i can not wait for this game!!!

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do you think you could rec some new adult books?

i mean, me and na lit have a bit of a love-hate relationship tbqh, but i can definitely try rec some Quality ones

devil’s sonata {pt.3} | M

⇢  PROLOGUE // PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 //

Contains: horror, angst {serial killers!au}

Warnings: graphic depictions of violence and death, gore

Words: 6,800

Summary: Taehyung was willing to go beyond the limits of ethics to spread his own, twisted point of view about the beauty of mankind. However, his brief reign came to an end when another artist starts to take inspiration from his work, beating him at his own game and making him learn in the worst possible way that life does imitates art.

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A/N: it’s been 84 years but the update is finally here!! I’ll try to keep the parts a little bit shorter so they can come out more frequently. Sorry for the wait!!

The sky was absolutely melancholic that day. Clouds enveloped the horizon in a monotone waltz of strong winds and heavy rains, dancing on top of tall buildings and oblivious citizens; morphing into a powerful storm as the hours moved along. Icy water poured down on the grey cityscape, ever so faintly attempting to wash away all the putrid sins that whispered amidst the crowded streets; but was not able to cleanse the repugnant grace that decorated the rooftop of a special, secluded building.

Many meters below the overcast skyline, Jung Hoseok pushed his way through the frenzy of stupefied bodies, holding his badge out to any of the spectators that dared to complain about his carelessness. Camera flashes and incomprehensible inquiries echoed all around him, exploding inside his head in the form of the most annoying symphony he had ever experienced; morphing into a headache he knew would not leave him alone so soon.

“Does the police have any clues?” a female voice overlapped the effervescent noise as the agent finally reached the yellow tape, a color that seemed to be mocking him lately. He raised it, and passed below the plastic line. “Your incompetence is allowing for more people to be killed!”

Hoseok clenched his jaw, physically stopping himself from answering something he would regret later. Instead, his steps grew faster as he reached the glass doors of the construction, drops of water running down his face as he mentally cursed every aspect of his current situation. For a miserable second, he was able to see the phantasmagorical reflection of his exhausted face on the translucent surface, turning him into merely another ghost among the city lines, an opaque being with no definite destination ― perhaps, that was what he truly was.

He passed by the empty wooden tables, disregarding the hysteria of soaked, blurry papers scattered around the floor; caused by the window that was left open for the entire night. ‘No signs of breaking in’ still resonated inside his turbulent thoughts, bringing along all the horrible questions he was far too confused to answer. Instead, the man found his way to the cement steps of the building, quickly moving up to the last floor of the static place.

The frigid wind thundered around him as he opened the heavy door to the rooftop, his figure being embraced once again by the monochromatic sky. A mixture of fury and disbelief bloomed inside his gaze as he moved towards the present silhouettes, all of them with their eyes locked on yet another one of the anonymous killer’s expositions.

“Jungkook,” Hoseok called, moving next to the young chief. Jeon glanced at him in pure emptiness, far too flabbergasted to even acknowledge his harsh tone. “What the fuck happened in your damn station?”

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amongst the emd2 hype, the game’s main artist also kinda got prompted to make LINE stickers for eo series’ 10th anniversary, and one of the doodles is flavio….so cute…
i would spam this specific sticker at all my friends and anyone who’s willing to put up with my love for flavio

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I can't wait until Hiveswap comes out! It's taking a bit longer than we expected but at least this way we get the game with less bugs. Bug testing for games can take a while- you need to go through a single part multiple times trying your hardest to fuck it up. Since the game is so long, it's only to be expected that this will take a decent period of time too.

yeah!!!! and the trailer looks so wonderful, i really can’t bring myself to be upset about it. there clearly has been so much time and effort put into it that i think we are far beyond the point where “never coming out” is even an option

(I know this is super late and that the hype is probably over but I hadn’t finished this until literally just now.) CONGRATS ON 15 MILLIONS SUBS @therealjacksepticeye you deserve every last one and I can’t wait for the future and whatever it holds for your channel! Thank you for everything you do for us; your videos make my day. We love you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. 💚💚💚 


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Man I love the dualies!! I liked the charger to (kelp splatterscope was one of my mains). Not sure if I like that power washer special though lol. I can't wait to do full customizations again and a good kit going for the dualies. Which I fear may become the new aerosprayer :p


The Dualies DO run super nice!! I tried them maybe 2-3 battles and I dont normally use weapons like that but they handled very smooth! I can see them being super popular when the game comes out! 

I also enjoyed the Aerospray though so…maybe that’ll be true /dies

hey everyone! new mod here ouo. im mod dylan, and its nice to meet y’all! im just makin a lil intro post so you guys can get to know me a bit more. im currently sixteen, turning seventeen in may. i have an awesome bf who lives in texas and he’s the light of my life. im an actor, and do a lot of theatre stuff (its even part of my summer job!), i like to make movies, and i like video games. so. ye. i cant wait to talk more with you guys!! 

BaTIM Chapter 2 Trailer

I saw the trailer and I am HYPED! I’m saving my money for this game oh boy! I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. 

I’m even more excited that my theory on the cartoon having voice acting was right cause there it is, in the trailer, a sound room with a mic for voice acting. Will we actually have a talking bendy? Gosh, I hope so. That would make things 10x scarier imo. I’m not surprised we didn’t get to see the new characters. They’re most likely saving that for the demo. 

Introducing the Kranion Blights, who are intentionally made to be completely ridiculous looking. They are a goofy parody of…actually wait, I can’t say because they’re technically still spoilers.

There’s seven of these weirdos and they are very unconventional bosses. They’re also plot important in the sense that something very good will happen if you defeat all of them. I’ll give you a hint: there being seven of them is important. There’s seven of something else in this silly game, isn’t there?

Help me find it!!!

So I’ve seen a few gifs and images of Jacob, Evie, and Henry in what appear to be some sort of mansion or a pub or a fancy resturant and from the animation, I think it’s a cutscene and I’ve been trying to find it but I can’t locate it anywhere! IDK if it’s from the game, or if it was in a trailer that showed some alpha footage, but I’ve been trying to find it and it’s been driving me nuts! Can you help me find it???

I’ve found some examples of what I’m talking about from a post by @assasinssquad . I don’t know why I wanna know, I just do xD … oh wait, I remember… I’m obsessed with this game xD (Mostly Jacob x3) 

shepard-alenko replied to your post “My colleague called me today to tell me what is going on at work while…”

I took time off work to play and my colleagues were asking why. I said “uhh I have family coming over…” which is not completely wrong, lol. The squad is my fam, they don’t understand.

Ah, I know what you mean :D

Mom was like “you’re taking time off for a game? can’t you use it at a better time or just wait a while?” 


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Hey, just real quick, I absolutely loved the demo! can't wait for the full release!! Anyway, Who's the purple-haired girl I'm seeing in all the fan-art in "extras" in game? is that Rourke's Girlfriend or wife? or does she even have a name yet?

Thank you so much!

The purple-haired girl isn’t in the demo, but her name’s Lynn and she’s the third party member. She’s usually drawn with Ivan (the guy with the beard and the yellow shirt) because they live together, but they are not a couple.

This info is available on the Steam page and other sites, but now that you mention it, I should probably add it to this tumblr and the official site as well.

  • Doctor Who: guys what was that sound?
  • Supernatural: should we get the salt?
  • Marvel: wait it sounds familiar
  • Merlin: I think it's...
  • Hannibal: it's not
  • DC: it can't be
  • Game of Thrones: it is...
  • Fandoms: no
  • Tumblr: no
  • World: no
  • Donald Trump: no
  • Geese: no
  • Sherlock: *bursts through door*
  • All fandoms: *screams of terror*
  • Supernatural: *flings holy water*
  • Harry Potter: they've awoken...
  • Sherlock: miss me ;)?

☆ Happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye as a birthday present I drew out as many series and games Jack has played from when he first started to around now. A lot of the series I personal love, so big happy birthday to the Irish man himself, I may not be the oldest or biggest fan but I’m happy to be a fan nether a less and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future ☆