i can post again yay



Because I forgot my password long ago, I could not log in, but I was able to log in successfully, so I can post a picture again! Yay!


You can be king again

I finally get to post my gcbc video, yay! 8) Gosh I’ve spent wEEKS on it and the last 2 minutes were PAIN to make but it was worth it aah… I wasn’t quite satisfied with the beginning but I like the end a lot,, I’m very happy


Hi guys

As of last night, I have around 90 completely edited, sized, and colored pages for my “Not There Yet” comic. I AM EXHAUSTED. There is food all over my room and i keep going to sleep around 4 am. BUT I AM DRIVEN to finish this comic book by maybe January/mid February. I know, i know, it’s a bit far but it’ll all be worth it once everything is all printed and neat :) 

I am also considering adding stickers to the book. So when you get the comic it comes with maybe like 10-15 stickers of characters and objects from the book. 

Hopefully, all that will be done and printed by mid February and i can just go back to posting normally again. Yay!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Have a good one!