i can not wait to see it


- “wait I thought these shoes were black”
- “Is daehyun flirting with someone? wow good thing I can’t see”
-“oh lord the girl I kidnapped better be his girlfriend” - “Invisible ink was a bad idea but then again I’d probably not be able to see what I write anyway”
-“why the fuck did I call him to a dark alley”
-“okay is the gun on his head? I’ll just linger a little longer than I have to to make sure”
-“I hope he appreciates the photos. All pics are poor lighting pics for me”
-“Me? And reading a book? if Daehyun was smart enough he’d have figured it out”
-“well I really can’t see where my bullets are going let me just shoot the guy 200 times”
-“how close am I to Himchan’s face”
-“did I just jump over a crate or was it Junhong”
-“I want to shoot Yongguk but I can’t tell where he is someone help”
-“is this youngjae’s hand or leg around me”
-“is everyone dead? it’s silent? i can’t see? I’ll just wait a little”
-“gosh I hope they think my staggering is dramatic effect”
-“Daehyun’s still alive? Well I gotta kneel down I really can’t see”
-“oKAY THIS TIME I’ll just use his own hand to guide the gun”
-“fuck where’s the trigger let me just smile at him”
-“Jongup, you’re cool, play it cool, don’t trip over a body”
-“where the hell are these buttons I need to show off my bulletproof jacket do you understand how long it took me to wear it”
i don’t know what this is guys, but you can blame @roses-for-jongup for inspiring me and @zeloswaffles for furthering my thoughts. bless.

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How about reader from our world where tfp is a show, got sucked into a portal and somehow ended up in team prime base? The bots were doing their thing than a portal appear, dropping reader on the base ground, and left. How does each tfp bot react? All of them witness it. No one can say they didn't see it! I hope this is okay

(I respect your thought process, and I want to get mad, but that’s Heaven (sadly)!)


  • He waits to see what falls before pulling any blasters, but everyone watches and waits as he walks up to you when the portal closes and asks if you’re alright?
  • *insert fan screaming in terror*


  • *high pitched squeal* “WHAT THE FRAGGG-!!!”
  • (You pretty much just both scream in unison.)
  • He screamed.
  • He wasn’t ready.
  • It was so out of nowhere.
  • He screamed like a little girl, but everyone was as freaked as he was so they couldn’t laugh.


  • “eeEEEep!” he jumped.
  • He’ll admit he jumped.
  • He’s so comfortable at the base and it was out of nowhere.


  • Eyes widen and she pulls a blaster, but other than that no outward reaction. 


  • oH sHIT!
  • Blasters out and he’d ready to rumble if it’s the cons… somehow.
  • But then you fly out and wait. What? 


  • Oh, slag …?
  • He has mixed feeling.
  • It was cool to see the portal open up (it wasn’t a ground bridge I take it???),b ut like a human? His human friend has earned her stripes, but still.
  • “Slag, kid, are you alright?”


  • “Cool!” shuddup Smokey this is not ‘cool’.

Ultra Magnus

  • He’s frozen in confusion.
  • What.
  • The slag.
  • Was that?
How Taehyung Would Handle a Language Barrier

Request: Hi I just found your blog and love your writing so much!!! May I request a drabble to how each BTS member would handle being in a relationship with someone who’s not fluent in Korean? Maybe how they would try to overcome the language barrier during an argument? Thanks, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! <3 

Jungkook Taehyung | Jimin | Jin | Hoseok | Namjoon | Yoongi

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count:  2181k

Important Notes: 

- “Words in italics are mainly Korean, and non-italicized mainly your native language.” 

Kyuri is a Japanese cucumber. Looks exactly like normal cucumbers you buy at a store. 

You had met Tae in a rather strange way. You had just moved to South Korea for a great career opportunity offered to you while you had been interning for a company in your native country, and being the opportunist you are, you obviously took it without thinking of all of the consequences and responsibilities that would come with such an important decision. Especially not that you’d have to learn Korean, and attempt to assimilate into their culture. 

Thankfully for you, the majority of the company you worked for spoke your native language, and were able to help you through the move, but your co-workers had lives too, and were not always available to bail you out, so there were occasions when you were left to your own devices to try and figure things out for yourself. 

For example: the grocery store.

The first time you’d gone to the grocery store alone, you only vaguely remembered what your co-worker had told you about what to do, and where to find things, so you were a nervous wreck. 

You had been fumbling with the difference between types of cucumbers when two men sidled up beside you, speaking in rapid Korean, and you felt uncomfortable. You attempted to read the labels for the cucumbers, but seeing as you were unable to read Korean, let alone speak it, you were at a loss. You glanced at the two men beside you, hoping maybe, just maybe they’d be able to help you out… Until you noticed how attractive they were, and nearly got whiplash from moving your head so quick. Damn. These guys were the kind of attractive that intimidated you. Great. Now you were definitely screwed. 

What was the Korean way for saying “Excuse me” again? Shit. You couldn’t remember.

You looked down at the cucumbers in your hand, and closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath before steeling yourself for the next moment. You turn to face the men as one of them picks up a carrot, and tap the shorter one on the shoulder. 

“Err… Uh…” You panic as the two of them turn to look at you, and notice their eyes fall down to the two cucumbers you were holding. You follow their gaze, and blush as you realize how weird this must look. 

You look down at the floor, desperately trying to remember what your friend had told you, and something pops into your head. 

“Ah! Uhh…. Can you…” What was it? “Can you… Errr…” What was it that they’d said?! 

The two men glance at one another in concern, before looking back to you. Why did it seem like their guard was up? Oh no. Had you just caught two criminals in the act?! Yeah, right, Y/n! What were they going to steal? Mixed vegetables?

“Uhh… I… Don’t speak… Korean?” You manage to say, and the two men’s eyes narrow at you. Wait. Something about them seemed familiar. Had you seen them before somewhere? 

They look at one another, the shorter one speaking to the other one before the taller one nods in agreement, and they turn back to you expectantly. 

“Aha…” You say nervously, uncomfortable under their pressing gazes. 

You hold up the cucumbers for them to see, and smile nervously. God, this was so awkward. 

Wait! You put down the cucumbers on top of a pile of cabbage, and rummage through your purse for your phone, bringing up your translator app. 

You speak into it, asking if the two men could tell you which cucumber was a kyuri, and hold out your phone for the men to read. Huh. Now that you thought about it, why hadn’t you just looked it up? You feel the sudden urge to smack your forehead. 

The men read it, and the shorter one giggles to himself before turning to whisper something in the other’s ear. The taller man giggles as the shorter one whispers, and you feel slightly left out. The taller one turns to you, and reaches out for your phone, asking your permission with his hesitance as he looks you in the eye.

“Uhh… Okay.” You decide as you hand the phone to the man.

He speaks into your phone to translate his words, and hands it back to you as words appear on the screen. 

“They’re the same.” 

Your face flushes as you stare down at the words on the screen, and you feel too ashamed to look up at them.

Thank you.” Well, at least you’d remembered how to say that.

You turn away quickly, picking up the cucumbers you’d left on the cabbage, and push one cucumber back onto its original stack before rushing off into an aisle full of what you assumed was granola and cereal, shoving the kyuri into your shopping basket. 

The next item on your list was sanitary napkins, and after a few minutes of walking through every aisle in the store, you found them…. Except, of course, you couldn’t read anything. The only thing you were actually able to read were the numbers printed on the packaging which you were pretty sure represented the pad count. That was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. From the looks of the little pad icon on the plastic wrapping, the package you were holding looked like heavy flow, but you couldn’t be sure… You look up at a pair of familiar voices, and notice the two incredibly handsome men waltzing down the aisle. How did they manage to look so good just walking? 

You gulp when the taller one meets your gaze, and shove the package into your basket. Mother nature and her rules be damned. Why were they even down this aisle?

The shorter one stopped in his tracks as he spotted whatever it was you assumed they were down here for, and the taller one leaned in to whisper into the shorter one’s ear. The shorter one raises his eyebrows in surprise, turning to the taller male before turning his head to you. They both smile at one another, and the shorter one gets to work on… were those facial masks? 

The taller one starts toward you, and you turn quickly in the opposite direction, pretending you hadn’t been staring this whole time. Which was ridiculous considering they’d already seen you. Gah. Why did you have to be such an idiot?

The taller male makes his way over to you, and taps you on the shoulder. You turn rather quickly to face him, probably too quickly to be natural, and are met with a brilliant smile. Damn, he looked so good. He falters for a moment, likely thinking about how he was supposed to communicate with you before his face brightens, and he pulls out his phone. He turns the face of his phone toward you, and taps on the screen in attempt to tell you something… Oh!

You pull out your phone immediately, pulling up the translation app, and hand it to the beautiful man. 

He smiles at you as he takes it from you once more, and begins speaking into it. After he’s finished, he hands it back to you to read, and as your eyes mull over the words, you feel a deep blush fill your cheeks. 

“You’re really pretty and cute. Can I have your number?”

You look up at the ethereal man before you, mouth agape, and cheeks a dark magenta. You struggle to find words, your mouth opening and closing like that of a guppy. How could someone be so blunt?

A raspy voice fills your ears, and you and the tall man turn towards the source only to find the shorter male holding up two different kinds of, yes, those were facial masks. People in South Korea really did like their skin care products.

The man before you points to the green pack, and the shorter male puts the other pack back where he found it. The taller man turns back to you questioningly, and you decide why the hell not? The man was arguably the most attractive you’ve ever seen, and he was interested in you. You fumble with your phone until you reach a page for a new contact, and hand it over to him.

The young man beams brightly at you as he takes your phone, and you feel a rush of butterflies in your stomach at the thought that this man liked you. After finishing, the man hands it back to you just as his friend arrives to stand next to him, and you look down to see his contact name. 

“Tae… Taehyung?” You inquire as you look up to find him still smiling at you,

He nods his head like an excited puppy, approving (hopefully) of your pronunciation. He then pulls out his own phone, handing it to you to punch in your number, and when he gets it back, he takes a long moment staring at your contact. The moment feels quiet and tense, and you suddenly feel insecure. 

Taehyung looks back up to you, and the look in his eyes takes your breath away. He motions for you to give him your phone, then speaks into it.

“How do you say, ‘your name is beautiful’ in your language?”

You’re pretty sure all of the oxygen has left your body when you finally read his message. You pluck your eyes away from your phone to meet Taehyung’s.

You hesitate before you tell him, “Your name is beautiful.”

Tae takes a moment to realize you’ve answered his question, and he smiles softly at you. “Your name is beautiful, Y/n.”

There goes your sanity. Oh, I see it flying off into the sky. Huh. Don’t think that’s coming back anytime soon.

You feel a potent urge to kiss this wonderful man, and his super-fucking deep voice, so you do. Right on the cheek. (What? You had to restrain yourself at least a little. You two hadn’t even known each other ten minutes!)

As you pull away from his cheek, you notice you are no longer the only one who is red in the face. Taehyung looks akin to that of a fresh strawberry, and his friend looks… very pink. And astonished. Oops. (I think you broke them.)

You laugh nervously, and force out a smile as you watch the two statue-men (i.e. mannequins) look at one another in disbelief. You decide it is probably time for you to go, and take your leave after quickly bowing (the one thing you actually do remember from your colleague), and rush over to the register to check out. 

A few seconds after you’re heading out of the store, you hear your phone buzz. You pull it out of your purse curiously, and open your phone to find Taehyung has sent his first message. The message consisted of two emojis; a pair of eyes and an arrow pointing upward. 

What was that supposed to mean? Eyes up? Wait… Look up?

You look up from your phone, searching for whatever it was Taehyung wanted you to see when something catches your eye. A large billboard sits atop the roof of a tall building with the faces of seven incredibly attractive men, and an acronym; BTS. You recognize two of the faces, and your grocery bags drop to the ground, startling the shoppers around you.

They were from a fucking boy band?!

After that, your conversations with Taehyung mostly consisted of a lot of emoticon deciphering, and google translate (which you found could be incredibly inaccurate a lot of the time). When you weren’t working, or sleeping, people could find you and Taehyung spending every free moment learning the other’s language so that you could communicate better.

As time went on, you and Taehyung really became close, and the dates he asked you on were few and far between because of your hectic schedules, but all very worth it. There was certainly never a dull moment with Taehyung. He knew how to keep you on your toes. There were definitely times where he’d give you surprise visits at your workplace or your apartment, typically with flowers or some sort of gift in hand, and always with a bright smile on his face. The two of you were glued to each other. No one could keep you two off your phones, as you were always texting. 

As your relationship grew with Taehyung, so did the PDA. You found out Taehyung was a huge cuddler, and an even bigger romantic. His favorite pastime was playing with your hair. He had told you once that it was actually one of his favorite features on you. Ever since, you’d just allowed him to do whatever. In the mornings some days, he’d even braid your hair for you.

You and Tae never seriously fought. If you did, it was always about something super domestic, and the language barrier was a burden, but you were so soft when it came to Taehyung that most of the time you just let things slide.

Besides, nothing was better than being by Tae’s side. How could you possibly risk your love for him?


A/N: Who do you think Tae’s “shorter friend” was?

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People who don't keep up with news or anything outside of watching the show are gonna be speechless when Cas comes back from the dead (and also when he rips off his ugly ass coat and reveals there was never any pudge under there ;) Can't wait

i know right?!

season 13: OMG Cas is alive! uh….. Dean seems to be treating him a bit weirdly for a brother, um dude… what are you…

season 14: OMG DEAN IS IN LOVE WITH CAS?! DUH! That explains so much! Wow! And hey, what….Cas is RIPPED!

Jonsa fam, calm down!!


Okay people in the fam, just calm down!! Just think about this, so far, if we’ve seen anything in the show, it’s been brilliant writing. And context is everything. I shall repeat. CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING.

Somehow the leaks have been very j/d biased and I’m not saying that the leaks are not true. I’m just saying that it’s suspicious. It’s like get every one to focus their attention on just that.

It’s wonderful that we get to know about the vision juxtaposition of rhaegar and lyanna’s wedding and nothing about the white walkers, their backstory, their purpose?? No ones talking about that. Can the night king even Talk?? How the f*** can he see bran in bran’s vision?? What’s happening at castle black? ACC to the many leaks. NOTHING. The brothers of the night’s watch are just sitting around waiting for the WW to attack them. No raven that Jon sends to Castle black after his experience at the eastwatch??

The only things that Sam and Bran spend the entire season finding about is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding and proof of that?? No better things for them to do like finding about other things that can help them in the Great War, especially when the audiences already know that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son? (SO THAT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, HBO released an informercial CONFIRMING WHAT the tower of Joy scene meant) . Weapons other than valyrian steel and dragonglass?? How to kill the NK or even who the F*** is the night king??

So what I’m trying to say is that this show is not just about who bangs who and who falls in love with who, at the end of the day. If Jon does fall in love with you-know-who and strides into her cabin with every intention of banging her (Are we still talking about Jon Snow??) then it must be something that’s extremely important to the WHOLE plot. It will be believable, acceptable and done for a good reason. If it doesn’t happen, it will still be believable, acceptable and done for a good reason. I have faith in the writers of the show which is why I started watching it in the first place. GRRM is a genius, we must trust in his ability to weave his unpredictable magic in story telling.

Of course it’s totally up to each one to choose the manner in which they watch the show. With spoilers, without spoilers and leaks. Just remember, if Jon is the one whom they want all of us to root for he’s going to have to do something heroic that’ll endear him to the other lords of the other houses in westeros. He’s the one they’ll all turn to in the end. Not you know who! And whatever will need to happen for that, will happen and it will be good.

If they wanted you-know-who to be the one the people will choose in the end, we’ll soon show her be that queen who people love and not fear or hate. Then she won’t have to keep using the term “bend the knee”. So let’s wait and see who gets the popular vote. My bet is Jon Snow. But I could be wrong.

But let’s all please calm down and try not to pass on our worries. Hang in there!! Season 7 will be great.

The past week has been really really busy for me with work and stuff and this weekend I’m going on a trip with my mom to see cousins. I’ll probably still be on here, just not as active. And to everyone who has aske things but I haven’t answered yet: I will I promise, I just like to wait until I can actually focus / have enough time to give you a good response

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Hey Bartender Yoongi, what tattoos do you have? I love tattoos 😍

Anonymous said: To bartender!Yoongi: 👀 what was your first tattoo? Any favorite and/or memorable ones? (Also Iris i’ve absolutely loved all your writing and I can’t wait for what you have in-store for us!!!)

“I tell you what, if you want to see them, you’ll just have to come to my bar and see them for yourself,” he says as he smiles at his cleverness.

Ask my muses a question!

I can’t wait for the day I would wake up without you in my mind. I will no longer think where I went wrong because by then, I realized that I have done everything I could and that’s more than enough. I will no longer chase you and do weird things to get your attention. I will stop checking on you because I know it wouldn’t do anything good. And if ever I see pictures of you, I wouldn’t feel anything and I would be able to tell myself that I finally did it - I’ve finally moved on. I can’t wait for the day I will be completely okay. I will be able to smile truthfully. And my eyes would finally tell people that I have become a better person and I would not let anyone ruin it ever again.

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Omg ok I wasn't expecting you to get excited about the Hanahaki idea!! (Yes I was that anon) I kinda just brought it up because I loved the concept (that's why I'm writing tho tododeku fic about it) and I'd just like to say thank you sm for liking my idea and if you do end up drawing it I can't wait to see it! Thank you for being an awesome person, have a great day :3

hope u don’t mind me publishing this!! but thank YOU for requesting this lol i love the concept but never got to draw hanahaki before so i’m excited!!! you mentioned writing a fic about it so please link it to me when you’re done<3

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The recent QO chapter broke me. It showed the truth! Connor's trying. I want things to get better with him and Evan. It hurts that Evan is blaming himself. We'll just be here. Waiting for the next chapter.

I wanted to retain the scene as it was in the show while offering a different perspective on it. Connor has been resistant on letting me see through his eyes (almost as if he were saving it for this), and my patience with him paid off, as this glimpse he gave us all was really something special in my mind.
Your patience and love are so very valued. I can’t wait to give you more.

Okay, among other things that people have pointed about for the theory that it wasn’t really Dark and Anti in the video today:

Did Dark even HAVE the make up on under his eyes ????

In the video, if you squinted, it looked like he didn’t, and Mark DEFINITELY wasn’t wearing make up in the blooper video.

I don’t think they forgot. I think it’s like the gauges and the tie.

and because of that, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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i just ordered the stim-iest looking phone case!! i can't wait for it to arrive so i can tag y'all in it!

Fabulous, anon!

We’ll look forward to seeing your great find. Anything that turns an item we keep on our person into a tactile/fidget stim is a pretty awesome thing. I love toys that don’t require me to carry anything extra around and are always right there when I need them.

- Mod K.A.

Thank you

So close…

Private Photos is only about 20 hits away from 10,000 on AO3, and Shared Gravity will likely surpass 150,000 tonight if trends continue of how many hits in a chapter update. In Our Dreams is also doing good with just shy of 39000 hits. 

And for not having an existing fanbase, The Tower is doing ok so far with 400. I can’t wait to see how that one does as we get to the island for training and delve deeper into the deadly game show. 

Just… thank you all so much for the love.