i can not wait for this to come out

The cameras make a habit of getting a LIL TOO CLOSE to Viktor and Yuuri because the mics sometimes pick up what they say to each other before skating or in the Kiss & Cry, and audiences eat that shit up. There are people who watch ISU events like it’s the Viktor&Yuuri Show, and the sports channels know it

TUNE IN FOR THE NIKIFOROV-KATSUKI VARIETY HOUR, the advertisements practically blare.

Viktor can often be heard composing what sounds like literal on-the-spot poetry. (”You are my sun and stars and I will love you until I’m in the ground–”) Much of this is to calm Yuuri down before he skates. Most viewers assume that he writes this shit down somewhere but people who know Viktor understand it to be just the shit that literally is always coming out of Viktor’s mouth.

“Oh,” Yuuri says while they’re waiting for Viktor’s scores one time. He hasn’t put his glasses back on yet and is kind of just staring, unfocused, into the nebulous distance. “I forgot to call Minako and wish her a happy birthday.”

(“YEAH YOU DID,” Minako growls at the television back in Hasetsu. Hiroko pats her back. She just turned fifty. She’s sensitive.)

“Well, you’re dead now,” Viktor says, picking fuzz off his costume. “It was nice knowing you. I’ll never forget you.”

“Will you move on from me?” Yuuri asks. All of this is completely deadpan as they squint at the scoreboard. Yakov is on Viktor’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“No. I’ll roam the halls of our empty home, wailing for my lost love. When I die, I’ll continue to haunt the place where I was once happy. They will call me the Silver Spectre. Once or twice a year, Americans will come and try to film me. I’ll scream into their camera equipment and carve the words triple axel into the hardwood.”

“Please not the hardwood, Vitya.”

They find out that most ISU programming isn’t actually put on a delay during the 2018 Worlds, when Viktor and Yuuri are congratulating each other on winning gold and silver and the cameras pick up Viktor saying, “When we get home, I’m going to bend you over the table and–”


‘Technical difficulties’ is Yuri punting a tiger plush so hard towards Viktor that it knocks him backwards and into the backdrop for the Kiss & Cry.

“This used to be an ELEGANT SPORT,” Yakov growls. He looks to Lilia, whose expression is suspiciously toothy. “Are you laughing at this, Lilya?”

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing,” Lilia replies.

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Hi Cassie! I love your books and can't wait for LOS, I was just wondering if you knew if LOS is coming out worldwide at the same time. I live in Australia and I'm not sure if it comes out on May 23 as well, or another time due to time zones or something. Thank you!

It comes out worldwide in English at the same time – Australia, Ireland, NZ, the U.K. and Canada, the US, etc.

Beyond that I don’t know foreign release dates – my publishers in other countries don’t contact us to let us know when those are unless they’re asking me to tour or do an event in that country.


He pulls himself up onto the roof and walks over to me, so steadily. Calm, like there’s nothing in the world we’d planned to do today but to stand here, together, looking out over a field of dead bodies and happy children.

“Aaron,” I whisper.

He pulls me into his arms.

And I fall.

Every bone, every muscle, every nerve in my body comes undone at his touch and I cling to him, holding on for dear life.

“You know,” he whispers, his lips at my ear, “the whole world will be coming for us now.”

I lean back. Look into his eyes.

“I can’t wait to watch them try.”

Cruz Ramirez

Okay, I gotta know what everyone else thinks of this, but…

Does Cruz have anxiety? Like, legitimately, all the promotional material seems to imply this. In that Lead the Way tie-in book, there’s a very clear illustration of Cruz looking incredibly worried while McQueen tries talking to her (possibly even reassuring her?) And then, in that new trailer, during one snapshot of the demolition derby scene, we can clearly see Cruz off to the side, breathing heavily and panicking. And then, when Cruz is describing how she used to watch McQueen’s races, she mentions how she always thought he looked completely fearless - and follows it up by saying “I wish I knew what that felt like” 

I dunno, what are your guys’ thoughts? I know we won’t find out until the movie comes out, but still; these are some pretty interesting implications.

update: so do any of y’all like dog or mouse toons cuz :3c

i figured out how to have multiple materials on one object, so now the noses have shinies that are affected by the light source (same as the eyes, but they don’t tend to get shinies unless there’s a light RIGHT UP IN THEIR FACE)

i’m nearly done with the mouse toon variations, i’ve just gotta do the eyelash versions, then i’m onto the rabbits >8D 

Hushed Steps - Jughead x Reader requested

Jughead x Reader


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49

Anonymous said: Can you do a reader x Jughead where the reader is Archie’s twin and secretly dateing Jughead and Archie catches them in the act of )make out or smut dealers choice) in Archie’s room please I absolutely love your stuff thank you

A/N: Hope this is what you wanted. Thanks for the request and for reading!

Warnings: slight cursing and some smut

You waited impatiently. You had been home for 5 minutes and usually that’s all you needed to wait for him to come in behind you. You paced in your room, hoping to do something you wanted to all day.

You heard a door open and immediately went to your brothers room. Well Archie and Jughead’s room now. He put his bag down and gave you a smile.

You gave an eyebrow while closing the door, “we in the clear?”, your voice was a little soft but your eyes looked up and down at the beanie clad boy in front of you.

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So last weekend was Iron City Cosplay Day in Birmingham, Al and as you can see, I finally decided to retry my Revy cosplay and I honestly really like it this time (I still wanna improve on it tho).! All except 2 of these were taken on my phone after the event,and they turned out good in my opinion, I can’t wait to see how the photographers pictures come out.!

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Omg look at Eliza coming back from amazing movie premiere and stuff, going online on twitter, finally talking about her show being on air after 3 weeks off. Oh wait. She still doesn't give a shit.

Eliza, my indie movie queen, I pray every day that you get out of that crapfest so you can immerse yourself fully into the indie movie world. That’s your place my queen.

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My last presentation is due in 24h and then I can return. Send good vibes into the universe for me. I have slept so little I need to make sure I don’t die, haha! 

I cannot WAIT to come back for Fitzsimmons and Rebelcaptain. I’m experiencing serious withdrawal.

Anyway, I’m so closeeeeee

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Everything Can Change (3/?)

Summary: Dean and the reader find out the baby’s gender 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Word Count: 1,181

Warnings: Too much fluff 

A/N: Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy this series as mush as I do 

Part 1 - Part 2

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July, 20 2017

You were four and a half months pregnant and you couldn’t wait for these nine months to come to a finish. Yes, you enjoyed carrying your child and that was one of the best joys of being a mother but you just wanted to hold him in your arms, to cradle him or to give him comfort when he was sad. So, yes you were counting down the days till your due date. Not only that were also excited for tomorrow, the day of finding out the gender of the baby and finally putting an end to the bet that you two had going on. You two still haven’t figured out what the loser was planning to do, but you did know that it was going to be good. Dean was the best and only doing the best and you couldn’t help but smile every time you walked into a room finding Dean reading one of your books, how he would fluster and hide it quickly before you could tease him. But you knew all too well what was going on, even when he was “researching” you knew that he had a parenting book hidden behind a book. He was already searching for baby products and saving the ones that he liked, or sometimes he would occasionally go to the baby section during a supply run and buy the ones that caught his eyes. He would try to hide them before you could find them but you knew something was up right when he walked through the door and raced to your shared bedroom. Speaking of bedrooms, you and Dean had already picked out a bedroom as the nursery; the one closest to yours just in case if anything happened during the night. Dean had already begun warding off the nursery, making sure to take every step and not wanting to take any chances after what happened with Sammy and his mother.

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Thoughts while playing The Freshman Book 3 Chapter 17: Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Ooh. Love the title. Is it from the ‘80s song? *cue the synthesizers*

James knocks on my MC’s bedroom door. Gah. Don’t these dates know to wait in the living room!? Anyway they’re making out now so… fine.

“You can’t stay a freshman forever,” James say. IS THIS A FORESHADOWING. WILL THERE BE A “THE SOPHOMORE”?!?

The quad is so pretty!!!! Zig is at the dance!!! In his white shirt. I’ll take it. I thought he’d be in a tux. :P What’s he doing at the dance?

“You’re looking at Hartfeld’s newest Knight.” What!?!? LOVE IT. I am so SURE there will be a sequel to The Freshman. C’mon. Zig in a football uniform. BRING ON THE ART.

James coming up while Zig and MC are talking is sweet. “I hope I’m not interrupting, but I came to see if my beautiful girlfriend wanted to dance.” *melts*

So we’re waltzing with James (how very proper of this boyfriend) and we’re talking about our relationship. I pick “I still have some concerns”. Let’s see where this goes.

“You only have a year left at Hartfeld. Then what?” Boom. Relationship realities suck sometimes. James advises MC to focus on tonight. I’m with you, James.

“Saying goodbye for the summer’s going to be tough.” - MC. IS THIS ANOTHER FORESHADOWING? No Summer Quarter book?!

Madison shares their summer plans — they’re going on a cruise! Woah! Is this where Rules of Engagement picks up?!

“You catch sight of Darren by the punch table.” I literally gasped out loud at the cafe where I’m playing. Good thing there are no other customers around me. Hahaha.

Darren in a tux. Oh, but he doesn’t have a date tonight. He’s still pining for Amara though. My ever-supportive MC tells him to reach out to Amara by calling her. Darren goes:

“We’ve texted and stuff but a phone call is a bit more personal.” Oh, dude. Dude. Dude. Dude.

Okay enough!!! This scene is breaking my heart already. LOL. MC keeps pushing Darren to Amara and assuring him she likes her too. I get it, I get it. He gets it too. LOL.

“A chocolate fix sounds perfect right about now. Want to join me?” - Darren


“You enjoy yourself. I think I just saw Abbie and Tyler.” - MC


Dammit MC, what if this is the last screenshot we’ll have of Darren!?

On to Abbie and Tyler. Their summer plans? Visiting each other and meeting each other’s parents. MY HEART JUST TURNED TO MUSH. They are the CUTEST.

“My parents would be insane not to love you as much as I do.” - Tyler to Abbie. OGGRSGRHGLHALLA. My heart turned from mush to whatever’s mushier than mush.

Summer plans of Zack and Brandon: maybe a music festival on the West Coast. I WANT TO GO. TAKE ME WITH YOU.

Lone figure in the gazebo = Becca. Heart to heart talk and she goes it sucks when everyone is paired off “especially when the only person I wanted to go with is already taken.” Then she pats MC’s arm and goes, “But that’s a story for another time.” Another time = another playthrough with my single MC. Can’t wait. ;-)

James. Finally. With MC at the gazebo. This makes a pretty picture.

“You feel something heavy in his…” Oh. “Jacket pocket.” Naughty mind, naughty mind. ;) It’s a book of poetry. Emily Dickinson. It’s his own collector’s edition. Awww.

DIAMONDS SCENE TIME. “Let’s go back to my room.” 30 diamonds. Let’s do this.  

“As you enter your room, James pushes you up against the door and kisses you fervently.” WOAH. Things got hot quickly. I am NOT complaining.

“I want to hear you, Holly, when there’s no one around to be quiet for.”

*fans self*

DAAAAMN. I like it when James takes charge like this. You go, boyfriend. So sexy.

Poetry reading time. A sweet moment between James and MC that is just so them. Two writers, two lovers, in bed. Beautiful. Definitely one of my fave James x MC moments. <3

MC’s writing the last pages of Vasquez’s book… oh, it’s 2pm. We’re off to meet Gabriela!

She loves the book!

Ew, it’s Yasmin.

“Do you really have nothing better to do than harass college students?” - Gabriela to Yasmin. Woot woot! She’s asked for Yasmin to be pulled off the project. What goes around comes around, biyatch.

Gabriela congratulates MC on her book! What happens next?


The end.

Final thoughts:
Loved the finale! I can’t wait to play through the other choices <3 <3 <3 I’m so glad I let MC stick with James. I loved the thought that their writing bonds them even more not just as friends but as sweethearts. It’s a really sweet thing for them to share. And that diamonds scene was hot. I shall share screenshots over the next few days. And about everyone’s summer plans — do you think Book 4 will be about MC’s summer plans? It must be, right?! YAY for karma biting Yasmin in the butt. Hmph. And woah, I did not see any Chris or Kaitlyn in my James x MC playthrough. I shall await YOUR screenshots for those. :) I enjoyed the finale and can’t wait to find out what Book 4 will be all about!

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Shunsui would be an awesome replacement dad. Isshin and Shunsui look kind of similar so I headcanon them as (distant) cousins, so I see Ichigo coming to Shunsui for advice since he's the nearest male relation he feels he can talk to. Then the twins pick up on it and follow their ichi-nii's lead. And the Shunsui doesn't notice until: 'Congrats on the adoption!' 'Than- wait what?!?' (And Isshin doesn't notice until it's pointed out to him specifically.)


Yes to all of this! I’ve always thought Isshin and Shunsui were related somehow, because the noble families probably intermarried fairly often, and the idea of him as surrogate dad is awesome. 

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Just saw the promo for the show friday. Where Ellen looks back on coming out. Portia is there en they look so cute together. Ellen looks emotional en is hugging Portia. That should be the end of any divorce rumours!!!!! Especially amongst fans!!

I can’t wait to see it. I am sure it’s going to be great

☁️ Come now, child. Come away from the cliff’s edge. I know you can still feel your wings aching, and I know that you want to stretch them out like you did before, but they are no longer there. Yes, my love, I know you feel them. I know you long to fly, but you cannot..Not in this life. You must wait and be patient. The time will come for you to set flight once more. ☁️

the redbirds must have their due. oh you, wicked children who come close to the banks of the river, do you not know what waits for you? do you not hear them coming, wading, reaching out with blood red hands to tear you asunder, to eat you whole? is this not the fate that awaits you for your terrible deeds? the redbirds must eat. they must eat. they must feed.

A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a pretty frightening scenario concerning a race of strange creatures with origami birds for heads called Redbirds, who lived in the water and snatched any children who wandered by to eat them alive. My brain comes up with some pretty cool (but scarily weird) concepts, what can I say! I could imagine these origami killers (see what I did there) as a sort of grand antagonist in a short story - perhaps a mother needs to find a way to kill them for good before they set their sights on any other child who comes too close to the water…

(Also, sort of related to this, but I kind of want to do a series of drawings focusing on the “final bosses” of some of the myriad story ideas I’ve had, mostly because I just have adored all the antagonists I’ve come up with over the years! I wonder if people would be interested in that…)

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I have honestly never come across dembridge as a ship? To be honest that kind of ick's me out. Can you maybe explain why you like it or how you see it working? I like trying to be open minded.

The answer was not serious.😉
Some time ago I saw a photo at Instagram with the sentence “I ship Dembridge. Can’t wait for their first kiss“ and it was really funny. Just the imagination … priceless 😂

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I bet when he first saw Lupita!Castiel he didn't stab her. He just stood there and fought the urge to flirt with such a beautiful vessel

A/N: *sobbing gently*

He’s stone in his place, his heart pounding as she – it? – approaches. Sparks are flying behind her, highlighting her complexion perfectly. Wait. No. She’s a demon! No matter how beautiful she is. Before he can react, Bobby is firing off his bullets, blasting her with everything he’s got. She doesn’t flinch, only continues making her way to them. 

Demon. She has to be a demon. Before he can stop the words from coming, he’s speaking. “Who are you?” he asks. His voice comes out in more of a croak than anything else, his eyes locked on her deep brown ones. Her face is blank.

“I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition,” she says. Her voice is soothing against his ears. She’s terrifying, and beautiful. His fingers tremble over the blade behind his back, his throat running dry as she steps closer. 

Gotta stab her, gotta kill her before she kills you. He repeats this to himself in his mind, his heart dropping as Bobby swings his crowbar at her. In one swift movement, she grips the metal bar, turning to Bobby and gently pressing her fingers against his forehead. The Winchester watches as Bobby falls to the ground, and his knife slips from his fingers. 

“We need to talk, Dean, alone,” she says. 

“I’d love to get alone with –” He cuts himself off, turning his eyes to Bobby. Quickly, he lowers down, brushing his fingers over Bobby’s shoulder. 

“I didn’t kill him,” she says nonchalantly, walking over to a table and sinking down. Dean shoots her a glare, but it quickly melts away when he finds her flipping through a book. God damn it, he needs to focus!

“Who are you?” he asks.

“Castiel.” Dean rolls his eyes, rolling his wrist. 

“What are you?” 

“I’m an angel of the lord,” she replies. He wants to deny it, he wants to say that there’s no such thing. But he didn’t believe in angels until he saw her face. When he doesn’t respond, she stands to her feet, and lightening flashes. 

Dean’s heart feels like it’s going to give out. On the walls, shadows of big, full wings sprawl out, leaving him even more awestruck than before. “Son of a bitch…” He stands up, wondering if he tried hard enough, maybe he could feel her wings. “Why save me, angel?” he purrs, cursing himself for his flirtatious tone.

Castiel frowns, tilting her head. “Why question it?” she asks as she approaches him. Dean stiffens as she cups his face, his heart pounding against his chest. “I saved you.” She pauses, staring up at him with shifting eyes. Upon instinct, Dean leans forward, closing his eyes. “You’re welcome.” And just like that, her warmth is gone, and he can hear her walking away from him. Dean peeks open an eye, biting his lip. “We still need to talk.”

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Binary Star though. Can't we work things out so Y/N keeps them both? Both is good. Both is good. I mean, free love and all, the 3 of them could share right? Just one big house in the future, everyone gets it with everyone and that's it. Just happiness. No tears. A lot of... well, you know..... LOL

Ahahaha the love triangles in my fics always seem to come back to this 😂 


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 … stares at my ask box and waits for the shippers. LOL