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Blessed by Sunshine Family

You all thought that they will only give as OVA flashback. I fucking knew that this episode will be great. Every episode with Himawari is a blessing.
I see a pattern here.

1. Sibling goals

Boruto can be a brat but his love for Himawari is beautiful. I aspire to have children so close like these two. 

2. Hinata being pro 

SP, I am impressed with Hinata development. She is now literally goals (as mother and wife). And shout out for giving us Team 8, even Kiba had his moment!

Can we take a moment to admire Hinata’s beauty? 

3. Ichiraku Ramen

Ok, I was waiting 17 fucking episodes to finally see Ichiraku in full glory and Teuchi wasn’t there. SHAME!

4. Mr Handsome

I never considered Naruto as a handsome character but todays episode had moments where our boy looked fantastic. 

5. Squad 

6. Nostalgia right there

I almost cried seeing old Team 7 with Kakashi. And small Naruto sitting next to Adult Naruto. That’s too much!

7. Akimichi family

Me after this episode: 

this morning i hit 10k followers and i decided to take this opportunity to thank some of my favorite people here! over the last 2 years and 3 months i got to know so many wonderful friends and people that i admire so much, my life wouldn’t be the same without you!

first of all, i want to thank my 139th follower, the beautiful, talented, amazing, my sun my moon and all my stars, the greatest love of my life @taylorswift. i wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you, you made my life so much better from the second i listened to safe & sound for the first time. you always make me happy no matter what, you never fail to make me smile, your voice alone is enough to calm me down and i literally can’t thank you enough

@13neverforgetyouaslongasilive13 הגר!!! את היית החברה הראשונה שלי פה ואני עדיין זוכרת את היום שבו התחלנו לדבר, זה היה יום רביעי והייתי בכנפיים של קרמבו ולא יכולתי להפסיק לבדוק את הטלפון כי ממש חיכיתי להודעה ממך. את אדם מדהים ואת אחד מהחברים הכי טובים שלי ואני אוהבת אותך ומתגעגעת אלייך מלא!!!

@teardropsonmyguitar AMANADA!!! you were one of the reasons i started editing, you’re so talented and sweet, i love talking to you and getting to know you. thank you for always helping me when i can’t find fonts or brushes that i like (honestly you have everything i need all the time it’s incredible). i still remember how excited i got when you followed me after i was accepted to taylorswiftedit (i’ve been craving your follow for months at this point) and i love you more than words can say 💕

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@cages-boxes-hunters-foxes i know we don’t talk a lot but your blog is by far my favorite, i can only aspire to be as smart and educated as you, i’ve always looked up to you and it’s a privilege that i can call you a friend

@speaknow i still can’t believe we’re friends because i started out as your #1 fan (seriously, look at that tag)

i love you so much, you are so supportive and kind, i don’t deserve a friend like you!

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and LAST BUT NOT LEAST i want to thank everyone on taylor swift trash zone, maybe i’ve only known you for a couple of days but i already consider you my friends, thank you for making me feel like i belong, for making me laugh until my stomach hurts and just for being the amazing group of people that you are. I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

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Yeah, I’m an 18 year old man, who is about to join the Air Force, proudly Christian, who’s charm makes up for his looks, and has two fictional Disney characters, specifically a fox and a rabbit, nose booping in my lampshade surrounded by a crown. I’m obsessed I guess it’s an obsession. Sheesh I’m utter trash. 

Who else can be as trashy, if not more, than me? 

These people: @mistermead @nicolaswildes @feverwildehopps @zootopia123 @mattnyc816 @crewefox @skeletonguys-and-ragdolls @trashasaurusrex @kulkum @ziegelzeig @zootopepo @nekomimiranger @nick-and-judy-daily @rem289 @spintherella @sprinkah @bluelightenterprises (I meant ‘trash’ as a compliment) 

I just want to say, the people listed here (and many others not mentioned) changed my life for the better. Whether it be a fan fiction, fan art, or reblog, they all changed me last summer. Some of you may not notice this post, but I just want to put it out there that your time and effort that you’ve put into this fandom is NOT in vain. I can only aspire to be as good of an artist or writer as any of you. None of you know me, but I know you all (not in a creepy way… kinda), and you’re all great people. I hope to get to know at least one of you sometime. 

All in all, I just wanted to say… thank you. 

P.S. I finally got my messages to start working so I now have the capability to annoy the living hell out of you. Hehehehe

Also, I wanted to write a shout out to witches who get no results and can’t hear the gods.

I feel so alienated by the way many people write about their craft - “witchcraft is work! Expect to bleed and sweat!” And so on. I work hard, I still hear nothing. And straightforwardly annoyed when those posts go on to say “actually I wish I hadn’t been chosen! This path is so hard! So dark! I have sacrificed everything!”

I think there’s a difficult balance point between saying yes, anything worth doing is going to require effort and won’t come overnight. But not making people feel constsntly not good enough. And not setting yourself up as an Expert, Who Does Real Magic opposed to everyone else who are neophytes hoping for what you have.

There is a ton of ways to be a witch without hitting those standards.

Revere your gods. Revere them for their own sake, not because yoy have to, but because it brings pleasure and beauty ti do so. Choose your own gods. Pick one from a book and start worshipping. We are witches and we lead the dance, we don’t wait to be chosen.

Don’t be a mystic - that’s one, especially fashionable and desirable sort of witch path, but it’s equally ok yo just be a worshipper or just to love nature, you know? It’s no less valid.

Don’t give things up. Paganism is an immanent path, which is to say, it’s about living in this world. It fits in and around life. You can do witchy things while you cook or garden or whatever, like this idea thst witchcraft is rooted in pain and hardship is anathema to how I understand it, as a path of joy and beauty and of living in this world. That model where yoy give up everything and are ripped to shreds and then reborn is pretty cool and makes for a rebloggable origin story; and yet I have had so much pain in my life, so much, so much, I want my magic to be a site of joy and worship. You can get shit done as a witch in and around your daily life, and there is a different kind of power to be found in it.

Do cool stuff, for their own sake -make herbal teas and do spells and play dress up, I can’t emphasise this enough that results don’t matter. Is it bringing you pleasure and peace? Then it’s worth it.

The way you are witching is a good way, in short - don’t measure yourself by the standards of strangers, and what strangers say they can do or have seen. It introduces a note of hierarchy into practices which ought to be egalitarian. Just focus on you, you know? Focus on what you can do.

There are so many ways of being a great witch. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking other people are Doing It, and you are only aspiring to. Whenever you wave a wand, you are Doing It Right.

(I’m frustrated that so many people in trad craft write like this, because it’s such a mini annoyance to me every time these posts come around, like when there is a fly in the room and you can’t quite catch it. I know I should ignore them but it took me so long to stop feeling bad, and if I can help someone else also realise they are good enough, then it’s worth writing)

celia_mei: The Great Comet Countdown #5: shoutout to the ladies’ ensemble! My friends/teachers who have inspired me every day to be the best version of myself. I will miss you the most. @caughellrhymeswithgoggle, thanks for introducing me to INSTAGRAM LIVE to connect with fans even better. @sumayyasings, You are a lioness: ferocious in your personal integrity and committing a thousand % to your work onstage. @courtneeeeyyb, you have the voice of an angel and the heart of a dreamer, and both move me to tears. @pearlrhein, you have broadened my perspectives and taught me more than you know by pushing and commenting on every single social boundary. @ashflanny, you are that rare mix that I think every woman would secretly like to be: simultaneously so beautiful and so funny. @lulufallofficial, you have also broadened my perspectives in our sometimes heated conversations, and for that I am immensely thankful. @shoba_narayan, CAN WE GO EAT VEGETARIAN INDIAN FOOD NEXT WEEK PLEASE??? @laurenzakrin, I’m not sure that you will ever truly know how special you are in so many capacities but that in itself makes you even more wonderful. @ani.taj, WAIT, YOUR HAIR IS NOT ACTUALLY PURPLE?? You are a vastly inspiring artist whose work I’m so happy to support and witness (everyone check out Ani’s company, @thedancecartel). @apageofmary, I am so thankful for our HONESTY, which is rare and hard to find. @palomagarcialee, you basically got me this job, and I will never ever forget that. Thank you. @ericadorfler, you basically gave me an intense work out with your track that climbs a gazillion steps and my body will never ever forget that. Thank you?? @tootsweet_powerknappzz, it always strikes me as awe-inspiring how a woman can be simultaneously so fierce and so kind as you are. @vwkat, your humility, graciousness, raw fucking talent, and work ethic are unparalleled and I can only aspire to the person and professional that you are. @cathrynwake, I have met my match in knowing you: you are more tiny and mighty, and more OCD than I, and I have loved it. @bradford_ag, I put you in here because the frame had an extra spot and you covered two female ensemble tracks. Don’t get a big head over it.

5 Kinds of Romanticized Crushes That Will Mess You Up

I think “crushing” on someone is a natural thing, and in the right place and the right time, it can lead to something great. Most of the time it’ll pass, as it’s meant to, and we can look back and laugh at the ridiculous amount of time spent mentally replaying the one failed conversation that we still twitch about in the shower. Crushes happen, and they almost never equate to a magical romance materializing out of thin air.

But the darker problem with “crushing” is that it occasionally turns a real live person into a trophy, a sort of non-independent rubber statue imprisoned on a pedestal, and if you ever finally reached it, you’d either squeeze it too hard or please it too much. In both cases, both people lose.

Relationships are hard work, and absolutely require more than the initial illusion of fleeting chemicals in our easily tricked brains. That rush of first feelings is overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grander scheme: and we could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we took up Taylor Swift to “count to ten, take it in, this is life before you know who you’re gonna be.”

Here are five types of romanticized crushes that require a heavy dose of self-awareness. I apologize in advance for the snark: I’m only so impassioned here because I’ve seen how badly it can get out of control.

1) Hate Crush (aka Freudian Defense Mechanism)

What it looks like: You like someone, but you hate that you like them, so there’s a lot of passive-aggressive, mean-spirited, hyper-critical gas-lighting aimed their way. This looks cute in movies, but is often awful and humiliating to an actual human being with, you know, their own thoughts and dreams.

Problems: This can be irreversibly destructive if you drag someone long enough through your daily catharsis. I understand the psychology behind this—we resent what we can’t have or we just hate it when we feel so vulnerable with someone—but displacing anger out of confusion when you can’t “have someone” is a really dark, desperate issue that might require real help, immediately.

2) Aspirational Crush (aka I Love The Idea of You)

What it looks like: That really good-looking teacher or singer or authority figure looks great from far away, like a Monet or the brand new ottoman on Craigslist, and this positional power is the sole force of attraction. The way he speaks! The way she leads! The way he knows how to open his jacket button when he sits down!

Problems: When you fall for a hologram and find the real person, it’s like a great movie trailer for a mediocre movie: except you can only blame yourself. Getting to know someone takes time and work, and so does making peace with their flaws. A person’s accomplishments only tell half their story. Part of love is about knowing how to live with the prickly, icky underside of a person, and to stay past inconvenience when the image is shattered.

3) Parasocial Crush (aka Pathological Celebrity Crush)

What it looks like: A celebrity crush is usually harmless and even a ton of fun. Fandoms are the closest thing to virtual high-fives; I’m part of a few and the camaraderie is second only to the military. But all this becomes downright insane when social media fandom-entitlement demands that celebrities (who have personal lives outside the fictional characters they portray) must be super-personal and respond to every tweet and do special favors, often by comments starting with, “I’ve never asked this of anyone famous before, but you owe me, because I made you.” Followed by the reliably manipulative, “You must be too big-time since you won’t talk to nobodies like me.”

Problems: The problem is everything. It’s unhealthy. Please stop it. If they reply, awesome. If they don’t, they never owed you that. If that sounds cruel, then I hope one day you can answer the millions of messages you get from strangers while constantly in fear that you’ll never satisfy a single one of them when you do. Admittedly, a parasocial crush has worked exactly once, which means no, statistically none of us are the exceptions.

4) You-Owe-Me Crush (aka The Friend-Zone)

What it looks like: “So I opened the door for her, right? And she wouldn’t give me her phone number and home address and mailbox keys and her Netflix password!”

Problems: Look, I think some standards are too high and unreasonable (and really, some of us don’t have a right for such high standards if we haven’t done much of anything in life, and we should become someone worth catching before we go “hunting”). But besides the fact that no one should have to change their standards to settle for less, the main thing is that friendship is usually better. And there’s no such thing as a friend-zone. Maybe “biding your time” is a good strategy to wait for old age to strike down your awful co-worker. But for a date? It’s mostly creepy. Being “forever single” isn’t a free pass for pity. Now imagine, if you could actually be friends with someone without the expectation of their naked body in exchange, and if you stayed friends with them even if they dated someone else. No one should ever be encased in a “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” chamber. Romance isn’t something that can be forced by “nice-guy-ing” your way in (if you think so, you ain’t no nice guy). If romance happens, I hope it’s because it was explored with honest motives and a non-slimy transparency. And if you’re rejected: I’m truly sorry, but I hope it doesn’t turn you into a resentful, entitled, sour-grapes monster. I’ve been there, and even I hated that guy.

5) Apocalyptic Crush (aka Totally-Bad-For-You)

What it looks like: You know that he or she is bad for you. You know where this is going. Everyone has warned you. I even managed to package your future-regret into this juice bottle and you tasted it and you know how bad this will get. I know you hate this lecture for the third time and—hey, where are you going? Heed my warning across this long hallway as you walk towards your imminent destruction! I warned you with my pointing finger of danger!

Problems: I have a lot of sympathy for this, because there’s this wild rebellious streak in all of us that wants to strike out against conformity. But I guess it depends on what you mean by those words. Crushing on a person who only brings out the worst in you isn’t very rebellious. That’s actually conforming. Finding a person who loves you and respects you and gets to know you for who you are? That’s pretty wild. I’m not so much warning you as encouraging you, You can do way better. And you can.


LWA Ep. 4 is the most precious gift.

Truly. Here we have a young author emotionally drained by all the nasty reviews and comments she’s been receiving for her writing…

…and her spirit is so beaten down by the flames that she just wants to quit.

Then in comes Lotte and what she says next is absolutely incredible. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just write for herself”. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just ignore the haters”.

This is SO important, guys.

Because by pointing out that the haters make up only a small portion of the fandom and that there are just as many people who do enjoy what Annabel publishes, Lotte is able to reassure Annabel and give her a purpose without discriminately excluding anyone from the fandom.

No fandom on this Earth is a safe haven. There will be trolls and critics one way or another. And nothing and nobody, not even the creator, can do anything to change that because people just have their own opinions.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not part of the fandom. In fact, judging by how long this series has been going and how no one has noticed that there’s been twelve succeeding authors behind “night fall” since the beginning, a number of these trolls probably flame the newer volumes because they’re likely fans of the older books…written by previous authors. Or something similar to that.

Point is, you can’t satisfy everybody and that’s fine. You don’t have to feel obligated to. What’s not okay is to forget the fans who do look forward to how you’ll continue the story, who do appreciate what you write, who do love your work. You may not be able to erase the negative feedback but that shouldn’t cast a shadow on the positive feedback that surely exist. Because if you give that much effort into something you like, chances are someone is bound to like what you’ve done.


Then Lotte ultimately reels Annabel in by sharing what they both love about “night fall”.

And it’s because Lotte loves these books so much and loves the books that the current Annabel wrote so much and therefore, knows how much Annabel loves this series so much that she can put her confidence in Annabel’s ability to make it even more interesting to read. Because Annabel has already done that for her and a lot of fans and it’d be an utter shame for her to stop now!

Only a person who’s been following a series for that long (since childhood in this case!), who passionately loves a series as much as Lotte does can convince another fan-turned-author to continue contributing more greatness to this established piece of work and thereby, keep giving the fans something to enjoy and love.

And I think that’s so wonderful. It’s so encouraging to all the aspiring creative thinkers out there so really, thanks, Trigger. You truly are awesome for sending out this message through this amazing anime.

As Cold as Ice

A canon-compliant exploration of the Jonsa tension boiling beneath the surface. Will likely become canon divergent and smutty in the future.

Words: 2.7k

Rating: Mature

This is a little experiment and I have no idea where it is going. I am a spoiler free summerchild who still believes in Jonsa and so this fic will be canon-compliant until canon no longer allows for my shipping needs. Until then I’ll follow each Jon/Sansa scene shot for shot, simply inserted my own prose to make way for the juicy internal conflict that hope is going on beneath the surface. If Jonsa happens, that’s what I’ll continue to do. If it doesn’t then you still win because i’ll likely make this fic canon-divergent smut instead.

For those of you who know me from my Captain Swan fics, this will be very different. Even if it does turn smutty, I doubt I’ll take the dubcon route. That’s just not Jon’s style. But I promise to still deliver the level of quality sexiness you’re used to. For more information of the other fics I’m working on follow me on Tumblr at Hooks-and-Happy-Endings.tumblr.com and if you’re hungry for smut, check out my Captain Swan / GoT crossover The Wolf and the Dragon.

WARNING: This fic contains mentions of rape but does not contain sexual content.

You can also read this fic on ff.net and Ao3.

Chapter 1: When Southern Kings Call

Sansa looked down at the raven scroll in her hand. It was bone cold and there was a pit in her stomach. So the rumors were true. Her husband by law was back in Westeros and very much out of hiding. What did that mean for her? She looked up at her brother who was brooding in his usual way. He had promised to protect her. Would he ever marry her off to serve some political purpose? She shivered. Not at the cold. The cold had been the first to greet her when she’d come into the world. She shivered at the thought of being forced to once again leave her home. To be another man’s plaything. “Do you think it’s really Tyrion?” she asked, “It could be someone trying to lure you into a trap.”

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I am no fan of the aspiration to do original work. First of all, that creates an enormous amount of anxiety, and secondly, it is an impossible aspiration, because there’s no such thing as original work. If you show me a piece of artwork that everybody heralds as being totally original, I will bring in ten academics and critics who will look at that work and tell you from where that person drew their inspiration, who they had been reading, what painter they had seen … I’m much more interested in the chain of influence than I am in the narcissism of originality. The only way that you can create authentic work is to, with great humility and great faith and great curiosity, follow your own inquisitiveness, wherever it takes you, and trust that whatever comes out of you will feel original. That while other people may have done the same thing, you didn’t do it yet, and as soon as you do it and put your mark on it, it will, by its own right, start to feel original, as long as it has that authentic heart.
—  Elizabeth Gilbert
How To Learn Multiple Languages At Once, A Masterpost

I’ve shared posts on this topic before, but I feel I need to touch on it again with my own words, especially right now. I’ve been re-organizing my language learning schedule and strategies, since my school schedule will be calming down on the 17th, my last day of the school year until August. Currently, I’m learning French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

A lot of people, even in the polyglot community, think that learning multiple languages at once is impractical, a bad idea, impossible, or all three. This depends on who you are, your learning propensities, and your schedule. If you have a lot of work all the time, it’s not a good idea to be trying this. I was working on papers, presentations, and extracurricular activities, so I concentrated on French, because I was preparing for my final exam. This is because it was difficult for me to balance four languages and all my schoolwork, and so I prioritized. This is the key to learning multiple languages. When you’re thinking about how to organize your multiple-language learning, ask yourself these 3 questions:

How important are these languages to me (in descending order)?

How much time (per week) can I commit to studying?

Do I have decent access to resources for these languages?

The first two are fairly self-explanatory, but the last one may confuse some people. This question is important, because you don’t want to be spending a lot of time looking for resources. You should make sure you have organized your materials before hand. Know what you’re using to study, and you’ll streamline your learning!

For example, I use Anki and Memrise for my vocabulary learning for all my languages, since I can usually find a decent set of vocabulary cards. For grammar, I locate a reliable and accessible grammar site or book to read from. Always keep your sources consistent, because even if you might learn something wrong, you can easily find where you wrong. The thing is: you should also cross-reference! Make sure that multiple sites or books on grammar say the same thing about certain principles, especially the ones that confuse you. I have some three or four different resources for German, and I always cross-reference if something stumps me. For some languages, I know there aren’t that many resources. For Indian languages and many minority languages, it can somewhat to very difficult to find decent resources. The Langblr community is a great place to ask about finding decent resources! Just ask us! If we don’t know, we will still post your ask with something like “ I’m sorry I don’t know but maybe one of my followers knows?”

Wikipedia is always an OK start to reading about grammar, but I warn you that Wikipedia is not only subject to change, but also can be very academic and not suited to the purposes of the language learner. I, myself, am an aspiring academic, so it’s a little easier for me, but I highly recommend finding sites written by and for language learners, like this blog! I try to write explanations in the most down-to-earth way possible, even though I still believe in using the technical grammatical terms, like “conjugation” and “case declension”, because they’re convenient and acceptable ways to describe the way a language works.

Another key part of learning more than one language at once is what I call the “degrees of separation”. What this means are the ways you separate each language. A really basic one might be already be present: the languages are different structurally and historically. With exclusion to French and Spanish, as they are both Romantic languages, German and Japanese are all from different language families. Sure, Japanese has a whole alphabet for borrowed words, but has very little in common with French or Spanish. In contrast, English borrows some of its words from other languages. Similarly, Korean has borrowed quite a few words from Classical Chinese, but shares very little in common with Mandarin otherwise. There’s also temporal separation, where you study different languages at different times or on different days.

You can also use methodical separation, using different methods or programs to study (ex. using Memrise for French and German; Japanese and Spanish on Anki). The only other one I could think of is spatial separation, where you physically study in different places for each language. Which I plan to do once I get a routine down.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

My first Masterpost…cool :3

I just wanna say that I love this little community, and you guys are all awesome and amazing and I’m only really still here because of you. Never change, you flawless bastards.

You’re the reason fandom is a safe, happy place for me and others, and the support system you’ve built is phenomenal. You’re the reason I can come on here, and even if I do get stressed out, I’m immediately calmed and soothed, and really you’re all reasonable, level-headed mature people and it shows. If the rest of this hellsite could only aspire to be like you, then maybe it’d be a nicer place for everyone, but as it stands, you guys are great and I’m really thankful to have you each in my life (in some way). <3

I love every single one of you guys. 


Watched this gem for the first time in years. Realized that we definitely should have a “things single Orthodox Christians hear.” Here are some I’ve been told and others that I’m sure have been heard by some poor single soul at some point in history…

“Are there any young and single people in your parish?” *Asks a well meaning visitor, I responded by laughing (while ugly crying on the inside)*

“You know who wasn’t married?” *Insert the name of any of the THOUSANDS of unmarried saints*

“Have you prayed to Saint Xenia?”
- St. Phanourios?
- St. Xenophon?
- Sts. Joachim and Anna?

“So my nephew/niece, granddaughter/son, second cousin twice removed that lives in [insert foreign nation here] is single!”

“You should move near a seminary.”

“Quick hold this adorable baby it’ll make that orthodox man/woman swoon”

“What about that guy over there? (literally 20 years older then me), “ok how about that alter server? (points to his beautiful wife and children), “that one? (aspiring monastic), "fine him then” (he’s still in high school ya nasty). “I’ll pray for you.”

“I listened to this great podcast about singleness/marriage on Ancient Faith, I’ll send it to you.”

“Are you on the Orthodox & Single app?”

“Maybe someone will convert for you.”

*Sweet meddling old person at church sees that the only other single person didn’t receive the Eucharist at liturgy* “Psst give them some of the antidoron.” *wink wink*

“Maybe they can hear you reading/chanting.”

anonymous asked:

Is there a possibility that Levi will be the one who helps on Mikasa's character development? I mean, she has changed but its' not enough... Another thing I wanted to ask is: What should we expect of her now that she is 19 years-old? And how do you think she has changed? Mikasa deserves better ♥

He already has. But, rather than character development, SNK follows the story of the war so we’re not shown much of the characters unless integral to the plot. (That’s why the mangaka freely kills off characters who have no use for the story.) 

I have no idea in canon because we have nothing to work with. But, I would assume she’s taken a position of leadership/authority now. I think the whole of EMA has. Other than Eren who we think is surveying Marley. No doubt, though, that we’re expecting a more developed Mikasa by way of her perception of the war, of her role in it. That she sees herself separate now from Eren and as an individual with her own goals and aspirations. 

Personally, I think a great development of character for Mikasa is in owning a leadership role like Levi. I want to see her leading her own squad and developing relationships with those other than the main cast. Given her skill, I’d love to see her training recruits. (I’d really love a panel showing Mikasa and her beauty walking down the dining hall and everyone’s like - in awe.) 

On the flipside, if she is part of the squad surveying Marley, I can only hope she’s a more able teammate, more present-minded, and more trusting of Eren and her team. 

My problem with depending on Levi for Mikasa’s character development is that it still is - dependence. I want to see Mikasa separated from the original crew to see how she acts on her own. I want to see her leading a squad so I know this loner can form more meaningful relationships and function in society as an individual. We know Eren and Armin are very likely to leave Mikasa in a while. We can’t have losing vigor for life just because she loses these two. 

Thanks for the question! 

Hello there! This is my first advice post on tumblr, so I hope this would go as a great start. Please feel free to give me constructive criticism and any comments of the like. I would gladly appreciate it~ ♡

To fit the season of summer, I have written a topic about being productive during the long break we usually have during the summer. I know, I know, finals are finally over and you just want to chill and treat yourself, and that’s totally fine! However, the more time you spend on relaxing, the more difficult it is to regain productivity by the time school starts. Spending an hour or so per day getting that flower on your head watered will keep it turgid and ready for the start of the upcoming school year!

Here is a list of ways to get that productivity going on:

get a long, good sleep: This is probably the most critical part of getting into a productive mood. Take advantage of the break by fixing your likely messed up sleep schedule (<4 hour sleep anyone? lol) Studies show that having a good amount of sleep can improve learning and can help your brain work properly, which serves as the foundation for your productive journey.

plan, plan, plan: This is a great way of starting your day (it rhymes :D). You can write it on your planner, bujo, a piece of paper, sticky note, whatever. Organizing the things you want to do will allow you to recognize your priorities and keep you in focus without forgetting that one summer assignment essay that’s due during the break (ap gov essay rip me).

create a (unique) exercise routine: (kinda being hypocritical lolol but whatever) It’s probably obvious to everyone that exercising gives you a lot of health benefits, both physically and mentally. Aside from going out for a jog, consider implementing unique exercises at home by doing some stretches while completing household chores!

get ahead of current subjects: If you already know the classes you’re going to take for the next school year, consider this. This will give you a good head start with the class and will make the course easier to understand.

hit the books: Like, I mean, literally (well not really, don’t throw dem fists). There are so many benefits of reading such as memory improvement, vocabulary expansion, and reducing stress. Set goals as you read to keep up with it. Visit your local library, purchase a book, or even just read an e-book; all can do the job.

learn something new: This can range from an academic subject to a hobby. Learn something that intrigues or inspires you. Setting goals will keep you motivated to study. What’s also great is that you can enjoy learning at your own pace.

study for the (P)SAT/ACT: I’m looking at you, juniors and incoming sophomores. This is a pretty significant entity in the college apps, especially if you aspire to go to a prestigious college. Preparing now can not only save you time and energy during the school year, but also money. I recommend reading SAT/ACT prep books, watching practice videos (i.g. Khan Academy), and taking many practice tests.

build community service hours: The number of community service hours required can vary in different states, but if it’s not, it still looks great on resumes. Put some good use to your free hours by not only working on your grad requirements or resumes, but also helping out the community! Some ideas could be volunteering at your local library, shelter, or any non-profit organization.

That is all the tips I could think of at this moment. If you have any more advice you would like to share, feel free to add on to this post and we could help each other out~ ^^ Have a nice day!

Hey babes

Just a reminder that it’s good to have goals and to know where you wanna be just remember that you gotta go for'em too ya feel?? Even if your aspirations seem unattainable just try a little harder, if you wanna be as good as someone else like in art for example you gotta put in that practice instead of reading that spicci ((don’t like don’t read)) smut on wattpad. Just take a step back and look at all you’ve done and accomplished even if it’s only a little. Just tell yourself that you can do it and then go for it. “You’re gonna be a great artist one day” my parents always tell me and it never rlly registers but when I think about it I put myself down a lot and that’s not okay. I have a chance and I should act on it. Don’t be hard on yourself but don’t be too lenient either. Just keep movin forward haha (^ ^)

gnfeldmann  asked:

Hi Brett! I just found your blog and I love your art and advice! I'm an aspiring visdev artist having portfolio troubles. 1) Do pros only want to see polished designs, or do they like to see all the dirty work like pencil sketches too? 2) I primarily want to be a character designer, but will it hinder me if I'm not great with backgrounds? 3) I don't really have much experience with painting. Is it enough to just have colored-in line drawings? Thank you for any advice you can offer! -Gunnar


Thanks and glad you like the art and advice.



Pro’s want to see how you arrived at your design, so “dirty work” is essential.  But dirty work should be clean and concise.  Sketches should be able to tell another artist what your intentions are.  If they’re chicken scratches, don’t bother.  We’re in the game of communication, even your sketches need to convey that.  But that’s your brain on paper, very important.  Also, it’s not just pro’s looking when you turn in a portfolio.  Interns, HR, producers etc look first.  You need to be able to explain who you are through imagery concisely.


It won’t kill you but it could hurt you.  It may hurt your chances in a video game company as they look for concept artists (who do more than just characters) or smaller companies that need someone to manage multiple projects to stay on. Plus you’re more desirable if you can fit into different roles when it’s cuttin’ time!


If you stay in TV then potentially, yes. If your goal is feature film, learn to paint.  

Also, you’re asking questions like there’s a frigging goal line you cross then you’re done.  There’s no end to your education.  You get your first job, learn from it, do better, expand and continue until you go kapoot.  Your first job isn’t going to be your dream job.  Just keep moving forward.

My 2 cents….  Hope that helps.


can i just express how incredibly happy i am for tarjei? he won two gullruten awards at the age of SEVENTEEN and now hes 18 and is so ready to start his acting career, he has so much potential and skam has really set the stage for him and his future. he has so so so much potential and i am ready to see him go far and achieve all of his goals, and hes only 18 - he can accomplish so much. i know i’ll never meet him, but i just want to say this. tarjei. im so proud of you. you’ve set up so much for yourself, and you can really go far. please, enjoy yourself, take everything easy, and you’ll get far. im so glad you exist and that you can pursue your aspirations to become an actor. i love and appreciate you so much and everything you do. happy birthday, i hope you get all the love and hugs you deserve. thank you for being to great. love, an adoring fan who appreciates you for not just what you do, but for who you are.


Culture means creativity and imagination; means history and art; literature and languages; traditions and innovation. But to be able to express culture requires freedom. A freedom that cost the Spaniards a lot to get - you know it well - and that made possible our common longing to live in democracy. A democratic coexistence that was the fruit of a deep and intense desire felt by all Spaniards. An aspiration achieved after many sacrifices and efforts and thanks to the commitment and generosity of all. And a great collective triumph that can not be given up.

And this coexistence, in a constitutional democracy like ours, is only possible if the laws that regulate and organize it are attended and fulfilled by the citizens and by the institutions; if the rights and freedoms of citizens are protected and respected by the public authorities.

Therefore, before those who are outside the constitutional and statutory legality and fracture society, I am sure that the rights that belong to all Spaniards will be preserved; that the freedoms of all citizens will be guaranteed and protected; and that, as I have already had occasion to affirm, the Constitution will prevail over any failure of that coexistence in democracy, it has been and will be the basis of our common life in freedom, the foundation of our progress and essential pillar of our membership in the European Union.

King Felipe VI addressing the recent events in Catalonia during the delivery of the National Culture Awards in Cuenca, 13 September 2017.

anonymous asked:

Can you talk about your lovely art? What brush do you use? Program? Do you have a process or can you Show a bit how you make those precious lines?

I primarily use Clip Studio- the pens and brushes are so clean and precise, I love them. I used to use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop, but Clip Studio is great not just for drawing really clean lines but it’s also great for painting. This piece I did earlier this year was done entirely in Clip Studio. It also has a wide array of tools for manga drawing including halftones and pattern brushes. And it’s only $50. It’s a great investment for aspiring artists. ANYWAY I’LL STOP ADVERTISING MY FAV PROGRAM.

I like to use paint brush tools for my initial sketches bc they flow nicely and the variety of width is easier to control. My initial sketches always look like blobs lol. I would post a pic of my process but I have a bad habit of deleting sketch layers after I’m done with them :/ I also have a REALLY BAD HABIT of not using any references. I really need to get better about that bc I know I could be so much better with anatomy if I actually used the 100s of refs I save into a useless folder on my desktop. I usually do 3-4 sketches before putting down the final lines. An exception would be this: 

 (that was all one layer sketch save for the phone convo lol)

I have different techniques for different types of pieces. When I draw, I always do the lines first, color, and shadows last. When I paint, it’s the reverse, shadows, color, lines lol. Clean lines are harder for me, but I really try haha. I use a 9pt-16pt pen tool for that. Actually, my anime/cartoon style is heavily inspired by one of my fav artists and good friend snickerdoots. She’s been a huge source of inspiration for me for quite a few years. Her lines are such the art goals lol. Go check out her stuff!!