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Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Nick

(A/N: To the Anon who requested this. Thanks for giving me so much artistic creativity space with this. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! First ever Nick imagine! And I know, finally something! I just hope you think I did him justice!)

Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Nick

“Thank you,” Nick smirked at the receptionist as she happily skipped off to the backroom to retrieve the file he had requested.

“Do you ever get tired of using that same move?” You sighed, leaning on the back wall and crossing your arms.

“What move?” He questioned surprised, turning around to look at you and leaning on the counter.

“Oh come on, you know what move!” You commented before explaining it dramatically, “Whenever you need something from a woman you bat your eyes, you give them a smile. You pick up one small personal detail and you ride it until they give you what they want. It’s sad, really.”

“Didn’t realize you paid so much attention to me,” He smirked.

“I don’t need to,” You chuckled dryly, “You do the same move almost every day,”

“Well, if it works on everyone… He reminded.

“Not everyone,” You muttered under your breath.

“I guarantee it would work on anyone,” He countered, confidently.

“Wouldn’t work on me.” You stated.

“Well, that’s because you know it,” He played off.

“Even if I didn’t. I wouldn’t fall for it,” You clarified.

“You think so?” He smirked.

“Please,” You chuckled, “I know so. You’re not as charming as you think you are Amaro,”

“Is that it or am I just not charming to you?” He questioned, intrigued.

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College AU with Tendou and this girl he's really into. Just a lot of deep conversations, millenials doing millennial things and low-key angst. Do whatever the hell you want with this, I'm sure it'll be great ♡

Okay at this point y’all should know letting me go to town with a Tendou promt is gonna end up… special. Thank you so much for this ask by the way. I owe you my life 

This was his worst nightmare. He didn’t know how he could possibly wind up late to a one o'clock class on a friday, but somehow, he found a way to do it.

Nobody gave him any odd stares as he slinked through the open doors at 1:27, much to his luck. That didn’t stop his nervous system from roiling, though. He couldn’t help but wonder why today, out of all the days of the year, (although the school year had only being going on for a week and a half) everyone in his literature class decided to show up. There wasn’t an empty seat open, at least, nowhere in the safe zone. The only open area he could see was front and center, and he would rather die than be placed in a situation like that. At this point, he figured if nobody saw him, he could just turn around and head home.

Although, that wasn’t the case.

Through his clunky reading glasses, the professor stared him down. He didn’t say a word but judging by the malice painted on his face, Tendou knew he was going to be in deep shit if he didn’t take a seat. He bowed, and as quick as possible hurried into the open seat in the front. The professor payed him no mind after that, he was one more irrelevant student out of 200. Although, the student next to him seemed to mind him very much. She had her chin rested in the palm of her hand, blowing small gum bubbles whenever the professor had turned his back. She kept sending Tendou a coy side gaze, and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t put him on edge. His options were to either confront her about it and have the ordeal be over with, or stare her down right back. He went with the first option. Clearing his throat lightly, he leaned his cheek against his wrist and shifted himself in front of her line of vision. When she made eye contact with him, it was almost like her entire demeanor vanished. Tendou smirked.

“Any reason you’re staring at me, hm?” He expected her to shake her head and look away, maybe even scoot down the bench a little bit. He wanted her to be afraid of him, it’s what people who gave him dirty looks deserved. He expected fear, but there wasn’t any. Instead she kept a steady gaze and smiled bashfully, the apples of her cheeks flushing generously.

“I’m sorry if I was looking at you funny, uh, you can’t help a r.b.f.” She giggled nervously, her gaze shifting away, “I was looking at your hair, I… I really like it.”

Tendou had not expected this at all. Really, he was almost at a loss for words. He had gotten a set of passive aggressive insults ready and everything, but they were in no case needed. She complimented him. He must’ve made an odd expression, because her eyebrows turned up in confusion.

“Well, uh, thank you.” Is what he managed to splutter out, nodding his head and slowly turning back to the front of the room. The professor was rambling but Tendou hadn’t paid attention to a word he said. The only thing he could think of was the girl sitting next to him. Who was she? She had been the only person to send him a positive vibe on campus, and even if it hadn’t been such a tremendous compliment, it was a lot better than a backhanded “monster” remark. Much better.

Tendou made sure he’d never wind up late for a lit class again. That Tuesday he huddled through the doors at 12:55 with the rest of the class. For some reason, he had been looking out for her, even though he knew he shouldn’t. She was just a person trying to be nice, trying not to make a situation more awkward. She could hurt him, and he didn’t need that. But the moment he saw her already sitting down in the front of the room, blowing the same pink bubbles as she did last time, he made a beeline towards her direction.

“Hey.” He said, placing one hand upon the open desk to her right. “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all!” She peeped, moving her bag closer to her side, allowing him more space to sit.

“Thank you.” He nodded, throwing his bag onto the floor next to him.

“My name is __, by the way. It’s nice to meet you again.”

“__, huh? The name’s Tendou.” He hadn’t been making eye contact with her but he could see her staring at him from the corner of his eye. He liked her, but he didn’t. He refused to believe that she was being nice to him, truly. There had to be some sort of strings attached, some ploy she was scheming, he solely believed she was all but nice. He hated his trust issues.

Class resumed per usual, mostly spent on discussing a popular book everyone had read in high school. He spent the majority of his time on Reddit, not like anyone really noticed, though. Just as fast as it had come, it was now over. He rushed to pick his bag up off the floor before he felt a pat on his shoulder. He turned back around and cocked his head, stank eyes meeting those of a doe.

“Do you have any other classes today?” She inquired, shuffling with her own bag as he did with his.

“No, why?”

“You… wanna go grab a coffee with me or something after this?”

This definitely caught Tendou by surprize. He blinked a few times, then chuckled. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“And why in the world would you want to do that?” His words dripped with malice, and she seemed confused by his statement. She gaped for a moment before she came up with something to say.

“To get my daily caffeine fix and keep my social life intact? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it was just a suggestion, I mean-”

“Sure, __, I’d love to.” He smiled, slinging his bag over his shoulder and waiting for her to slide out after him. Internally, he was screaming. Although this situation was so simple, it was so hard for him to wrap his mind around. Somebody who barely knew him wanting to get to know more about him. Never, ever in his life had a situation come up like this. It had to be a setup.

While walking next to her, Tendou had noticed a lot of things. She was significantly shorter than him, much shorter than any girl he had been involved with in the past. She had a spring in her step that made her seem more lively than most, but when he looked in her eyes, she had the same lethargic vigor as any other college student. He reckoned that he liked her eyes, though.

“So.” She said, the chilly air around them billowing her breath. “ What made you decide to come here?” Tendou shrugged.

“To get as far away from home as possible, to be honest.” At this she laughed, not because what he said was funny, though.

“I can relate. I think by the middle of senior year I was pretty much just throwing darts at a map and going with the farthest place away from there.”

“Ah, don’t tell me you really did that, now? You must have an aspiration in mind, right?” __ looked up at Tendou and shrugged, then sighed.

“I mean, I’ve always wanted to become a neurosurgeon, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. What about you?” She looked up at him, but didn’t receive a response. This girl had to be kidding, Tendou thought.

“Clearly you’re smart enough to even think about being a neurosurgeon. Don’t give me that ‘I can’t do it’ bullshit.” He stuck his tongue out at her, to which she snorted in response. “I’m here for law, doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Like a lawyer? What made you want to be a lawyer?”

“Well, what made you decide you want to cut into people’s skulls for a living?”

“My sadistic streak.”

Tendou shot her a look out of the corner of his eye. He sucked his lips in and shook his head, holding back a smirk.

“I was so-o joking ple-ease don’t take that seriously.” She covered her mouth with her hands. She shook her head apologetically and Tendou couldn’t help but find it hilarious.

“Why should I listen to you? It might just be another one of your sadistic thoughts, hm?”

“Oh, this is a horrible first impression. I’m so sorry.”

“Sadists don’t say sorry, __.” She gaped, then popped her lips.

“On the topic of sadism, what kind of things are you into?” She inquired.

“Are you asking me about my kinks or what I do for fun?”

“The second one!”

“Well, uh, the first one could apply to both.” He smirked, only for her to wiggle her eyebrows. “But uh, to sum me up, I’m basically just a taller than average nerd.”

“Well, I’m a shorter than average nerd, it’s nice to meet my kin.”

They arrived at the coffee shop near his dorm room a quick minute later. He didn’t know what to think of __, not one bit. For now, he decided that he liked her. She got him. At least, she got the person he presented himself as. She listened to everything he had to say and more, and judging by her demeanor she liked talking to him. He found out she liked anime and could name all 196 countries on earth. He found out she was a dancer in high school but quit because she had to, not because she wanted to. He told her all about Shiratorizawa, the good parts, at least. He brushed the thin skin above the hard flesh and decided that, if they were to stay friends, he’d let her in on the cruelty later on. Her coffee order was just as odd as she was, it took her longer to explain than it actually took them to make. She was different, Tendou could sense it, and he could sense something else creeping up on him too.

At the end of it all she had given him her phone number. He warned her that he may just send an onslaught of memes to her at three in the morning, but that made her want to give him her number even more. “I’d rather get unsolicited memes than unsolicited nudes”, is what she said. He had dropped her off at her dorm at six and on his entire walk home he felt dizzy. He was overthinking again, but it couldn’t be helped. Although in the front of his mind, all was positive. She liked him, she wasn’t afraid of him. She complimented his hair and his freckles and his sense of humor. She was flirting with him, she liked him. There was nobody she was using him for, she said it herself that she barely knew anybody. But why couldn’t he bring himself to believe her? Maybe one day, he’d bring it up to her. For now, he just wanted to pass out.

“You wanna get deep, Satori?”

It was a question she had asked at two in the morning on the friday night before spring break. A question that made his heart race out of his chest. They were alone in his dorm room along with dozens of empty soda cans, all the lights off besides the cheap lamp on his nightstand. They sat on his bed, legs crossed, facing each other. For the longest time none of them said a word, before Tendou let out a sigh.

“You really wanna get deep with me, __?”

“I’ve wanted to get deep with you since the day we met.” She shrugged, taking a subconscious sip of her coffee. “Is that weird?”

“Kinda… not judging though.” Tendou shrugged. He cracked his neck and placed his half empty can of coke on the nightstand. “I trust you well enough to tell you my tragic anime villain backstory. You cool with that?”

“Lay it on me.”

Tendou sat silent for a moment, contemplating the situation he was wedged into. It was way too late and he was already high on the feeling of sleep deprivation, and there was nothing left for him to lose.

“I was kind of a weird child. Hell, I’m still a weird child depending on who you ask. Ah, weird elementary schooler, we’ll go with that. I’ve always loved volleyball ‘cause its so fast paced without getting physical. I was addicted to that… rush. You prolly don’t get what I mean by that.”

“I feel what you mean.”

“Good. I started playing when I was six or seven-ish. Loved it. Didn’t love me though. The other kids… the other kids would bully me. A lot. I was called a… a monster. They didn’t like my hair or my eyes or my freckles or the way I moved…. I was just a human version of road bump. In their way. They’d beat me up but I never fought back. I always went home with a split lip or a black eye… tons of scrapes. It was really hard… insanely. I ended up beating one of them in a volleyball match with this block, which pretty much became my signature. I told you ‘bout the Guess Block, right? I wasn’t bullied as much after that, at least, not physically. Middle school sucked. I mean, middle school sucked for everyone, right? My teammates talked so much shit, so did my coach. I was included but damn, I was never included. Nobody liked me but I kinda just had to deal with that. I didn’t even like myself. Until high school came. Damn, when I say high school was the best three years of my life, I mean it. Best team ever, awesome group of guys. The type of people who would kick someone’s teeth in if they looked at you funny. It was acceptance, I… I loved it. Sometimes I even forgot that people ever hated me ‘cause these guys made up for every shitty moment of my life up until then. I wanna say those were the only friends I’ve ever had. The only people who didn’t see me as… a monster. Graduation sucked, it was like leaving the only paradise I had ever known. I’m proud to say I cried for three days straight in my bedroom afterwards. You can quote me on that if you ever need blackmail, by the way, __. When I met you here I think I was sceptical about you for two months straight. I’ve never met somebody who was nice to me outside of that volleyball team and you were just… weird. Like, what’s this pretty girl talking to me for? She’s using me, she’s so using me. I dated two girls in the past, one I dated for a week before she cheated on me with another guy in my class, horrible, right? And another dated me for a day and broke it off ‘cause she told me the only reason she got with me was to get closer to the volleyball captain. The volleyball captain was my actual best friend, just to let you know. Then uh, I met you and you were nice to me. You were genuinely the first person out of the team to not think I’m a monster and… and I dunno. That’s my fucked up life, beat that.”

She didn’t say a word as he finished up his rant. His face was red and he refused to look her in the eye. She knew it now. She knew the roots of his trust issues and his depression, the thoughts he’s never told anyone. She was silent as she reached over and pulled him into her arms, holding him tight as he shook. His arms found their way around her middle and he pulled her closer towards him, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck. Tendou decided that this was nice, he could live like this.

“I’m so sorry, Satori.”

“It’s alright.”

“You know, the first time I saw you I thought you were crazy attractive?”


“That’s why I was staring at you. I could’ve screamed.”

“You’re lying.”

She said nothing after that, compensating to running her fingers through his matted hair.

“Satori?” She peeped after a moment of brief silence. He sniffled, lifting his head out of the crook of her neck.


“You know those two girls you dated?”


“Have you ever been kissed?”

Satori gawked at her with wide eyes. If his heart hadn’t been hammering before it sure was now. He sighed, and shook his head.

“Will I be the biggest loser on earth if I say no, I haven’t?”

“No…” she shook her head. She blinked slowly then sighed. “Satori, can I kiss you?”

His mind went blank for a moment. It was now three in the morning and nothing else mattered to him besides her, sitting in his arms and looking at him like he meant the world to her.


So she did.

She cradled his head in the palm of her hand and wasted no time in pressing her lips against his. He had short circuited, his mind even more scrambled than it had been before. He didn’t know what to do so he just went with whatever he could. His nose bumped against hers, same goes for teeth, but she was soft. She pulled away for a split second and let out a puff of air, then went back to delicately kissing him.

She pulled away after a moment, looking into his eyes and brushing the pad of her thumbs across his cheeks. She was flushed up to the core, and it made Satori smile.

“You deserve to be loved, Satori. You deserve everything. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met and I’m insanely proud of you. I love you.” She whispered, thumbs still brushing circles across his freckled cheeks. Her words made him tear up, but she didn’t notice. Maybe she did, but payed no mind to it. She loved him. That’s all he ever wanted to hear.

“I love you too, __. Thank you.”

He didn’t quite remember what happened next, it all being just a sleep induced blur. What he did know is that the next morning he woke up with her cradled in his arms, under the covers with her hands in his hair. For the first time in ages, he had woken up happy. He didn’t want to move, hell, he didn’t even want to think. He wanted her to kiss him again, he wanted to tell her he loved her again. He wanted her to be his.

For the first time in his life, Tendou Satori had felt loved.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Episode 1)

I’ve spent so much time discussing this prequel over the past few months, it’s a bit tricky to try and sum up things into something readable. As lengthy as this post is, there’s plenty of details I have to let go of. I’d like to lay out my biggest pros, cons, and a bit of commentary on how I feel about its very conception and potential intent, along with some casual predictions.

I was very critical of this project from the moment it was leaked, but I quickly grew to support Deck Nine, the studio developing the game, because it was easy to see how passionate and thoughtful they were being. Makes sense, right? The sort of dev team who would want to take on a Life is Strange story would probably be the sort to be mindful of just how delicate such an undertaking is. Square-Enix, however, gradually frustrated me more and more, and their choices and actions with this entire project kept me on my guard all summer. With the first episode released, I can confirm my feelings about both companies’ involvement haven’t changed – I’m still very supportive of Deck Nine, and I’m still rather frustrated and confused with Square-Enix.

This first episode helped prove to me to that the developer definitely does have their heart in the right place, and has the ability to realize the same kind of potential one might expect from a follow up to such a special game. I have my concerns, but to be honest, most of them have arisen from Square-Enix’s questionable setup to this project and the premise of the game itself bothering me on a core level.

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Knight in Shining Armour

Can I request a tony stark x reader? He rescues her from an attacker one night on his way out of a bar. She’s hurt pretty bad so he drives her to the tower to get cleaned up where she tells him that her attacker is her bf and she tried to leave him that night. Tony isn’t having it so he brings her home to pack her things while he stands over her in his suit to keep away her bf. He moves her to the tower, gives her a job and asks her out

Tony x Reader

Based on the prompt though I did take some liberties, I hope you still enjoy it Nonnie!

Warnings mentions of physical abuse, verbal threats and name calling, panic attack, swearing

WC 2520

AN I really hope that you enjoy this. It got away from me and it’s really long. Sorry (not sorry!)

You walked quickly, your hoodie pulled low over your head and your hands in your pockets.  Walking aimlessly, you weren’t sure where you were going to go but you refused to cry. You were done with crying; you were all cried out.

Because you weren’t watching where you were going, you bumped into what felt like a walking brick wall.

“Oof,” you let out.

Strong arms grabbed you to keep you from falling, “Oh, sorry,” came out a gruff voice.

“It’s okay,” you replied, looking up, gasping when you realized it was Tony Stark.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.

You nodded. “Holy shit. You’re Tony Stark.”

He laughed, “That I am. And you are…?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You thrust out your hand, awkwardly, to which he laughed again.

He looked carefully at your tear streaked face, “But seriously, are you okay?”

You sighed heavily. “Yes…no.”

He pulled you into a brightly lit coffee shop and sat you down. Here he would be able to see you clearly so you kept your head down.

“I’m going to order us coffee. Sit tight.” His tone left no room for argument.

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RWBY Musings: As much as I like Ozpin as a character, why do I get the feeling that at some point in the story as Oscar starts to become stronger, Ozpin’s going to Nanny McPhee the poor kid and...disappear...kind of?

You all remember Nanny McPhee, right? I haven’t watched the movie in years but if there is one thing I can recall from it, it’s that one quote she always used to say.

. ‘…When you don’t want me but need me, then I must stay
But when you want me but do not need me, then I must go…’

 Though from another franchise, I find this quote to be very relatable to Oscar and Ozpin’s current relationship in the series. I feel like right now Ozpin has that Nanny McPhee rapport with Oscar. Ozpin suddenly showed up in Oscar’s life out of the blue, nonchalantly informing him of a newfound destiny that he never asked for while not really given him much of a choice but to leave the home, family and life he once new in order to pursue it. It is for that matter, why I think Oscar he doesn’t like Ozpin very much.

He certainly doesn’t hate him. However while they do somewhat get along with each other, I still get the vibe that Oscar doesn’t really like Ozpin that much and is only tolerating him cause of the obvious circumstance.

Things are definitely a little tense between them and while I don’t blame Oscar for his rather disinclined attitude towards Ozpin, it’s not like the latter asked for his current fate either.

Ozpin didn’t ask to be suddenly killed off during the fall of a school he once built and made into a lingering spirit sharing the body of a 14-year-old. Not quite the RIP after death experience he was asking for either.

That being said, I can’t help but feel as if Ozpin’s gonna Nanny McPhee Oscar at some point.

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+ Half-price for each additional character
+ $10 for simple background, $20 for detailed background

Email me at awkturtleduck@gmail.com for a quote and/or commission requests; don’t send them here on Tumblr as they might get eaten! Though for quick commission-related questions, you can send me an ask. For more samples of my work, you can check them out here. :)

Hi guys! I’m in a bit of a financial bind right now and I need to make as much extra money as I can to cover expenses so I’m opening up commission slots for those interested in having some drawings done. (Or you can also go check out my Redbubble to see if there’s anything there you like.)

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On your desc. It says Uni drop out? Sorry if this is personal but why did you drop out? (If you don't wanna answer just ignore this ask 💖)

Yeah, no problem, I can answer that. I realized it’s not really for me. That kind of university curriculum where you have to take a bunch of classes not related to your major just got frustrating to me. haha. Plus, even though some classes helped me, most of the stuff I was learning art-wise I could be learning on my own or someplace else that has a more art-focused curriculum. I feel like I didn’t really improve much in uni, and I live so far from school that I’m so tired all the time when i get home. Right now, I want to take classes in an atelier (more art-focused workshop and cheaper) while I work a day job – which is what I should’ve done in the first place. I realize now that college or university is not always the destination, sometimes a different path is better depending on your goals ;o

Warning:“ To those who don’t read OP there might be some spoiler below so don’t read if you don’t want the possible spoil!”
This is my favorite part of this chapter !
This sentence :“That’s just you isn’t it?” is like the symbiosis of everything related to Sanji! He is kind AF and even to people who deserves to die! Seriously what do you want from him Oda? Everyone should be in love with sanji right now 😂
I’m happy to see that everything is slowly falling in place after a YEAR of suffering!
I really want to know what will happen to the Vinsmoke after this is over because seriously, except for Reiju, the other don’t deserve my love even though they were “modified to be evil” because as far as I can see they are just fine with each other so no excuses for them! And the father betrayed his own wife to create what he wanted! (Seriously why was that gorgeous,kind women with this man???)

Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to pass and I think that this whole “sanji’s year arc” will be the only volumes of the Manga that I will buy 😂

Tell me what you think ;)

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So this chapter has shown us that Kureo and Arata are not so different, I mean, just like Kureo, Arata turned his anger over the death of his wife against something (in this case the investigators), because an investigator killed her. With Kureo, he turned his anger on the ghouls because a ghoul killed his wife. And both on the fronts of the people that they loved acted in an adoreable way.

It’s possible, but it’s a surface comparison at best. I’m still not totally comfortable with the idea of Arata that’s presented in this chapter. While it’s possible that Touka is being 100% honest here and this is the build up that was always leading up to Arata, since this is something that Touka is directly telling the audience I’m kind of erring on the side of caution that Touka may be an unreliable narrator in this instance.

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It all started out with The Principality of Moscow!! Later named Muscovy by Tsar Peter the Great around 1700! and people say Sealand doesn’t have a chance… Well we didn’t doubt Muscovy!! Also Moscow is the “heir” to the (Eastern Roman Empire) Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople! (Later named Istanbul when it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire aka modern day Turkey) The Byzantine Empire was the east half of the Roman Empire… so for all of you Hetalians out there… you could say that Russia is related to Italy, Romano and Seborga and (I think this is right) Rome would be his Grandpa too!! meaning that Byzantine Empire would be his father and I think the Italy brothers would be his cousins? I say this because as Rome started to fall they divided into east and west so lets say that our beloved grandpa Rome is the west and we know Byzantine is the east! Muscovy (Russia) wanted the lands to its south and east so they married Grand Prince Ivan the 3rd to the last niece of the Byzantine Empire thus is why I said that Moscow (Muscovy/Russia’s capital) is the “heir” to Constantinople! Sadly at this point in history the Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople was already captured and long gone turned into Istanbul… meaning that (If we want to think about this from a Hetalia standpoint) Russia grew up on his own… alone and Byzantine Empire was dead and probably either didn’t tell Russia/Muscovy who he was related to or if he did Russia was just never introduced/allowed to be introduced to the Italy brothers or (even sadder…) Italy and Romano were never introduced to Russia and were not told that they were related to him… or (The worst situation) Rome did not want the Italy brothers to know that they were related to Russia because he didn’t want to be associated with the defeat of Constantinople which was, besides Rome the Christian capital of the world at this time, but after its defeat by the Ottoman Empire the city was quickly converted to the Ottoman’s primary religion which was(possibly still is? I don’t know about the present religion of Istanbul) Sunni Islam. To Rome this would be a major disgrace to be associated with. I DO NOT mean that to be disrespectful to anyone but the fact is that the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire did NOT get along and certainly did not share the same religious views.

I was just reading through my college history book and I thought that I would take a crack at making a headcanon that is backed up by history!!! But if you have evidence that this IS wrong please inform me and I shall change this!!

This is the most in-depth headcanon I have ever created!! If you like it and would like more just ask and I’ll see what I can do!! Also I felt bad for leaving all of you for so long.. so I hope you enjoy!!


(I thought that I would add the notes that everyone added to this post because I thought they were really cool and everyone had great things to say!! Honestly I didn’t think anyone would respond and if they did I thought it would be negative or maybe someone liking it but this is great!!!! Also you all brought my attention to so many things I didn’t even know about Russia and various other nations so thank you to everyone and you can always keep adding things and I’ll try to add them to the post so they can be seen and not just hidden in the notes!!)

december-dragon added: I believe it was Peter the Great who named Russia an empire when he took power, rather than Muscovy which it had already been, because though it remained a tsardom Peter the Great wanted a title that was more European as he sought to westernize Russia.But aaahhh, it’s always so interesting to read about that early history- there really is such a close relationship between Russia and Byzantium, and the resulting relations are fascinating. Always great to read others spreading this history.

stautris added: I myself would recommend  reading about Russian and Scandinavian relationships at IX-X centuries.;)

(Thank you very much for the suggestion!! I shall see what I can find!! Right now my history book only told what I mentioned about Russia and Byzantine but I’m going to check into what you said!!)

thiscrazyhetalian added: Well wouldn’t he also be related to France (“Big Brother France” to N.Italy) and once it is canon and Moscow is the heir of the Eastern Roman empire , doesn’t this mean that he is related to Greece (and Possibly Cyprus ) too? This is really interesting and if you think about it, almost all nations have some kind of relation :) * the byzantine empire is mama Greece in canon i forgot to mention and now it doesn’t make sense But still if you think about it non-canon-icallly it still makes sense , like , i agree with the fact that Rome and the Byzantine empire could be brothers ,but in my headcanon the western and roman empire his sons and Romano is Byz.’s son while N.Italy is West’s son and thats how we got them calling the Roman empire “ Grandpa Rome” but anyway this is my HC they could possibly be brothers too. Also lets not forget that Spain might as well be a son of Rome , wow Russia has many relatives.

huggiebird added: I fully support this stuff. I do. But the person who wanted to Westernize Russia as well was Catherine the Second, of Russia.
She was very facinated by France and their ways~

(Indeed Catherine the Great was very influential in Russia’s history! you could say she greatly influenced Russia!! anyway thank you for adding Catherine because she was far to important for us to even think about forgetting!!) 

Hey guys! I just wanna write something, cuz I don’t feel like doing anything else right now. I’m sick and I feel horrible, but @thiamfresh​ wrote a new chapter for Airplanes and I’m gonna read it as soon as I finish writing this post. That Thiam fanfic is one of my favorites and everytime I read a new chapter I smile like an idiot to my phone, I’m sure y’all can relate! Even though it feels like I’m dying, I look forward to reading the next chapter.

I have some plans for next week or maybe after next week, it really depends on how I feel. I really wanna do a Thiam week on my blog with new content everyday for a week. So Thiam gifsets, edits, oneshots, incorrect quotes or maybe even a video who knows. I’ll keep you updated and there might be a schedule or something. I take requests, so send me your ideas as well and I might do something with it! 

And the last thing I wanna talk about is music, cuz I love music and I’m sure you do too! I love pop punk, punk rock, indie rock, indie pop and all that kinda stuff. There are some songs that really reminds me of Theo, Liam and Thiam and I’m gonna list them down below. If you like those genres too then I’m 100% sure that you like the songs too. 

We Were Sharks - Bridge Burner 

Neck Deep - Serpents

Basement - My Favourite Game (Cover)

Movements - Third Degree

Taking Back Sunday - What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost 

As It Is - Soap

Citizen - Jet

Turnover - To The Bottom

The Neighbourhood - West Coast

Stephen - Crossfire

Roomba Rumble

Adrien and Marinette weren’t expecting anything exciting to happen when they got a Roomba. It was just a glorified vacuum, after all. But even glorified vacuums can turn exciting in the hands of the right person….or, in this case, in the paws of the right kwami.

(FF.net) (AO3)

The Roomba had been an impulse buy. Marinette had been complaining about what a pain it was to vacuum under their bed and their couches just that morning, and then Adrien had seen the advertisement an hour later. He trotted out to the store over his lunch break and returned with a Roomba thirty minutes later.

And now it was roaming around in the middle of their living room.

“I mean, I suppose it could be useful,” Marinette managed as they watched the little machine putter around the room. It seemed to not be cleaning in any particular order, instead zig-zagging to and fro as it bumped off of walls and furniture alike. As she spoke, it vanished under the couch and bumped around under there for several minutes before emerging again and heading across the living room towards a lamp.

“Well, it’s fun to watch at least,” Tikki offered. The kwami floated along after the Roomba almost absentmindedly as it bumped its way off the lamp and headed down the hallway, seemingly intent on getting somewhere. Plagg floated along after her, green eyes focused on the Roomba as it went.

“Maybe we can program it so it’s a little more efficient,” Adrien suggested as they shuffled over to watch the Roomba bump its way into their bedroom. “It really isn’t very methodical at all, is it? Funny, they don’t say that in any of their ads.”

“I’m sure it would cover almost everything if you let it run for long enough,” Marinette said as the Roomba rounded the corner and vanished. There was a thump as it presumably bumped into the legs of their dresser. “…it could take a while.”

Adrien looked a bit sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll go look at the instructions booklet. There’s bound to be something in there about how to program it.”

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Answers for some cute and unique asks!!!!!

1. have you ever been in love?
Never if you didn’t count the time I claim I was in love with one classmate back in kindergarten, as now I feel like I was just copying some plots form TV drama.

5. how many times have you read your favourite book?
Probably many times when I am still little as I read lots of books, can’t really remember.

6. what are your favourite films?
Finding Nemo (as a kid till now), the first three Keroro Gunso movies (as a Keroro fan lmao), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (the ending somehow inspired my interest to related genre topic?), and Inception.

7. what kind of weather do you like?
Bright sunny day, when the sky is fully clean blue and you can feel all the warmth from the sun. I feel most energetic under the bright sun.

2. what are your favourite colours and why? You sounds totally not fearful at all
Red for it gives me the most powerful feeling, cyan because I think it is the closest color to me, black and white because I like stuffs in an aesthetic of extreme contrast.

46. what is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
Willing to share happiness to me for people in real world, willing to stay beside me and encourage me for people in the internet.

47. do you find it hard to trust?
It would be really hard if you ask me in the past, but from now I come out as easier to trust others. Though my amount of trust on people is based on things I can observe from them.

22. are you an artist?
More like a fanart artist right now? Although I truly wish to engage artist-related career in the future.

49. what colour are your eyes?

This is what I got when picked up color from picture of my eye.

Thanks for the lovely questions everyone!

Okay can I just say something about the latest AHS: Cult Ep? And just to be clear, I am in no way, shape or form defending Ivy-I think she is trash for doing this to Ally when there are so many other options she could of taken to deal with these issues.

I only offer some perspective.

I’ve seen so many fans making light of the “Ally carried Oz” part and saying that she should just be grateful her wife could do that for them. No! Inferitility no matter how severe is so difficult for the person suffering with it, and yes there are options for parents who can’t have their own like surrogacy, donors, adoption or even IVF if you’re able, but it doesn’t mean your emotions aren’t valid because you have options.

Okay, I am part of an LGBT+ couple. When we started trying for our first baby we decided I would carry first and my partner (who biologically is female and at that stage identified as such) would carry when we decided to have another. Now we were both happy with this, it was my partners idea initially so it’s not like I pressured them into it. But when we fell pregnant their insecurities started. At every single doctors appointment or check up we had to sit there and explain our situation, defend my partners rights as a parent. That even though there was no biology, they were still as much a parent as I. That really wears down on you! It was really difficult for my partner emotionally, and even though now we have a happy healthy little boy, my partner still now has to defend his right if we are together with him. In my country and state (Queensland, Australia) two parents of the same gender can be on the birth certificate if you used a donor, which we did. But it doesn’t mean if we’re together at an unknown doctor or to fill out official documents we don’t have to defend our family.

So I can relate to Ivy in a sense. I haven’t been through the process of not being biologically related to a child, but I know the hurt my partner felt during my pregnancy and the early months of his life. Now imagine if my partner didn’t have a chance to even experience that. He has decided not to biologically parent or carry our next baby, but that was his choice. If that choice was taken away for whatever reason I think our journey would of been way different!

Also the language she said hurt her, (Ally calling Oz “My baby”) shouldn’t be mocked. It is difficult enough to have a baby as a LGBT+ couple without people not seeing you as a valid parent. Ally may of not meant any harm by it, I’ve certainly said that phrase numerous times, but to others-outsiders that know you aren’t biologically related-that gives them more reason to see you as not a valid parent. And even if that’s not the case to someone who is suffering with her own loss about not being able to experience pregnancy that language can be hurtful.

Granted, Ivy really should of talked to her wife before it built up to her joining a freaking cult to get revenge. Or seen a therapist either personally or as a family to overcome some deep rooted hurt over Oz’s birth.

But knowing what I know, and seeing what I’ve seen from some other LGBT+ couples I can see the initial reasoning behind her pain.

That is all. Ally deserves better though!

“I’ll post an explanation of my absence soon” I say and then don’t post anything until a few days later…


So, as I’ve mentioned at some points, I have been emotionally grappling with an issue where someone hates me for things that aren’t exactly true about me bc they completely misunderstood things that I said to them in the past. Because of the situation where I first found out about it, I thought that they had lied to me about me not upsetting them when I originally asked them a long time ago, after 4 months I found out that this wasn’t true, and even though there wasn’t any way I could’ve known before then I felt shitty for ever talking as if they had lied. But the main reason I was freaking out bc this person thinks I am someone that I’m not, and hates that person, and I was also freaking out about the possibility of them talking about me to others and other ppl starting to hate the person that I a. not. And I have no ability to contact this person that hates me to make amends bc I messed up the chances I had by only mentioning that I never meant to hurt them with what I said and not that what they thought about me was untrue, and they are unwilling to hear anything from me. SO, none of this is new for some of you that have been following me for awhile… but what was new was I was starting to spiral into thinking I actually WAS a bad person because I was unable to resolve this problem in any way, and this sort of lead to me not thinking I was deserving Crona and kinda drawing me into a more dark place with… not quite another f/o but let’s say a fictional interest (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) that for some seasons of the show, uh, had behaviours that sort of mirrored one of my first f/o’s that kinda messed up my life and…. that I’m still not ready or able to talk about yet (though as far as Spike goes this concerning behaviour stops when he gets a soul) anyway this not feeling worthy messed a lot with my fantasy world where I interact with Crona, and therefore my sleep and ability to process certain complex situations and stuff like that, which I tended to do by talking to Crona, and also I was just having other self image issues that I’m not sure how to translate into words. This 10 sec vent video I made might convey a bit of it though, or it may be confusing, not sure which

but anyway it took quite awhile, and the help of a very good friend for me to realize that I shouldn’t base any part of my self worth on a person who won’t bother to even give me a full first chance to react to any mistake I made, let alone a second chance…. and yes, sometimes actions people do make it so they don’t deserve second chances, but people who never give second chances for anything can be toxic to others, and people who don’t finish first chances are even moreso. Everyone can fuck up, people can fuck up badly, but it’s their actions afterward that I think makes them worth forgiving or giving another chance. If you don’t see how the person reacts, most of the time you won’t be able to correctly judge them, and like in the situation I was in, you might even be judging someone based on miscommunication and things that aren’t even true. So… yeah, I’m not going to be hung up over accidentally hurting a person who makes judgement without communication. I’m not gonna think I don’t deserve my one healthy longtime f/o because of this and drift back into the dark. I’m not a bad person. I’m not compatible with everyone but I don’t seek out fights or send nasty messages or try to purposefully hurt people… I’m not really feeling as light-hearted as I was before my absence, and that’ll probably reflect some in the art I produce now, but I’m able to talk to Crona again and, ha, he’s doing pretty ok right now and is able to help me as I’m the one struggling now. So I can be alright…
I’m probably never gonna be as active as I used to be on here I still don’t really like this site for a number of reasons, some related to anxiety based on the community and then obviously just how bad this site functions as a website, and I’ll still be slow with ask replies bc tbh I always am (but I promise I’m not ignoring you! though if I take longer than a week to answer something that is important to you feel free to send the ask again or even directly message me abt it! OH also if ur my buddy, which by that I mean, if we’ve ever had a friendly conversation, and you’ve posted something u want me to see that I haven’t, feel free to send it to me) and my production of art on here will be a bit slower, as I’m doing a more equal amount of self insert and other art, along with video projects like the one linked in this post. But yeah, otherwise I’m hopefully back-ish!!!

anonymous asked:

As an abuse victim, I have a hard time tolerating Rumbelle lately. It's incredibly toxic and triggering. Rumple had a great redemption arc before A&E decided to retcon his character development. They needed a mischievous, toxic, dark greyish character, but they were so in love with Colin, that they decided Killy is the good hearted, redeemable, love interest their show needs. This is such a bullshit.

I’m sorry you’ve been in the end of abuse. *offers you a hug*  I hope you do have a better life now. I can relate with abuse because I’ve lived that too with my own parents and one past relationship, though I must say don’t feel triggered by RumBelle because, as there are many complexities to their relationship, I don’t really see Rumple actively hurting/manipulating Belle to “keep her on his leash,” not the way C$ presents abuse.

Belle has never been submissive; we’ve seen her push back and make her own choices, and proof of that is how she’s been on her own for longer than she’s been with him; she comes when things feel right, but also leaves the moment it doesn’t go as she believes it should— unlike we see with Emma and H00k: Emma endures all his crap and never really puts limits. Still, I insist *I* don’t see Rumple as an abuser; I see him as an abuse victim whose insecurities make him push people away and make him a “difficult man to love” because of them. And he’s also misguided by all the darkness that has surrounded him for hundreds of years, so he’s sort of “wired” for not the best or more “morally rightful” decisions, but like he said: everything he does is always to protect his family.

As of now, do we see him pressuring Belle into coming back with him? No. He doesn’t push her at all; he’s giving her space. It’s actually Belle who approaches him. Does he want to force his son to love him? No. We did see he entertained the idea of cutting Gideon from his fate with the shears, like Fiona did with him- as we just learned -but he chose NOT to do that. Rumple is letting his son and his wife come on their own terms, IF they do come at all. His only life purpose is to protect them from harm. How he does it, well, sometimes it is questionable but really I dont see many of his actions as horrible. The most deceitful in my eyes, and for which I hated the writers beyond words, was to see him lie about the dagger. However, I actually see Emma make far worse choices, endangering not only her family but the whole town, and yet she’s still called a Savior and cheered for it, for “fighting for her love” - being selfish actually? The fuck?!

So, Rumple hasn’t been able to let go of power because he believes without it he won’t be able to protect his family, not because he loves it OVER his family. I don’t know, but if I had a past like his I would act pretty much the same way. I just see how his fear of his family getting hurt is what drives him towards taking morally ambiguous choices. He was cut off from having light magic, so that is also a big motor that keeps him in the dark path.

I dismiss most of the bullshit they write when it comes to Rumple or Regina when it doesn’t make sense, mainly because it is super obvious they do it to prop up Killy Pooh— like how you mention Rumple’s redemption (as well as Regina’s) in “Going Home,” when they sacrificed so they could give their children AND everyone else their best chance. But only to have it fucked up in the next season as it turned into “Once Upon a Hook.”

I understand not everyone can share my same view; we all have different backgrounds and ways of processing the information we are given. Now, I know RB is problematic, but I also can see more underneath the surface… I hope this can in some way help with how you feel about them, having another point of view… Nothing is just black and white. I’m not intending to invalidate your feelings about them, just sharing my own.

  • me: okay so what the hell is this whole tab in the inventory menu supposed to be
  • friend: alright that's the Cum Tab
  • me: mm-hm
  • friend: and in there is the cum counter, which you use to keep track of your total amount of cum
  • me: not just the cum i have on me, but the total amount of cum i own across the game world
  • friend: right, that's in your standard inventory. now, in the Cum Tab, you can buy cum perks, maximum cum increases, different kinds of cum (sad cum, etc), and it's really where you do the majority of all cum related work
  • me: everybody keeps mentioning cum crafting, though
  • friend: you do that at cum workbenches, which, yeah, is a whole other deal
  • me: and what's the point of picking up, managing, keeping, crafting, and otherwise using all this cum
  • me: do i get the true ending or something
  • friend: well if you want the ultimate weapons and gear,