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crystals every witch should have

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every crystal has a vibration and an affect on a person. certain crystals prevent negative energies, whereas others attract love. these these are the top 5 crystals every witch should own. (in my opinion)

🌙rose quartz
rose quartz is a very beautiful stone, a crystal of unconditional love. it represents tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort. i suggest using this crystal in any love spell.

selenite can evoke an immense amount of protection from foreign realms. It is an extremely spiritual stone, as it dispels negative energy. selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum. it can clear, open, and activate the crown and higher chakras, making it excellent for all types of spiritual work.

citrine is a yellow/orange variety of quartz. it is a powerful gem, as it is well known for it’s cleansing abilities. it can be used to cleanse you, your magickal tools, and other crystals. it can also diffuse a situation or disturbance in your home, such as nightmares.

amethyst is a light to dark purple variety of quartz. it helps deepen meditation, improves psychic ability, and aids in the remembrance of dreams. wearing the crystal, placing it on your pillow, nightstand, or altar will produce the greatest effect. it is a good offering to any gods or goddesses you believe in.

ruled by the moon, this milky white in color crystal aids in dream recall and increases intuition. it calms emotions, like rose quartz, and benefits health. like the moon in the sky, it seems to illuminate.

i believe that crystals choose you. in whatever time you need them most, their vibrations will draw you to them. if you are going to buy a crystal or start a collection, i’d suggest going to your local crystal shop to buy them, unless you know exactly what you want. enjoy your crystal collecting!


problems I had with Rogue One’s use of Saw Guerrera
  • Had nothing that I could see tying him to the Clone Wars character of the same name.  Could have been named “Garm Bel Iblis” and I would have believed it just as much or more.
    • Look, I can accept that he looks at least a decade older than he should be; he’s clearly lived a very hard life and been badly injured multiple times, but they could have at least given him colored contacts and a Brooklyn* accent.
  • Died for no reason
    • I know it’s Kill Off Jyn Erso’s Parental Figures Day, but you can have him try to run for the ship and not make it instead of just having him turn away and go “eh”
  • what are all the Vader parallels even doing? is it to say that his extremism makes them ~just as bad as what they’re fighting~?  is it to make Mon Mothma’s Rebel Alliance not those things, by contrast?  Because we don’t see the Rebel Alliance drawing any lines and saying “these are things we won’t do,” just calling Saw an extremist and a millitant and then ordering assassinations of people who claim to be deep-cover saboteurs or killing potential informants to keep their agents’ covers intact.  I’m not saying those things weren’t– look, they’re at war, war is ugly and people die, but none of that establishes the Rebels as people with moral high ground over Saw’s cadre with anything other than their own words.  so if that’s what it’s doing, it’s not doing it well enough for me.
  • sets up Saw and the Rebel Alliance as going to have to find a way to work together despite ideological differences for a greater shared goal, never goes anywhere with this potential conflict
  • has him torture Bodhi with a Vader-paralleling ~mind probe~, says out loud that this will have consequences, never gives it consequences
  • never has anything he does have consequences at all, actually
  • actually why wasn’t he Garm Bel Iblis.  TBF I barely remember Bel Iblis because it’s been years and also the Zahn trilogy does this thing where it sets up ten Chekov’s Guns and then fires maybe five of them, three books later at the earliest, and leaves the rest on the wall, but y’know, Former Rebellion Leader Who Was A Political Enemy To Mon Mothma Back In The Day could also have played this role
    • whatever though, I want Clone Wars’ Saul Guerrera back.  Give him back.  Give him back before Rebels tries to bring him more in line with whatever the hell Rogue One thought they were doing with him.
  • this is always why I don’t like new canon, it’s because everyone else thinks they need to incorporate it into their fanworks
  • I’m actually deeply interested in Rogue One’s Saw Guerrera, completely separate from the Clone Wars character.  I’m deeply interested in Jyn’s complicated feelings towards the man who saved her, raised her for ten years, turned her into a child soldier, abandoned her, later claimed it was for her own safety, said he thought about her every day since, was still willing to believe she’d kill him, and then died on her without even trying.
  • but NO everything’s about GALEN wonderful GALEN with his ACCENT and his BROOMSTICK
  • ok I care a little about notbecauseofvictories’ Galen, in an I Am Always Interested In Complicated Villains kind of way
  • no I haven’t read the prequel novel or the novelisation and I don’t intend to because I never read movie novelizations and I don’t like the idea that I should accept them as canon that’s why
pilferingapples replied to your post: Just wrote out like 30 spell cards because I got…

“spell cards”?

For D&D! It’s a game made by Nerds for Nerds which means that there are all sorts of rules and detail and numbers involved, none of which I am the right kind of nerd to remember, so I wrote out all the relevant details for all the spells my characters can cast onto index cards for easier referencing.

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Arme, if the other two Ains became useless in a dungeon, would you help them or just leave them to die? (Or finish them off with Ertezt De Lezt?) I can't spell sorry lol

I wouldn’t start a dungeon with them in the first place so…

By that, he means “yes I will risk my life to save them all”.

…I’ll save Base Ain, but I will leave you to rot.


I am utterly confused with this. The only thing that has confused me is Sherlock’s sister. The tests And all of those, were they really happening? How could sherlock’s sister (I can’t spell her name) be in two different places? My idea was that the whole episode was sherlock’s sister getting into Sherlock’s head. Because they said that within 5 minutes she could make you rethink everything? It started with that and we never saw Sherlock leave? And In the end he was back talking to her? The second one I thought of was what if the whole episode was from her mind and we were seeing all her thoughts? In the end their parents were shocked she was going there to the island and she was found in their old house?


A (brief) masterpost of musicals!

(I don’t own/ didn’t record these!) Also, they’re all on YouTube!(it’s unfinished so far!) (I really love brackets, but if any don’t work, I can probably get a different video for you from somewhere else, just send a message. I have a heck of a lot of links)

Tony Awards (full show)

Things I, a person who has neither watched nor listened to falsettos, knows about falsettos

• there is a song about jews bitching
• they r in a room
• the jews r in the room to bitch
• there is a child
• there are lesbians next door
• there is a lady who is breaking down
• christian borle is in it
• he is either marvin or whizzer????or maybe his name begins with j idk
• andrew rannels is there too
• he is the one that christian borle is not
• they r in love maybe
• there is a person who eats dirt?
• i think people die
• is the man who eats dirt called jason
• i had a dream and andrew ranells was there i dont even know who he is i just see him on my dash
• who is andrew rennals
• how do u spell his name
• the eternal mystery


List of spells and charms ⇨ Accio

“And then he heard it, speeding through the air behind him; he turned and saw his Firebolt hurtling towards him around the edge of the woods, soaring into the enclosure, and stopping dead in mid-air beside him, waiting for him to mount.” — The Firebolt, under influence of this spell

Chant for Motivation

Swift are my feet and focused is my mind.

So fast I am that time falls behind.

Ready be my hands to do tasks that must be done

And steady be my feet to walk me through each and every one.

May I be driven by desire to complete

Whatever task is given to me.