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Dating Neymar would include

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  • him spoiling you - he just loved sending your flowers or little gifts whenever you two were separated you were extremely thankful for what he gave you, but you really didn’t think it was necessary, through it really did make you happy how thoughtful his gifts were.

„NEYMAR“ you would text him.

„Yeah?“ he asked back.

„You can’t just send me my favorite flowers, I miss you :(„

  • singing in the car together - Neymar loved singing especially to his favorite music playing which was always playing and you two would sing a long to the words and laugh in between as you didn’t hit that high note.

„Stop singing“ he would say.

„You sound horrible“ he said laughing.

„Oh and you don’t?“ you asked smirking.

  • putting everything on social media - Neymar had it all, Snapchat, Instagram and he loved posting videos or photos on there. and you two spending a lot of time together you were on his social medias a lot, you didn’t really liked it but you didn’t mind. It was just part of him and you what you got yourself into.

„Delete that video I look like crap“ you whined.

„no you don’t, you look beautiful“ he answered.

  • spending time with davi - davi was Neymars one and only and as much as you have been around he saw you as a mother or at least something pretty similar to that. You loved hanging out with him because he always made you laugh. You would sometimes go to the theaters, to the zoo or would play tennis, anything to keep him entertained.

„Hey which movie are we seeing again?“ you asked as you walked towards Neys car.

„(random movie)“ Ney would answer.

„Oh my gosh I love disney“ you said excitingly.

It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

The thing about being somewhat of a “celebrity” is that everyone wants a piece of you. And being in the spotlight comes with the expectation that you owe your fans something in return for their support. Kent loves social media. He loves Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it. Which makes it a little easier to fill that expectation, to give his fans something more than just goals and wins. It certainly makes it easier for him than it is for guys like Jack, who seem to break out in hives just thinking about social media.

Kent’s 1.4 million followers on Twitter, 1.2 million followers on Instagram (2.5 million when you combine his account with Kit’s) and over 800K followers on Snapchat make him one of the most followed athletes in the world. He’s by far the most followed hockey player, with more followers than some of the NHL teams themselves. He keeps all three running pretty well. Mainly because he enjoys it, he loves sharing his life with his fans.

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Body-kun: Introduction

I ordered Gray-kun and Orange-kun from two different sellers on Amazon, but they both arrived on the same day.  Rather than using them as drawing reference, I mostly found myself putting them in stupid poses and texting pictures to my sister.  And thus, this blog was born.

Yes!  I can work with this.

Jazz hands!

I think I’ve found my OTP.


They Are Coming

They Are Ready

Want to use these photos as drawing reference?  Go for it!

Have a pose request?  Read the FAQ and then send me an ask!


TELUSA TELUSA ft. SYMMARAH (Part 2) (Part 1 here)

More of that art study! Btw, I originally planned for 12 slides, then 16, but ended the cap at 15.

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Can someone make a blog to document the aftermath of aesthetic photo posts…..like videos of people painstakingly putting all their cigarettes back into the box after dumping them all over their sheets/Vonnegut book & awkwardly carrying an armful of the family’s milk and peaches back from the bathroom & putting them in the fridge while their dad watches from his armchair…that’s the content I want

Just Friends? || Dan Howell

A/N: Look! It’s a new dan imagine.Things get kinda hot at the end of this one so I warned you. 

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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Without me noticing it my head sunk down onto Dan’s chest. My eyes had fallen shut half way through the movie. I had fallen asleep not only in my friend’s flat but basically on top of him. Dan didn’t seem to care and drifted off to sleep not much later.

I started going to university half a year ago in a city that was completely different from my home town. It wasn’t easy to make myself a home here and manage all of the new challenges that I had to face. I had a little dorm room for myself and I got homesick and lonely from time to time.

Dan on the other hand had started uni 3 years ago. He already knew how things worked and he shared a nice flat with his best friend Phil. Dan was a friend of my elder brother and we had gotten on well before I moved here. Now that I was all alone in this big city and needed company I found myself hanging out with Dan a lot.

During my first few weeks here he showed me around and took me to his favourite restaurants. Now I was almost always welcome to hang out at his flat.

Today was one of those days. I felt lonely watching TV all by myself in my dorm room and half an hour later me and him were watching a movie on his couch.

I woke up as soon as the light that shone through the curtainless windows became too bright to ignore. The first thing I saw was a black shirt that I had nuzzled my head into. The first thing I smelled was Dan’s cologne. The first thing I noticed was Dan’s hand that was resting on my hip and almost on my bum. He must have slung his arm around me in his sleep.

I tried freeing myself from his grip without waking him up but his eyes shot open as soon as I started moving.

“Sorry.”  I awkwardly laughed and grinned at Dan’s terrible bed hair.

“I shouldn’t sleep till noon everyday anyway.” He told me, shrugging his shoulders.

He was chuckling at my morning voice but then the smile on his face vanished. His eyes grew wide instead as they landed on where his hand was resting on my hip. Dan quickly removed his arm. We had “friend zoned” each other the time we first met. Cuddling on the sofa was definitely something that could cross our friendship boundaries.

For a second we just looked at each other.

Neither of us said something.

“Ah, the cuddle buddies are finally up!” Phil suddenly exclaimed as he entered the living room.

“Shut up.” Dan and I groaned at the same time. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at him.

“Hey! I’m just telling the truth, Y/N.” Phil grinned while he defensively raised his hands.

“We didn’t even cuddle.” I told him, rolling my eyes.

“Sure, why don’t you check your phones and see for yourselves?”

I quickly glanced at Dan. He seemed to be as confused as me. I was expecting the worst as I unlocked my phone. 50+ messages in my group chat with Dan, Phil, my brother and some of their other friends that I had all met before.

Phil had the audacity to take a picture of us and post it in the group chat.

‘when were you gonna tell us, ;) ?’

‘Dan is getting some’

‘you are after my sister, dude!?’

‘just watching a movie huh?’

‘YO MATE Netflix and chill, imma right?’

I sighed as I read all of the boy’s texts. My brother being one of them. How embarrassing was that?

“How can you live with such a dumbass?” I asked Dan, pointing at his flatmate and best friend. My voice was loud enough for Phil to hear it on purpose.

“It’s all your fault. You were the one who used Dan as a pillow. And Dan literally hugged you tighter than his favourite teddy bear.” Phil chirped teasingly.

I could feel my cheeks heat up. “We’re just friends!” Dan and I shouted at Phil, who knowingly smirked.

After we ate some breakfast together I took the bus back to my dorm. I took my phone out of the pocket of my jeans in order to pass the time. I checked if I got any new messages and remembered the group chat and all of the boy’s texts.

‘You can stop printing your Dan and Y/N shipper shirts! Just friends!’ I typed.

After I sent my witty comment I scrolled up and stumbled over the picture of Dan and I cuddling. My head was nuzzled into his chest and he had his arms wrapped tightly around me. One of my thighs was put onto his. We did look like a cliché ‘relationship goals’ picture.

My heart sank as I caught myself smiling at the photo. I swallowed hard and quickly turned my phone off, leaving me staring at the black screen. ‘just friends, Y/N’ I whispered to myself.

After our cuddle session, nothing extraordinary happed between me and Dan for a while. I just visited him and we hung out together from time to time.


“No way, Dan.”

“C’MON just this one!”


It was a Friday night, Dan and I had just passed a few important exams and we were out to celebrate all evening with a few friends of ours. The two of us had just returned to Dan’s flat and he realised that he still had some left- over vodka. Although we already had a few drinks at the bar he somehow convinced me to drink the shot he had put into my hand.

30 minutes later half of the bottle was empty.

“Ooops” I giggled while I sunk down on the couch next to Dan and put my head onto his shoulder.  

Dan stared down at me, his deep brown eyes were hypnotising. I swallowed hard as I realized how close we were. I noticed how his eyes wandered down to my lips and stayed there.

Dan’s hot breath on my skin made my inside tingle. The desire to kiss him washed over me like a wave and there was nothing else I could think about. My skin started to glow as the unbearable urge to kiss him was just too much.

We quickly closed the gap between us as his lips crashed down on mine. His hands were back on my hips once again as he pulled me closer to him.

‘Oh my god’ I moaned in my head as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself onto his lap.

I could feel his hands eagerly grab my bum as he leaned back into the pillow of the couch we were sitting on, with me still on top of him.

We broke our hungry kiss to catch our breaths.

“Holy shit, Dan!” I screamed as I realized what had just happened.

We unbelievingly stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Dan we’re drunk.” I whispered.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” Dan gulped.

We were both breathing heavily and I was still on his lap. I breathed in his scent and as I felt his hands on my bum the desire to be as close to him as possible returned.

We glanced at each other intensely before his lips were suddenly back on mine. I buried my fingers in his brown hair, making him moan. His tongue brushed my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I gladly granted him.

We were eagerly making out on his couch, ‘just friends’ was totally forgotten by now. I could feel his hard-on poke the bottom of my thigh and I moaned as I realized how turned on he was by me.

His huge hands started to explore my body, making me gasp as they wandered underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra…

A request

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle, the blog owner/mod – my laptop broke over the weekend and I was able to get a new one, but unfortunately my folder that had a bunch of AMAZING DERPY CATS PICS in it was lost forever because I didn’t back it up to my external hard drive. I know, how dare I be so careless.

That being said! I have a feeling I can count on you all to have some excellent derpy cat photos, would you mind submitting them? They can be of your cat or just any funny cat photo you’ve saved, I won’t be publishing them, I’ll just be saving them to my laptop to look at when I need a laugh. Or, if it’s your cat and you want me to publish it, put a note in the text of the submission.

By “derpy” I mean just anything funny, crazy, silly – blurry cats, cats making weird faces, etc. 

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Stickers and filters for your photos and GIFs.
A new thing in your Tumblr app.  

Rolling out today and tomorrow in the iOS and Android apps: Over 100 extremely relevant stickers for your photos and GIFs. Put a wig on your head. Put an egg on your dog. Achieve personal magnificence.

Q: Where are the stickers??!?

A: Make a new photo or GIF post and look for this face at the bottom of your screen:

Push it. Now you see stickers. 

Q: Can I combine stickers with text?

A: Yup. We put assorted speech and thought bubble stickers in there for that reason exactly.   

Q: Besides posts, where else can I use stickers?

A: If you make a GIF through Tumblr messaging in the app, you’ll have an opportunity to cover it with stickers first. And if you use an iPhone, Tumblr has an iMessage app that you can use to make GIFs and text them to your contacts. Stickers are a part of it now.

Q: Are there more stickers coming?

A: Yep! If you don’t see your favorite object/word/abstract concept represented here, stay tuned.

Q: What about those filters you mentioned? I want to totally scorch this GIF I’m working on.

A: Oh yeah, the filters! We threw in a few filters. They’re intense. Tap the magic wand and enjoy.

Accidental possesion, part 3

Part 2: https://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/156185177836/accidental-possesion-part-2

See this guy? Yeah, that is Ryan. My brother’s bestfriend. How the hell on Earth am I the one that is controling his body? Seconds ago I was in my brother’s body and now I am standing here, horrified of the sudden change of point of view. I stood there like I was frozen. Then the reality hit me. I ran to the mirror. 

“Wow, Ryan is a great looking guy, well I am now,” 

I was looking at myself in the mirror, but I was feeling a bit unsure what had just happened. Am I cursed to possess other people for the rest of my life? What cause this that I can do that? Am I gonna be able to depossess people? Can I possess the people I already possessed? I have to get answers to alteast one of these questions. Now…

I went to my brother’s body still lying unconscious. I touched him, but nothing happened. Fuck, I can’t go back. I need to find out what is going on. Should I tell my brother? He started to wake up. I came to him and helped hom to get on his feet.

“What happened? I feel like hungover. said Patrick

I had to come up with a suitable lie. “You texted me that you will come over and I found you like this bro. You ok? You look like you need help.”

“No, it’s just that my head is pounding. I don’t even remember coming here. And why the hell am I naked? Hey, did you do something to me?” his voice started to sound a bit more happier.

“No, but since I haven’t seen you for a long time and also haven’t had anything with a girl for quite a while, I could use a relief. Want me to suck your dick bro?”

“Stop making fun of me, I think I will go home. Text me later, we should hang out.”

“Whatever you want bro, see you”

I closed the door to his appartement. Now, where is that marines uniform. I searched through his closegt, but it wasn’t there. I saw a bag on the ground. That idiot didn’t even unpack his stuff. I put on his uniform. Fuck, that is so hot. I am Ryan. I can be anyone I want. I just have to find out how to use this new power that I have. I took out his Iphone, snapped a photo and made a new Grindr profile. Searched for other gays nearby and went out to get a new date. I never had a chance in my old body to try anything with other guys.  

I went outside to his car. Suddenly some guy texted me. He asked for a photo. In my old body, I would have been shy to send any, but now, I was a Supermale.

I  sent the hoto and the guy was really excited. He texted me his adress and send a photo too.

Jesus, that is the guy from school. I don’t really know him that well, but it is sure going to be a lot of fun.

The Fitting (Part 5)

(Jungkook acts like a horny teenager at work despite agreeing to keep your relationship a secret from everyone. You continue to question whether or not this relationship is a good idea.)

Warning: smut, dirty talk, intercourse, cunnilingus

You laid on your bed, looking over at the empty spot next to you.  Not that long ago, Jungkook was lying naked in that very same spot, looking at you.  He had started to drift off to sleep when you reminded him that people would get suspicious if he didn’t wake up in his own bed.  You felt bad kicking him out, but if this so-called relationship with Jungkook was going to work, the two of you would have to carefully guard your secret.

Your emotions were a bit of a mess, alternating between joy and panic.  Even though you were all alone, you blushed at the memory of what you and Jungkook did tonight.  It was a juvenile reaction, but you just felt so happy to have a boy who liked you and thought you were pretty and wanted your body, that it made you giggle.   But then reality would creep in, reminding you that this was, by its nature, a temporary situation and one that carried huge risks for your career.  The mature woman inside you wanted to chastise you for making such a stupid decision. You knew that taking on Jungkook as a lover was a rash choice and not one that any sensible person would make.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? I guess I could end up humiliated, jobless, unable to get a reference and potentially kicked out of the industry.   When you thought of the possibilities, it made you a little nauseous.  But then you thought of how good Jungkook’s skin felt next to yours and the way his admiration of you made your feel more confident and self-assured.  Fuck it.  I’ll just deal with the future when it happens.

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uncommonbaceisst  asked:

Do you have any tips on making ppt presentations?

If you’re making a formal presentation (unlike mine on here where I try and cram as much as I can into such a small space) the big things you want to go for are:

  • Corresponding colors (don’t create muddy colors where you cannot read the text. 
  • Bullet pointed text (NO FULL SENTENCES)
  • A picture or two (ones that are NOT distracting). 
  • Maintain the same font for all the text. 

When you first create your presentation you open up on the title slide:

Always do light background, dark text. The background colors HAVE to be soft colors that aren’t distracting or come off the slides. 

An example of what not to do:

You generally don’t want to put really any photos on your title slide, one is the maximum unless the photos correspond–make them small!:

Now! Onto your text slide:

Make sure ALL your slides stay the same color, theme and text! 

The title should be the largest thing on the page! I suggest 40 font:

The text after it HAS TO BE READABLE! Put it at a 20-25 font! But keep the same font size for all text after the title! Make sure the text is also in a readable color:

What’s wrong with the slide above (besides the random information),: you cannot read the text because of color, and THE TEXT IS IN FULL SENTENCES! So absolutely do not do that. Here is what you should do:

See? No sentences, basic information. You shouldn’t have sentences on your slides because you should be speaking to your audience and elaborating, building of the primary points you have in the slides. You have a bullet point that says “sugar act”? Your audience might not know what that is, so you explain the point in your presentation. 

To top it all off, you are most likely going to want to put one or two pictures:

If it is a formal presentation you may want to text note your slides or information.

Hope this helps!

My Favorite FREE Apps! Very minimal and sleek designs! I use all of these apps on my Iphone, so some of them may not be available on android. Enjoy! If anyone has any apps they can suggest to me feel free to send me a message!(:

#1 // 24 Me 

Calendar / Todo List. Super easy to use with a very clean design. NO SIGN UP NECESSARY!! Im so sick of calendar apps that act more like a social media platform! 

#2 // Phonto

Photography / Typography. I used this app to make the banner above! Great for editing photos and placing text over images/backgrounds! Wide Variety of fonts and shapes! Honestly perfect for posts/blog headers!

#3 // MinimaList

List / Study Timer. Minimal and clean look. Perfect, simple to use study timer that yells at you to put your phone down! Keeps me on task and keeps track of everything I need to get done!

#4 // WeatherJams

Music. Don’t know what Pandora or Spotify playlist to choose? This app lets you listen to music based off the weather! Pick a temperature or type precipitation and it will create a playlist based off of it! Super clean, cute design and very simple to use!

#5 // Padlock

Security / Passwords. Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat….the list of social media accounts goes on and on! Keep track of your passwords with this functional app that allows you to write all your passwords in one spot! Very secure, a password must be entered to access the app! (lol just make sure you remember it.)

#6 // Pop the Lock

Game. Phenomenally simple game, all you have to do is tap the screen! If I’m stressed or anxious this is the perfect app to take my mind off of things. Very addictive though, be careful! 

#7 // iHydrate or My Water

Fitness / Water intake tracker. Both great apps for someone (like me) who does not drink enough water throughout the day! Set a goal and enter what you drink throughout the day! “My Water” has a much more sleek design, however “iHydrate” has many more free options!

I am so fucking happy. I mean, Johnny going to Ellen just made my whole day. I can’t stop smiling and YES this man has this much power over me. I missed him so much. I missed his dorky and funny side, I missed his humour, I missed his niceness and loveliness, I missed his smile, I missed his style. I missed everything about him. These new photos and videos make my heart so happy I can’t even explain it. And man, can we talk about how AMAZING he looks? Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Look at him! The difference a year can make. So glad to have our dorky, smiley, healthy handsome Johnny back. Literally haven’t seen him glowing like this in years. I love him so much. And I’m so excited for POTC I can’t put it into words.

Katie’s 2k Follower Challenge!

This is totally unbelievable. I never expected to be doing a 2k challenge, but here we are!

But before you scroll past thinking that this is just a challenge for writers, STOP! You are mistaken!

*this is the part where Katie shows off that her photo editing skills are improving

*cough* all I did was put text on pic I found on Google *cough*

Anywho! Below the cut you will find all the details your little heart desires!

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Today is the first time I heard of Transgender Day Of Visibility.

I thought I would say something short and sweet but every time I got to the end I had a damn essay written up, so here:

I’m transgender, born female, identify genderqueer, and live as a guy. I socially transitioned six years ago and now, although it’s still definitely A Thing in my life, I worry about it far less. Most people I interact with in my life don’t know, and I feel like they are missing a huge context for who I am as a person.

Thank you, tumblr, for being a place I can Just Say That. A place I can PUT that little “afab”, when I’ve spent so long actively or passively hiding it.

I am able to go in my recent photos and there I am: smiling in the sunlight, alone or surrounded by people. I wish I could send these to myself from six years ago.

If you are near the same rest stop that I was, the most important thing I can tell you is you’re not alone and things can get better…which is, I think, the point.

Instagram and my TC

So, I followed my TC on Instagram some months ago, and he followed me back almost the second I clicked the button.
Anywas, sometimes he and I talk, it’s mostly school stuff and we tend to keep it pretty serious and try not to send anything that we shouldn’t (I mean, at least that’s the way I think when I text him, and I guess he does the same but whatever).
The thing is, today, I drew some people that appeared on my feed, mostly because I was bored and that was good practice.
My TC was also between those people.
And I drew him.
I uploaded a photo to the Instagram stories that showed the whole page with my drawings.
Minutes later, I had a private message from my TC that said “Those drawings are really beautiful, I love them, I can tell you did them and put a lot of effort on them”.
And… Like. Don’t follow your TC on Instagram.
We also like to send little messages on the photos that only we understand and I think that’s beautiful.
Thanks for your time guys, just needed to vent a little.