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im so happy i get to see soul eater on my dash (; w;)/ i love your art so much !!

Aaah thank you~ I got few Soul Eater fanarts and comics sketched but the Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 hype train hit me on my way to finishing the Soul Eater ones…

I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’ll do my best to try to post the SE ones as soon as I can… T wTb (on ariadusts account ofc).

But training too hard to adapt this boy into my style is taking all my energy left for now (same for Alya tbh)… Aaah…

And since I got already two long upcoming comics for ML, I can’t tell you it’ll be anytime soon for Soul Eater (also because adapting ML to my style is so challenging I’d like to stop by this for a bit!). = w=b I love challenge!

PS : But it might be worth to wait because once I’m into something (which I started with both SE and ML atm), I don’t drop it until I did like 10 art/comic about it! (I wish I was kidding when i say this but I got no chill sometimes). Herpes me!

Let’s talk about this review I got today for Experimentation. I doubt the person who felt the need to send this message to me is on tumblr, but I’ll never know because they posted as a guest. Which also means I can’t actively reply to it.

Now, I’m going to approach this kind of like a PSA or one of those videos we were made to watch in school about why you’re not supposed to walk on the railroad tracks. Only I’ll be explaining why you shouldn’t send messages like this to fanfic authors.

First though, let me just say that if you’re going to ask/demand things in your message, then please do so under a registered name so that the author can reply personally to you.

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//-w h e e z e s- I got this back in like August, but had no idea what to draw for it orz better late than never

Anyways, this is a complicated one to describe because there’s a lot of changing the story on both sides in modern times, and to think of their relationship how it was in the past, you need to think differently and recognize that it really was a different period from now. You can’t put modern lenses on it.

In the past there weren’t defined borders like there is now. It was more split into undefined regions. And, yes, modern country Macedonia was part of the Macedonian region. (The whole part of ancient Macedonia thing is sort of pushing the envelope, but it’s not like they have no claim to the name. The Macedonia region in the middle ages has a different border from the ancient one, and modern Macedonia was very much a part of the medieval region.)

Generally, people from modern Greece and Macedonia got along fine back then. The inhabitants of both areas were mainly Orthodox, and religion was the biggest thing to most people, not language or ethnicity.

And even then, the Macedonia region was very mixed! The word ‘macedonia’ means a fruit salad (ie, a mixture of different fruit) in some languages for a reason. The area was seen even by other nations as being incredibly mixed ethnicity-wise.

But, of course, that didn’t last forever. Nationalism began to take hold, and people began to push identifying with ethnicity and language more than the town you were born in. All sorts of wars broke out, especially in Macedonia where guerrilla warfare went on for years between Greek vs Bulgarian vs anyone else. Then Macedonia the region was split between those two and Serbia, and we get into more modern history. 

Nowadays, the two don’t really get along on a political level due to Greece seeing Macedonia as appropriating Greek symbols, which Macedonia believes belongs to them too. I’m going to leave it at that aha.

For Vesna and Heracles, they once upon a time got along, and pretty well too. I like to think of them as cat people surrounded by dog people, so they banded together. But Vesna wanted to grow up and be her own person while all her ‘big brothers’ wanted her to be like them, which spoiled her relationship with Heracles (and also Novak and Konstantin). Nowadays, they generally tend to fight like two tomcats when put into a room together.

//lmao I now have like, 50 things in my ask box because you guys keep sending the Confess things and I’m wheezing. These are all beautiful, and I love it, and this means I can now pick and choose which ones I wanna use for the skirt m!a (because reblogging that confess thing was originally just a way to get a lot of asks for the m!a lmao)
You’ve made my life both easier and more difficult at the same time.

But I have to get to work in an hour and a half, and I’m still not out of bed, and I gotta go find something for food, so no more drawing for a bit.
 I might answer the Allen Confess asks as text posts, if that’s alright with everyone.

Second Chances (Merle x OC) - Chapter Four

Finally got Chapter Four in the books. Sorry these keep taking me so long to post, I just am slowly realizing this is turning into a novel. A slowburn, long ass novel, but I promise good stuff is coming soon! I’m hoping with the holidays coming up (and more days off work) I can spend more time writing and getting ahead of my posts. 

Also, shoutout to all the writers, because I get it now after battling my sinuses all last week and wanting to write, but not feeling it/nothing coming to me. It is super frustrating. Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for reading!!

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Nora stirred in her sleep as a repeated thump sounded. Ignoring it, she rolled onto her side, wrapping an arm over her daughter sleeping next to her. The knocking started again, louder this time.

“Rise and shine, Darlin! Gotta long day ahead of us.”

Nora froze hearing the raspy voice. It took her a moment to realize where she was, after making herself some tea last night, she fell right to sleep with Anna. Slowly, she opened one eye to peek at her surroundings. She could see Merle leaning against the door. Sunlight was barely coming through the shed when she sat up on the bed and rubbed her tired eyes. Dressed in only her white, rayon nightgown, Nora quickly grabbed her robe to cover herself before heading towards the door.

“What time is it?”

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hey everyone! so those of you who follow my art blog might have noticed i havent posted anything for a couple of weeks - i couldnt do any paintings because my computer was in for repairs, but now that i have it back and functional im building up my queue again & starting this friday i’ll be posting art again! 

i felt i should make an updated commission post since the old ones died out a while ago and my friend @partofanincompletebreakfast is still in need. i’m taking digital art commissions for $5, $10, and $15+ tiers, examples above. more samples of my art can be found at @greenjays. we’d super appreciate any help, through reblogs or otherwise! thank you for reading <3

Picard: Deanna I know you were just raped, but no you can’t be relieved of duty because it could happen again and then we can get more information

Me: You used to be one of my favorite characters but now I’m gonna prove the multiverse true, invent a way to travel between universes, find a universe where you’re real, and then beat the shit out of you until you tell me there are five lights

R. J. L.

Here it is, here’s my ACA Open Enrollment Plug:


If you support real religious freedom (i.e. your religious choices are between you and your god, you have a right to privacy)

if you have endometreosis or any other complex reproductive-system-related condition

if you want to keep seeing your gyno, and want to be able to access all the services your gyno provides


They don’t have the guts to say this anywhere you’d notice it while you’re perusing the plan benefits– I actually did try quite hard to go through all the fine print but I missed it. And clearly, New York State expects you to miss it. Because when I signed up, after a couple of months, they sent me this letter, which clearly indicates that they didn’t expect me to already have realized this: 

“Fidelis, the health plan you joined, does not pay for family planning services.” (That last is bold and underlined.)

The back side of the letter tells me to go to Planned Parenthood. Here’s the whole text:

(Photo is of a list of places in several counties where you can get family planning services. Note that one of the counties in the list contains no family planning clinics and lists no options.)

I have a primary care physician who does my gyno care. This tells me, in effect, that I’m going to have to find another gyno to do that, because my insurance company won’t reimburse my PCP for a visit where she mentions birth control. 

Now, what my personal medical needs are, are immaterial to this discussion, but I am making this post because I know a lot of people are trying to choose plans right now. And it is NOT OBVIOUS that Fidelis is a Catholic company– they changed their name from Catholic Health Plan of NYS for that reason, I think.

So– BE AWARE, because they’re sure as hell not going to make it obvious.

I don’t know if this is legal in any other states, or if Fidelis exists in any other states, but LOOK FOR THIS KIND OF THING when you sign up!! Explicitly CHECK TO MAKE SURE. 

I am going to switch away from Fidelis not because I can’t stand to go to Planned Parenthood, but because I don’t want to support a company in any way that feels it can dictate my health choices because of its religious beliefs. 


Strange Findings, or, The Beginner’s Guide To Being in Love and Romance When Your Whole Life’s Been a Mess Up To This Point, or, In Which Hanzo Realizes He Can Buy a Cake For His Boyfriend, Because He Has One, and He Loves Him

Been busy with con prep, and now I’m probably gonna vanish again because it’s finals month (rip) Might as well get a huge comic out in the meantime :b Might be wonky in places, but eh, it’s 3am. Enjoy!

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#smut #nsfw #oblivious!harry

Prompts: @a-sisi-universe
Author: @queenofthyme

Warning: well, I mean just read the tags above. exactly as it says really.

There were pros and cons to being attracted to your boss. The cons, Draco wasn’t too fussed about. His reputation couldn’t get much worse anyway (he was an ex-death eater after all), and it’s not like he didn’t have the money to get by if he lost his job. The only reason he’d worked so hard to become an auror in the first place was because of Harry Potter.

And therein laid the pro - his boss was Harry Potter.  Gorgeous, delectable, dreamy, oblivious Harry Potter.

Draco certainly wasn’t the only one in the office charmed by Harry. He’d noticed some of the other aurors staring too - during the rare moments when he could pull his eyes away from Harry. And it wasn’t just Harry’s looks. If it were just that, Draco would have gotten over it years ago. No, Harry had to be brave too. And powerful. And a little wild. And above all, kind.

Draco knew it was sappy of him but, Merlin, did he find that kindness sexy. Harry was the type of boss who took responsibility in the media when you messed up in the field. The type of boss who would take over your reporting for you (despite his own ridiculous workload) when he could see you were stressed or affected by a particularly emotional case. He was the type of boss who never treated you as if he were your boss at all.

Of course, Draco wouldn’t have minded if Harry threw his weight around a little. The fantasies Draco had of Harry often involved him doing just that - albeit with a few orders that would be highly inappropriate for the workplace. But no matter how obviously Draco pined, Harry still didn’t seem to notice. He really had no idea of his effect on people.

So when Harry called Draco into his office - the start to many a fantasy - last thing on a Friday before he could leave with the other aurors, Draco knew Harry wouldn’t understand the thoughts that were running through his head. Empty Department. Friday night. Boss’s office. Harry Potter’s thighs.

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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws like looking at the trophies in the school. They like seeing the names, and what these people did. They like to speculate if they’re still alive or not. But their favorite section is a whole wall will names of people who have done “Special Services for the School.” Some of the names are obvious, “Harry Potter,” “Neville Longbottom,” “Hermione Granger,” “Ron Weasley.” While others are names that Ravenclaws have heard mixed things about, or haven’t heard of at all. Names like “Colin Creevey,” “Lavender Brown,” “Remus Lupin,” “Nymphadora Tonks,” and “Draco Malfoy.” There was even plaque for those who could not be named. And above all of the names was magical banner that glittered the words, “Thank you for your assistance and dedication on 2 May, 1998.”


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”

So we are playing a game where we are the equivalent of vigilantes, crime fighters, whatever you wanna call us. We have a gunner, a brawler, and a swordwielder. We don’t have super powers or anything, though, so we get caught by some thugs and were basically kidnapped to be interrogated. On the way to wherever the hell we were being taken, two of the PCs woke up prematurely. They were all bound up ofc but not properly gagged.

Gunner: “Hey, I can feel my phone, I must still have it.”
Swordwielder: “What? No I saw them destroy your phone.”
Gunner: “I have a spare, in my shirt. Can you grab it, it’s just wedged into my bra and your hands are just bound behind your back.”
SW: “In your bra…? That’s… uh…”
G: “Cop a feel while you’re at it too I don’t care just get the phone.”

There may have been some minor feeling up involved but they got the phone out. As the sword wielder was trying to decide who to call (cops would be a bad plan), the gunner sighed.

G: “Just hit one for speed dial.”
SW: “Who are we calling?”
G: “Does it really matter right now? Hurry up, I think they’re coming back.”

Shortly after, that phone is found and destroyed and they’re interrogating us, including asking who we called. Only the gunner knows and she’s not spilling. Then, there’s a knock at the door.

Everyone: ???
Gunner: “COME IN!”
Everyone: ?!?!

Cue everyone being startled as the door is kicked down and lots of cliche Mafia guys file in and kill all the interrogators and start untying the PCs while everyone stares at the gunner, waiting for an explanation.

SW: “Who did you call? Is this… are these guys the mafia?!”
G: “Oh, I called-”
Mafia Lady: “There you are, sweetheart! Gosh I was SO worried when you called me with your burner phone. You hardly call me at all, so I was sure this could only mean trouble.”
G: “Oh, hi mom.”
Everyone else: “…mom?!”
Brawler: “Your mother is in the mafia?”
G: “Well, sorta. She’s in charge in this region.”
Mom: “Oh, are these your crime fighting friends? You all are making such a nuisance of yourself for me sometimes, I’m so proud of your work, honey! But can you please come visit home soon without the intention of killing anyone there?”
G: “Fine, fine, how about next Sunday?”
Mom: “Perfect! Now I gotta go, and you all should too, before the cops show up. Take care of yourself, sweetheart!”
G: “You too, mom.”
B: “What did I just witness.”
SW: “What- but you FIGHT CRIME how can your family BE crime??? And your mother still be so helpful? We’ve fought the mob before! We literally work against her at times!”
G: “Hey fuck you, my mom respects my career choices even if they go against what she intended or expected, she just wants me to be happy! Just because she’s head of a criminal organization doesn’t mean she’s not a good, loving mother!”
SW: “I, uh, sorry…”
G: “You fuckin SHOULD BE. Hmph.”
B: “We just met the head of one of the most powerful and deadly crime organizations in the area and she didn’t murder us… what the fuck. Why didn’t you tell us?!”
G: “I mean it wasn’t really important til now.”
SW: “The hell it wasn’t! Get over here, I’m gonna strangle you!”
B: “Can I throttle her next?”
G: “Oh shit. Moooooooom!”

Okay but, I have to make a post about it, because honestly it’s destroying me.

Like, this reaction. He just doesn’t care about one of his arms getting destroyed. He doesn’t care about the pain coming with it, because as he said earlier while fighting Deku ‘He can always restore it, even if it hurt’s “a bit” to get them ripped off’. He was fine with it, because he had one of his arms still there to take action, he was used to restoring his body, so losing one might as well be a part of it. 

And then this. Like, yes it hurts like SHIT to get your arm cut off like that and he’s in pain. But still. The realization is. not. there. He doesn’t realize that BOTH of his arms are gone now. He still believes that he can always go back to square one, because he’s done that his whole life

But then. Tomura tells him. Tomura let’s him know what the fuck just happened. And it clicked. He realized that he has no way of using his quirk anymore and the terror is t h e r e.

He was ready to die, okay. He wanted them just to kill him and move on with it. He was done and ready. But this. Holy shit, Horikoshi

Seriously I don’t know if there’s been posts about this already and I’m sorry if there are. But this just broke me into pieces. I still think that being this cruel to such a valid villain was simply too much. (Not only because I’m attached as shit to him okay)

One More Little Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

If you haven’t seen the original post, it’s here.

I thought of one more thing.

Something I said on this post was that Darkiplier’s shell cracks because it “can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him”.

Someone pointed out to me, “Wait, don’t you mean three souls? What about us?”

And at first I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now I’m thinking.

I’ve seen theories saying that, since Dark walks away from the mirror and we’re still in it, that he pushed our soul right back out, and that he had manipulated us for that chance to be alive again.

I don’t think he “manipulated” us for that, per se, but that mirror thing still bugged me… until now. (I think the gif might be from @markired again, but I’m not certain, sorry.)

Celine and Damien needed us to form Darkiplier, right?

What if… in those last moments the Colonel was speaking to us…

… we saw just how much Wilford needed them?

So we decided to let Dark take over, push us out even, so that Damien and Celine could follow the Colonel.

What if we sacrificed ourselves for this?

What if we literally saw how much poor, broken William needed his only support system, and decided that maybe… it’d be okay if we let go?

What if we let go in the name of love, and that’s why Dark walks away without us, because we see that Will needs Damien and Celine more than he needs us, and we're… okay with it?

This is some Shakespearean sh*t right here.

I know, it’s a stretch, but as a new-founded Wilford Warfstache protector, I find… a weird sense of comfort in this theory.

We might have made the greatest sacrifice we could, for Wilford, our poor, broken Colonel.

And I think that’s a beautiful tragedy.

– *tiny edit tim*

One thing that makes me think this might be true?

You know Mark Edward Fischbach would do it.

How to hide the Staff Pick at the top of the dash


So today Tumblr rolled out an update that shoves one of the random Tumblr Radar posts onto your dash, as the first post, without any ability for you to prevent that. I was fucking outraged. If you have XKit, there is already someone who has coded a pull request for the No Recommended extension (fucking props to XKit and open source software in general), but I’m an impatient child and I cannot stand waiting for it to be pulled by an admin. So I made my own. 


You’re gonna need AdBlock Plus. I’m assuming you already have it installed because if you’re interested in hiding shit you don’t care about then you’re the kind of person who already has it. We’re going to be making a custom filter.

Go to the ABP filter preferences.

Go to the Custom filters tab.

Make a new filter group. Give it whatever name you would like.

Click on your new group, then on Add filter, and then give your filter this text:


Close the filter preferences and refresh Tumblr. The post is gone! Now you can enjoy your dash without corporate bullshit being shoved down your throat. Cheers!

N.B.: This is a very hacky solution and is in no way intended to replace a more elegant one. The pull request on XKit is a lot better, but I would have needed JavaScript for that and that’s not a thing you can do with ABP. I only did this because I’m impatient and decided not to wait until XKit decided to go through with the pull request and put out an update for their extension. I absolutely recommend using their solution when No Recommended updates to 2.2.2.

Thanks for 10k followers on this blog.

I decided I’d make a different kind of give away (but only in january because I lack of time for now and I need to finish previous one first).

There will be only 2 spots with different type of rules - I’ll be listing there:

  1. must follow this blog
  2. must have liked/rebloged at least one of my posts (from this blog ofc)
  3. must give a caption line to a post of your choice in this form : “[2018] Caption text goes here”.
  4. Previous give away winners can’t participate it to be fair.

I will pick the winners according to the captions I liked most (and I’ll give a reason to why I picked yours if you win too).

This will run from 1st november 2017 to mid-january 2018 (a bit long but I need to get ready for exams T ^T).

It can be a comment on the post of your choice either through reblog or simple comment (not through tags, I can’t check that).

To make sure you’re in for this “event” you’ll have to add [2018] in front of your comment.

You can see all the posts more easily here : 6 w6b

There will be no 1st nor 2nd, both winners will get a colored halfbody like this :

Good luck everyone!