i can put some effort

KurobasWeek Day 01: Team - “Our Basketball”


*ahem* barely made it, but here’s my favorite team <3

Luna’s finally on the way. White is the name of the game this time around.

You guys are also right - I shouldn’t be one to tell you all what you should or should not draw. Just like you say - I don’t own these characters or nothing and am already messing around with what is essentially another artist’s work. If you guys really want to edit what I got here then there’s not a whole lot I can do to stop you. Just be cool and put in some real effort, at the very least. I don’t put in all kinds of hours just to have what looks like a barely-pubescent twelve year old scribble on it.


what do you mean this isn’t why he tried to smash the mirror of course it was because he didn’t know how to handle his feelings yes totally leave me a lo n e


First off, I haven’t been here for a long period of time so I am sorry for being very inactive. Second, I am turning this page into a Fashion/Harry Styles tumblr page. I am also going to try my hardest to be up to date since I feel like I can do more if I actually put some time and effort on this tumblr page.

Anyways that’s all and this picture is so sexy i just cant.

Take care loves x


and there you go, a little collection of some Yoichi drawings by me. i didn’t put 100% effort in some of them (and you can definitely tell lmao) but still, i’m pretty satisfied~ i have many more actually, but i want to improve before publishing. enjoy the cinnamon roll!

(the chibi drawing is a gift for @midnightclockchild)

☆ Dan


I made some The 100 lock screens for y’all, enjoy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ゚
I’d appreciate a like or reblog if you use them, so I know that someone enjoys ‘em! :)

Shit Abled People Say #233

*Goes into a grocery store with my mother*

Customer care assistant : *Looks at my wheelchair* Do you fancy a race young lady? *pointing to the store wheelchairs*

Me: Oh no thank you, I don’t have much energy *smiles politely*

Customer care assist: What do you mean you don’t have a enough energy, your a young girl! Look at me, I’m in my 60’s and I can still get everywhere! Come on put some effort in girl!

*Mother takes ahold of my chair and pushes me away before I burst into tears*

I’m chronically ill, Im underweight as my stomach doesn’t function properly, which makes me even more exhausted and my legs work properly due to complications which makes me insecure anyway as I have to have way more help than what any teenager would want. So dont tell me to put more effort in, I’ve been through alot, and especially don’t tell me that if your a complete stranger.