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Red (soulmate!Michael imagine)

Summary: A soulmate AU in which you only receive the full spectrum of colours when you meet your soulmate (pls i suck at summaries but it’s good i swear)

Word Count: 2.6k

A/N: Flufffffy Michael bc who doesn’t love Michael tbh

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Michael’s sight has been black and white for as long as he’s been alive. 

Ever since he was a little boy and he was moved into the ‘colour impaired’ class along with twelve other students, he’d been taught about the impact of soulmates. He was told that when he met his soulmate, someone who understood him like no one else, he’d get to see in colour.

Across the country you’d heard a similar lesson but, instead of being promised colours, you were told of the deep blacks and crisp whites that would grace your eyes the moment you touched your soulmate.

To Michael the whole concept of having a soulmate felt like some kind of sick joke. There’s over seven billion people inhabiting the earth and you’re supposed to find one person? It sounded impossible.

But, when his bandmates started to receive the full spectrum of colours as they met their soulmates, he began to collect a yearning feeling inside his chest. It was as if only now he was realising what he was truly missing.

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Just a Number  Part 1

Summary:  Jensen has been single recently and his friends have set him up on a string of blind dates, none of them sticking. Then he meets you and sparks fly. But there’s one small factor that may affect this fast track romance. You’re half his age.

Word count: 3,113 

(A/N: in this fic Daneel and Jensen are divorced and it’s only because it fits with the story line. Purely for fictional purposes. This fic will alternate POVs but most of it will be from Y/N’s POV. If the first chapter gets enough notes/ feedback I’ll continue it so let me know if you like it.)

Warnings: Divorce mention

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Jensen walked on set, coffee in hand, making his way over to Jared, who was casually talking about his kids and his wife to Misha. He quickly changed the subject to talk about how today was the last day of filming before the hiatus and how glad he was to be filming in Texas, once he realized that Jensen was in earshot. 

Jensen guessed it was because of his recent divorce. It flustered him a little bit that Jared felt he couldn’t talk about his family around him, but Jensen knew that Jared just didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. Still; he didn’t like feeling like everyone was walking on eggshells around him.

“Dude, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” Remarked Misha, who had an amused grin on his face.

“Ha. Ha.” Jensen laughed sarcastically. In reality though, he wished a truck had hit him instead. This hangover was intense.

“I was drinking last night.” Jensen said, taking a sip of coffee. Misha just nodded sympathetically, while Jared tensed slightly, knowing that this was the fourth night in a row. 

“Misha! Hair and make-up, now please.” Someone said to Misha. Jensen knew this was most likely their third or so time telling Misha this.

Misha groaned and said his hasty goodbyes, leaving Jensen and Jared alone.

“What the hell J? Again?” Jared said, obviously worried about his friend’s excessive drinking.

“Look it’s not that big of a deal. I’m a responsible thirty-seven year old man. I can drink when I want to.” Jensen said, somewhat defensively. Jared rolled his eyes in disapproval, but then he gave Jensen a look. Jensen groaned. He knew that look.

“You’ve got too much time on your hands, and you need to get back out there. Which is why I’ve set you up on a date.” Jared smiled widely.

“Another one?” Jensen complained, “I’ve only been divorced for a year, Jared.” Jensen knew that Jared knew that. Jared had helped him through a lot of the impact. Jensen wanted to isolate himself at first but Jared wouldn’t allow it. Jensen has had good days and bad days that came with coping with the divorce, and it was known that these past few have been some bad ones.

“Technically a year and eight months, but I want you to at least try, She’s really nice. Come on, it won’t be that bad. You’ll have fun.” Jared assured him.

“Alright fine.” Jensen said.

“Great! You pick her up at her house at 6 tonight, and you’re taking her to that restaurant down the street.” Jared said, giving him a pat on the back as if to say ‘good luck’.


‘Jared is a liar,’ Jensen thought grumpily as he pulled away from the girl’s house. He didn’t have fun. Yea, the girl was nice-ish but she wouldn’t stop talking about her cats and when she did stop, the conversation died, leaving them in an awkward silence for more than half the date. When Jensen had opened his mouth to introduce another topic to speak of, she would start talking about her cats again. Eventually he made an excuse to leave. 

Jared had set up so many similar dates to this one, he thought he had Jensen’s type down to a formula, so all of Jensen’s blind dates followed a similar correlation: Women in their late 30′s to early 40′s, brown hair, and brown eyes. 

Jensen got back to his apartment around 7:30. He sighed and threw himself onto the couch. He turned on the television and replayed the events of the past couple years. He had gotten married and everything was great, he actually had no idea when the changes started, or what triggered them. All he knew was that they lead to endless arguments, couples therapy, separation and eventually divorce. It happens to a lot of people. The hardest thing for Jensen was losing an emotional attachment. It was hard for him to develop that level of trust and love for someone and he didn’t know if he could ever find anything like it again.

Jensen sighed and stood up from the couch, and walked over to his fridge. He opened the door to find two beer bottles. He reached for one and hesitated, thinking of Jared’s concerned look earlier today. He let out a huff, and closed the fridge, knowing in the end it was for the better. 

He couldn’t seem to find anything to watch on TV, so he decided to go out for an evening walk in the city. He was walking with his hands tucked in his pockets and his jacket zipped, it was a pretty chilly night for a January night in Texas.

Jensen looked around the street that was still busy with people; He looked aimlessly about, searching for something to do. When he found nothing that interested him, he decided to sit down on a bench, which he failed to notice, at the time, was a bus stop.

Jensen took out his phone, finding a few text messages from Jared and Misha, wanting to know how the date was going.

Jensen texted Jared and Misha in a group text:

Date was a total bust by the way. She kept talking about her cats.’ He sent. Within the next few seconds Misha had sent a cat video and Jared had replied with; ‘You’ll get back in the game eventually.’

Jensen sighed and checked the time, 8:00. His thumb hovered over the contacts of his friends, but he clicked on none of them. This was the beginning of the hiatus and they were all spending time with their families. He wanted to talk to someone but at the same time he didn’t. He was working on making everyone think he had something better to do than walk around Austin, Texas at 8:00 in the evening. He put his phone away and stared off into space, thinking of miscellaneous things. 

“You seem a bit distracted,” said a young girl, who was now sitting next to him on the bench. He thought she must have sat down while he was preoccupied with his phone. At first he thought it was weird that a stranger would be trying to make conversation with him. But he shook the feeling off, maybe she was a fan, or maybe she just wanted to make small talk. 

“Yea, just a little.” He said awkwardly, mentally slapping himself for not knowing how a simple conversation works.

“Well, it’s a pretty night to be out, little chilly though.” She said, huffing slightly.

“Yea,” Jensen said simply.

But no matter how awkward he replied, she kept making small talk. She was talking to him like she had known him for years, and it made Jensen smile.

“It could be better though, I just got out of possibly the worst blind date I’ve ever had. The guy couldn’t stop talking about his Prius. And he took me to a motor shop, which is cool, but he spilled car oil on me.” She laughed and held out her shirt for Jensen to see. Jensen chuckled out of sympathy when he saw the large black stain on her shirt.

“I was set up on a blind date tonight too, the woman wouldn’t stop talking about her cats, but I didn’t have anything spilled on me.” Jensen laughed.

“They would make a great couple,” she mused.

“Maybe we should set them up.” Jensen replied with a chuckle.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” She extended her hand in his direction in a friendly gesture. He shook her hand, and he could have sworn his heart sped up a little. 

“So where are you headed?” She asked him. Jensen looked at her, confused.

She raised her eyebrow and pointed at the sign next to the bench, which indicated that they were sitting at a bus stop. 

“I didn’t even know this was a bus stop.” Jensen admitted.

“You were more preoccupied than I thought,” she laughed, that’s when the bus pulled up. She stood up, and the bus opened its doors. Jensen was confused at the small feeling of sadness when she got up to leave. He enjoyed the interaction… even if she was a complete stranger. Then she turned to him, motioning for him to come with. He didn’t move.

“Come on, I know we don’t know each other but I’m new to town, and I don’t want to wander the city alone. Plus we both had shitty dates and we’re bored out of our minds.” She said. Jensen wondered briefly if she was a mind reader.

This beautiful, energetic girl beyond intrigued Jensen, so he stood up to get on the bus, and she followed close behind. 

When he stepped on the bus he caught notice of the bus fee tray. He reached in his pockets to find some money, but the girl dropped in enough for the both of them. Jensen’s eyes widened, but he said nothing but a thank you. He chose a seat toward the back of the bus and to his surprise the girl sat next to him. She shifted in the seat so she was facing him.

“So, awkward stranger, what’s your name?” She asked enthusiastically.

“You know, you seem extremely nice, but you should be more careful. I could be an axe murderer…” Jensen said.

‘Great social skills J…’ He thought, self-critically.

The girl raised her eyebrow.

“Axe murderers need love too.” She laughed, “but honestly I don’t think you are. You seemed a little down, thought you might want to talk to someone… And you don’t seem like the ‘axe murderer type,’ even if you were, we’re in a public place. You don’t have to trust someone with your life to have a conversation with them.” She said. 

‘Definitely a mind reader.’ Jensen thought to himself.

She had a point. Maybe he was just taken aback by how nice she was, or her natural ability to have a conversation. Not many people would do that anymore. It was also possible that he was trying to work out how this girl came out of seemingly nowhere when he wanted someone to talk to and then offered exactly that.

“My name is Jensen by the way.” He smiled. And that’s when he really noticed her features; her (Y/E/C) eyes, and her (Y/H/C) hair. He took notice of smaller things as well, like the way her nose was shaped, and how the corners of her mouth fit her face. She was really attractive.

“Hello, Jensen. Nice to meet you.” She smiled brightly. She was so full of energy.

“So where are we going?” He asked, seeing as how she was the one to initiate this whole situation.

She shrugged, “I was thinking we could get off at the next stop, and find something to do then. Like I said, I’m new to town.”

“Well I’m not, so I’m guessing I can find us something to do.” Jensen said with the first full smile he had given tonight.

“Until the next stop gets here, lets play a game.” She smiled slightly, taking out a deck of cards.

Jensen raised his eyebrow. 

“A true con artist always carries around a deck of cards.” She said with a smirk.

“Right, so, here’s how you play. You draw a card from the deck and the number on the card is the amount of questions you get to ask me or I get to ask you. Make sense?”

He nodded.

“You go first, Jensen.” 

Jensen reluctantly picked a card from the deck, and a three of diamonds was displayed. He showed the card to her and she nodded as if to say ‘Bring it on’

“Okay, first question; what is your last name?” Jensen asked, unsure how to start.

“(Y/L/N).” She said with a smile.

Jensen smiled, finally knowing the full name of the quirky stranger who’d seemed to lighten his mood with a simple conversation and a card game.

“Second question; why did you move here?”

“I go to college at the University of Texas.” She beamed. Jensen nodded with a smile.

“Alright, what’s your major?” Jensen asked as his third question, absentmindedly putting the card in his jacket pocket.

“Astrophysics.” She answered simply. Jensen’s eyes boggled. She must be really smart.

She drew a card, and revealed to Jensen the two of clubs. 

“How long have you lived here?” she asked after a brief thinking period.

“I was born here in Austin, and I just recently moved back, I travel for work a lot though so I’m not here often.” He replied. She nodded.

“What’s your job?” She asked him. He hesitated slightly.

“I’m an actor.” He replied. He could tell she wanted to ask more questions now, but he laughed and said, “you only got two questions, those are the rules.” She scowled playfully at the way he twisted the rules.

Jensen drew another card; this time it was the 2 of spades, “favorite color?” Jensen asked, unable to come up with an interesting question, and she laughed at him. 


“Do you live on campus?” Jensen asked. She nodded in response.

She drew her card and revealed the 2 of diamonds. She proceeded to ask Jensen if he believed in aliens and if he believed in ghosts. She learned that he was a skeptic.

They continued on like that for a while, Jensen learned that she was a freshmen in college, and that she was on a small break for the winter. She learned that he was a co-star on Supernatural, which she, apparently, had never heard of, but promised to start watching. She learned that he was also on a hiatus.

By the time the bus stopped Jensen had really loosened up. He was smiling and laughing a lot more freely.

They bounced off the bus, having no idea where they were at first, until Jensen recognized some landmarks, placing them in San Marcos. Jensen knew the area a lot better than she did so he dragged her around, pointing out different things and even making her try a very spicy tamale from one of his favorite Mexican restaurants. She cursed and started coughing while Jensen laughed so hard that tears formed at the corner of his eyes. 

She caught sight of “Dick’s Classic Garage” and lost it, because anyone named Dick was hilarious, apparently. Her laugh made Jensen smile, and he couldn’t help but think that she would love season 7 of Supernatural with all the dick jokes.

She practically dragged Jensen inside the Classic Garage. He paid for his entry and offered to pay for hers but she paid for her own. Insisting since he bought her food. 

She seemed genuinely interested in some of the classic cars. Jensen chuckled when he found a 67′ Chevy Impala in the corner. 

He watched as she read the informational plaques with an intense look of concentration on her face. He found himself paying more and more attention to Y/N and the way she acted.

“What’s that thing called?” She asked innocently, pointing at a random part under the hood of one of the classic cars. Jensen didn’t really know much about cars, despite his character’s obsession with them.

“Uh, well, it’s a thing. And I’m assuming it does a thing.” Jensen scratched at the back of his neck. She chuckled, and Jensen felt accomplished.

After they had finished looking around in there, she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the city again. He found himself smiling at her enthusiasm, and at some point during their walk he noticed she was walking a lot closer. He didn’t move away. They talked about the most random things; how pluto was recognized as a planet again, if she liked dogs, and if he liked cats. It was liberating to talk to her, even if it were about random things.

After they had walked the same few blocks at least 12 times, she pointed at an outlet mall, not knowing where else they could go.

But Jensen had a different idea; he took her hand and led her further away, to an old bowling alley. He used to come here when he was a kid. When they got there, he realized that he was still holding her hand, and he wondered if he should let go, but he didn’t really want to. He felt comfortable holding her hand. Little did he know of the red tint on her face, showing that she noticed the hand holding. But she didn’t let go either.

Bowling proved to be difficult for her, and she got mostly gutter balls, but she laughed at herself. She got a strike once and was so excited that she cheered and hugged Jensen. He laughed and cheered with her, hugging her and spinning slightly. They played multiple games that followed the same pattern. Jensen was really starting to like her. He didn’t know how long they’d spent in the bowling alley, but he knew it was a long time.

Jensen was having so much more fun than he thought he would’ve on this night, he felt like he had known this girl forever. They both found themselves sneaking glances at the other while they weren’t looking. Looking away quickly when caught. He found himself wondering if she felt the same energy between them that he did.

After that, they stood outside of the bowling alley, just talking to each other and enjoying the company. Soon after that they decided it was time to head back to Austin. Jensen noticed a yawn escape her lips, and he chuckled. He thought it was cute how her nose crinkled when she yawned.

He stood in front of her, “Come on, slow poke, do I need to carry you?” He laughed.

“Yes,” she said sleepily, only half joking.

“Alright, come on, get on my back.” 

She laughed out of amusement but eventually obliged. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder. 

“What time is it?” she asked sleepily.

Jensen checked his watch, careful not to drop her. His eyes widened, “it’s 2:23 in the morning.” Jensen said in disbelief. 

“I’m feeling it.” she chuckled lightly, tightening her grip around Jensen’s shoulders.

Jensen felt his heart flutter, could he really be feeling this way about a girl he just met? He had spent about six and a half straight hours with her and he didn’t get bored, not even once. 

Before he knew it, they were both waiting for the bus again. She climbed off his back and stood next to him. He could see that she was fighting to keep her eyes open. He couldn’t contain a smile. He reached out hesitantly to hold her hand again, unsure if he was pushing it. She smiled and took his hand, lacing their fingers together.

After a few moments of silence, she reached in her pocket, and pulled out the deck of cards again. Jensen laughed. 

“You go first this time,” Jensen said with a smile still on his face.

“Okay,” she smiled. She drew the Ace of Spades, which was equal to one question. She bit her bottom lip and looked down, suddenly shy. 

“Did you have fun?” She asked nervously.

Jensen’s lips curved into a gentle grin, “yes.” He replied.

“Me too.” She said, looking relieved. She held out the deck to Jensen. He drew the 2 of spades.

“Would you like to do this again sometime?” He asked.

“Yes,” she she replied sheepishly. She looked up at him and smiled sweetly. He got lost in her eyes.

“You still have another question,” she whispered, her breath leaving fog in the air.

“Can I kiss you?” Jensen asked, squeezing her hand gently.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Jensen bent his head down slightly, and she stood up on her toes to meet him halfway. Their lips met, and both of their hearts sped up tremendously. He moved his hands to her hips, and her arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. Jensen deepened the kiss, it was gentle and experimental. It felt safe. They pulled apart from each other and stood there, still wrapped in each other’s embrace. Jensen found it difficult to let go. They were ripped from the moment by the squeaking sound of the bus stopping. They were both breathing slightly heavier, their breath mixing together in the cool air.

And the bus opened its doors.

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