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I can never picture what people look like in books. Characters are more ideas than physical forms to me. I cant picture what their wearing, their hair, their face, nothing. So when people claim that a character in a movie isn’t the way they are supposed to look, I just shrug. You could have pointed to a stuffed animal and said “that’s Voldemort” and I’d just be like “yup”.

If he could tell him...

Imagine the completely out-of-character au where Connor sings “If I could tell her” but he’s talking with Zoe about Evan. Like, one of those sibling confessional, heart-pouring sessions except it’s just Connor spouting all the cute things he thinks about Evan.

“I thought, he looked pretty cute… er- He looked somewhat cool when he wore that red hoodie to school.”

Or… alternatively, the somewhat less ridiculous scenario:


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I was reading your headcanons and read the part were Touka's drunk, I was like OMG! I would love to see Kaneki try and take care of a drunk Touka. I would be funny because with re 122 if he can't handle regular blunt (and flirty) Touka, he definitely can't handle a drunk Touka 😂

IMAGINE HOW DRUNK TOUKA WOULD IT BE! If she’s extremely sassy and honest just by being sober, imagine how crazy she would become if she gets drunk 😂 but at some point i think Kaneki wouldn’t find that uncomfortable? I thikn he would feel like she’s super cute, like a grumpy little girl. I wonder what other dirty things she can say to him while being drunk 👀

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Look at Natsume making angry/annoying anime facial expression at his friends. I'm going to cry at this develop. He's being sassy and kind and ahhh!~

Lmao yes! When he was speaking with shibata on the phone, when he was speaking/bickering with shibata, or when he was scared. So many facial expressions!!! I wish we can see shibata once more and that he could meet the other guys as well, so we can see more bickering and funny moments~ I’m all for happy and surrounded by friends Natsume.

just look at him, so precious lol~

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Are the drabble game prompts still open? If so, can I have 62 with Minghao? (P.S. the prompt number 2 very funny! Just wanted to say that)

62 - guess who’s going to be a father?

There you sat, in the middle of the cold, tiled bathroom floor; your hands, shaking and your breathing, fragile. What you gingerly held in your hands was a precious piece of information, but what you held within your own body was even more precious, special and - most importantly - vulnerable.

Your assumptions were correct, you were the barer of a child. A child made from love, compassion and kindness. A child that would inherit similar features to your own.

A child that could make, or break your relationship with Minghao.

How on earth were you supposed to tell him? How on earth were you supposed to break the news, that he was to be a father of a child? More importantly, a father to your child?

The train wreck you called your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the echoing sound of the door slamming shut - an indication that the love of your life was home from work. You scrambled to your feet, quickly placing the used pregnancy test in the cupboard and running out the door to greet Minghao with a peck to the lips.

His eyebrows furrowed in concern upon seeing the current state you were in. Your eyes looked panicked, your skin looked pale and your hands were shaking as if they were victim to the tremors of an earthquake. He had every right to question your well-being.

“Is everything okay, _______?” He asked, his hands extending to cup your face, inspecting you thoroughly.  

You feigned a smile in his direction, nuzzling your cheek against his warm palm in hopes that he’d let the subject drop… for now, at least. “Just a little fatigued, I’m okay, babe.”

Minghao didn’t look convinced, but let the matter go nonetheless as he removed his coat and advanced into the warmth of your house.

You stared in awe over at your husband, how could he just know something was wrong from a mere glance in your direction? How could he memorise you and your actions well enough to know that the slightest change in skin complexion, the slightest look in your eye and the slightest shake of a hand was an indication that there was something troubling your mind?

It was simply an understatement to say that you loved him.

“Come, let’s eat.” You said with a soft smile.

He nodded, “Sure thing. Just let me use the bathroom first.”

For a moment, you thought nothing of it. For a moment, you forgot about the events that had occurred before he had arrived. For a moment, you felt as if nothing had changed at all, and your life was the same as it always had been before.

But then that moment ended, and all the memories came flooding back.

Your face went slack in panic, sweat starting to accumulate on your forehead. This wasn’t the way you wanted him to find out. Not now, when you had just found out yourself.

But it was too late, a few moments later, Minghao emerged from the bathroom - the pregnancy test held gingerly in his hands. He looked up at you with furrowed eyebrows, confusion evident on his features, “______. What’s this doing in the bathroom?”

Your hand instinctively placed itself onto your stomach as you racked your mind, in search of the right words to say, “H-Hao, I can explain-”

However, Minghao had caught your action almost immediately and everything seemed to click in his brain. “I’m gonna be a dad?” He whispered, the pregnancy test slipping through his fingers and landing on the plush carpets.

You bit your lip, refusing to meet his eyes - afraid of the reaction he would give you.

You expected many things. Minghao could leave you, he could get angry, or upset. He could refuse to become the baby’s father… or even worse, force you to abort the baby. 

But you never expected him to yell at the top of his lungs, “Guess who’s going to be a father? That’s right, me!” And have him pull you into a bone crushing hug. 

Tears pricked your eyes as waves and waves of relief washed through you. You were in awe yet again about how calm and accepting your husband was, he looked happy… beyond happy. And as he pulled away from the hug to press a firm kiss to your stomach, you couldn’t help but think to yourself, that maybe… just maybe, things will work out. 

Even if the two of you weren’t quite ready to have a baby, and weren’t expecting it. Even though you two weren’t finacially stable yet. Even though you two hadn’t agreed on having a baby so early in your marriage, you knew that the two of you would be okay. 

You two had each other, and in 9 months time, a third will come along.

That was enough.


HAAAAHAHAH GUESS WHO’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!! im so so so so sorry everyone for not writing in ages. I’ve struggled to find inspiration for so long and suddenly out of the blue i had the urge to write and here i am.

I know this isn’t the best i can do, but i hope yalls like it anyway as im still improving. LOTS OF LOVE ALWAYS AND ILL TRY POST AGAIN SOON XX


27 - Fall Out Boy

Trigger Warning: Repressed Memories, Abuse

Genre: Rock


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Big Flirt!

Omg I can’t believe I did this, it’s so childish! 😂 But for some reason I always headcanon Katas as a huge playboy flirt, and a while back I was speaking to someone on a tumblr post ( @ellipticalgalaxy1 it might have been you? I can’t remember) and it was suggested that maybe the reason Namekians wear those neck things is because the neck is a private area… Well I got this idea right away but I never got round to drawing it until now.
If Katas was a human woman he’d flash his boobs at builders 😂😂