i can relate ok

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

  • me: *literally just sees One picture of myself*
  • me: *has a full-blown existential crisis*
  • me: wooweee boy, black mirror is so good, i am so happy series 3 is out! i still am traumatized over The National Anthem, but the rest of the episodes aren't really that fucking weird
  • me, after watching Shut Up and Dance: hey everyone can someone please KILL ME
an actual conversation
  • me and friend: *having a passionate discussion about yuri!!! on ice while on our way to the movies*
  • movie ticket person: hello. what movie?
  • friend: 2 tickets to yuri!!! on ice please
  • me:
  • movie ticket person: (what)
  • friend: (what)
  • me: you mean moana, right
  • friend: oh. fck.
  • movie ticket person: *???? hides laugh & continues to work*
infp secret #36

i love figuring out my friends’ personality types. i love typing them, and then going and reading up on the quirks, weaknesses and strengths of their types. i love doing research, so i’ll heavily research their type, and then research relationships between them and infps and then make them take the enneagram AND OMG I JUST MBTI AND UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE AND HOW THEIR MINDS WORK AND THEIR LOVE LANGUAGES AND HOW THEY PROCESS AND SEE THE WORLD AND HOW THEY FEEL MOST LOVED AND HOW I CAN CHANGE THE WAY I RELATE TO THEM AND JUST EVERYTHING OK BYE


Aaron is a forest nymph who lives as a tree, and once every 50 years he gets to be human for a day so he can witness how humanity has progressed. His human appearance ages 10 years each time, and he met Theodosia on his first human day, a cancer-kid whose last wish was to spend a day among trees because she lived in the city. 

He meets Alexander on his second day, he’s a tourist with insomnia who stumbled upon Aaron when walking around in Aaron’s forest because he couldn’t sleep. After a “what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” and “I could ask the same” that they both refuse to answer, they decide to discover the area and cities around together while Alex pretends not to notice that flowers and plants perk up when Aaron walks past them, or that the other guy seems amazed by touch screens and take-away coffee like he’s never seen something like this. At some point they start holding hands but only because Alex isn’t sure Aaron can be trusted to be left wandering in the city with all these light-speed cars passing by, and Aaron because he genuinely likes this human and wants to make the most of his day since last one was so emotional and he’s tired of waiting.

At the end of the day Aaron doesn’t want to tell the truth but he’s running out of time and Alex coaxes it out of him, so when the other turns back he just lays in forehead against the trunk and whispers “My love take your time”

Feelings (Fred Weasley x reader)

Word Count: 1,000

ok satan, thanks for requesting one that i can relate to.)

“Hey Y/N!” Fred shouted across the great hall. He was jogging over to take a seat by you, which caused you to blush and look towards Ron awkwardly. “Okay okay so, I have all these tests to study for and I was wondering, since you’re so smart and stuff, if you would like help me?”

“Of course, Fred.” You nodded, looking back at the tall ginger. He smiled at you widely and you smiled back. You turned and reached towards a piece of bacon that had appeared on the table and took a small bite out of it. “So when do you want to study?”

“I was thinking we could do it in the common room tonight when no ones there. I could set up the fire and some blankets and stuff.” He explained, watching your unchanging expression as you grabbed another piece of bacon.

“That sounds okay to me, I guess.” You said, looking down at your watch. “I’m so sorry, I’ve got a private lesson with Snape today for my advanced potions classes.”

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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)


Yamada’s reaction:

(can we kill him now?)

Hikaru’s reaction:

(Oh my… he went and said it again….^^;)

Chinen’s reaction:

(What did I just hear?)

Inoo’s reaction:

(don’t kill me… that’s just the truth)

(ehehehehe… ^^;)

Anyway… all three members were speechless lol… They must’ve been thinking: “how..? how..? how is this guy our member????”


And Inoo was the “teacher” in this episode! lolol

Anywayyyyyyy…….. Inoo is definitely prone to this “not wanting to work” thing (I can totally relate):

INOCHAN!!! Please do you work properly!!! (ok, when you feel like it haha)

School Kakumei 20160925

I was tagged by @thefantasyhasnolimits

I had to post a picture of myself (eww im gross but whatevs) surrounded by characters I relate to. funnily enough, i have cosplayed or plan to cosplay all of them in one way or another. (also rip how do i resize photos to be the same size on this godforsaken website) for some of these characters, it’s hard to say why i relate to them, but I just do.

anyway….. I tag: @afireintheflame @vivimstotallyrad @scorpiomonster @3wayfinders (I cant think of many ppl who would want to do this so….)