wait for his answer. A tall, dark haired man opened the door, a pained expression on his face. Emma stepped forward and smiled at him.

“Emma,” he said.

“Hi, August.”

“What are you-”

“You know,” she said firmly. You shifted nervously, tugging on the sleeves of your dress. He looked behind her and his eyes trailed on you and Jefferson.

“Then you know I don’t really have a choice.” He motioned down to his leg and you saw that it was entirely made of wood. You clutched onto Jefferson’s arm in shock, but he stood firm. 

“You do have a choice. You can leave Y/N out of it,” he said, stepping towards August. The other man puffed out his chest and stared at your husband. You pulled Jefferson back.

“I think we can talk this through,” you said, looking at Emma, hoping for a little logical support. She nodded.

“Yeah, come on, this is ridiculous, August. Just let us in, and we can talk about this.” He groaned but opened the door wider. You all piled in and sat awkwardly around the couch. “Why do you think you can do this?”

“It’s the only choice I have. If I can get someone to fall in love with me, I can break the curse.”

“And you couldn’t do that in traditional ways?” Jefferson asked. 

“No. Not in a timely fashion.”

“So you’ll just take that which you can’t achieve away from someone who already has it?” August shrugged and Jefferson stood up and charge him, punching him square in the jaw. 

“Jefferson!” you said, standing up and pulling him back. August held on to face as he looked at the group.

“If there was another way-”

“There is another way, August. We just have to find the tree that I was brought to our world in. If we put you in that, we can reverse it all.”

“How long should I wait, Emma?”

“Long enough for me to tell you why this is a bad idea.” He looked you up and down, and you had to stop Jefferson from trying to punch him again. “Have you ever truly loved someone?” you asked.

“Yes. I’m not heartless.” Jefferson scoffed but you ignored him.

“How would you feel if someone took that away from you? Pretty awful, right? Well, think about how terrible it would be for this other person. The person who loves you back. They have to live without you now, too.” August looked uncomfortable and was no longer making eye contact. “I know you’ve met my enthusiastic husband, but I also have a gorgeous step-daughter I would like to get home to. Please don’t do this. Let us help you in a way that doesn’t harm anyone else.” 

Jefferson took a deep breath from behind you, and you could feel how tense Emma was, just sitting next to her. August was chewing his lip, deep in thought. If he said no, you didn’t know what you would do. You thought you had made a pretty compelling case. You hoped, at least.

“I don’t have much time,” he said, mostly to Emma. She nodded.

“It’s okay. We work well on time crunches.”

“You promise you’ll help me?”

“Of course.” He nodded and looked at you.

“I’m sorry.” You smiled and looked back at Jefferson. He nodded but didn’t look at August. “Go back to your daughter,” he said, looking at you. You smiled and stood up. 

“Well that was stupid,” Jefferson said as you two walked back hand in hand. You laughed and nodded.

“If he was going to be so easy to convince I wouldn’t have joined them,” you said.

“No, it was a good thing you were there. You have a special way with people. They can’t help but love you.” You smiled up at him and he kissed your lips softly. 

“I love you,” you said. 

“I love you, too.” The walk to your house from August’s wasn’t that far, and soon you saw the familiar cottage. You breathed in the fresh air and smiled to yourself. You were finally home. 

“I’m sure Grace will love to hear this story,” you said.

“Of course she will,” he said. “It’s our story.” You beamed at him once more and tried to keep from sprinting towards your home. You knew you were home when you heard a shout.



Sometimes I think I was born backwards,
I came out my mother the wrong way.
The clocks reverse constantly
And all I can hear is the ticking;
The continuous ticking that sets my teeth on edge.
I hear words go past me backwards
And everyone expects me to be able to understand
But I can’t make out a single thing
And they’re staring at me,
Expecting everything
But I understand nothing
And I understand everything
And it’s driving me insane
I wanted to talk, to explain
But you wouldn’t listen
And you wouldn’t understand so what’s the use?
What’s the use of trying when in reality none one really cares?
I used to think of the past
And all the happy memories I have locked up in my head
And all the bad memories that roam inside my skull
And then I remember not to get attached to moments.
Good or bad they all pass.
Sometimes I wish I had never been born,
I should have stayed inside my mother,
Never to come out.
Being a human is getting too complicated.
Being a person is getting too complicated.
Being alive is getting too complicated,
I could be dead in a second,
Everything is so fragile
Everything is too fragile.
I want to stop thinking
But it doesn’t work
And the clocks are ticking backwards
And the words are written backwards.
And the people I should love I hate
And the people I hate…
I want to feel something
But I feel nothing.

I wrote this so apologies 

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Hahaha omg but with the possible reviving of Sakumo in reverse literally all I can think about is Kakashi's reaction to the OroSaku. "Dad no. Why. That is a dangerous missing nin you are making out with, right in front of me, and I haven't killed nearly enough people to deserve this dAD STOP-"

YES THANK YOU IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Maybe Orochimaru is in charge of the resurrection and Sakumo opens his eyes and - 

“Angel,” Sakumo says dreamily, smiling up at the man hovering over him.

Orochimaru blinks at him. Blinks again. He glances over at Kabuto, who would look equally nonplussed if he allowed himself any facial expressions beyond ‘smug’, and says, “Add hallucinations to the list of side effects, Kabuto, thank you.”

Kakashi, hovering off to the side, is so utterly horrified he can’t even speak. 

“I’m not hallucinating,” Sakumo says mildly, pushing himself up on one elbow, his eyes still on Orochimaru. “But there aren’t a lot of ways to wake up once you’re dead, and I have to say, this is just about the best one I could imagine.”

Orochimaru eyes him the way anyone else might a brightly colored snake. “It is,” he finally says, too flat to be a question. 

Sakumo offers up a cheerful, easygoing smile. “You’re just as pretty as I remember you being, Orochi-kun. More, probably.”

Surprise flickers over Orochimaru’s features for a flash before it’s buried. “You remember me.”

“Of course I do.” Sakumo’s smile doesn’t waver, but his eyes are even warmer. “I’ve never served with a better shinobi. You were incredibly talented. And it’s hard to forget a face that lovely.”

“Oh no,” Jiraiya mutters from the back of the room. “That’s it, he’s gone. Done. Loyalty assured. Goddamn, Hatake. I’m remembering why I hate you.”

“Shut your mouth, Jiraiya,” Orochimaru orders without so much as shifting his gaze from Sakumo’s, but there’s color high up on his cheeks, all too visible against the paleness of his skin.

Kurama’s eyebrows have taken up residence somewhere near his hairline. He glances over at Kakashi, who’s mouthing something through his mask that might possibly be Dad no Dad what are you doing, and says pointedly, “You know, if you were as smooth as him, it would have saved us a hell of a lot of grief.”

Kakashi buries his face in his hands and doesn’t answer. 

nico sometimes looks around and stares at people to see what theyre doing and for some reason, he begins to think ‘am i in a video game? this.. doesnt feel real at all. i wonder if i can reverse time or control something else.” 

rarely when he experiences that, he believes there are enemies after him (which there are. the monsters. but besides them. he thinks of the new enemies as “men in suits”). 

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I love all the rescue Obi-Wan fics but can we reverse the tables for once ? How about mighty Jango Fett in DEEP deep trouble for once, like, 'I'm going to die for sure' trouble and then Obi-Wan happens (with righteous fury and I'll be a Jedi later force dammit) ?

He’s going to die.

There’s nothing to or from about it.

The stab wound to his side is still bleeding freely and he can feel a cold numbness settle deep into his bones even as he methodically prepares his blasters, propped up beside the window thanks to the wall.

Blood loss is a bitch.

Jango has a few regrets. Leaving Boba behind alone, not throwing Morale out through the airlock, not having set fire to Duchess Satine dress, saying no to that free drink the bartender offered him… not telling Obi-Wan properly goodbye before he left for his hunt.

Its the first and the last that’s really going to haunt him into the afterlife.

But he can’t turn back the time. Jango knows better then that or so many things would be different in his life.

He can’t turn back time though he wishes he at least could go back a hour so he wouldn’t have a deep stab through his side and wasn’t trapped in a shack of a house as the pirates tracked him down. ‘What I get for trying to do jetii favors.’ He thought dryly before sighing tiredly. ‘Ner cyare, forgive me and look after Boba.’ Jango’s closed his eyes to say a small prayer as he heard the pirates get closer, their jeering voices as they followed the blood trail.

And then there’s the telltale sound of a humming of a lightsaber and Jango feels his heart soar because it can’t be.

He staggers and holds onto the windowsill to look out, watching his jetii move in a blurr of blue and beige, fierce as a akk dog as he deflects blaster fire right back and burn through cloth and flesh with his weapon.

In that moment Jango has never seen anything as gorgeous as Obi-Wan, fierce protectiveness painting his face in the dim light of Nal Hutta. He’s calling out to the Jedi before he can think but darkness is already falling and he can tell by the sudden panic on the others face that he must look a right state.

Yet he smiles with bloody teeth before he falls over, passed out from the blood loss.

He wakes up in a bacta tank.

The first thing he sees through the blurry fluid is Obi-Wan, standing in front of it with a hand resting on the cool surface of it. The bounty hunter’s hand twitched lightly before he reached out slowly and rested his hand on the other side of the tank, their hands only separated by the glass between them.

‘You came for me…’

‘Always you idiot…I love you.’


Open questions to anarcho-capitalists

Okay, just to clear the air I am an Ancom but I’m not here to bash on you or anything–only legit questions. Im not interested in becoming an ancap, I only want to understand your side of things. 

What we know today as anarchism sprouted from communist/marxist trains of thought. Therefore, anarchism is predominately an anticapitalist ideology. 

So why does your school of thought advocate capitalism? What are the justifications and causes for a communist movement to somehow have a capitalist sect that shares the same prefix? And do you understand the reasons as to why all other anarchists despise your economic system? And if you do, why continue to choose capitalism? Is your capitalism somehow different from the everyday capitalism thats in countries like the US an UK?

Lets keep the respect equal in this discussion please. 

I saw a lot of misunderstanding from the ancap perspective on ancommunism on tumblr recently, now I wanna try to reverse it. I can understand the reasons why all other anarchists lose their shit over the concept of “anarcho capitalists” because its mainly a communist movement, but why is ancapitalism a school of thought in the first place?


Watercolor drawing of Reverse Dipper ! (again) but with a little bonus… 

I had those invisible ink pens that i used for a project at school, and i thought about using them! Under the UV light bill’s eye symbol appears all over the drawing and dipper’s eyes and birthmark glow! 

It was really hard to get a good picture of the drawing under the small UV light ,  i spent a lot of time taking so many pictures but in the end those are the best i got , sorry  ( ゚ Д゚)

 But i’m really happy with how this drawing came out !! both with and without the uv light  (´∀`)

Prompts for OTPs

Send me a number, or randomly use one for yourself…

- - - - - - - - 

01. “No, please… you can’t leave me like this!” 

02. Two Superheroes in blatant competition AU

03. “Do you have a minute to talk about our lord, Cthulhu?” 

04. Office Pank Wars AU

05. “Why are there socks in the sink?”/”Why is the fine china in the washing machine?”

06. There’s a Portal to Another Reality in my Bathroom AU

07. “But you’re dead… how can this-… oh shit, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse?!”

08. Look I know about your stash of hentai, but you know I like collecting (Insert Brand) Dolls, so let’s call it even AU

09. “Pretty sure that potplant is Haunted…” 

10. Did you bring me to the Gym to secretly kill me? AU

11. “Sir, that is not the correct use of the bidet…” 

12. Guardian Angel (is one lazy motherfucker) AU

13. “Did not expect to get trapped in a video game today, but okay… let’s do this.”

14. I walked in on you wearing a fez and crying at Doctor Who, but you spotted me before I could get away and now I’m consoling you, nameless stranger in the airport lounge AU

15. “Just because we have to dorm together, does not mean I have to put up with your stressed, awake-more-than-48hours, caffeine-addicted ass during finals week” AU

16. Clue about your soulmate manifests as a shape/symbol mark over a corresponding body part (e.g. a rose over the heart, a barbell on your bicep), and mine happens to be an asshole… AU

17. “‘Pilot the starship, (name)!’ Did anybody ASK if I knew HOW to pilot the (fucking) Starship?!’

18. You cosplay my favourite character and I’m kind of turned on by that, but I have no idea how to go about telling you stranger-in-my-[subject]-class AU

19. “To be honest I don’t get why you like looking at the stars, but I love the look on your face when you gaze at them…

20. Joining your Dungeons&Dragons group was the best and worst thing I have ever done AU

21. “Yes, there is a merperson in our bathtub, and I can totally explain…” 

22. Accidentally bit you last full moon, and it took me all this time to track you down AU

23. “Well they can’t crown TWO Winners of this Beauty Pageant, so let’s throw down…”

24. You were attempting to drunkenly twerk and I couldn’t take the second-hand embarrassment so I drove you home AU

25. “Cats are an integral part of the universe, it’s basic physics.” 

26. The Zombie Apocalypse actually wasn’t as spectacular as Hollywood made it seem… everyone just sort of came back a bit disoriented but overall exactly as they were (with no desire for flesh or brains of any kind) AU

27. “Look, I’m just here to do my job… and as a Reaper, yes, that does involve me dragging your soul to the Afterlife… so stop whining about it.”

28. Someone spread a terrible rumour about you, but you don’t know, and I’m working hard to fix it AU

29. “Have you considered, Foxtrot Alpha Charlie Tango  Yankee Oscar Uniform?”

30. Compatibility tests, standard in our advanced technological/overbearing dystopian governmental age, have placed us together and of course it had to be YOU AU

31. “I would love to take this exam, professor, but I’ve just noticed this is advanced linguistics 203 and I’m actually an engineering student…” 

32. You waived your Right to Remain Silent hours ago and have been serenading us all with Disney songs ever since AU

33. “There’s a difference between you telling me you aren’t quite human, and surprising the hell out of me with your weird alien anatomy when I’m sleep-deprived… so yes, I did hit you with a frying pan.” 

34. We can’t have kids, biologically, but this new technology has given us hope AU 

35. “So, good news… there’s more than just one type of merpeople… the bad news, some of them are very horny, and have shark teeth”

36. You were turned to stone by magic/science/accident/deliberate/other, and I’m doing everything I can to fix it… but even if I can reverse it after all these years, you’re still young and beautiful AU

37. “Just because there’s a body in my trunk does not make me a serial killer, I can explain…” 

38. The Supernatural is Real and I have to tell you something… AU

39. “Maybe I can control the weather, but no, I’m not helping you recreate a Loreal commercial…”

40. Our species/monster types are literally incompatible… AU

41. “No I wasn’t sexting via Morse code, professor, it was just… uh…”

42. You keep coming through my checkout and buying odd, suggestive, and concerning things AU

43. “Your Honour, the other lawyer is just being a big old meanie and they’re hurting my feelings…” 

44. Selected for an Experimental Treatment/Program by Governmental Agencies AU

45. “Okay, so apparently you have wings and I can powerlift yo mama (hah)… no, but seriously, how did this happen?”

46. So Aliens are Real and I’m just going to have an existential crisis over there while you gloat about your conspiracy theories being right AU

47. “I should not be this turned on by a twinkie, and yet…” 

48. We joined forces to create a webcomic, your writing skills and my artstyle were compatible… even though we hate each other… and now, I’ve noticed the two main love interests are starting to look a lot more like you and me AU

49. “Now listen here you neckbearded, cheetoh-encrusted, misogynistic fedoralord… if you ever say that again, the next words out of your mouth will be muffled by your own butt.”

50. We keep inadvertently saving one another, so who the fuck are you and why am I accident-prone around you? AU

51. “Just because CSI does it, doesn’t mean you can…”

52. Trying to keep reporting the news as if you aren’t under the desk AU

53. “Pretty sure that wasn’t so much ‘coffee’ as ‘industrial grade toxic sludge with caffeine’… so I’m just going to wait over here by the phone to call 911/000/999 when your heart finally gives out.”

54. Maybe you’re not a strong swimmer but there’s a limit to how many inflatable items one person can wear on their body to the beach… please, people are staring AU

55. “How the fuck did you come into possession of this Tank?”

56. Hey, we’re both medieval re-enactors from different time periods at this festival AU

57. “I don’t actually understand sport, but I know that was wrong going off how [my partner] is reacting!” 

58. You were the stranger I was sitting beside on the rollercoaster, and I may have accidentally grabbed your hand at one point AU

59. “Ambassador, it seems your ‘educational vidnet documentaries on human interaction protocols’ that were located from the planet’s intertechnological communication technology… was actually pornography… but I’m sure there’s a way to fix this, the President seems rather enamoured with you now.” 

60. Bored Museum Security Guard that has to spend half their day stopping you from doing insane things AU

61. “So this is the part where I tell you I’m actually an assassin hired to kill you, but I kind of really like you… so I can’t.” 

62. Found an Ancient City with a still-living population/Found Atlantis AU

63. “You are hereby banned from the kitchen, and the downstairs lab… at least until the roof stops smouldering… and you get, er, whatever that charred goop is, off the walls.” 

64. We’re both trapped in this hedge maze and I’m starting to lose the will to live AU

65. “Are you telling me you keep using our real, everyday lives, as inspiration for your OTP fanfictions?” 

66. Surprise, we’re both mutants who had no fucking idea what happened. But you got awesome powers and I… I’m something out of a nightmare AU

67. “Well, Strip-Twister wasn’t my best idea, but it was slightly better than drunk Monopoly…”

68. What we are… is something that society would see us destroyed for, but I will fight as long as you are beside me AU 

69. “WE’RE Drift Compatible? How the f-… how the literal f-… DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME?!”

70. The fact you are human fascinates me, and I wish you could see how wonderful you are… but you don’t, and I’m not sure how to help you AU

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I can't with these Reverse Big Bang fic previews. They all look so good!! We are about to be so blessed.

Oh god, I know! I wanted to participate in it so bad but I knew I just couldn’t but I’m looking forward to these fics so much. October can’t come fast enough!