i can never look at travis the same


Ok so Mother birbs. I saw this post a while ago of the 3 mother protags as birds and it just happened to inspire me now. Credit to you if you find this, haha.  I also added Travis. What is pathetic is that I’ve never drawn him before and the first time I do draw him is as a bird.

I wasn’t supposed to spend all night on this btw.

anonymous asked:

Hi. So, from your blog I saw that you have a general dislike of books like Twilight and Ignite me, because you feel like it's giving negative messages to young girls about romance, love, etc. But, these books are in a fantasy world. Vampires do not exist. Dystopian worlds do not exist. Don't you think maybe you should give girls more credit?

You know what, Anon? Good question.

It’s not about thinking girls are stupid, or gullible, etc. And I don’t know every girl in the world, but I know me.  And, my idea of romance, of love, of my perfect guy comes from movies, TV and books. 

Writers, even bad ones, have a way of tapping into fantasy, dreams, etc. They have a way of finding your pleasure centers and pushing them. 

I started reading romance when I was about 12. I was staying with my Dad in Florida and I got my period. (not my first, luckily). So, I couldn’t go in the pool and I was moody and I hated everything. And i literally sat around, eating doritos and reading my stepmothers books.

My step mother had harlequin and historical romances. I FELL in love with the idea of the rich guy on the white horse who would come and make me a millionaire. Honestly, her books were from like the 80s and earlys 90s. Those books are all about rich pirates, Counts, dukes and billionaire businessmen.  I am 25 years old and I have never discriminated against guys that I know, that I’ve crushed on or loved, but I have an ideal.  

My ideal guy, is Mr. Darcy. He’s Curran from Kate Daniels or Adam from Mercy Thompson. He’s taller than me, and smart and physically strong. He can literally beat the hell out of anyone who messes with me. Was promiscuous in a past life, but I have personally made him monogamous.  He’s protective, but not possessive. He’s domineering, but never dominates me. He’s rich, but doesn’t care about money. We will argue as much as we will love and he will move me into Pemeberly while supporting everything I do.

And this is me. Ms. Feminist, independent, work my way to the top Naomi and I still have a romance novel idea of romance.

So, when a 13 year old reads “Twilight” and Edward is all obsessed, and watches his girlfriend sleep and makes decisions for her based on her own good,etc etc, yes, I believe that many 13 year old girls get the idea that this is love. 

I think that “Dinner With A Vampire” is a perfect example of the effects of books like Twilight on a young persons mind. That book is written by a teenage writer. Her name is Abigail Gibbs and her book was published when she was 16 or something. Kaspar, her hero, is probably the worst romantic hero I have ever read. As in, kidnaps, hits, verbally abuses, etc the heroine. Ok, this 16 year old wrote this book. This 16 year old believes that she has written a love story. I actually had a long discussion with another 17 year old , who with all her heart believed that this was a romance. When I questioned her, she would say things like “i’m 17, with the world at my feet, i’m allowed to runaway in fantasy." 

I don’t think that girl is stupid. I think that we get a lot of what life is supposed to be like from our families, our friends and our culture. Right now, our culture is saying that guys who are "misunderstood,” “intensely possessive,” “Dark,” and  violent are romantic leads. You can just look at the “Ignite Me” reviews on goodreads. Girls are gushing about Warner. Who abused, and tortured and killed, the entire series. All of a sudden he’s the love of their lives and people are saying “I want me a Warner.”  Same can be said for Travis Maddox, Christian Grey and dozen other abusive men. Terrifying.

If he is not intense and hates others guys around you and doesn’t call you every moment, doesn’t sneak into your room and watch you sleep, then he isn’t invested. He doesn’t love you. Never mind that Edward Cullen’s actions mirror those of abusers. Never mind that it’s not OK, to dictate to your girlfriend who she should hang out with. Never mind that Edward literally wants to kill Bella and drink her blood for the entire Twilight book. Not like, “oh i’m a vampire, i like blood and you have it,” no. Edward wants to drink specifically Bella’s blood.

Nevermind that Twilight tells you to fall apart when your boyfriend breaks up with you. To risk you life in order to feel that thrill that being with him gave you. Oh and to change literally everything about yourself and give up your future, your family and your friends for love. 

I think that sends a message that young people are receiving and accepting. 

fadinglight123  asked:

Will and Nico are oblivious and mutually pining. The rest of the camp sets up a shaky temporary all-camp alliance to play matchmaker for them. Can be a 5+1 kind of thing I guess?

Coming right up. Shipping is of course what brings everyone together. Aphrodite would approve. probs gonna be more 3+1 just for length


“Ok, so Nico has sword fighting until 2, and Will comes directly from basketball. So your job, Austin, is to make sure that Will gets plenty sweaty and takes his shirt off. Do you think you can do that?” Piper looks at the son of Apollo testily. 

Austin nods, “Anything to finally get my big bro laid.”

"Good,” Piper says, “because Annabeth and I are kind of running out of plans here.”

And basketball goes fine. Will and Austin totally kick the Ares kids’ asses. Will is totally sweaty and shirtless. Piper discretely gives Austin a thumbs up as he leads Will to the spot where the older son of Apollo is supposed to cross paths with Nico di Angelo. 

But Rachel Elizabeth Dare has other plans and whisks Nico away for some Oracle-y thing before he can get a very good look at Will’s sweaty chest. 

Maybe it just wasn’t in the stars that day. 


Finally, it’s Annabeth that snaps. Piper doesn’t blame her partner in crime. OTP UST can drive anyone to a breaking point.

Annabeth tries to break down Will, because his will (excuse the pun) seems easier to manipulate than Nico’s. She plops down right next to him at dinner one night even though she really shouldn’t be there and asks with an angry look on her face, “If you like Nico, why don’t you just ask him out?”

Will splutters and turns the same shade as his father’s sacred cows. Quickly, he makes up a lame excuse and excuses himself to get another plate of food, leaving Annabeth staring angrily at the spot that Will once occupied. For a son of Apollo, he really isn’t all that poetic with retorts.

And Annabeth may be pretty smart, Piper thinks from her spot at the Aphrodite table, but she doesn’t have a whole lot of tact.


Piper swallows her pride and asks for Jason’s help. Jason and Nico are bros. They’re cool. They can talk about guys together, right?

And Jason was like, the first person even to know about Nico’s orientation, so he would totally be a confident for the son of Hades. At least, Piper hopes so.

Twenty minutes after she sends her boyfriend off to talk with Nico, he comes scurrying back with his t-shirt ripped up and one shoe missing. As she pulls him into her arms to comfort him he looks straight at her and says, “Never again.”

And they’re back to square one.


The Stolls walk into the mess hall triumphantly the day before the Fourth of July fireworks and say, “Can we have everyone’s attention?”

The hall immediately quiets down and looks to the brothers. 

“We would like to inform you,” Travis begins.

“-That Nico and Will-” Connor adds.

“Are finally a thing!” They shout together, “LONG LIVE SOLANGELO!”

As the hall erupts into loud cheers and wolf whistles, Piper and Annabeth pull the Stolls over to the side. 

“How’d you do it?” Annabeth asks, slightly amazed and slightly insulted sounding all at the same time. Piper is also sort of miffed underneath her elation. Romance is her department, dammit!

“Easy.” Travis says. He holds up a key. “We locked them in a closet together with a couple of condoms and a bottle of lube.” Connor finishes.

“And they seemed pretty happy with the arrangement.” They say in unison. 

Piper hits her forehead with the palm of her hand and asks them if they at least remembered to set up some cameras.

They did. Thank Aphrodite. 

this is my longest fanmix so far! just a little something for the oq fandom in lieu of the season premiere. i know i haven’t been active in the fandom lately but hopefully this’ll make up for it. it features some songs from my old oq mixes (and probs my other mixes too) but it’s mostly new stuff. you’ll find that each of the songs will fit oq one way or another :D

dedicated to: ninzied, emily31594, outlawqueensituation, outlawqueener, reginashappiness, badskin, afterfringe, ladygalaxyjparrillaslanas, coramilfs, youstillowemethatdrink, wooutlawqueen, timecandosomuch, regina-and-happiness, rogersmeed, melazon, sgtmac7, thiefqueeen ((i’m so sorry if i forgot to tag anyone, but i’m going off the people i always see on my dash and always talk to!))

hearts without chains ;; ellie goulding
   have you lost the same things i’ve lost?
     do you know that panic i know?

stubborn love ;; the lumineers
  it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all
   the opposite of love’s indifference

salvation ;; gabrielle aplin
 i never meant to fall for you but i
   was buried underneath and

magic ;; coldplay
 call it magic, call it true
  call it magic, when i’m next to you

gravity ;; sara bareilles
 something always brings me back to you
   it never takes too long

my broken heart ;; noah and the whale
 you can give up anything
   when you’re following your heart

who is in your heart now? ;; the studio killers
 have you ever found something
   that you didn’t even know you’re looking for?

ghosts ;; laura marling
 these are just ghosts that
   broke my heart before i met you

elusive ;; scott matthews
  the coldest heart you’ve ever felt
    the coldest hands you’ve ever held

starlight ;; muse
  and i’ll never let you go
   if you promise not to fade away

love will come through ;; travis
 if the world isn’t turning, your heart won’t return
  anyone, anything, anyhow

bedshaped ;; keane
and i don’t understand the same things as you
   but i do

kiss me ;; ed sheeran
  i’m falling for your eyes
   but they don’t know me yet

not about angels ;; birdy
  if your heart was full of love
   could you give it up?

still ;; daughter
  two hands longing for each other’s warmth
   cold smoke seeping out of colder throats

love love love ;; of monsters and men
 maybe i’m a crook for stealing your heart
  maybe i’m a crook for not caring for it

ink ;; coldplay
  all i know is that i’m lost whenever you go
    all i know is that i love you so much that it hurts

trust ;; christina perri
words that hurt the ones you’re lovin’
   hatred for who you’re becomin’

a thousand years ;; christina perri
  how can i love when i’m
    afraid to fall?

all you never say ;; birdy
time for learning
   why have i not learnt a thing?

overjoyed ;; bastille
 you lean towards despair
   any given opportunity you’re there

this love will be your downfall ;; ellie goulding
  i don’t see a reason why we can’t just be apart
   we’re falling on each other like we’re always in the dark

[ listen here ]