i can only see her like a 10 minutes

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 "We should go on an adventure.“

 Jun looks up from his desk, only to come face-to-face with none other than the absolute last person he’d expect to want to do anything remotely spontaneous.

 "Hikari.” He breathes out her name in some sort of relief, almost like just being able to speak it was enough to let his strained muscles relax instantly.  "What are you doing here?“

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Starting the first of the year right with my first post of the year. I had to work today sadly and I was luckily let off early in time to Skype my baby girl before she fell asleep. She looks absolutely just adorable and I’m in complete awe with her. We talked for about 5-10 minutes before my voice soon soothed her to drift to sleep. I don’t care we only spoke for 10 minute. This picture and this moment I am looking her in complete adoration and love. She just never seizes to take my breath away. This moment warmed my heart and made me realize how much I truly missed seeing her sleep soundly looking peaceful and just completely beautiful without her even trying in the slightest. I want wait till I can actually wake up to her in my arms like this. I’m so fucking completely and hopelessly in love with this beautiful creature that I get to call mine again. I love you baby 💚😍👭🔐 @life-can-be-a-cunt

Treatment of Bolin that still makes me really angry

In Book 2, Korra returns from a mission that lasted like 10 minutes and Bolin embraced her like this. Not to mention he’s the only one in that group to run towards her like that. 

In Book 3, Bolin learns Asami is safe and hugs her after like a day of being apart:

Book 4: Then Korra and Bolin didn’t see or even talk to each other in 3 long years and this:


With their closeness in Books 1-3 I really think they should have ran to each other and had a tight embrace. Yeah Bolin may be exhausted and seen as a traitor by almost everyone in that room, but seriously Korra knew he was at Kuvira’s clutches for three long years so at least she could have stood up for him????

But sadly the writers stopped caring about their relationship since Borra lost its value as a “rival ship” to MK and KS with Bolin paired to another character permanently. 

I remember being upset that ‘Supergirl’ was on CBS, ‘cause that meant that the cast wouldn’t be able to interact with ‘The Flash’ and ‘LoT’, but than I was like I’m saved from Marc and Wendy spewing their Felicity crap on the show and Barry is the only one who can get to Kara’s universe, but now ‘Supergirl’ has moved to the CW and I’m so scared; I can already see them trying to sideline Winn and his knowledge of computers to prop up Felicity’s hacking skills, Cat potentially fawning over Felicity after knowing her for 10 minutes, Oliver trying to give James advice that consists of ‘go get the girl’, hell, maybe even have a scene where Oliver beats J'onn ‘cause he’s sooo strong, just turning it into a crossover just complimenting Felicity and using the other characters to push Oliver and Felicity together.