i can no


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

richie: this date is boring

eddie: this isn’t a date. i said i was going to the store

richie: then why did you invite me?

eddie: i didn’t. i specifically said “don’t come with me” then you said “fuck you eddie i’ll do whatever i want!”

anonymous asked:

Hey scotch, could a 20 year old who have shaky hands and isn't that great of a drawer still have a chance to be a great of an artist like you? or is it too late for lil old me?

i myself am a 20 yr old who have shaky hands and isnt that great of a drawer, so u definitely stand a pretty good chance

Niall is out there making music that is so authentically him, music that he worked tirelessly on, music that everyone can connect to on some level. He’s so successful, yet he’s more humble than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s so talented, yet he’s been overlooked, always. I’m just so proud of him? I’m so proud of the man and the musician he has become. 

here’s an old end title card thingie i made

i got too carried away with the icons i made.. >:’))