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Ok but like honestly you’ll have to pull American All Might from my cold, dead hands.

- All Might who has always stood out in Japan as being foreign, with his blond hair, blue eyes, tall build that has him towering over most Japanese citizens. Despite living in the country most of his life, he never stops feeling out of place which probably contributes to his isolation as Toshinori.

- He loves living in Japan, he really truly does but you do not mess with his American movies and music. It’s soothing to him to listen to people in his native tongue after hearing nothing but Japanese all day. Big fan of classic country/heartland rock. He will also bring out English movie quotes when he’s in good spirits. Usually they’re out of context and no one gets them but it makes All Might happy so they play along.  

- I put him as being from smack dab in the middle of the US (Kansas specifically) and he has this obvious mid-western accent. That accent still present when he speaks Japanese, though it dulls over the years of constant use. But you bet the moment he switches to English that lazy drawl is there and his students are so confused.

- He sometimes helps teach the kids English class. He tutors some of the kids who struggle with it, he’s not good with the grammar but he’s great at practicing conversation and teaching slang bits.  It always feels weird because he sounds so different in English.

- He almost never curses in Japanese, not when it’s so much easier to curse in English. He’s almost upset that more people in Japan are learning the language because now he’s got to learn to censor himself where before no one batted an eye. He almost had a heart attack when he heard precious, lovable Izuku repeat a string on English words he’d heard his mentor say and was hoping to impress. Izuku was given ice cream if he promised to never, ever repeat those words and for the love of god don’t tell your mother you got it from me.

- Toshinori would also unironically say y'all and y'all’d’ve without a bit of shame. He actually said what in tarnation one time and Izuku almost started crying because he had no idea real people actually said these things what happens in America

- Honestly Toshinori would just troll the hell out of his students who are super intrigued about America. He just makes crazy things up or explains strange behavior as American. “Oh no most Americans are tall, the average is 9 feet, as you can see, I’m unfortunately quite short” “Yes before school starts we must pack our weapons and pay homage to the freedom eagle”

- For many, many years he stuck only to Japanese. He was teased and bullied too much when he was younger and struggling with his Japanese that he basically dropped his English once he got ahold of the language. Only now as a teacher, seeing how interested his students are in where he came from does he speak it more. English words pepper his speech, having whole conversations with the more fluent teachers/students. It makes him happy, he’d forgotten how much he’d enjoyed his native language.

- “Is that an American thing or an All Might thing?” is a legitimate game played by students and teachers alike.

- Except like ??? some of his weird habits are explained by his heritage. Like he can shoot a gun really well. It kind of scares people that the symbol of peace knows his way around weapons so well and he’s just like ‘I grew up in Kansas, I could shoot before I could walk’ also back in the day he could consistently outdrink everyone around him. He’d put away a 6 pack by himself.

- Maintains dual citizenship even though he never went back as Yagi and only visited the US a few times as All Might (and he never went back to Kansas). He always said he’d return home when he retired but now with everything going on he keeps putting it off. He made the mistake of mentioning going home one time and now class 1-A and 1-B are secretly raising money to send him over seas for the upcoming break.

- Still keeps up on the goings on and politics in the US. It’s not much and, especially when he was heroing, he didn’t have much time but he tries. Will frequently rant about how bad things are going in his home and how he's glad he got out when he did. Still, it genuinely upsets him when he sees other Americans in Japan and he realizes how out of touch he is with his country/culture. He’s always been the definitive American in his area and it’s startling to remember that, after nearly 40 years in Japan, in many ways he’s really not American anymore.  

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Am I the only one that doesn't want mopey, grieving Dean drinking his sorrows away? I want Purgatory Dean, hellbent on finding and saving his angel and fuck you if you get in the way. I want him to fight for Cas, determined to finally, at long last, be the one that saves him. I think we compare Dean and Cas' relationship with Dean and Sam's too much without taking in account the different history that shaped them. Also, Cas has been saved via deus ex machina too many times by now.

I would like to see both, tbh. We’ve had Purgatory and we know Dean WOULD fight for Cas. And we had season 7 but it was sort of accidental that Dean’s depression and drinking were linked to Cas and Cas came back, because at least initially he was genuinely mourning a character who wasn’t coming back and it was written in such a way because Dean’s loss was resonant because Cas wasn’t coming back. 

I’m not saying that they don’t write real grief when they know the character is coming back, such as when Sam or Dean mourn each other, but by having Cas gone for like 15 episodes and at least some of them with the writers knowing he was gone, Cas was an obvious factor in Dean’s sadness and it wasn’t caged in anything, really. The only thing is they had 100s of reasons for them to be depressed that season and took away *everything* and gave them a load of other stuff to worry about on the side, so Dean’s sadness wasn’t targeted right on Cas, because he had to worry about everything else too. 7x01 was the only episode where his feelings were mostly targeted on Cas, before he even lost him, when he was the current problem to solve. 

I think it was nice that over season 11 Dean stopped drinking while he was working on saving Cas, because he was seriously focused and motivated to save him. But he had something to swing at there, some reason to “keep grinding” - if he feels Cas is lost in such a way he can’t be brought back, it would be interesting to see season 7 equivalent grief written in this current narrative where Dean’s feelings for Cas are so incredibly front and centre when they interact, and though they have other stuff to worry about, say Jack’s powers mean more useful dimension hopping and plus a sense that Mary wouldn’t just *die* and she’s lost in the way of Sam not looking for Dean in purgatory - another realm but one you may or may not be able to crack… She’s not *dead* gone, she’s just *gone*. Anyway, it would be interesting to see Dean take this grief full on because he doesn’t know how to bargain his way out of it and they KNOW angel blades are such a final way to kill something. It has this air of weight to it that your run of the mill death doesn’t really have. 

And if Cas’s death seems final to him AND they have a ton of other problems, mourning Cas would be very interesting to see him break over it like season 7 but in a way where the narrative is more intentional. I mean like, yeah, how many times can he mourn his friend, but… Eh. I don’t know. If they’re going for angst they might as well go all the way. I’m not precious about Dean getting horrifically hurt or going to bad places in the name of the story because I find that makes the characters significantly more interesting to talk about, and I feel like Dean has completed essentially his entire point as a character per his original set up by confronting Mary, and is now in a gentle retirement to wipe up whatever’s left on the plate, which to me is essentially the subtextual performing!Dean stuff being visually resolved in a way not just meta writers can see like the grenade launcher did, although I kind of consider that resolved too in the sense that 12x22 finished baking Dean and he’s just left to be iced with whatever comes next for him. 

Fresh raw angst on top of New And Improved Dean Winchester Who Is Somewhat At Peace With His Family seems like a great way to test him and his behaviour, and he HASN’T had his alcoholism magically cured and it’s not like he’s learned coping mechanisms, he’s just got an inner peace now about SOME things, so this is all from a totally different direction than the family realignment that needed to happen - this is his romantic subplot resolution, essentially, trope wise >.> 

And it’s like, his last space to be truly messed up if we’ve resolved the core of Dean’s family angst to a significant degree. Making good with your mother’s death and letting your brother grow up is GREAT and that was 2 of the hugest things Dean ever did but it just means the core blood related family have realigned and fixed their dynamic. Cas as the found family element didn’t resolve HIS feelings about the Winchesters - rather self-destructed literally AND metaphorically on the guardian angel thing, which has been a BAD stance for him because as 12x19 showed it’s NOT how to be integrated into the family and causes all their problems. Dean likewise hasn’t come to terms with his bisexuality or being in love with Cas, truly, because they’re not together. So it’s his big unresolved source of anything huge and unspoken in the way that ALL the family stuff got literally spoken at last this season. 

I’m not saying they’ll obviously make it canon or anything, but this is Dean’s remaining drama llama card to play, so… I expect the most drama llama-ing Dean can do about it :P

Our Day

Jughead Jones x Reader

Walking down sweet water river, holding onto Kevin’s arm, I couldn’t believe our day was finally here. After all these years of high school and college, we’ve finally came back to Riverdale with all of our friends and are getting married, just like we said we would when we were sixteen. Looking down our propped isle to see Jughead, stood there in his black suit, grey tie and to my surprise the beanie wasn’t anywhere to be seen. His raven hair was styled to perfection and my heart literally skipped a beat at the sight of him.

“Ready for this?” Kevin whispered, both of us smiling at all the guests as we walked towards Jughead. “I’ve been waiting the last 8 years for this” The smile never leaving my face, watching as Archie, Jugs best man whispered something in his ear, getting a nod in return. Finally reaching Jughead, I almost ran from Kevin, his grip on my arm stopping me.

“I’m so happy for you” Kev whispered, kissing my cheek before taking the only empty seat left. Handing Betty my flowers, I smiled at my three bridesmaids, Betty, Cheryl and Veronica. I couldn’t have been happier with how everything’s turned out.

“Where the hell is the beanie?” Finally looking back at Jughead, all our guests laughing along with me. “Right here” He winked, tapping the inside of his suit jacket pocket making me laugh.

Fred Andrews was our priest, got himself ordained online thanks to the help of Archie. Looking at our guests as Fred spoke, my heart broke a little knowing my parents refuse to be here because it’s Jughead I’m marrying but my love for him clearly wasn’t enough, neither is the fact that he makes me happy every single day.

“Y/N?” Mr Andrews voice bringing me back to reality. “Your vows?” He asked.

“I’ve been thinking for months now about what to say but when you love someone as much as I love you it’s hard to put into words for everyone else to understand” I smiled, taking both Jugheads hands in my own. “I freaking love you” I laughed, Jug shyly smiling at me. “I wake up every morning looking forward to what my day brings knowing, that even if it’s the worst day I have, you’re right there, reminding me that I’ll have a better day tomorrow, your smile and presence completely turning my day around” The tears welling in my eyes as I spoke. “How when I’m sick you’ll do anything to make me better, even cuddling with me when you know I’ll make you sick too” Gingerly caressing his cheek, the pad of my thumb running back and forth along his cheek bone. “All I know is I love you and waking up next to you, falling asleep next to or on you” Jughead laughing knowing that happens more often than not. “Spending half of our time together makes me feel full, full of happiness, warmth, love and lots of it” A tear sliding down my cheek, Jugheads thumb wiping it away. “I love the blue of your eyes and even when I could be telling a really  boring story you still have that sparkle in them, the smile that we rarely get to see, is shown a lot more when it’s just the two of us, which still makes my heart skip a beat and butterflies swarm my stomach. I love you Forsythe and I can’t wait for our future” I grinned, gently kissing his cheek, dabbing underneath my eyes to dry and stop my tears.

“Jughead” Archie, spoke offering him vows he had written down. “I’m good” He told his ginger friend, inhaling a big breath, running his hand through his swept back hair, exhaling taking both my hands in his once again.

“Where do I begin?” He chuckled along with our friends, especially those that have witnessed our relationship over the years. “I’m not really one for verbally speaking I would rather just put pen to paper and have someone else read my words” Awkwardly shuffling his feet as he spoke. “But I love you and I love spending all our time together. You make me undeniably happy every second of everyday, even when we argue because you’ll stand your ground, even when you’re wrong which isn’t often” All our guests laughing, a smirk on his perfect lips. “I can’t wait to start a family with you and grow old with you and retire somewhere that’s peaceful so we can both write about anything and everything. I love you and I just want to start forever right now” Both his hands on my face, his lips engulfing mine in a quick but sweet kiss.

“I Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, take you, Forsythe Pendleton Jones to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish always”

“I Forsythe Pendleton Jones, take you,, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish always”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride” Fred, smiled all our guests clapping and cheering.


“Hey there Juliet” Jug grinned, taking my hands in his for our first dance. “Hey there Romeo” my smile never leaving my face. All of our wedding party joining one by one. Polly and Betty chose to dance together which was really sweet, Veronica danced with Archie and Mrs Lodge was dancing with Mr Andrews a few of our other guests slowly making their to the dance floor.

 "Today couldn’t have been any better" Kissing his cheek. “Thank you for turning up” I joked. “Thank you for agreeing to marry me and saying I do” Smirking, just as he spun me around, shrieking as I never expected it.

As the night went on, we drank, we danced, we laughed, we most definitely cried but mostly we enjoyed our night with our friends and family. “I’m sorry your parents refused to be here” Jug apologised handing me another glass of champagne. We still had the speeches to go through and the cutting of the cake which thanks again to Veronica, was flown in from New York.

My parents never approved of mine and Jugheads relationship but he’s the man I love and nothing that anyone could say or do would change how I feel about him. “We’re with our family right now and that’s all that matters to me” Gently kissing his plump lips, our guests cheering and whistling. “I’m sorry your family couldn’t make it either” It broke my heart that Jughead was still trying after all these years to get his family back together. “This is our day and I would do it all over again with or without our families here” He smiled, squeezing my hand in reassurance.

“I love you Jughead Jones” Pecking his lips one last time. “I love you too Y/N Jones” Taking my hand in his, leading us back to the dance floor.

Short Story

A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing :

**Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time.

**The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job. I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.

**The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.

**And in the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.

At the end he wrote: Alas! It was such bad year !!

When the writer’s wife entered the room, she found her husband looking sad & lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband’s writing.

When the writer saw this paper, he found his name written on it with following lines :

**Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain….

**I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace…..

**The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator…..

**The same year, God blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability……

At the end she wrote:

This year was an immense blessing of God and it passed well !!!

The writer was indeed happy and amazed at such beautiful and encouraging interpretation of the happenings in his life in that year !!!

Moral : In daily lives we must see that its not happiness that makes us grateful but grate-fulness that makes us happy.

Voices Chp. 1

Posting this story onto Tumblr as well as on Ao3. Read it here on Ao3

This is a Sheith Marriage Au with Galra Keith and Altean Shiro. I decided on taking a crack at politics and empowering stuff and issues. So yay, have fun! Let me know what you think! More under the cut

The first time Keith met the man he was supposed to marry was when the treaty had been sealed and his grandfather was shaking hands with King Alfor. The grand hall was full of multiple alien races, all of them wearing expensive and bright clothing that showed off their high status. That was an obvious separation between the Galrans and everyone else.

His grandfather stepped back and that’s when Keith finally saw him.

The black paladin stood on Alfor’s left, wearing the white black armor of Voltron. He had a shock of white bangs, plastered to the side of his face as his grey eyes watch Zarkon’s every move. There’s a scar across the bridge of his nose and the markings of an Altean under his eyes. If those weren’t a dead giveaway, his pointed ears were.

He looked suited for war, the crown around his head giving away his status as Alfor’s right hand man and leader of the Altean army. Behind him stood the rest of the paladins, all of them dressed for war with scars and battle worn faces. They were too young to fight in this war and even younger to actually win it.

“I present my son and heir to the throne, Prince Lotor.”

Keith’s father takes the chance to bow, low at the waist as he is being introduced. Keith’s ears twitch because he knows he’s going to be introduced next. Alfor turns to Lotor, extending his hand for a formal greeting. Lotor does not hesitate in taking it and shaking tensely.

“I present my grandson, son of Lotor, Prince Keoath.”

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DAY 3357

Malta                       June 6,  2017                 Tue 8:23 PM

Birthday - EF - Aguilar Marie      Wed, June 7            .. birthday wishes for Aguilar Marie our Ef who we do not see too often these days .. but remain in our thoughts .. love from the Ef ..

Indecisiveness is the curse of the season .. and whether we like it or not it falls at most crucial moments in time ..

Librans .. particularly, are renowned for this .. and I, a most committed Libran, am a prime victim of indecisiveness .. to do or not to do .. to say or not to say .. to agree or not to agree .. 

That tarazu, that symbolises our astrological sign or whatever it is called, is not quite off the mark when they depict the month as a weighing machine .. it flutters from one side to the other, seeking the right balance .. the right balance of the moment, or time, or decision .. and the list goes endlessly long and monotonous ..

Some dwell well in it .. some accept is as a horrible trait .. others just allow the swing of the balance, hoping it shall never stop to indicate which side the river is flowing .. they are blessed .. for the swing shall perhaps never stop, or that is what they hope for .. ideal situation .. ideal settings .. ideal companions and friends .. ideal decisions .. UTOPIA .. !!

But utopia is itself a tarazu .. a heavy headed hydra faced balance .. swinging from one to the other in restless continuity and perpetuity ..

Loved by this constancy, most of them that dwell in it are happy .. they are made devoid of decision .. a boon for them .. someone else shall do that job .. not they .. they are saved the attention it shall generate .. for the Libran does have another quality ..

“ What will the other person think ?”

And there lies another battle of wit and mental adhesiveness .. it sticks firmly .. and never dissolves .. Dr Fixit would be proud of such ..
Our concern for the other is of a magnitude seldom understood by any other .. it is often taken as a fake endeavour to show concern, never giving it merit .. or at times it is merely ‘arre phenk raha hai - doosron ke liye koi aisa sochta hai kya ?’ or words to that effect ..

Be that as it may Librans shall continue to live with that .. at a cost ?.. perhaps .. but at times the other side of the coin erupts too ..

Knowing the familiarity with the trait among others there can be misuse too .. but then there is misuse in all walks of life .. and those walks of life may not necessarily be acceptable ..

( I do hope that readers shall appreciate and visibly notice how deftly the author has indeed succumbed to his indecisive trait .. one way one para .. the other way, the other para )

Which is exactly why this write up is generating such oblique and unjustifiable content .. trust the Libran to take you for a momentous ride and still not know where he or she is going .. and please this is not a generalisation .. it is just me ..!!

Back to my surroundings for the past few days .. with a hint of misleading acts within a few hours .. not making sense .. I knew it .. I am wondering whether it should be documented or not - the trait again .. much like Shakespeare’s .. ‘that strain again, tis’ not so sweet as it was before’  .. where was it from Henry V, or what ? Losing my educative memory !!!!

NAAAH … !!! It shall not be dealt with here .. or perhaps it shall on another day maybe .. 

hehehahaaheheehahahahahaahuuaahh . ..

I JUST LOVE BEING A LIBRAN … !!! huuahahhaeeaaahhaahhahehahaah !!

NO .. !!! these pictures of art by the Ef are not  in acknowledgement of, with due respect, their art work .. they are put in because they simply and astonishingly have depicted what this entire Blog is all about - INDECISIVENESS ..

the pictures are not one sided ! they are in opposites .. !!!

Absolute GENIUS .. 

Thank you my dear artists of the extended family .. you have understood me well ..

I can now retire in peace .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

There is Quiet

George Washington x Reader 

Time Period: Canon Era

Words: 2,496 (wow I got carried away there !)

Warnings: Nothin’! Just v sad and vulnerable Gwash :( 

A/N: Hi everyone! So this story has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now, and I finally got around to finishing it! I once saw a video from the Mount Vernon website about how Washington never wanted to be president, and after reading up on it, the situation broke my heart!

Especially after reading this part in his letter to Hamilton on accepting the presidency:

“I call Heaven to witness, that this very act would be the greatest sacrifice of my personal feelings & wishes that ever I have been called upon to make.”

I debated for a long time about the title of the story, and finally settled on this one! I think we can consider this situation to be Washington’s personal hurricane, after all.

On a more personal note, I actually wrote this up after I got home from Tech Week one day, so this is really me venting a bit and blowing off steam ! ( > u < )

I hope you all like it! Please tell me what you think - I love feedback! Now, without further ado, enjoy! ^ U ^

Originally posted by cjackgifs

“It is my great and sole desire to live and die, in peace and retirement on my own farm.” - G. Washington

On the 15th of April, the year 1789, Mount Vernon was silent.

It was well into the night, and the servants lay asleep in their beds - resting their weary heads after a day hard at work.

The animals had long since retreated to their shelters - the hounds and the horses and the livestock, all breathing in even measures as they awaited the golden rays of the sun.

The crickets chirped and performed their midnight symphony, but all inhabitants of the great estate were so accustomed to their song that the sound only served to lull them to sleep.

All was silent, and all was peaceful.

Then suddenly…


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high school isn’t the best years of your life, university isn’t the best years of your life cos the best years of your life can be any time. my mum is 57 goin on 58 and hardly a week goes by where she doesn’t mention how much she has loved this decade of her life (she just had her first solo art exhabition, runs her own private practice and goes on remote mountain walks with friends whenever she can). my aunty is in her early 60s and was happily chatting to me the other day about how much she is enjoying her retirement cos she is finally travelling, reading and relaxing the way she always dreamed about. my great aunt is 89 and whenever i get to see her she tells me in broken arabic how at peace she feels now she knows the family she helped raised is healthy and happy is unlike any other peace she can remember. my sister just turned 31, got engaged and is moving into the new house she bought with her partner and i have never seen her so bright and whole in my life. i kinda pity people who say things like “you’re 20s are the best” “high school was the best” etc. because their view of their reality is so limited, stagnant and unaware of the circumstances other people face. creating a life for yourself is hard work from day 1 and it doesn’t pay off for everyone in the same amount of time and that’s okay. you do you in your own time, don’t let people who don’t know you dictate when you’re meant to be happy and it is never too late to try and look forward to the life you want.

@hoopsheartthrob​ from [X]

“ Anything to break the ice. It’s a fun little challenge to see how far you can go before someone get’s upset. Like playing four dimensional chess; but with jokes.”

& My; has he had his fare share of losses. Entertaining losses, at that.

“ I like to cut my slice and run with the cake, if you catch my drift. “

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Did you ever make that one "monster newt" thing into an actual au? Because I really loved it! 👍

i don’t know if this is what you were talking about, but this is the one where newt dies in the kaiju drift with otachi and ends up kind of bodyhopping into a smaller Kaiju’s body before the breach closes. maybe???

Long story short, Newt stays behind at the Kaiju site during the final fight, and dies, and Hermann is of course ruined over it. he kind of semi-retires to a place by the ocean, because waterfront property is now extra cheap, and it’s private and he can be depressed in peace. But he keeps having these awful vivid dreams about newt, and Herc and Tendo even come to stay with him for a few days to help out, and come to find out those were less dreams and more newt trying to communicate through the drift. So he pretty much  hijacks a kaiju body to get back to hermann. *u*

  • Mon Mothma: "The Empire may have built a weapon that can destroy planets, but I assure you, nothing can make me back down from leading this Rebellion!"
  • Aide: "Senator! The Death Star has been destroyed!"
  • Mon Mothma: "You see? Nothing can stop freedom--"
  • Aide: "By a young, daring pilot named Luke SKYWALKER!"
  • Mon Mothma: "--and that is why I am now announcing my retirement goodbye everyone I will not be coming back."

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Could we get a drabble where F!Robin and Frederick share a bed for the first time?

The war was finally over.

You could breathe air again, knowing you were heading for a time of peace. You were both excited and nervous at the same time, though. Excited because you could finally spend time with you husband, Frederick. And nervous, because…

Well, you had yet to tie the knot.

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Prompt of Ron taking Rose and Hugo to meet Krum at World Cup ( maybe ironically Rose having a crush on Krum)

“Daddy!” Rose squealed as Ron entered the tent with breakfast. “Daddy, Mummy said you can take us to meet Viktor Krum!”

“Did she, now?” Ron glanced at his wife, who merely sipped her tea innocently as she read the morning paper, the front page of which bore an image of Krum himself catching the Snitch the night before.

“She did, she did!” Hugo proclaimed earnestly while Rose nodded, jumping up and down.

“You know, your mum knows him better than I do…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that’s true,” Hermione remarked. “You’re the one that’s got his autograph.”

Ron raised an eyebrow, but Hermione just smirked. “Why don’t you come with?” he asked.

“We already offered our congratulations; there’s no sense in crowding him. Besides, I want to finish reading the paper and my reports before we have to head back,” Hermione replied.

“You don’t want to crowd him, but you want me to take this lot?” Ron gestured toward their children, who had begun to spin about enthusiastically.

“Please, Ron?” Hermione implored.

“Yeah, please Daddy?” Rose screeched. “Viktor Krum is sooo handsome, and strong, and he caught the SNITCH!”

Ron scowled. “Runs in the family, does it?” 

“Not quite, dear,” Hermione said, rising to her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you.” 

“Of course,” he murmured, hugging her with one arm. “Alright, you lot, get dressed. We’re going to meet Krum.” 

“YIPPEE!” Rose and Hugo nearly bonked into each other as they ran to their respective beds to get ready to meet the hero of the Cup. 

“You may owe me for this,” Ron muttered to Hermione, who nodded in agreement as Rose ran straight into a wall in her effort to get to the bathroom. 

“I’ll get them to bed the next time we have ice cream after dinner,” Hermione offered. 

Ron chuckled his agreement and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you in a bit, then.”

Ron nearly had to jog to keep up with his children as they dashed through the barely stirring Bulgarian camp. Luckily for them, Viktor was already awake, and not too exhausted from the previous night’s festivities. He graciously invited them in, signing autographs for the children and even helping Rose to her feet when she nearly fainted. 

“You and Herm-own-ninny have beautiful children, Ronald,” Viktor remarked as Rose and Hugo compared their memorabilia, giggling madly. “Where is she this morning?”

“Reading, as ever,” Ron replied, and both men chuckled. “Now that the match is over, she’s back in work mode.”

“I have heard rumors that she may want to become your Minister for Magic someday,” Viktor said. “She would be very capable.”

“Yeah, of course,” Ron agreed. “She’d be good at anything she wanted; even Quidditch, I reckon, if she worked at it long enough. But I dunno that she wants to be Minister, even if she’d be the best we’ve had in ages, other than Kingsley. She’s not a fan of the politics of it.”

“Well, if anyone could change it, it’s her,” Viktor replied. “And you and Harry. The three of you are remarkable; I have always thought as much.”

“Well, thanks,” Ron said, blushing against his will. “And hey, well done again on the match. You can retire in peace now, eh?”

“Yes, I’m hoping to have children of my own soon,” Viktor remarked, his eyes twinkling as he watched Rose and Hugo talking excitedly. “I just have to get the courage to ask the woman I love to marry me. I was going to yesterday, but-“

“Can I give you a bit of advice?” Ron cut in. “Just do it. Don’t overthink it. I proposed to Hermione in a puddle outside of a hospital, and she still cried before she said yes. I did, too. So just…go for it, talk to her from the heart. If she loves you too, she’ll listen.”

Viktor nodded with determination in his eyes. “You’re a wise man, Ronald Weasley.”

“Took me long enough to get here; you’d hope I learned something,” Ron joked. “Thanks again; the kids loved meeting you.”

“I loved meeting them,” Viktor replied. “And thanks to you, Ronald. Until next time.”

Ron nodded. “Rosie, Hugh, can you thank Mr. Krum?”

They did (Rose with the hint of tears in her eyes), and Ron shook Viktor’s hand before they left. The man wasn’t half bad, he decided, not that he’d mention it to anyone…except Hermione, of course. She had a way of getting these things out of him, not that he minded. That’s what being married was about, anyway. 

As Rose and Hugo ran just ahead of him, only a bit slower than they’d gone on the way, Ron grinned as he thought of Hermione and the morning (the lifetime, really) that lay ahead of them to spend with each other and their children. And to be honest, if this was the kind of happiness he’d got from following his heart, he could only wish the same for anyone - including Viktor Krum.

Do you ever wonder if Laurent works himself to the point of overexhaustion, where his head throbs, eyes bleary but can’t sleep because he’s too stressed out?

During times like these, Damen gently suggests for him to rest early to which he always reply “I can’t sleep anyway” and Damen will give him a sympathetic smile “Just try”. And Laurent does. He thinks it’s pointless though, he lays there doing nothing when he could be doing something. Then he realizes that Damen misses him, because when he swings one leg off the bed, slumbering Damen drapes his strong heavy arms around him, using his weight to pin him down. Now, being physically hindered, he has no choice but to count sheep and sleep.

Damen’s strong arms is comforting actually, the little wheezes he makes is quite endearing and the rise and fall of his chest calms Laurent. Soon he is lulled to bed, waking up sated whereas Damen’s arm goes numb. Damen won’t hesitate to do that again if he can glimpse the peaceful look on Laurent’s face every morning.

They set a new routine. They finish their paperwork duties and retire for bed together. Laurent who is initially slightly apprehensive about sharing body heat now tucks himself into his honourable barbarian’s arms like a blanket. They fall asleep to the rhythm of each other’s breathing.

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Glass, you assured us of NO TRUMP! What the heck happened?

I underestimated the Evil Miasma permeating 2016. Nothing good happens in 2016.

I didn’t sleep all night which left me a lot of black hours to ponder the situation and find some peace. Here’s all I got:

We have to take this one day at a go, and do what we can to mitigate the looming hard times. Batten down your finances. Maybe cancel any big expenditures in favour of banking whatever savings you can. Try and see the doctor now, before you lose your insurance. Your elders’ retirements are going to take yet another hit, so try to advise them to be financially careful as well. Some of them are in denial and are going to need your level head. Some of them brought this on themselves, but they’re still your family and your responsibility.

I’m a white woman but if you’re a minority, know I’ll always do what I can to have your back. I’m also an atheist. Please try to have my back too. We all have to take care of each other and not fixate on our divisions or petty grievances, because our primary strength is our compassion.

In the meantime, know that I’ll do what I can to brighten your days with my art. I have to admit a small part of me is eager for the catharsis of addressing some of our fears through Unsounded’s politics, and its characters’ own biases. Humans are fascinating, even at our worst. Maybe even especially at our worst.

I love you guys. All of you guys. Even you. We need to stay together and find reasons to laugh and be bright, ‘cause come Trumps or tidal waves, this is our one life, and we can’t squander it with despair.


I love how everyone in TFA was like, “THE Luke Skywalker!? I thought he was a myth! OMG, we must find him!” and I was secretly laughing because I know Luke’s just a cinnamon roll and blowing off steam and probably really confused why the whole galaxy needs him.

Like, “Come on guys! I’m a farmer from Tatooine who happened to blow up a space station and have a dad with respiratory problems who killed people, can I please stay on my island and grow my hair out in peace?”

EPISODE VIII begins. Title credits, zooms down back to the island, Rey and Luke dramatic spin and then:

Luke : “get out”

Rey : “b-but—”

Luke : “nope. I’m retired. If you needed me, I would’ve been in this movie earlier now wouldn’t I have?”


Rey : “Kylo killed your boyfriend.”

Luke : “bitch where’s my lightsaber?”

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Angst #12 please for Shin Chan

Maybe I didn’t show, in every possible way, how much I cared.

Midorima looked down at the sheaf of papers spread out over his desk, thrown there by a dismissive Akashi. He felt cold, oblivious to his friend’s words.

This couldn’t be happening. How had it all come to this?

“All it needs is your signature - and your approval, of course.” Akashi placed a pen on top of the pile of papers.

Midorima felt numb. One signature and it was as though the two of you had never happened.

You’d worked everything out behind his back when he wasn’t paying attention to you. You would get full custody of the boy. Midorima could see his son only with your consent. He would get the house. The money would be split.

A divorce. That was your way of fixing things?

“I need some time,” Midorima found himself saying.

Akashi raised an eyebrow, but did not object, and left the room, leaving Midorima with his silence and his thoughts.

He called you - and miraculously, you picked up. Your tone was icy, and resigned. “Shintarou.”


You sighed. “You’re never home anymore. You’re obsessed with work, you barely see your son - he told me that next week was Parents Day, and he asked his teacher only for one form to sign, because he knew you wouldn’t be there. What kind of father does that make you, Shintarou?”

A busy one, Midorima wanted to snap. One who works as diligently as he can, to make enough money so that he can retire and live a long peaceful life with his loved ones - with his son and with you.

“What was I supposed to do?” Midorima asked instead.

There was no hesitation in your answer. “Show that you care.” And without missing a beat, you added bitterly, “But it’s too late for that now. Just sign the papers, Shintarou. We’re done.”

Star Wars Sentence Meme { Attack Of The Clones }
  • "I guess I was wrong. There was no danger at all"
  • "I shouldn't have come back"
  • "More and more star systems are joining the Separatists"
  • "We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers"
  • "Do you think it will really come to war?"
  • "The thought of losing you is...unbearable"
  • "I don't need more security, I need answers"
  • "Now, if you will excuse me, I will retire"
  • "My client is getting impatient"
  • "Take these. Be careful, they're very poisonous"
  • "You're using her as bait?"
  • "I can sense everything going on in that room"
  • "I don't sleep well anymore"
  • "Dreams pass in time"
  • "Are you alright, m'lady?"
  • "I couldn't find a speeder that I really liked"
  • "I don't mind flying but what you're doing is suicide"
  • "This weapon is your life"
  • "Why do I have the feeling you're going to be the death of me?"
  • "You're the closest thing I have to a father"
  • "I do not like this idea of hiding"
  • "Don't try to grow up too fast"
  • "Please don't look at me like that"
  • "Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi"
  • "You're exactly the way I remember you in my dreams"
  • "From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of you"
  • "The thought of not being with you... I can't breath"
  • "I'm haunted by the kiss you should never have given me"
  • "You had another nightmare last night"
  • "Jedi don't have nightmares"
  • "Wait! You're a Jedi!"
  • "This is why I hate flying!"
  • "Your mother is dead. Accept it"
  • "I slaughtered them like animals"
  • "I will petition immediately to have you set free"
  • "You must join me, _______, and together we will destroy the sith"
  • "I've given up trying to argue with you"
  • "I'm not afraid to die"
  • "I truly, deeply love you."
  • "I'm programmed for etiquette, not destruction!"

SOLDIER ADOPTS MILITARY DOG IN DANGER OF BEING EUTHANIZED - “A female soldier who befriended a heroic bomb-hunting dog in Afghanistan tracked down her comrade and gave him a new home after he became too timid to serve on the front lines.”

A medic named Angie McDonnell and a Belgian Malinois named Vidar served together at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Vidar was successful in his work but he later developed symptoms possibly linked to post-traumatic stress disorder. Vidar’s eyesight also started to weaken and he was no longer fit to serve on the front lines.  Due to his ailments, Vidar was in danger of being put down. McDonnell heard about Vidar’s plight and adopted him. They now live together in South Wales. Read more from the Daily Mail:

Angie McDonnell, 40, a reservist who served in war-torn Helmand province as a medic, became ‘best friends’ with four-year-old Vidar while the two were based at Camp Bastion.

But after they had served together, her canine friend - a Belgian Malinois - developed symptoms akin to post-traumatic stress disorder and started to lose his sight - which left him at risk of being put down.

Vidar, a military sniffer dog, hunted down stashes of Taliban weaponry, and found a huge cache of guns and explosives on a routine patrol in April 2012.

Mrs McDonnell believes the haul of weapons - which was seized and defused by British weapons experts - was about to be used in an attack on her and her comrades, which was foiled by Vidar’s skilful find.

The Army reservist, who works full-time as a paramedic, said: 'He saved my life so it’s only fair that I did what I could to save his.

 'The dogs out there are heroes and I knew from the first moment I saw him that he was a one-in-a-million. He looked like he needed a cuddle so I went into his kennel and rubbed his belly.

'We became best friends out there and I was sad to leave him when I returned home.

'When I heard he had been retired after staring to get scared, I knew I had to track him down to help him.

'I would have done anything to make sure he had a loving home.’

Thanks to McDonnell, Vidar now has a safe home where he can enjoy his life in peace. They make a great family. Click here for the full story.  

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Re-watching the scene, Astrid's "if I were you, I would be pretty excited" felt like it wasn't about Hiccup becoming Chief but Hiccup becoming Chief this young. It's pretty clear he was going to be Chief eventually but Astrid's excitement was more about Stoick feeling that Hiccup is ready now. Ready to take over. Hence his early retirement comment.

I can see that.  A lot is implied, after all, with Stoick choosing to retire then, pointing to what he thinks Hiccup is capable of.  Maybe there might even be some double-sided grooming to keep Hiccup from wandering too far (a worry Stoick might hold).  Stoick sees the chief in Hiccup, Astrid sees it too, and they see it when Hiccup is put in situations where he needs to take responsibility, that he does it and he does it well.  Hiccup would love to indulge in his fanciful desires, but when push comes to shove, he really knows how to step up.  Stoick doesn’t want to miss any more opportunities; he’s going to push Hiccup while he’s on this uphill learning curve and Astrid agrees.  Five years ago she saw Hiccup as the one who could direct the rescue of their parents and end a war, and now she sees Hiccup as the one who can continue to maintain peace between humans and dragons and continue to bring Berk into a prolific era.

She loves that Stoick sees it too, because it’s really everything Hiccup’s wanted. She knows this about him.  I also saw that dialogue as a big flashing sign over how Astrid holds some ignorance and grandeur towards responsibility roles.

Besides, as far as Stoick’s concerned, Hiccup can retire in thirty years and return to his whimsical, flighty fantasies of exploration, this time with nothing but grandbabies on the horizon.  I’m sure Stoick had something similar planned.