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Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I did a follow forever and during this time my blog has reached past 3k, it has almost 3.3 and I honestly can’t believe my eyes. I would have done it sooner, but I didn’t have enough time: preparing for medicine needs a lot of work and attention from me. Anyway, now that the Winter Break is close, I finally managed to take some time to thank you all for being with me. This blog was made in September 2013, but I started activating on it only in 2015 because I couldn’t understand Tumblr at all at first. You know, in real life I’m dealing with anxiety and paranoia often, so I can’t but feel so happy to see my works and style are appreciate here. I’m also dealing with unrequited feelings regarding love life and I’m suffering because of them. I’m glad that I have met a lot of beautiful and talented people that are always making my day better. And of course, I want to thank to my beloved followers for appreciating a blog which is always in queue and which, from time to time, posts its own content, without you, this blog wouldn’t be where it is at this moment. I’m not going to write a novel here, but I hope everyone is fine and healthy. Thank you again for everything and Happy Holidays! ^o^

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Home - Drake x MC (NSFW)

Happy Smuterday, fandom friends! Is that a thing? Should it be a thing? Anyway, the last chapter was kind of dissatisfying as a Drake fan, so this happened. This is set during the next chapter in NYC. 

*No Liam bashing is intended by this fic. I love that man…just not with Louisa. I’m just incredibly frustrated with the continued forced romantic interactions with him…and so is Lou.

Louisa walks across the hotel lobby at a clipped pace. Today had been draining to say the least. She was glad to be in New York. It felt good be back, but this whole tour was all getting to be too much. Today’s events had taken them to the Statue of Liberty and it had been impossible to avoid Liam.

More than once she’d caught him looking at her with that look in his eyes; the one that made her stomach knot guilty. He’d sidled up to her at one point, smiling warmly and telling her how beautiful she looked. Louisa had thanked him with a tight, forced smile. When he’d asked if she was okay, she’d waved off his concerns, saying she was jet lagged and had a headache. He’d asked where her pearl bracelet was and she’d made something up about not wanting to lose it during their busy day out in the city. She couldn’t bear to tell Liam that she’d stuffed into the bottom of her suitcase just so she wouldn’t see it, that every time she looked it, it reminded her of how much he cared for her and how she didn’t feel that way about him.

They’d stood on the railing of a luxurious yacht and reminisced with about the first night they met. She’d tried to keep it friendly, but Liam kept telling her how much that night meant to him, how she’d changed his life that night. Not once has Louisa ever regretted taking Liam out on that boat. Showing him Lady Liberty and seeing his eyes light up as she appeared out of the fog had been wonderful. And she had felt a strong connection to him that night, but as time and gone on, as she’d spent more time with him, she’d realized what she felt for him wasn’t anything beyond that of a dear friend. She doesn’t want to break his heart. He’s so good, so wonderful, and she’s just so lost about what to do now.

So here she, dodging the other guests in the crowded lobby as she makes a beeline for the doors. Just for a while, she just wants to go home. She’s nearly out when a voice calls out to her.

“Hey, Tennant!”

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no offense but like listen to the wind bloOw, watch the sun riIiIiise. running in the shadoOws, dAMN your love, DAMN your lies. and if you don’t love me now, you will nEVer love me again, i can stiLL hear you saying you will NEVER break the chain (never break the chain) and if you don’t LOVE me nOw, you will NEVER LOVE Me aGain, i can STILL hear you saying you will nEVEr break the chain (never break the chain). listen to the wind blOOw. down. comes the nIGHT. running in the shadoOws, dAMN your love, DAMN YOUR LIES. breAk the siLence, dAMN the dARK, DAMN YOUR LiiiIiiEs. aND if you don’t love me now you will nEVer love me again. i can sTiLL hear you saying you will never break the chain (never break the chain) and if you don’t love me now, you will nEVER love me again, i can still hear u saying you will never break the chAin. and if you don’t love me. now. you will NEVER LoVE me aGAIN. i caN sTILL. hear. You. Saying. You will. Never. break the chAIN…………. chAIiiIiIN, KEEP US TOGETHER (rUNNnInG. IN THE. SHADOWS) chAIIIINNN, kEEP US TOGETHA (RUNNING IN THE SHADOWS) chAAAAIIiiiinnnnn kEEP us togETHAAAAA…. chAIIIiiiiinnnn KEeepp uss together,

anonymous asked:

Can u pls make me a samoyed/ the big fluffy white dog?? I saw this cute one irl named Panko and now I want one in my game! Thank you I love your blog and your dogs btw!! You make rlly good dogs like omg ily

ok anon, i tried- i really tried! i wanted to just completely start from scratch but everything i did looked nothing like a Samoyed and I thought “ea’s isn’t TOO terrible”…I changed around the ears and the body type and also messed with the eyes a *little* bit to fit my style.

the problem is (once again) the fur types- there really aren’t enough of them and you can’t really fiddle with them too much. i find myself wishing for the fur add ons from ts2 (is that what they’re called? i’m not sure!) to make fluffier pets! Samoyeds are WAY fluffier around the head, but there wasn’t anything I could really do to make it happen :(

either way, i hope you like him…i think he came out cute even though he doesn’t look much like his rl counterpart! you can find him the gallery under my username heatherehl or by searching the tag #womrats

It’s that time again! I’ve put together this year’s art progress! I’m not even sure what to feel about it this time around

I also love how you can tell what I was super into that specific month.

Art progress posts from previous years can be found here

Anonymous said:

I’ve seen so many people continuously saying that VM twizzles are “slow and heavy” and while I will agree that they are not as fast as PC, I just don’t understand the slow part. Like they aren’t the fastest but they are in no way slow, especially the ones in the FD. Also love how perfectly timed with the music they are.

Yeah, they’re turtles alright. 

:if you can’t watch live, then watch a fan cam::


I was tagged by @mynameispiaivy to post 9 of my best pictures of 2017, thank you so much, love!

Now, this year has probably been the hardest year I’ve ever had. Some days I thought life would never be right again, but thankfully it all worked up one way or another. 2017 was a bumpy rollercoaster ride but I’m still standing and if I’m any lucky 2018 will be a little bit better (and yeah I know my life problems won’t magically solve themselves but I can hope things wil be better, right?)

Thanks to everyone who stayed with me through another year, to all the new friends I made here, who made me smile everyday. Life would be even harder without you.

I tag @tuigim @rainbowsboa @muchbetterjulia @twoghostsacoustic @girldirection @mistletoeandvinegar @lrrystyles @gimmieshelter and @almightypeachybum and whoever wants to do this

EDIT: I fucked up and picked only 8 pictures… oh, well

If Anti tries anything from now until tomorrow morning, he can be patient and wait for my attention

He’s already had it for 24 hours and I’m ready to rest and actually get some sleep

Once again, thank you for last night. It was amazing to be a part of something like that because I felt like I belonged somewhere and that the random posts I was making mattered. I love you all!

anonymous asked:

Called her for the first time yesterday Finally found the missing part of me Felt so close but you were far away Left me without anything to say Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again Hopeless, head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again I can't get your smile out of my mind I think about your eyes all the time You're beautiful but you don't even try

I want to thank each and every one of you for the support and love I get on this blog. I could not do it without you, forever I thought my writing well had dried up but I have my confidence back again and it’s true, you all have given me the motivation to write again. I also want to thank those who were willing to help me with the imagine I asked for a proofread and constructive criticism. I have hit just past the 1200 follower, I could cry right now.

I can’t do it without you guys, thankyouthankyouthankyou! virtual hugs for all! xoxo

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What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

[The first one is now available as a design on my redbubble!]

Me Before The Last Jedi: Meh I guess Reylo is okay. I don’t exactly see what kind of connection they would have though. We don’t really know a lot about Ben yet. I guess it could have some interesting possibilities, I don’t really know though. I don’t really care what happens that much in this movie. Whatever happens happens.



Todd, you’re not making any sense.


Couple of assorted haikyuus

Christmas in the Voltron household

Keith: what are you guys doing

Pidge: making spaghetti

Lance: oh no I forgot the meatball

Pidge: you what




Keith: AAAAA

Lance: AAAAA

Everyone: *screaming*

Lance: hmm where should I hang the mistletoe


Keith: did you just put it on my chest

Lance: maybe

Pidge: bro hey fucker bitchshitter hey look

Matt: what is it pidgeon

Pidge: I found the picture of shiro you put in place of the star on the tree last year


Matt: you’ve been banned from this room

Matt: but give me the picture

Pidge: mmmmm no

Matt: I SWE A R

Keith: hey takashit merry christmas

Shiro: its December 17th

Keith: merry fuck you

Keith: the entire month of December is christmas

Shiro: I will fight you

Pidge: I now bring to you our annual winter concert

Allura: *claps*

Keith: *hums the shooting stars meme*

Keith: *mumbles* I’m in love with a shooting star *glances at Lance*

Pidge: five seconds in and the concert is gay welcome we’ll be here all night

Allura: can I have some hot cocoa

Pidge: I’m broke make it yourself

Lance: illuminati? Hacked. photosynthesis? Hacked. Pidge? Also hacked.

Keith: you definitely hacked my heart


Lance: y'all mind if i AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Shiro: *shivering* Keith help I ate 12 packets of cherry kool-aid and I feel like I’m dying

Keith: fucking- again?

Lance: what do you mean ‘again’

Keith: we’ve been over this, your addiction is getting problematic

Shiro: *drinking orange kool-aid from the flavor bottle*

Keith: W H O M S T V E


Shiro: I astral projected into hell and found it


Lance: *chokes on kool-aid powder* how do you eat this stuff

Keith: lan c e nO

Shiro: its time for Christmas carols

Keith: shiri what direction is the nearest cliff

Shiro: I’m not a phone

Shiro: okay, 1, 2, 3, 4-


Shiro: *speaks into kiddie microphone* AND THATS A WRAP GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY

Lotor, from the house next to them: YOU ALL ARE FUCKING ASSHOLE S