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If you don't mind me asking, what canvas size do you use when making Ghost Lights? I've been super into it and I've been inspired to want to make a comic of my own and I really like the long page style. p.s. keep up the great work, it's my favourite webcomic I've found and your style is so beautiful <3

omg i’m so happy you like it so much, thank you!! and you want to make your own?? that’s so great 💕 it’s a lot of work but it’s really fulfilling

do you want to draw a webcomic / webtoon, or do you plan on printing it later, too? as far as i know webtoons are drawn with big panels, huge spaces between them, big speech bubbles, artists use the reader’s scrolling as pacing, and it’s read mostly on mobile apps

if you plan on printing your comic like i do: there’s a lot of freedom how to do it but the easiest is the “usual” comic/manga layout, more panels per page, normal sized speech bubbles etc. i chose to sacrifice a little of my already finished pages so that it’s more readable on mobile. i cut off the sides and the pages appear slimmer, which is probably what you mean with long page style!

the actual canvas size depends on what the printing company requires. they cut around the pages and they need a bit more space for where they bind the book in the middle. make sure not to draw any important things in that space. but that’s fine bc the sides get cut off anyway for the upload… you feel

so before you start you should decide what you’re going for and which size you want your physical comic to be in case you want it to get printed and then you can set your canvas size (i chose something not too big and not too small, similar to japanese doujinshi… maybe a bit like the US letter size, it’s called DIN B5 in Germany). your resolution should be at least 300 to 350 dpi when you want to print something. aaand yeah i think that sums it up 🌸

The King (2) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Finally after trying to write all day, I finally got part 2 done. Enjoy more art collector, sugar daddy T’Challa since I know you guys got all these feels going on from the trailer drop yesterday. I know I do. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to do a part 3. Who would be down for that?


You were sitting in your office having a meeting with your assistant when an intern popped her head to tell you that you had a call from someone. You apologized to your assistant as you picked up the phone.

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About purchasing the YOI BD/DVD vol.6 from overseas

I’m seriously so mad at Avex right now. Apparently they forced AmiAmi to cancel all the orders of YOI related BDs/DVDs/CDs, even the ones placed last year when the ban wasn’t announced yet. How could they do this ONE WEEK before it comes out? They seriously don’t care about overseas fans at all…
(I still don’t know about CDJapan, so far the orders placed on their site before the ban in February seem to be valid?)

Avex and their nonsense policy make me feel stupid for saying from the start “please purchase the BD/DVDs to support the series, don’t download it illegally”…

Anyway, I have thought about what I could possibly do to help people get the BD/DVD vol.6 without spending a lot of money in commissions from forwarding companies and such, and I have decided this:

I am offering to personally purchase the YOI BD/DVD vol.6 on behalf of people living abroad and ship it to them, charging almost no commissions.

Details below.

“Almost no commissions”
I will only ask you to pay for:
1) the actual cost of the BD or DVD
2) the PayPal transaction fee (I don’t know how much it is)
3) the fee PayPal charges me to withdraw money to my bank account (it’s 350 yen, but if enough people ask me to purchase a copy in their place I will lower it because I can withdraw all the money at the same time and only pay the fee once)
4) the packing and shipping fees to send the item to you (you can choose the shipping method and packing style)

How it works:

1) Upon request, I am going to purchase the BD or DVD vol.6 from a Japanese shop, at its regular price (only Amazon seems to have it for less but they only allow 1 copy per person so that won’t work). I may use different shops depending on how many requests I get and how many copies I can find. I will only use physical shops which I can reach with my train pass because otherwise I would need to charge you transport fees or domestic shipping fees as well.

2) I will calculate the packing fee & shipping fee to your country based on your requests (it can be shipped in a padded envelope or, if you are worried, I can look for a sturdier box) and give you the total. For the shipping I can also provide an estimate in advance if you wish.

3) I will wait for you to send me the payment and your full shipping address (payment will need to be in JPY and via PayPal).

4) I will ship you the BD/DVD.

As you can guess, unfortunately there is nothing I can do for the all-volume purchase bonus. I might be able to provide you the Animate (can badge) or Animega (postcard) vol.6 bonus, but I can’t guarantee so I might only provide it at random, as I might also have to use other shops which have no bonuses at all.

Why am I doing this?

Because I feel really sorry for all the people who had their order canceled and/or are left with no cheap ways to purchase the BD/DVD from overseas. If it happened to me I’d be twice as mad as I am now… I also feel partly responsible since I’ve always encouraged people to buy the BD/DVDs even if they had no subtitles and I suggested to use AmiAmi recently because they still had them available.

How to send a request

Please send me a message (via ask) here on Tumblr with your name, email address, country and the details of what you need (BD or DVD). If you need a shipping quotation or have any other questions let me know that too. I will send you an email with the details. (If you’re one of those who got their orders canceled from a shop, please let me know that as well)

How many requests can I accept?

I’m not sure about that, but as I live close to Tokyo and have access to all major parts of the city I should be able to provide enough (I have no idea how many people will ask me).
Should I need to limit the number, I will say so and update this post too.
Some shops like Animate and Animega can temporarily sell out right after the release date but usually they get more stock afterwards, so it’s only a matter of waiting.

I am getting basically nothing out of this (except Animate points if I buy from there I guess..), but I really feel sorry for what happened and hope that I can be of help to someone. I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing the same for the soundtrack or event BD/DVD, most likely not because that’s a different story, but at least people can complete their collection with the last volume…

(I’ll probably write a post with instructions on how to send a message to Avex to complain about this too…)


The link to purchase the book is located on my blog in my about section! The price includes shipping - but at this time I can only ship throughout the United States! I only have a few copies, so it is first come first serve! If the demand exceeds the supply, I will let buyers know that there will be an additional 2-3 weeks added for processing. Thank you all for being so supportive! If you have any questions or have any problems, please send me an ask/DM. 

title: uncle, uncle, uncle
rating: K
pairings/characters: sarada, shisui
summary: sarada and shisui have an unparalled uncle/neice relationship
author’s note: none of you can convince me that this isn’t exactly how sarada and shisui would have been (that is of course, when they’re not teaming up to piss off sasuke)

Sarada takes a deep breath, and for the umpteenth time today, prepares herself to successfully complete the jutsu at hand. The water below her is steaming (so is she) as she weaves the appropriate hand signs and focuses her chakra through the movements. Her eyes snap open, sharingan whirling to a point where she’s almost seeing red.

“Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”

The same thing that happened the last twenty-three times happens again—despite her immaculate chakra control and intense focus, she yields what looks like two wimpy water snakes instead of two fearful water dragons, that mockingly dance around her head for a maximum of twelve seconds before dismembering out of her control into a shower of rain drops, soaking her yet again.

“Dammit,” she hisses, shaking her head, thinking she must look like a wet dog at this point. “Maybe I’m using up too much chakra using my sharingan,” she considers aloud, and gets ready to focus herself again, before another thought dawns on her. “But if I can’t do this with my sharingan what’s the point?”

She drops her arms, cursing her Papa’s genes. She thought about how much easier combining elemental chakra natures and jutsu would be if she were of a water or earth nature by birth. Water and earth are neutral and adaptable; if harnessed correctly, possess healing qualities, as they’re not destructive by nature. But of course, in the tradition of the Uchiha, Sarada had, for better for worse, chakra of a fire nature; which meant that water jutsu was extremely difficult—creating a jutsu that required both fire and water natures seemed near impossible. But, again, in the tradition of the Uchiha, she’d rather slit her own throat than put her pride at risk by giving up before she’d tried every single trick in the book. Twice. 

“You are aware that water jutsu kind of goes against all the chakra you have inside of you, right?” A sarcastic voice questions, startling her. She whirls around, sharingan ablaze, ready to trap whoever was spying on her in a genjutsu they’d never forget.

Instead of finding an enemy, she comes face to face with an all-too-familiar face.

“Mama says it’s not nice to spy on people, Uncle Shisui,” she sighs.

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The associate who caused an fbi investigation reminded me of this; A manager at my sister store got 3 felons against her in less than a week- one of which was making copies of personal checks from customers (I can only assume for herself?) , and another was stealing LOTS of money. She even went to jail. Shes still the manager there and the go-to person for when the district manager is unavailable...

Maybe it’s good you’re away.


If the Shoe Fits  Jimin x Reader Ballet! Au

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A/n: I decided to take a break from Shimmering Skies and Twinkling Lights. I’ve had this idea for a little bit, especially after reading @frejafc“s Jimin’s series Pas de Deux I recommend it. I tried not to copy it as much as I can. I only wanted the idea of ballerino! Jimin. Here is a bit of a disclaimer actually, I am not a ballerina or a shoe maker, so some stuff may not be the most accurate.

Part 1~

Etre Royale Academy was a ballet school that combined the four arts of French, Russian, Italian, and English ballet. Many hopefuls enter the tough auditions, and only the toughest can make it through. Even if you make it through, the uphill battle of bettering yourself, and making it into a company still exists. 

Park Jimin came from a long line of performers. The Park family always excelled in the art of ballet, every Park ballerina or ballerino always made a lasting impression in the ballet world. Of course, the young Jimin is definitely living up to his family name. He is Etre’s most prized ballerino, the boys wished for his strength and grace, while the girls wanted to be the Odette to his Siegfried.

But behind every dancer a maker supports that dancer. Your family, the (l/n) family is family of fine craftsmen/women. Everyone in your family have made thousands or pointe shoes and ballet slippers for the special ballerinas and ballerinos who fit the unique shoe each (l/n) member makes. Ever since you were little you’ve been surrounded by ballet. The shoes, the shows, the dancers. You were one of the youngest workers entering the force, the moment you sat down, and made your first pair of custom made shoes. Even though you were young, you still had years of experience of shoe making under your belt. 

You remember the first time when the ballerina who owned the first pair of pointe you ever made came to “meet her maker”. She was a young and beautiful, fit, with excellent posture even when she walked. She went from person to person asking to find her maker, not even noticing you, for you were just only twelve years old. You looked and saw that the ballerina was with one of the older makers, and he pointed a thimble covered finger at you in your work station. She walked over to you with the bottoms of her pointe shoes facing up. You saw your symbol imprinted in the soft leather of the shoe. It was a lone dandelion seed, very unusual for a maker, most would use letters or simplified symbols, yours was actually more complex than others. Usual marks were the outlines of the objects, yours was solid and filled in. When you designed your mark, you took great care and quality into making the dye that will be pushed into the leather. 

“Are you the dandelion maker?” She asked in a quiet voice. You looked up from the new pair of shoes you were making for her and nodded. You wanted to be just like her, graceful, beautiful, with neat hair, and pink shoes. 

Over the next couple of years you got more dancers ordering more shoes from you. Your young and precise vision always made sure the size the shoe was always dead on correct, and you never changed a thing in how you made your shoes. From a young age you knew that what makes a maker the great maker is that they do not change anything about the shoe they are ordered to make unless the dancer says so. If you were off my a little bit the dancer can automatically feel it the moment he or she steps into them. You kept profiles on each type of shoe you have to make, and every time there is a little change you take the paper of notes, throw it out and start over. 

You were standing outside of Entre academy, with other makers. A briefcase in of your hands. It was the beginning of the new year and it was when all the makers would sit in a big circle and have dancers that needed find the perfect maker or find a new maker try on shoes. Dancers could also go up to their maker and have them do a quick fix or do small modifications to their shoe.

You were now seventeen, it’s your fifth year at Delladova Ballet. This new year was also going to be interesting. The wave maker just retired, and he was the maker that supplied three Park dancers their shoes: Jimin, his mother, and his father. Jimin would have to find a new maker now. Your family has worked with the Parks before. Your grandparents made Jimin’s grandparents’ shoes. Your mother use to make Park Jueun’s, Jimin’s mother, shoes in her early career. Your mother stopped making shoes so she could raise you and your siblings. Your father also made the finest satin slippers for almost every Park ballerino except for Jimin and his father. 

 You set up your little station in the circle by the shoe room, taking out your sewing kit, different kinds of shoes, fabrics, measuring kits. You strategically sit by the shoe room so you can go inside it quickly if you need to find another pair of shoes you made.

You recognized one of the ballerinas who orders from you. Her name is Seo Yeona, she was eighteen, and she was getting ready to audition for companies. She came up to you with a pristine set of pointe shoes you made. “(Y/n) can you darn these pair for me? I have an audition for the royal ballet, and I want these shoes to be perfect, and you darn them just perfectly for me. I know I can dance my best if you darn them.“ 

You smiled at Yeona and took her shoes “Of course. I will make sure it will be my best, just like the rest.” You said, opening up your sewing kit, you took out your thimble and darning needle. You pulled a good amount of wool out from the bunch you had and cut it off with the rest. You looped the wool through the needle, tied the the wool on to the needle, and started the darning process. You made the first darn stitch, and continued to chain stitch all the way around the platform of the shoe, pulling tightly each time. You consecutively made the same chain stitch making them look almost perfectly the same. Once you reached the end of the platform back at your darn stitch, you the excess wool off and ties the loose ends. You repeated the thing to her second shoe. Both shoes took you less than ten minutes to darn, and the stitches were consistent and not sloppy. Yeona looked happily at her new darned shoes and hugged them to her chest. 

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say.” You smiled and looked her in the eye. “You don’t have to say anything, just dance your best in these, and then once you get into the royal ballet, send my a ticket so I can watch one your shows.” You laughed, and with that Yeona was gone. 

 Next was a second year boy. His name was Im Taejoon, he was sixteen. He said he was having difficulties finding a maker. You offered him the stool you were sit on, so he can sit down it and you can quickly measure his foot. You found that his size was really close to another boy, who ordered from you. You pulled out a shoe that was his and slipped it onto Taejoon’s foot, you examined how the shoe conformed to the foot and shook your head. You thought a double sole shoe with tighter elastic would be better. So you pulled out a double sole shoe, snipped off the elastic, and measured new elastic the fit Taejoon’s ankle and over the bridge of his foot. You cut off that piece of elastic, and sewed it onto the shoe with a smaller needle and black thread. 

 "Now, give me a quick pirouette.“ You said, after he put on the new shoes. The boy obeyed and you closely observed the boys feet. Something was off, and you tapped your pencil against your lip to figure it out. 

“How did it feel?” You asked him. “I think it felt fine actually.” He replied. “Go on your toes.” You said, and Taejoon did just that. And you finally saw it. “I got it!” You exclaimed. 

“Hold still do not move.” You pinched together some parts of the canvas together, shrinking the fabric to conform to the boy’s foot some more, and you sewed the shoe shrinking the amount of fabric. “Pirouette one more time.” The boy performed the elegant move perfectly. When he landed he had a wide smile on his face. 

 "These felt amazing. I can tell these are the perfect fit. I want you be my maker.“ You smiled and took the shoe off of the boy, measured it quickly and wrote down his measurements, and what he preferred. 

 "If you need anything, just tell me or put in a order, I am happy to deliver for you. I am the dandelion maker, and at the bottom of every shoe I make you will see the imprint of a single dandelion seed pressed into the sole. That’s how you know I made. When it appears in your pigeon hole that means it is especially made for you.” The boy nodded listening to all of instructions, then ran off with his new shoes to dance with. Every dancer gets excited when they try on the perfect shoe from the perfect maker.

 Out of nowhere, your best friend Son Chaerin tackle hugged you. “I missed you (y/n).” Shrieked as she squeezed the the life out of you. “You saw me the day before yesterday…” You choked out, gasping for air.

 "But that’s a day too long (y/n)ah.“ Chaerin whined leaning onto your back. "Can you let go?” You asked. “I kind of can’t breathe.” Chaerin instantly let you go, making you fall to the ground.

 "Oops sorry (y/n)ah, I forgot you need to breathe sometimes.“ Regaining your composure, you looked and her and asked, 

"What do you need this time.” “Oh yeah, I need to change my shoes again. These don’t work for me anymore. My feet got stronger again.” You rolled your eyes at Chaerin. If this was any other dancer you wouldn’t do this to them, but you have know Chaerin since you were three. Your grandmother made Chaerin’s mother’s shoes, and your mother made Chaerin’s first pointe shoes. They custom made and your mother made sure to make them with the prettiest pink satin that was in the workshop that day. Now you make Chaerin’s shoes, like others she hopes to get into a company and works hard every day. When you work with Chaerin you feel like you can be a bit more relaxed, and more yourself. You noted the new changes in Chaerin’s shoes. 

“I’ll send a new pair over, and we’ll keep tweaking it until we get it right, then I’ll re-do your shoe profile.” You said, handing her back her shoes. “Got it!” She said cheerfully. “Hey (y/n) why don’t we got for barbecue or pizza later?” Chaerin asked. 

 "Aren’t you on a diet?“ You mentioned. Chaerin rolled her eyes. "Does it even matter anymore? Everyone has the same diet, so that means I am the same with everyone else. I’ll be fine.” Chaerin shrugged, she was actually the perfect size for a ballerina, slim, and muscular but not too muscular.

 "Besides if we go out, I’ll just run it off. Especially if I run with you.“ She snickered. "Hey! It’s not my fault I run fast besides, you’re the better athlete. It’s not my fault you can’t keep up with.” You said. Even though you and Charin bicker like an old married couple you still loved her. You always went to her performances and cheered her on. She was there for you when you needed it, and you were there for her when she was in slumps. 

 "Anyways, I gotta go and head off to practice.“ She said. "Oh wait did you hear that Park Jimin is looking for a new maker?! That could be you (y/n)!” Chaerin squealed. “He’s so hot, I wish I could be his partner. Oh what would I give to just have one pas de deux dance with him, it doesn’t have to be a performance, just a dance and I’ll be satisfied.” She swooned. 

 "Yah, don’t you think you’re cheating on Hoseok a little bit?“ Hoseok and Chaerin weren’t actually dating. They’ve been partners for the last seven years and they complimented each other well. They were so energetic, they could pull off the most tiring choreographies , and Hoseok was strong enough to life Chaerin. They were just two dorks together though. They would call each other "wifey” or “hubby” just for shits and giggles. Chaerin lifted a finger to her lips.

“Don’t tell Hoseok, he doesn’t need to know.” And Chaerin ran off finally to get to practice. You sat on your stool and took measures of different students feet, some didn’t like your shoes, and that’s okay. A maker is not supposed to make everyone’s shoes. Every dancer has a different foot, and a certain maker, can make that specific shoe.  

You waved off another first year girl who tried on her first pointe shoes with you. She was a young girl of fourteen, Choi Hanbyul. “Look forward to working with you as your maker, if you need me I will be at factory, and on Friday’s I help mister Chanu in the shoe room.” The girl nodded and left. The next person who came after the girl, was the last person you ever expected to see….Park Jimin. He was the usual apparel of boy dancer. Black tights that was a stream line fit to his muscular legs, and a white t-shirt, tucked into the tights, creating an overall clean look.

“So you’re the dandelion maker…”  You just nodded. The boy tilted his head a bit, most makers were older, they had to study the art of shoe making for a long time in school, and then be a apprentice. You did all that too, from the moment when you were born to when you were twelve, you watched your mom and dad make shoes, and other relatives make shoes. 

“Aen’t you too young to be a shoe maker?” You slightly frowned at the question, you were always shot that question whenever people first meet you. 

“Well I must be at some degrees okay, I’ve been coming here and helping dancers fit into their dream shoes for five years now. Inn’t that longer than your years here?” You knew Jimin entered this school as fourteen years old, and he is now your age. Jimin’s faced darkened, and he leaned down into a squat to meet your face. 

“For an artist in this mature and respective field you sure do have a fresh mouth.” He said harshly. If anything, you really wanted to deck him in his perfect face, but you cannot do that, or the other ballerinas will jump you for that. Also the school would be livid if their main dancer had a humongous bruise on his face, and not to mention what your parents would say. You kept your temptation at bay, while you continued to talk to dancer. 

“So did you want to try on the shoes I make?” You asked. “Or do you want to keep wasting my time?” You mentally cursed yourself the moment your last sentence left your mouth, why couldn’t just keep your mouth shut. You never did this any other dancer, but other dancers didn’t give you a hard time like this. 

“Maybe you’re just too immature for this work.” Jimin said. You decided to not fight back anymore, and pulled out your measuring tape to measure his feet. overall his sole was two hundred and sixty-five millimeters, and continued to measure other parts of his foot. You took a shoe that was the same measure as his sole, cut the elastic off, and measured it over the the bridge of his foot, and crossed it over into the nice, classical ‘X’ the crossed over each dancer’s foot in a slipper. You cut the elastic off, and sewed it to the slipper, and had Jimin try it on. He walked a couple of steps in them, did a pirouette and a tour en l’air. 

“What do you think?” You asked the moment he landed. 

“They’re pretty good, might take a little getting use to though. I guess Master Daejung was right. Your shoes are pretty close to wave maker’s. Which maker are you?” He asked looking at you. 

“I’m the dandelion maker. You know the shoe is mine, if there is a lone dandelion seed on the shoe.” Jimin nodded. 

“I’ll have my measurements sent to you.” You gave him a disapproving look when he mentioned that he was going to send his previous measurements for you. 

“Why would you do that? If I am your new maker I rather take your measurements myself. I trust the wave maker was excellent in making your shoes, but I never trust anyone’s measurements unless I take it.” You explained. If a dance were to have a new maker, the new maker always creates a new profile for a dancer, to ensure nothing goes wrong and everything stays consistent. 

Jimin sighed, the breath from his sigh lifted his bangs up from his skin a bit. “Fine when do you want me to come in?”

“Tomorrow at Delladova after lunch. I’ll be there, and I will take your measurements, and take notes on specific designs you need and want.” You said.

“So it’s official you’re my new maker now.” You nodded in response. You and Jimin were no locked in this metaphorical dance that exists between dancers and makers.