i can play this game leave me alone

Zodiac Sign Kinks:

ARIES: “My kink is when people hurry the fuck up and quit wasting my time”

TAURUS: “My kink is when cuddle time is anytime i ask for it”

GEMINI: “My kink is when people actually know what their talking about and if they don’t know what they’re talking about the shut the hell up.

CANCER: “My kink is when my friends accept my food offer to them”

LEO: “My kink is when I’m given the reasons why they love me”

VIRGO: “My kink is when people admit I was right”

LIBRA: “my kink is when i’m being bugged to hang out because they love spending time with me as much as i love spending time with them”

SCORPIO: “My kink is when people tell the fuckin truth”

SAGITTARIUS: “My kink is when people bring positivity into my life”

CAPRICORN: “My kink is when I’m abducted by aliens so people can leave me the hell alone”

AQUARIUS: “My kink is when i can play video/computer games all day”

PISCES: “My kink is when someone is witty as hell”

Justsomewritingprompts Writing Challenge!

I got a positive response to the ask about a writing challenge so here it is! 

So the rules are:

1. Deadline is January 1st. If a extension is needed please send me a message

2. Tag me in the final product or send it to me through messages so I can read what you come up with. Either @justsomewritingprompts or @prob8850 (my main blog)

3. There are three lists, please pick one scenario, one quote, and one item. Mix and match, whatever you want. The quote must be used somewhere in the story.

4. Please do not go on anonymous! I would like to keep track of who signs up. If you do not feel comfortable with me posting your asks on my blog, please message me or specify to me that you would like your ask answered privately.

5. Feel free to write about any fandom, OC, character x character, character x reader, fluff, angst, fluff. (I love flangst). Really just have fun with it :)

6. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


1. Making Snow Angels

2. Movie Night

3. Christmas Morning

4. New Years Kiss

5. Holiday Shopping

6. Kissing in the Rain

7. Coffee Run

8. Working Out

9. Winter Break

10. First Date

11. Long Walks

12. Cold Night, No Heater

13. Hot Day, No Air Conditioning

14. Amusement Park

15. Study Date

16. Holiday Decorating/baking


1. “Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate as your preferred drink?”

2. “Buy it, you look adorable”

3. “He’s not worth your tears”

4. “You’ve got a little whipped cream on your nose”

5. “Is that my jacket?”

6. “I’m going to get a cavity because you’re so sweet”

7. “It’s fucking freezing”

8. “If you throw one more snowball at me you will be sleeping on the couch tonight”

9. “Just hold me and don’t let go”

10. “Stop talking and let me sleep”

11. “You look so hot right now”

12. “Please don’t leave me alone tonight”

13. “Let’s just relax and play video games all night, okay?”

14. “Sweetheart, I cannot even begin to tell you how much you mean to me”

15. “Can we just sleep in and cuddle?”

16. “If I eat another cookie, it will be too soon”


1. Fuzzy socks

2. Pillow Fort

3. Warm Sweaters

4. Carnival Toys

5. Ice Cream

6. Candy Canes

7. Necklaces

8. Scarves

9. Flowers

10. Hand Written Notes

11. Candles

12. Popcorn

13. Video Games

14. Blankets

15. Pictures

16. Pajamas 

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Jimin’s runaway daughter. pt.4

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5 Finale]

Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

Originally posted by ciutae

This morning was somewhat peaceful, in comparison to other days anyway. Dad was here to stay for breakfast and maybe even lunch before he had to head out for late rehearsals again. Now, I say somewhat peaceful because mum would still give me death glares when dad wasn’t looking and when I was helping out in the kitchen, and mum would walk into me on purpose and because she did it as I had a knife in my hand, I ended up cutting my finger. Yelping out in pain, I dropped the knife I was holding. I turned and saw dad looking at me as he walked over to me.

“What happened?” He asked me, with concern in his eyes and a glint of something else. Something else that I couldn’t read. Mum rushed over from behind me at this moment calling out in panic.

“Baby, what happened?” The fakeness in her voice was thick, but only I would notice that.

“Grab the first aid box.” Dad said to mum, not taking his eyes away from my bleeding finger.

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Things Said While Playing Scary Games sentence starters

Since it’s a holiday I decided to give you something a little more light-hearted, just for the heck of it. Enjoy.

“Five foot zero and born to be a hero.”
“I’m a creepy little man.”
“Well, being alive was nice while it lasted.”
“Dasvidaniya, bitch.”
“Tell me, [character’s name], now when did you last let your heart decide?”
“Shining, shimmering, OH SHIT!”
“I’m creepin’ on the down low, leave me alone.”
“Butts and butts and more butts!”
“I eat monsters like you for brunch.”
“I don’t have a glass house, I have a glass castle. A glastle.”
“I’m punny as hell and you love me.”
“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”
“I’m ready to FIGHT.”
“The monster just wants a hug.”
“Where did all of these naked men come from?”
“Ohhh I’m a huuuge douchebag, meh meh meh.”
“If this is a water level I’m going to eat my computer.”
“Water can suck a fuck.”
“I can’t see a god damn diddly darn thing.”
“Hey assholes, the party has arrived!”
“Come and get me, nerds!”
“This is how I die.”
“I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead.”
“Nevermind, I’m alive.”
“I don’t think that’s how you pronounce that word, [character’s name].”
“Come on, will something useful into existence.”
“This place offends all of my senses.”
“All I wanted was to sit and enjoy a nice relaxing evening, and then all HELL breaks loose.”


Exo werewolf au reaction to their girlfriend(also an werewolf) being in heat and not giving them a break?


★he loves it  

★it’s his favourite time  

★he’ll let ‘myeon know he’s not available  

★and spend the week satisfying you   

★he’ll never complain  

★he’s got high energy levels  

★so you won’t exhaust him  

★he’s a full tease  

★when you’re not having sex

★he’ll grind into you

★or walk around naked 

★goes hard on you 

★he’s not going to stop until you’re satisfied   


★he’d try his best to balance being leader and your mate

★he needs to care for his pack 

★but also needs to make sure you’re satisfied 

★bc you plan around him when he’s in heat 

★if he’s got nothing to do 

★you’re going to be fucked well 

★over every surface of the house 

★no clothes will be worn at home during the week 

★they’re just going to keep you from doing the good stuff


★a whole damn tease

★when you’re not riding him 

★he’s going to make you want to

★his hands aren’t going to be off you 

★gropes you without giving a shit

★’let’s go to bed, sheep’ 

★’i know you need me’

★if he’s needed for duty 

★he’s got videos for you to watch 

★’use these to pleasure yourself. then i’ll come home and do the job properly for you, sheep’ 

★he really loves the sight of you fucking yourself on him 


★he’s gonna put his pretty fingers to use

★at every possible chance they’re going to run over the most sensitive parts of your body 

★he’d spend so much time fucking you with his fingers 

★after each time you cum 

★he’ll lick his fingers clean

★’you always taste so good during your heat’  

★’i could taste you all day’ 

★you’ll be covered in marks 

★and v satisfied when the week is over


★no matter how any times you have sex with ‘dae

★it never gets boring

★he’ll drop everything to please you 

★it’s only fair 

★but first he’ll tease you 

★’tell me how badly you need me’ 

★’i’ll give you what you need if you tell me’ 

★he won’t stop until he knows you’re satisfied

★if he’s away from you

★he’ll send you texts to work you up even more

★grins when you growl

★’you look how that feels?’

★’let me hear how good i’m doing’

★bites you alot

★lets you top

★just expect his death grip on your hips to guide you


★he’d let you ravish him

★he’ll let out small grunts of encouragement

★’keep riding me, baby’

★’you’re making me feel so good’ 

★’i’m yours to use. take everything you need’ 

★just really loves the pride that comes along with helping get what you need 

★holds your hand 

★your fingers will be locked tightly through the whole thing 

★he’ll pull you close to him when you’re both about to cum 

★and press your lips together

★’cum on me, baby. let it all do’

★he’ll rub his hand over your body

★stopping at your breasts to tease you more

★pushing you to your needed climax


★you’re in heat together

★so it’s this big fight for dominance 

★which always ends up in you both cumming until you can only moan eacother’s names 

★there’s no care for dom/sub roles 

★it’s just a fun game to play to work you both up 

★as long as you both cum 

★it doesn’t matter who’s on top 

★he makes so much noise 

★deep grunts will leave his lips 

★he’ll smile at you during it


★he’ll pleasure you as much as possible

★but will still do his duties 

★when he sees you approach 

★he’ll try to get away 

★’babe, you have to wait, i said i’d do this, you can’t just pull me away!’ 

★he’ll only complain once 

★bc once you’re alone 

★he’ll be all for sex 

★’you’re so sexy when you’re demanding’

★he’ll take 0 seconds to get your clothes off

★and slide into you

★he doesn’t need any time to warm up

★his hips will be going at the speed of light in moments


★he tracks your heats

★he’ll have shoved his duties onto somebody else 

★and cling to you

★the moment you wake up he’ll kiss all over you 

★’it’s that time of year again’

★’i know, i can feel it’ 

★’then relieve yourself on me’ 

★you bet ur lil peach he’s going to be rock hard 

★’is it your heat or mine?’

★’i will walk away and leave you with your fingers’

★he won’t

★he’s all threats

★during your short breaks to eat and drink

★he’ll have you in his lap

Onsra | Part II

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Words: 4.6K

Genre: Demon!Au. Fluff. Angst. Smut.

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX

A/N: Sorry for taking forever to update! >.<  I know there’s not too much angst or fluff or smut yet, but maybe some innuendos? o.o Either way, if you haven’t read the first part yet, I’ve linked it above!

“All mine,” He said confidently as his lips pressed gently to your neck. The sensation of his warm lips against your skin made you shiver as you pushed harder against his chest with your free hand.

“Th-This isn’t real…” The tremble in your voice made him chuckle. This was all a dream- no, a nightmare. Jeon Jungkook, a classmate of yours, was saying the exact same things as the boy who had been keeping you up at night by haunting your every thought. It simply wasn’t possible. You let out a laugh and you felt your knees giving in. “I’m imagining things. God, I really am going crazy…”

“Are you?” He asked quietly. “Don’t be stupid, Y/N.” Jungkook gave your intertwined hand a gentle squeeze before letting your hand drop to your side. You stay silent in a complete daze as he chuckled again at your confusion. Part of you wanted to believe him, but the other part of you didn’t even know how to rationalize what was happening: That the boy you kept seeing at night while you were asleep was very real… and somehow he was standing right here in front of you. You were really losing it.

“I-I’ll open my eyes any second now… And then you’ll be gone.”

“This isn’t a dream… Do you feel these hands against you?” He snaked his hands up to your waist and gripped firmly. “Do you feel these lips against your skin?” You felt a sharp pain as his teeth captured the soft skin on your neck. You inhaled sharply before a soft moan escaped your lips. Your eyes bulged suddenly at the strange sound that you just emitted as the hair on the back of your neck standing straight. He let out a low chuckle. “I’ll take that as a yes.

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I can’t believe I was stupid enough to think you actually loved me, I was so naive to think you actually cared. Now here I am four months later still clueless to the reality that you only care when it’s convenient for you, and when you want to use me for your own personal game. Guess what asshole? I’m not a doll you can play with when you get bored. I’m a girl who has feelings and a girl who once loved you. I’m done. Stop playing games and leave me alone.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Motel Trampoline

A/N: This is the first installment of a series I’m starting called Growing up Winchester. It’s basically one shots of what life was like for the Winchester kids. Dean’s the oldest, Y/N is the middle child, and Sam is the youngest.

Growing up Winchester

Dean’s age-5

Y/N’s age-3

Sam’s age-12 months

“De, I’m bored.” You whined at your oldest brother who sat across from you coloring at the motel room table. John, the patriarch of the family had taken Sam to the store with him to get some supplies before he left you kids for a hunt.

“Whaddya want me to do about it?” Dean questioned you with an unamused look on his face.

You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know. Can we play a game or somethin’?”

“I don’t know Y/N, Dad said we gotta be quiet. He doesn’t want anybody knowin’ we’re here alone, especially cause he’ll be leaving for a h-work trip tomorrow and we don’t want any trouble.”

“Okay De.” You said dejectedly, “Can you pass the pourple? I’m gonna give the puppy pourple spots.” Dean gave you a sad face before reaching over and handing you the crayon. You gave him a soft smile in return as you grabbed the crayon from his hand. “Thanks.”

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Each enneagram subtype in a nutshell

Based in feedback, I’ve decided to make this post based on my previous one on tritypes.

If you want to read the serious version, click here.

Enneagram 1:

Sp: “Is that… a typo … in my paper?! Oh my gad no no no no no!” *sends professor an apologetic e-mail although the paper was only a draft*

Sx: “Hey, you were supposed to be at my party five minutes ago. This simply isn’t good enough. Next time, you have to set an alarm so you’ll be here in time. And did you shower before you got here? Your hair is greasy. Shampoo is a thing, you know.”

So: “Eating meat is murder. You should really be a vegetarian, like ME.” *really emphasizes me* … *two minutes later* “… What?! What are you saying, you are not a feminist?!…” *cycle repeats with different concepts*

Enneagram 2:

Sp: *at a party late at night* “Wanna go to my place and check out my Pokémon card collection? Wink wink” *actually shows the other person their Pokémon card collection when they get there*

Sx: “Wait, so you are telling me this guy likes me, and that guy likes me? Well, then they should fight over me, of course! *watches from afar with a smug smile as these two guys tear each other apart*

So: “Is there anything you need? A blanket? A hug? A cup of tea? No? PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN BE OF SERVICE!”

Enneagram 3:

Sp: “If I can live my life without bragging about my achievements, you can live your life without bragging about your achievements. Idiot.”

Sx: *meets friends at pub* “Hey, guys! Eyes over here! Guess what, I was in the newspaper today!” *hands out a laminated copy of the article to each person in the group*

So: *on a date* “Well, that’s enough about you, let’s talk more about me now!” *explains how they’re gonna be famous and the power of ~dreams~*

Enneagram 4:

Sp: “No no, I’m fine, it’s just a dislocated knee cap. No, I swear, I can barely feel anything.” *laughs desperately* “No, these aren’t real tears. I swear, I can walk it off no prob!”

Sx: *meeting someone for the first time after chatting online* “Man, you are taller than me. Now I wanna cut off your head so I’m the tall one.” *pretends it’s a joke but is dead serious*

So: “Oh man. I’m so thirsty. If only that glass of water was a little bit closer to me.” *somebody finally hands over the glass after ten minutes of sighing* “Oh maaaan, now I’m not thirsty anymore. I’ll never be happy.” *sigh*

Enneagram 5

Sp: *may or may not be preparing for a zombie apocalypse, emerging from their man cave after ten days* “Well fuck, the sun is up. Better stay inside.”

Sx: “OMG, I’ve been playing this video game for the past three months, it’s really great! Yeah, I know the only thing you do is herd sheep, but it’s really fun! NO, you GOTTA try it! PLAY WITH ME PLZ, I’ve been so alone!”

So: “No no, you guys just talk. I’ll just sit here and play on my 3DS. It’s fine, really, I can just listen, that’s okey.” *quietly observes everyone for three hours and is the last one to leave*

Enneagram 6

Sp: “Shit, what if my savings won’t cover my hypothetical car accident when I’m traveling next summer!” *frantically saves more money for next year’s summer vacation to the neighboring town*

Sx: “Is that…. A challenge?! HOLD MAH PURSE, IMMA BEAT THIS FUCKER TO DAH GROUND.” *on the inside: “please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me” *

So: “See, here is the deal. I’m the high school jock, and you’re a nerd! So, get out of my way and know your place in this world, loser!” *also works the other way around* “I’m just a nerd, better stay away from that jock over there. He’s so cool. Wish he thought I was cool like him.”

Enneagram 7

Sp: “So this is where the party’s at?! I hope it’s okey I brought like twelve of my best friends … Whooooo partaay” *is shit drunk 10 minutes later in a stranger’s apartment*

Sx: *during an exchange student program* “OMG I’ve lived in this country for two days now! I GOTTA MOVE NOW! Hmm… let’s see, where have I not lived yet? Uzbekistan seems fun!”

So: *totally wants the last piece of the cake* “No no, you take the rest, I don’t even want it. No no, just take it, it’s fine, I’m fine, this is fine, it’s all good, we’re fine here. JUST TAKE THE GODDAMN CAKE!”

Enneagram 8

Sp: “Hey, you are my person broh! I’ll help you beat up that mean old lady across the hall. Hey, it’s no prob man, that’s what dude-bros are for.”

Sx: “I swear to god, if you ask me to move this couch one more time, I’ll rip out your vocal cords. I don’t care if it blocks the door to your room, this is where I sit and watch Netflix!”

So: *saves an old lady from drowning* The old lady: “omg, thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?” *so 8 just leaves, whispering to self*: “Another day is saved by the amazing Falcon Boy!” *whistles self-made theme song*

Enneagram 9

Sp: “Hey, I’m in the middle of my 18 hour South Park marathon here, please just - do not disturb me please. Oh, and, could you get me another beer plz?” *puppy eyes because they really don’t wanna get off the couch*

Sx: “No no no, I’ll do whatever you wanna do. No, I swear, I’ll do literally whatever, just you name it. No, of course I don’t have my own opinions, why would I need that when I have yours?”

So: “So you really want to go on a road trip, huh? I sorta have other plans, but, sure, I’ll come. What, you want me to drive as well? Okey, fine then … Wait, you’re broke too? Fine, I’ll pay too then.” *is really mad but doesn’t show it.”

Gabriel’s Rage

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (featuring Casifer)

Word Count: 865

Warnings: none

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was safe to say that you still weren’t used to seeing Castiel’s face, but hearing Lucifer’s words.  You were in charge of keeping an eye on Lucifer while Sam and Dean were away.  At first it wasn’t that bad, but then Lucifer had to find ways to entertain himself.  Unfortunately you were on the receiving end.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite little chew toy, [Y/N],” Lucifer smirked deviously, letting his hand fall down the frame of your door.  “I’ve got a new game for us to play.”

“Leave me alone Lucifer,” you muttered as you shut the dresser drawer.  “I’m done with your stupid games.  I’m not some ragged play thing that you can toss around whenever you want.”

“I beg to differ,” Lucifer said, a certain darkness to his tone.  When you glanced over at Lucifer, you could see the change in his expression.  “I’ll do whatever I want with you.”

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Temptations - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart

Summary: (Y/N) and Pietro have a hidden relationship and they haven’t told any friends or Avengers that they’re together. They both have a day off and (Y/N) decides to mess with Pietro, flirting and tempting him when nobody is looking.

Prompt: 21- “Every inch of you is breathtaking.” 25- “Do not. Tempt me.”

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word count: 1.2k

Warning: Smut & (Y/N) just being a sexual tease

A/N: Thank you for the request @ anon!! Request are open and I’m willing to write whatever you want!


“That bastard.”

You and Pietro may have agreed on keeping your relationship a secret from the others but it didn’t mean he had to avoid you in any social interaction. It was early when you woke up alone in your bed, there was trash everywhere and he used up all the cold water in the shower. Considering you were living in Stark Tower, you’d expect him to at least have hot water but at the same time it was a sign that everyone else was up and clean. You picked up the trash he decided to leave on your floor, bed and table, it was literally everywhere but the trash can. After you finished you wrapped your arms around you for warmth. You were freezing from the shower you had just took so you threw on a sweater you may or may not have stolen from Sam. It was so big on you that it overlapped the short shorts you had on.

Pepper was an amazing cook and every morning she had a huge breakfast for everyone, you were nearly on the opposite side of the tower and you could smell it from your room. Eventually you found yourself wandering towards the kitchen and melting from the beautiful fragrance of eggs and bacon. Pepper was already out of the kitchen, food laid out on the counter. Sam, Bucky, Steve, and Pietro were already sitting at the table eating the delicious meal left for them.

“So that’s where my sweater went.” You giggled at Sams comment before walking over to him and leaning your arms and head on his shoulders.

“You have a good taste in sweaters, you gotta hook a girl up, man.” He shined his teeth up at you before taking a bite of bacon. Your stomach made a horrible noise, taking notice you walked towards the food before making yourself a plate. In the corner of your eyes you could see the way Pietro was looking at you, along with Sam.

“Damn. (Y/N), you can have all my sweaters if you look like that wearing them.” You sent him a wink before searching for the salt and pepper for your eggs. While looking you could see the anger raging off of Pietro. His murdering gaze focused on Sam, then you, then Sam. Nobody seemed to notice, either their eyes were on you or on their food. You silently laughed to yourself at the way he was acting, this was going to be fun. After a moment of searching and a moment of irritation you slammed your hands onto the counter and looked at the boys.

“Anyone know where the damn salt and pepper is?”

“Used it all, there should be more in the top shelf that we haven’t used.” Bucky pointed up to the highest cabinet.

“Perfect. Could have said that earlier but thank you, Bucky.” You tried to reach up to the top cabinet by the tips of your toes but you just weren’t tall enough. You tried holding yourself up by the edge of the counter but it wouldn’t do. You considered hopping onto the counter but last time you did that Tony scolded you like a damn child. “Goddamnit! If anyone of you 9 foot tall men want to help this 5 foot girl out, I’d really appreciate it.”

Your eyes wandered over them, specifically Pietro. He didn’t move a muscle. Two can play it that game, asshole.

“Pleaseeeeee Sam? Just lift me up so I can reach it and then I’ll leave you alone!” A smirk played on his lips and he rose and walked towards you. He placed his hands on your hips before holding you up. Pietro eyes were glued onto you and Sam. It was the perfect position for him to get mad, irritated, angry, all of the above. Sams hands were placed onto your hips and your bottom was directly in front of his face. You reached for the two condiments, back arching and bottom perked out before you finally grasped them. He set you down, laughing to himself in surprise before sitting down to finish his food.

“Thank you, Sam.”

“We gotta start keeping her favorite things in the top shelf, ok?” Everyone laughed except for Pietro.

You finished making your plate and sat down next to your angry boyfriend and began to eat your food. The rest of the team started to join the kitchen in loud conversations. Everyone was speaking so the smallest whisper wouldn’t have been noticeable. Pietro easily picked up on that, he leaned down and whispered in your ear.

Do not tempt me.”

His growl made your thighs clench as you let out a hum of satisfaction. “Make. Me.

Two words. That’s all it took for the bleach blonde man to grab your arm forcefully before dragging you to his room. The stares left from the rest of the team didn’t phase him. He needed you. It took less than a second for him to get you both into his room and onto his bed. Your back forcefully slammed into the mattress as he tore your clothing off piece by piece. The sweater that once belonged to Sam was in pieces on his bedroom floor. You both shared forceful kisses in a silent scene.

"That guy? The bird. You are to never speak to him that way again. Got it, Prinţesă?” His deep accent was music to your ears. He removed the last piece of clothing on your body before sitting back and enjoying the image before him.

“Jesus. Every inch of you is breathtaking.” It hadn’t been the first time he had said that to you, and yet you still felt the blood ride on your cheeks. He removed all of his clothing before leaning down to give you a kiss. It was sweet and simple but you knew damn well it wasn’t going to be that way in a moment after how you acted in the kitchen.

You wrapped your arms around his neck preparing for what was going to happen. In the matter of seconds he had already thrusted into you with his amazing speed. His name rolled off your tongue as you felt your arms fall off of his figure and to your sides to grip the sheets. His hands were harshly gripping your hips as he pounded in and out of you.

It only took a few minutes for you to feel your stomach clench. The moment your core tightened, you knew you were close. Your body weakened like a rag doll but his hands gripped your sides keeping you in place. Your back arched at your climax as you screamed his name. Not even a second later you felt his liquids spill inside you along with his own grunts.

Resting for a second and catching his breath, you felt him twitch inside of you before pulling out and propping himself up above you and giving you a long and heartwarming kiss.

“You are mine. Next time you pull of something like that, it’ll be a lot worse than this.”

“That’s your definition of worse? It’s really tempting me.”

His arm wrapped around your waist before bringing you onto his chest. “You are mine.” He repeated. You scoffed but with a smile.

“Wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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Request:  Can u do an imagine where Shawn’s friends tease Shawn for being so whipped over u

Shawn was having the boys over, it was his first time home in a while and he wanted a night in with the boys to drink and play video games. 

Usually on nights like this you stay in the family room with a movie and homework. So that’s the plan tonight. 

“I just wanna check, leave me alone.” Shawn said flipping his friends off when he walked through the doorway towards you. You looked up from your laptop, where you were supposed to being doing homework but you were on tumblr instead.

“Hey Babe.” You say smiling at him.

“Hey Beautiful.” He says flopping next to you.

“You okay?”

“Me? I’m great.” He says leaning a head on your shoulder. “Good homework Babe.” He teases.

“What’s up?”

“Just wanted to check on you.” He says shrugging.

“I’m all good in here.” 

“Need anything?” 

“Wouldn’t mind one of your soda’s you have in there.” You grin. He looks up and pecks at your lips. 

“One soda with ice coming up.” He smiles cheekily. 

He walks out of the room back to the dining room and living room. 

“Dude let’s play some beer pong.” Brian said as Shawn entered the room.

“Yeah in a sec.” He said grabbing a glass, scooping some ice in it.

“Shawn, your glass is right there.” 

“I know.” He nods, opening a can of soda pouring it in the glass over the ice.

“Then what the fuck are you doing?” 

“Just getting her a drink.”

“Whipped.” Matt chuckles turning back to the group of boys.

“What?” He asks looking up, pausing the pouring.

“You are so whipped.”

“She’s got you wrapped around her manicured finger.”

“Actually no, I asked if she wanted something.”

“Exactly, she’s got you so whipped that you automatically ask.”

“Shawn, you’ve got it bad.”

He looks down shaking his head, finishing with your drink.

“Whipped.” Brian mutters.

“So what?” Shawn sasses. “If being whipped means doing anything to see your favorite smile then yeah I’m whipped. If it means that you want to do anything to make sure she’s okay, then yep that’s me. If it means that I’ve been away from my girlfriend for about four months and I want to get her a soda while she lets me have you losers over then yeah I’m whipped.” He says starting to walk out of the room. 

He walks back to you, finding you giggling.

“What?” He asks looking at you, handing you the glass.

“You’re whipped huh?”

He rolls his eyes, smirking, then leaning down to place a kiss on your lips. He pulls away and starts to walk away. 

“Wait.” You sit forward, catching his hand and pulling him back.


“One more?” 

He smiles and leans back down kissing you deeply. You giggle pulling away.

“You are so whipped.” You tease him. 

“Shush.” He pecks your lips one more time. “I love being whipped.” 

“Good.” You say as he walks back to his friends.

Somewhere through the course of the night Shawn has pulled you out of the family room to join them for beer pong. 

“What? No I want my girlfriend to be my partner.” Shawn protests as Matt calls for you to be on his team.

“Sorry I called for her first bro.”

“See that ring on her finger, that means I called her first.” Shawn points at your hand. Or more at your promise ring.

“Next game Babe.” You pat his chest, getting ready to kick ass.

Three games later you are starting to get tired and need to sober up a bit.

“Baby.” You say looking over at Shawn.

“Yeah Love?” He asks turning from his spot on the couch next to Matt.

“Can you get me a water?” You ask sweetly.

“Of course Baby.” He says getting up.

“Shawn, get me another beer.” Brian says as Shawn passes him.

“Fuck off, get it yourself.” Shawn says walking to the kitchen. Brian looks over at you with confusion on his face. 

“Why won’t he get me a drink but he’ll get you one.”

“Brian.” Matt says snickering.


“You kiss Shawn?”

“What? Fuck no!”

“She does.” Matt says pointing at you. “He’s whipped for her, remember.”

“Here you go Babygirl.” He says coming back and handing you your water. He wraps his arms around your waist from behind and kisses lightly at your neck. 

“Oh.” Brian says watching the coupley encounter.

“Whipped.” Matt mutters.

playing with fire (6) | taehyung

Originally posted by kths

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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Never Have I Ever (Victuuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) -  1. “I want to hate you. I should hate you.” - Oops I kind of got too creative with this one, and it’s so looong and fluffy and teaaasy. Big special thanks to @ticklygiggles for helping but that’s nothing new on this blog! Lots of love! ♡  

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out drinking with friends, and eventually get dragged into a game of Never Have I Ever with Phichit (and Chris). During the game Yuuri is caught off guard and oops, did he just admit openly he likes to be tickled? 

I used to play this with my friends and I would like to say it wasn’t always sex-related but too bad we were naughty little shits.

Word Count: 3065

Kampaaai!” Victor chirped the Japanese word in his funny accent, and he took a few sips before sighing in relief.

“That is nice. I needed that,” he said, sounding very refreshed and relieved. Yuuri chuckled at his tipsy older boyfriend and shook his head.

“It’s already your 5th, Vitya. Are you sure you needed that?” Victor was close to passing the line from overly tipsy to drunk, while he was taking it easy with just his cheeks getting a rosy color.

“Yes, Yuuri! I needed that!” Victor poked him and Yuuri giggled playfully, but then looked at the skaters who sat across from them, snickering at their behavior.

Vitya hm?” Phichit said, sharp as always, and Yuuri blushed. He had to judge the younger male as probably the only one who was still sober. Next to him sat Chris - what was he even doing here - and he was probably the most drunk of all, well, all who remained. 

The others had gone home already, leaving Yuuri alone with his tipsy self, drunk Victor, super drunk Chris and sober Phichit.

“I know, I know! Let’s play a game of never have I ever!” Phichit suggested, and Yuuri blushed. Not that

“Hehe it’s alright, Phichit-kun. These guys are too drunk to play,” he tried, but it was already too late. Victor raised his glass and blurted out:

“Nonono I can play! Never have I ever wanted Yuuri to call me Victor-kun!” He downed the glass by himself, and Yuuri watched him with a blush.

“T-that’s not how it works, V-Victor..kun?” Hearing this, Victor made a squeaky hiccup sound, and Yuuri blushed when he got pulled into a tight alcohol smelling- hug. 

“I love you Yuuuri-kuuun!” he whined. Chris was up next, with his eyes closed, a goofy smile on his face and a burp to introduce his line:

“Never have I ever jacked off on the ice ri-” Phichit slapped him playfully, causing him to spill his beer.

“Yep Chris, that’s yours only, drink. Let’s play this without Chris,” the Thai figure skater suggested happily, and Yuuri giggled. They played a couple of rounds, doing their very best to ignore Chris’ drunk and horny remarks in between, but they had fun and laughed a lot.

At one point Victor even yelled: “What have you done Phichittit?” because no matter what silly things they tried, they only got him to drink rarely, and they all laughed because of drunk Victor’s inability to pronounce his name right.

Eventually both Phichit and Victor ended up teasing Yuuri by saying things only he had done in his life, just to let him drink more. Even saying things such as:

“Never have I ever been coached by Victor Nikiforov. Never have I ever had a family that owns an onsen! Never have I ever been born a Japanese!” So unfaaair. Yuuri felt his cheeks burn a little as he took another sip. He shouldn’t drink too much, at least one of them should be healthy to get both of them back to their hotel room safely.

“Never have I ever enjoyed being tickled!” Ah, that was him too, and Yuuri drank again. He drank… He draaank! He choked on his beer and coughed, turning to watch Phichit’s mischievous smirk and Victor’s amazed sparkly eyes.

“P-Phichit-kun!” Yuuri cried out. He was so offended. He had been very wrong and stupid to trust his good old friend to keep that stupid little fact a secret. That was some veeery confidential information and oh nooo Victor wasn’t supposed to know?!

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All for you

✖ Characters/relationships: Negan x Reader

✖ Genres: Teasing, swearing, mild fluff

✖ Summary: Negan wants you to be his wife, but you can’t do it as long as he has any other wives. [Based on imagine from @thefandomimagine]

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 1522

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anonymous asked:

hiii! first lemme confess that I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING SO MUCH YOU ARE MY GODDESS. And i was wondering if i can request mini fic on how will rfa+V/Saeran react that after a HUGE fight and misunderstanding MC just left them, was never seen and didn't make any contact. But two or three years later by coincidence they found her in another country (or city) with a child beside her that looks so identical to them (dunno if it will work for baehee ^^;;) AGAIN THANK YOU AND I WUV YOU HUGS ANDKISSES

AHHHHH YOU MADE MY DAY LOVELY ANON. I am so happy you like my writing <3. But wowwee this is an AMAZING request and I had so much fun writing this. Honestly, I don’t think Mini-Fics do this justice but I will post this diddly here and write a sequel post to this maybe next Saturday? :D I am going to keep this under the tab because it is SOOOO LONG GAHDAMN. Thanks so much and as always your love is much appreciated~ 

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Also I want to apologize to my Baehee lovers- I REALLY REALLY tried to figure out how to incorporate her into this, but I just couldn’t. I love baehee too but i just couldn’t I grant you all permission to stone me now D:




He was doing it once again; he compared you to her.

Hasn’t he realized by now, after two years of being together that you were

nothing like Rika?

Were you just her replacement?

All you wanted was for him to study, he had a huge exam coming up and he was still raging on LOLOL. You pulled the headphones off his head and he glared at you angrily, “What the hell, MC? I was in the middle of the game?” 

“Yoosung, you have your biochemistry exam tomorrow, you need to study and get some sleep or you will fail,” you said, annoyed that he was being upset with you for caring.

“God MC, can you just leave me alone? Who even cares? I’ll study when I am done playing,” he said as he glared at you once again, snatching the headphones out of your hands and placing them back on the top of his head

That was it. You have had enough and you went over and just unplugged the computer, inciting a loud yell from your boyfriend.

“Why the hell did you do that? I lost all of my progress. Why can’t you just understand and leave me alone? Rika would have.” He spat angrily.

You felt your heart shatter to pieces, tears now beginning to stream down your face. “Is that all I am to you? A replacement for the crush you had on your cousin?” You didn’t even wait for him to reply, you went into his room and pulled all of your stuff into a suitcase. 

You walked back out to find him sitting on the couch looking down at his hands. You saw that he was still upset, but so were you. You wanted nothing more but the best for him, you wanted to love and cherish him but you could only be yourself. You were your own person and nobody’s replacement. You opened the door, walking out of his life, looking back one last time you said, “Goodbye Yoosung, I hope that you get over her eventually.” With that, you were gone.


Three long years had passed, and Yoosung had regretted that day ever since. Why didn’t I just stop playing the stupid game? I did need to study for that exam, I threw everything away, I am so stupid.

Three long years had passed since MC had left him. After he calmed down he went to Rika’s apartment, hoping that she was there and that he could apologize. He opened the door to find it empty, he asked Seven to try locating her, but he couldn’t find her, all he knows is that she got onto a train and then the trail went dry. 

He had become depressed, the came home and trashed his computer, letting out all his pent out anger on the mechanic device, tears flowing down his face freely. He poured himself into work, finishing school with honors, to most of his professor’s surprises.

He took a year off before furthering his education, hoping to do some travel, to try forgetting the pain that etched his heart permanently. He was going to go backpacking in Switzerland, staying with a small host family in a tiny village. He hoped to learn something about the animal and plant life there but also hoping that the manual labor would help him forget his mistakes, what he had done.

He made the love of his life cry, and have all the happiness drain from his life. He felt a jolt as the car pulled up to the rural village. He stepped out to meet his host family and get settled down. He laid on the bed, contemplating if this really was the right thing to do. He felt tears leave cold trails down his cheeks it was so painful. He had to do something, to try getting over MC. He had ruined things, and he deserved every ounce of pain that he was receiving now. 

His ears perked at the soft succession of knocks on his door. He shot up, grabbing his head and groaning at the lightheadedness he was feeling. 

“Yoosung, the town has gathered to meet you, won’t you come say hello?” his host mother said cheerfully.

He knew he couldn’t decline, he got up and freshened himself up. He went outside to see a large group of people waiting anxiously outside for him. He introduced himself shyly as they exchanged pleasantries. He found himself wanting to escape, the sadness from thinking about MC still gnawing at his heart slowly.

 After what felt like hours, he went to his host mother and told her that he was going inside to begin unpacking. 

“Oh but wait, Yoosung, you have yet to meet one more person. She teaches at the local school here, hold on let me go grab her… oh, actually I see her making her way over here.” The host mother replied glibly.

 Yoosung was about to politely decline as he glanced back at the teacher. His eyes watered and the cadence of his heart had increased furiously. He felt all the blood rush to his head and began feeling lightheaded once again. This is a dream, right? There is no way MC would be here right?

He knew the answer, though. More so, he saw the answer when you two finally made eye contact, the blood drained from your face and you immediately stopped. It was like there was no one else around, that you two were the only two people in the whole world. The dam broke and tears began slowly falling from his eyes, as he whispered your name out loud, the first time in years. He began walking over to you, desperately trying to close the distance between the two of you, the distance that he had caused.

 He was shaken out of his reverie by a child, a little girl who clung onto you, “Mommy”. As the words came out of the young girl’s mouth Yoosung felt his heart sink. She moved on, she’s a mother now. He looked at you, heart breaking in his eyes and looked back at the child.

The child, feeling his gaze on him, finally looked over and made eye contact. Yoosung fell to his knees, he was finding it difficult to breathe, he was so confused. He was looking right into the same pair of Amethyst irises that were on his own face. What is going on? There’s no way…right? And with that, darkness clouded his vision as he closed the short distance to the ground with a soft thump.

~To be continued~


You were late. It felt like your heart had dropped into your stomach, even before you saw the lines on the pregnancy test, deep down you knew, you were pregnant. So many emotions consumed you at once; you were terrified and extremely excited. You and Zen had made a baby out of your love. You were overjoyed, to say the least. You ran to text your lovely boyfriend. Your two year anniversary was coming up in a few days and asked him to come early that day, you were going to surprise him over dinner and you couldn’t wait.

It felt like an eternity waiting for your boyfriend to come home from rehearsal, you guys had a reservation and you were seriously cutting it close. You heard a knock at the door and you opened it to a bouquet of roses in front of your face, behind them your lovely silver haired boyfriend stood, grinning ear to ear.

“Happy Anniversary Babe,” he said as he pulled you in for a kiss. You felt so happy you were going to cry. Pulling away, you interlocked your fingers and rushed out onto the street. It was a beautiful day and you really needed to walk these nerves off. What better way to spend the day, with the man you love. You listened intently as he rambled on about practice and how he was in line for a new A-List movie.

Things really were looking up, Zen making his big break on the big screen and you were going to start a family together. You guys were finally seated, when you heard a shrill cry from the table near you, you saw a mother trying to calm her baby down, the father cooing lovingly at the child. You wondered if that is how it would be when you gave birth, your heart swelling with longing.

“Ugh, thank god that is not us babe,” Zen said as he scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I know I said I wanted to start a family with you, and I do, but there is no way I could be on my career track and have to worry about some brat”

You felt your heart shatter and you sank in your seat, “What do you mean by that Zen? I thought you wanted a family…” you asked as cautiously as you could without revealing your emotions to him.

“Hmm, I probably do, but having one

right now

would be a total inconvenience, ” he said as he picked at his food. “I’m just breaking the ice to become and A-Lister, it would be the end of my career if we had a kid now”

You felt your whole world shatter, an inconvenience. This is the man you love how on earth could you make him choose between you and his dream job. You kept up the happy façade as you continued to enjoy each other’s company for the night.

The next day, when Zen left for his final audition, he kissed you goodbye and for good luck. Little did he know it was the last time you would kiss him. You knew, that if he had to choose between his career and you, he would pick you. Wel, you hoped, part of you was terrified to find out, so you made the decision for him. You packed all of your things, and quickly scribbled a small letter for him and walked out, hoping that you made the right choice.


He had moved on. He was Zen, the award-winning A-List actor, men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. So why was he still hung up on MC?

It shattered his heart, him coming home, ecstatic, ready to share the news that he had landed the role. Only to find his house empty, every trace of her gone from his apartment, a simple note left on the table. I’m sorry Zen, I can’t do this anymore.

He hunted for her, looking everywhere but came up empty. She clearly did not want to be found. Where did he go wrong? Had he not loved her properly? Was she not satisfied because he was not a hot shot star yet? Did she find someone better? In the end, it was her loss, because he was now famous and couldn’t spare her a second thought. 

Yet every night, no matter who laid in bed next to him that day, he felt his mind wander to her. His needs were animalistic and emotions were too troublesome to deal with. He took what he needed to and they never heard from him again, he was not going to let someone play with him like that again. Yeah, he was totally over her. 

He was traveling to L.A, to shoot a scene for his new movie. Everything had been done smoothly, they were ahead of scheduled in the shooting and he had some down time. Why not sightsee? He loved the attention that he received for his unique looks and status, he paraded down the streets, window shopping, when he came across a small bookstore.

He felt the blood rushing in his ears, MC loved bookstores like this. He brushed the painful feeling that was swarming inside of him, as he casually walked into the store. He looked around, brushing his fingers against titles you used to love. Ah, I believe this one was her favorite yes?

As he pulled the book out, he heard someone, “Do you need help finding anything sir? That is a splendid read, my favorite actually.” He froze, he knew that voice, how could he forget. When he reads the letter, he hears it in that voice, the voice that completely broke his heart. His eyes hardened as he turned around, the temperature dropping considerably in the store as he met your eyes, your face blanching.

“Well well well, look who we have here. What was your name again? MD? Something like that no?” he claimed snarkily, as you flinched from the harsh words he spat at you. “Being the man I am, and the number of women I have been with, you all just kind of blur together.” 

“Nice to see you Zen,” you said as he saw you clench your jaw. “I am glad to see you’re doing well.” 

His ruby irises flashed in anger briefly, he was not going to let you have the satisfaction of knowing you could still affect him. He gave you a haughty laugh as he sneered, “Well of course after you left me, my life changed for the better. So maybe I should say thank you?” It took him everything he had to not visibly flinch in front of you, but he had to prove that he was doing better, that you still didn’t have your fingers in him. Even though all he wanted to do was pull your long tresses out of that ponytail and feel the silky strands against his fingers. He wanted to bury his hands in your hair as he pulled you close, his other hand on your waist as he felt the warmth of you lips against his, but he was not weak.

These past three years have hardened him and he was not going to let you uproot all of his hard work. “Have a nice life MC.” He said, noticing the sadness wash over your face as he abruptly walked out of the store. 

What on earth am I doing? He thought to himself, as he watched you. What am I a stalker now?

He didn’t know why, but his feet seemed to wander back to the little shop, he knew he was extremely conspicuous so he donned some sunglasses and a hat, which he tucked all of his hair into. He watched you, as you wiped a few stray tears from your face, his heart clenched. Had it been before he would have run into the store and kissed the tears away. However, this was not before and he was not the same naïve man he used to be.

 He watched as you checked the time and quickly locked the store up. He watched you and began following you. I simply want to see if she’s doing worse, to make sure that she’s not happier than she was when she was with me right? This is to only make me feel better since I’m totally over her.

He followed you for quite a while, admiring the view. Noticing that nothing had really changed. Minus the fact that before, his place would have been right next to you, holding your hand, cherishing you. Not longing for you from afar. He saw as you stood outside a daycare center, watching the children play. He had wanted to start a family with you, once he had secured his role in the movie, he was going to ask you to marry him that night, but apparently he was not good enough.

He wondered, was the man you were with right now, making you laugh like he had? Did he hold your hand like he always did? Did he wake up and make breakfast for you or tickle you like he had? Did he love you as passionately as he did? The mere thought made him clench his jaw tightly. Was he responsible for your smile now that Zen was deemed unworthy of that task?

His train of thought was broken and he felt his jaw drop. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw the child hugging MC, and MC speaking to him affectionately. He was shaking, he wanted to scream, to cry, anything. He was so confused. The little boy had a striking resemblance to him; it was like he was looking into his own crimson eyes. The boy even had the same white hair that his hands were gripping tightly. It was like looking at pictures of him again during the toddler stage.

Slowly, he made his way over. He stood behind, the woman who had crushed him. Completely and utterly destroyed him. He needed answers.

He saw your face ashen as you caught his eyes. He looked at you and the child repeatedly. Gears spinning in his head, it can’t be. There is no way, right? He continued to stare at the child, now shying away from your stares. A series of emotions rushed onto his face, joy, sadness, anger but most of all confusion. Finally, he gathered his nerves and look right at you, your eyes filled to the brim with tears, completely speechless.

“MC, there’s no way right?”

~To be continued~


“Honey, please, would you just tell me what is wrong? Did something happen at work? Why are you in such a terrible mood?” you asked the stoic man who sat across from you at the table, his metallic irises piercing yours as he glared at you. You felt yourself visibly flinch and shrink away from his cold glare.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” he spat out angrily. “I saw you today, flirting with the Director of Marketing, you were laughing quite shamelessly at what he said.”

You couldn’t believe your ears, you and Jumin had been engaged for two years now. In the beginning, he was scarily possessive when Elizabeth had run away. He eased up and slowed down and your relationship was amazing. You enjoyed time with each other, felt the love blossom between the two of you, but recently he had been regressing back into his jealous, possessive ways.

“Juju, honey, I promise. I was merely being polite and making small talk- you know that you are the only person my heart beats for, the only person I love so dearly,” you said softly, as you reached for his hand.

He ripped his hand away from yours harshly his eyes were stone cold. “Do I really know that? The Director of Marketing is very well off, you could be spreading your legs for him, for all that I know” he said, his voice laced with such disgust it made you feel as if you had done something wrong.

Tears began to well in your eyes, begging you to come out. No, you were not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry. You merely looked at him, anger radiating off of you, as you were looking face to face with the man that just ripped your heart out and stepped on it like it was utter trash.

It felt like a millennia had passed before either of you said anything. Jumin was the first one to speak, “Perhaps you should leave, MC,” he said, as he turned around. “I need some time.”

You were done. You had given this man everything, and he crushed you. You simply could not do it anymore, the possessiveness, the jealousy, the accusations. It took all of your strength to stand up and walk away, you grabbed a suitcase and threw all of your essential into it and began walking out. You paused momentarily, taking off your engagement ring and placing it on the table, “You want time? Well now you’ve got it because I am done” you said venomously and with that, you walked out and away from the man that claimed your heart.


He said he needed time and that was this mistake, one of many he had made that night. When she walked out of his life, he thought that he would be able to locate her easily but she had completely wiped herself off the grid. She must have changed her name and created and alias because even seven couldn’t locate her. Jumin was not giving up, though. Even now, three years later, he still carried her engagement ring in his breast pocket.

He was on the plane, on the way to London, to speak to another potential business client, when he felt his mind wander to her, as it did most of the day. Day in and day out, he poured himself into his work, even giving up Elizabeth to Yoosung. It was completely his fault that she had left; he pushed her away, even throwing grotesque accusations at her. He overheard from his employees that the Director of Marketing was cheating on his wife and had his eyes set on his beloved. When he saw them talking all rational thought left his head and he couldn’t think straight. He knew that you would never betray him like that, you had given him more love and happiness than he deserved, he self-sabotaged everything he had going on and he despised himself for it.

He knew that she belonged to herself and that he could not control her. However, the very thought of losing her made him go insane. Life worked in mysterious ways because in the end he pushed her away and he was still miserable. He was not giving up, though, he would continue searching for her until his very last breath.

The one time that Driver Kim does not accompany him, everything seems do go wrong. He had finished the meeting he had with his business client and he was on his was back to his hotel when the car was having some issues. It seemed that it was going to take three hours for someone to come out and help, seeing that it was rush hour. Jumin’s head was throbbing, his heart was chronically aching but more so today, he decided that since he had no other options he would go for a walk. He was in London, some sight seeing surely would not hurt anyone.

He began walking down the street and came across and ice cream parlor, his mind wandered again to his beloved MC. He remembered how when they had gone on their first date, he insisted on going to a five-star restaurant but she denied. She said that she would pick and that Jumin had to wear casual clothing. Their first date was at an ice cream store, where they simply talked and enjoyed each others company, they then went to a park where they just sat and talked for hours and looked at the clouds. He found himself smiling to himself, missing her dearly.

He kept strolling on, passing a jewelry store, when a necklace caught his eyes. It was very simple, a crescent moon with a heart dangling to the center of the moon. He went into the store and purchased it, pleased with himself because he knew it would look wonderful on MC. She was always very simplistic, finding pleasure in the small things in life, never getting anything too gaudy or over the top. He felt himself cringe, as he remembered what he had said to her before he drove her away, her referred to her as parasitical, a gold digger. He was absolutely ridiculous because MC was anything but so. He felt his head begin to throb once again and the pain in his chest was unbearable at this point.

He spotted a small park across the street and decided to go sit down for a bit and maybe calm down. The park was very small and quaint, surrounded by nature. His mind began to wander to MC, as it had been all day. Oh how he missed her, he was a fool. He was kicking himself when he felt something again his leg. He looked up to see a ball against his leg, as he picked it up he heard the small patter of footsteps.

“Hey, Mister! That’s our ball you can’t steal it” he looked down to see two children running over to him as fast as their tiny legs could take them. The little girl had her raven hair tied in braids and the little boy’s raven hair flounced up and down as he ran over. He felt himself smile, but what struck him the most was that it was as if he was staring into his own eyes, since the children each had a pair of their own silver eyes, he found them absolutely adorable.

Bending down so he was on his knees in front of them, he handed the ball over to them and gently ruffled their hair. “There you go kids, make sure you be careful when you play,” he said to them as he felt himself smile once again softly.

“Woooooah. Hey, mister, you have silver eyes too?” the kids asked him, completely awestruck. “That is so cool” they squealed. “Mommy says that our daddy has silver eyes like us too, I hope we get to meet him one day”

He was about to reply to the children when he felt his heart stop beating. The blood in his veins ran cold, he rubbed his eyes roughly. This… surely this is a dream, right?

“Kids~ what did I tell you about running off?” he knew that melodious voice, he knew the owner of that voice. He turned his head and saw you, looking as beautiful as ever. Your long hair cascading effortlessly down your shoulders, worry painting your features. How was it possible for you to become even more beautiful?

Kids? She got married? Of course, she had gotten married, any man would be lucky to have MC, I should know. He turned his back to her and was about to say something to the children in front of him when they shot out from his arms.

“Mommy! We found out ball, that nice man over there helped us out” they said as they ran over to you. His blood ran cold once more. “Mommy? No way? That cannot be possible, that would mean that…” he thought to himself as he clenched his hand into a fist.

You let out a laugh and he felt his heart squeeze. He missed your laugh; it was one of his favorite sounds in the world. He craves for your smile and to feel your lips against his. “Well guys, let’s be polite and go say thank you to the kind sir” he heard you say, as he turned around.

He saw as his eyes met yours, the surprise on your face. He saw the color drain from your face completely. He saw a flash of anger that crossed your eyes. What pained him the most was the pain that was blatantly obvious on your face, seeing him caused you so much pain that he saw you physically flinch.

A whirlwind of emotions were flowing inside him for the first time in 3 years, he clenched his heart, eyes pleading with MC, begging her to say something, anything.

~To be continued~


He was spiraling, regressing at a rapid rate. It all started a few days ago. Seven had been sitting at home for nearly a week, you decided to take him outside, so see that new scary movie and maybe look at the stars together. Honestly, you’d watch grass grow if you could be with Saeyoung.

He was in a better mood, happy to finally get a break from work and he always loved date night. Unfortunately, he was a secret agent and happiness was always short lived. Someone from another agency who was not too happy with Saeyoung, they grabbed you and shoved you to the ground.

Fists flew and there was shouting, the next thing you knew was that Saeyoung was carrying you up into your shared home. He gently placed you on the bed as he began cleaning your wounds. His shoulders began to shake as he broke down sobbing, apologizing endlessly. 

You grabbed his face and peppered it with kisses, reassuring him that you were strong. This slight plain was nothing than the pain you would be in if you couldn’t be by his side. Maybe that’s where it all went wrong you initially put the idea of not being by his side into his head.

He had gone back to how it was when you were back at Rika’s apartment. In fact, he might be even colder than he was back then. It was like the past two years of you two being together had not even happened. Whenever you would say something to him, he would give you cold responses, he even stopped going to bed with you. He simply did not sleep or slept in his workroom.

It was starting to drive you insane. You had enough, you stomped into his room as he gave you another cold glance and went back to typing rapidly. “Saeyoung, what is going on? Why do you insist on pushing me away?” you asked, pleasing your voice to stop shaking.

Sighing, he stood up and threw his headphones down, “Honestly, I’m getting tired of you, MC. You always nag me, bother me and harass me. You’re constantly smothering me! I feel suffocated in my own god damn home.” He yelled.

 You cursed yourself, as you felt yourself flinch at his harsh words. You knew this was a tactic, for him to just push you away. At least you hoped it was. Anxiety ate away at you sometimes, wondering if he meant anything that he said to you when he was like this.

You gathered yourself, feigning confidence, “Saeyoung please, I love you. I know that you’re just doing this to push me away. I love you more than anything in the world…please” you said, your voice breaking.

He let out a vicious laugh, and looked at you, his eyes hard. You nearly whimpered at the person before you, surely this wasn’t your lovely seven, this guy seemed to despise you. “See here’s the thing MC, I don’t think I love you. Not anymore. In fact, I don’t think I ever did, I think it was just that you were the shiny new toy in the RFA. I had to watch you and yeah I noticed that you had a nice ass that I could tap, but love? Don’t flatter yourself” a grim smile, plastered on his face.

Tears were now freely running down your face. The pain was bone crushing, you were left trying to catch your breath. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Was everything a lie? He never loved me? It was one sided this entire time? It would have hurt less if he had slapped you. 

“Well, since you clearly don’t feel the same, let me do you the favor of leaving. So I don’t bother you anymore.” You said quietly. You went into your shared bedroom and gathered your things. You went back into the workroom and quietly took off the pendant that Saeyoung had given you and left.

The wind was harsh, but the cold front that Seven had was worse. Being heartbroken was utterly unbearable. Sobs escaped you as you flagged down a taxi. You left the man that you loved more than anything in the world. Never looking back, hoping that maybe someday he would be happy, even if that meant it wasn’t with you.


It was for the best, he thought to himself. That day when his enemies had hurt her, he saw red. He was causing her pain, putting her in danger. He loved her more than anything, but she deserved better. She deserved a happy stable husband that can take her out on dates without the risk of being mauled and beaten. 

He was genuinely surprised when she had actually gotten up and left. Isn’t that what he wanted? He said some vulgar things to you, things that were not even remotely true. He watched as you got into a taxi and drove away. He knew this was for the best, that you deserved better, that you could do so much better than him.

He knew. Too bad he was a selfish bastard. Three weeks had gone by and he was out of tears. His heart was clenching with unbearable pain. He gave up and decided to go find her. To his surprise, it seemed that she did not want to be found. She watched as she bounced from taxi to taxi, confusing him. He was going mad, unable to even see her through CCTV’s. He had the love of his life, in his arms and he pushed her away. He fell back, tears stinging at his eyes once more. He deserves this, to be unhappy; she was always too good for him. He had hurt her so he would live life miserably knowing that he caused all of this.

It has been three years and not a day goes by where he doesn’t think of MC. He reverted back to his 707 persona, acting like everything was okay, when it most certainly was not. Alas, he was travelling and that always took his mind off of things. He had to fly over to New York, to see the launch of some fancy new tech. During the plane ride, he couldn’t help but think of you, as he felt the cold metal of his pendant against his chest. A harsh reminder to him everyday of what he had lost. 

New york was busy and bustling, just how he liked it. No one knew him here and no one cared. He attended the tech launch and was bored out of his mind. He decided to make his way over to a diner to grab some food as he smiled to himself softly. You would so proud of me MC, I’m having a meal that doesn’t entail hbc or phd pepper.

He pulled out his laptop, and began finishing up some last minute work for Vanderwood. Well, he tried too. His mind kept wandering to you, how much he searched for you and hoped to see you just even it was a small glimpse. Groaning, he pulled up all of the security footage in the entire state of New York, it was a long shot but he ran a facial recognition scan through all of the security footage.

He knew it would take a while, he sat and patiently waited, trying so very hard to not get his hopes up. His hopes to find you, because what were the chances that you were here? His thoughts were filled to the brim with you, the first time you kissed, the first time he laid eyes on you, he always knew, you were the one. 

There was no one else for him. He loved you so dearly but he’d rather be alive and well if it meant you couldn’t be by his side. He jumped as he heard his laptop ping quietly. No way. You were here, in New York.

He saw that you worked at a office building on the other side of town and that you would be leaving in an hour and a half. He quickly paid his bill and bolted out of the restaurant. He hailed a taxi and gave him the address. His heart was pounding and he felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. He could see her. He didn’t even need to talk to her. He just wanted to silently watch her and make sure she was all right, that she was happy. 

The taxi finally pulled up next to the large office building, just in time to see her walking out. Seven pulled his hood over his head and kept his eyes low and rounded the corner. He watched her as she walked outside, looking as radiant as ever. She was older and more beautiful than he could ever imagine. To his irritation, he saw that she walked outside with one of her male coworkers, who seemed to be hitting on her. She politely smiled and declined, seven felt his heart swell with happiness.

He knew that he shouldn’t hold her back and that he should be happy for her. He was the one that ruined things between them. He quietly followed her, longing for her as she went on with the rest of her day.

He watched her, she seemed more voluptuous than before, curves that turned him on more than anything. It took him everything he had to not grab her butt everytime it caught his eye. She had cut her long hair, and it was now shoulder length, she always had a baby face but this made her look even younger. He watched has her locks bounced with every step she took. 

They turned into a residential area, he jumped when he heard her groan. She paused briefly and seven bent down to pretend to tie his shoe. He heard her curse as she pulled off her heels, and held them in her hands as she resumed her pace. He laughed silently to himself, looks like some things never change.

He watched as she walked into a nearby park, filled with a few kids. He was surprised to hear her yelling and even more surprised when he saw a child run into her arms. She fell back laughing, smothering the child with kisses, as she did to him once. His heart stopped beating. The child had red hair and his own amber eyes, even more so the child was wearing glasses. He began to shake, there was no way this could be right? Surely God was this cruel?

Deep down, he knew the answer. He just didn’t want to admit it to himself. That child was his, born from the love he and MC had. His heart swelled in love and affection when his breath hitched in his throat. I abandoned MC, while she was pregnant with our child. I’m a fucking monster. 

He fell to his knees groaning, grabbing his shirt, the pain in his chest unbearable. “S-Saeyoung?” his head snapped up to look straight into MC’s. She held the child to her, and he was the spitting image of Saeyoung. He looked at the child and back at MC. His brain trying to find the words to say, what on earth could he say?

His heart shattered when he heard her inhale. Tears were flowing gently down her cheeks heartbreak was prevalent on her face, engraved in her eyes. He couldn’t say anything; he just stared at her. He was the cause of all of this. He came, crashing into her life, creating a mess and then simply leaves and here he was once again creating a mess. He was terrible for her, but he wanted, more than anything. He never stopped loving her, not even for a second, he wanted to be a part of his sons life, but he simply could not find the words to say.   

“Mommy? Why are you sad?” the tiny redhead said as he wiped MC’s tears, shooting a tiny glare at Seven.

 He felt his heart swell with pride. Ah yes son, good job protect your mother. The worst thing for her in this world is me.

~To be continued~


You were constantly living in her shadow. She tormented and tortured V for years. Abusing him so severely that he still was under the impression that he owed her something. It made you feel sick. You tried to not let that bother you but it was certainly weighing down on your relationship with V.

How could he still even think of her? That bitch? That’s why when he accidentally called you, “Rika” your blood ran cold. You couldn’t help the tears that began pooling in your eyes as you looked at your lover.

He didn’t even realize his mistake; he just kept on talking, as if nothing had happened. He looked and saw that you were on the verge of tears, “MC, I apologize, I was simply confused for a second…” he tried to explain.

“Is that all I am for you V, a replacement for Rika? Because from where I stand she will always be your number one and I can’t keep being beat by some woman that treated you so poorly. Not when I love you this much,’’ you said as you began sobbing into your hands.

 Loving him was becoming way too painful, you couldn’t help your selfishness, “V, I’m sorry but I don’t think you love me.” His jaw dropped as he watched you get up and grab your things. You quickly packed your bags, willing yourself to not cry. You were the one who was ending things, why was it so painful?

You grabbed your things and made your way to the door. You paused momentarily and looked back at the blue haired man sitting on the couch. He was staring at his hands, thinking silently. “Goodbye V.” and like that you were gone. 

You made your way outside, looking back. Leaving behind the man you loved more than anything in the world. Tears began falling rapidly down your face once again. There’s no way he’s going to come after me-he still loves her.


He failed Rika once and now he failed you. I don’t think you love me. Those words have haunted him for the past three years. He loved you more than anything, more than he ever loved Rika, but he still ended up hurting you. 

Seeing you in tears had broken him. He never wanted to be the cause of your sadness, of your tears, but he always was. He was frustrated, angry with himself for letting the love of his life out of his reach. He wanted to run after you, beg you not to leave, that you held a far more special place in his heart thank Rika ever did. You were his soul mate, his life partner. But how could he?

 He didn’t deserve you. You were leaving him and he would let you. If that is what it meant for you to be happy, for tears to stop flowing down your face, then he would suffer so that you could be happy. 

He did his best to get his mind off of you. The travelled constantly, pouring himself into his work, not coming back to Korea in 3 years. Was it successful? Not in the least. On every adventure he went on, the more he missed you. The late night phone calls or him constantly sending you pictures, hell he still bought you a souvenir from every place he visited.

He was back in town finally, for the first time in years. He wondered if you were happy? Had you moved on, did you love someone else now? Were they treating you right? He felt his heart throb at the thought of you being loved by someone other than him. He endured it though, if someone were more qualified to love you then he would graciously hand you over.

He started at the suitcase full of souvenirs that he brought back for you. Surely things were a bit awkward, but you guys could work at being friends right? He decided that he would go visit you-to deliver the souvenirs since it would be wasteful if he didn’t give them to you. He called Luciel immediately, asking him to track you down.

Luciel picked up right away, “V?! Are you back in Korea? It’s been three years we all thought you died?”

 “Luciel please, can you find MC, I need to talk to her.” V replied calmly.

Luciel’s tone shifted, hardening a bit, “Yeah V, you guys really need to talk. I can’t believe you did that to MC. That’s between you and her, I will text you the address.” And with that the hacker was gone.

He knew the RFA was probably disappointed in him and MC splitting up. He knew things would be weird that’s why he left, without saying a word to anyone. He did not want to force them to choose between him and her. He would simply suffer by himself silently, as he always did.

He made his way to MC’s house and rang the doorbell. His heart was beating considerably fast. He was definitely still enamoured with her. He couldn’t help it, three years was not enough time to forget the love of your life.

 He heard the lock click and the door open, his heart raced even more as he looked into the face of his beloved. She was as beautiful as he remembered. She was so shocked to see him she dropped her phone and covered her open mouth. Various emotions fleeted over her features; anger, happiness and most prominently sadness.

Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at him. All he wanted to do was confort her like he used to. Just pull her into a crushing hug, whispering sweet nothings into her ears. He gave her a bashful smile, “MC is it alright if I come in? I wanted to talk to you, maybe catch up” 

His smile fell promptly as he saw you gather yourself and shake your head vigorously, “I don’t think that’s a good idea V” He felt his heart shatter, the pain was startling. He was about to rebuttal, when he heard a tiny voice from inside call his attention.

“Mommy? Where’d you go?” “Mommy? Ah, so she did move on” he thought to himself bitterly. He had disappeared for three years, what did he expect? For her to welcome him back with open arms? To have things go back to what they were, her and him hopelessly in love?

He forced himself to swallow the pain that was beginning to build up inside him. He was about to tell her the reason for his visit and excuse himself out of her life once again. When he caught a glimpse of the young boy. He looked at MC, tears now running down his own face.

The child, had his blue hair and MC’s eyes. It was so very clear who the parents of this child were, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to believe it. This is a dream right? There is no way this little boy is my son? That I abandoned MC and missed the first few years of my child’s life?

He looked into MC’s eyes and he felt his eyes plead with hers. Please tell me I didn’t leave you alone like this. The answer was displayed clear as day on her face. He wasn’t surprised, he had hoped it was true and it was. This was their son. Why hadn’t MC said anything to me?

He grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug, “please MC, tell me what’s going on.”

~to be continued~


You didn’t know what to do and you were complete terrified to your wits end. You had taken a pregnancy test and it came back positive. You were thrilled that you were carrying the being that came from your and Saeran’s love. You were absolutely ecstatic but you were terrified, you had never had this conversation with him before. Hell you didn’t even know if he wanted kids.

You ran to meet him at the ice cream shop, where you went every evening. You caught glimpse of your adorable red headed muffin standing outside, patiently waiting for you. You loved him so much, and he was working so very hard every single day for you. You snuck behind him and hugged him tightly. You felt him exhale and softly laugh, turning around and grabbing your face, bringing your lips to his own.

 You walked in and ordered your usual order, a banana split with your three favorite flavors. Usually you ate inside the parlor, but you insisted on taking a quick walk to the park to sit and eat there, the fresh air would do you both some good right?

Saeran went along with whatever you wanted, ad you sat at the bench, you saw a family with four rambunctious kids walk by. They were all screaming and your heart plummeted, you wondered if that would be you one day. Having a million kids  and hating your life. You cleared your throat, “Oh my gosh, Saeran, look at that family and how many kids they have, isn’t that cute?” you prodded cautiously.

He wrinkled his nose, “You think that’s cute? Kids are totally gross and they seem like their annoying. If you want to deal with someone immature then why not just talk to my brother?” he said as he shoveled another bite of ice cream into his eager mouth.

You lost your appetite completely; he doesn’t want kids? You felt a bit depressed; you wanted a family so very badly. You decided to drop this for now, deciding on the best time to bring it up to him again.

You two walked back home and feel captive to exhaustion. You had slept for a few hours, when you woke up to some noises, pounding to be exact. You woke up and glanced at your phone, the harsh light burning your unadjusted eyes. It was 3am, what on earth? You reached over to ask Saeran if he heard that noise as well, when your hands touched the empty sheets. 

He wasn’t there. You knew what this was. You shot up out of bed and ran to search for him. You found him in the living room, groaning and punching the wall repeatedly. Blood was dripping off his knuckles.

 “Saeran, please honey, it’s me. Come back to bed so I can treat your wounds.” You asked calmly.

 “No. No. NO.” he yelled. “I can’t do this. Pretend that everything is okay and that I am happy. I still feel that bitch in my head and I can’t do this. I can’t be with you. You need to leave.

 You felt your heart drop, “Please Saeran, you don’t mean that, just come on back to bed” you said as you gently reached for him. You felt a sting as he slapped you hand away, tears sprung into your eyes, not from the pain but simply because you were shocked at his cold reaction.  

Don’t tell me what I mean okay? I can’t be with you MC. It’s too hard. Please just leave me alone and get out of my life. I don’t want you anymore; you are just burdening me at this point” he spat angrily.

You were surprised that the tears that threatened to fall hadn’t yet. You looked at him for a few minutes before finally acknowledging it. You couldn’t be there for him. You weren’t helping him. You were making things worse. You went into the room and packed your suitcase, silently, shocked at how composed you were being.

Placing a hand on your stomach protectively, you thought to yourself that maybe this was for the best. If you were so burdensome to him, imagine what the child would be? You would suffer as much as you could but there was no way you were going to let Saeran or this child suffer. You had failed him in loving him, and you would regret it forever.

 You heaved the backpack on your shoulders, and looked at him once more. Looking at the man that held your heart, your entire being. “Saeran, I am so sorry I failed you. I hope you find happiness, I will love you forever” you turned and walked out of the apartment. The tears that you were holding back finally released themselves, your shoulders shook as you cried for your love that just ended. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. You know what they say, “if you love something, set it free, if its meant to be it will come back.” Please god, let Saeran come back to me.


He knew he fucked up. Saeyoung knew he fucked up. Hell even Elizabeth knew he fucked up. He sent her away, the love of his life. All because he felt himself relapse for a tiny bit. When they had gone to the park, he felt so much love for her it scared him, he watched families pass them by and longed for that. He looked forward to the day that he and MC could start a family of their own.

She must have caught him staring because she asked him about kids and he shot the idea down immediately. He didn’t want to worry her or have her think that he was pressuring her into starting a family. He wanted to first get better, before even thinking about that.

He had so many issues to work out, he did not even know if he was qualified to be a father but he wanted to try so that he could be happy with you. Well that was before he messed up and pushed you away. The emotions that he had for you were overflowing, and he was constricted. He was scared. You held the power to destroy him, break his heart and that terrified him. So what did he do? He broke his own heart, and unfortunately yours in the process.

He hoped that you moved on, and finally found someone that cherished you and gave you everything you deserved. Everything he couldn’t give you. That was a lie. He secretly hoped that after all these years, you still wanted him, that you loved him like he loved you.

He tried so hard to find you, but he couldn’t. All of the leads and trails you had left came up dry, it seemed like you didn’t want to be found. Saeran couldn’t blame anyone but himself and he shut down. He knew his brother was getting worried, especially when he surprised Saeran with tickets for them to visit Tokyo.

He agreed, much to Saeyoung’s surprise. He needed something, anything to get his mind off of the throbbing pain in his chest. He felt frustrated that he couldn’t find MC; he hated himself for ever letting her go, for hurting her so badly. He would endure it because surely MC put up with worse when she was with him.

They got on the plane when he noticed Saeyoung was acting weird. He cast him a sideway glare, “What’s wrong with you idiot brother? Why are you acting so odd-well more odd than usual at the very least” he asked suspiciously.

Saeyoung looked at him and winked, “Oh~ don’t mind me. I am just excited to go on a family vacation” “Yeah right” Saeran thought to himself, “this guy is up to something.”

He felt himself, drift of, thinking once again of his beloved MC, back to a time when things were good and happy. When she was his.

He felt someone shove him roughly, and he opened his eyes angrily, glaring at the perpetrator. “Come on brother, we’re here sleepy head” Saeyoung chirped cheerfully. He made his way down the steps stretching, taking in the flashing lights of the city. He followed Saeyoung silently, through the streets, maneuvering their way to their destination.

You both had finally reached your destination, an onsen. Saeran glared at his brother angrily, “What the hell stupid brother? We past like 8 onsens that were much nicer than this dump, are you telling me that we travelled all this way for this place?”

Saeyoung looked at his brother lovingly, and hugged him. Saeran was taken aback and fought the urge to shove him away, “Just trust me brother, go to that house over there across the street, just knock on the door and I don’t know ask to borrow some sugar or something” he replied glibly, as he grabbed all the luggage and hauled them inside the beat up hotel.

Begrudgingly, Saeran did as he was told, he knocked on the door and waited for a response. He didn’t hear anything so he knocked once more becoming impatient, hating that he was the butt of his brother’s joke.

He was about to turn and leave when he heard the door slowly creak open. He looked down two see two little girls, look up at him. They were about three or four years old with shocks of red hair mopping the tops of their heads. He thought they were absolutely precious, which was surprising because he usual shied away from kids.

“Can I help you with something Mister? Our mommy said she would be right over” the girls asked simultaneously. He smirked, as he knelt down, looking at them affectionately. “You guys are twins right? I know this because me and my id- brother are twins too and when we were your age we said everything at the same time” he said with a soft grin.

“Woah really Mister? That’s so cool! Everyone here makes fun of us because we have red hair like our daddy. No one likes playing with us at the park so we always play together” the little girl said. He felt his heart clench. He knew exactly how sad it was to be ostracized and left out.

“Hey hey, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but only the coolest kids have red hair” he said winking to the girls, as the squealed. He pulled his beanie off and said, “See even I have red hair just like you guys!”

The girls were ecstatic, clapping their hands happily as they touched his hair. He felt a warm aura surround him, a happy aura on that he used to experience when he spent time with MC. He was distracted playing with the little girls on the steps of their house.

He didn’t even sense the presence standing behind him; he didn’t hear their footsteps approach. He only heard them whisper their name, “S-Saeran?” He froze, rubbing his ear because surely he must have misheard right?

He looked up at the lips that had just uttered his name. He knew those lips, he had heard so many sounds from those lips, felt them against his own. What where they doing here? He was so confused. Surely this was a dream right? There’s no way MC would be standing in front of him.

The children notice her behind him and their eyes lit up. “Mommy!” they squealed as they clung onto MC, yammering about the nice man that was playing with them. She smiled at them affectionately before looking back to stare at Saeran. Wait mommy? If they called her mommy then that would mean that I-. There is no way, absolutely not. This is not happening.

Saeran ears were filled with the sound of his blood rushing rapidly. There were so many things going through his mind right now. MC had his child, and took care of it herself? Not one but two kids, all by herself.

His face paled, and his hands began to shake. He looked at her, tears filling his eyes. He didn’t know what to do.

Saeran wai-” he heard MC call after him. He didn’t know what to do, what to think, what do say. So he did the only thing he could do. He ran.

~to be continued~

WHOOOO. HOLY SHIT THIS TOOK ME NINE HOURS TO WRITE TF. AND I DID IT IN ONE SITTING KILL ME So I just want to thank you lovely amazing people for going thru and reading this. Seriously, props because this was long af. If you read all of the fics teh DAYUM GOOD JOB SON. Let me know what you guys think about the little ficlets :D As always, thanks for reading this <3 Also I apologize, but the longer I wrote it the lazier I became, as you can tell some of the fic kinda suck in comparison to the other hehehe pls don’t kill me

Something To Think About (Part 2) - Newt Imagine

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Note: There will be happiness and sadness.
Here is Part 1 & Info about the series.
Word count: 924

Originally posted by boys-of-wonderland

You were lying on your bed with your eyes wide open, still trying to fall asleep but you just couldn´t all you could think about was Newt and the kiss or more like the kisses you shared earlier today. He definitely gave you something to think about but it wasn´t just the kiss that was repeating on your mind it was the thought behind it. Did he kiss you just to give you a distraction or does he really like you? You were hoping for both since you had feelings for him.
You shut your eyes, trying once again to get some sleep, tomorrow was your turn to run with Minho and check the maze. You were actually one of the best runners at the Glades, you didn´t even know that you could run like that. So you joined Minho and Thomas.

“Y/n, wake up.” You heard a soft familiar voice say.

“Huh?” You opened your eyes and saw Newt sitting on your bed next to you.

“Minho is waiting for you.” He said with a smile as you tried to adjust your eyes to the brightness.

“Shit!” You flew out of the bed and grabbed all the things you have with you when you run, gave Newt a hug and a simple ´Thank you´ and then ran to Minho.

You saw Minho waiting at the entrance of the maze worried. You ran towards him. You were standing right in front of him but he didn´t seem to notice, he looked concerned and in deep thoughts.

“Minho?” You waved your hands in front of his face to get his attention.

“Wha- You´re here!” He looked confused.

“When did you get here?” You giggled at his words.

“Like a minute ago. Is everything okay? You seem, well worried.” You asked as your smile faded away.

“Look. We found something yesterday. Me and Thomas. We were going to tell you about it but we didn´t exactly get a chance to tell you. Anyways, we think we´ve found a way out.” He answered as your heart skipped a beat when he said the last words.

“What?” You managed to breathe out.

“Yeah, we just need to check a few things, you and I. Then we´re good to go.” You couldn´t help but notice that he was hiding something from you.

“And? I can see that you´re not telling me something. Spit it out Minho.” You basically commanded.

“It´s not safe. We´ve found a way out but it won’t be easy and it´s not safe. There are traps everywhere but we need to take the risk if we want to get out of here.” You knew he was right, it´s now or never.

The both of you went in to the maze and Minho showed and explained everything. You checked the things that needed to be checked then went back to the glades. There was a meeting held when you got back and you planned your getaway with everybody in the glades.
Next morning everything was arranged, packed and going as planned, today was the day you would get out of this place and finally be free.
As soon as the maze opened all of you went inside, you, Minho and Thomas was leading the way.

*A couple of hours later*

You made it, you actually made it. You were out of the maze and now at some kind of lab or something. You didn´t know what or where you were but it was definitely connected with the maze and everything else. The whole place was crashed, destroyed, not by you or anyone from the glades, you guys found the place like this.
You were happy that you and did your friends made it but the thought of the struggle, pain and the losses all of you had to go through broke your heart.
You were exhausted and fell to your knees as you noticed a black box under a broken desk, you went closer and tried to reach it with your hand. As soon as you got a good grip on it you pulled it out. The box was huge, it was dusty and smashed in a few places. You blew the dust away as a name caught your eye. Y/N  Y/L/N, your eyes widened and your heart started to beat faster. Why is your name written on the box? What does that mean?
You opened the box in a rush and started to grab everything that was in there. Clothes, pictures, guns, knives, papers, documents and so on. You closed your eyes, this was too much for you and a sudden rush ran through your body, a rush of memories. When you opened your eyes you remembered, who you are, who you were, what you did, everything. You picked up the clothes from the box and a picture of you wearing them.

“You´re one of them?” You heard Newt say from behind.

“Newt, I-” You tried to explain but he cut you off.

“No! You´re one of them!” He shouted in rage.

“This. All of this. It was just a game to you wasn´t it? You played us, all of us. You played me! How can you sleep at night?!” Tears were streaming down his face as you tried to hold back your own.

“No. No! It´s nothing like that!” You couldn´t hold back your tears any more, they were dripping down from your face, making wet spot on the floor.

“Save it Y/n!” Newt said and walked away in anger, leaving you there all alone.

Are You Serious? - Tyler Seguin (#16)

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I looovveeeeee me some Tyler! Who doesn’t! Also this gif makes me so so so happy. I’m literally awful at writing about fights but I think this one turned out alright!  Let me know what you think guyssss!  Much love! <3

Word count: 891

Warnings: swearing, couple’s fighting

Request: “Can you do an imagine of tsegs like getting into a fight with his girl but then regretting it then acting all super nice and everything u kno u kno? ahhaha” - @boston-hooligan


“Hey babe” you looked over in Tyler’s direction as he stomped into the house and slammed the front door.  Tyler had just gotten home from practice and to say it went poorly was an understatement.  The Stars had lost a huge game at home, 5-1 and you never wanted to blame your boyfriend for anything but he took a couple really dumb penalties that led to some cheesy goals.  You knew he had more than likely had a strip ripped off him at the morning skate so he was less than thrilled.  “How was practice?” you asked meekly, not really sure if you wanted to hear the response.

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  • Alec: Jace, can you leave us alone? Please?
  • Jace: No.
  • Alec: Fine. If you won't leave us...then would you like to play a game of hide-and-go with Magnus and I?
  • Jace: Don't you mean hide-and-go-seek?
  • Alec: No. There's no seeking involved. First you hide, then Magnus and I go far away from you.

flowerclarkes  asked:

Can you do a Harry Potter au where both Bellamy and Clarke independently discover the room of requirement and then all of a sudden start running into each other there and getting angry because this is supposed to be /my/ room and what do you mean I'm not using it right I can use it however I want to

Obviously, Bellamy is happy to be a prefect. It’s a huge honor, and he thinks he’s good at it. For all he knows he can be a little intimidating, he’s always been good with kids, and the younger students know that he’s someone they can trust, that they can come to for advice and help, when they need it.

It’s just that they think they need help a lot. Every time he’s in the Hufflepuff common room, he’s constantly besieged, being asked for homework help, to mediate disputes, what he’s reading, what he’s doing, if he wants to play chess, and even if he deals with them, it feels constant.

As problems to have go, it’s a good one, but sometimes he does just want time to himself.

The library is a little better, but he still thinks of it as more of a social space. It’s where he can do work with his friends from other houses, and he still has plenty of people coming up to ask him for help.

What he wants, by two months into his fifth year, is to just have a place where he can breathe. And, maybe, play video games. The ban on technology is still newly lifted, and even though Hufflepuff has the highest concentration of muggles and muggleborns, his Nintendo Switch is still something of a novelty.

He’s not looking for the Room of Requirement, when he finds it. He’s heard rumors about it, of course, but mostly as a place to hide things, not a place to hide people. But the door appears when he’s thinking how much he needs a break from everything, and he knows it wasn’t there before, so it must be a place for him to get away.

It’s clear, when he goes in, that he’s not the only one to use the room for this purpose. There are half-finished projects lying around, things that are less hidden and more private. There’s definitely some porn, which makes sense even if he has no interest in investigating it, and a bed, and a couch.

Most importantly for his purposes, it has a television and a place to plug his Switch in, so he flips the cushion on the couch, puts his feet up, and settles in for a few hours of real, honest-to-god privacy.

What a concept.

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