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Sell the raven cycle to me. Why should i read it? What's so good about it?

man that’s a tall order lemme do my best here

1. The characters are very difficult jigsaw puzzle people. They’re wedged in the middle of adulthood and childhood, and magical realism is sprinkled over top of that awkwardness so that we feel very situated in that exact space and time of lost & messing up & family not being enough anymore/friendship being all you can see. And it’s not just the main characters, it’s a spectrum of cameos from people so vivid that you could hitch a ride to a whole other series on their backs. It’s this mass of interconnected lovers and churchgoers and rich boys and school-haters and hard-asses and scared kids and witches and characters that don’t quite know whether to be alive or dead.

Every person is lovingly invented to be difficult to parse upon first glance. they’re magic-eye people. You know when you’re at the optometrist and they put down slides on their big ol’ eye contraption and ask you to tell them when things get clear? it’s kind of like that. You’ve gotta keep accumulating lenses and when it’s finally clear you realize you don’t know where or how the difference set in. And better yet, the characters feel that way too – you’ve got unreliable points of view from everyone from villains to leads to sentient forests, figuring each other out, growing and misunderstanding and loving from afar. Everything has a voice, even birds and trees. This book is made of too many voices in too many languages and all you can do is sit down and be very still and listen (jot that down)

2. The plot/magic in this book are compelling as all hell, and they wind and trip and fall, but it’s worth climbing in and letting the car speed so your head rattles or the magical forest turn you around until you get lost. It’s just the right balance of relatable teenaged disasters and wholly un-relatable living nightmares and hitmen and possession via nature and ghosts and old old old magicians. Somehow pizza with the gang transmutes quietly into burying the carcass of a monster, tennis during the day becomes deadly streaking car racing until someone wins or dies. The books never let up, they go and go and talk about how much they’re going and throw too much at you.

It’s frustrating actually, the way you’re breathless for four entire novels. There are so many loose ends that you start writing ways to tie them together in your head before you’ve even finished. Impossible things represent gritty reality at every turn, you have manifestations of real depression, escapism from real abuse, resentment of real neglectful parents. You have a mosaic of things that hurt so much that they’ve become magic so that we can stand to look at them. trc wants you to look at a kissing curse and a dead king and quietly put them aside until you need them again. If you only read the back of the book, you’re brushing fingers against a scapegoat for a host of things that are much realer.

3. The writing knows what it’s doing. It needles its way into pretentious territory, but I can’t pretend that trc didn’t burrow into my writing style and rearrange things. The writing feels like.. i don’t know man like you’re holding a beating heart in your hand and watching it sputter and try to keep going, and it’s fucking amazing to witness even though you know it can’t last forever. You can see the mechanism of it and gore of it, but you keep watching and waiting. There are so many plain little to the point sentences that fit into the grand scheme of things so perfectly that you just. sob. and there are so many intricate metaphors and frank magical descriptions and charming, human ways of saying something that isn’t charming or human. 

It’s a hell of a series. It knows when to open the door, it trusts that you’ll come through it. It makes you hurt so bad for a friendship that hurtles down like an asteroid and ruins everything but you. It makes you feel a little better about whatever ancient welsh king you’re looking for, whatever night horror is ripping up your head space. It makes you dog-ear every other page because the dialogue is so unnecessarily clever and the descriptions sit right in your throat where you almost choke on them.

It’s not perfect. But it singlehandedly made me start reading again (heart in mouth 4 am reading, buying the ebook the second it comes out reading, crying at lines that shouldn’t be cried at reading), what put things in motion for me to make a funny little book blog called ravenvsfox

I can’t promise that you’ll like it, but I think the mess is beautiful & youthful and there are miles of slack to make it whatever you’d like. I hope you pick The Raven Boys up and see where they drive you in their stupid orange car.

→ Paper Doll (pt. 2)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst, smut

 warning  sex, language

word count   → 4.7k

 summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

↳ alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

→ pt i | pt ii | pt iii | pt iv (coming soon!)

 a/n  → i haven’t even been on tumblr for a week and askdjjj I can’t believe how many people liked pt. i –  also, I know absolutely nothing about songwriting or music theory, or anything really, so this is me bullshitting my way through 4k words that i haven’t proofread

You associated every song of yours to a specific time and place.

The whimsical cluster chords that opened up Blue Afternoon made you think of the view from your window last spring. Looking down on the busy streets of Seoul from your flat, a crowding of umbrellas had danced to the sound of heavy rain, and you had been immediately struck with a melody line.

That was your favorite part of songwriting – that moment when you finally had something, after having absolutely nothing.

Ironically enough, out of all the songs on your album, you disliked Paper Doll the most.

Even before it had been propelled to the top of the music charts, the song had never been a favorite. The melody line was catchy but predictable, with the most common chord progressions and an overproduced chorus. The people reviewing your songs during the album production had all loved it, however, and they had adamantly decided to push it as a title track.

It was amusing how people presumed the song described a devastating heartbreak between you and your first love. They weren’t exactly wrong, but their interpretation was completely off. Still, you weren’t stupid enough to disapprove their theories. If they wanted to believe that your first boyfriend was a heartless playboy, then that wasn’t your problem.

At least you had never thought it would have to be a problem.

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Shattered Windows || Ch 1

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Chapter 1

Genre: Soulmate AU, fluff, angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Summary: Having your soul tied to the person you love for the rest of eternity isn’t a beautiful and magical as most make it out to be.  (Based around the Prologue, I Need U, Run MV’s)

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse, and physical abuse.

Being born in a world where soulmates are real, sounds like a magical fairy tale.  However, this is the world I live in and it has been terrifying.  I never really believe it, soulmates that is, or at least I didn’t when I was little.  Who could blame me?  This was my first cycle and I didn’t feel this otherworldly pull to someone I was meant to be with, on top of that my parent weren’t soulmates either.  When I asked them about it, they said that it was normal for people who lost their soulmate at a young age to find another person who also lost their soulmate.  I didn’t understand then, and I still don’t completely understand their logic but they’ve been around for more cycles than I have.  It has been recorded that people normally feel the connection to their soulmate around the age of 10.  I was unfortunate enough to have my connection on my 7th birthday.  

It was on a sunny day in the summer, I invited all my friends over for a sleepover.  Everything was fine, to begin with.  We ate cake, played games, and watched some movie.  Then it happened, night rolled around and we were settling down for the night.  I was walking to back to my room when I collapsed, hitting the wooden floor with a painful thud.  My entire body was on fire, slowly the searing pain localized to my cheek as if I had been slapped.  I cried out in pain, a metallic taste flooded my mouth but I knew I wasn’t bleeding.  I couldn’t understand what was happening; I something kept striking me across my face and body but nothing was touching me.  My parents rushed up the stairs to where I was in the hallway.  My mom noticed the girls poking their heads out of the room watching me concerned so she went to occupy the girls, while my dad scooped me up in his arms and took me to my parent’s room to figure out what was wrong with me.  Once I stopped crying I explained what happened to my dad, he looked at me pity and stroked my hair.  “I’m so sorry sweetie.  I’m sorry your first connection had to be like this.”

“Connection?”  I sniffed, staring up at my dad confused.  He knelt down and took my small hand in his grown ones.

“Yes, the pain you felt was the pain your soulmate felt.”  His thumbs rubbed circles on the tops of my hands.  “The feeling isn’t normally this strong it might have just been the first connection that strengthened the feeling.  So don’t worry, it won’t always be like this.”  My dad stood up and placed a light kiss on my forehead.  “Now that you’re calm you can go back to your friends and enjoy the rest of your sleepover.”  With that, I headed back my room but what I didn’t know was that this was the only the start of the constant pain I would soon have to endure.

As I grew up I became more accustomed to the pain; I learned how to control my reaction to it.  I wouldn’t react as violently when the pain came, but that’s not to say it didn’t hurt anymore.  It still hurt as much as it did the first day.  Bruises would constantly show up after one of my “connections”.  I wouldn’t have minded so much if it didn’t make my teachers worried about my home life.  When the bruises would get noticeably worse, I would be called to the guidance counselor’s office to go through a routine of questions to make sure I wasn’t being abused at home.  Of course, I wasn’t but it didn’t stop people from gossiping that I was.  There was one day that I came to school with bruises around my neck and when I was sent to the guidance counselor’s office there was a police officer in the room as well.  After that, the rumors got worse and not long after, we moved.  

By the time I started middle school we had already settled into the new house.  My parents also personally went to the school to talk to the principal about my “condition” so things would not get out of hand like it did at my old school.  I also started logging when and where I would get my bruises.  After a few months, I noticed a pattern, during at school nothing would happen, for the next few hours after school nothing would normally happen but there were rare occurrences but again those were very rare.  Late at night is normally when the pain and bruising would show up.  On good days, there wouldn’t be any pain but those don’t happen that often.  Usually, there would only be a single hit and it wouldn’t normally bruise, which I now consider good.  On the other hand, the bad days were terrible.  My entire body would ache from what I could only suspect were punches or kicks to the stomach.  On those nights, I would have to take a hot bath to relieve some of the pain.  While soaking in the tub I would quietly sing.  My mom once told me that when you would randomly get a song stuck in your head it was your soulmate sing the song.  Normally I’m skeptical of that but on nights like these; I pray that it is true.  I don’t know what type of situation my soulmate is in but I want to at least give them some type of comfort, even if it was something as small as a soothing song.

In the middle of high school my father got a promotion and was transferred to Seoul, so naturally, we moved again.  My parents offered to talk to the new school I was going to attend but by now, I’ve gotten pretty skilled at hiding any visible bruises so I assured them they didn’t need to.  For the first time in awhile, I felt normal at school.  No one looked at me with suspicious eyes, no one was trying to be in my personal business; I was just the new kid.  Some people were curious, but that only lasted for a week or so.  After a while, everything settled down and I attended school like a normal kid.  The rest of the school year passed, and before I knew it I was starting my last year of high school.  There were a few familiar faces in my new class but I only knew one person well enough to consider them my friend, Jeon Jungkook.  When I first transferred to this school, I often approached him and ask questions about the school.  Simple questions like where I could find the gym, the library, and the teachers’ offices.  I don’t know why I chose to go to him.  He wasn’t really keen on helping me but he wasn’t rude to me and always helped me get to where I needed to be.  One day I stayed later to look around for a club I could join and I found him in the art room sketching away.  After that, I would occasionally ask him about his art.  He was reluctant at first, but with some time he opened up and we would have little talks in between our classes.  This year, I want to truly be friends with him.  The type of friend that hangs out after school, not just someone he only talks to at school.

“Good morning Jungkook,” I smiled at him while taking the seat in front of him.

“Morning” Jungkook glanced up from his doodle and held up his hand with a slight smile.

“It’s cool we’re in the same class again huh?”  He nodded with a small ‘yeah’ before when went back to his doodle.  I bit my lip trying to think of things to talk about since he wasn’t trying to keep the conversation going.

“So what did you do over the break?  Did you have any new drawings?”

“I hung out with my hyungs for the most part” he shrugged, “I do have some new sketches…” he trailed off looking down at his bag then up to me. “  Do you… do you want to see them?”

“Yes!” my eyes lit up with excitement.  Jungkook normally never let people look at his artwork without them having to pester him; so, Jungkook willingly wanting to show me was a pleasant surprise.  He reached down to his bag, which was beside him and grabbed a small black sketchbook.  He flipped through the book stopping at a drawing.

“This was one of the last ones I was working on before we left.”  He handed me the book.  The drawing was a side profile of a girl sitting at a desk working.  The longer I stared at it the more it started looking like me; from the way, the hair was styled to the two freckles on the neck.  

“Is this me?”

“Yeah, the next two are you too.”  Jungkook gave a small chuckle.

“Really?”  I excitedly flipped to the next drawing to see yet another sketch of me sitting at a desk; however, this time I was resting my chin in my hand as I stared off into the distance.  “These are amazing Jungkook!”  I turned to the next one.  In this one, I had my head resting on the desk as I dozed off.

“They’re not that big a deal.  I could make better ones.  They’re just sketches of boredom.”

“Well, I love them.”  I smiled brightly as I stared at the sketch.  “If you ever need a model for anything I’d be glad to help.”  Jungkook laughed taking the sketchbook back.

“I might take you up on that.”  I nodded before turning around as the teacher walked into the classroom.  

Fine Line

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: NC-17

Prompt: “Please put your penis away.” / Smut / It’s a fine line between love and hate. At least, that’s what you tell yourself in order to remain blindly oblivious to the fact that, despite your best efforts, you have a definite attraction to your roommate. A roommate who may or may not like you back. 

Word Count: 2,330

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The Call

General Disclaimer

AN: My contribution for Sakura’s birthday. Quickly jotted down on my extra long lunch break ^_^ Enjoy!

“This,” Sakura Uchiha grumbles as she drives her fist into the face of a particularly grimy bandit, “is not how I expected to spend my birthday.”

Sasuke makes a vaguely inquiring noise as he carries out a variation of his Shishi Rendan, sending his opponent flying through the air with several cracked bones.

“Never mind,” she mutters, ducking a clumsy kunai strike and using her attacker’s momentum to throw him over her shoulder.

The large band she and Sasuke have stumbled upon have been plaguing the nearby village for months, according to the inhabitants. They’ve take up residence on the only bridge in the area and have been charging travellers a toll to get by. Those who refuse have been violently robbed and left for dead, according to the warnings of several survivors.

It should have been the work of ten minutes to neutralise them and tie them up, but neither she nor Sasuke expected the majority of them to be former Kusa-nin. Even in this time of peace, missing-nin present a constant problem – especially those who made their livelihood pursuing war.

At least the Akatsuki had an actual purpose – these creeps just want to bleed people dry for their own benefit!

In the end, in the name of expedience rather than anything else, Sasuke traps them all in a genjutsu and Sakura rounds them all up. She’s kept the use of her strength to a minimum, not wanting to accidentally destroy the bridge they are trying to liberate.

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1. Swing Set

so, a little while ago, andavs asked me to make her a Not Quite Normal OTP challenge and because, she’s awesome, she said she would actually do the challenge. And then I decided to do it as well because fair’s fair!

BUT, then we decided that we should do an Attempted Mind Meld Challenge. Basically, this means both of us are doing the challenge (don’t worry, I’m writing not drawing) and then posting our work on the same day and seeing how well they line up. We haven’t talked about them at all before posting so really, this is probably going to be a complete disaster. 

Regardless, here’s #1: On a Swing Set

(Post Season 3B, Sterek, Angst to Fluff, 2k)


Stiles never looks up at the sky anymore.

Derek watches for it, waiting, a part of him wondering when exactly he pinned down that small quirk that belonged to Stiles and Stiles alone. He can’t really remember when he first noticed it- maybe his subconscious had noted it right away, when he spent their first few interactions in cars with Stiles while the younger boy looked towards the heavens for help. Or maybe it was later than that, when he spent large portions of his time threatening Stiles into helping him and Stiles’ cocky eye rolls had come hand in hand with his computer skills. Probably it wasn’t until the long summer that Stiles spent at his loft, researching through Scott’s shifts at Deaton’s, staring at the ceiling as if that’s where he would find the answer.

Really, though, he doesn’t notice it until it’s gone. Until it’s after the Nogistune and after Allison and Stiles’ eyes stop flicking upwards.

Nowadays, Stiles moves like a person who is trying very hard to control every tick of his body, while pretending very hard that nothing’s changed. He meets people’s eyes when they speak to him and smiles when he’s supposed to and flails his hands when he is telling a story (though he’s half a beat behind the words instead of two beats ahead). It isn’t a particularly good imitation of his former self but it fools most people – the acquaintances, and teachers, and even Lydias of the world.

His dad isn’t fooled. Neither is Scott. Neither is Derek.

And by all accounts, Derek should be fooled. Because he and Stiles, they aren’t… they aren’t anything. Maybe they were once enemies, maybe they were once unwilling partners, maybe at one point they grew a mutual respect and understanding but…

But it had all faded into some weird gray area. Before… before everything, they had reached an area where it was okay for their eyes to cling to each other, as long as they were in the middle of an argument. An area where they were allowed to touch as long as it conveyed frustration rather than comfort. An area where they could save each other again and again as long as they never mentioned it.

And now… well, now all Derek can think about is the fact that Stiles never looks up anymore and how much that bothers him.

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Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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Laundry: Poly Hamilsquad x reader

Note: Thanks to Oliver ( @oliveqarden ) helping me get past a few moments of writers block! I promised to tag @oliveqarden and @reallifepirate.

Warnings: google translated French

With a sigh, you threw more laundry into the basket you were carrying.

You hated doing your own laundry, let alone a week’s worth of clothes for four other people.

Grumbling, you threw a pair of Hercules’ shorts into the basket, staggering slightly under the amount of clothes.

Of course, you had to pile the clothes in several baskets and you had to make more than one trip in order to round up all the dirty clothes. And after all of that, you had to sort out the clothes into similar colors so that your laundry didn’t turn pink. Which may have happened more than once when it was Alex’s turn to do laundry, except he’d deny it every time someone brought it up.

Laughing at the memory, you set the dishwasher to the appropriate water temperature and cloth type before measuring out the laundry detergent.

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This Is Going to Be About Heroes

Enough of the educators who were at ALAN/ NCTE ‘16 have asked me for the transcript of my keynote there that I’ve finally decided to post it. Here it is, give or take.


This is going to be about heroes.

I’m going to tell you three stories about heroes and bravery, and then I’m going to tell you how all three of those stories could be told differently.

Nowadays, I find myself a professional storyteller. A maker of heroes. I spend my days putting swords in stones, monsters under beds, ghosts in attics. I have learned that often the difference between a hero and a villain is merely the narrator I choose for the lens of the story. I have learned, too, that the difference between a horror and a romance is sometimes as simple as where I choose to begin the story. A tragedy and a comedy can convey the same events — the difference is in how you tell them.

I’ve also learned that this isn’t just true of the stories I write. It’s true in the story I’m living. The first hero I ever built was myself.

So. These three stories. I’m sharing these three stories about heroes because I want to talk about how the most important stories we tell are the ones we tell about ourselves. Those who have the power and wherewithal to change the narrative of the events around them are the ones who will change the future. Those who have the guts to say “that’s not my version of events” when they hear someone else telling their story are the ones who get to own their own story.

Here is story number one: I drove down to NCTE from my home in Virginia on Saturday. It was supposed to be about a seven and a half hour drive but it turned into a ten hour trip because of Atlanta traffic. Because of my car’s tiny gas tank, I ended up stopping for gas three times. Each time I pulled into a station, a thing happened, the same thing that’s been happening every time I park my car in a public place for the past month. I’ll get out of my car and swipe my card at the pump, feeling like there are eyes on me. I plug in my zip code and put the fuel nozzle in the car, and as I do, I’ll see that the eyes are attached to a motorist or a pedestrian who has paused to stare at me. By the time the tank is full and I’ve gotten my receipt, I’ll discover that they’ve made their way over to me. The conversation goes pretty much the same way every time.

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An Unfinished Short from Bulma’s POV about Vegeta sleeping. 

With possibilities for sexies… I’ll keep you posted.

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He sleeps in cycles. He doesn’t come to bed every night. It’s more like every three or four nights. And if he’s really on an ambitious streak, I don’t see him for a week. I’m used to this. I’ve been with him for awhile. And actually, it makes it kind of special. Because…right now, I’ve just gotten out of an early morning meeting, wandered upstairs, kicked off my shoes, and there he is.

The giant windows in our room are only partially shaded. Before I left this morning, I’d chosen the opaque drapes. They are made of a fabric that gets thinner or thicker, depending on the settings. I’m quite proud of them. They are a bit like the tinted glass design I came up with a few years ago, where you can set the options as well. Pretty cool. Anyway, back to Vegeta. Laying on our bed. Practically dead to the world. And I’m the only one who can bring him back to life.

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// You Can Do Better Than Me // Part One

Reggie x Reader / Jughead x Reader (platonic) / Jughead x Asexual

A whole lot of friendships, relationships, inner turmoil and indecisive teens ready to mess it all up.

I have to face the truth
That no one could ever look at me like you do
Like I’m something worth holding on to

These times I think of leaving
But it’s something I’ll never do

‘Cause you can do better than me
But I can’t do better than you

warnings: it’s so british??? and swearing.if you read the snippet/preview please note that i changed the beginning, so make sure you read it all! also added the whole 2nd part as well.

word count: 1710

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Reverse Idol (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, one part of the maknae line, the love of my life whose cheeks are so fucking cute they just look so squishy and kissable and I wanna give them lots of kisses, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Tae’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • I’m gonna throw in some single father!Tae (here) bc I have an idea and it sounds so cute in my head I’m kinda squealing I gotta do it and also some youtuber!Tae (here)
  • Okay so Tae is one of the biggest fanboys I may have ever seen like he does not care if he’s in public, if he’s at the dorm, if he’s in the middle of the park, he’s gonna dance and sing his lil heart out
  • He’s so enthusiastic about music and he really genuinely enjoys the performance like that shit isn’t something you can fake
  • He gets so into it and it’s so cute to watch bc he gets so hyped up and he gets everyone around him excited too he’s such a happy virus
  • I could watch him react to performances all day long, he’s so cute about it bc he’ll know the dance and honestly Tae is one of the only people that can still make a whip or nae nae look that fucking cute
  • He would be the type to go all out with the merch, buy all the albums, go to as many concerts as he possibly can he’s just so supportive and loyal
  • He of course gets all of the boys into your music, especially Jimin bc Vmin are attached at the hip and since Jimin and kook live together, chim tells kook who tells Jin who tells joon who tells hobi who tells yoongi so it’s another one of those cycle type of things
  • He obviously gets bby boy into your music asap bc I feel like that’s something really cool about being a parent, being able to help mold your kid’s music taste or at least give them songs/artists that they can look back on fondly and be like that was my favorite song as a kid
  • The two of them are even more hyped up together bc Tae gets bby boy all hype which makes tae even more hyped which makes bby boy even more hyped and it’s never ending
  • Most nights, it ends with them dancing around their apartment with Tae carrying the puppy and both of them screaming the lyrics to your songs in matching pajamas with super fluffy socks on
  • He mentions you in a few videos and he doesn’t even bother trying to hide that he’s got a total crush on you
  • He does this thing on his channel where he and bby boy react to your music videos and they’re so precious bc the entire time bby boy is snacking on grapes or sucking on a pacifier and his hair is always messy, sometimes you can tell Tae tried to tame it a bit by tying it into this super teeny tiny ponytail but that doesn’t last long bc bby boy doesn’t do sitting still
  • He does sit still for the MV though, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Spongebob and your mvs are the only things that can get his complete attention and keep it
  • Okay so head canon that you discover Tae’s channel through this video that goes viral
  • It’s of him and bby boy dancing to your newest song and it’s the cutest video you’ve ever watched bc Tae’s nonstop giggling and bby boy’s so serious about it and he’s doing all of the moves so perfectly
  • Even people who have no idea who you are, no idea who Tae is are in love with the video bc it’s smol and tol goofing around together and it’s pretty obvious that tae l o v e s his bby bc he keeps giving him this really fond smile and at one point, tae sits back and sings the song for bby boy so he can have his solo
  • Side note I just wanna add in that bby boy would look s o much like Tae, it’s almost scary like they have the same smile, the same eyes, the same lil nose bby boy is just smoller and obviously still has his bby chub bc he’s a toddler
  • So just imagine a super tiny Tae next to normal sized Tae dancing around and singing together and tell me that doesn’t sound adorable
  • You watch it so many times, you show it to everyone around you, you text it to everyone you know you’re just so in love bc cute man with a cute bby
  • You gotta go through his channel a bit and he’s just so funny and unique and his bby is always always always smiling and giggling and they do monthly updates so his subscribers can see how much bby Tae has grown 
  • You also find a lot of videos where he talks about you and he flat out says that you’re his celebrity crush and you can’t stop smiling after you find that out
  • You find his snapchat and his twitter and instagram all the social medias and it’s mainly about bby boy or the puppy or the hamster they just recently got but then there are other pictures of just Tae and he has a few where he’s in your merch
  • You develop a crush on him over the next few days and when he posts a new video you get so excited and watch it instantly and that’s when you figure you should talk to him, he knows who you are, he likes you already so you just go for it and message him on snapchat since that’s where he’s most active
  • “You and your son are adorable, I’d love to meet the both of you!! We should meet up soon, how’s next Friday?”
  • Tae screams in the middle of breakfast when he gets the message and bby boy doesn’t even know what’s going on but he starts screaming too and then Tae’s dancing all over the kitchen out of joy so bby boy’s following him, still a bit sleepy but dancing anyways bc the Kims always gotta dance together

sejalnaomi07  asked:

Could u suggest some good jikook fanfics with angst. No vkook though please. Vmin is fine 💜 I really can't find any good fanfics. With good storylines

Okay this is a list of most angsty fics I’ve read. But I more than likely forgot some. I recommend going on AO3 and just searching for angst fics by outting it in the “additional tags”. There’s like 700 fics for angst, I’m sure you’ll find one you like 😊😊

This list has I think one fic with side tae/kook and a few with side V/min and Min/joon!  

The list is also in no particular order!

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The Kiss That Made History

   Amidst the chaos of excitement from the most recent episode of Yuri On Ice, I don’t think some understand how important that kiss was. So I think I should explain it to those of you who are unsure of its importance. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me please!

   In Japan, they are not as openly accepting of homosexuality as people in the US are. Normally, if you wanted to see two guys, or two girls kiss, you had to either watch hentai/porn or a certain type of genre known as, “Yaoi/Shonen-Ai,” or “Yuri.” (Note: You may still see two guys or two girls kiss in an anime that qualifies for neither of these things, but it will be a mature rating because of it.) This is still standard.

   Now, why Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov’s kiss was important, was because it will change the future of the anime industry as a whole. Yes, you read this right. This show is making history in the most brilliant way possible.

   Since Japan is strict about censorship laws and is a very conservative culture, they (studio MAPPA and the director) could not show the kiss in it’s entirety. They used Viktor’s arm as a clever censorship, to get around the censorship law.

   If they had shown the kiss in its entirety, they would have either had to change their rating or their genre (or both), which is a hassle and will prove to have big problems for them.

   The director of the show has always loved putting gay characters in her works, whether it’d be a gay male(s) or a gay female(s). She loves to break typical Japanese stereotypes and tropes in anime and manga that are commonplace for gay characters.

   Now in anime, the most typical stereotypes for gay characters are usually as follows (I’m only going to be highlighting four of the most common tropes to avoid this list from getting even longer):

   The Weird Foreigner-

This stereotype is common in an anime with foreign characters. These characters are usually from outside countries or something as simple as the neighboring town/city.

This cliche or trope depicts a type of outlandish or sometimes over the top male or female foreigner who are perceived by others as having homosexual tendencies (sometimes towards the main lead(s).)

They dismiss this characters homosexual tendencies as simply being a part of the culture from where they are from, or blaming their homosexuality on their “foreignness.”

The characters will try to avoid him/her and call them strange or weird, typically negatively. They will sometimes show other characters from the same country as acting the same way as the foreigner.

   The Confused/Mistaken “Heterosexual”-

This cliche/trope depicts a character, usually a teenager or young adult, who has homosexual tendencies, coming to terms with their sexuality (usually at the beginning or middle of the shows run.)

They are told by the other characters that they’ll grow out of their tendencies, or worse, will attempt to teach them how to be heterosexual because the other characters believe that they are simply “confused,” or “mistaken,” about their sexual orientation. They will attempt to correct it by any means throughout the show.

Another worse stereotype that goes hand in hand with this one, is one I’d like to call:

   The Infected/Diseased Homosexual-

This trope goes hand in hand with the previous one, and is sometimes influenced by it.

It depicts a homosexual character who can turn others gay.

Yes, you read this correctly.

This character is avoided like he/she were diseased or infected, hence, the name of the stereotype.

One look or touch, or something as simple as being influenced by them, can turn a character into a homosexual too.

Often times, the other characters will try to help the, “infected,” or “confused,” character by teaching them of their heterosexuality.

But wait, there’s more!

   The Homosexual Pervert/Sexual Harasser-

This stereotype is the most common, and it is the most damaging stereotype/trope in anime and manga.

The homosexual character is depicted as extremely perverted and will do absolutely anything to do as they wish to any character of the same sex (typically the main character.)

This character may also touch, grope, or hold onto their desired character without consent and are typically represented as not taking, “no” for an answer.

On an even more damaging scale, these characters may also kiss, or attempt to rape a character of the same sex with no particular order or care for the feelings of the character they are attracted to.

The less serious on this scale, is a homosexual character that has an attraction to a character of the same sex, but they do not force themselves onto the character.

This character’s only purpose get in their desired character’s way, be obscenely annoying, or a nuance to the character or plot and may even be violent to the love interest of the character they are attracted to.

Which is not as bad, but is still a damaging trope nonetheless.

   Not only do typical anime and manga use and incorporate these stereotypes into their material on a regular basis, but Yaoi and Shonen-Ai also use these tropes too.

   Yes, you read right. The genre that features a gay love story/gay characters in an abundance, also uses these stereotypes just as much as other shows, if not, maybe more.

   You might be thinking, “Lyra, how could a genre about gay characters incorporate these negative stereotypes just as much as your typical anime or manga?”

   I’ll tell you.

   I have seen a lot of Yaoi, I have read a lot of BL, and over time I have noticed a predictable cycle of negative stereotypes and unhealthy romances that, after a while, just become background fodder.

   My most recent watch was JunJou Romantica, which was decent enough, but I cannot begin to describe to you just how many times I’ve seen the Homosexual Pervert/Sexual Harasser trope used in Yaoi, Shonen-Ai, and BL as a plot point.

   Typically, the main character will be in denial about his sexuality. The main character then meets his love interest. Now at this point in the story, the love interest will either be the aggressor and sexually harass the main character until he gives in, or there will be another character to sexually harass the main character, appointing the love interest to save the main character (usually out of jealousy or selfishness.)

   When the main character is out of danger, the love interest will typically do the same thing to the main character as the previous aggressor was just attempting, but it will typically have a different effect because, “it’s you, and you’re different.”

   Sound familiar? That’s because this is the exact formula for any BL or Yaoi story. There may be some changes or differences between some, but this is the absolute blue print for any type of unhealthy BL romance out there.

   Not only is this extremely disengaging and damaging, but there is another strange and equally damaging stereotype that is typically selective to Yaoi and BL.

   The Uke/Seme Mentality-

This trope is everywhere. In every single BL or Yaoi romance.

Now this usually is supposed to display who is more submissive and who is more dominant in the relationship. Nothing inherently wrong there, right?

Except when the uke is portrayed as more emotional, more womanly, and always submissive in the relationship. Especially when the seme is always portrayed as barely emotional, manipulative, and always dominant in the relationship.

This is inherently, imitating heterosexuality and is very inaccurate when it comes to two men or two women who share an equal attraction to one another.

Two men or two women in a relationship are equals, and one should not treat one as being the, “woman,” and the other as being the, “man,” in the relationship. They are both men/both women. They are equals.

   Not only are these stereotypes negative towards gay characters in anime and manga, but there a ton of regular romantic stereotypes that are just as unhealthy and forced.

   So much so, that any romance with these tropes is just hard to watch or practically unbearable to sit through.

   Here’s a brief list of some of these tropes (these should be obvious/self explanatory so I won’t waste your time explaining them):

  • Attraction is instant/rushed.
  • Attraction is only valid between a male and female lead.
  • Characters decide they love each other within the first moments/days of meeting each other.
  • Conversations between the two characters are rushed with little to no importance.
  • The romance hinders the plot and/or does not progress it.
  • The romance does not benefit the plot/is practically meaningless.
  • The romance is only valid when the characters kiss or have sexual intercourse.
  • One or both partners say/do things to their significant other without their consent.
  • One or both partners assume that since they are in a romantic relationship, they can kiss or have sex with their significant other any time they want to, and will ignore when they tell them to stop or that they are not in the mood.
  • One or both partners will consciously ignore problems within the relationship, instead of addressing them.
  • One or both partners will not fully trust one another.
  • One or both partners are consistently jealous of their significant other’s friends, exes, or family members.
  • One or both partners will not let their significant other have their own space or privacy.
  • One or both partners often fight or have miscommunications over things that people with healthy relationships would be able to address, discuss, and understand.
  • Miscommunications are often created to further the plot, and will be resolved haphazardly.
  • Any romantic attraction between two men or two women is often invalidated and/or ignored entirely.
  • One or both partners are pressured into relationships because they believe that they could never truly be happy without a significant other.
  • When one or both partners disregard their significant other’s feelings towards their actions or words.
  • When one or both partners do not confront their significant other for their wrong doing(s).
  • When one or both partners will not admit when they’ve done/said something that hurt their significant other and refuse to apologies for it.
  • When one or both partners are manipulative towards one another.
  • When a romance is built on lies or false pretenses/expectations.
  • When one or both partners only show care or affection for their significant other during sexual intercourse.
  • When one or both partners are not sure of the other’s feelings towards them, even after they’ve had sex or continue to show affection towards one another.
  • One or both partners do not appear to have any chemistry but will still say that they love each other, even when there is no existing connection between them.
  • One or both partners will have “crushes” on other characters to create tension between the two love interests, even if they are already in an existing relationship with other characters.
  • When certain characters are homophobic or disapprove of the relationship just to create high stakes for the plot.
  • When one or neither of the characters are likable or interesting and yet you are still expected to care about the romance between the two characters.
  • When one or both partners will pretend to not be in a relationship because they feel like others will disapprove/make fun of them because of it.
  • When little to no conflicts arise to draw the two characters closer, yet they end up together regardless.
  • When the two characters end up kissing or having sexual intercourse as a temporary solution to a problem or miscommunication in the relationship, instead of discussing it with one another.
  • The development of the relationship feels unnatural or off.
  • One or both partners will not benefit or better each other because of their relationship.

   Now seeing as how damaging these stereotypes can be in the anime industry and in romance in general, Yuri On Ice has managed to go above and beyond what any anime, manga, or romance has managed to do.

    Yuri On Ice has either avoided or destroyed these tropes entirely, and continues to do so magnificently.

    It has created both a healthy, unforced, naturally growing and developing love story that just happens to be between two men, and is also destroying some of the most damaging and commonplace stereotypes for romance and gay characters in the anime industry.

    Since Yuri On Ice had the guts to take on these problems head on, instead of turning away from the obvious flaws of the anime industry, it has set the bar high for other anime in the future.

    It has given us a much higher expectation for a healthy romance, well portrayed and matured homosexual characters, story, animation, and music. It will leave a mark on the anime industry and it will hopefully encourage other shows to do something like this in the future.

    Now, Yuri On Ice has always been iffy for me (not that I didn’t like it, I love this show). The reason it was this way for me was because I was nervous and concerned that they would abandon Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, or sweep it under the rug and never resolve the feelings these two characters had for one another.

    Yet I had always had faith that the director would pull through, and they did so magnificently.

   Now since Viktor and Yuuri have kissed, people have began to say that this anime should now be in the Yaoi genre/category. That simply cannot be farther from the truth. If you’re confused as to why this is the case, this post summarizes it perfectly.

    When Yuuri and Viktor kissed (on screen, no less) I knew that Japan was changing. This is one of the first sparks, that will lead to a complete change in the anime industry. Now granted, Yuri On Ice was not the first to do something like this.

    No.6 was the first to feature a well portrayed homosexual lead and an unforced romance between two men without changing their genre or rating (which is seriously amazing).

    Just because Yuri On Ice was the second, does not mean that it has any less impact and importance. Now, a kiss between two male characters on screen, without any change in the rating and genre is astonishing.

   Having a show that’s so driven to destroy these damaging stereotypes and tropes that are so common in the anime industry, gives me hope that other shows will do this in the future.

   These two shows have set such a high bar for expectation from the media, and I have faith that Yuri On Ice will continue to make history.

jedirebelgirl  asked:

I heard about the prompts for Dan's birthday, so how about either of these choices? 1. All of the Grumps give him a special present each from their own heart 2. Some great Egobang (because why not?)

I pretty much did both! Gotta drop Egobang in there because I’m 100% certified egobang trash!

Brian -

Dan looks at the rectangle package Brian has handed him. It’s wrapped in plain blue paper, and scribbled in the top left corner are the words “Happy birthday, dick.” He knows immediately that it’s a book, and if it’s a professionally bound copy of The Beej, Dan might actually go to jail for second degree murder.

“Of course you got me a book,” Dan says dryly.

“Open it, you idiot,” Brian tells him, and Dan sighs dramatically, if only to annoy Brian a little bit more.

His sass evaporates immediately upon tearing off the wrapping paper, however. Tears immediately well up in his eyes and he has to set the book down next to him on the couch because of how bad his hands are shaking.

It’s a signed, first edition copy of “The Last Unicorn.”  

Brian grunts from the impact of Dan practically tackling him and hugging him tight. “Happy birthday, Danny,” Brian says, petting Dan’s hair.

“Thank you.”


Later on in the day, when he sees Audrey, she excitedly gives him a stegosaurus plushie and wetly kisses his cheek before running away, cackling.

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BonesXReader insert: Cuddle Party

 Beta’d by @outside-the-government

Dr Leonard McCoy rolled his eyes as he read the messages coming through on his PADD thinking how the Captain’s newest ‘great idea’ was only going to end badly. Jim had lead a small away team on a diplomatic mission about a week before, one he had thankfully left the Dr out of, but he had come back brimming with new ideas for ‘boosting morale’ and ‘encouraging the crew to branch out and make other friends.’ Bones was reading his latest message and grumbled. A ‘Cuddle Party.’ Was Jim mad? There would be all kinds of problems stemming from this. Deciding he couldn’t let this go ahead because of the risks he left Med bay in search of his friend and Captain.

“Jim are you mad?” He asked falling into step beside the Captain as he headed to the Mess Hall.

“What’ve I done now Bones?” Kirk asked with his usual tone.

“These ‘cuddle parties’ are an incident waiting to happen.”

“Bones everything will be fine, they had them down on the planet, they explained the benefits I thought we could give it a try. It’s all purely based on consent, any crewman or woman not respecting another’s boundaries will be severely disciplined or worse if needs be.”


“Look Bones, I guarantee it’ll be fine, maybe you should come by? See for yourself. Might do you some good,” Kirk gave Bones his signature smile and Bones rolled his eyes and joined his friend for lunch, ignoring his suggestion.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do please a story where the reader is Harry's new neighbour. They bump into each other on a night stroll and start bickering and from then on they have a neighbour from hell relationship. One night she notices a strange figure outside his home and she investigates and is slashed with a small knife on her arm but scares the weird stalker off and Harry realises what happened and escorts her inside, with fluff etc. :)

One of the perks of having gone to school for so many years to have the career you did now was that you got paid, well. And an inheritance of more money than you knew what to do with led you to buying a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood, and you’d never felt more like an adult as you wandered around your large home the first night after moving in. You hadn’t met any neighbors yet but the internet had only good things to say about the neighborhood and its residents, so you weren’t too worried. 

It was the next day, upon arriving back to your house after work, that you first noticed the swarm of grown men holding large cameras, seemingly hiding behind some trees and bushes across from the house next to you. Parking your car in your driveway and making your way towards your front door, you heard them starting to yell.

“Ay miss, you seen Harry yet today? Know if he’s home?” they asked as you turned around to see that they seemed to be asking you.

“What? I don’t know who Harry is, Harry who..?” you trailed off as they were no longer paying attention to you but were now rushing towards the house next to yours as a fashionably dressed and very attractive, somewhat familiar looking man rushed to his car, trying to avoid the paparazzi. 

“Harry! Come on man, talk to us just for a minute!”

They surrounded his car, but he wasn’t having it. A polite smile and a nod, and he maneuvered out of the drive and onto the road. The men all grumbled, putting the cameras down and starting to walk away.

“Harry Styles, lady!” one of them yelled over at you, as you were still stood on your doorstep. Oh yeah, you’d heard of him. Great. Now you had a bunch of middle-aged men with cameras to look forward to seeing every day around your house. Great.

About a week later, you decided to take a late night stroll around the block just to get some fresh air and check out the neighborhood. Your head was down as you noticed a message flash across your phone screen, so you didn’t notice the person on the sidewalk walking towards you who was doing the same thing.

“Mmph” Harry mumbled when the two of you ran into each other, as you looked up to see the pop star standing right in front of you, the one who was the cause of all the frenzy always around your house.

“Would’ve thought the paparazzi would be behind that tree or something and tell you to watch where you’re going,” you told him, not thrilled about bumping into your neighbor. 

“Yeah I mean I can’t really control where the paparazzi are, there’s not much I can do,” he responded. You rolled your eyes, not impressed by his attitude. “I mean, and I lived here first so…” 

Oh, so he was going to play it like that.

“Really? Alright if that’s the kind of relationship you want with your neighbors, good luck buddy,” you told him.

“I didn’t say anything about wanting to have any kind of relationship with my neighbor,” he retorted. Both of you had your eyes slightly squinted as you looked at each other. You’d both had long days and were overly tired and in a bad mood, and were definitely starting off on the wrong foot.

You snorted at his comment, clearly not amused.

“Whatever,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes again and starting to walk away as he did the same. Perfect, you thought to yourself, disappointed that this was the guy you’d have to deal with for as long as you both lived there. 

Weeks had gone by since this first interaction between you and Harry, and things had only gone downhill between the two of you. Blasting music and blindingly bright outdoor lights, the two of you tried to be as obnoxious as possible in response to obnoxious things you would each do, and the cycle kept repeating. 

On this night in particular, you were reclined in your living room, watching a movie and occasionally glancing out your window to see if the paparazzi from earlier had shown up again. 

About halfway into your movie, upon glancing out the window to look towards Harry’s house, you noticed a single figure close to the front of his house. That was odd, because there were usually at least two or three of the men together, and they usually didn’t walk along the side of his house like that. 

Starting to feel anxious and bored of the movie anyway, you decided to make your way outside to investigate. You were always bad about suppressing your curiosity; you told yourself you were just going out for the fresh air this time. 

Quietly walking from your driveway to the sidewalk in the direction of Harry’s house, you froze when you saw that the figure was now stood directly facing you. Clearing your throat, you took another step forward, slowly, deciding to just walk past and then turn back at the next corner. However, the figure was now moving towards you, and you started walking faster as it made its way closer to you. 

Next thing you knew, you saw a knife coming towards you and you let out a blood-curling scream, but not before the blade slashed across your arm. Your scream must have scared the person though, for they started running away, leaving you on the sidewalk in front of Harry’s house as the blood dripped from your arm. Too shocked to even cry, you stood frozen as Harry opened his door and came running out to you, his eyes wide and concern written all over his face. 

“Y/N! What happened, what did they do??” He asked you frantically, taking in the sight of your bloody arm. He’d just seen the running figure turn the corner when he started running towards you. 

“Cut my arm, they had a knife. Dunno who it was,” you told him quietly, unable to fully process what was happening.

“Oh God, okay. Come here, let’s clean that up,” he told you softly, placing his hand gently on the small of your back and leading you into his house before immediately closing and locking the door. 

“Come on, it’s okay,” he assured you as he grabbed your hand and led you into the large bathroom off of the hallway. 

“Okay, I have that bandage wrap stuff, and we should probably clean it off first… this might sting, I’m sorry please just bare with me.” He looked into your eyes, and you could see in them that he was terrified despite the small smile that had now formed on his lips as he tried to comfort you. 

Gently, more gentle than you thought a tall and clumsy-looking guy like him could be, Harry rinsed your arm, shushing you and stroking your hair when you moaned at the stinging. He then wrapped up your arm, so carefully, and led you back out into his living room.

“Please sit down, I’ll get you some water,” he smiled at you as he went into the kitchen. 

You were finally starting to realize what had happened and that you were now sitting in Harry’s house, the house of the guy who had pissed you off so much since you’d first met. But now he seemed so sweet and caring, and you were so surprised.

“Here you go.” Harry set down the glass on the small table next to the couch and sat down next to you. 

“I’m so sorry this happened. You can stay here for the night, you know if you don’t feel safe or something…” The way he was looking at you made you feel already safer and more secure. 

“I, um, yeah thank you. Thanks for doing all this, it was really nice of you,” you responded, gesturing to your arm that was now covered in gauze. 

“Of course.” He smiled at you again, and this time you smiled back. 

“So, I can just put on the tv if you want, maybe get your mind off of it for now?” Harry asked, but he was already reaching for the remote and beginning to flip through the channels before stopping on something on the Food Network. “I guess I’ll leave you alone now if you want,” he told you, though he made no move to leave.

You looked at him, biting your lip. “Um, do you think you could sit here with me just for a little longer?” you asked him timidly, unsure of where the two of you stood now after all that. 

The flicker of joy that flashed across Harry’s face didn’t go unnoticed as you waited for a response. “Of course, yeah,” he smiled at you, before settling back into the sofa as you did the same. 

And you hadn’t realized how exhausted you were until now as you lounged on the soft cushion, eyelids beginning to close. 

It had felt like only a few minutes had passed when you woke up, your head resting on Harry’s shoulder. His breathing was deep and slow, and you lifted your head slightly to see that his eyes were closed. A small smile formed on your face as you rested your head back down on his shoulder, cuddling in a little bit closer to him, feeling safer than ever. 

Hiraeth | Pt.2

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

[!] Contains mature and graphic content, mentions of blood + death. 

Words: 7,694.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us. 

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The Raven Cycle Fanfiction Recommendations

So I did a thing for science recently. I went through AO3 and read all of the completed The Raven Cycle fanfiction on there except the really weird shit (meaning anything involving fucking Kavinsky & his crew, Gansey/Adam, Gansey/Ronan or Adam/Blue and most death fics because FUCK YOU SERIOUSLY WHO WRITES THAT SHIT I WILL FIGHT YOU)

And yes – somehow 90% of these ended up being Pynch I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how that could have happened. I mean, I’m sure there are lots of good Bluesey fics out there but I am super picky about them for some reason

*I’ll probably update this periodically if I read anything exceptionally good in the future.

General & non-ship specific & OT5 fics:

Prelude in BMW
-A prequel chapter of sorts to The Raven Boys

Eight of Swords
-Unfinished business needs to be resolved before Blue and the boys can safely enter the cave by the dreaming tree in Cabeswater.

-Angsty Noah shit

Your Hand in Mine
-Adam Parrish feels

All the Rooms of the Castle
-The Adam/Blue/Gansey/Ronan(/Noah) fic you knew was coming. Maggie Stiefvater said that polyamory was not the answer, but she’s clearly wrong

The Smallest Twine May Lead Me
-Blue is attacked by a giant bug. OT5 feels.

Something Old, Something New
-Short OT5 feels pre Bluesy wedding

Mt. Nail Gun
-Ronan builds a giant volcano. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

The Secrets We Share
-Ronan and Matthew have an important conversation.

The One Where the Tea was Mislabeled
-Adam and Gansey happen upon Ronan and Blue who are high as fuck. OT5 feels obvs.

All The Things You Might Have Said
-A day at the Barns, searching for hidden treasure amongst the dreamt objects. OT4 feels.

Bed Defacement
-Blue and Gansey are speculating over their friends when they walk in on Adam and Ronan doing something that will leave Gansey scarred for life

Things You Said
-Multiple characters/relationships from Things You Said prompt

Helter Skelter
- Sargent-Lynch siblings AU.

-Blue and Ronan have a brief conversation.

Tired of Waiting For You
-Super short but super adorable

Out for Re-Henge
-Ronan teaches Blue to drive stick and they have adventures.

Blue Takes Ronan to Prom
-The title says it all tbh BROTP

Asking Nicely
-in which Ronan contemplates throwing Blue into the sea for being difficult.

Our Sisters Hold Our Mirros
-Ronan and Blue BROTP that overlaps the end of/set immediately after blue lily, lily blue. some minor tweaks to the canon re: blue’s injuries.


Taking Something More
-Blue isn’t going to let any old curse stop her from getting it on with Gansey.

We’ll Never Sleep (God Know We’ll Try)
-Blue, Gansey, Adam and Ronan are stuck in a motel. Bonus Blue/Ronan BROTP feels & background Pynch

Hurts a Little Less
-Blue is not feeling great. Gansey sends people to make her feel better Cuteeeee

Guess Who?
-Gansey surprise Blue


The Lives of the Heart
-Vignettes of Adam and Ronan, running from pre-series through the future in no particular order.

Dream a Little
-Adam is the one dreaming this time.

First and Third
-Ronan and Adam getting together. Poooooooorn.

Here and Now
-Sequel to First and Third

And I Like You
-Driving. BMW. Much yes.

-Ronan is very bored while Adam is studying and is annoyingly demanding of attention and affection.

The small room in the attic of St. Agnes
-Ronan’s first sleepover at St. Agnes. Between Raven Boys and Dream Thieves.

The Fear That You Can’t Shift
-When the BMW breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a heat wave, Adam insists on trying to fix it. Ronan has other ideas.

You’ve Been Lonely (too long)
-They are becoming a thing.

-Adam sees himself in Ronan’s tattoo.

We’ll See What This Love Is For
-Porn with feelings

The Evolution of Pynch
-Seven part series. Feelings.

Paws and Claws and Kisses
-Pynch with kittens AKA the cutest thing ever

Let’s Start Wildfires
-Post BLLB. Pynch at a funeral (not Gansey’s)

Our Veins Are Busy but my Heart’s in Atrophy
-the beginning of ronan and adam

Your Cold and I Burn

Places and Moments
-Ronan can’t sleep, so he goes to see Adam.

Show Me How The Bones Shake
-First kiss fic

In Your Dreams
-Ronan’s been dreaming a lot about Adam lately.

(I’d be an anchor) but I’m Scared You’d Drown
-Adam is drunk, Ronan is staring

Burning Away from Inside
-Adam and Ronan get snowed in at the Barns for a few days and it’s pretty much as disgustingly cheesy as you can imagine.

Bearing Gifts
-Ronan gets Adam a phone

So We’re Helpless in Sleep and Struggling at the Bootom of the Pool
- In which Ronan thinks he’s going to teach Adam how to swim.

An Evening Spent Sledding
-Pynch & bonus OT5 feels

You Did Say You Liked Peppermint
- Ronan gets Adam a peppermint latte for the first time and watch all the dumb Christmas movies alone at Monmouth

-Angst lovely angst

In Soft and Sheltered Places
-This time it’s Ronan who’s fluently disdainful of Adam’s clumsy attempts to communicate. Until he realizes what Adam is really trying to say.

In this Light, I Can’t Even Look at You
-Ronan takes Adam to the Barns a second time, in the middle of the night.

Steal Me Away With Your Eyes and Your Mouth
-Maybe Ronan only knows how to love dream things. Adam’s not anyone’s dream.

Pound of Flesh
-3 part series with established relationship & feeeeeeeels

-Ronan dreams up a picnic, which he and Adam share on a sunny Saturday morning – amidst unresolved tension, Adam’s slow realizations of what he wants, and lots of slow-burning, of course.

Close Your Eyes and Shut Your Mouth
-Five times Ronan slept at Adam’s, and the one time Adam asked him to.

Said Your Name in an Empty Room
-Adam kisses Ronan and then goes to D.C. with Gansey & stuff

Things You Said at 1 a.m.
-Adam somehow knows exactly who it is even as he’s pulled from sleep.

As Loud As My Heart
-Adam figures it out, with some help from his friends.

Circular Logic
-Right now, Adam hates just about everything, and Ronan will not just go away like any normal person would.

The North Star
-Adam’s second favorite pastime is not getting caught staring at Ronan. He’s very good at it.

I Would Be Glad to Tell You and Walk Away
-The problem, when it came down to it, was that the longer he waited for Ronan to actually do something about how he felt, the more Adam wanted him to.

Burning all the Bridges
-Ronan gets Adam high fucking hiiiiiilarious

Just Forget the Night
-They weren’t dating. Not technically, anyway, no matter what Gansey’s raised eyebrows and Blue’s knowing smirk said.

An Accidental Kiss
-In which secret relationships are actually not secret at all and Noah is a little shit.

Physics Homework & Vocab Building Strategies
-Two parter. Ronan is distracting. A+++++

Like Vines
-Communication is hard, especially when one of you can’t speak at all.

I was Just Late to Want
-Sometimes, Ronan dreamt of a beach. Sometimes, Ronan dreamt of Adam.

All the Ashes in my Wake
-four times Adam wakes up in Ronan’s bed (and one time they wake up in his)

-Scapulimancy is the practice of divination by use of scapulae (shoulder blades).

And I Swore they Started Singing
-Ronan Lynch is kicked out of Monmouth for the night and Adam Parrish has a lot of feelings.

-Adam thinks, wishes, dreams, longs for: warmth, comfort, the right thing to say.

Bad Ideas
-Adam should’ve known that Ronan’s idea of ‘fun’ would involve breaking the law and public nudity.

-Besides, it was Ronan who had started watching him. Ronan who had decided that Adam Parrish was indeed something worth looking at.

Shaking Hands with the Dark Parts of my Thoughts
-Adam tells Ronan about the death list.

The To Not Do List
-Adam wants to stay in bed.

Curious Little Thing
-In which Ronan accidentally dreams himself a baby, which looks oddly like Adam.

Roses on Parade
-Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it.

-It was difficult for Adam to ignore a question once it was posed, and Ronan was the biggest question of all.

All that We See or Seem
-There is something in the air. Something that has loosened a bolt in Ronan’s chest, loosened his tongue in the process.

Swallow My Heart and Flee
-Things Ronan thinks about.

Lights Will Guide You Home
-They’re too young and too stupid to understand what it means to be forever; but little by little they get there.

Under Me You So Quite New
- He thinks he’s forgotten the feeling of anything but Ronan Lynch’s eyes on him.

The Dreams We Should Be Having
-Ronan shows up while Adam is sleeping

Between the Daylight and the Deep Sea
-Two part series. Adam comes to terms with his truth, with help from Cabeswater and Gansey.

Could You Put a Name to Someone Else’s Sigh
-Sometimes Ronan dreams about sex. Sometimes he dreams about Adam. And sometimes he’s worried that those dreams won’t stay safely in his head.

Body Count
-AU where Adam doesn’t leave after Ronan’s dream body dies in front of him during BLLB.

Boys on Fire Never Burn Out
-Ronan’s always Ronan. Even when he isn’t.

Don’t you Wanna Claim My Body Like a Vandal?
-This has no conceivable plot, it is basically just grown magical boys being nerds in the bedroom.

Drive It Like You Stole It
-“He wants you,” Gansey said bluntly. Adam sucked in a breath, feeling the words in his whole body. “I’m not saying Cabeswater can do anything about that. But I think it’s important to wonder if it might.”

-Dreams do come true. Ronan and Adam take a trip to the barns to let off some steam. It is exactly what both of them need.

Give Yourself Completely
-Angry Kissing

Hold the Light that Fixes You in Time
-Adam and Ronan get all domestic

-At twenty-two, Adam hasn’t been back to Henrietta in two years. He convinces himself he doesn’t miss it, until the day it comes looking for him.

Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring
-Out in the sun-warm grass of the Barns, everything is funny, and Ronan makes Adam wish that it would always be summer.

I Am Stained With Light
-One morning Adam wakes up to find that Ronan has cut himself on a sharp, heavy piece of stained glass he accidentally pulled from his dream. This gives them each different things to consider.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming
-Adam hurts and seeing Ronan hurts a little less.

It Won’t Ever Get Old, Not In My Soul
-Ronan walks in on Adam naked. A character study of sorts.

-In that moment they were limitless, the two of them, careening down a nameless road outside of Henrietta in a car as black as the night around them.

Let’s Be Reckless Teenagers in Love
-It was like the shopping cart all over again.

Matchmaker Calla
-Adam was so tired of being afraid.

Not His Fucking Pillow
-Adam is sleeping, Noah is teasing

The Numinous Intent
-For Adam and Ronan, fathers and poetry and love are heavy things, made more so by their necessity. But bodies, bodies are simple and can say twice as much.

The Opposite of Violence
-What he didn’t know was when it had stopped being a crush, and when he started feeling Ronan’s gaze glancing off his skin like sparks.

Simmer Down and Pucker Up
-Cabeswater had taken his dream and shared it with the only other person who could ever be close enough to Cabeswater to see it.

A Streelight For the Stars
-Ronan brings back a Dream! Adam. Shenanigans ensue.

-Pynch roadrip

Talking Body
-Drunk idiots

These Hands are Tied
-Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves

Things to Keep in Mind When Loving Adam Parrish
-A mental list that Ronan carries as he progresses through his relationship with Adam.

Things to Keep in Mind When Loving Ronan Lynch
- A mental list that Adam carries as he progresses through his relationship with Ronan

Things You Said Through Your Teeth
-Ronan isn’t ready for this. It’s possible that he’ll never be ready for this, never be ready for Adam to tell him one way or another what it’s going to be.

This Isn’t a Heist
-Ronan only says it to piss off Declan. He doesn’t take into account what it will do to everyone else. (Or, that one where Adam and Ronan are fake dating.)

You’ve Discovered Something You Don’t Have a Name For
-Ronan kisses Adam. Feels ensue.