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Happy Futures

@a-courtof-fangirls-and-fanfics and I wrote this really late last night and almost cried because it had to be written. 

Elriel - super fluffy 

By now, Elain usually has a good control over her visions and can stop them from overcoming her mind. Over the years, with the help of her family, she has trained so that she no longer fears her power, but can instead use it and learn from it. The middle Archeron sister is always prepared for a new vision of the future. Except this one.

Never in her wildest dreams would Elain think she would every receive a vision like this. And so, it’s hard to be surprised that such a revelation was able to sneak up on her. 

Elain and Azriel are training on the roof of the House of Wind, the latter, as always, holding back. Elain appreciates the sentiment, but after decades of learning and sparring with him and Cassian, she really finds it unnecessary. Thus, she spends most of the time trying to rile him up and make him lose his carefully constructed restraint. 

Unfortunately, sometimes Elain can get distracted. Especially when Azriel rids himself of his shirt. She’s seen him naked plenty of times, but there is something about the way the sweat running down his chest glistens in the morning rays of the sun, and how his wings flex and contort his bare back that makes Elain irrevocably flustered. 

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Tumblr tells me that 1/2 of your recent post contains sensitive media. Do you think Tumblr fucked up on my side or your side?

Can’t believe flowers and tiny dragons are now considered SENSITIVE MATERIAL to tumblr…
Honestly…I have no idea what to do about this. 
Tumblr screwed up so badly.
My blog NEVER contained any sensitive material except perhaps one or two swear words being used in some of my comics.That’s it.
But tumblr has marked my blog under sensitive material in a way that I myself cant view and have no control over. I have no idea how to end this and my anger grows with each day because I never know if my next post will be marked as “not safe for work” and wont appear under the safe tumblr search.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please do. Right now Im just shrugging it off because I ran out of ideas on what to do.

About Stefán Karl Stefánsson(Robbie Rotten)

Just read an article about our beloved actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson who played Robbie Rotten from Lazy town and how his cancer has gotten worse. The chances of him growing older is unfortunatly much lower now and I felt like sharing this to you guys because I didn’t see much posts about this on tumblr. You can read the article here:https://www.google.se/amp/www.wetheunicorns.com/news/robbie-rotten-cancer-final-stages/amp/ I would also like to say that ‘we are number one’ meme were probably one of my favourite memes because it saved a life… or atleast for a while. And the fact that Stefán loved those memes and also even sang that song for us with the original crew behind him on a video really proves how much he cares about his fans. I have never met Stefán in person, but I bet that he would be one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Please spread this information to others and support him, especially now in these hard times. I’m not sure if there are any donations you can go to to try to help him further, but if any of you guys know please reblog with the link so others can find it easily. Let’s pray and hope for the best for Stefán and always remember that HE will always be number one to us.

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Good friendo if u could, please hit me with some fluff hcs for jenna/rich/jake bc now I'm invested in the ship :0

  • Rich and Jake arm wrestle who gets to pick what they order for date night food
  • Before anyone can get hurt Jenna walks in and just throws the pizza menu at them
  • No one argues with her
  • Jenna taking all the selfies of her boyfriends, they play on the xbox while Jenna scrolls through social media
  • She sees a fuckgirl trying to slid into her bf’s dms (yes they all know each other’s passwords because no one gives a hoot) and she immediately posts a picture with very obvious hastags “I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND AND BOYFRIEND” “WE ARE A HAPPY POLY” trying to “subtly get the message across
  • Um, double the gifts on her birthday and double the kisses on dates
  • Jenna is clearly winning at this relationship thing

So… I was scrolling and I came across a writer in another fandom who had made a post telling any one under 18 to get off their blog because they wrote smut and she didn’t want to end up being arrested….. And then reblogged it a few times commenting that she’d actually blocked people and stuff.

And other writers in that fandom had commented with similar things saying they felt the same.

Now fair enough to them.

But like… Can we get into trouble here? I don’t really understand how we could? I’m confused and wondering if we should be concerned?

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Here's a fun imagines (or at least I think so, rip) But imagine the band in a campy - horror movie, friday the 13th style/zombie fic. Like what their tropes would be, and who would come out alive at the end of the movie.

I want to write a fic based on this now because I love the concept.
(Also, sorry if the format is a bit wonky, I’m posting this through my phone so I can’t bullet, italicize, bold, or otherwise edit my text ☹️)

2D is the one who’s always fucking someone.
-His best friends are being hunted down and killed and he’s off fucking someone in some random abandoned cabin in the woods.
-2D and his s/o die later on in the movie bc they’re the fan service. They screw like four times in the kinkiest ways possible without the movie being considered porn before both him and s/o are found by the slasher and killed while they’re doing it.

Noodle: the survivor but also the woman that can’t run without falling down.
-She narrowly escapes death on multiple occasions.
-She’s the person nobody watching the movie expects to survive until she unleashes some pretty rad fighting moves and strategies.

Russel:(through much sweat and tears and a great deal of laughter I had to restrain myself from using the “black person always dies” trope)
-He’s the person who tries to start the car when he’s being hunted down but it just doesn’t start. He get out to quickly check under the hood of the car (because all people in horror movies are morons who don’t understand that you can’t do that while there’s a killer on the loose) when the slasher just pops up behind him holding an axe. The slasher brings the axe down to hit Russel in his neck (the slasher always aims towards the major arteries for major cliche blood squirtage.). But directly before it hits, Del’s spirit suddenly appears and protects Russel, somehow forcing Russel into the car and locking the doors, Del possesses the car and they drive off.

Murdoc: the fucking satanic moron that somehow revived and evil spirit/killer/something that awakened the thing trying to kill everyone.
-The first to die or get possessed.

the last time i used my book tag was nearly exactly six months ago. that’s not to say i haven’t been reading because i have. i just haven’t been moved to tell you about any of the books i’ve read. UNTIL NOW.

i just “read” (listened to) all of the Queen’s Thief books and i am iN LOVE i don’t think i can wait another 4-7 years for the next book???? how will i survive???? 



(it gets really good toward the end of the second book because there is that one scene that was like an unexpected left hook. it took me completely by surprise because in a book series that is so so clever, you are expected to be on your toes because nothing is as it seems, suddenly there’s this moment of pure earnestness and wonder and it completely floored me and book 3 is like an entire book’s worth of just that feeling and I’M SORRY I CAN’T BE MORE SPECIFIC IF YOU’VE READ THESE BOOKS YOU KNOW THE SCENE I’M TALKING ABOUT. ALSO PLEASE MESSAGE ME SO I CAN YELL AT YOU THANKS)

anyway time to go back to the first book and do it all over again

I caught Nimbus doing some research. He’s been really active at improving himself [Part 1] [Part 2]

He’s doing way better at climbing sleek surfaces.

But once he found out about rappel / abseiling… 

He insisted on trying the no safety harness mode though, because it’s not like he can easily find/make one for his size. Especially if he needs to do an emergency descent.

(Ok, serious talk now. This is the last of my trio of posts about climbing poses, so if anyone needs extra references please send me an ask. I’m no climber, so my knowledge only goes so far)

[Part 1] [Part 2] Part 3

When you wake up one day and realise you have responsibilities and a day job and you can’t sit around posting FFVII memes all day in an attempt to reconnect with strangers on the internet that you’ll seldom - if ever - actually speak with, because you spend so much time working that regular interactions with people who aren’t obligated to spend time with you due to a paycheck seem like a novel thing so you’re left wondering where all of your time and youth has gone, while you steadily watch the grey hair start to sprout

What the heck…? I am so confused! In what way is that post NSFW? What does it even mean…? That certain people can’t see that post now? What’s worse is that a LOT of my Bigby posts are flagged too - and why? Because someone is wearing their swimsuit! Even the one of Kia playing chess, fully clothed!

This is ridiculous, Tumblr. Get your shit together.

I'm trying

Hi guys, gals, and non binary pals, I’m so sorry if my outfits are bad at the moment if you guys don’t know. I am underage and I have recently been kind of disowned by my mother (I don’t live with her anymore) and I don’t talk to her at all and it’s kind of just been taking a toll. It happened a couple days ago I’ve just been having trouble concentrating on making these outfits and making things ill still be posting daily, I’m just really sorry if I’m a bit off. If you would like I still request your like nice outfits like the ones that are a bit harder to do I might not do them right away because right now I’m getting I’m just so depressed I can’t do anything. I’m really sorry.

theghostchronicles replied to your post: oh my god i can’t believe i’m only now realizing…

tru tbh :t like delaware is so fucking weird u could drive just a lil and suddenly ur in delaware? but i feel like delaware just shifts like places somedays like the location hops around :/ no one place is truly delaware

like honestly this is true ???? and probably the major reason why i cannot navigate for shit like i’ll just be driving and be like “shit idk where this leads to…” but i never panic because i know if i just keep going i’ll end up on a road i know…..i never used to think about that but now…..

new cryptid: the entire state of delaware

im so happy people are actually reblogging that post because now when i dont know how to interact with one of my mutuals i can just send them the entire lyrics to fireflies

List of Reasons why McHanzo is a popular ship

In case somebody asks you why people ship McHanzo, you can just link them to this post. 

1) Their personalities [ie, the rough and tumble, clever charming cowboy and the severe, noble, disciplined, dutiful archer] are extremely shippable (see: Han Solo and Princess Leia for similar personality types). Referred to as the “odd couple” phenomenon by Matthew Mercer, voice actor of Mccree. 

1a) Matthew Mercer explaining the McHanzo ship and putting in McHanzo lines during his panels and his on the spot voice acting for Mccree

1b) Ships in which one character is “tsundere” are popular as well; where one is presumably more open than the other, who is more closed off about their feelings, though in the realm of fanwork this is often an inverted trope

2) The east-west symmetry; in which Hanzo represents the [stereo]typical anachronistic eastern warrior where Mccree represents the [stereo]typical western gunslinger (see: the popularity of interracial romances)

2a) Kurosawa Samurai films were inspired by early Hollywood Westerns; later Westerns were inspired by Kurosawa Samurai films. The “love affair” of Samurai and Cowboy films has gone on for decades

3) Visually appealing; both handsome, buff, middle-aged men–a fandom staple. Also both perfectly contrasting each other in color scheme; Mccree = Red (serape, ult), Hanzo = Blue (clothing accents, ult)


art by @casuallysuplexes

4) Interactions in-game: Junkenstein’s revenge in which Hanzo and Mccree share stories and drinks; followup lines referencing the drinks they shared, Mccree complimenting Hanzo on his shots, a recent addition of Mccree following up his drinks with presumably with Hanzo ( “the next one’s on me” )

5) Their similarities in age, personality and backstory; both with criminal pasts they’re trying to make up for. Both are about the same age and have the same background in stealth, assassination, unsavory dealings. Both are skilled fighters and sharpshooters who have dealt with the dark side of the world, who are seemingly unfit to be heroes but also most compelling in their (in Hanzo’s case, presumed) heroism. 

5a) Because of their difficult pasts, the idea of them being happy is appealing. More so the idea of them being happy together, because of the appeal of romance to many fans. Which is why domestic headcanons of them are also very popular.

art by @crotah

5b) Young Mchanzo 

art by @crotah

art by @rngrn

…. I forgot my point 

6) The sheer content generated and the popularity of the ship makes it more appealing to ship: the amount of good art, good fanfiction, and positive energy from both creators and many fans makes the ship appealing to those who are new to it. 

7) LGBT ships are more common than het ones by virtue of wish fulfillment; because there is an extreme lack of LGBT content, let alone LGBT romance in media, LGBT ships are more popular within fandom. Also, because of the number of women in fandom who are by the numbers, largely straight, male/male pairings are often more popular than female/female pairings, unless the number of female characters is balanced or there are more female characters in a fandom (see: Once Upon a Time), or female personalities are made more compelling in the show (see: Legend of Korra). 

Those are the ones I can think of right now, but there are likely a ton more reasons people ship McHanzo, and I hope people continue to enjoy the Overwatch fandom because all this creativity is amazing. Please do click through the links of the posted photos to reblog the original posts and support the artists!

We can’t be together!“

“Why because no one wants us together?”

“Yes and things would just be better if we ended it right now”

“So everyone else can be happy?”


“What about you huh, will you be happy?”


“What matters more your happiness or theirs?

—  Tenari Ioapo // Excerpt from a book I may write.

Okay so let me talk about this picture here 

do you remember it? (lol course you do)

back in season 3 Eskild sent this photo to the kollektivet group chat and what did Isak say “Don’t post it anywhere we’re not official or anything” 

and as a live watcher i remember thinking “THEN WHEN ARE YOU OFFICIAL?” and ever since that chat and this photo I had been thinking…when is he going to post it. When is he going to become ‘official’ 

I half expected him to post it right before his season ended, almost as a “here i am and i am proud” photo but it didn’t happen. 

of course we still got a boyfriend selfie, but it didn’t hold the kind of significance this one does. 

This one was taken when Isak was still not ready to be himself yet

this photo represents him telling eskild to still hide it. It represents Isak hiding and not being proud. 

the moment he shares it with the world is the moment he accepts himself and finally is P R O U D of who he is and who he loves 

so now finally here we are. Isak has posted one of the photos taken along with the one above. People are asking “why an old photo? why not one of the many new ones i’m sure they have?….why not just take a new one?” 


he is finally proud of who he is and it is official. 

Eskild you can post it now because it is real. 

I am real

and I am proud

I believe Spencer’s twin is coming.

In this post I want to give a list of reasons why Twincer is my prime suspect as AD. I know a lot of these ‘clues’ come from interviews, but they’re still really convincing for me at least. I’ve definitely missed some of the clues from within the show because they’re not as easy to spot - we need to know for sure if Twincer is happening, then we can dig further. (The fun won’t instantly stop once the finale airs.) But for now, enjoy these, and at the end, I give my theory as to the motive.

Please note: none of this is overly new. This is just the summation of everything we’ve been talking about on my blog for the past couple months. I wanted to put all the ideas into one post, rather than 31529 mini posts scattered here and there. I will be updating this as we find more. 

  1. The famous airport scene from 715.
    We all already think it’s weird that "Spencer" asked Ezra to not tell anyone he saw her there with Wren. What’s weirder, is the fact that Wren and “Spencer” were arguing. Amongst muffle, I heard Spencer say "stop calling me that" (let me know if you heard differently). Did Wren have a slip-of-the-tongue moment and call her Spencer rather than the twin’s real name?
  2. Dr. Cochran’s story is very telling.
    We all already know the ambiguous implication that Mary had more than two babies, because Dr. Cochran said he dealt with “two of Mary’s babies”. What’s more interesting is the second baby he dealt with. The first baby (Charlotte) he gave to Jessica. He said that the second baby that he delivered was placed in family county services. This could not have been Spencer, since Spencer was delivered to Veronica within 5 minutes of birth. So, who was that second baby that was placed in family services? I believe it was Spencer’s twin. Why? Dr Cochran referred to that second baby as “underweight but tenacious” - lo and behold, the next episode, Toby calls Spencer tenacious. This was the writers foreshadowing the similarities between this second baby, and Spencer. Twins. 
  3. We all know Hanna’s ‘dream’ in 701.
    It makes no sense that Hanna was able to dream ‘Spencer’ saying the name A.D. since Hanna was kidnapped before these initials were even revealed. Perhaps Hanna was visited by Twincer; the one holding her captive.
  4. A.D. needs to stand for something. 
    Spencer’s twin could literally have the initials A.D., since we know she would be Mary Drake’s child. Her first name would start with A and the D would stand for Drake. 
  5. Brendan and Ian both confessed to being confused by the identity of A.D.
    They needed the backstory to understand it. Is that because they had no idea who has the name “Alex Drake” (for example) ?
  6. Tyler said before 7B aired that “you’ve never met AD. You kind of have. You’ll know what I mean”.
    This can be interpreted in two ways: you’ve never met Twincer but since you know Spencer, you kind of know who AD is. Or. You’ve seen Twincer over the years, but thought it was Spencer. Either way, Tyler’s comment screams twin-theory to me. This could apply to any twin theory, but in this context, I’m using it for Spencer.
  7. Ian said (0:57) that “fans will be satisfied to a point. Right when it seems it’s gonna be really great, it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”….
    That cheeky smile on Ian’s face when he said “it seems it’s gonna be really great”… what could be greater than a liar being AD? Ian could be referring to the fact that they initially show us Troian under the hoodie, making us think Spencer is AD. Then, after commercial break, they will reveal it’s just her twin, hence the “it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”. We will be satisfied to a point, he said. It’ll start off amazing by thinking it’s Spencer, oh wait, it’s another twin.
  8. Ashley said (0:14) that she didn’t even know the A.D. reveal is possible.
    Because she did not expect a second pair of twins to come along?
  9. “It’s like there are two of you living in this house. You, and you’re evil twin, and we’re not sure who’s coming down to breakfast". 
    said Veronica to Spencer in 423. Foreshadowing at it’s finest.
  10. Spencer doesn’t remember this flashback.
    Was it her twin? And oh how coincidental, that the writers tell us a time Spencer doesn’t remember, in the same scene Veronica makes the above comment about Spencer’s “evil twin”.
  11. “Where are they?”
    said Mary as she entered the Hastings house (flashback from 717). Who is they? The twins? She proceeded to say that Spencer is the only good thing she’s ever made. Maybe Mary knows Spencer’s twin is evil, and is neglecting her. 
  12. “You look very much like your sister. Almost like twins”.
    said Mary to Spencer in 701. The writers wanted us to think that Mary was talking about Spencer and Melissa, since Mary was holding a picture of the half-sisters. But, were the writers, and therefore Mary, hinting towards Twincer? Is Mary being blackmailed/forced (by Peter?) to keep quiet on Twincer, and she had a slip-of-the-tongue moment here?
  13. Marlene is very aware of the Twincer theories.
    Back in 2014 she said that Troian sent her an online fan theory regarding Spencer having a twin who is A. Marlene was blown away by it and she thought it was a very well thought out plan with detailed evidence across the series. Watch from 1:35. Whilst you may be saying “there’s NO WAY Marlene spoilt her own show’s ending in an interview!!” - I feel like she had no idea the show would go on for 7 seasons, and once they got renewed, she panicked. “Shit, we need a new Uber A. Let’s go with that brilliant fan theory Troian sent me”. She probably regrets making this interview now. You can tell her passion for Twincer in this interview. She talks so damn highly of it.
  14. Marlene has said that the person who plays A.D. had known for a while.
    We know that Marlene told Troian the entire ending of the show years in advance. “Just like I had story time with Marlene, you all now get story time with Pretty Little Liars” said Troian.
  15. The girl in the coffin in the opening has the exact same black puffy shirt as Spencer.
  16. Why does it seem that A.D. is always going after the Hastings?
    Why shoot Spencer, out of all the liars? Why demand Aria to plant the audio device in the Hastings? Why not ruin the Marin household? The jealous twin wants her ungrateful sister dead, hence the shooting, and the jealous daughter is angry she never got adopted. Too much of the story is Hastings-oriented. 
  17. “They’re all some pretty. Good. Theories.”
    Was Janel’s response to being asked about the Spencer-twin theories. (22:20)
  18. And, I’ll just leave this here. Good one @prettylittlesessions​ !
  19. “Spencer’s” weird comments in 718.
    In 718 “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in 718 to prompt our Spencer to say this. 
  20. Keegan said there are no more Spoby kisses in 7B.
    “I can honestly say that there is not another Spoby kiss.” Yet - there was one in 718. Either Keegan lied, or that was Spencer’s twin. (10:15)
  21. “It’s somebody you have seen.”
    says Marlene in regards to who AD is. Was she talking about the Spoby kiss in 710, which Twincer referred to in 718 when she kissed Toby again? Marlene was very careful to avoid saying “it’s someone you KNOW”. We don't “know” Twincer. But, we have seen her.
  22. “That’s not the Spencer I know”
    said Toby in 718. Writers are foreshadowing.

Setting all this aside, I want to add my theory on the backstory and motive:

  • Twincer, who’s name is A_____ Drake, was born in Radley, as Dr. Cochran told us in 7A. 
  • Twincer was raised in Radley - not because she needed to be at a psychological hospital, but as a form of daycare, because Mary was deemed an unfit mother, and also she kept Twincer a secret from Peter… he already hated her (to the point of planning her murder, later on) enough for having one baby together, imagine Peter’s reaction to having twins.
  • There, Twincer met and bonded with her sister Charlotte. Charlotte became Twincer’s only friend. (Twincer might even be Bethany, since we already know of this bond between Bethany and Charlotte, and how Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away by a monster. But for this theory, let’s just forget Bethany for a second.)
  • When Mona came to Radley and started telling Charlotte about everything she did to her sister, Charlotte and Twincer wanted to play. They wanted a turn at harassing Spencer and her friends.
  • For Charlotte, as we know, it was the feeling of finally succeeding at something in life that made the game her drug. For Twincer, it was something far darker.
  • Harassing Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison is all about driving a wedge between the girls. Twincer wants to break up the girls. Turn them against each other. Hopefully by throwing fire at the girls, they will break up, ultimately, to ruin Spencer’s life. Again, jealousy. Twincer’s plan is backfiring because it’s exactly A’s threats that makes Spencer say “we need each other more than ever” and “always stick together”. The writers keep making the point of SPENCER being the one to make the comments about “always” sticking together. Twincer cannot break Spencer and her bitches. This is fueling Twincer’s anger. Nothing is working.
  • That’s why AD/Twincer recently shot Spencer. “If I can’t break the girls up to ruin Spencer’s life, why not just become Spencer?” Twincer shot Spencer in an attempt to assume her identity and squeeze her way into the loving friendship group that she could never crack. “These girls are so loyal to each other… they don’t even break up after even my threats. Damn, I want to be a part of this. It’s my turn to live a happy life. You had your turn Spencer.”
  • Note: I do not believe that AD has been operating since season 1. Mona’s time as A is completely independent from Charlotte and Twincer’s story. Mona started the game, and now someone is ending it, and she wants to know who. Charlotte and Twincer are their own duo; their own A-team, which stemmed as a result of Mona coming to Radley. Charlotte revealed herself - next up in the A team is Twincer, who is carrying on the game she once played with her sister. 
Sigiling Selfies: How to Anti-Taglock Pictures of Yourself

So @dontusemycauldron mentioned this to me at some point, and it took a few days for it to really sink in. They told me how some people put sigils on their photos to prevent people from using them as taglocks for things like cursing. And I went, “well holy shit, that is fucking clever,” and proceeded to do it with every single one of my selfies I’ve posted to Tumblr. Not because I’m concerned, but I like to put faith in preventative measures. 

I decided I was going to show you guys how to do it - at least with SAI, because that’s the program I tend to use for art things now (and I can’t find a good crack of Photoshop anymore). However, any art or digital media program that makes use of layers and transparencies can be used for this technique.

First off, you want your sigils. I made two personal ones, and I also made two for Tumblr use. However, I’m going to recommend that you create your own sigils with your own statements of intent, if you can.

“This photo is bound from being used as a taglock.” 

“This photo is not successfully used as a taglock for cursing.”

Ideally, you want digital sigils with transparent backgrounds, so you can avoid as much visual disturbance to your picture - you don’t want people to see or know there is anything over top of it, right?

Anyway, now on to the (SAI) tutorial!

Open your selfie and your sigils; you can switch between them along the bottom of the SAI window. Copy and paste the sigils onto your picture. I do this by clicking on the sigil’s canvas, hitting Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, then selecting the canvas with the selfie and hitting Ctrl+V. I can show the screen commands, however, for those that aren’t so tech savvy:

The “paste” option is also in the “edit” menu, as you can see. When you’ve done that, your selfie should look something like this:

Well, you know, you won’t look like me…but your sigils will have pasted in the top left corner of your picture. And they’re very obviously visible. BUT fortunately we’re not done with it yet. 

Arrange your sigils over top of the face part of the selfie, however you want. I didn’t specify before, but the icon that looks like the cross with the arrows on each end (highlighted in blue here) :

…that’s the move tool; click on that, then on each separate layer, and you can move the layer around as you wish.) You definitely wanna do this before you change any of the transparency of the sigils, while you can still see them. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you arrange them, just as long as they are on your face. Mine look like this:

It almost makes a heart shape, lol. So, those familar with SAI know where to look to see the layers. Mine were on the left-hand side by default, I know that is something you can change, however. They look like this:

On the bottom you can see the separate layers - your picture, and the sigils each on their own layer. Above that, you can see the “mode” and “opacity” tools. Those are the ones we care about.

Experiment with the mode if you want - it isn’t required, but it can help. I like to put mine on “overlay,” because it adds to the visualization of the sigils seeping into the picture and blending in to it. You need to click on each separate sigil layer to apply the mode. That makes it look like this:

And with that we’re almost done! Finally, just change each of the sigil layer’s opacity to 1% by clicking on the opacity bar and dragging it almost all the way down. You want them to not be at zero because they still need to be on the pictures and not “off,” but if you put them at any higher than 1%, you can still see them, and you definitely do not want people being able to see the sigils. Once you’re done that the selfie look like this:

Can you even tell there are sigils over top of that? There are. Four sigils, now, actually, lol. And this is how the layers look over on the side in SAI:

As you can see, the mode has been set to overlay on both, and they are both at 1% opacity. From there, save your picture (file, save as), feeling free to specify in the title that one has been magic’d. Then, you can upload them without any worry!

Of course, this can be done with sigils for other purposes - I just made this post with the intention of preventing selfies being used as taglocks, because that’s what I did to mine today. However, you can easily apply any sort of glamours to your selfies, if you desire. 

I hope this helps anyone, or inspires anyone! Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I wasn’t so clear about things! This is my first time making a tutorial for any art program, I dunno if I did any good… But, yeah, just let me know if you have more questions or anything! :)