i can relate to this song so bad

Coco, my experience watching my favorite Pixar movie for the first time

(Possible Minor spoilers, but I won’t say what happens specifically)

-I’m gonna say it, the frozen short wasn’t bad, BUT, it should have been put at the End after the credits. So the kids that Want to see it can, and those that don’t can leave.

-there was a kid that asked “I thought we were watching coco” I relate to this child.

-The movie has my favorite start to a movie.

-The main character kid is lovable.

-I love the grandma. The Chancleta of Power!

-great grandma COCO is precious

-the land of the dead is beautiful.

-the songs.

-How to do plot twists the right way!

-The scene with Coco near the End made me cry. (My sister cried, my abuela cried, I cried)

-the ending was so beautiful



No disrespect to cats or food or sleep or Florida or hockey or Chris Pratt or Star Wars or Mark Hamill or Christmas or snow or porgs or Robert Downey Jr or cheesecake or even my Avy, but Reputation literally just brought my two favorite things on this planet together and I want to cry: Taylor Swift and the Great Gatsby. 

 Don’t believe me?  It took me an entire listen all the way through but I AM DYING; Gatsby is my all time favorite book and I have written about it, read it, and watched the movies thousands of times…so, let me know what you think.

Let’s start off simple.  For those of you who haven’t read the Great Gatsby, it’s a dramatic love story that doesn’t have a very happy ending.  Jay Gatsby is a rich, yet shady to the public eye, man who throws parties for the girl he used to love before he went to war.  He moved near her and eventually they got back together…only to end up in a crazy, mixed up tragic ending.  Daisy is married to Tom, but Tom is seeing Myrtle..this will all make sense later on.   So, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read ahead…but please do anyway, haha.

The book/movie had a few themes that were repetitive – the color green, which included hope and wealth, the locations, and giant parties representing the 20s.  Start with So It Goes, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, and Dress - all mention the same color gold, which is also equal to the idea of wealth and money that the color green gives in Gatsby.  The lyrics in SIG are ‘gold cage, hostage to my feelings’, DWOHT says ‘painted my golden’, and a ‘golden tattoo’ is mentioned in Dress.  

Now, take notes of the songs Ready For It, Delicate and Dress – all discuss the theme of an island or the east and west side.  In RFI, she talked about moving to an island, and in Delicate she talks once about the ‘east side, where you at?’ and later says ‘third floor on the west side’ – yes, she is talking about New York, I assume, but the East and West Egg are mentioned over and over again as the home bases for the characters in Gatsby. Last: in This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, King Of My Heart, and New Year’s Day, the lyrics are almost a mirror to the party life of Gatsby.  TIWWCHNT is a complete match, using lyrics like ‘it was so nice throwing big parties’, ‘everyone swimming in a champagne sea’, ‘bass beat rattling the chandelier, feeling so Gatsby for that whole year’.  This is probably the only time I’m going to mention this song in this rant, though, since it’s solely about the parties when discussing this Gatsby idea.  KOMH mentions fancy cars and the idea of ‘fancy me not fancy stuff’ which is how Daisy sees past the parties to see Gatsby for him.  NYD discusses ‘glitter on the floor after the party’, which again, is obviously a party mention.

Now, here we go with chronological things that I feel line up to the story of Gatsby and how Reputation follows this.

In Ready For It, the question of ‘ready for it?’ definitely reminds me of when Daisy asks ‘Gatsby?  What Gatsby?’ in the opening of the book/movie; this sets up the whole story, as does this first song on the album.

Lets move onto End Game.  The words ‘big reputation’ are repeated over and over again, which, yes, is the album title, but in Gatsby, Jay is always given a bad wrap by people he doesn’t know, and he knows the rumors being shared about him – example, when Nick is trying to locate Gatsby at his first party and he is told several things, including murder, about the man before they meet by other guests.  Gatsby definitely has ‘big enemies’, like Taylor has in End Game.

I Did Something Bad and Don’t Blame Me both remind me of the song Lana Del Rey did for the latest movie version of Gatsby, ‘Young and Beautiful’ - they both have that mystical backing vocals.  Now, I Did Something Bad links back to the reputation of Gatsby/Taylor, saying ‘cause for every lie I tell them, they tell me three’; she is saying the can always one up her with more rumors or lies.   Then, Don’t Blame Me states that ‘your love made me crazy’ – yes, we can relate this back to Blank Space, but in the end of the book/film, he also goes over the edge and gets angry, eventually scaring Daisy off.

With Delicate, Taylor asks ‘is it cool that I said all that’ – which directly uses the word cool, as Daisy does when she tells Gatsby he always ‘looks so cool’.  She also talks about pretending someone is ‘mine all the damn time,’ as Gatsby does the entire time they are separated and he is pursuing getting Daisy back.  Gorgeous also uses the word cool, then mentions ‘consequence[s] of you touching my hand in a darkened room’, which could relate to when Gatsby and Daisy go off to the woods during the first party of his that Daisy attends.

Let’s head into So It Goes, which furthers the discussion of the party in which they escape together in secret, hiding from Tom, Daisy’s husband. Taylor sings ‘all eyes on us’ and ‘but when you get me alone, it’s so simple’, which is how easy it is for Daisy to fall right back into place with Gatsby once she realized he is living near her.  She also writes about ‘doing bad things’ which could foreshadow how Gatsby and Daisy get in trouble near the end, but NO, I do not feel like this mimics how the book/movie ends…completely.

Look What You Made Me Do was our first single from the album and while I love this, it also covers a big part of the Gatsby story line.  ‘You said the gun was mine’ directly relates to how everyone blamed Gatsby for killing Mertyl, when in reality, it was Daisy but no one knew.  This is the part of the book/movie where everything turns from good to bad, and for the album, this is where it goes from good to bad and is the beginning of the demise of Gatsby…so, turning points at the same place?

Getaway Car follows, which ironically follows the story line of Gatsby, too!  Yes, Taylor is probably referring to Joe saving her, BUT it also can relate to Gatsby and Daisy using the car to escape back to New York after Jay raises his temper and scares Daisy off while in the city.  The song starts off with ‘I wanted to leave him, I needed a reason’ and Daisy wanted to leave Tom and was waiting for Gatsby to tell him and give her a reason to.    ‘We’d never get far’ refers to Gatsby and Daisy never getting far with their relationship, as Taylor hadn’t with her past relationships.  Then, she writes ‘I shoulda known I’d be the first to leave’, as Daisy leaves before Gatsby dies, knowing she could never truly be with him.  The other big parts in this song are ‘but you weren’t thinkin, and I was just drinkin’, well, he was runnin’ after us, I was screaming’ and ‘it hit you like a shotgun, shot to the heart’ – the first just sets up the car ride home where Daisy is wildly driving after they were all drinking in the hotel in the city, and the latter is the scene where Gatsby is, quite literally, shot and killed in the heart by Mertyl’s husband.  Last, one of the lyrics is ‘the last time you saw me’, and after that scene I just described, Gatsby never saw Daisy again.

Continuing…  Dancing With Our Hands Tied uses the phrase ‘love you in secret’, for obvious reasons.  It also says ‘nothing in the world that could stop it’, which is what Gatsby though, because, after all, he was seeing the world through the eyes of God…but that’s a different in-book concept.  Later on in the song it talks about ‘I’d hold you as the water rushes in if I could dance with you again’ – Gatsby hears the phone ring while in the pool before he is shot and whispers Daisy’s name, even though it was Nick calling; he is shot and killed with the hope that Daisy had come back, and as he sinks into the WATER, he is thinking about the past few days he spent DANCING with Daisy and trying to get her back.

Call It What You Want, a personal favorite, generally relates to the incident with the gun at the end and how Gatsby was finally taken down by Mertyl’s husband.  His ‘castle crumbled [literally] overnight’, and he didn’t bring any weapons when his killer brought the gun.  After he died the windows of the house were boarded up – ironically after the shit show of a storm their lives became.  AND ‘late November’ is in the fall (even though Gatsby is shot near Labor Day).

And now the last song on the album, New Year’s Day, is the one that differs, but it is GOOD.   The one big line that stands out to me is ‘don’t read the last page’ – DO NOT READ THE LAST PAGE OF GATSBY, because it delivers the end of his life, and states it is time to move on, not be ‘borne back ceaselessly into the past’.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY LAST POINT! As a recap…one of my FAVORITE THEMES that I have not mentioned yet is the idea of repeating the past.  In the book/movie, Nick tells Gatsby he ‘can’t repeat the past’, in which Gatsby replies ‘can’t repeat the past?  Why, of course you can!”  He will never let go of that hope of getting Daisy back.  I Did Something Bad says ‘I’d do it over and over again if I could’.  Don’t Blame Me uses ‘I would cross the line, I would waste my time, I would lose my mind’, talking about how desperate Gatsby is to go back to how things were.  AND in Dancing With Our Hands Tied, the lyrics are ‘I could’ve spent forever’.

AND THE KICKER?  She blatantly uses the name Gatsby in TIWWCHNT and even says ‘now I’m your daisy’ in Don’t Blame Me –  SHE IS NOW JOE’S DAISY, AS HE DOESN’T WANT TO LET HER GO, EITHER.  But in a healthy way…so DON’T READ THE LAST PAGE AND KILL THE STORY – the story will go on!!!

IN CONCLUSION, Taylor is the epitome of Gatsby, from starting as a party thrower to having rumors spread about her, to desperately clinging for love and trying to repeat the past until she finally killed herself (the ‘old Taylor’), only she is REWRITING HER OWN STORY and not killing herself off…she is simply jumping characters and being in love.


Renamed Falsettoland Songs
  • Falsettoland: homosexuals, women with children, short insomniacs, and a teeny tiny band
  • About Time: Marvin Isn't A Dick Anymore!
  • Year of the Child: did i mention that i love anthony rosenthal?
  • Miracle of Judaism: Jason isn't Gay (pt. 2)
  • The Baseball Game: whizzer's back! and better than ever
  • Round Tables, Square Tables: that bit that was cut down and thrown in before The Stepfather™ song
  • Everyone Hates His Parents: the one where mendel is The Most Relatable™
  • What More Can I Say?: The Nude Love Song™(he fuckign checks under the blanket)
  • Something Bad is Happening: oh shit, it's the 80's
  • More Racquetball: happy act II? bitch, you thought
  • Holding to the Ground: ,,,, fuck (Trina's Act II Song)
  • Days Like This: set aside your petty issues because AIDS
  • Canceling the Bar Mitzvah: he's WHAT???
  • Unlikely Lovers: i'm not crying, you're crying
  • Another Miracle of Judaism: the most heartbreaking song ever!!! f*ck you, bill finn
  • Something Bad is Happening (Reprise): your lover be dying, and so be you!
  • You Gotta Die Sometime: Both The Best and The Worst Song™ (Give Andrew Rannells ALL the Tonys)
  • Jason's Bar Mitzvah: The Worst Day™
  • What Would I Do?: do not make jokes at a time like this,,,,,
  • Falsettoland (Reprise): *uncontrollable sobbing*

It was everything I wanted it to be. Some highlights:

- This movie was High School Musical meets Disney Fairy Tale AU meets honestly impressive Broadway-style dance routines?? what I’m saying is the whole movie was a highlight, bless.

- Their fencing style is not… how fencing works? but it looks cool so idk

- “WE CARE ABOUT THE RULES!!!” Bro all of your teammates just broke out of formation to do fancy parkour flips. Please. You’re playing Calvinball with swords.

- the sub-plot of “Who has custody of this 3D printer”

- The two main ladies heading off for some sort-through-conflicting-emotions talk and the two main guys saying NO WE’RE YOUR FAMILY TOO LET US HELP. And they all have a sit-down and a good talk and it’s very sweet.

- the abusive parents undertone and how downright SCARED these kids are to go back to the Isle. Not a happy thing, but I like that no one writing for these movies is going to pretend that any of the villains were/would be good parents

- The prince disguising himself as a villain to infiltrate the Isle and the three villain kids looking at him like ‘this boy is going to die’

- related: the prince getting a lecture/song-and-dance/makeover to help him blend in with the bad guys but he still gets caught after 5 seconds because he is SO BAD AT BEING MEAN (gpoy)

- every extra in the background of “Chillin’ like a Villain” who just does not give a damn about the four kids dancing & singing their way through the Mean Streets

- I was going to be annoyed by the “Son of Cruella/Daughter of the Fairy Godmother” relationship, but it was really cute by the end. (”Oh!! does this mean we can… hold hands??? and… I can text you all the time about how great you are?? because you’re really cute and sweet and I’m the luckiest girl!”/”Me, too – I’m the luckiest girl!!! I mean guy!”)

- nothing can unconvince me that the Son of Jafar and the Daughter of Mulan are not bad-ass bros/wingmen who tag-team flirt with girls

- the whole movie’s aesthetic being Disney meets Hot Topic meets Fingerless Gloves For Everyone

- the main villains in Descendants were VILLAINS but they still buckled their seat-belts in the car; meanwhile, the same characters in Descendants 2 are GOOD GUYS but they no longer buckle their seat-belts. What is this inconsistency

- The prince’s ‘oh man my girlfriend turned into a DRAGON and she’s WONDERFUL” expression

- ANYTHING with the trope “Villains/reformed villains defend THEIR heroes from other villains” will melt my heart, I love it, especially if the villains are no-holds-barred and don’t hold themselves to the moral standards of the heroes

- related: the main couple being a Slytherin girl/Hufflepuff guy pairing

- Uma’s hair??? It looks so cool??? I was so charmed by it for the whole movie even though god that looks really inconvenient for fight scenes

- also Uma just being a darn good actress with some really good dialogue delivery. She had all the right pauses and never came off as goofy or hokey when she was talking which is something the first movie really struggled with (and oh boy some of the dialogue was a wreck waiting to happen)

- “HOSTAGE EXCHANGE GIVE ME WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW OR THE PRINCE DIES but first we need to Shark vs. Jets at each other for a good five minutes, okay? okay cool”

- 20-minute sword-fight.

- the son of Captain Hook using/being openly attached to his dad’s hook aww


Playlist designed to make you cry or fall asleep (:

Kevin Divine - Brother’s Blood (epic interlude and beautiful lyrics)

Nagoya - It Looks Sad  (sounds like a movie song)

The Vaccines - Family Friend (bittersweet/ nostalgic with amazing key change)  

Modest Mouse - World At Large (sounds melodic, but is sad)

Brand New - Jesus Christ (pure art)

Lorde - Ribs (reminiscent - great production)

Fox Academy - Lavender Blood (acoustic guitar, nice melody)

Flatsound - I Hope You’re Okay (it’s Flatsound, you know it’s good)

Real Friends - Mokena (wow)

Twenty One Pilots - A Car, A Torch, A Death (the harmonies in the repeated third verse)

Electric President - Grand Machine No 12 (low-fi, good lyrics)

The 1975- fallingforyou (unrequited love is a bixth)

The Cyberbully Mom Club - Drunk Text Romance (kitschy)

Dandelion Hands - Invisible (everyone can relate)

Pill Friends - True Blue (spoken poetry is always good)

Vampire Weekend - Hannah Hunt (driving song)

The Japanese House - Sugar Pill (amazing production and layered vocal)

Citizen Youth - The Night I Drove Alone (so powerful)

Pierce The Veil - Wonder less (lyrics on point with this one and Vic doing his soft voice)

Halsey - Young God (sounds different to the rest of Badlands to me)


And so many more… I hate telling people what to listen to and what is good or bad, and I also hate people telling me what to listen to, but I’m really proud of the different style playlists I have.

be sure to take a look (: xo



~Appetite of a People-Pleaser~
Every time I listen to a @ghostandpals song I am blown away(and this time was no different). However, I was having probably the worst week of my life(and I’ve had some bad weeks)the day it came out and it was such a happy surprise that it just brightened me up slightly, especially since I can relate with being a people-pleaser. So, I decided once I could pick myself up enough to do a full drawing I would do a drawing of this song. Anyway, so here it is! I have such a love-hate relationship with my drawing though. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

i’m gonna rate the musicals i like

hamilton - wow this one is really really good!!! it’s super fast paced and exhilarating and hard to keep up with and it’s amazing. so it’s a little historically inaccurate, but that’s okay! it’s an entire mans life crammed into 2 hours with some dramatic changes! all of the music is amazing even if some are filler songs. i give it a 10/10! 

les mis - the first musical i REALLY got into! it’s a beautiful musical, some of the songs are a little unnecessary, but filler songs are a must in a sung through musical! the story is amazing, the characters are wonderful, and all of the songs inspire me so much! 10/10! 

rent - THIS ONE is SO GOOD seriously!!! it’s hilarious and it’s sad and it’s real and it’s great. the first time i listened to it i didn’t pay attention through half of it but the next time, i realized how good it was. angel and collins still deserved better ;-; 10/10 overall, even though angel died and i loved her 

ordinary days - this is such an underappreciated musical! it’s really short, but really pretty, too! the characters are relatable, which is a shocker for me, and the dynamics and story is really interesting. this one gets extra points for having the song which made my teacher cry when i sang it. 10/10 

bloody bloody andrew jackson - super funny just by concept alone! rock musical about andrew jackson? that’s great! sure, it’s a bit insensitive but it’s about andrew fuckin jackson so of course it is. very underappreciated but still worth a try. 10/10 in my book

little shop of horrors - i HONESTLY expected to hate this one. surprise surprise im going to see it next month bc i love it! the songs are all wonderful, either hilarious or beautiful, and the story is neat, too! the movie ending is better than the original ending but both are acceptable! it’s a 10/10 for me! 

spongebob the musical - WOAH THIS ONE ACTUALLY BLEW ME AWAY. it’s really cute and really fun, and the staging/set is amazing! there’s not a single bad song in the entire show! the squidward costume is still dumb but it’s accurate. 10/10 

be more chill - this one’s really cool, even if i was spacing out through half of it and can only remember half of the songs rip me. jeremy is super relatable, and the soundtrack is an absolute bop. every song is a banger especially the pitiful children. 10/10 

natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812 - it’s a strange concept, but it has great execution! soundtrack is half bangers and half depressing. it’s a shame it closed so early!!! the fact that the cast interacted with the audience so much (in character!) makes it better. 10/10

RFA when they had a bad day and you have bad period cramps

a request from @miyakokurono

I hope this is what you had in mind

and with this I have done all 3 of your requests thank you for dropping them in !

I also have bad cramps so I can relate -


  • He had a long day after his performance and he got hurt during his last song it was not a bad injury but he was in a bad mood when he came home.
  • You had really bad cramps from your days but when you saw how bad Zens mood was you did not mention your pain and tried to cheer him up instead.
  • But even standing up made your pain way worth you flinch from the pain an Zen rushes over too you to see what is up.
  • He forgets his bad day right away since he worries so much about you.
  • You tell him you have bad period cramps and Zen feels so bad for you he picks you up and carries you bridal style to bed.
  • He takes care of what ever you need : heating packs ?done. gentle rubs ? double done
  • What ever you need he will do it for you he will safe you from those evil cramps how dare the gods to punish his princess with such bad pain.
  • Somehow that makes you lough even when it hurts it´s just so cute how Zen does everything for you.


  • He had a new teacher at his class and he really hated Yoosung for whatever reason and today he really was hard on Yoosung it was really frustrating him.
  • Specially now where he took his Studies seriously it was bad to see him like this.
  • You had so bad pain you could´t cook for him like you uselessly would when he had a bad day.
  • Of course he assumes you where busy but when he sees that you are laying on the bed curled together like kitten he knows something is up.
  • You are not happy like you are normally no sweet smile to greet him he checks on you he first think you are sick what really worries him.
  • You tell him you just have really bad cramps from your days.
  • Yoosung is relived that its nothing serious but of course now he has to make sure that you are getting better.
  • First he makes you some food since you not eaten anything yet.
  • He makes you also a heating pad and gives you painkiller if you want it.
  • Yoosung tends to you the whole day even when your cramps getting better he will dote on you the whole time he ends up laying on the bed with you and holding you.


  • Once again she got a cat project to take care about next to her other 3 projects so she is really stressed and really in a bad mood when she comes home.
  • She complains a bit once she comes home but then she sees you laying on the couch curled up to a ball.
  • Your pain is really clear to see and she knows right away it´s this time of the month she knows what you are going threw.
  • She forgets her own issues and gets you the meds right away plus some heating pads.
  • Jaehee also gets some snacks ready for the case you get food cravings later.
  • She will sit with you on the couch and she will watch some movies with you and do everything to distract you from your pain.
  • She will gently rub your abdomen if you want her too or your lower back if that helps.
  • If your pain goes away she will finally relax as well in worth case she will be up all night with you so you don´t feel lonely.


  • He had a argument with his father about his new girlfriend who was just an other gold digger.
  • It was so bad to see for both of you.
  • Jumin came home and was really annoyed he also did not like it that you had not come to greet him at the entrance.
  • Maybe you did not hear him though so he went in and he saw you  laying on the bed like a cat curled up.
  • First he thinks that it´s really adorable since you look like a cat  so he just comes closer to you till he sees that you are actual in pain.
  • Jumin asks what is up and if he should call a doctor but you tell him you just have really bad cramps.
  • He will not call a doctor in that case but he will do everything else for you.
  • He got you the best medications and the best heating pads that money can buy *even when prices don´t really matter with these Jumin*
  • He makes what ever he heard helps like relaxing tea and he lets you cuddle with Elizabeth the 3rd all you want and if you rather have him cuddle you he will consider this as a great honor.
  • He will even take the next day off so he can make sure you are all better.


  • He had a hard time with his work he just could not focus today so at some point he decided it´s time for a snack.
  • Uselessly you would make him something while he is working and then yell at him for eating too many chips and just drink unhealthy thinks.
  • These thinks that are really bothering him and are so distracting where are these today ?
  • He looks around and gets slightly worried till he sees that you are bundled up on the couch first it looks like you are sleeping.
  • So he goes over to bring you a blanket. – and maybe to poke you bit for not bothering him-
  • But you are no sleeping you have terrible pain.
  • He feels right away so bad for you and he feels guilty for your pain even when its natures fault and you just happen to have these once a month.
  • He is a bit lost on what to do about the pain he wants to fix it but he can´t and you are assuring him that all you need is some rest and a heating pad.
  • So he does that for you he lets you rest and  gets you a heating pad and he even makes sandwiches for you since you also have not eaten yet.
  • He is extremely worried about you till you feel better he also feels extremely useless and tries to cheer you up with kitten videos what kind of works and when you cuddle up to him he finally feels a bit better.
  • It almost worth for him then it is for you he hopes that that his poor angel can soon smile again – and that sentence works since he is just so sweet-

Take a look at my Masterlist I update regularly

Me: okay so not that everything Taylor does is about Karlie I should stop making every song she writes about Karlie.
Also my problematic ass after listening to Reputation:
Ready for it: Okay that’s gay and they had sex on the beach(es) cool
End Game: Bih it’s about Karlie they probably broke up for a while but my gays can’t function without each other so they get back together OMG
I Did Something Bad: She did Karlie OMG
Don’t Blame Me: So Karlie is drug now OMG
Delicate: She wrote this song right after VSFS 2013 OMG
Look What You Made Me Do: I don’t know how can this relate but she love Karlie till death OMG
So It Goes: She went from that good girl faith to a bad girl for Karlie that’s hot OMG
Gorgeous: Karlie’s eyes turned blue after this song came out can you believe OMG
Getaway Car: They wanted to runaway together in the Vogue photoshoot but the car wasn’t theirs so they didn’t OMG
King Of My Heart: Now Karlie is the King of America OMG
Dancing With Our Hands Tied: The!!! 1975!!! Kissfuckinggate!!!! OMG
Dress: They had kinky sex at a party filled with celebrities OMG
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Karlie can’t relate
Call It What You Want: call it what you want I call it gay af
New Year’s Day: wow they’re so in love they’re gonna build a family together OMG


Tom x Brad - Boys

I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday
And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday
That one from work can come over on Monday night
I want ‘em all, I want ‘em all

A heartfelt message to all the Beliebers :)

A lot has been said about the Justin Bieber Concert in Mumbai (India) ever since it’s been announced and the whole show when it got over.

Drifting away from all the controversies.. this message of mine is strictly for all the Beliebers and True Fans of JB.

This was my first time going for a big Pop concert of that LEVEL, actually for almost the whole of india was waiting with bated breath for him.

Me, very much like you, have heard his songs since a very long time

When I see you guys trying to show me down and bring him up just remember that - He’s already UP THERE for me. I have loved & respected him always. He’s the one who made me believe Age Is Just A Number.

I may not be a huge belieber knowing all the intricate details… but I definitely am a huge fan of his music.

As a singer/performer myself there are bad days for all artistes and I know exactly how exhausted he is from touring. And to add up that mumbai heat to it. I can imagine the feeling.

It was just that his vibe was a little off that day.. and for us who have geared up to see him for so long we were a little taken aback. That is all.

I agree I expected him to sing songs from albums not related to the Purpose Setlist but that shows how much I love his music. I know that’s not how Album-dedicated tours work but that was just me being a musical fan. I have always been teary-eyed hearing the song Nothing Like Us.. so before you start joking on why I asked about those songs, remember I come from a very similar musical place and feelings as you.

I love him as much as you love him. And I respect the fact that you all stand up for him when it’s the right time. That’s what I appreciate about my #Armaanians & you #Beliebers.

Fans are what make us who we are. So thank you for being you and standing up for your idol :)

Lots Of Love,
AM ❤

Girl Crush

Originally posted by winsync

Summary: Based on Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Can anyone really blame you for feeling a little jealous of the girls Dean’s always giving his attention to?

Words: 1,400 (with lyrics)

A/N: Hahaha this was supposed to be a little drabble, but I’m such a wordy shit. Not beta’d, just something that popped in my head driving to the lake on Friday. This song came on and I couldn’t help myself I guess. Lyrics are in bold, flashback in italics. Let me know what you think! (Also you’re welcome for the gratuitous Dean tongue gif)

Warnings: Couple of swears. Nothing crazy.

(Just going to tag @amanda-teaches @oneshoeshort @hexparker because they mentioned being tagged in all the things, and @impala-dreamer because being my friend means I torture you with trash)

I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but
I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down
I got it real bad, want everything she has
That smile and that midnight laugh she’s giving you now

“Sam. I 100% don’t like him like that. Leave me alone.”

“You know Y/N, for someone who basically lies professionally, you suck at it so bad.”

“Guys. I found a friend for the night…think you can maybe get another room to share for the night?”

You tried to hide the dejection in your voice and on your face “Yeah, no worries D.” You put your head down slightly, suddenly very interested by your drink. Sam didn’t by any of it.

Normally Dean wouldn’t have either, he knew you just as well if not better than Sam did. At the moment though, he was a little preoccupied with tonight’s conquest.

“Aaahhh that’s my girl!” slinging his arms across your shoulders and giving you a quick peck to the side of the head-might as well have stabbed you in the heart, he turned to share the good news with the flavor of the night, “You’re the best sweetheart.”

“Oh I’m fucking wonderful all right.”

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By Tavi Gevinson

August 2013

The general public has managed to make Taylor Swift’s greatest strength seem like her greatest weakness, and it makes me feel sad and angry and like people are really missing out on something great. By “general public” I mean email-hosting sites and sometimes Fancier Publications, and by her “greatest strength” I mean Taylor’s unique ability to focus in on one detail or exchange and magnify it completely in this way that makes it feel at once universal and deeply personal. I don’t want to devote too much of this holy ink and paper to haterz, but I do want to free your mind from any reservations about the Swift Power in order to fully prepare you for a MAGIC-CARPET ROLLER-COASTER RIDE across this CANDY LAND BOARD of a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from BRITAIN(= NOT LIKING TAYLOR SWIFT).

Swifties see the characteristic at hand for what it is: writing. Her songs are her point of view, making it her job to blow up the most minor event into something that more accurately represents the way she experienced it. As Tay quoted Neruda in her Red liner notes, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” This is basic Nabokov shit, right? Everything hits harder in memory. Everything changes color. Her first album will tell you she is a natural crusher, daydreamer, hopeless romantic. Obsessing over the briefest of encounters is what we do. She was just born to translate it for millions of people. And I don’t think her commercial responsibilities detract from her genuine passion for her craft. Have you ever watched her in interviews when she gets asked about her actual songwriting? She becomes that kid who’s really into the science fair. Her hands go crazy and she explains all the different categories she breaks emotions into and how they all have their own individual sounds. Then the interviewer totally doesn’t get it because it’s 60 Minutes and they were hoping for a pleasant little soundbite instead of, like, an Andrew Kuo–style verbalization of the human psyche. And Taylor smiles, perfectly aware she just weirded them out, perfectly aware it’s the same weirdness from which she pulls all these beautiful songs.

So the fact that people think they’re, like, Nancy Drew for claiming that none of her relationships have lasted long enough for her to be able to write a song about them really proves only that she has this uncanny talent for dressing up an experience until what happened matches how it felt. I don’t care that her relationships aren’t long-term—she’s a little busy running a goddamn empire! I don’t care if she only dates guys to write songs about them, like people say—she dates people, she writes songs about her life, naturally many of these songs are about people she’s dated, and many of them aren’t, as well. Mostly, basically: I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT.

These are some of my favorites, severely edited down for word count. I almost didn’t want to publish it, because her music is so close to my heart, but I also really wanted to publish it because her music is so close to my heart. Please handle with care.

Album: Taylor Swift

“Our Song”

Somewhere in the dark depths of deleted YouTube videos is a circa-sixth-grade recording of my childhood best friend and me singing this while I play guitar. Taylor’s one of the reasons I learned guitar (along with some vague image I had of ROCK STARS and PEOPLE IN COOL HATS), and I was very serious about imitating her country twang. While Taylor is not technically an exceptional vocalist on this first album, she knows exactly how to make each word sound on an emotional level. Her instincts are just right, her cadence is so her. Like, it’s not just that her lyrics perfectly match up with the music and together they accurately capture a certain emotion—you can also just hear it when she’s smiling, or looking up, or thinking. This, I would argue, is more important than technically good vocals, and it’s also very rare.

“Picture to Burn”

So much sass! Pickup trucks! Dads who are gonna beat up ex-boyfriends! I’LL TAKE IT.

“Stay Beautiful”

This song KILLS me because I only ever listened to it a few times way back when, which means rediscovering it was like seeing someone you didn’t even know you missed but you’re suddenly so grateful they’re in your life. The lyrics totally apply to young Taylor: “Don’t you know, you’re really gonna be someone. / Ask anyone.” UGHHH. I think I get so emotional listening to her first album because it’s just so heartening to think about where she was when she wrote these songs (lonely, bullied, awkward phase, bad at boys, country-music nerd) and where she is now (BFF to PLANET EARTH). She’s a prime example of how you can turn a middle-school-rooted inferiority complex into beautiful, relatable art. She’s like Chris Ware, except not, except totally.

Superhero Post!

So i got a few responses and i thought this would be a super cool thing to do! So I’m going to list my superhero name, my powers, costume design, transformation, and I’ll even include my civilian persona! You guys feel free to reblog and add your own. Remember! The hero (your hero) has to be music related!

Superhero Name: Conductor Girl

Powers: Conducting any form of song in order to stop bad guys! I also spread love and positivity and friendship by conducting songs of that genre. I can also cue in help whenever I need to just like in an actual song!

Costume Design

This was actually going to be my DM outfit if i got picked. But this would be my superhero outfit and i would have my hair longer and wavier. Plus! I’ll include a glittery white mask!

Transformation: I would see danger and run into the nearest private place I could find and shout “Conducting Time!” I would literally conduct my own transformation music as my superhero outfit would appear on me in the form of sheet music glowing and eventually materializing onto me.I would end my transformation with an elegant pose.

Civilian Form: I would be posing as a normal high school senior as i am right now. I would very obviously be running this blog but only a few know of my true identity! I would have to restrain myself from even saying the word conducting and have to hold my hands at bay in practice

Feel free to reblog and add on your superhero alias with the above little guidelines up top to follow. These superheros are music related to have fun with it and be creative! If enough of us gather. we could form like some kind of justice league

Kinda like Chat Noir and Ladybug, if you want to have a love interest you totally can! I’ll possibly add mine if we get more people! 

I just quickly want to write my own statement to the new post of Amber and the general situation w/ f(x) as my own opinion. It’s very late ,so sorry if I write nonsense…
I love f(x), and I love Amber. She’s been my role model for a long time and I admire her personality and courage and it hurts to see her this disappointed and sad.
She’s been giving her all for such a long time, and always tried to please her fans, make them smile but is constantly neglected by SMEnt. She doesnt deserve this at all. She is an unbelievably creative and talented human being with a heart of gold, but like everytime, SM only looks for the money. Which is arguably understandable, it IS all about money afterall. But theres the point: she’s one of SM’s most successful soloists, writes her own lyrics, produces her own music (really dont intend to throw shade to any other soloists) with meaningful messages and it’s still not enough? Why?

I feel like my biggest fear right now, the disbandment of f(x) is nearer than ever before. Dont get me wrong; I want all of the members to be happy and do what they want to do, and I feel like it would be the best for all of them to begin a new chapter. Of course I’m sad, very sad actually, but lets face it… It’s the best thing to do. I don’t want to see Victoria overworked like she currently is, I dont want to see Krystal having to stay at SM even after all the things that happened to her sister, I don’t want to see Luna starving herself because of stupid weight restrictions and hate from knetz and I dont want to see Amber falling apart on what she once loved to do. I feel like it would be the best thing to do.

f(x)s music helped me through tough times, like some of you may also think. Their music is different from other groups, not only the genre, but also the lyrics. They dont always sing about their cute Oppa, the bad guy that cheated on them, or them looking for their 1st love, no. They did great songs about various topics. On relatable topics. Maybe thats why I appreciate their music so much… I never get bored of their music, I can even hear the same fucking song 10 times in a row and I wouldnt be annoyed!

Amber clearly isnt happy anymore and that hurts so much. She is the type of person that hates sitting around and waiting for miracle, and her patience has ended (understandably). I just hope this is over soon and no matter what happens… I will support them, they probably dont know of my existence, but they also supported me.

does anyone else do that thing where A Thousand Years (pt. 2) comes on and you start visualizing that big credit scene of BD 2….because this happened to me while i was driving yesterday and you can bet i got teary just thinking about the “I’m Jacob Black”, “My name is Edward Cullen”, and “I’m Bella Swan” like I knew exactly who was on screen at which points of the song…like….bill condon wanted to make me cry so bad wtf

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Co-Creator Aline Brosh McKenna on Season 3, Biggest Challenges
Aline Brosh McKenna, the co-creator (with star Rachel Bloom) of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is hard at work on the third season of the musical comedy, after the season-two finale saw Bloom’s Re…
By Jenelle Riley

Aline Brosh McKenna, the co-creator (with star Rachel Bloom) of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is hard at work on the third season of the musical comedy, after the season-two finale saw Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch left at the altar by her longtime obsession, Josh.

This story first appeared in the June 13, 2017 issue of Variety.

What can you reveal about the new season of the show?

The third season is in some ways the promise of the series — it’s more what you might imagine when you hear the title. She’s gotten to the point where she’s exhausted the gentler options of getting his attention.

What was the biggest challenge of the previous season?

We had a big change in terms of writing off a character and adding a new character. We spend a lot of time, effort, energy and craft doing that in a seamless way. Especially introducing Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) in a way where it’s very clear what trope we’re sending up with him. Our show revolves around rom-com tropes. Josh was the idealized high school quarterback; Greg is the overlooked nice guy. Nathaniel harkens back more to those James Spader rich asshole characters.

There’s a fan theory that the show is taking place in Rebecca’s head.

People have asked me that. I can completely dispel that theory. The musical numbers take place in her head, but the show takes place in the real world.

What’s your favorite song from the show so far?

I don’t have a favorite, but last year Paula [Donna Lynne Champlin] and Rebecca sang “You Go First,” which is one I relate to because it’s an ’80s ballad — that’s when I was in high school and college. I tend to gravitate toward the Paula songs, as we’re closer in age.

Have you thought about doing a cameo on the show?

No, I’m pretty bad. I really sing out of tune.

Things you didn’t know about Aline Brosh McKenna

Age: 49 Birthplace: France Raised in: New Jersey Other works: The Devil Wears Prada,” “27 Dresses” MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Was in “Gypsy” in high school


DMMD - Beautiful Ones
Editor: Kirarell
Won Best Storytelling at Desucon 2017 AMV contest
I’ve had this idea for a long time now but never quite found the right song for it until my favorite band released this track. I’ve wanted to do this idea for so long so bad it’s not even real. It’s something very personal to me and something that I know many can relate to. Having problems isn’t the end of the world and you can pull through. Animals have also been proven to help with the process. So very minor trigger warnings for mental illness or/and personality disorder. There’s a puppy. You should watch it just based on that.

At the contest there was actually an incident regarding this video. When the video started playing someone actually shouted “No!” from the audience. I had no idea that even after years DMMD still has this sort of reputation amongst some people. I would’ve really loved to see the person’s face when it was announced this video had actually won. You know, I still get the feeling that everyone hates DMMD and its fans but DMMD fans hardly hate on anyone. It’s always been the thing I get from the fandom or maybe I’ve just stayed on the good side of it. Who knows. But its one of the few fandoms that I actually enjoy because of this~

Why Bad Blood isn’t sexist.

A song Dissection. 

sexist definition: relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood (We are on bad terms)
You know it used to be mad love (we use to be friends)
So take a look what you’ve done (You’ve done something)
’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood, hey! (once again, we’re on bad terms)
Now we’ve got problems (We’re on bad terms so now we have problems)
And I don’t think we can solve ‘em (I don’t think we can solve our problems)
You made a really deep cut (You hurt me really bad)
And baby, now we’ve got bad blood, hey! (we’re on bad terms)

[So far there is nothing Sexist about this. There was nothing prejudice, there were not stereotypes and no one was discriminated against. ]

Did you have to do this? (Did you have to do this?)
I was thinking that you could be trusted (I thought I could trust you)
Did you have to ruin what was shiny? (We had a good relationship)
Now it’s all rusted (Now we have a bad relationship)
Did you have to hit me where I’m weak? (This could be interpreted differently. Maybe the said person took advantage of a vulnerable state or something.)
Baby, I couldn’t breathe (I couldn’t breathe / I was shocked / it bothered me / ect. Describing her feeling.)
And rub it in so deep, Salt in the wound like you’re laughing right at me (she felt mocked, or hurt by this person. Describing her feeling.)

[Once more, nothing about these lyrics depict any sexism. Most of the lyrics are Taylor directly talking to the person about how she felt.]

Oh, it’s so sad to
Think about the good times
You and I (It’s sad to think about the good times we had. Once again talking about her feelings)

[Nothing sexist is mentioned here]

Did you think we’d be fine? (Did you think we’d go back to normal?)
Still got scars in my back from your knives (I’m still hurt from what you did)
So don’t think it’s in the past (So don’t think it’s over)
These kind of wounds they last and they last (Things like this don’t just become forgotten. )
Now, did you think it all through? (Did you think this all through?)
All these things will catch up to you (These things you did will catch up to you)
And time can heal, but this won’t (Time can heal things but it will not heal this)
So if you’re come my way
Just don’t (If you are planning on coming towards me or talking to me, don’t)

[Nothing sexist is mentioned above]

Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes (This is pretty much metaphorical to say sorry doesn’t fix big problems)
You say sorry just for show (You say sorry just because it looks good)
You live like that, you live with ghosts (If you live like that you live with guilt/ ghosts. idk how to explain this but I think it’s self explanatory)
Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes (hey) 
You say sorry just for show (hey)
If you live like that, you live with ghosts (hey)
(Mmm) If you love like that, blood runs cold!

[Once again nothing is sexist above. She is stating her opinion that people should be sincere when they apologize or try to regain a relationship.]

No where in this song did sexism take place. However I will mention that social media has made this about pitting women against each other and Taylor Swift and Katy Perry did not. 

The Bad Blood music video dissection will be here, shortly.

BTS Reaction to s/o (you) not having a great singing voice but loving to sing.

Hi! I hope you like my first try at BTS reactions! Requests are OPEN! You can request me anything but smut… (I can’t do that… i just get too awkward writing nsfw content. Mild ones are okay… but I prefer to avoid them)

I hope you like this reaction. I have seen so many with s/o having great voice and I couldn’t relate casue my voice is like not that good but not that bad either! So here is to the ones who can’t sing but love to sing like me!

Kim Seokjin

You were in the kitchen making breakfast with your favorite sons playing in the background. Jin was too tired to wake up early to make breakfast for today. As you cooked ‘Awake’ started playing and the urge to sing filled you! After all it was your boyfriend’s song and you love to sing. As you started to sing in low and normal voice you internally cringed at it but were happy that Jin wasn’t here! You were so lost in singing and cooking that you didn’t notice that your boyfriend was now awake and was watching you in amusement as you tried to sing with the high notes but failing miserably.

“Want my help baby?” You heard Jin speak from behind you. A deep blush formed on your cheek as embarrassment filled you on getting caught while singing horribly. “Why did you stop.”

“Oh Jin, stop it! You know my voice is not made for singing,” You replied rolling your eyes and going back to flipping your pancake.

“Hmm… you have improved very much to say the truth, you can always try harder,” He winked. “I can help.”

“Really?” He nodded at your question. Needless to say the rsst of the morning was spent making breakfast, eating and singing freely.

Min Yoongi

It was one of those lazy afternoons in which you were working on your project, your headphones playing amazing music for you and your boyfriend Suga slept next to you on the bed you sat. Engrossed in work completely, you started singing to one of the songs. Singing always made you feel good but your voice was not made for singing. As you sang, the figure next to you stirred peeking through his eyelashes and smiling slightly as he saw you singing. He didn’t like it very much when you sang but seeing you happy made him feel content. But right now he wanted sleep and you singing was not exactly pleasing so he did the only thing that came to his mind. Sitting up, he kissed you on the lips, stopping you from singing and making you gasp in shock. When his lips left you, you looked at him in shock biting your just assaulted lips.

“Wha- What was that for?” You asked still dazed. The lyrics of the song forgotten.

“I need sleep baby,” Yoongi sighed, “Can you sing later when I am awake?”

A smile took over your features and you nodded. You never intended to ruin his sleep. Yoongi smiled back and this time he pulled your headphones out, kept your laptop away and pulled you into his chest, making you both comfortable enough to sleep. “Let’s just sleep and stay like this forever,” he sighed in content.

Jung Hoeseok

Hoeseok knew your voice was not exactly pleasent but he loved it when he saw your eyes crinkle with happiness as you sang and danced. It was raining outside, when you and your boyfriend Hoeseok were dancing in the studio together. Dancing was made for both of you and they way your bodies moved to the beats and lyrics of the song made you feel happiness. But with dancing, singing was another one of your passions. But you knew dancing was made for you and singing was not. As you both danced, the next song that played made it hard for you to control and before you knew it you had started singing to the lyrics of the song. So he joined the singing you, singing along with you, and it was the best as you both danced and sang, not caring about singing in tone with right pitch. Only the laughter along with you voice that rang through his ears made him fell very happy!

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs

Namjoon was going to be late today from work and it was a perfect opportunity for you to sing and dance. Singing was something that always excited you, even if your voice was not the greatest. And so you provided yourself some love by singing when you were home alone. It was when you were singing and dancing crazily, Namjoon entered home. He had come early to surprise you but was surprised himself when he saw you. You had never shown him this side of yours in your 7 months of dating and he was fairly shocked. When you noticed him, you didn’t stop immediately, enjoying it so much. And just seeing your joy made Namjoon smile with full force. Even though your voice was off pitch he loved seeing you like this- crazy and carefree.

“I am sorry, I know I look crazy,” you laughed out as you stopped singing and dancing.

“I didn’t know you enjoyed singing so much!” Namjoon smiled as he dropped his bags on the floor and came and hugged you.

“Huh? But I sing horrible!”

“I know,” he chuckled. “But you looked so beautiful. If I can see you like that everyday, I wouldn’t mind your voice.”

You blushed at his words and hugged him back as you slowly started singing again making another chuckle vibrate through his chest.

Park Jimin

Originally posted by itschiminie

Cuddled up next to you was your beautiful boyfriend watching your favorite Disney movie, is you favorite thing in the world. Next was singing. Especially the Disney Songs. So when Let it Go started playing, you couldn’t hold yourself back and start singing. You were a little insecure about singing in front of one of the best singers you know but the excitement and joy of singing got the best of you. As you sang, Jimin couldn’t help but look at you teasingly as you sang. “Y/n your voice is off pitch,” he said. “Lover it a little.”

You took his advice and tried to make the pitch better but Jimin just laughed at your adorable attempt. “You aren’t hitting the correct notes, Jagi!”

You stop singing and huff. “I will never be good at this. But I love singing!”

“Do you want my help?” Jimin smiled. You smiled at him in delight and soon he started his singing lessons. You didn’t improve much but your relationship did as you spent the time laughing and teasing each other.

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Kim Taehyung knew how much you loved singing even though your voice was not that great. And honestly he didn’t mind you singing. When you sand with that beautiful smile and content on your face, your voice sounded just as sweet as sugar to him. So, just like he does every week, he set up a karaoke station for both of you to sing. 

“Tae, I love to sing, but aren’t you fed up of it?” you sighed as you felt a little bad he had to this every week with you.

“Are you kidding? I can never get tired of singing with you!”

“But-” he cut you off by dragging you up from where you sat and towards the station. “Okay fine.” You agreed giddily. You loved singing so much that you couldn’t refuse the second offer. And just like that you both started singing like crazy enjoying every minute of it. You loved how Taehyung’s voice was a contrast to your and  Taehyung would just love to watch you enjoy so much. After all your happiness is something he really wants. And just as you finished the song, he came and kissed you hard. “You are so beautiful, even when you are doing something you are not good at.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by kullawliet

It was one of those afternoons when Jungkook was practicing his singing, right in the room next to you. You couldn’t help but go in that room and hear your boyfriend sing in a breathtakingly beautiful voice. As he sang the lyrics of his solo, without knowing you started singing along with him. At first it started slowly but then you started getting loud. When your voice was loud enough and Jungkook heard you he looked at you in shock. He would be that boyfriend who would love to tease you so much about your non existent singing talent.

“Don’t laugh!” You huffed while folding your hands across your chest.

“You can never catch those high notes or low notes,” he continued teasing you as he walked towards you and ruffled your hair. “You’re so cute trying to sing.”

You rolled your eyes and looked away from him huffing again. “Such a good boyfriend I have,” you muttered under your breath.

“Hmm,” he hummed as he enveloped you in one of his side hugs. “That’s why I offer to help you sing. I think I can help you.”

“Really?” You smiled hopefully.

“No,” He chuckled. “You are a lost cause. I can help you only a little baby.” He laughed at your adorably annoyed face.

“I know… but singing makes me happy,” You mumbled.

“I know,” Jungkook chuckled as he kissed your cheek. “That’s why you should continue singing, cause you smiling makes your voice also sound as sweet as honey.”

And so the rest of the night was spent with laughter and lots of sweet bickering as you sang your heart out with one of the greatest boyfriend.

A/N: This was my first try! I will keep updating as I get time! REQUEST ARE OPEN! :)