i can relate to the wanting to talk but not necessarily wanting to make conversation bit

SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 3

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A/N: Um don’t act like this gif doesn’t make you fucking weak cause I’m 100% shook. Also pls enjoy this part, still setting up everything before it gets really juicy 💖 (and it’s about to get really juicy)

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You woke up alone. You were about to rub your eyes until you realized you still had makeup on from last night. Instead, you sat up and allowed your body to wake up a little more. Dangling your legs off the side, you slipped off the bed. The plush carpeting welcomed your feet and you sleepily made your way to the kitchen. Upon entering, you saw Sebastian seated at the island, with a plate in front of him and a full glass of orange juice. There was another empty plate and a glass of orange juice beside him, which you assumed was for you.

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histrionic personality disorder(hpd) and what you should know about it

whether you’re looking to find out if u have hpd, reading this for a friend with hpd, or just because you’re curious, here are some things you should know about hpd and the people that have it! (like me! this is all from personal first hand experience)

histrionic personality disorder, abbreviated as hpd, is a personality disorder. personality disorders are characterized by a collection of behavioral patterns that cause personal, social, and occupational disruption to the person suffering from them, to which the extent of each may vary based on the disorder. there are 11 personality disorders in total, and each are classified into three groups: A, B and C. we’re dealing with group B here, so that’s what I’ll be talking about. if you need any more information on all of the clusters id be happy to make a separate post about it! anywho: cluster B is known as the “dramatic” cluster. attention seeking, erratic and emotional. hpd falls into this cluster, as well as bpd(borderline personality disorder) which you may be more familiar with, since it’s talked about a lot more than hpd. hpd is a disorder that revolves around a need for approval, constant praise and many attention-seeking behaviours.

the common symptoms of hpd include:

- a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions. alike other pd’s, they usually begin in early adulthood.
- ppl w hpd are lively, dramatic, flirtatious and have emotions that are more intense than necessary
- inappropriately seductive behaviour and sexually provocative behaviour
- an excessive need for approval and praise
- loud and inappropriate when making an entrance, loves to be the centre of attention
- a craving for stimulation and excitement, needs a consistent flow of new things or experiences or else extreme boredom ensues
- sometimes manipulative behaviour to achieve their own needs
- inability to cope with losses/failures properly
- unable to maintain committed relationships well due to their flirtatious tendencies and their constant yearning for something new
- using physical appearance to gain attention
- rapidly shifting emotional state
- excessive lying
- tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they really are. can be overbearing or “too friendly” when you first meet them. they treat acquaintances like best friends
- easily influenced by those around them
- often theatrical, their stories are lively and exaggerated to impress people
- voicing strong opinions about particular subjects without having any facts to support those opinions, and those opinions can be easily changed around certain people in order to impress them

if you relate to most or all of these symptoms, you more than likely have hpd (if you only relate to some, i suggest you look into the three other personality disorders that fall into cluster B). hpd may not SEEM bad or even be obvious like other pd’s- it is, however, debilitating on personal relationships, which in turn can really fuck up someone’s life. people with hpd tend to do quite well with landing jobs, making people feel welcome, and being friendly to those they don’t know. they often give off a nice vibe. however, if you spend some time with a person with hpd you’ll begin to notice the oddities.
hpd can seriously strain relationships. i used to wonder why i was interested in a person for a month and then completely lost that spark once i’d been in the relationship too long. the longest interest ive ever held for someone who reciprocated my feelings was 3 months. however, i could crush on someone for a year- it’s the feeling of not being weighed down by a relationship, and you’re still able to seek new things to sustain you- but once you’re in a relationship, hpd decides to fuck it all up! i had to end my last committed relationship because of hpd, and my former ones suffered because of it. i was too flirty with friends and even strangers, and it was rather apparent, too. it’s not that I didn’t want to be in a relationship, because i did, but it feels as though my hpd wouldn’t let me be in one. and besides, I felt like I was hurting whoever I was with by being dishonest and too flirtatious with others. usually the flirting isn’t a way to get into bed with someone- it’s the gratification of having your ‘affections’ returned, and that the person you’re flirting with finds you sexually appealing. we often dress provocatively for show just to receive attention and compliments. after you’ve achieved that, you most often leave- you weren’t even interested in them in the first place. it’s the victory of having them think you’re pretty, or having them shower you with compliments. it’s an egocentric thing. hpd is an egocentric thing, even if we don’t necessarily try for it to be.
people with hpd lie a lot- white lies and huge, obvious lies, as well. i lie my face off every minute of the day, and everyone around me is probably well aware of it. i exaggerate my stories to sound more amazing, and add in bits that didn’t even happen to get a reaction out of people. i lie about my talents and interests to gain the respect of those around me. compulsive lying is definitely a huge thing among hpd sufferers.
people w hpd aim to please, to put it simply. they want to feel accepted and they want to be praised for being godlike and perfect. if someone doesn’t like something that they’re doing or something they like, they’ll often change it to gain the respect of the person they’re conversing with. they enjoy the achievement of having many friends, and treat strangers like they’ve known them for ages. sometimes i act like ive known that guy i saw on the street yesterday my entire life. ill strike up conversation like he’s a good ol’ buddy to me. he’ll look at me confused, and wonder who i am- and truth is, he doesn’t know, and I don’t know him, either.
people with hpd have intense mood swings and take negative criticism hard. i have bpd, as well, and i account many of my mood swings to that- but sometimes it’s probably my hpd. we need constant approval from everyone to stay on top of our game.
ill stop here, i suppose, since this is getting kinda long hahaha! feel free to send me any questions about hpd or concerns you may have, im always here to help. hope this was informative and helped y'all out a little on understanding hpd better!!! xo

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 10 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Shrink

In which we meet Betsy Dobson who appears to be Molly Weasley’s long-lost Ravenclaw sister, some quality Renee time happens, Kevin’s Stoic and Mighty Demeanor has nothing on Dan’s doughnuts, and actual school happens at some point but who gives a shit (spoiler alert: It’s not Neil Josten).

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon, truly. I don’t know how good these are, so I’m sorry. I hope it’s okay.

-Please forgive him. He was very bad at telling when you were going through extreme emotions at first. He just thought you were an extremely happy person, but then he saw you when you became extremely sad almost immediately afterwards.
-What was it that made that kind of thing happen to you?
-He asks you about it and you explain why that kind of thing happens to you without you knowing it’s happening.
-As your relationship goes on, he becomes more aware of your well being and can pick up on when you’re feeling bad.
-When you start having bad days like now, he drops anything and everything to assist you. He won’t rest until he makes you happier.
-He finds things to distract you with, like games or talking.
-He’ll take you out to your favorite restaurant or to your favorite park or he’ll take you to go see a movie.
-Anything that will help you focus on something other than what’s bothering you.
-Distractions and nice conversations and stories are his go to methods of trying to cheer you up.

-He is very in touch with his emotions, so he would gladly take on the task of handling your emotions too.
-He can tell when you’re starting to become upset and asks you about it immediately.
-If you don’t want to talk about what’s wrong, he’ll just change the subject and talk about something you like to get your mind off of it.
-He talks about things you like instead of talking about himself like he  sometimes ends up doing. His main concern is you, so he wants you to talk about things that make you happy, whatever it may be at the time.
-Zen will even ask if you’d like to go out that night. He’d take you wherever you wanted to, and I mean wherever you wanted to.
-On bad days, he doesn’t leave your side, unless, of course, you ask him to. He understands if you need your time alone, but he still has a habit of checking up on you frequently to make sure everything is still okay.
-Whatever it takes to get you through this rough time in your life, he’ll make sure it is done. He doesn’t want you to suffer, even the slightest bit.

-She knew there must’ve been something up when you suddenly became unusually sad.
-She noticed before that your emotions are typically extremes. Extreme positive or negative emotions.
-Jaehee didn’t want to be too upfront and upset you by asking straightforwardly. She’ll wait for you to bring it up in conversation instead.
-When you do finally explain your situation to her, she listens very closely. She absorbs every bit of information you’re giving her and asks a few questions to make certain she understands everything perfectly. She’d hate to miss an important detail and not be able to help you like she wants to.
-When you’re going through a bad day, she likes to play with your hair. Sometimes she styles it in goofy ways to hopefully make you laugh.
-Other times, she likes to do little things around the house together, like painting each other’s nails. It gives you something to do while you rant and vent about everything on your mind.
-You can trust that Jaehee always pays extremely close attention to everything you say.
-She can’t stand when you’re upset, so she’ll do whatever it takes to help you through your rough days.

-He’s seen you go from your highest high to your lowest low. It makes him so worried every time.
-One second, you’re laughing. The next, you’re crying.
-He never once thought you were insane or anything close to that. All he was worried about was how you were. How you felt. How it was affecting you.
-He asks you about it, but he is very gentle with his words. The last thing he wants is to upset you in any way.
-You explain everything to him and he makes mental notes of everything you say. He wants to memorize every detail about you after all.
-When you’re going through bad mental days, he takes you out of the house. Being inside seems to make problems so much worse for some reason. A change of scenery helps most situations.
-Wherever you want to go, even if it is out of town, he’ll take you there.
-Even if you do want to stay home, he’ll comply with that too.
-He let’s you vent about anything you want to share and will never judge you about anything you say.
-He also refuses to leave you alone for more than a few minutes, unless you tell him you need space.
-Jumin basically makes sure that everything you want or need happens. Not necessarily meaning materialistic things, but more like what I mentioned earlier, like a change of scenery.
-He would love to keep you close and cuddle with you until you feel better, but if you don’t want that, then he doesn’t either.

-You know that little web comic that tells you how to take care of a sad friend? Roll them in a blanket like a burrito, feed burrito snacks, play burrito’s favorite movies? (I don’t remember where I saw it.)
-Yeah, that’s what he does.
-He surrounds you with things he knows makes you happy.
-Your favorite show, celebrity, music, food, animal, color, scent, anything and everything that makes you happy.
-If you don’t want any of that, he’s a bit lost. This stuff usually makes you happy. What else could he do?
-If you’re comfortable with it, he holds you close to him and whispers promises of making you happy again to you.
-He asks you to talk about things you like. For example, he’ll ask things like “So, what was that new song you found called?” or “What was the name of that one show you’ve been raving about lately?” in hopes to spark a conversation about your interests.
-Also, he makes a ton of jokes and talks in funny voices to make you smile. It almost never fails. He considers it an even bigger success if you mimic the voices he does.
-You end up joking around and forgetting what you were even upset about, too busy laughing at each other.
-Laughter truly is the best medicine.

V: (I apologize for writing so much about Rika in this one)
-He’s learned how to handle other’s emotions very well.
-He understands you and your emotions better than anyone, and he immediately picks up on the fact that you’re going through a rough patch.
-V is very understanding when you’re having a bad day. Rika had bad days too, but definitely different from you. She was violent and abusive on her bad days, you aren’t.
-Thankfully, he wasn’t scared of you when you had bad days because of her. He know you are a different, nicer person than Rika and would never hurt him like she did. So, he treats you with extra care on your bad days.
-He never really got the opportunity to properly handle Rika’s bad days, but he is surprisingly good at handling yours. Maybe because you don’t lash out at him like she used to.
-If you want to talk about what’s bothering you, he will listen. If you don’t, he’ll give you time to organize your own thoughts. If you want alone time, he’ll gladly give you space. If you don’t want him to leave you alone, he will stick to your side in a heartbeat.
-Really, just anything you ask of him, he will do it.
-It’s a bit sad to think about why he’s so compliant, but you appreciate his help nonetheless.
-Gentle kisses, rubbing your back and/or running his fingers through your hair are things he typically does to comfort you if you’re okay with it. If not, he’ll hold your hand or sometimes sing for you if you request it.

-You can bet he relates to having bad mental days.
-He has many, many of those.
-You end up helping each other through those days.
-When you are having a tough day mentally, he dotes over you. He’ll get you anything you ask for, but you don’t ask for much. He takes matters into his own hands. He knows you, and he knows what kind of things would help you get through this, even if you don’t ask for them.
-Long conversations are common when either of you are going through bad days, depending on the situation. You quietly listen to the other while they’re speaking without missing a word you say.
-So, he lets you talk however long you want to, unless you’re not in the mood to talk.
-He’s new to all of this so you’ll have to be patient. He’s learning how to take better care of you and learn more about what makes you feel better on these types of days.
-Seeing him smile always puts a smile of your face.
-Because of that, he always smiles for you on bad days.
-Saeran found you sitting alone with all the lights off. He knew what it meant. He quietly called out your name before switching the light on.
-Quietly he comes over to you, worry evident on his face. You continued staring at the ground.
-Saeran grabs your hand to get your attention and says, “Hey, _____?”
-So you look up from the ground.
-When your eyes connect, he give you a huge, toothy smile.
-He doesn’t say anything, just smiles at you. You could tell by the ways his eyebrows were slightly furrowed that he was worried about you.
-You can’t help but giggle smile back, which makes him smile even more.
-It’s a simple, sweet gesture. It always works.

tothestarsandbacktofireheart  asked:

In reference to you saying that you don't shit on anyone who has different opinions then you, "I fucking hate elriel. Every time it shows up on my dash I want to vomit..." "... except to say that Elriel can die". Would you say that these quotes from you encourage friendly discourse? Cause I wouldn't. You said other inflammatory things about this topic but I felt these quotes summed it up the best. Honestly I've seen you encourage us all to be nice and polite to each other,but then you post this?

The negative things you say about ships or other things you don’t like are the opposite of what you tell others to do. So I’m calling hypocrite. You definitely will shit on someone and their opinions if you don’t like them, a quick skim of your tags clearly shows that. So please get off your high horse and stop pretending your *above such things* because you’re clearly not. This post came out more aggressive then I intended, but hypocrisy really gets me. Sorry for that.

So I’m responding to this publicly because apparently I need to contextualize a lot of what I’ve said, as well as clarify the difference between real people and fictional people, and having a negative opinion versus being a jerk to said real people.

Since you have pointed out my feelings about that particular ship, I thought I would contextualize your argument a bit within my blog. I am very much in a numbers mood, so bear with me:

  • I have made 2,253 posts on this blog.
  • I did a search of my tags, as you did, and I have around 20 posts that mention el*riel, but just to be safe I rounded up to 30. That means that 0.01% of my blog has ever discussed them.
  • To contrast, my pre-acowar OTP was moriel; a quick search of that tag reveals around 400 posts, or 17.7% of my blog talking about them in some way.

Now, clearly, I do not like el*riel. That much is glaringly obvious. What you failed to take into account is how little I discuss them, the fact that I did put my negative opinions under the cut with a warning yesterday, and that I did also start tagging those posts as anti, or using “el*riel” so that it wouldn’t come up when people searched for the ship. I avoid talking about them bc I know that it might hurt people’s feelings because they have difficulty understanding that me not liking a ship does not mean I don’t like them. I do what I can to help people avoid my negative opinions.

So cherry-picking my opinions on that particular ship, when it’s clear I don’t like it, while failing to take into account the other 2,223 posts I have made, and while failing to recognize that I have done what I could to spare people from my negativity on the topic, seems a bit… well, you cherry-picked your evidence. And a few of the posts you mentioned are months old, which… I had 10 followers at the beginning of the year when I started this blog, so I wasn’t exactly concerned at the time about anyone actually paying attention to me. Maybe that’s my bad.

A couple other things that are more generally related to me and my blog and this fandom, not necessarily what you said:

  • I am a person
  • I make mistakes
  • I can be a huge smartass and really snarky
  • I am allowed to dislike things
  • I am allowed to say that I dislike things
  • Me disliking fictional things is not me disliking actual people
  • Not liking a ship is not at all the same thing as being rude to people, and if people (not just you) don’t get that, I really don’t know what to say to you.
  • Again, there is a difference between fictional people and real people. You will notice that the quotes you pulled out? Were never in direct response to someone, or conversation with someone.
  • If you can find an actual example of me being needlessly rude or aggressive to a flesh and blood person, a human being, I will absolutely apologize. But I’m not going to apologize for not being afraid to say what I think in the shitshow that this fandom has become.
  • If someone had sent me an ask that said “moriel can die in a fiery pit of unhealthy obsession and death and torment”, do you know what I would say? Ok then, buddy. Because that opinion? Is not about me personally.
  • You can say you hate a thing that I love. I can say I hate a thing that you love. We can still be friends.
  • Feel free to unfollow or even block people you don’t agree with or who make this fandom less fun than you want it to be. I have become much more liberal with my unfollowing and blocking of people, and let me tell you - it’s been great. You have to take care of yourself, here.

I have received approximately 110 asks since I finished reading ACOWAR just under two weeks ago. Do you know what this tells me? It tells me that people are not afraid to send me their thoughts and opinions, that they do not assume they will be treated with disrespect. Because they aren’t.

My final point about this and the other asks I received last night, is that this is the kind of crap that makes people frustrated. This is the kind of crap that makes people take hiatuses, and message me saying that they want to leave the fandom, and makes people afraid to say what they think. Which, what is the point of any of this, if we don’t feel like we can talk about this stuff without people getting needlessly offended or feeling like they can never say anything negative.

If me trying to be kind and respectful to people as much as possible while still occasionally failing in that regard puts me on a high horse, then I’m going to ride off into the motherfuckin’ sunset on that horse, and never look back. Because at least I’m trying.

Signs Someone Might Like You

✨Sup my dudes! I’ve been getting lots of asks lately which is really great, I’m super happy that I can give advice to other people who need it! One thing that I’m noticing, however, is that a lot of these asks are very similar in that most of them have to deal with wondering what the signs are that someone may or may not like you. Instead of doing each individual ask, which although would be helpful to the individual, it would be more time consuming than doing this: laying out some of the key signs that someone might have a crush on you! (These are not in order from most to LEAST important I just sorta wrote about the major ones that came to mind as I went, and this’ll be a little long oops sorry).✨


1.) Eye Contact
Eye contact is one of the major things to look for if you’re unsure whether someone likes you, it’s a universal sign for both men and women, whether they’re shy or outgoing, eyes say it all. If you ever catch them staring at you or trying to make eye contact, even if it’s from across the room. Eye contact is pretty large sign they like you since it’s unusual for someone to just stare at someone for no reason. Whether they’re shy or outgoing eye contact can be different, they might look away right when you catch them or continue to hold the eye contact for a few seconds, both are pretty solid signs that if they recur often mean something more than friends.

2.) Eyes in General
EYES wowza this relates to the first one because obviously it has to deal with your orbs. If you ever are talking to them closely and can get a good look at their eyes, notice their pupils. It might be hard if you don’t talk very often or don’t usually talk in a setting where you can get a good look at their pupils, but try your best. If their pupils dilate and get larger for some scientific reason, it can be a straight giveaway that they like you or have some sort of attraction towards you, unknown to them since they can’t necessarily look at their own enlarged pupils without a mirror.

3.) Mirroring
When someone likes another person, they tend to mimic their actions. Take notice in how you sit and how they sit, and if they are similar. Usually if you find that they mirror your actions it means that they are paying attention to you and want to show that they are similar to you, most times without them even realizing. Try to yawn or force a yawn, if they yawn almost immediately after it shows that they were paying attention to you, since yawning is one of those weird human things that trigger almost a chain reaction in other people once someone sees another yawn. It’s really weird, and might not work, but it’s worth a try.

4.) Being Near You
One thing I’m noticing in a lot of these asks is that one of the things mentioned quite a lot is the other person sitting or standing closer than necessary to the person who sent the ask. People who like you will often go out of their way to be within your vicinity. By doing so they are feeling that they are getting closer to you, both physically and emotionally, since being closer to someone can show other people that those two are together or know each other well. Sometimes they might go out of their way to stand next to you in group settings or photos, or it can be smaller like the person inching closer to you over time.

5.) Popping Up
Do you ever find them popping up in random places that you might not expect them to be? Like maybe seeing them in the halls in a place they shouldn’t necessarily be since their class is on the other side of the school? This shows that they want to see you more often, and is common in both guys and girls. By changing their schedule or daily routine to see you more often they give themselves more chances to talk to you and get to know you better. This can be more common in shyer people who don’t have the courage to talk to you, but by switching up their schedule they can see you more often and keep the connection flowing without too much communication.

6.) Remembering
Even if a conversation is short, by remembering a small detail or specific thing can show that they are paying more attention to you than they would to any old conversation. An event, something the other person likes or dislikes, a funny story, it can be anything. If they bring it up again or if the other person brings it up again and they understand what they’re talking about, then it shows how they were attentive during the conversation and maybe want to show off their special treatment towards you. Or they could also be remembering specific details unknowingly, but since they are attracted to the other person, that information sticks in their brain.

7.) Random Touching
This one sort of relates to being near you, since if someone likes another person they might go out of their way to bump into them, lightly touch their shoulder or arm, or find some sort of way to touch you, even if it’s small. People do this because they want to feel that connection became stronger, and by these lighter or sometimes stronger touches they can see how you react, or can also make you feel more comfortable in their presence. For shy people this is a little harder to do, so this sign isn’t completely universal, along with the fact that this is also more common in girls and women. These touches don’t have to necessarily be towards you, it can be that they’re fidgeting, playing with their hair, touching their clothes, etc.

8.) Their Friends
How do their friends act when they’re around you? Boy or girl, each side is known to confront their friends either to get their approval about who they like, or just want to see what their reactions would be. Friends can also act as spies, since they can see what the person that the crush is on is doing in order to relay it back. Obvious signs are that the friends start to laugh or give playful punches to the person having the crush, or suddenly finding them also popping up. Smaller signs being that they might glance at the person more often, talk louder or softer when the crush approaches, or giving “the look” whenever the crush walks by, which can sometimes be either subtle or obvious.

9.) Think of Yourself
This one isn’t necessarily a sign in itself, but makes you think about the things that you do when you have a crush on someone. Notice if some of your own signs come back from the person you’re unsure of. Just by noticing that you can relate to what they’re doing can also make some of the signs feel less creepy if you aren’t fully into them staring at you or standing a little closer than you might like. Think of how you’d normally act in the same situation and apply it, sure it might not be exactly the same, but it can help identify whether or not they have a crush by noting the similarities.

10.) Specifics
These are just some random specifics that change easily aren’t aren’t truly reliable since they’re on the smaller scale. For instance, if a girl pushes up her sleeves, it’s a small sign that she is exposing more of herself to you by doing so, and feels more comfortable in your presence. If a guy puffs up his chest and stands a little taller, then he could be trying to show his more masculine side in order to gain the crush’s affection. Another example of this is a guy mentioning going to the gym or being a little more arrogant when around the crush; just trying to be more masculine. Some more specifics for women and girls can be that they lick their lips more often, try to wear more makeup or dress nicer than usually to get their crush’s attention, or (this one is a bit more universal but mainly with girls) might point her toes and feet towards you when she’s sitting down. Of course if you sit behind her then her feet around going to break and twist backwards, but if her feet unconsciously point in your direction when she crosses or uncrossed her legs, then that can be another smaller sign that she likes you.

Film Theory Analysis - SKAM

Season 3: Ep. 1


Okay so this is a big thing I wrote using film theory to analyze the first episode of Isak’s season of SKAM. It goes in sequential order. I try to fill you in on where I am in the show, but I do skip some parts that don’t stand out as much. It contains spoilers galore, so don’t read if you aren’t caught up! I would also like to warn you that this is basically an essay. It’s long and probably repetitive. I also borrowed some thoughts of others on here and extrapolated from there! Thank you to those who started some of these discussions and theories! And I say it below but I’ll say it up here too, I am NOT from Norway and I’ve never been there. I have very little knowledge of the culture, so if I’m really wrong on anything, please come to me kindly and I’ll fix it! Thanks!

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How do I tell you... - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Word count: 2040

Prompt by @bhishak: Hello, I was wondering if you could write a Peter x Reader. One night the reader passes out at work, she ends up at the hospital but its nothing serious. She gets a call from Jean because the boys ( Like Kurt, Peter, and Scott ) were getting worried, she asks Jean to pick her up, on their way back the reader confesses to Jean that shes pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Peter, let alone her father Xavier. ( You decide what the readers special ability is!! ) Please and thank you!! [A/N: I didn’t include a special ability because I didn’t feel like it was necessary for the plot.]

Warnings: pregnancy, fluff

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A/N: Ooooookay, let me say something. I love the Quicksilver Fox is created, he is an amazing character and I was already sold when I saw the arcade games in his room in both DOFP and Apocalypse (I’m sorry, I’m such a nerd and also a gamer, he just had me instantly. ;-;), but I’m absolutely not sure if I did well with his character, I apologize if I didn’t, I probably need a little more practice. This was kind of a difficult subject for me to write on, since I don’t have any personal experiences with pregnancy, but I really hope you guys like it, and obviously I am hoping that the person that requested it likes it! I would really appreciate feedback on this, since I have a lot of doubt. But here you go. Enjoy it, and as always, tell me if you like it.♥ Sidenote: I’ve been listening to 80s music the entire time I was writing this. :’)

“Ahh let’s just stay in bed a little more Y/N, and then we can play games and pull pranks on Hank and Kurt and everyone.”, Peter growled as he pulled on your arm so you would lay down again.

“Pete, I really need to go right now, we’ll do all those things later, alright? Love you.”, you said and gave him a little peck on his mouth, but he quickly pulled you closer to deepen the kiss. You played along for a little while, but you really needed to go, else you were going to be late. “Work’s calling, Speedy. I’ll try and be back as fast as I can.”, you blew him a kiss as you left to go to work.

Against your father Charles’ will, you had decided to work as a wedding planner, you loved convoying people on their way to that special day, pick out creative and nice choices for everything a good wedding needed. Also, you desperately wanted to live a normal life aside from being a mutant, and teaching at your father’s school just wouldn’t let you. The first few hours were pretty uneventful, you had assembled a list of bands that would potentially meet the wishes of the couple you had been assigned to last week.

You felt an increasing giddiness rising, you’d had this a few times since knowing about your pregnancy. It was two months ago when you had found out that you were pregnant from your boyfriend, Peter, and you hadn’t had the courage to tell anyone yet, not even your best friend Jean. There had been a few times you could’ve told Peter, you had just been to afraid of his reaction, but you were even more freaked out about the response from your father, the Professor had never really been content with your and Peter’s relationship, he thought Peter was incredibly annoying and had avoided to meet the two of you together, he rather spoke with you alone. Now that you were pregnant, he was probably going to be furious and maybe even disappointed, you couldn’t even imagine what he would say.

You tried to distract yourself from these thoughts by checking your e-mails, but the giddiness wouldn’t go away. It had you worried, usually, this only lasted for a few minutes, but somehow, it became even stronger. Getting a glass of water would probably be the best idea right now, but you found it difficult to stand, you tried to steady yourself by leaning on an armrest, but the chair fell to the floor with you, and for a moment, everything went black.


When you woke up, it didn’t take you long to realize that you were in a hospital. The walls around you were all white, the room smelled of sanitizer and you were laying in a bed with white sheets. Suddenly, the door opened and a doctor stepped in. “I see you’re awake, Miss Xavier.”, she said with a smile and stepped a bit closer to your bed. “What happened?”, you asked, looking at her a bit confused. “You passed out, Miss. It is nothing serious, but we need to inform someone about this, it could possibly happen again in the future, since it’s related to your pregnancy. They can also take you home, if you would like. Who would you want us to call? Your co-worker gave us the phone numbers of your father, Charles Xavier, your boyfriend, Peter Maximoff, a friend of yours, Jean Grey-Summers…”

“Jean!“ you insisted, "Please call Jean. Actually, can I make the call myself?”, you asked quickly, before she would decide it would be best to call your father.
“If you wish, Miss, you may make the call yourself. I will check back with you in a quarter hour, please wait for me before you leave, we will make a prescription for medicine against sudden giddiness, to prevent this from happening again. Also, we need to make sure Miss Grey-Summers knows about your condition.”, the doctor left with these words after handing you the phone.

Hesitantly, you dialled the number of the phone in Jean’s room. You didn’t want to tell her about the pregnancy, or have anyone else tell her about it, you weren’t prepared for this. As you heard the ringing tone, you jumped, but quickly caught yourself. “Jean Grey?”, the familiar voice at the other end answered. “Hey Jean, it’s Y/N…”, you wanted to cut straight to the point, but your got interrupted by your best friend. “Oh my gosh, Y/N! The boys and me were crazy worried! Scott, Kurt, Hank and Peter have all come in here to ask me where you are. I said I didn’t know, but I told your father you were working late tonight. What happened?”, she seemed to be really excited to hear you, but to be fair, you didn’t have any idea for how long you had been in the hospital. “I’m fine, really. I passed out at work and I was at a hospital, it’s nothing serious. I’m at Y/HT/H (your hometown hospital), could you please pick me up? And please, don’t bring Peter.”, you insisted, “I’ll explain it later, I promise.”

“A… alright, be right there.”, she was clearly confused, but you were glad that she didn’t ask any questions. “Thank you, you’re the best.”, you responded and then hung up.

Only minutes after the doctor came back to your room, Jean arrived, accompanied by another doctor. “Here it is.”, he said and opened the door for Jean. She thanked him with a smile, then came to hug you tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay, honey.”, you chuckled at how cute she was when she was worried. “Hello, Miss Grey-Summers.”, the doctor that had been waiting in your room caught Jean’s attention, “The incident today wasn’t serious, but I need to inform you that Miss Xavier is fifteen weeks pregnant and since this is common during pregnancies, we will prescribe her medicine to prevent these incidents from happening.”, she said calmly.

“Fifteen weeks? That’s almost four months, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me? Does Peter know about it?”, your best friend exclaimed in shock. “No, he doesn’t. Can we please talk about this in the car?”, you begged, you weren’t comfortable discussing this subject further in front of the doctor. “You can take Miss Xavier home.”, the doctor said to Jean, then she turned to you: “This is your prescription. And I suggest that you inform the father soon.”, she advised as she guided the two of you to the exit. As soon as the door closed, Jean was all over you. “Congratulations, sweetie! I’m sure you and Peter will make great parents!”, she hugged you happily. “Jean, please.”, you pleaded as you gently pushed her away from you, “I…”, you climbed into the passenger seat. “What if he doesn’t want it?”, you looked at her, your eyes full of anxiety, the thought of him leaving you popped into your head, and you had a hard time fighting back the tears at the thought.

“Oh, Y/N, of course he does, he is head over heels in love with you, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to start a family with anyone but you.”, she laid her hand on your shoulder to comfort you until she started the car. “Plus”, she smirked, “he’s thought about proposing a couple of times.”, you were surprised at that statement. “How did you… You’re unbelievable, Jean!”, you laughed as you figured she’d looked into his mind. “Oh come on, it was for a good purpose!”, she defended herself and you just shook your head. She was truly the best friend in the world.

After a few minutes with little conversation, you wanted to get one more thing off your chest. “How… how would I tell my dad?”, this had been bothering you more than telling Peter, and if anyone, you wanted to ask Jean for advice. “Honey, I know he’s not necessarily showing approval of your relationship.”, she began and you sighed. “What else is new?”, she ignored your comment and continued, “But really, he’s just having a hard time letting his little girl go. Take Peter with you and tell him to calmly explain to the Professor that he wants the best for you, just like him. It may not sound like it, but it will help. Charles is warm at heart, and whatever makes you happy, makes him happy too. Believe me, Y/N.”, what Jean said had a calming impact on you, it made you feel a lot easier about the situation.

When you arrived at the school, you walked in with a lot more confidence than before, you felt prepared, your best friend at your side. You were greeted by the view of Peter, Kurt, Scott and Hank, all sitting on couches the had apparently moved into the hall, sitting at a table, Kurt nervously tapping his fingers on the table, Peter occasionally speeding around the room with a worried expression on his face. It was Hank who first noticed you, “Y/N!”, he exclaimed, and before he could hug you, Peter was already holding you in his arms. “God baby, where have you been?”, he asked. “At a hospital, Pete, I’m fine. But there’s something I have to tell you.”, you cleared your throat, but for no apparent reason, you didn’t seem to mind the other boys in the room as you started to speak: “Peter, I’m almost four months pregnant. I know, I should’ve told you earlier, because if you don’t want it, I’m afraid it’s…”, you bit your lip, but Peter just gave you a small kiss. “Baby, I want it. There is no one I would rather want to have child with than you. You will make the best mother in the world, and I will try my best to be a good father, we could go shopping tomorrow, you know, and get all the things we need and we need to…”, you felt tears of joy forming in your eyes as you hugged Peter even tighter. “Slow down, Speedy. We’ll figure it out, alright?”, you kissed him once more before Scott and the other boys approached you to congratulate the two of you.

You couldn’t ever have imagined to receive such a positive response, your friends were so supportive of you, once again reminding you how great they really were.

You heard wheels rolling in the hall, you knew who it was, and you started to get nervous again. As Peter noticed, he took your hand in his and you squeezed it when your father appeared in your sight. He slowly came closer and you gulped as he looked at you with a straight face. “I’ve heard.”, was all he said.

“Professor, may I say something?”, you were surprised at how politely and calmly Peter talked to your father, and judging from his expression, your dad was, too, but he gestured for Peter to speak on. “I love Y/N with all my heart. She is my one and only, and no one could make me happier than her. I promise you, I won’t do any harm to your daughter. I couldn’t.”, he looked at you shyly and smiled softly, now it was his turn to lightly squeeze your hand. “I will take care of the baby and I swear professor, I will try my best not to annoy you.”, you were speechless. You hadn’t ever heard Peter speaking with your father, or anyone, as politely and with as much sincerity as he was now.

Your father laughed lightly, “It’s alright, Peter. I know your intentions are pure. I give the two of you my blessing. I’m sure we’ll get along somehow.”, Peter chuckled at your fathers response, clearly relieved, just like you.

You couldn’t help but have a big grin on your face, you felt so much relief and happiness and love at this very moment that it was hard for you to say anything, but you didn’t have to, Peter had already grabbed your other hand and leaned in for a kiss, and before you closed your eyes, you thought you’d caught a glimpse of a smile on your father’s face.

My month of posting CC every day has come to an end! I am both relieved and a bit sad. Your continuous support and nice messages mean the world to me: I can’t even begin to describe to you what it does to my mood to see a nice message, or a friendly comment stating someone loves my CC. Whether you are here for the conversions, my tattoos, my other stuff, or even all of it - thank you so much for supporting me and sharing your homes and Sims with me for me to look at.

It has been a wonderful month I have done in thanks for 4,000 followers - but now that the month is up, I am close to reaching almost 5,000 of you. Thank you, thank you!! ♥

Also, I am genuinely proud of myself. Might sound silly to a lot of you, but actually starting something and finishing it, when I had promised so, is a great feeling and I feel beyond accomplished by having uploaded CC every day for an entire month. I have not missed a single day, which still baffles me. Prior to January 1st, I was planning to work around 4 days ahead, so I could take breaks in between, but that idea went out of the window fast and for the last few days, I found myself finishing up CC the day it was due, because I was running out of time. Not necessarily a bad thing: I tend to be overly perfectionistic, as you all know, and spending forever on something makes me anxious more than anything. To be able to clear a lot of WIPs from my list has made me feel so productive, and I’m glad to see that you are all enjoying the variety of stuff I have brought out this month! There’s still a lot on my WIP list and stuff waiting to be released, but those will come in the near future.

So, what now?
Prior to this month of posting, I released CC whenever my current project was finished. This could vary from CC once every few days, sometimes even once every other day. At times, I didn’t upload anything for close to 2 weeks, because I was busy with a current project that required more time.

I will be going back to that way of posting now that January is over, so from today forward there will only be CC whenever I finish something: no set schedule! As always, I try not to leave you guys without anything new for too long, and try to release something at least once every few days. However, I am going to focus on Norse/Medieval-related stuff for a while (conversions and other things), seeing as that is what my legacy is going to be centered on. Of course, there will still be other stuff and fantasy-related things, as well, so no worries!

The Legacy That Val Keeps Talking About But Never Actually Posts Anything On™
The story for the first few ‘chapters’ is already written down, and my founder has already been made. However, since the legacy is going to take place in Old Scandinavia, there is a few things I want to convert and put into my game first. I also want to do a few builds before I start anything, so that’s going to be fun. I will be sharing a lot of the CC I will make for this legacy right when I finish it!

I don’t want to say too much about the upcoming legacy, but there are a few details I want to share with you right of the bat:

- The founder is going to be female
- The story will have some supernatural aspects to it (Gods, witches, hauntings, etc), but will not be the focus of the story
- The story will take place in Old Scandinavia: medieval times, if you will
- Even though it takes place in Scandinavia, there will be a wide variety of Norsemen/Vikings in the story. I am a firm believer of the theory that vikings were not all blonde, red haired Europeans - but that, during their travels around the entire world, they found love in places far away from home and furthered their bloodline by marrying and having children with people of all sorts of different races. The story will feature Norsemen of all shapes and sizes, of all races, genders and different sexualities.

I try to make my CC while trying to be as inclusive and open-minded as possible, doing my research where it is needed and educating myself where I can. I don’t want my legacy to be any different, so I hope you guys are looking forward to the legacy as much as I am! ♥

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to let you guys know what’s coming and that I’m very excited to have had such a fun start of the new year! All the love and kisses to my lovely supporters, thank you so much ♥

anonymous asked:

have you ever talked about the part with anders and his approval of giving fenris away back to dan whatever his name is? f you have something talking about that, could you link it? i'd really like to hear your opinion of that!

i have but i think i’ll just retype it because i’ve thought up some new opinions that kinda reinforce my point. the short version is it’s bad writing and extremely ooc. now i’m not saying it’s a bad thing to make characters lash out/act negatively/have conflict in the story, but that whole scene fundamentally contradicts who anders AND justice are at their core.

let’s talk about justice first. in awakening he’s one of your companions you can recruit. he views the world in absolutes and doesn’t understand the specific nuances of society outside of the fade, though through conversation your companions are more than happy to teach him. when anders gets ser pounce a lot, he expresses disgust, as he seems to think anders owning a cat is a form of slavery:

  • Justice: I see that your feline companion remains with you.
  • Anders: He seems happy enough. Isn’t that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: To enslave another creature does not seem just.
  • Anders: He’s not a slave! He’s a friend. And he’s also a cat.
  • Justice: A cat that lacks freedom.
  • Anders: Just ignore him, Ser Pounce-a-lot. They don’t have pets in the Fade, apparently.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)

doesn’t really seem like someone who would approve of handing fenris over to danarius, does it? there’s also this dialogue he has with anders about apathy

  • Justice: I understand that you struggle against your oppression, mage.
  • Anders: I avoid my oppression. That’s not quite the same thing, is it?
  • Justice: Why do you not strike a blow against your oppressors? Ensure they can do this to no one else?
  • Anders: Because it sounds difficult?
  • Justice: Apathy is a weakness.
  • Anders: So is death. I’m just saying.

again it strikes me as odd that justice would be indifferent about hawke’s decision to hand fenris over to danarius, even if anders didn’t particularly like him. justice operates very much in absolutes—what’s right versus what’s wrong. handing fenris over to danarius is wrong, therefore justice at the very least should have said something. 

also justice flat out tells anders that since he’s free it’s his duty to protect those who are actively being hurt by their oppression:

  • Justice: I believe you have a responsibility to your fellow mages.
  • Anders: That bit of self-righteousness is directed at me?
  • Justice: You have seen oppression and are now free. You must act to free those who remain oppressed.
  • Anders: Or I could mind my business, in case the Chantry comes knocking.
  • Justice: But this is not right. You have an obligation.
  • Anders: Yes, well… welcome to the world, spirit.

another common argument i’ve seen is that justice must have been ~perverted~ by anders’s human desires and turned into a demon, vengeance. that’s very much what the narrative strives to push, but a closer examination of justice’s behavior makes me pretty skeptical of this claim.

justice has very little opportunity to speak for himself in DA2 sadly, but the one time he really gets to is in the fade. we’re constantly told throughout the game that justice has become a demon, and in awakening that’s the thing he fears most. however, when you interact with him during the nightmare quest, justice is calm, collected, and just wants to save feynriel—not quite the demons we’re used to seeing, right? 

in the dissent quest, justice takes over anders’s body and lashes out at ella after she accuses him of becoming a demon. in inquisition solas tells you that the fade is shaped by people’s thoughts and emotions, and what one person sees might be vastly different than what another person sees—the history that’s recorded in the fade isn’t necessarily truth, but a reflection of a person’s memory. so with that knowledge here we have justice, a denizen of the fade dealing in absolutes, accused of being a demon. this is justice’s greatest fear and naturally he lashes out because what this girl believes could easily become his truth and he’s frightened by it. this isn’t the first time justice has lashed out at the accusation of being a demon though:

  • Anders: Are you saying that you could become a demon, Justice?
  • Justice: I said no such thing.
  • Anders: You said that demons were spirits perverted by their desires.
  • Justice: I have no such desires.
  • Anders: You must have some desires…
  • Justice: I have none! Desist your questions!
  • Anders: I apologize, Justice. I didn’t mean to suggest you would become a demon.
  • Justice: I should certainly hope not.
  • Anders: I just wondered what relation there is between spirits and demons. Demons are a worry to any mage.
  • Justice: I do not know what makes demons as they are. Such evil angers me, but I do not understand it.
  • Anders: Well, I hope you never come to understand.
  • Justice: I as well, mage. More than you could possibly know.

another point where justice lashes out is at a hawke who’s rivalmancing anders. now after dissent anders questions his perception of reality, and asks hawke to validate what’s real and what’s not for him. let’s keep in mind that anders was kept in solitary confinement for a year, and one detrimental effect of that is extreme paranoia as well as hallucinations. he was also subjected to a lot of gaslighting during his time in the circle + by your companions who invalidate his complaints about the templars and the circle. this is when we see anders most vulnerable in the game and he’s asking your hawke to tell him if everything he’s suffered and fought for was real—and this is the main turning point of your hawke’s relationship with anders. if you choose to pursue a rivalmance and tell anders that what he’s fighting for isn’t important, justice lashes out and tells hawke anders doesn’t need them. this bit delves into meta territory, but i’ve always viewed this as justice protecting anders from hawke rather than protecting anders’s cause from hawke. justice has seen all of anders’s memories and knows what sort of hell he’s lived through and he doesn’t want hawke to make anders suffer like that again.

so what’s the point of this long rant about justice? well, a) he’s not a demon and b) he maintains who he is as a character at his core even when he shares a body with anders. therefore, it stands to reason that justice WOULD speak up on fenris’s defense if hawke should hand him over to danarius. hell, justice should have killed hawke on the spot for it really.

now moving onto anders. i’m not going to claim that anders has the best track record with fenris because let’s face it—he absolutely doesn’t. he’s usually the one initiating conversations with fenris and usually they don’t start out hostile but they end up that way really fast. 

what anders wants most from fenris is for him to agree with him and see he has a point about mages and their oppression, and he tries to reach out to fenris by discussing his own oppression about being a slave. he compares the treatment of the mages to slavery and says that fenris should have some compassion, to which fenris responds that he doesn’t. now these sort of conversations are frustrating for both of them to have because no one’s mediating and they’re both so focused on how their own oppression affects them personally that it’s almost impossible for them to see it from another point of view.

now i don’t know if you take anders to a lot of places, but if you take him to the bone pit or to the alienage, he will comment on the horrible conditions slaves/elves live in and say they deserve justice as much as the mages. doesn’t really sound like someone who would want to hand fenris over to danarius even if their relationship is petty, right?

while fenris and anders are far from good friends, they do get along enough for them to meet up and play cards—-in fact so much so that anders owes fenris a great deal of money because he’s a terrible liar and bad at bluffing during wicked grace. now what’s interesting about this is this little banter anders has with isabela:

  • Anders: You owe me fifty silvers.
  • Isabela: You were cheating!
  • Anders: So were you!
  • Isabela: You had supernatural help.
  • Anders: Excuses! Just admit it. I beat you at your own game.
  • Isabela: Ugh.
  • Anders: Fifty silvers.

justice canonically helps anders win bets against isabela, and we know isabela canonically cheats—therefore justice views it as morally okay to help anders beat her at her own game. so why doesn’t justice help anders cheat at cards with fenris??? because fenris doesn’t cheat??? he knows anders dislikes fenris so why not help him get leverage on him over a simple card game??? so if justice wouldn’t help anders fuck fenris over something as trivial as a card game, why would he let it slide for him to approve of  something as severe as selling fenris back to danarius? it doesn’t make sense, right?

anders is a lot of things and he can be an asshole at times, but i don’t think it’s in character for him to want to sell fenris back to danarius no matter how turbulent their relationship is. there are other faults i do hold him accountable for that i think fall in line with his established character:

  • his treatment of merrill. anders is andrastian + he’s always been taught that blood magic = bad. in his own way he does try to talk her out of it but much like his own problem with fenris he has zero tact in approaching her respectfully about it.
  • his treatment of fenris in idle banter. again, he just wants fenris to desperately agree with him and validate his experiences so they can work together, but it’s a frustrating conversation for him to have.
  • his jealousy of another LI should hawke choose to romance someone else.
  • he’s ignorant of specifically elven things—-dalish culture especially.

all of these things i feel are certainly fair criticisms, but the whole danarius thing strikes me as a writing flaw rather than a character flaw. it’s something that isn’t wholly unique to anders in DA2 though—we see that isabela disapproves of you giving orana a job in hawke’s mansion even though she’s first and foremost here for other women and freeing slaves. she also disapproves of you paying ferelden refugees more than pocket change for doing dangerous work in the bone pit. fenris approves of you killing justice/anders in the fade even though it means dealing with a demon to do it, which fundamentally contradicts fenris’s core beliefs. he also approves of you blackmailing thrask after his daughter dies just because she was a mage. now fenris can be petty and mean, but he’s not that cruel—-especially since he can comfort carver/bethany for their loss of their sibling even if one of them is a mage.

so yeah if you read this far then congrats! but anyway—- the tl;dr version of that is that whole scene is shoddily written and i think it’s only there to play up a rivalry that imo shouldn’t be there in the first place. there’s already more than enough canonical evidence that anders and fenris don’t get along, but that entire scene was absolutely unnecessary and extremely out of character.

Do you have any advice for people who want to write, but feel afraid or not good enough? Not necessarily writing fanfic, but writing in general? I’ve got so many ideas for stories, and I have so much fun planning them & daydreaming about them, but when it comes to the writing, I just freeze up. :/ Thank you!!! :* <3

I received this ask today, and I’m responding to it without the person’s name, in case they don’t want to be attached to it. But I wanted to share my response publicly because I’m betting what you’re describing is something many people feel, and others may have their own insight to contribute (very possibly better than what I can offer).

I don’t have an easy answer. I can tell you my story, though, and what’s currently working for me. Spoiler alert before I start: you are not alone. What you’re feeling is totally normal for someone who loves writing. I wish it wasn’t, but self-doubt pretty much comes with the territory. The secret, if there is one, is to learn how to recognize that, and push through anyway, even on the days when it’s really, really hard.

I’ve been writing since I knew that writing was A Thing People Can Do. I was the kid who always had a notebook on hand; when I was in places (like church) where it’d be frowned upon to be overtly writing one of my stories, I’d scribble ideas down on scraps of paper I stuffed into my pockets and tried to rearrange into plots once I got home. 

I wrote terrible, formulaic stories when I was a kid. The one I thought at the time was going to be my masterpiece (I really believed in myself back then) was a pretty blatant rip-off of The Black Stallion Returns. (But my horse was red and the opening scenes were in my carefully described neighborhood, so it was different, see.)

I kept writing through high school, filling up more notebooks, and swapping them with my fellow writer friends during our lunch hours, so we could exclaim over each others’ stories and encourage each other to keep going. I wrote a lot at this time, including two “novels” that were each over 400 handwritten pages.

They were terrible. Better than what I wrote when I was in elementary school, but still badly plotted, predictable, and frankly pretty embarrassing to look back on now.

I have those notebooks (and binders) stored in a box under my bed, and I think sometimes about shredding the evidence, in case I ever manage to get published, and someone finds out what an awful writer I used to be. But I haven’t (yet), because the truth is, I loved writing every single one of those pages. I loved daydreaming new scenes, bits of dialogue, dramatic moments that tugged at my emotions. I loved sprawling on my bed or sitting at my desk and transferring these thoughts to physical form.

It didn’t really matter that my dialogue was stilted, and my characters were wooden. What mattered was that it was fun. I still have incredibly fond memories of that point in my life, and I wish I could go back to the pure enjoyment I felt back then, when I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that I was going to be a published author.

I think that’s an important thing to remember. The act of writing, on its own, is worthwhile. The way it makes you feel is important. The joy you get from crafting your ideas and seeing them take shape on the page: that’s a gift you shouldn’t shy away from.

The end result doesn’t have to be good. And it probably won’t be, not right away. That doesn’t make you a bad writer. That makes you a normal writer. There isn’t a single writer out there who believes that everything they’ve ever written is amazing. Not even the biggest, brightest, most incredibly talented, critically acclaimed authors you can think of. (If they do think this, they’re (a) a douchebag and (b) delusional.)

Your writing improves as you continue to write. That’s how it works. It’s like anything else: playing an instrument, being an athlete. You won’t wake up one day and win a race, or play a flawless solo at a concert, unless you’ve put in the work to get yourself there. You probably won’t write an award-winning story your first time putting pen to paper. Maybe you will, over time. Maybe you won’t. 

But you know what?

That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you have a brain teeming with creativity, and you want to tell your stories. So you should. That’s reason enough, and I can tell you from experience that when you hold yourself back out of fear or self-doubt, all you’re doing is making yourself unhappy.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I want to ask you about jensen ackles and what the homophobia thing is about? like he seems to be very lgtb supportive lately but is there any real evidence of him being a homo phobe? not hating by the way, sincerely curious about why this has always been a topic in the fandom

Hey! :’)

So, do you ever get a question in your inbox and you’re like; OH LORD NO, I DON’T WANNA TOUCH THIS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE?

This is that question.

First of all, I’m going to leave Destiel completely out of it, because otherwise y’all are gonna be shouting ‘BIAS’ faster than I can publish this message.

Look, I think that if you’re asking for anything ‘concrete’, outside of him having said that certain things weren’t ‘manly’ (this kind of macho behavior doesn’t necessarily equal homophobia), there are two things that really stand out.

The thing is, the first one is questionable. It’s about the fan who brought up being bi, and hinted that she related to Dean because of it. The audience was booing her loudly, and Jensen said something along the lines of ‘don’t ruin it for everyone’.

This article pretty much covers that side of the argument: http://www.dailydot.com/society/jensen-ackles-homophobia-supernatural-fandom/

But then later on, the girl who asked the question made a post about how it was all a misunderstanding, and that what Jensen said wasn’t aimed at her. She was upset because of the audience booing her, but she claimed that Jensen hadn’t even properly heard the question, and that he was just randomly talking to the audience to entertain them while the staff discussed whether or not to let her finish said question.

In the end they decided to not let her finish (staff, not Jensen), because they wanted to keep the panel ‘fun and light’ and this was changing the entire atmosphere (idk who the ones booing were though; homophobes? Bibros? Leaving that open.) Either way, the girl stated that the only thing humiliating about it was the audience, but that Jensen barely knew what was going on. You can still read her post here: Click!

Not much later fans were already questioning if it was truly her posting it, some saying that if it was her, she might have done it only to not aggravate Jensen fans/bibros in the fandom.

But again, all of this is speculation. The video is pretty vague, and it’ll probably forever remain a mystery what truly went down. Which is why I find it hard to use it as an argument for this, because the stories are so conflicting.

The second thing that probably stands out to most people, was the quote about Brokeback Mountain:

Someone asked Jensen if he would ever do a cowboy movie.

Jensen’s reply was: “I would say yes, but then Brokeback Mountain came out, and my desire to do a cowboy film completely tanked.

Which roughly translates to; Oh yeah, I love cowboy movies, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but then this one cowboy movie including a homosexual romance happened, and it has stained my view of these kind of movies forever.

Of course you can argue that he happened to mention that one cowboy movie because he simply disliked it for the plot/the acting/whatever. But if you’re not overanalyzing it, I completely understand why that comment would sound rather homophobic to people.

Now, whenever we reach this point in the conversation, everyone brings up Jensen’s gay aunt and a whole other discussion starts; can you be homophobic or make homophobic comments even though you’re close to someone who is actually gay? (The answer is yes, in case you wondered, but I’m not stating that this applies to Jensen though.) Or what’s being brought up is Jensen in the past playing a character that was strongly hinted to be bisexual. And everyone discussing ‘does it matter, does it not’. 

Anyhow, this being said; please keep in mind that all of these things happened over three years ago. Whether you’re a Jensen fan or not, I think that it doesn’t take an expert to see that the guy has changed a lot over the past few years. How he interacts with fans, how he’s more comfortable in his own skin, how he’s more open and understanding, is willing to share more of himself, and is clearly enjoying himself more at conventions now that he feels more connected to the fandom.

And that doesn’t mean that you immediately have to be cool with every possible problematic thing he’s ever said, but I’m the kind of person that believes that people can grow. I believe that they can be educated  and change for the better with the right support.

And I don’t want to say it out loud, because I don’t want to be /that person/  that makes this post about /that thing/, but if you honestly think about it, it isn’t hard to guess where this influence is coming from in Jensen’s case. Being more open, trying to understand the fans and the fandom, trying to understand others and be kind to them even though you might think they’re ‘different’, and because you take the time to understand them, being able to see their points of view and supporting them. Supporting the things that matter to them, and in return they will give back and support you and your beliefs as well. Speaking out to everything that isn’t right in the world, supporting groups that need celebrities to be their voice because otherwise they won’t be heard… Helping the fandom by helping to set up this project that reaches out to fans who are struggling with mental health and other problems.

Because if we’re going to leave all of the shipper-y/tinhatting/hateful nonsense behind for once, and we’re just going to look at them as two human beings, and we’re going to be honest about it, it’s not hard to tell that Jensen looks up to him A LOT.

And if we’re going to look the other way around; considering the kind of person that Misha is, he has little tolerance for people who hate on others because of who they are (his recent vendetta against Trump tells you all), he holds the LGTB+ community dear, and although I don’t doubt that the guy would be able to remain professional and tolerate someone with these kind of views for the sake of having to work together, you can clearly see that he not just tolerates but absolutely ADORES Jensen. So I’m having trouble believing that Misha would become this close with someone/value someone this much, if he didn’t know deep down that this person’s heart was in the right place. That this person just needed someone to guide them a little bit and show them some different points of view to make them understand what’s up and what matters.

This week alone, is proof that Jensen might genuinely have changed his views.

Jensen could’ve made a clinical tweet about the Orlando shooting (ala Trump) as his duty as a celebrity, but instead he chose to join the many people who were hurting in changing his icon to the gay pride flag, later on posting a selfie and again mentioning all of the victims in Orlando and dedicating it to them.

When someone wanted him to wear the bi flag in a photo op this weekend, and the fan explained him that it was about bisexual Dean, a very popular headcanon in the fandom that means something to a lot of fans, he said ‘sure let’s do it’, and he’s even looking positive and confident in the photo op, not doing the infamous ‘grumpy face’ or something along those lines. [Phoenix con 2016]

And I get it, us humans we always go for one extreme or the other, and the fandom has always been divided into fans who absolutely demonize the guy, and fans who put the guy on a freaking golden pedestal; there is no in between when it comes to Jensen Ackles.

Me, I like to see him as a human being. A human being that screws up, sometimes says the wrong thing, sometimes is a douchebag because he blabs without thinking, like we all do at times. (Lord knows I do.)

But also a human being who’s made an impact on a lot of fans, has made many girls who felt insecure about their looks feel special during photo ops, and has definitely made an effort to open his heart to the fandom, and with that to the things that they stand for, thus supporting those things.

(PS: Whoever sent me this question, just letting you know that you’re driving me to drink, LMAO.)

‘The Night Manager’ Finale Postmortem: The Truth About The Drying Trousers

Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine (Photos: Des Willie/AMC)

Spoiler alert: The ending of The Night Manager would seem to not bode well for Hugh Laurie’s Richard Roper, the international arms dealer who’s last seen in the back of a paddy wagon driven by the arms buyers he’d inadvertently stiffed and intentionally insulted. In our final weekly postmortem with executive producer Stephen Garrett, we talk about building that suspense — and whether Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) would really have shown up at the Nefertiti in a dry suit after drowning Freddie Hamid (David Avery) in his pool.

I was watching a screener of the finale on my laptop, full-screen, and I got so tense at times I had to shrink it down.
Music to my ears, thank you. You know what you want to achieve, you just don’t know quite whether it’s going to come off. I think there are a number of moments that we really wrestled with, both in the script-writing process and the filming, and then the editing. For me, one of the most agonizing moments [to watch] is when Jed can’t get back into the safe. In fact, even as I remember it, a shiver goes down my spine. Even on the page you could tell that was just going to be a killer moment, terrifying. And when Burr goes into Roper’s room armed with the code, and then Tabby comes in and she hides — we’ve all seen scenes a bit like that before, but there’s something about Burr being pregnant and Tabby being played by this huge man. I don’t know if you know this, but at his peak, the actor playing Tabby, Hovik Keuchkerian, was the heavyweight boxing champion of Spain. He really was a very big guy and, actually, a gentle giant, almost the mascot of the crew. He was such a lovely man, but physically enormous and very, very imposing. The combination of him wandering into that space and being a threat to Burr played beautifully.

Hovik Keuchkerian as Tabby

The one we wrestled with, and really the exact form of it took shape probably the night before it was actually filmed, was when Frisky drags Jed down the hotel corridor — she tortured, beaten, battered; he with his gun and the instructions to take Burr out. We talked for a long time about how that was going to work and whether Burr should have a gun, and whether she should use it, whether Frisky was going to die or just be shot, and just how that whole scene was going to work plausibly. Again, the audience will have to be the judge as to whether it did work. I think we were all really thrilled with the way it turned out, but it was something we were not confident of until the edit.

Olivia Colman as Angela Burr

On the opposite side of the emotional spectrum is that really lovely scene when Pine sees Burr again. They share that warm hug. Was that scripted?
I don’t think it was scripted. I think it was just something they did. Partly because as actors, they hadn’t played a scene together for some time, so they were really pleased to see each other again. It felt right. It’s interesting, because [the characters] haven’t had much time together. They didn’t know each other very well, but I think they’ve got this incredible bond, knowing what they’ve been through, knowing how close their whole operation has been to collapsing, and now how close they are to actually reeling Roper in, but still a lot to go wrong. I think it’s a really lovely moment. You believe the emotion.

Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper

Let’s talk about Roper’s fate. How did you all decide it?
Really, the challenge, going back to the writing process and the filming and editing, was you’ve got a number of people’s stories you want to end. Again, we’ve all seen movies where you feel it’s got three or four endings. It ends, and you think, “Okay, great, I’m waiting for the titles now,” and then there’s another ending and another. We wanted to avoid that. We wanted something that felt like justice, but an appropriate justice, for Roper. Killing him would have been too easy. That hint of ambiguity that’s attached to him being dragged off by people who don’t mean him well and you know are capable of very bad things just felt right. I love the way that the audience’s imagination takes over at that point. In a way, whatever you want to happen to him can and will happen to him.

For Pine and Jed, I think it would have been too sickly and cute if they’d run off into the sunset hand-in-hand. That sense that there is a bond between them but that they can’t be together just feels very true and much more like life than many stories can be.

Elizabeth Debicki as Jed

He tells her he’ll come visit soon. So is that just something he says?
Again, I think it’s trusting the audience’s intelligence and imagination. Then whatever you want to happen can happen. If you’d like them to be together, it’s not ruled out. If you feel it’s better that they’re not or, again, more like life that they’re not, then that’s the ending you can have.

When we talked before the miniseries’ premiere, you said that we’d see some light moments even in the darkest hour, and you were right. Like when Roper said, “Could you just scratch my nose?” and gave Pine that wink as he’s being led out in handcuffs, and after Pine blows up the weapons in the trucks and Roper realizes he’s also transferred the first payment, Roper says, “Oh, you beauty.”
You’ve picked two moments that are both brilliant Hugh improvisations. “Oh, you beauty” — that was a completely Hugh line. He was channeling quintessential Roper at that point. The same thing with the “scratch my nose.” That was Hugh in the moment.

At the show’s U.S. premiere screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Susanne Bier told the story of how Hugh came to her, about a week before production began, with a list of actors he thought could play Roper better than him. She said the next night they had dinner, and he was fine.
I didn’t realize she’d told that story at Tribeca. I can confirm it, because I had a similar conversation with him the next day.

Any chance you’ll tell us who was on Hugh’s list?
I think maybe that’s a competition for your readers. Now having seen him, of course, in answer to the question, “Who could play Roper better?” it would be a rather empty list. Actually, even Hugh didn’t have a very long list. He had two or three names. He said, “Check out the availability of these people. I’m sure they’d do it better.” It wasn’t something we were prepared to do. Clearly, we thought he would be rather good. Fortunately, between us we were able to sway him that he was in the right place at the right time.

Hugh’s talked about how he actually tried to option The Night Manager novel when it was published in the ‘90s. Do you think he loved the story that much, it was a momentary fear that he wouldn’t do Roper justice?
I think part of the reason he’s so good is he’s an extraordinary perfectionist and is his own harshest critic. It was real. Partly, yes, out of his fidelity to the character in general, and this moment, in particular, he wanted to make sure it was right. I think a lot of people are very hard on themselves. That makes their lives tougher for them than for people who aren’t hard on themselves. We all have come across people who perhaps should be harder on themselves and aren’t. He’s the opposite. He’s someone who doesn’t need to be hard on himself, but is.

I think we all felt we were part of a process where we were making something pretty good. … That just happens when everyone, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, is performing at the top of their game. Then there is a kind of magic or alchemy that either happens or doesn’t happen, which you can’t really control. You just create the conditions for it, then it turns into something special and unique.

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And it’s really a team effort. I think the score is a great example of something that exceeded our wildest dreams. The music plays a huge part in a way that you never really necessarily articulate. The fact that you haven’t asked me about it is good, because it means it’s subtly doing its work. If you look at some of your favorite moments and imagine them without music or with different music, they’d fall apart or fall flat.

As you may know, what happens when you edit a show is, the editor basically, where he thinks there should be music, puts on a temporary soundtrack, which he plunders from all the best movie or TV soundtracks ever written. The show’s composer is then shown a cut with, in many cases, the best movie music ever written and he’s told, “You can’t copy that, because obviously someone else has already written that, but please do something that’s as good as that or better, without it being the same.” That’s an appallingly difficult challenge to give to composers, however brilliant they are. Our composer, Victor Reyes, rose to the challenge.

The soundscape in general: there are some extraordinary sounds [in the miniseries]. If you take [episode 5′s] fireworks sequence that our sound designers did, to put together an atmosphere that makes you feel you’re in that space in the moment — these are the unsung heroes of the process. What they do is the difference between the whole piece feeling good but not great, and great.

And finally, my last question: After Jonathan killed Freddie, did he have time to dry his suit?
I’m very glad you’ve raised that, because that has been very controversial [after the UK airing]. We get a lot of complaints on Twitter and beyond about a continuity error. As you know, when he walks back into the hotel, his trousers are dry. Interestingly, Tom, obviously, really did wade into the pool and got his trousers wet. In the dry heat of Marrakesh, which is, if anything, a bit cooler than the dry heat of Cairo, his trousers, in reality, dried [quickly]. We will be happy to recreate the experiment. We took such care to get everything right, it’s a source of huge irritation to us that we’ve been called out for something that looks like an error but in fact, in life, his trousers when he walked back into the hotel would have been dry.

I will set the record straight.
Thank you. You might be the only opportunity we have to correct that particular misconception. Your headline for the story is “The Truth About the Drying Trousers.” That’s a world scoop.

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X-Files Fic: She’s Beauty, She’s Grace- Chapter Nine

AS PROMISED!  Awkward and ridiculous sex!

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Scully throws open the door to the command center and rushes in, still clad in her workout clothes.  She spies Kersh and Skinner standing together near the bank of monitors set up along one wall and rushes over to them.  They turn to face her as she approaches.

“Agent Scully,” says Kersh, frowning, “we’ve had people looking for you for an hour now.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I was speaking with Tina Fitzsimmons down in the workout room,” Scully says.  "I’ve learned something I believe may be pertinent to the case.“  This gets the attention of the other agents in the room, including Mulder, who comes over to stand beside her.

‘What did you find out?” he asks.

“I was right about what happened after the Miss California pageant,” says Scully.  "During their private lunch together the day after, Tina alleges that Alan Bellman sexually assaulted her.  He tried to kiss her, and groped her extensively, in spite of her clearly and repeatedly trying to rebuff his advances.“  The room goes silent around them.  "She says that he threatened her with violence when she tried to stop him.  Sir,” she addresses herself to Kersh, “I believe Tina can be convinced to file formal charges against Bellman.  And what’s more,” she continues, as Kersh tries to interrupt, “I strongly believe that Bellman has done the same thing to Selena Flores, the reigning Miss United States, and possibly to Tessa Gillman, the representative from Texas, though maybe to a lesser degree in the last case.  And while I haven’t spoken to Miss Vermont, judging by an interaction that I witnessed, I believe there’s an excellent chance that she would have a similar story.”  

“Agent Scully,” says Kersh, frowning deeply at her, “our purpose here is not to investigate the conduct of Alan Bellman.  This is unfortunate news, and if Miss Fitzsimmons wishes to press charges, she can contact local police, but I fail to see how this pertains to our investigation.”  Scully’s mouth drops open.

Keep reading

Final Speculation/Thoughts Roundup

So here is what will probably be my final major speculation post for the season based on what we have and going into the last 4 hours of the show. Some of this I’ve speculated on before and you can check my tags/provided links for more specifics, some is new in light of recent information and some is just things I’ve seen floating around or talked to people about that I liked that fit:

- 5.20 -

Emma has to come back alone because she has given Killian up and he can’t be resurrected the way she thought he could be. This ties back to what Failfire said in the opening scene and also A&E’s little blurb in a recent TV Line article. I fully expect this to destroy me.

I think that CS will be confirmed TL but won’t necessarily have a TL’s Kiss but some other form of confirmation.

This moment might be the reason the souls in the river are freed and Henry and crew are handling the SB residents. This is Emma’s Savior status coming into play with the help of her family.

-5.21 -

Robin dies in this episode like I’ve been saying since forever. The baby is named Robin because that’s the only name that has weight that will definitely tell us what direction they are going (leaving Robin dead). Any other name isn’t suspenseful or necessitates secret keeping.

Killian has a quest from Zeus that lets him come back because he saved Meg in the beginning and Hercules put in a good word for him. (Might also be a tie to the reason Killian can read Greek and all the Greek iconography on the JR if thats where he went after his white light moment because Zeus diverted him , (crack spec: Killian is also a Demi God per his mother, shut up, no you shut up).

Based on filming spoilers this quest might involve Arthur because Colin said he was filming stunts with him late but wasn’t seen in SB proper until the funeral.

Killian and Emma are reunited in the graveyard following the funeral ala New York City Serenade because he always comes back for her and he’ll never stop fighting for them and I’m fucking emotional about this. I don’t think it will involve a TL act though I just think he shows up after completing his quest and Emma is all “Wwwhhhat Best Boyfriend Ever.”

They take a walk to Granny’s, her in her funeral clothes, him in his DO clothes that’s why they are dressed that way.

Emma mentions something to him about either marriage/taking their relationship to the next level (eyebrow waggle). Killian looks a bit stunned (reason for the reported fistpump from Colin during filming because he’s a dork who would fistpump his character finally getting some) Emma walks away probably to let the others know he’s in the land of the living again, maybe to offer Regina some consolation (4A finale PTSD makes me hope not) and they have plans to meet up later.

-5.22/5.23 -

Time jump! Probably six weeks or “sometime in the future because we have just given up completely on this whole time concept”. Time has passed which is why Regina isn’t really outwardly sad/grieving and her and Zelena have had to rely on each other/grown closer over that time period.

They spend said time jump trying to figure out how to get the Camelot gang back to Camelot ala the fairies in the hat in S4.

Henry flees with Violet when they figure out how, upset that his new girlfriend is leaving.

Rumple has been exiled to NY by a now awake Belle saying if he wants to see his baby blah blah blah.

Emma and Regina go to NY to fetch Henry and Violet I’m sure there are annoying Author things happening I don’t care about.

Emma possibly learns she is pregnant in NY (see baby spec ) if the conversation after Hook’s resurrection was not proposal related but rather doing it related. Alternatively, she might decide to marry him there. I just think she makes a decision of some kind there.

Meanwhile Killian/Snowing/Zelena have their own little adventure possibly involving Davy Crockett, and bring back Jekyll (and Hyde) They show up in the fountain in NY because THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND EACH OTHER.

Killian is missing a ring which he may have traded for the means to get them back ala S3 finale (both Snow trying to get passage with a ring and Killian trading his ship). This may or may not foreshadow the proposal because MORE RINGS.

They all go home. Weeee!

Emma reveals she wants to marry him/she’s pregnant. Amazing lift kiss commences. STEFFIE DIES, and it requires a journey to the Underworld to save her.

If Emma IS pregnant they reveal that Hades changed the contract for Rumple in exchange for Zelena and probably something about how,
now that Hades is dead (he’s probably dead) the contract reverts to Rumple for some reason. I dunno, magic loopholes.

This follows the pattern of Rumple completely fucking over Emma and Killian on a regular basis as well as the reveal that he has done so usually happening at the end of every half season except S3A.

This true to the Rumplestiltskin fairytale plus it ties back to Snowing being separated from their baby in S1. Rumple is the big bad and the new EQ to the surprise of absolutely no one.

If Emma and Killian are not having a baby and it is a proposal I might go back to my sleeping curse spec because that ties in with a proposal/wedding a bit more.

Meanwhile, Jekyll/Hyde shenanigans reveal an additional cliffhanger possibly the doppelgänger theory I mentioned before. Adam and Eddy hinted the setup was nothing they had faced, I have to imagine their worst selves could fit that description.

As always this is just in fun. I could be wrong about all of it. I don’t care I just like to do it. Please don’t take it too seriously. I’m not a writer on the show so there’s no need to get offended by my thoughts on it.

Feel free to discuss any and all of this in my inbox.

Originally, I’d wanted to talk to you about Creed, the new Rocky rejuvenation movie that came out this past Friday, but it turned out to be legitimately so very good that I don’t want to risk even a tiny chance of spoiling any parts of it for you. So, rather than talk directly about that, let’s do something different: let’s take all of the people who fought during any point of any of the Rocky movies, toggle them around a bit, then set them up in order from the No. 15 Ranked Contender all the way up to the Undisputed Champion of the Rocky Boxing Universe.

Four rules, because you can’t have a thing like this without rules:

Rule 1: Obviously, we’re looking at all the normal things you’d look for in a boxer. That means general skill level is important, as is size, as is strength, as is durability, as is hand speed, etc. However…

Rule 2: Since this is an assembling and ranking of humans who exist in the Rocky Boxing Universe, which is a movie universe, then we also have to consider other things, things that extend outside of the parameters of traditional boxer measurement scales. We also have to consider: What’s the boxer’s origin story? Did his influence ever manage to wiggle its way into non-boxing-related areas? Is his haircut cool?  Did he ever say anything that was especially poignant? How compelling was he was when he was on screen? Could he have held a movie franchise all on his own? On and on, on and on.

Rule 3: Let’s keep this to only people who got screen time during any of the movies. It’s a simple rule, but also an important one, because between just Rocky and Apollo alone there were well over 100 different fights.

Rule 4: A thing I always like to try to do when I’m researching a person’s existence over a long period of time, fictional or otherwise, is try to figure out the best version of that person that we anyone ever saw. What I mean is, okay, Kobe just announced he’s retiring at the end of this season, right? So an easy conversation to have is where he ranks among the other all-time greats. But a more fun conversation is trying to figure out what version of Kobe was the best. Was the 2001 version of Kobe better than the 2009 version of Kobe? Was 2002 better than 2010? Things like that. I mention it now because three different versions of Rocky make it into the Top 15 Ranked Contenders (the best version of Rocky, the second best version, and the worst version). I didn’t want you to be confused. I suppose this isn’t necessarily a rule so much as it is a disclaimer. Sorry.

Okay. All square.


No. 15 Ranked Contender: Union Cane from Rocky V

Gah. The worst of the bunch. Just think on it like this: By Rocky V, Rocky was 42-years-old, five years removed from his last fight, brain damaged, and broken by life. And Union Cane lost to the guy who lost to that guy. Union Cane was a sham. Union Cane was a fraud. We probably should’ve known that going in, though, what with his name sounding like a failing electricity company (Union Cane Electric) or a crumbling sugar empire (Union Cane Sugars).  


No. 14 Ranked Contender: Tommy Gunn from Rocky V

Can I take a moment to admit something here? I know Rocky V is the worst Rocky movie of all the Rocky movies. I get that. I do. But you know what? I don’t all the way hate it. I mean, it’s clearly very bad. It only has one moment in it that’s even a little bit exciting (when Rocky’s son finally stands up to the husky kid who took his jacket from him earlier in the movie and wins it back), and all the other ones have at least three or four (CREED HAS FIVE). And there’s little to no pushback from any of the antagonists, so mostly the movie just putters along. And I can’t easily think of one single line in it that’s fun to say in real life. But I still watch it when it’s on. I probably always will. Sometimes I even find myself defending it to myself. And still, Tommy Gunn can do no better than 14th.

Note: I watched the documentary From Rocky To Creed: The Legacy Continues the other day. In it, Stallone talked about how originally the plan was for Rocky to die in Adrian’s arms after his fight with Tommy Gunn. Can you even imagine anything as unceremonious as being killed Tommy Gunn?

No. 13 Ranked Contender: Chickie, the Husky Kid from Rocky V

Union Cane and Tommy Cane were so very gelatinous as villains that they lose out in the rankings to Chickie, the husky kid who took Rocky’s son Robert’s coat from him:


Also, don’t forget that Chickie came back later, demanded Robert’s lunch money, Robert refused, telling him, “I gotta eat,” and Chickie responded, “Eat this,” and then punched him in the mouth. That one single moment was better than literally every single Tommy Gunn scene in the movie, and that’s not hyperbole nor is it a joke.

No. 12 Ranked Contender: Robert Balboa from Rocky V

Because he ended up beating up Chickie and getting his coat back:


America loves a redemption story.


No. 11 Ranked Contender: Spider Rico from Rocky

He was big and clumsy and oafish and his go-to move was illegal (the headbutt). That’s really all there is to say about Spider Rico. I guess it’s at least a little disappointing that a guy named Spider Rico wasn’t better at fighting. Philosophically, his name is the opposite of Union Cane’s.


No. 10 Ranked Contender: Paulie in Rocky III

It seems ridiculous, I know. But Paulie attacked Rocky on two separate occasions (once with a bat and once with his fists) and also tried to attack Hulk Hogan’s character Sugarlips, the Ultimate Male, who was about two feet taller than Paulie and six lives stronger. Paulie has heart, and really that’s all you need to force your way into a title shot in the Rocky Boxing Universe (RBU).


No. 9 Ranked Contender: Thunderlips, the Ultimate Mate from Rocky III

He wasn’t a boxer, per se, but he was a monstrous 6’7” and also took several full-strength no-gloves rib shots from Rocky without his intestines exploding so those seem like two good signs he’d fair okay in the RBU.


No. 8 Ranked Contender: Rocky from the Beginning of Rocky III

Aw, man. This was the worst version of Rocky we were ever presented with. And I don’t want you to take that to mean his character wasn’t wonderful here or that Rocky III wasn’t good, because both of those things are entirely untrue. I mean to say that as a fighter, all of his Rocky’s edges were fuzzy in the beginning of the movie. He had no sharp corners. He had no danger in him. And that’s the only reason he was all the way dismantled by the blustering, bombastic Clubber Lang, who, we later found out, wasn’t all that great of a fighter relative to the general excellence of the upper echelon of RBU boxers. Once Apollo and Duke rebuilt him up, and once Adrian rebuilt him up, once Rocky built himself back up, he walked right TF through Clubber. It wasn’t even a contest. It was the only major fight of his that didn’t make it into the final round.


No. 7 Ranked Contender: Mason “The Line” Dixon from Rocky Balboa

The perfect midway point character. He wasn’t good but he wasn’t bad. He was just there. I’m going to forget all about him again before I even finish this typing out this senten—-


No. 6 Ranked Contender: “Pretty” Ricky Conlan in Creed

No. 5 Ranked Contender: Adonis Creed in Creed




It maybe doesn’t make immediate sense to read that Conlan loses out to Adonis here, what with Conlan having won the split decision between the two in their fight, but it’s the right play. Adonis took the fight on short notice, had zero professional training before Rocky took him in, and still was a handful of seconds away from upsetting Conlan. In two years, after Adonis has had a chance to actually learn how to box, it’s a wrap for the rest of everyone. He’s going to be untouchable. Meanwhile, Conlan is headed away to prison for several years.

Quick Note: Creed is the best Rocky movie. I didn’t think we’d ever see anything be better than III or IV. But Creed is. Creed super is. Every single part is perfect. It’s so good that it’s hard to even talk about how good it is or write about how good it is. I always just end up all flustered going, “Goddamn it’s a good movie.”

No. 4 Ranked Contender: Clubber Lang

Clubber Lang is the premiere, most believable villain in any of the Rocky movies, and it feels at least a little bit weird to say that he directly influenced the generation of trash talkers who followed behind him in this role, but it certainly seems a lot like that’s what happened.

Before I began working on this article I sat down and re-watched all the Rocky movies. My wife was sitting on the couch next to me while the third one played. She’d mostly ignored the two before then (and would go on to mostly ignore the last three), but Clubber caught her ear during the part where they’re dedicating the statue to Rocky and he busts in and starts trying to goad Rocky into fighting him. This is the scene:


When Clubber started questioning Rocky’s manhood at Adrian, when he said, “I bet you stay up late every night dreaming you had a real man, don’t you? I’ll tell you what. Bring your pretty little self over to my apartment tonight and I’ll show you a real man.” my wife gasped. She literally gasped. She put her hand over her mouth and everything. There’s just something special about the way Clubber angled his fury so sharply.

I love Clubber Lang. I love Clubber Lang so much. Pretty much every other fighter who fought Rocky said they’d be able to beat him, because that’s what fighters do. But none of them were ever as vitriolic, ever as acidic, ever as deplorable in doing so as Clubber. First class work here.


No. 3 Ranked Contender: Rocky from the end of Rocky III

The second best version of Rocky that we ever saw.

(The first best version should be obvious by now.)

(If you don’t know which Rocky is the first best version then I have some bad news for you. Are you ready? Okay, here it goes: Nobody likes you and we all think you’re dumb.)


(More on this in a minute.)

No. 2 Ranked Contender: Ivan Drago from Rocky IV

I suppose there’s an argument to be made here that Drago should be the No. 1 contender. I mean, he checks off basically all the boxes.

Was he an intimidating fighter? Of course. He’s the biggest boxer in the history of the RBF, he’s (likely) the strongest puncher, and he’s certainly the most Russian. His jab is an A1 punch. His footwork, while less than flashy, is hyper efficient, which means he excels at cutting off the ring, and that’s an impressive trait for a boxer to have, and he also excels at literally punching people to death, and that’s an even more impressive trait. So, yes, he was an intimidating fighter.

Was his origin story interesting? Definitely. He’s the byproduct of a hardened government of a hardened country looking to build the hardest, most terrifying and perfect athlete ever seen. He was all but built in a laboratory, and he definitely trained in a laboratory. And if we take a macro view of him, his whole entire existence was basically just one big metaphor, though that’s not altogether surprising given that that was generally the point of characters in Rocky movies.

Was his haircut cool? Absolutely. If you prefer pizzazz over practicality, then it’s the second best in the series (Clubber Lang’s would be number one). If you prefer practicality over pizzazz, then it’s the first best and it’s not even close.

Did he ever say anything that was especially poignant? Obviously. He has the most iconic non-Rocky line of the film franchise (“If he dies, he dies”) and also the second most iconic non-Rocky line (“I must break you”), and that’s all the more impressive when you remember that he only really said, like, six or seven lines in the whole movie.

Okay, but so then what’s the problem? Why isn’t Drago higher in the standings? There are two reasons.

First, you have to realize that the only win anyone’s ever seen him tally was against the shadow of Apollo Creed fighting. He was 42-years-old, hadn’t fought a fight in five years, and was mired in an existential crisis (he was quarreling with his professional mortality and what that meant for his own actual mortality). You also have to add in that Creed was fighting on short notice and also under the impression that the fight was little more than exhibition match. Drago pulverized him, sure, but he absolutely should have. So that’s one of the reasons.

Secondly, Drago was a known steroid user (it’s literally part of his training montage). The Rocky Boxing Federation was always one with an elastic morality (the fighters almost exclusively absorbed punishment that went well past what should’ve been acceptable), but there has to be some sort of penalty for drug use here.

So there you go. Drago was nearly a perfect fighter, and nearly a perfect foil. Only one person beats him here…

The No. 1 Ranked Contender: Apollo Creed from Rocky

Smart. Agile. Strong. Aggressive when he needed to be. Coy when he needed to be. Just a perfect boxer. And more than that, a perfect character (great name, great voice, great arc). He was captivating when he talked (basically every line he has in Rocky III is him saying something profound) and captivating when he moved (he moved like his feet only ever hovered above the earth rather than actually touching it). He was so enamoring, so inviting, that he remains the only bad guy from any of the Rocky movies who never gets remembered as a bad guy. You might say, “Well that’s because he transitioned into Rocky’s mentor and training partner in Rocky III, and then was victimized in Rocky IV, so of course he’s not remembered as a bad guy,” but to that I’d say, “Let me ask you a question, then: Do you ever remember not liking him in Rocky or Rocky II?” Of course you don’t. Because it’s an impossible thing to do. Because Apollo Creed is perfect.   


The Undisputed Champion: Rocky from Rocky IV

Malibooyah. Here he is. The best, most focused, most inspired, most undeniable, most unstoppable, most impenetrable version of Rocky we ever saw. He was an oxen in this movie. He looked if someone had carved a Rocky statue out of granite, and then that Granite Rocky Statue came alive and carved a Rocky statue out of titanium, and then that Titanium Rocky Statue put on a pair of boxing shorts and started fighting. Everything about him was chiseled and purposeful and intimidating. We probably don’t even have to look past the training montage, really. These are some of the things he did during it:

++He outran a car in the snow. That’s a thing that actually happened.

++He used a horse cart full of humans for his weight set.

++He jogged in a river while wearing jeans and I’d like to remind you that this is in the dead of winter in Russia.

++He tied himself to a sled full of boulders (and Paulie) and then pulled it like a pack of dogs through the snow.

++He climbed to the top of a mountain through waist-high snow.

++He did inverted hanging sit-ups from the second story loft of a barn.

++He did leg lifts on a large wooden table with so much torque that only his shoulders were touching the surface.

++He chopped a gigantic tree down and then chopped that gigantic tree in tiny logs and then used those logs for a fire that he did pull-ups next to.

++He used a rope and pulley system to lift a large net full of boulders up into the air at once.

++He grew a beard.

Compare that to, say, the training montage in the first Rocky where he just sort of jogged around holding two bricks and then also caught a piece of fruit someone tossed at him.

Mentally, he was just as unfadeable. It was the first time we saw him exist without any doubt at all in himself. He knew he was fighting an indestructible human and he also knew he was going to destruct him. Drago should’ve known was a dead duck when Rocky abandoned his title and agreed to fight him for free in his homeland on Christmas morning. Those are only things that someone who’s absolutely certain he’s going to win do. Those are things that only the Undisputed Champion of the Rocky Boxing Universe could do.

How to: Post a good starter

It’s happened to the best of us. You join a new RP, set up the blog, cross everything off the checklist, and get to the last item – post a starter. Only you have no idea what to post, because your character is brand new, and hasn’t done anything in the game yet. Or sometimes, even when your character is established, you find yourself posting the dreaded “I’m so bored” starter, which can be really difficult for other players to respond to. 

So how to avoid this fate? Let’s find out:

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inspired by a line from the show this gifset is from because i think it’s amazing and fratboy!luke is lowkey one of my fave AUs

word count: 2970

Getting remotely involved in Greek life wasn’t what you anticipated from your college experience, but you supposed that was to be expected when you ended up befriending a frat boy. Not that you anticipated that either.

Of course, before you’d become acquainted with him, you’d already been aware of Luke Hemmings, just like every other student at your school. In spite of your aversion to Greek life and by extension, him, you had to be visually impaired to not recognize his good looks. As if being attractive wasn’t already enough to make him desirable to the student population though, he was also a part of the school’s most popular fraternity and you often saw him around campus with his brothers, managing to tower over all of them (and you were sure his height was part of the appeal too). Girls and boys alike always talked about him and they all understandably wanted to spend even the slightest bit of time with him.

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anonymous asked:

It makes me really uncomfortable when the fandom romanticises and sexualises the gems with one another just because they express a relationship with one another deeper than one-dimensional. It happened after Maximum Capacity and now it's happening after Rose's Scabbard. I just feel like it undermines the raw emotions people can have about one another without them needing to be sexual, especially since the episodes don't even connote those themes at all.

OK but like, its fine if you don’t see it as romantic but I do hope you realize that part of the motivation of people seeing the relationship as romantic is because they see part of themselves in it and its often important and meaningful to them, especially because in this context its a queer relationship, rare in media and rarer in cartoons. It’s not that people are trying to erase a complex relationship by implying it can only be romantic, but we so rarely get to see ourselves in media like this so naturally we’d like to see it as romantic. Not to get overly emotional, but it kind of hurts to always have people insist you’re reducing a complex relationship for wanting to see yourself in media in some fashion.

Also, seeing a relationship as romantic doesn’t necessarily mean it was also sexual.

I argue that the episode absolutely did connote those themes. While you don’t necessarily need to view it as romantic, the conversation Pearl enacted with the projection definitely had those implications - “Why would I ever want to go home if you’re here” followed by Rose referring to Pearl as “My Pearl”. Like I said, you do not need to see it as romantic but its really not a stretch to read it as such. There’s no doubt in my mind that if one of these characters appeared male that people would view it as unquestionably romantic, part of me feels like the only reason a lot of folks are resisting is because they both appear female. Not that I’m accusing you of anything, I’ve just had people tell me “why do you need to see everything as sexual, why can’t they just be good friends” when I know they would never say that if it were a heterosexual relationship so many times that I can get a bit bitter about it.

There’s also little doubt in my mind that even if its not explicitly romantic, the crew absolutely wanted us to be able to read it that way if we wanted to. They like keeping things open and accessible so people can relate and identify with it

I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, I can see why you would feel that way if it seems that people are reducing the character and relationship. But I don’t believe they are or that it inherently reduces the relationship to see it as romantic