i can really relate to this right now though

Warning:“ To those who don’t read OP there might be some spoiler below so don’t read if you don’t want the possible spoil!”
This is my favorite part of this chapter !
This sentence :“That’s just you isn’t it?” is like the symbiosis of everything related to Sanji! He is kind AF and even to people who deserves to die! Seriously what do you want from him Oda? Everyone should be in love with sanji right now 😂
I’m happy to see that everything is slowly falling in place after a YEAR of suffering!
I really want to know what will happen to the Vinsmoke after this is over because seriously, except for Reiju, the other don’t deserve my love even though they were “modified to be evil” because as far as I can see they are just fine with each other so no excuses for them! And the father betrayed his own wife to create what he wanted! (Seriously why was that gorgeous,kind women with this man???)

Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to pass and I think that this whole “sanji’s year arc” will be the only volumes of the Manga that I will buy 😂

Tell me what you think ;)

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"Biggest thing is: being white is the norm." I think you need to rethink how you word things, as you're making it seem as though you can choose your own race. I think making fictional characters POC really does help relate them more to the audience, widening their range and making it seem more real, however, the way you came off was actually pretty offensive and honestly made me feel shitty for being white. But I mean, whatever right?


Im sorry


are you being real right now??? 

You do understand what i said right? Because it is true. There are different privileges for being white in society than it is being POC, there is a want to be white in society, because being a light skinned Caucasian can and have shown advantages to. Like unless you have the fear of leaving your house without being abused physically or verbally for how you look and the minority culture you’re in, you are privileged. A lot of white people don’t have to go through that fear on a daily basis like POC do. And having the fear that you’ll be stereotyped and not hired for something you want because your name sounds too ethnic and “weird”, something you can’t help. 

many brown/black/latino/asians always have that subconscious feeling “I wish i was white, maybe the cop wouldnt try to arrest me or try to shoot me down and make an excuse for it” or “i wish i was white, maybe people won’t stare at me weird when i go down the street” 

I and many of my friends who are also are POC know that feeling really deep, we’ve all had that happen to us, hell something like that happens to people i know still when they even leave their house. 

POC want to be white, because we can see these advantages and we don’t wanna live in that fear all the time. 

but anon, if you wanna have a civilized conversation on this on why I said that in more detail, pm me ok?  

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Shooting star

Shooting Star: Who is your ideal s/o?

Serious answer though, the post circulating about finding you a Katie McGrath? Pretty relatable, yeah? I definitely want someone that I can geek out with about all of my loves and obsessions. Someone that I can game and binge Netflix with. Someone that has a good heart but is also just super smart and can carry on meaningful conversations. Someone that can love and appreciate me as much as I do them.

And I am sounding really sticky sweet, soft, and sentimental right now so I will just leave that there.

I’m taking applications btw ;)

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i’m having a blast right now pretending i’m okay when in reality i’m really emotionally hurt!!! :^)))

Screenshots from EMOTIONALLY DRAINED | That Dragon, Cancer. :’)

Guys I am seriously at a loss for words right now this game has completely emotionally drained me and has left me with so many thoughts. This game was incredibly powerful and beautiful though. I promise I’ll try to think of what to say about this game and video as best I can because I do want to talk about these thoughts I’m having right now. 

First off I want to say if anyone out there is going through any Cancer related struggles whether a family member, a friend, a pet or if you yourself is going through it my heart goes out for you all. I’ve never really gone through those kind of struggles myself even though some people in my family have died from Cancer or have Cancer right now but I’m not very close to them so I can’t even imagine struggling with it or trying to live with it in some shape or form. It’s a horrible disease that no one should have to go through. :/ 

This game has such a way of making you feel very emotionally heavy with sadness but then makes you smile in the next minute it literally makes your emotions go up and down throughout the whole thing and I kind of love that about this game. :) This game kind of put some things into a different perspective for me because right now I’m at a time in my life where I’m struggling with a lot of things with myself and the negative environment I’m in and there are some days where that negativity no matter how positive and strong I try my hardest to be everyday. That negativity can be extremely overwhelming for me after a while. :/ But my struggles I know come no where close to what these people in this game had to go through and what even more people in real life struggling with this disease have to go through everyday. Yet the mother in this game remained so hopeful and certain about things despite all her doubts and fears she had about the possibility of her son’s death. It strikes a huge nerve in me and it makes me feel like if that woman can do that I can do that too with my own struggles I’m going through right now. This game also made me get tears in my eyes at the part where you see all the cards throughout the hospital. Just because it was so many different cards everywhere that all had different stories mostly of people honoring someone who died from Cancer and then Jack got emotional because it reminded him of something in his own life and just all of that emotion at once hit me really hard and started making me tear up a little bit and honestly that says a lot for how powerful this game is. If anyone doesn’t know and this is going hard for me to type… I can’t really cry emotionally. Literally I only cry if I’m extremely overwhelmed and stressed out or if I’m in extreme physical pain. I feel a lot more emotion then I can express and I store a lot of my negative emotions inside instead of really expressing it which is incredibly unhealthy I know. I guess years ago I just kind of closed myself off from letting out my emotions and crying emotionally because of bullying when I was 12 and probably from my negative environment too. Honestly though I don’t really know why I can’t cry like a lot of others can and I don’t even know I should even count me getting teary eyed at that part as emotionally crying. :( Back in June I watched an older video from Jack and it was literally the first thing to get me to really emotionally cry in years and that part in this video really hit close to that too and it just made me remember that… That’s a very good thing for me because I want to learn to express emotion in a healthier way but it also makes me feel so many emotions at once because it hits me hard emotionally and makes me feel incredibly scared and vulnerable. But at the same time it means so much to much to me that I could never in my life describe how much it does. :’) Thanks Jack if you’re reading this you and this game almost made me fucking cry again! xD Or did make me cry again I have no idea if should count that as crying emotionally or not. 

But anyway all and all this game was such a incredibly powerful experience for me and I’m sure for it was for a lot other people as well. I’m very glad I got to experience this amazing game with Jack and just experience these kind of games with him in general because these games always stick with me by the end of them and they leave me with incredible memories. :)

  • me: okay so what the hell is this whole tab in the inventory menu supposed to be
  • friend: alright that's the Cum Tab
  • me: mm-hm
  • friend: and in there is the cum counter, which you use to keep track of your total amount of cum
  • me: not just the cum i have on me, but the total amount of cum i own across the game world
  • friend: right, that's in your standard inventory. now, in the Cum Tab, you can buy cum perks, maximum cum increases, different kinds of cum (sad cum, etc), and it's really where you do the majority of all cum related work
  • me: everybody keeps mentioning cum crafting, though
  • friend: you do that at cum workbenches, which, yeah, is a whole other deal
  • me: and what's the point of picking up, managing, keeping, crafting, and otherwise using all this cum
  • me: do i get the true ending or something
  • friend: well if you want the ultimate weapons and gear,

The Hound is back, and still grumpy! These two could have an HGTV spin-off called The Piety Brothers, just spitballing here. 

Even though Game of Thrones is once again feeling very crowded, it was still really nice to see the Blackfish! Clive Russell was occasionally slipping into a Robert DeNiro impression I didn’t quite understand, but I still wanted to stand up and cheer when he roasted Jaime, who really deserves it right now. I can’t remember the last time he said something that wasn’t related to incest.

Lyanna Mormont, a hard-ass 10-year-old, who doesn’t like being spoken to by adult men, but will sensibly believe them when they say White Walkers are REAL AS HELL AND TERRIFYING. She has mastered the art of Sheryl Sandberg’s Leaning In and is all about shaming people about their last names.

Septon Meribald (aka Ray?), it was nice to know you. Book readers have awaited you on baited breath for months, and now you have come and gone faster than Christmas morning. You had some great lines, like “We’re talking about life,” and “It’s never too late to stop robbing people and stop killing people.” Thank you for being the fourth hanged man whose bloated purple face we’ve had to look at in close-up this season.


My apologies, friends, but I’m not gonna comment on what’s happened over at Neopets right now so your asks along those lines will sadly go unanswered. I might clear up a few really weird rumours I’ve seen floating around about non-layoff related things just because my brain won’t let me leave it alone – stupid brain – so you may see me on Reddit*, but that’s as far as I’ll go on the Neo subject for a while.

I know people are worried or curious and want some information. I’m really, really sorry about what you’re going through right now! I very much want to help. I just… this is a delicate situation. That’s the best way I can put it.

I do have one favour to ask, though, if you would be so kind. I implore people to refrain from using the term “fired”! That’s very different and not at all what happened to these people. They were laid off, specifically in a very large downsizing. It’s an important distinction and it matters!

ANYWAY. Thanks to those of you who were polite in your asks! (The majority of you, in fact.) I appreciate the extra effort while things were super hectic. To everyone else, pfft.

And thanks to those who sent kind words over for the folks who were let go! I’ve been passing them along for you. Please know they are appreciated! You guys are really swell.

Now I’m off to… uh… damn, it’s after 11pm here. It’s impossible to only watch one episode of House of Cards at a time so sleep is what I shall do instead. Yes, excellent.

Good night!

*I’m now /u/snarkiest. New account smell!