i can only imagine their conversation

Okay, I can’t be the only one who, when Alec said, “come back and stay with us” thought he was talking about staying at Magnus’ place?? 

And for a second I was like… Alec… Maybe having your mother, baby brother, and other younger brother all staying with your boyfriend rent free is excessive. 

I mean I obviously realized he just meant stay at the institute. But can you imagine how funny that would have been???

Magnus and Maryse having coffee and awkward conversations early in the morning? 

Maryse walking in on Magnus shaving or taking a shower and just being so embarrassed because she just checked out her son’s boyfriend. 

Max getting lost in Magnus’s penthouse and meeting his fire-breathing snake.

The opportunities are endless. 

Dating Elliot Alderson

I’ve seen these around and thought they were cute so I’ve decided to give em a shot.Hope you enjoy, ps I'm taking requests.

 -makeout sessions on his couch.

-Deep conversations about how the world is so corrupted yet people seem to ignore it.

-watching the rain together in comfortable silence

-discussing back to the future theories while high

-stoned sex 



-keeping you close, so nobody tries to get at you on the subway.

-him always having to fix your computer

-Him freaking out because he can’t find his hoodie only for you to kiss him on the cheek and tell him it’s in the laundry.

-Holding your hand /hugging,  you tightly to reassure himself that you are real.

-him freaking out in when he doesn’t find you laying next to him in the morning thinking you’ve left him, only to calm down once he finds you in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

-you being the only person he occasionally lets wear his hoodie.

-staying inside with each other with many kisses involved

-The two of you finding happiness within yourselves because of each other.

Best You’ve Ever Had**



Hanging out with the boys was great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it can be a bit annoying. It can also get really awkward at times and none of the boys really seems to care, which only made it more awkward. 

Today’s conversation was about orgasms because someone had a new girl and blah blah blah. I was sat in Joe’s kitchen trying to get the some work done and to distance myself from the conversation because I didn’t want to be roped in and have to explain that contrary to popular belief apparently I haven’t had a lot of sex, and of the sex that I have had, it wasn’t that great. 

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Miss you~V

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x You
Warning: Smut
× × × × × × ×

’“I’ll come today baby. My manager gave me 2 free days since i needed to see you”’ Taehyung said over the phone

“Yayy i can’t wait to see you!” You smiled, happiness filling you

’“Okay babe, see you soon”’


You squealed as you two finished the short conversation. He wasn’t supposed to come home for next 2 months, or even more. You got up and decided to clean yourself a bit, since you were in your pjs only with a little dirty hair did in your ponytail.

“Gosh i need a shower” You mumbled to yourself before stepping inside the bathroom

× × ×

You took a deep breath, warmith of hot water still able to be felt on your skin. You dried your hair fast and brushed it, making it look decent. For clothes, you took just some simple shorts and Tae’s shirt, since he loves when you wear his clothes.

Just as you finished with dressing up, you heard a knock on your door. It was obviously Tae. You run towards the door, not wanting to make him wait.

“I missed you” You said jumping in a hug as you opened the doors

“I missed you too. So much” He replied hugging you back

He came inside the apartment, you still not letting him go. Just as you managed to lock the doors, he attacked your lips with a deep kiss

“Mhm-Tae” you moaned in between kisses

“Said something princess?” He asked, licking his lips as he stared down at you.

“I-i love you” You said, feeling yourself getting wet as he massaged your lower back with his long, slender fingers.

“I love you too, princess” He replied before starting to kiss your jaw line, making you moan loudly

You felt your knees go weak, and before you could say anything, like Taehyung knew, he picked your up with a bridal style. While staring at you with those beautiful dark eyes, he brought you to yours bedroom.

He threw you on the bed, before moving on top of you, kissing your neck hungrily, making hickeys all over it.

It wasn’t often that Taehyung was this dominant, but when he is, like right now, you melt under his touch and you aren’t able to think properly. It’s like he’s making you crazy.

“I love when you wear my things, princess…but right now, i want nothing more, but to see you naked. Right in front of me and only for me” Taehyung said, staring lustfully at you

“Go on then” you breathed out

Taehyung wasted no time. He looked at your clothes, before hurriedly moving the shirt off of you, and then your pair of shorts. Underneath those were a pair of black underwear. Taehyung scanned your body, before also removing those, so thag you were completely naked, laying in front of him.

“Someone’s really wet” Taehyung said, moving down on your lower region

“W-well” you blushed, stuttering

“Shh don’t worry, princess. I love seeing you that wet for me” He said as he placed his point finger at your entrance

You groaned at his actions, hating how he loved to play with you when you’re wet. He loved making you wait and beg for him.

“P-please” You gasped

“Please what?” He asked cocky

“Please…please fuck me” You begged

“Well, someone’s eager” He replied before pushing one of his fingers inside of you, making you moan.bHe pumped inside of you, soon putting inside another finger.

“You’re tight ” Taehyung said, loving the way you look when he pleasures you

You felt that you’ll come soon, and before you knew it, you were coming a lots on his fingers, letting out a loud moan. He pulled out his fingers out of you, licking off your juices.

“T-taehyung, i need you.” You said wanting to feel him inside of you

“I need you too princess, get ready now” He whispered on your ear as he moved himself on your entrance

He slowly started coming in, but ended up slamming against you, making you let out one hell of a moan. He started thrusting fast, moving almost completely out before slamming onto you again and again. You were a moaning mess, holding onto his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

“You’re so tight princess, so fucking tight!” He groaned and he moved in and out

“T-taehyung, i’m gonna-”

“I’m gonna come too princess” He replied

Soon, he was filling your insides with his sperm. There were lots of it, some even coming out of you. You layed on the bed, feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Your breathing was compeltely steady yet, when you felt him turn you on your stomach

“You didn’t think we were done, were you?” Taehyung said in husky voice, which always send thrills down your back

He spanked your ass, loving how you would moan at the contact of his skin hitting yours.

He positioned himself at your entrance again, ready for round two. He slammed hard into you yet again, making you moan each time he thrusted. His hand was brought up on your neck, slightly choking you as he thrusted in. The rush of being choked like that was breaking all bounrades of excitement

Taehyung gripped onto your neck tighter as he came into you for the second time tonight, letting out a low groan as he did. His juices filled every inch of you, making you see the stars.

But it wasn’t still enough for him. He needed you, so so much. After months of not being near you and not being able to touch you, he craved for you. Then seing you in that tight shorts you wore earlier, it definitely made him be even more horny

He noticed how you were more quiet now, tired from the two rounds but also still enjoying the feeling of him coming into you

“I’m not done with you yet” He said, groping your ass as he pulled you more near him.

“Put that ass up for me princess” He said as he positioned himself on your entrance

You did as you were told, not expecting the next thing that happened. He inserted himself in you, but in the other hole. You let out a loud moan, followed with soft whimpers as he was pumping in and out of your ass hole.

The feeling of you being so tight around him, was arousing him even more. His pace didn’t slow down even though he felt as he was coming. Instead, he started pumping harder, his semen flowing even deeper inside of you.

You fell on the bed, his semen falling out of your ass hole. You were still slightly shaking in pleasure, a dreamy look on your face. Your legs were as someone cut them off, you basically couldn’t feel them anymore.

Taehyung layed right next to you, his big hand moving up and down your body. He fell alseep like that, looking at his precious little princess which he made feel amazing after not seeing her for that long.

× × × × × ×

This was my second smut i ever wrote, actually. Hope you liked it!

Friendly reminder…

If you are hearing, and are hanging out with a group of other hearing people, with only one deaf person… please try your best not to leave the deaf person out of conversation. I know it can be difficult, especially if no one knows sign language, and/or only knows a little. Please try to include the deaf person in the conversation, try to tell them what’s going on every now and then by typing on your phone, writing on paper, etc.

Imagine eating dinner with family, everyone laughing so hard at something someone said… the deaf person asking what everyone is laughing at, only to be told it’s nothing.

DO NOT tell the deaf person, oh don’t worry about it… or it’s not important. It is important to us.

I feel luna and carbuncle would get along well, I mean, who wouldn’t get along with carbuncle honestly but

Imagine those two sending emojis to each other, having conversations purely on emojis, no text at all.
Noctis is horrified. Ravus shakes his head in disapproval “You are completely capable of speaking with him” “Yes, but can a normal conversation do this? *shaking maracas emoji* Can you translate that Ravus?”

He looks at her for a few seconds before leaving. This is why basic feature phones where better. Smartphones turned his sister irrational.

After explaining the situation to Carbuncle, he and Noctis team up for an intervention. The plan? Sending her only one emoji: 📵

She was upset with them for a week, but it worked out well.

물러나 다 (Back off) [pt1]

Part 2

Theme: major fluff.. you have been warned hehe

Characters: Mark Tuan x Y/n

New series, so stay tuned for future updates and you can also follow me but only if you want to like its your choice, you don’t have to but it would be nice.

Standing in my own kitchen, I felt like a guest in my own home as two of my so called ‘best friends’ left me out of a conversation about their love lives, which might I add one constantly talked about non stopped; he broke her heart twice resulting in her blocking him on everything social media related and that included his phone number. Still rambling on about how she let him back into her life her repetitive words rang out the whole kitchen.

“I’m gonna start a fight with him tomorrow because he pissed me off today” she explained to us or more like to my other friend, Jessica, who ate up every word she spits out like a baby bird getting fed by their mother for the first time, I rolled my eyes. “ I don’t care about him anymore, he broke my heart and I found that he wasn’t as good looking as I thought he was” I scoffed at her statement.

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Just a doodle that only took a few hours
Drew this while watching @lambofthelions and @kyokyo866 play their game Diamontalia of which I am very excited for :))))
Don’t ask me why Queen Lilli looks so forlorn, it just kinda happened that way
I love drawing big dresssessss why aren’t there many womennnnnnnn I guess men can wear them too but stillllllllll

like jesus it’s only the fourth episode and they’ve already adopted a child? like can you imagine that conversation?

Dorothy: Lucas, we have to take care of this girl. I’m a healer, I’m responsible for her welfare

Lucas: babe you literally cannot adopt every hurt thing you come across

Dorothy: why? I adopted you and the dog and you’re not complaining about that. she’s my responsibility now. we’re adopting her I’ve decided

Lucas: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That time nick exposed Louis



You had finally mustered your courage and went to see him only to overhear his conversation, which left you a little pissed but mostly just sad.

Yeah, you weren’t the easiest person to be around but ‘annoying and clingy’ was a bit hard. So much to confessing your crush on him, that certainly would not be happening in the near future if at all.  

“Y/N?” Eric comes walking in your direction when he sees you leaning against the wall, “Can you help me with training today? Four’s away on a mission and I need someone to train the initiates.”  

“Are you sure you want my help?”  

“Why not? You’ve trained them before right?”  

“Sure I just don’t want to annoy anyone, maybe I’ll even like the new initiates so much that I’ll get a bit clingy.” Yes, you should have just led it slide but you were still sour about it.  


“I’ll help you out.” You end the conversation and vanish behind the next corner before he can reply anything.  

Eric kept staring at you during training but you ignored it, you weren’t in the mood to talk to him anymore.  

“Hey wait.” He grabs you by the arm after the lesson. You had hoped to get away quicker but some if the way initiates had kept talking to you, “About earlier…”  

“Oh don’t worry I won’t bug you anymore.”  

“I didn’t mean it, not really.” He says while staring into your eyes. Of course Eric wouldn’t just apologize, he never did. You had no doubt he had meant it even if he looked like he was sorry now.  

“Yes you did.”  

“Well you are annoying at times that doesn’t mean I don’t like you Y/N.” You bite your lip in an attempt to hold back the smile that was threatening to show. He had to suffer at least a bit before you forgave him, he deserved that.  

“Fine.” You answer, turn around and head out of the room.

So. Watson gets several invitations to see his bachelor army friend and always refuses unless his Holmes can be with him. And Holmes only goes there after he learned that the Colonel is a bachelor and they can be free there.

What that does to my poor head! I imagine the conversation!

Watson: You are not well. We should go to the country. I know someone from my army days who lives in Reigate and…

Holmes: I need a little comfort! I need kisses and cuddles! How would it help me to be where I can’t have that?

Watson: You can have all the comfort you need. He is a bachelor, too. But if you don’t want to go thrn I’ll go there on my own…

Holmes: And he invited you? You’ll never go there alone! I’ll pack my bag.

what henrik said about the boys in the slow motion scene not looking like his crew is killing me because we only see those boys sitting behind even at kosegruppa and then in the courtyard and never again so i always just imagined that even went up to these random guys he recognized from the last friday like “can you just pretend to be having an interesting conversation with me for a second” *puts on sunglasses* “don’t ask questions”


Prompt: A McKirk where Jim gets Len to go back to theater after having been away for so long from the bad memories. @yourtropegirl @gracieminabox , I know others were involved in the conversation about this, but I can’t find the actual thread.

Warnings: mild language. Fluff and stuff!

Pairing: Kirk/Bones

A/N: First McKirk. The only prompt I had with kirk that was close to being done. So Happy Birthday Jim Kirk! This was a lot of fun, I’m fairly happy with it!

Word Count: 1620

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What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/y358ZtfZ4dQ

*please do not use these images in any way without my given permission, thank you!*

  • Eliza: This is my husband, Alexander. This is Alexander's boyfriend, John.
  • Angelica: Hey! Oh, wait, sorry what's the situation?
  • Eliza: What do you mean?
  • Angelica: How does this work?
  • Eliza: Alexander is gay, but he's straight for me, but he's gay for John and John's really gay for Alexander and I hate John.

anonymous asked:

A lot of cosplay girls have so many guys and girls even chasing them, I literally stopped cosplaying because I'm an introvert and I couldn't take the amount of attention I was getting. I admire the cosplayers that can deal with all the people.

I can fully imagine, that’s why I don’t message any of them because they get creeps all the time non-stop. I only talk to them if I have common interests or know them a little better than their looks

Like when I started talking to both @lucky-coins and @animenicolesmith it was because we were mutuals and had similar senses of humor and interests in common. Starting a conversation with the subtext that HEY I WANNA FUCK is not a compelling one and is honestly disturbing to me because we as people are better than that.

Try treating people as people.

anonymous asked:

Unpopular opinion: I felt like Josh and Shawn didn't get enough time with Riley. I wanted to see Josh with his niece and Shawn with his best friends' child more. They did get some scenes with Riley but I feel like nearly all of their time on the series was for Maya which still leaves me bitter.

Listen I was so happy when Maya stood up for Riley when Shawn came to visit. It’s one of the few times I actually loved their friendship but OF COURSE someway somehow it turned into the mayashow. And I feel like I could count on one hand how many conversations Josh & Riley have had. 

I wanted Shawn being there for Riley when her parents dont understand her. I wanted Riley seeking out Shawn’s help when she gets in trouble because she feels like he’s the only one she can trust. I wanted Shawn being the badass uncle I imagined him to be in bmw.

I wanted Josh to be Riley’s confidant. I wanted him to stand up for her when her friends were treating her like shit. I wanted him to take her under his wing and show her the ropes of high school since they’re so close in age. I wanted Josh to be more than just Maya’s love interest but alas we weren’t so lucky.

Basically, I could not agree more with what you said.

AU where Jataro is just Nagisa’s imagination

Masaru: Nagisa, who are you talking to?

Nagisa: Jataro.

Masaru: …who?

Nagisa: Jataro? You know, our cleric?

Masaru: …

Nagisa: Our priest? The one who always wears a mask?

Monaca: Haha, how silly of you, Nagisa.

Nagisa: I’m…not trying to be funny?

Monaca: Hahaha, Monaca’s sure you aren’t. Now, there’s a nice little place we like to call a hospital and Monaca thinks you should visit it.

i bet that corvo and jess are one of those weird couples who have a lot of silent conversations only with their eyes.

like they might be in the middle of a meeting with the advisors and they would just silently stare at each other and after some time jess would be like “yes, corvo is right, we should listen to his idea”
but……..your highness……………….he didnt say anything……………………………….