i can not wait for this game!!!

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hehe I’m always a few hours early until midnight but…
wowowow 26 already!? I feel like his 25th JUST happened ahh ;w;
I feel like this year has been a great year for all three generations of Sonic!
We finally got the reveal of Sonic Forces which I for one am super excited!!
The new trailers and characters ahhh I’m so happy and can’t wait to play the game! It’s something I’ve been waiting for Modern Sonic!
We also got Sonic Mania coming in August! a very beautiful Classic Sonic game for the classic fans! I love the use of vibrant colors for the game!(which is something I tried to pull off on the background here as the theme lol)  I can’t wait to try playing that game as well! It’s nice seeing classic characters getting the love ^v^ Sonic Boom tv show has been doing an outstanding job with its season 2 It even got nominated for choice animated TV Show!~I personally love the tv show the animation is wonderful as well the voice cast and the writers are very nice to talk to!

Honestly Sonic has made a huge impact in my life. I’ve met wonderful friends and artists, and improved on my art. Without Sonic, I would never have some this far at all! He keeps me motivated and I guaranteed that he’ll always hold a special place in my heart. 

So here’s to 26 years, Sonic!  Keep on running~! ♥ ♥ ~(>/v/<)~

My Brother. My Captain. My King.

I want to talk for a little bit about Final Fantasy XV.

I grew up with this franchise. I’ve played most of the games in the series. I’ve beaten about half of them. Final Fantasy XIV, the rebooted version, has 980 hours clocked in on my Steam library.

I’m a fan. I’m a veteran. I’ve loved this series of games since I was a kid.

So you can imagine, I think, how torturous the wait was for XV to come out. That painful, agonizing decade of waiting. To finally hear the release date last year, probably one of the only things that made 2016 tolerable, only to have it delayed.

I have never looked forward to a game like I looked forward to this one. I was so excited.

And then it came out.

… If I were like a great number of people who played this game at launch, you might expect me to talk about how disappointing it was to see what this game became. You might expect me to talk about how much potential was lost. How it betrayed me. How we deserved better. But I’m not going to do that. One, I don’t agree with any of that. I think this game is wonderful. But more importantly. I cannot, in good conscience, add on to the criticism.

Because Final Fantasy XV gave me something, gave me someone, that no other game has ever given me.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I’m sure a lot of people following this blog of mine are aware of that. My case is minor, in the grand scheme of things. I have what’s called spastic diplegia. What this means, in simple terms, is that my muscles don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to. My left side is substantially weaker than my right, particularly my legs. I don’t have hip sockets. I do have scoliosis, though. My balance is shot, I have the knees of an old man. I use a cane for long distances, crutches for longer distances, and a wheelchair when neither of those options work anymore.

I didn’t grow up with heroes to look up to. I didn’t have anyone who shared my struggles on TV, or in my games. No movies, no cartoons, no books. Cerebral Palsy was something I talked about with my doctors, and my therapists, and my family. That’s it.

I didn’t get to see somebody like me be the hero. I didn’t get to feel like I could save the world. I grew up feeling alone, even though I was surrounded by people who loved me and supported me, because who understood me?

… Well.

In a lot of the promotional material for Final Fantasy XV, the Brotherhood anime, the Kingsglaive movie, even flashbacks in the main game, you see young Noctis, the game’s protagonist, in a wheelchair. 

And in the game proper, when Noctis is grown up and going on his journey, if you pay close attention to how he runs, you might notice that he favors one leg over the other. This is particularly noticeable if you run him out of stamina and he has to stop to catch his breath. One of his outfits even sports a knee brace.

Noctis Lucis Caelum, the main character of a numbered Final Fantasy game, has a permanent injury. A permanent disability.

Does he have Cerebral Palsy? No. Is it particularly noticeable? Not unless you’re paying attention. Was it even deliberate? I have no idea. But considering my options, I honestly don’t care.

Noctis is a hero with a disability. Noctis is setting out to save his home, to reclaim his throne … with a disability. Finally, after 30 years on this earth, I can look at someone in one of these games, in one of my favorite franchises of all time, and say:

“I know what that feels like.”

Finally, I can look at the main fucking character of a videogame and see myself.

I do not, and never will, have the words for how much that means to me. How long I have been waiting for something, anything, like this.

Is Final Fantasy XV perfect? No. It has its flaws. And for plenty of people, those flaws are deal-breakers. I don’t dispute that. I will never silence anyone for that. But … but this game. This game made me cry. This game filled a void. This game healed a wound I didn’t even know I had.

Thank you, Square Enix. Thank you, Hajime Tabata. Thank you, Tetsuya Nomura. Thank you, Takuma Harada. Thank you, Tatsuhisa Suzuki. Thank you, Ray Chase.

Thank you, Noctis Lucis Caelum.

My God. Thank you so much.


yeah alright, that’s a fair question, heh… so here’s a rough setup preview for you! <3

it’ll be animated, and it’s actually missing 2 characters here. there’ll be (at least) 3 gifs in total, mocking some ‘dialogue’ and ‘game movement’ as i’ve been vaguely referencing it as in my head. hmmm i wonder what’s going down in this scene… >v><3

… also, these colors are definitely not final, haha… gah i cannot wait until i can properly gauge what colors i’m actually selecting, thanks grumpy old laptop;;


Sooooooooooo… I got a problem. I can’t respond to asks because when I do, they fucking disappear -____-  And it’s doing this to me on mobile too so WTF. I’ll answer and then it never posts. It just fades into the ether never to be seen again. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, but it’s still annoying af regardless. It usually happens when the site updates something stupid, or when my askbox gets too clogged I think? Idk, but I already contacted tumblr support so it’s just a waiting game at this point. Pray to whatever entity you believe in that I wont lose all of my messages AGAIN :’( I’ll start responding again when the issue is fixed if I DON’T LOSE MY MESSAGES

Also, sorry to EVERYONE who participated in the ask meme yesterday that I have yet to respond to. I try to respond and it just won’t post. Has anyone else ever had this issue?????? Or does this blue hellsite just hate me??????

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wait why do you die a little every time some says that vex might be pikes crush lmao?

mostly cause of this

“She dreamed of home and about a certain someone. Another reason she chose to leave is the desire for the one she really loves (which was hinted at in one of the games). Maybe one day she will tell him, if she ever finds the courage. These lyrics perfectly represent the aching a heart can have for someone you know is all wrong for you.” -Pike’s Spotify Playlist (x)

I love the headcanon of wlw!pike and the art and stories and gifsets and everything that comes out of it. but the general tendency to ignore that pike’s crush uses he/him pronouns generally rubs me the wrong way? it’s such a little detail and I know there are plenty of people who just don’t know because they weren’t watching when the first batch of playlists came out but like. idk it’s always felt like people are ignoring her preferences to ship her with someone else

which isn’t to say it’s a bad ship! pike and vex have had so many cute little shipper goggles moments. and y’all know I’ve made stuff for them; you can check my tag and I’ve got fic and aesthetics and whatever. but the assertion that That One Crush is vex just like. really bugs me. idk how else to put it

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Hollow Knight is a very strong contender indie GOTY. Especially for the usual $15 price

Yeah I’ve only heard good things about it from people who’ve played it, just been waiting for a sale. That and Darkest Dungeon, also only $10 for the base game, are the only things I’m committed to for the steam sale right now. 

Now to wait for the servers to calm down and the sale prices to actually stay on so I can buy them. 

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exo: break their own records, the group with more daesangs, become triple million sellers this bitter anon: they were too behind in the game anyways

can’t wait for exo’s last quarter rally after being so far behind a la every episode of friday night lights seasons 4 im their coach and im giving them a rousing pep talk and we all yell clear eyes full hearts can’t lose and we win against all odds despite being a lowly underdog….love a good comeback kid story

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Can you write clace cuddling headcanons plz! I love your headcanons

How about a little ficlet instead

Clary tossed for the hundredth time but it was hopeless she couldn’t sleep. Only a few hours ago Alec had called all the shadowhunters into the war room to tell them about Valentine’s impending attack on New York. Now it was just a waiting game since now no one knew where her father was. She blamed herself. She trusted Sebastian and encouraged others to trust him as well. She never could have imagine that her was her brother or that he would use everything she had told him to break Valentine out.

“You still awake?” a voice asked turning on her light. She sat up as Jace walked into her room. “Yea I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about what could happen…..about what did happen. If I hadn’t brought Sebastian down to the cells to see Valentine.” “He would have figured out another way.” Jace says softly placing his hand on top of Clary’s and sitting on her bed, “Breaking out Valentine was always his plan. He would have found a way to do eventually. We all trusted him. Not just you.”

Clary looked down at Jace’s hand, which was still cupping her own. She remember the last time they were this close. Just a few days ago when they were Idris. Images of his mouth on hers and his arms around her flashed in her mind. Jace pulled away standing up, “I should go. You should try and get some sleep. It might be your last chance for a while.” “Jace wait.” she says grabbing his hand and he stood still.

“I know in Idris I told you I wasn’t ready…….that I needed some time to deal with everything that happened with Simon but your right tonight could be our last normal night and I just want to be with you. Can you please stay.”

He looked down at her with his mismatched eyes, “Are you sure? I don’t want to push you.” “Please.” she pleaded scooting over in the bed and lifting the covers for him. He nodded getting into the bed and laying flat on his back. He stayed still for a moment then turned to his side to face her. They laid face to face. Clary leaned forward & touched his face. He immediately closed his eyes and then pulled her flush again his bare chest. She responded by hugging his waist tightly as he pulled her to lay on his chest as his back hit the bed. She cuddled into him as he placed kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight, Jace.” she whispered.


… not that there’s anything wrong with second hand copies but this was cheaper than a second hand copy so I was super surprised about this!!

But there’s a slight catch… it has to be sent to my local shop from another area so I’ll have to wait a day for me to go and pick it up.

Might take some games to trade in when I go pick it up.

Aaaaaaaaah I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to play it again, hehehehe, I’m just really happy about this right now.

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Imagine Claire playing RE4, she keeps asking herself who is the mysterious merchant with the weird voice and accent. When Leon comes over, she tells him she is actually loving the game, she just can't understand the merchant, Leon laughs and say with the merchant exactly voice: "Because he got some rare things for you, Claire". Claire spills ALL her drink (Because fucking PAUL VA BOTH! LEON AND THE MERCHANT!!!!!!!!!! BRING PAUL BACK!!!!)


well i did… i just forgot but STILL HOLY SHIT

It’s only been one episode and I’m in love.

No Smarts but Hearts has hit me hard. I love it so much! The introduction, the character cards, the music, the portraits that HAVE LIGHTS THAT LIGHT UP WHEN THE PLAYER SPEAKS, the characters AND players, the DM, the first play of the game requires the stakes to escalate, the narration and imagery, the song titles, just EVERYTHING! I genuinely can’t wait to see more. 

What remains of Edith Finch 💚

This game so far is very interesting and awesome because it feels like you are uncovering secrets of the family that were amazingly strange and as the mystery thickens you want to explore every single detail this sure will be one of my favorite long series from @therealjacksepticeye I can’t wait to see what’s next in this awesome adventure 💚❤️👍🏻😍🤔

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“Long ago, the land was nothing more than desolate sand and harsh sun…”

I am so excited for Nintendo’s latest 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis. *u* It looks to be absolutely adorable and brimming with personality and color and cuteness and AHHH everything I love in a game. It launches tomorrow, and I honestly wish the best for it. From what we’ve seen so far it seems to have a lot of care and love put into it! I can’t wait to nurture my own little paradise in the desert. <3

The character designs in this game are WILD and while difficult, the protagonist, Tethi, was a blast to draw. 

Anyone else picking this one up? There’s a demo in the eShop for those looking to give it a shot first!

Listen I talk a big game about how the improvisational nature of D&D increases the tension because anything can happen at any time but when all of a sudden something happens and you realize there’s no plot armor safety net for your favorite characters it is A TERRIBLE FEELING

Meet Admin Cym

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Hello, I’m Admin Cym! I’m very excited to start writing for you all and get to know you and Admin Jade better :D I’m not quite sure what to say, so I’ll start with some basic, random facts–

1. My bias is Yoongi

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2. My top three favourite songs are Spring Day, First Love, and Young Forever

3. I love everything horror! 

4. I’m obsessed with hockey and I have two blogs dedicated to it

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5. My favourite colour is red

6. I really like video games

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7. My lucky number is seven.

8. I have only caught up with/finished two shows in my entire lifetime, yet I’ve started watching dozens

9. Pretty obvious, but I love to write and this will be my third blog I have written on!

That’s really all I can think of right now haha, sorry! If you would like to ask my any questions, I’m open to answering! I can’t wait to see what you guys request! If you would like me to link to my hockey blogs/misc blog, let me know!

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