i can only draw shit anymore

im 16 and i still like my little pony, undertale, and fnaf and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

and I’m proud to say I support all of the 10-11-12 year olds creating animatronic ocs that they ship w freddy, and blue and pink warrior cat ocs named starstar, and alicorn ocs that are the long lost sibling of celestia and luna, and you wanna know why? 

because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. they are just kids having fucking fun and you gremlins have to go and harrass them, put their art on hate blogs, and make them feel like shit for expressing themselves in a way only they could. you realize when you do that to a kid, they feel like they can’t draw or produce content anymore out of fear of being harassed again. kids get discouraged easily when adults tell them that they’re bad people for creating shit that was meant for themselves

cringe culture is so nasty, and I can’t believe people can actually blatantly hate on kids for their shit instead of showing them ways they could improve. yall are fucking nasty and I want pieces of shit like you away from me always. 

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hey, how do you draw ryan's hair? whenever i do it i end up making him like an emo sonuvabitch

God I know your pain anon…. It took me forever to draw Ryans hair but its stupid and used to be a bitch to draw…. but its beautiful, don’t get a new haircut though case I finally got it too look OK :P

Here’s the thing, with his hair/head shape I notice that its an odd circle shape with a slight point on the top of his head (if Ryan reads this, do you feel self conscious yet? :P).  and his hair is pushed to the left when we look at him and he has more hair on top of his head rather than the sides.  see my beautiful shit diagram for an attempt to explain.

So this is the shape I try to aim for which is how I basically described it.  I only drew the shape of the hair but generally thats what I aim for and a few strands to like show that its fluffyish.  THATS THE BEST WAY I CAN EXPLAIN IT.

this is how I naturally draw his hair, its just an oval with a lil edgey strand rebel.  Then add some more strands after I’ve drawn the basic red shapes, I don’t do this method anymore because I’ve draw him enough to remember how to do it but yeah!  I know I don’t normally do it in my style, but if you give him a little bit more forehead, then that eliminates the possibility of him looking like an emo edge lord :P

I always try to add a slight point up from the back and then down from the front on the very top of his head like I demonstrated before, its VERY slight its almost stupid for me to even mention it.  But when I think of it, it makes sense to me and makes it easier to draw.  Its also weird cause if you make the hair bigger as in taller than the oval you see below, then he just looks like he has an afro which is not what you want, in my style anyway. 

Those are all my lil tips in how I draw Ryan Magee :P hope this helps in some way!




simmons: vampire, is like a “veganpire” cause he doesn’t like to drink from people, very non-aggressive for a vampire, gets picked on for being way too sympathetic towards other races of monsters and also not being a traditional vampire, SPARKLES IN THE SUN, pale as a sheet of paper, his dad is a high society vampire and expects simmons to grow up into a skilled vampire warrior and trains him accordingly; “here son, got you fresh blood from a virgin today” “not feeling it dad” “Cmon. At least try it. It can’t hurt” “no”, taught that werewolves are savage and impulsive and also kinda stupid, ALSO HE IS THE CUTEST TYPE OF BAT EVER

Grif: werewolf, fun lovin, sleeps in his den all day, no landscaping, messy hair everyday, best friend is a fucking succubus, when in werewolf form he totally tries to get people to pet him and give him food for years, full moon day at school and he opens a cold one with the boys, wash thinks he’s an idiot, HES A FAT PUPPY IS WHAT IM GETTING AT, A FAT SMART PUPPY WHO SLEEPS 90% OF LIFE AWAY, not a good fighter much to Sarge’s dismay, Kai is a smaller werewolf that all the alphas want, Grif rolls his eyes as a beta and attacc, was taught vampires are sly and untrustworthy by the wolves, HES GOT A TAIL AND EARS IN HUMAN FORM OKAY

Tucker: succubus((I AM AWARE THR OPPOSITE IS INCUBUS)), AT FIRST HE BRAGS ABOUT HOW MUCH SEX HE GETS BUT HE LEGIT GETS NONE LMAOOOOOOO EVEN AS A SUCCUBUS, has classes on how to be hot; decides to stand up and say “this is bullshit, I PERFORMED A LAP DANCE ON 4 PEOPLE TODAY AND IT WAS SUCCESSFUL GIVE ME AN A MOTHERFUCKER” “Lavernius, one of them tried to kill you” “KINKY, RIGHT???”, it’s rare to be a male succubus so he’s picked on a bit, but still charming and cute, actually a pretty badass fighter, “bowchikabowwow” “what does that even mean” “;)” “okay -10 hot points for Tucker” “dAMMIT”

Wash: An alpha werewolf who acts more like a beta, but still leads very well, teaches classes to werewolves about the importance of cooperation of a pack (couGH FRIENDSHIP), “it’s mr hot wolf teacher” “Lavernius this class is for werewolves only take off your fake ears” “FOILED AGAIN”, tired dad, howls when sad, can control his transformation fairly well, hates being called savage, loves cats

Donut: A FAIRY, his wings are so beautiful TBH, makes everybody jealous, he is sparkly and beautiful and he grants wishes with magic, he’s not very good at it though he’s still in practice, he has a little wand, floats around like a beautiful wad of bubblegum, others actually really like him, makes a ton of bad fairy puns and innuendos

Doc: a HEALING ELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, A GOOD BOY, MAKING HERBAL TEAS FOR EVERYONE, WEARS A FUCKING CROWN OF GRASS, THEM POINTY EARS,,, YELLS, doES GREAT IN CLASS, tries to be nice BUT HAS A DARK ELF SIDE CALLED OMALLEY, and he physically changes when Omalley takes over and people can tell, rare disorder within the elf genome

Church: another werewolf, an omega male, hates his life, yells and growls a lot, sarcasm 100%%%%%, probably not a strong wolf (stronger than Grif though), whines a lot, can’t find a good mate

Tex: LITERALLY A RARE ALPHA FEMALE, agressive as all hell, will CHOMP EVERYONE, takes over the alpha wing, sCARES SARGE, MAKES THE VAMPIRES VERY AFRAID AND CONFIRMS THEIR “SAVAGE” STEREOTYPE, FIGHTS EVERYDAY, has a thing for tiny baby omega church

Sarge: werewolf who has a grudge against vampires and preaches bad propaganda while every other monster rolls their eyes about the million year feud


lopez: Sarge’s Orc assistant that only speaks Orc language and Sarge literally has no idea but doc knows orcish a little so he can translate

Locus & Felix & Temple: bunch of MEANIE GHOULS :(, locus then becomes a vegan and drinks that coffee from Tokyo Ghoul tbh so he doesn’t eat humans anymore but felix and temple kill for sport and temple has a LITERAL MURDER FRIDGE FOR HIS FOOD



Dear Anyone In/Going Into/Wanting To Be In A Relationship,

I’m going to give some advice of things of what not to do in a relationship. I’m basing this off things I have personally experienced and/or saw through other relationships.

First off, don’t try and force them to kiss you. Under any circumstance, don’t do it. If you ask for a kiss, and they say ‘no’, don’t. My ex did this at a pool party we were at, and he tried to push me from holding onto the ledge so I would drown and him to kiss me.

This goes for physical contact as well. Don’t touch someone, if they don’t want physical contact. No, means no regardless of what you mean to them. My ex used to touch my shoulder a lot, and get way too close for comfort. I would get very uncomfortable, and he wouldn’t care.

Don’t use ‘But I’m your boy/girlfriend’ to get what you want. That’s being a manipulative little shit, and they won’t want to be with you. I’ve had people use, “But I’m your friend” to justify things, and it’s toxic.

Don’t change yourself for a relationship and don’t make someone else change to live up to your ridiculous standards. Relationships are supposed to be, being who you are. Don’t change someone because you want them to fit this mold, and don’t change yourself if you’re in that situation. If you have to change who you are, they aren’t worth it.

Don’t track their every move. With technology this shit is easy. I’m going to give an example. My father and his girlfriend have their iPhone products on the same iCloud account. Most of the time my father will check the iCloud for her phone to see where she is. I asked him about it once and he was like, “To make sure she’s where she’s supposed to be.” (And it’s usually her at work and when she’s coming home.) I know snapchat can do this as well if they have it set up that way. Don’t be that person who forced their SO to have their location on so you know where they are at. Trust them.

Don’t check their social media and read every conversation they have. Going to use my dad and his GF once again. My father has Facebook and Messenger on his phone, and he has her account always logged in. He doesn’t have a Facebook himself. Sometimes I’ll catch my dad reading conversations she has with other people and he’ll call her on it. Just today he was saying, “You’re leaving a trail.” And, “This is the type of thing that can end you up in court.” (There’s backstory behind this, but it’s not important. Just related to her job.)

Don’t demand them to text you every single waking moment. My one friend told me, and others in our group, that his girlfriend would text him. One time she called him and she was crying because she thought he was dead. Only because he didn’t text her back. I’m not even his girlfriend and I know he’s shit at texting sometimes. Usually because he doesn’t know what to say.

Don’t get jealous if your SO is hanging out with someone else. I can’t stress this enough. Your SO WILL have other friends besides you, but they picked you to be their SO not them. Don’t be a prick and get pissed off they hang out with others. My ex would get so pissed off at my one friend for hanging out with her girlfriends. (He even pushed my one other friend to get a girl’s attention.) He’d get pissed off if I said another boy’s name around him.

Don’t try and take control of your SO. You are not the boss of them, they can do whatever they want. (Well not whatever but you get my point.) If you feel that you SO shouldn’t do something, explain to them why you feel that way. It depends on the context. Like if you think it’s bad for them, sure speak up and tell them you feel this is a bad decision. But you can’t force them not to do it.

Don’t yell to win an argument/disagreement/etc. This is more of a personal one for me. Personally I get panic attacks from unnecessary yelling, loud noises, etc. My father yelled over the phone to his girlfriend once when we were in Florida. It was a whole debacle of my older brother getting her to the airport on time. If you find yourself getting ready to yell, take a step back and come back to what you two disagree on once both of you have cooled off.

Don’t hound your SO for sex if they don’t want it. I haven’t actually experienced this one, or know anyone dealing with this. But it could be a pretty big issue. Going back to my 'physical touch’ thing. “No, means no.” Don’t push it. If your SO doesn’t want to have sex yet, that means no. If you can’t control yourself, get the fuck out of that relationship. Your SO doesn’t need someone who can’t control themselves like an adult. (Regardless what age you are, but if you’re having sex I’d assuming you’re mature enough to act like an adult.)

Don’t like someone solely based on looks. Sure looks can be nice, but they aren’t everything. I’m a girl who only wears makeup for formal occasions. Like a wedding, dances, graduation, etc. If someone doesn’t like me because I don’t wear makeup or because I’m not 'pretty’ then that’s their loss. I don’t even keep my long hair down that often, because I’m not trying to draw attention to myself. Like someone for who they are. If you like someone based on their looks, their personality could be shit.

If you get don’t want to be with your SO anymore, break up with them. Don’t fucking cheat. Let’s get to my example shall I? My father cheated on my mother before my older sister passed away, and a couple years before I was born. My oldest sister, oldest brother, and older brother were kids when this happened. It tore my family apart. I grew up with my mother and stepfather telling me to hate my dad. (My dad ended up getting custody of us.) I never grew up with two loving parents. Sure my mother was in a relationship and so was my father, but I never came from a nuclear family. (Is that the right phrase?)

I may have missed some things you shouldn’t do, but these are just the major ones that I know of.

I would like to point out something. I didn’t learn until I got older how a relationship should be. My neighbor has been in a relationship with our friend since 7th grade and all of us are going to college this coming fall. (We’re not all exactly close, but good enough that his relationship is what I want my future one to be.)

My sister is married to someone she was in a relationship with through college. (Which based on facebook was 2010 they got together.) They’ve been married for almost two years now. Sure my sister can sometimes be a bitch, and most of the time I hate being around her. But their relationship is what I’d like to have when I get older.

But who am I to talk? I haven’t been in a /real/ relationship with going out on dates and what not. My first was a technicality because we acted like a couple at school, but we didn’t talk outside school. (Due to me not having a phone and him not having social media.) And my other relationship was strictly online because I never saw her. Hell, we haven’t seen each other since we graduated 8th grade.

So yea… If anyone has anything else to add comment or write me back? I would do a 'things you should do in a relationship’ but I think that’s a given. Be a good person basically.


TL;DR: ….don’t be a shit person. If you are, save people the trouble and stay out of relationships.


Also on ao3 now :) @dannyaviclan

Darkness . And suffocation. And the sharp pain of needles pricking into every inch of his exposed body.

It filled Dan’s head as he breathed harshly into the air around him. His hands squeezed at his sheets, eyes wide open, as he searched for something to ground him. Remind him he wasn’t in that /horrible/ place anymore.

With another shuddered breath, Dan pushed himself up to a sitting position, reaching aimlessly along the side table for the light before remembering that wasn’t the way to turn a light on in the future.

Running the same hand down his face, Dan let his eyes fall shut, quietly asking, “Barry. Lights please?” Shivering as they flickered on.

Slowly he opened his eyes, squinting at the harsh change in lighting, and felt a little relief seep into him.

He was home. It was okay. They couldn’t touch him here. Brian and Arin won’t let them.

He’d already been back a week and still the memories plagued him. Still he jumped at unexpected noises. And tensed up at the sound of footsteps approaching. And flinched at any sort of raised object.

He’d been saved and yet still he kept acting like he hadn’t.

It was pathetic.

Dan rubbed at his eyes painfully, refusing to let that escalate any further, and got up on shaky limbs to grab his leather jacket. It always made him feel good, with the long gone earthy scent and band patches holding it together.

Slipping it on, Dan sighed, walking across the room to curl up in a big arm chair. He ran a thumb over the dull pink stitching along the left arm. A phantom pain shot through his wrist.

Right. Arin must have sewed it back together after they’d taken him.

With a deep breath, Dan pulls his legs up to his chest and looks up to the ceiling, where he often discerns Barry to be located at.

“Hey Barry? Where is Arin at? Is he asleep?”

“The Captain is currently drawing in the observation deck. Should I call him down here?”

Dan shakes his head after breathing through the crackling through the speakers. It was eerily similar to… well. Yeah.

“Are you okay, Danny?”

The often times human like A.I. always through Dan off. He was a friend but a machine. But then again, so is Ross. Barry is just a spaceship rather than a robot. Android. Whatever.

“Yeah man. I’m okay. I just-… I don’t know man. I should be okay. I am okay.”

“You should go talk to Arin. He’s worried about you.”

Dan sucked in a breath, glancing around subconsciously in suspicion. “How do you know? Did he tell you anything?”

“Mm no. I can tell. Plus he keeps scratching out incomplete drawings. And he hasn’t taken off his gloves since we got you back. They’re pretty big indicators that something is bothering him. It’s only logical that he’s worried about you.”

He rubbed his thumb over the pink stitching again. Tracing the thin string with his eyes. Dan idly wondered why Arin sewed the leather together rather than just use some kind of future clothing fixer thing. That’s how he kept fixing Brian’s shit right? In any case, Dan was happy for the more modern, or well maybe not modern anymore, way of fixing things. The stitching made him feel safe. More at home.

“Maybe I will…,” he finally replied, Barry humming at his response.

“So do it.”

Dan huffed a weak laugh and shoved his gangly legs to the floor, pulling himself out of the chair. “I’m going! Geeze. Nice talking to you too, Barry.”

“Danny, you know I love our interactions. But you and I both know I’m not the one to be talking to right now. In fact, later tomorrow you should hang out with Brian as well. He’s been testier than usual.”

“I just got everyone worked up, huh.”

“Well yeah man. Everyone loves you. With all due respect, I think you were the most ideal person to take out of all of us. You just… Everyone loves you. So much.”

With a flush, Dan started at the wall, shaking his head and tugging the jacket closer as he pulled his blanket up to wrap tightly around himself. “Uhh I guess. Thanks Barry. I don’t think Ross was too affected though. He seems to still be suspicious of me.”

“You’d be surprised. Now quit stalling. Go talk to Arin. Before I cut off the power in here.”

Flipping him off with a laugh, Dan walked out the door with a roll of his eyes, blanket cape trailing behind him dramatically. “Yeah yeah. You have too much power.” His laugh quickened a bit as he ran for the door, the lights in his room flickering. “I’m going! Fuck dude! Chill.”

The lights stopped, staying on in the dull white they usually shown as Dan exited the room.

The observation deck. Right.

Just as Barry said, there sat Arin, plain as day, quietly doodling with his back to Dan. And that was odd. Arin usually perked up to his scent before Dan even entered the room.

As Arin let out a frustrated growl, pencil almost ripping through the thin paper, Dan cleared his throat, causing Arin to jump, pencil skittering across the floor.

Dan quietly picked it up before making his way next to Arin, plopping down to a criss cross Applesauce.


Arin looked at Dan with wide eyes, drawing pad close to his chest. Dan raised an eyebrow, half smirk lingering on his face. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Sorry man.”

With a quick shake of his head, Arin looked back down before tucking some hair behind his ear. It was usually up when he was feeling professional, but he kept it down otherwise. “It’s okay dude. I just wasn’t expecting you to be out and about. Especially at this hour.”

“Does time even exist in space? I mean each planet has it’s own day and night cycle so like. Technically when we’re drifting, can’t we just like make our own cycle?”

“Uhm well I guess that’s true. But I’ve tried to keep going by terra’s cycle ya know? It’s what I’m used to.”

Dan hummed in response, pulling up his knees and pulling the blanket tighter. He took in Arin’s tense form, sweat pants pulled taut and the back of his black shirt lightly perpetrated with sweat. Maybe Dan shouldn’t have come… Maybe he was intruding…

“Uh sorry. I just… couldn’t sleep. I can go though, if you’d rather be a-”

“N-no! No it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you. But for real, Danny. It’s fine.”

Dan frowned, looking out the window at the vastness of space. “You never call me Danny. Or well, you do when I’m being particularly dense. Or when you’re worried about me. Or when you’re upset. So am I being stupid right now? Or did something happen.”

With a sigh, Arin laid his head on Dan’s shoulder, eyes shut, gloved fists clenched. “I’m not upset. And you’re not stupid. I just…. I’m glad you’re back, man. I REALLY really am. It’s just… ugh. Sorry. I don’t know. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Dan hummed, gripping his thin pajama pants as a distraction for his hands. He looked down at Arin, a light smile being forced. For Arin’s sake. “Hey dude, it’s fine. I’m okay now. Because you guys saved me. Thank you by the way. I don’t think I’ve said that yet.”

Arin was quiet for a few seconds before letting out a low huff. He sat up straighter, but kept his head down, face curtained by hair. “You really don’t remember us saving you, huh.”

“Uhm. Yeah? Or at least, parts. I remember you kicking the door down. And I remember Brian picking me up. Or… no. He went to pick me up? But then you did. It’s all… Sorry. Like I said. Parts. I also remember Mark being on the ship? He helped heal me, right? Because I was pretty messed up? Still pretty messed up…. But he helped with at least the physical wounds. Though I have this wicked scar on my side now.”

Arin cleared his throat and clutched the pad a little tighter. His voice was low enough to force Dan to strain to hear him. As if speaking too loud would shatter the window separating them from the void outside. “You uh. Yeah. You were just… I remember laughing with you. About something stupid. And thinking, ‘nothing could get better than this’. But then we took that fucking job. And you were taken. And I just… I just watched. I couldn’t move-”

“You were paralysed, Ar. Remember? They shot you.”

“It doesn’t matter!” He growled. Dan stared with wide eyes at his friend’s feral expression. It was… scary. Honestly. And that was the last word Dan would associate with Arin. “They took You! They took you right from under me and I couldn’t do a Damn thing! Ross told me something was fishy about that job! But no! I just /had/ to take it. And then you were gone and I didn’t know what to do and we didn’t even know who they were and I just-”

“Arin, it’s fine though. You saved me. It’s okay-”

This time Arin stood up, eyes nearly glowing in the dark as he stared down at Dan. He looked every inch of rage and frustration. “It’s not okay, Dan. It’ll never be okay until I rip those bastards piece by fucking piece for what they did to you. You may not really remember what happened but I do! I remember the look on your face. Like I was about to eat you alive. How you kept asking for me and Brian to save you and fighting is, like we were imposters. I remember how your fucking fingers were twisted and broken and misshapen and the way your body looked paper thin and all the cuts and bruises, like they just tossed you about. I fucking remember Daniel. And it’s not something I’m going to ever forget. So no. It’s not okay. Because I had to get you out of there. I tried to kill them. Every fucking one, but I had to get to you. I let them take you. I had to be the one to save you.”

Dan stood up too, blanket falling into a forgotten puddle, and taking in Arin’s now defeated and angered form. He stepped forward, trying to deny the shaking in his hands. Honestly it was horrifying. Hearing about everything they went through while he was gone. And Dan is building brick wall after brick wall in his mind as the memories resurfaced. But he couldn’t afford to have a break down here. Not when Arin needed him.

Dan took Arin’s shorter but thicker hands into his, rubbing his thumb gently into the knuckles, trying to get Arin to at least relax his hands. It kind of worked, as Arin slowly uncurled them, only to grip Dan’s in a much tighter grip than he was expecting. “You did save me though. You did it, Ar. You came in and took out those in your way and got me out of that Hell. It’s over. And I’m never going to leave again, okay? I promise.”

“But what if-”

“No.” Dan shook his head, pulling Arin into a tight hug. Claws dug into his back despite the thick gloves and Dan was pretty sure that was tears being pressed against his neck, but he didn’t care. He meant what he said. He was never going to leave. Those on this ship are his family. Even if he found a way back to his time, Dan didn’t care. Brian, Arin, Barry, Ross, everyone. He wasn’t leaving them anytime soon.

Dan pulled back and tried to look at Arin’s eyes but the hair was too thick and it appeared Arin wasn’t going to help him out anytime soon. So with a frustrated grunt, Dan kept an arm around Arin’s shoulders, raising the other to move some hair behind his ear again. “Arin. Look at me.”

Slowly, but surely, Arin looked up at Dan, but kept drifting his eyes across the room, not sure what to focus on. Dan sighed. It would just have to do. “Hey,” he said a bit softer, his smile now coming a bit easier. “Arin. I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay. You did it, man. You saved me and yeah okay so things still suck ass, but at least we have each other, right? And the ship’s still intact. And we know who the bad guys are now. So that’s a plus, right?”

Arin nodded, looking down again. “They’re the same people that… let this happen to me. I was- I was taken prisoner and they just… let it happen and-”

“Hey. You don’t have to tell me. Not until you’re ready.”

Arin nodded again, a relieved sigh falling from his lips. “Thanks Dan. Though I should be comforting you here. I’m your Captain. Hell, none of this even happened to me. I should be fi-”

“Mmm nope. You’re my friend. And you’re a person. With thoughts and emotions just like the rest of us. You’re allowed to be freaked out when bad people kidnap your best friend.”

Arin made a self deprecating sound in his laugh and subconsciously held Dan a little tighter, staring at the pink thread in the leather jacket Dan loved so much. “That’s the first time you’ve said it out loud. Or at least that I’ve heard.”

“Is it? Weird.”

They fell into silence as Dan drew Arin into a second Hug. Arin needed it, and he didn’t mind so what was the harm.

“I’m really glad you’re safe, Danny,” Arin whispered as he buried his face in Dan’s neck.

Smiling, Dan nodded back, pressing his lips to the side of Arin’s head, just above his ear. “Me too, man. I’m glad you’re safe, too.”


I have tried to remain quiet but I can’t take it anymore. 

This is the ask that started it all. 

This just seemed like one of those weird asks I get but this person kept going. Kept saying i was fetishizing child rape because I referenced the titanic in a fic. I got spammed asks, hate, and eventually just stopped posting them since this is what the person wanted. My fic? Was about Victor and Yuuri on their wedding night and Victor draws Yuuri. I referenced the titanic in only a reference of the infamous line and the post Victor drew Yuuri in. It should be noted that this was the collab and the artist received 0 hate. 

I eventually just shut down my ask after the one about tuxedo mask and sailor moon because I couldn’t even think of when I talked about them on my blog. The post it turns out was this: 

One fucking tag about a ship from when I was 10 years old that was the first thing I thought of when reblogging this stupid chain post. A post that was on my MAIN BLOG so yeah, I was really going out of my way to hide it. I apologize because I honest to god forgot the age gap. The only thing I remembered was that they were together. (I didn’t even remember the fucking character’s names. Just the superhero ones.) From the bottom of my heart I am sorry and I swear I do not ship this anymore. 

But then the person made a hate blog about me. Started spam sending asks to other blogs saying I was a pedophile. Saying that I was in support of this shit because of one fucking tag. Mutuals tried talking to them only for them to be called pedophile apologists. They @’ed my main and my side multiple times a DAY.  

Btw, in case you’re wondering why I was silent, the 10th is the anniversary of my dad’s death. I’ve been fucking mourning. I’ve been avoiding extra stress and throwing myself into things like Overwatch or my TAZ relisten or vc’ing with friends. I didn’t want to engaged in fucking discourse. I’m still not 100% ok but they won’t stop until I fucking talk about it i guess so you got your wish. 

I’m sorry just please leave me the fuck alone.

xxxneonsoundxxx  asked:

[Bad Boys AU] Sakurai, a new recruit to the gang, is having a hard time keeping up that tough boy persona. Then one day, somebody on the rival gang decides to mess with his s/o and something in him just. Snaps. How's that one? ;)

Warnings: Depictions of violence and foul language.

Sakurai, despite becoming a highly ranked member of the notorious Too gang and fairly quickly at that, is not what one would call a tough guy. For someone with tattoos and a penchant for torn jeans and a leather jacket, he’s rather timid, a constant apology on his lips for anyone who will accept it (or not). But that doesn’t mean he can’t fight, he just needs the proper motivation.

And he’s about to run into a whole lot of it.  

The day started out simple, Imayoshi issuing orders to make rounds of Too’s territory, collecting intel on rival gang activities and generally making sure things are copacetic. Aomine walks lazily down the street, hands shoved in his pockets and a cigarette dangling from his lips. Beside him, Sakurai casts furtive looks back and forth, keeping an eye out for trouble.

“Tch, what a shit job,” Aomine grumbles, tossing away his addict stick, “I don’t see why Imayoshi has me doing this! Isn’t this type of crap for the underlings?”

“We…we have a presence…to maintain,” Sakurai mumbles, eyes not quite meeting those of the blue hair.

Aomine huffs. “Yeah, some presence. How the hell did you even make it into the inner circle, Sakurai?”

Sakurai opens his mouth, no doubt to apologize, when a scream makes both of them stop in their tracks, heads whipping towards the location of the outburst.

“Let me go!”

That voice, Sakurai knows it better than anything in this world. He’s off like a shot, Aomine’s shouts of protest falling on deaf ears. Sakurai doesn’t care if he follows or not, he’s going to you. He rounds a corner into a dark alley, blood boiling when he sees street rat shit from he doesn’t care where cornering you.

“Come on baby, you know you want it, why else would you be down here?” says a tall male with slicked back hair, his hands on either side of your head preventing your escape.

“Ple…please,” your voice quakes, “I…I don’t want any trouble.”

“Well, doll,” coos another, his eyes blocked by shaggy bangs, “that’s too bad, because trouble’s what we’re known for.”


A shout draws all your attention, your eyes widening further when you realize just who it is who’s done so. To your recollection, you’ve never heard Sakurai shout, at least, not in anger. And you’ve never seen him this enraged, not even while on the court.

“What do ya want, mouse?” spats your captor.

“Back the fuck off of my girl,” comes Sakurai’s reply, his tone ice cold.

“Oooooo, so scary,” taunts a third member, an orange hair, putting his hands up in mock defense.

“Shut that fucker up, Hara, “ the slick hair orders, returning his attention to you as he continues, “Now, where were we?”

Hara blows a bubble before spitting out his gum while cracking his knuckles. He takes one step forward but Sakurai is already moving, focused on getting to you. He dodges his opponent’s grab, skirting around and whipping his legs out from under him. Hara falls on his ass and receives a vicious kick to the face, knocking him out prompting Yamazaki to pull his knife.

Sakurai doesn’t even pause, grappling the taller male to the ground hard enough to send the weapon clattering away under a nearby dumpster. A swift punch breaks his nose, blood gushing from the orifice making tears flood his eyes. Sakurai jumps up, hell bent on killing the bastard who’s dared to touch you.  

The commotion behind him makes Seto turn around just in time to have his throat clenched tightly by Sakurai’s hand. With power you didn’t know he had, your boyfriend slams him against the wall, head hitting the brick with a sickening thud. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a flash and cry out, “Ryo, no!” His eyes meet yours, fierce and determined. You place a hand on his shoulder, gaze imploring as you whisper, “I’m fine, let’s…let’s just go, ok?”

He pauses, but then nods, the flick of his wrist signaling the retreat of his butterfly knife. Looking up into Seto’s eyes, he growls out, “Next time I catch you even looking at her, I’ll gouge your fucking eyes out.”

He releases his captive in favor of taking your hand and leading you out of the darkening dead end. Aomine chuckles, “Shit, never knew you had it in you, Sakurai.”

“That’s what people get for touching what’s mine,” he mumbles, drawing you closer and planting a kiss to your temple. “No coming out here by yourself anymore, ok?”

You can only nod, thankful to be back in the safety of his arms.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a dictionary about fighting words instead of just kick, hit, punch and also a thing with curse words like the meaning of them (English isn't my first language) Happy v-day and thanks for your work! I was the one who sent in the earlier question about the boy and the girl, but please don't answer with '' I can't write your plot for you '' I just think you're really talented and I'll take any tips I can get, cheers! :)

Them’s Fightin’ Words!


  • Blow (“landed a blow on”, “dealt a powerful blow”)
  • Box (“boxed his ears”)
  • Buffet
  • Chop
  • Cuff
  • Haymaker (used, “swung a haymaker”/”hit someone with a haymaker”)
  • Paste (slang, “I pasted her” means “I hit her hard.”)
  • Punch
  • Rabbit punch
  • Slap
  • Slug
  • Sock
  • Strike
  • Swat
  • Thump
  • Uppercut (usually, “landed an uppercut”)
  • Wallop


  • Boot (“Booted his ribs”)
  • Donkey kick
  • Dropkick
  • Punt
  • Roundhouse


  • Bash
  • Beat
  • Clash
  • Collide
  • Crash
  • Drive
  • Hammer
  • Impact
  • Recoil
  • Shove
  • Smash
  • Trip

I also did a page on words you can use in a sword fight. Many of them will be useful to a generic fighting scene as well.


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many mcr fans i’ve seen on here: let! gerard!!! live!!!!!! who gives a crap if he’s not ~sexy~ anymore? he’s happy now! smh bodyshaming in 2017? really?

those same fucking fans: *draw only redhead dd gerard* *doesn’t stick to mcr’s actual proportions* *draws everyone like mikey all the damn time*

“Louis doesn’t exist anymore. It’s only Matt now.”
= = =
Just a doodle, with a line from one of my stories that’s currently under development. Not the best wording tbh but it’s as best as my writing can get.
I love Louis a lot, and his soft personality. All he needs is a little love, and less awful shit happening to him. He never deserved it, and life is a bitch. Then again, Louis has gotten a “Second Chance” at life. Hence, the title of the story lmao.
= = =
Story summary: One day Louis wakes up in a completely foreign environment after almost successfully committing suicide. He finds out that he is living and breathing inside another person’s body. With his option of committing suicide now ripped away from him, he is now forced to live almost a double life inside the individual known as “Matt”. Miserable, afraid, and alone. To him, life had given him the “Second Chance” he never wanted in the first place. It might be, though, what he needs to help keep him living again.

I don’t get it

This is really starting to get me down.  I don’t know why my art doesn’t get any notes.  I posted Undertale fanart hoping to gain a couple followers, and instead I lost 2.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  Is it because I don’t have an art-only blog?  I work so hard on my drawings.  I work hours.  And I think they’re pretty good!

I mean, I thought they were good.  Am I doing something wrong?  I try, I really really try.

No one owes me anything, I know.  No one is obligated to reblog my art.  But hell, I’m still allowed to feel sad about it.

Only so many good feelings can come from the inside…

I spend over 20 hours on a drawing sometimes.  I don’t think it’s possible to spend less.  I’m a perfectionist.

Fuck it I don’t feel sad anymore.  My art is the shit.


“Whatcha doing over there?”

“Hmm? Oh–nothing. Just looking at some art.”

“I like what I sketched but I’m not sure if I like it enough to get it done. Life so hard.”

“Aww Snowflake, I love what you showed me though. Are you blind?”

“Possibly because I’m meh about it now.”

“Uh huh. Whatever you do, don’t get your shit from the internet, it’s a death wish. Just use inspo if you have to and draw your own shit. Can’t go wrong with that.”

“Oh–And no more fucking skulls either. The next person that asks me for skulls I’m tattooing a dick on their elbow.”

“Hey, that’s so not fair. Last I checked you have at least two skulls yourself.”

“Yeah, and I also got them done ten years ago. Skull pieces are equivalent to dream-catchers and birds now, Snowflake. It only works if it’s something like what you got on your chest. That’s original.”

“Well then, I have no idea what I’m looking for anymore.”

“Can I see?”

“No. Go away, Buzz Killington.”

Alright. I’m just going to pour everything out right now because of all the messages & emails I’ve been receiving cos of that anon.

No, I am not quitting. And if there ever was a reason where I had to quit it wouldn’t be because some bitter ass kid online doesn’t like my art because they don’t like me.

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