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Day 29!

Now that you’ve proven yourself worth of at least 8 badges, it’s time for a bigger challenge!

Elite 4 Mariah Carey is ready to battle and test you! Can you handle her and proceed to the next room?

Mariah is a really rich and famous trainer in the Pop Region and specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. A good curiosity is that she’s obsessed with shiny Pokemon, from her Skarmory to her Delibird (afterall, all she wanted for Christmas was him). She didn’t find each one of them in the wild, but I guess money can buy almost everything these days, right?

Her last acquisition was an Alolan Meowth she met while spending her New Year Eve in Alola. Some people say this Meowth got her attention during her concert and that’s why she had some troubles while singing on that day. Well, rumor has it. At least now they belong together.

The Cassandra Project Needs You

1.  What is the Cassandra Project?

The Cassandra Project is a planned anthology of poetry, short fiction, essays, and art revolving around Cassandra, the legendary (and legendarily cursed) seer of Greek mythology.  The goal is to bring artists of all stripes together to create a work, and then sell the work, and donate the proceeds to charity.

2.  Why a book?  And why, specifically, an anthology?

Because I personally have limited funds to donate to all the charities that are going to need funding to handle the increased workload that these next four years are going to bring.  I can shriek all day and all night about how other people need to give, too, or I can incentivize the giving by having something to offer in exchange for others’ donations.  And if I do my job right, if I come up with something worth reading and remembering, then maybe I can provide the motive for another to act.  If I can find the right words, someone else can call on them when they need courage or strength in the years ahead.

And with an anthology, it isn’t me alone.  There are other voices – a chorus, if you will.  We can be louder together.  We can reach more people together.  We can shore each other up.  Even for solitary artists and writers, community is important.  I think we need that now more than we ever have.  

3.  Why Cassandra?  

Because Cassandra saw the dangers facing the city of Troy long before anyone else did.  Because she spoke out in the face of mockery, distrust, and disbelief.  Because even when she know the odds (and the Gods) were against her, she kept speaking the truth right up until the very end.   Because she never faltered, never let herself be cowed, never stifled her gifts in favor of a moment or two of passing peace before the end.   She didn’t go quietly.  She declared herself “a Fury, one of three,” and acted accordingly.

The world needs its Furies.  It needs its angry prophets, wielding blazing torches, singing out their truth to the end of everything.  

They didn’t listen to Cassandra.  But maybe they’ll listen to us.

4.  What does the Cassandra Project need?

Writers. Artists.  Logistical advice/guidance from people who have trod this path before and know how to do it.  Full disclosure time, guys: I, @lookninjas​, am not a person who has done this before.  I had an idea, other people seemed interested, and I am now trying to realize it as best I can.  But I am teaching myself this process as I go, so if anyone out there has experience to share, I am all in favor of listening.  These ears are wide open.

We will also, probably, find ourselves fundraising at some point, but that’s going to wait until we have all our artists/writers together and a reasonable idea of how much money we’re going to need, so I’m not rushing headlong into my 501©3 paperwork just yet.  Although if anyone has suggestions for ways to do that, again.  I’m all ears.

5.  How do I get involved?

Follow this blog.  Shoot me an ask here or at my main blog, @lookninjas​. Messages work too.   Let me know what you’re interested in doing, ask me any questions you have.   Replies may not be immediate (I work retail, and it’s nearing Christmas), but they will come.  And if this idea moves you to start working on anything, then by all means, get moving.  More art is never a bad thing.

And please, share this post around!  The more eyeballs, the better.

Thanks to everyone who shared the original post, which got way more notes than I bargained for, and thanks to everyone who’s already responded to this.  The idea that anyone at all is interested in joining me is encouraging to say the least, and I’m really really grateful to you.   Let’s get some more people here, let’s get moving, and let’s see what kind of difference we can make together.  The world is darker than it was two weeks ago.  It needs our light more than ever.

Poor little infatuated salty academic

Wth, anyone that knows me irl will know that I’m not a bitter person at all (I write, as I proceed to be bitter in this next 10k word essay lmao) but im genuinely concerned.

I don’t know if it’s just me per se, but I’ve “realized” (thanks kylie lol) alot about me since last year and I can pretty much conclude that I do not understand relationships at all; especially 21st century technology ones. Actually, even minus the technology and social media, relationships are a headache. Period.

The butterfly state is a curse, the constant longing, the constant checking your phone if they’ve replied, contemplating theories if they haven’t, getting upset if they haven’t replied, STILL getting upset when they finally do. Wth this ain’t me!!

I’m honestly the happiest when I’m by myself and I can fully concentrate on Allah, school and my family, I really do not want my thoughts diverging, I have otherpriorities. Some guys are great and I respect that, but I’m know for a fact I do not deserve this headache.

Sorry for being selfish, but I have a degree to obtain and God to make proud.

It ain’t me. It’s defiently YOU!

dmkoz1  asked:

*Sneaks up behind you, grabs your head in a lock with one arm and then proceeds to give you a light noogie before releasing you.* Hellllllllllo Effy, what's up?

Well, lately I’ve been thinking. I’m finally on my last semester. And I’m gunna graduate in the next few months. The question is.. where do I go from there? It’s overwhelming to think about.

Originally posted by tibbers

I could go to another school like McMaster University and further my studies for a few more years or maybe begin executing my escape and establish a new place where I can finally call home. A home, far from here. Perhaps then, I can pursue my interests in peace.

Originally posted by tibbers

As excited as I am that a new chapter of my life is fast approaching, I am just as terrified for the coming. It’s uncharted territory and I’m not sure how I’m going to approach this.. Err p-pardon me for blabbing about my problem. It’s not too often I get to express my feelings publicly. But these are my feelings lately.


“We were ALL lied to; all misled. Many of you have only recently discovered this, and are still reeling from the shock of it. I am not suggesting that you wallow in self pity or stay in an emotional feedback loop for the next 5 years. I am simply saying, to acknowledge the PROCESS… and your humanity in experiencing it. And then get yourself together, shake yourself off, and proceed, step by carefully-placed step, towards your own Greatness and Splendor. And jump at any and all opportunities you come across to speed up the process when possible, by aligning with other like minded BW, who share your path and your destination. Fuck all the bickering and infighting. Get it while you can and dont let petty differences in philosophy or perspective cause you to rage against other BW. You have plenty of other things and people to rage over.

Listen. This shit is LIFE CHANGING and it will NOT always be dropped in your lap like these brilliant posts by brilliant writers - and like I do on this page- and it sure as hell wont always come for free. Be willing to invest when required, to fill in the gaps in your understanding and hasten your healing process. Dont be cheap in your healing. And dont be so hard on yourself - or your fellow black woman. It can be difficult at times to show patience and compassion, believe me, I KNOW. And I am not suggesting that you coddle bullshit in each other. I just want you to remember that we are all facing this same truth - that this life we all lead has some good, some bad and some ugly. Those of us who WIN!, do so because we accept it, deal, and move on. Be grateful that it didnt take you 25 years to get here. And if it did, so what? Be thankful that you get it now, and fuck the rest. You have access to some of the most brilliant minds Black Womanhood has produced. Thats a hell of a lot more than *I* had, in 1991; A hell of a lot more than your mothers, and their mothers had before them. That alone, makes you leagues ahead of the game. 

Show yourself some patience and compassion. And then get your Life poppin with the new goals, agendas and purposes in mind. You may have to stop, assess and redirect several times over the course of it all. That doesnt mean you are not on the path. It just means that you are human.

Black and Female and Crafty….

And gloriously, Human.”

-Breukelen Bleu

So I just wanted to share this awesome scroll that I got from my local Harry Potter Festival in October- it was super fun. You got to choose which letter you wanted, and which owl it came from, and it would pop out of a little box and the guy would hand it to you.. I of course chose detention with Snape because duh. Haha but anyways, when the guy got my scroll and read it, he said something like “Oh, it looks like someone got bad news,” and my stupid creepy brain was like, ‘tell him that dentention with Snape would actually be good news for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ and I totally almost said it. Thank God my shyness saved me from that horribly awkward situation.

The festival was really really fun and I can’t wait to go again next year!!

Edit: I wanted to add that the scrolls were $5 a piece and the proceeds went to a foundation that rescues owls :)

When old ass white people go on and on about how Trump is the president for them and he’ll help make their “America great again” all I can think is that they don’t have much time left on this earth and they’re worried about what the next year will be like. Bitch, I’m going to have to live with Trump and his stupid racist ass if he wins for at least 4 years, maybe 8. Plus the years of obvious damage that will proceed if he wins. I’m sorry but this election isn’t for you.


I’m still into Homestuck and will still be posting After Us sometime this week or the next, but recently I got hooked on this show that got canceled a year ago after only one season, and I had to do something for my favorite character. So I knocked this out in one night and now things can proceed as planned.

Features crew fluff and a pairing that only happened over the course of a single episode but which completely stole my heart. It was terrible and unfair.

Show: Sinbad (a BBC show from 2012, you can find it on Hulu!)
Music: In Memoriam by The Oh Hellos
Relationships: Familial Gunnar/Crew, Gunnar/Lara