i can never have enough of this film

OK so DreamWorks Animation’s film “Trolls” came out recently and I just had to draw this! I LOVE Branch and Poppy and I’m a hopeless romantic, so have a little Troll love! <3<3<3

I’ve never drawn a Troll before, so I’m pretty happy with how this came out! I decided to try changing the color of the line art for each of the characters too; it was a pain in the butt but I just LOVE how it worked out! It really softened their look – important for Trolls! =P I think I might have to do this more often in the future! :D

I can’t get enough of these two! <3

Created using Photoshop CS5 and a WACOM Bamboo tablet.

Trolls (film), Branch, and Poppy © DreamWorks Animation SKG.

Art © me, @fizzyboov/@oh-megamind. <3

every rebel starfigther we see in the movies, ranked

x-wing: ah, the classic boy. u can never have enough of the classic boy. one of the most iconic and recognizable film vehicles ever. - 9/10

y-wing: a good shippy yes but why r u nakey??? where r ur metal pants??? pls put on metal pants - 6/10

u-wing: the newborn boy!!! a good boy who can spread those noodle arms out and be like “i love delivering troopers to the frontlines THIIIIIIIS much!” - 8/10

a-wing: SWOLE BABY - 10/10

b-wing: i wasnt sure where 2 go with these beastie boys, but after learning that only Some (3 i think) of them were enough to destroy 1 (count it right back there one) whole star destroyer i think these boys are the best boys - 11/10


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Rules: answer 10 questions and then create another ten for people you tag.

Q1: is it ok for me to tag you in these things?
Yeah, of course! I actually like answering those. Tho I might have few problems when it comes to thinking of my questions. 
Q2: Hogwarts house? 
Okay, I guess it’s a perfect opportunity to let you know that I don’t like Harry Potter, I never did. So I was uninterested in taking this quiz, sorry :c 
Q3: favourite film director(s)?
Marc Forster,  Adam Wingard, George Lucas, Nicolas Winding Refn
Q4: when was the last time you received flowers? 
On Saturday I guess, and my friend was nice enough to buy this grass that cats can eat for my babies! 
Q5: how do you feel about glitter?
I love it. On nails, as eyeshadow, whatever. 
Q6: what music genre do you think you’d be playing if you were a musician?
Indie rock or alternative rock 
Q7: what colour palette would you choose for today? and what would each colour represent?
It’s white, beige and brown. It’s comfort that I got to stay at my grandparents’ house, calm and you know, I have to study, so this feels like these colours. 
Q8: describe your dancing style (idk??:Di’m not good at coming up with these questions)
You’re actually very good! You’d have to be more specific, because when I am forced to dance with someone then my dancing style is “frozen wood” but when I’m home alone I could honestly take part is some kind of competition
Q9: do you own anything from IKEA?
I do, mostly candles and few decorative things, some pots, too. 
Q10: are you reading anything currently? if so, what? 
The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton + some stuff for uni

Thank you! 

My turn: 
Q1: How are you feeling today? 
Q2: If you could chance one thing about yesterday what would it be? 
Q3: What’s your favourite movie? Why? 
Q4: One book that you could read over and over again and not get bored with it?
Q5: What was your dream job when you were a kid?
Q6: How are your New Year’s resolutions?
Q7: What should you be doing right now?
Q8: Who do you think will win this year’s Oscars?
Q9: What time is it where you live? 
Q10: Do you prefer winter over summer?

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Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for that weird,dull pretentious bear/sex film, but we all know it was Inception he should have won it for.  Mal’s speech at the end. My God. It was powerful.

“I can’t imagine you with all your complexity, all your perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife. You’re the best I can do; but I’m sorry, you are just not good enough.”

Never before, in film, have I heard a man filled so much regret, sadness and desperate longing but insisting: “No, I won’t settle for this dream bullshit.” 

Mal always haunted me as a character. Because, you know, I secretly think I’d have given in at the end.  He didn’t. 

The Man in the High Castle - Season One

“I’m not afraid to die.”

“But how do you feel about pain?”

“We lost the war, didn’t we?”

“Now I can’t even remember what we were fighting for.”

“A way out!”

“Hey, what is this?”

“It shows us winning the war!”

“But we didn’t win the war.”

“That’s what they told us.”

“Why do you want to succeed, ___?”

“It takes a lot of effort not to be free.”

“We wipe them out, yet they keep coming back like lice.”

“Never underestimate them.”

“This ends only when people like us refuse to obey, no matter the cost.”

“I’m free to go?  I’m free to go!?!”

“You have suffered enough.”  

“And I am not a monster.”

“Have you seen the films?”

“I’m here because I need answers and I’m not leaving until I get them.”

“I’m not here to kill Nazis.”

“You find yourself a good woman(man), ____.”

“But until then, find as many bad ones as possible!”

“You must trust the woman in your life, with your life, ___!”

“The duty of maintaining order is never as thrilling as the challenge of establishing it.”

“It is far from easy to be a good man. In fact, as one gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to know what a good man is. Yet it also becomes increasingly important to at least try.”

“Now we have a better world.”

“There are those who seek to drag us all backward.”

“That film shows the world, not as it could be, but as it is.”

“It has to be about something more.”

“I need answers.”

“They’re scared, scared this film could bring this whole thing tumbling down.”

“A film that shows another world? So what?”

“It means maybe the world can change.”

“Take this!”

“There’s something different about this one…”

“If you could do anything with your life, what would you like to do?”

“My father told me what it was like before the war.  He said every man was free.”

“I want my country back.”

“Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing.”

“I’m not a spy.”

“Weizen Beer, make it cold!”

Tag 10 People You Want To Get To Know Better

Favourite Anime/Manga:

I’ve pretty much cut out Anime & Manga for the past.. 5-6 years? I use to be a true weeb, now I’m a closet one DESU
Naruto (ayyyyyyye), One Piece, Jellyfish Princess, Junjou Romantica, Hellsing, Trigun, No Game No Life, Vampire Hunter D, Howl’s Moving Castle (films count now cause I say so), anything Ghibli really, Vampire Knight. Idk.

Favourite Video Games:

Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Battlefield, Gears of War, Final Fantasy (duh), Ark Survival Evolved, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dark Souls, Terraria, Smite, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Sims, Golden Sun, Age of Empires/Mythology, etc. Basically RPG’s, MMO’s+, good horror games and the occasional strat game.

Favourite books:

Haven’t read books in years, can never stay focused enough oops but anything Terry Pratchett or Harry Potter really. Though I do have nearly all of Stephen Fry’s books, fiction and non-fiction and have to say 10/10~

Favourite TV shows:

I never watch proper TV anymore butttt Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, any food competition show basically. :B

Last song I listened to:

Caravan Palace - Black Betty


English and sarcasm

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Jongdae + Love Me Right MV  (1)

so i cannot. stop. thinking about jack and bitty on an hgtv show. like imagine them on property brothers:

  • bitty lists off like the longest list of must-haves and jack is just like “um. somewhere to keep my hockey gear i guess”
  • bitty refuses to do a reno because “i lived in basically a frat house for three years and let me tell you that was stressful enough”
  • the brothers take them on the overbudget house tour and bitty never forgives them because that kitchen was absolutely gorgeous, he may or may not have cried when he heard the price
  • he begrudgingly gives in to a reno “as long as y’all can give me that exact kitchen, and i mean it boys, that EXACT kitchen”
  • when the reno starts jack claims he has no preferences and “trusts bittle” but then he vetoes every finishing bitty picks
  • during the reveal bitty cries. like a lot. everything is perfect and the brothers even got him a little camera and tripod so he can film himself cooking in his beautiful new kitchen for his vlog
  • jack seems to enjoy the house well enough but he totally gets misty-eyed whenever he looks at bitty and sees how happy he is. there may or may not have been tears
  • they invite the whole samwell crew for the post-reveal party, including johnson, who grins at jack and bitty and says “i’ve been waiting for an hgtv au for AGES”
LGBT movie list

I always see list of movies on here but have never seen one of LGBT films. Here’s a list of ones I have seen and recommend watching (with links to their IMDB pages - because Wikipedia can have spoilers). Feel free to add your own as most of these are done from memory and I’ve only added ones I have personally seen:

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Modern!AU Anders watching Disney films

(Ok, seeing as I can’t focus enough to draw or write anything decent this week thanks to horrible life stuff going on, this is the best I could come up with for Anders Positive. Hopefully it’s not too late.)

Consider Modern!AU Anders (& Hawke) watching Disney films.

• Anders crying tears of outrage at Robin Hood and identifying desperately with the title character that he finds himself nodding along with Robin’s speech about how he could never be with Maid Marian because he had nothing to offer.  Hawke having to reach out to hold Anders’ hand to reassure him. Anders’ internal struggle that the bad guy happens to be a type of cat and for that reason alone a tiny part of him wants Prince John to be ok.

• Anders and Hawke watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame and screaming “ISABELA?!” as soon as Esmeralda comes onscreen and giggling. Both dissolving into fits of tears throughout the entire film because it’s far too poignant for them both, possibly even changing the DVD to something less anger inducing.

• Anders watching the Aristocats and having to cover his mouth to stop himself from squealing at them all. Hawke trying to ignore Anders’ pleading glances to adopt six cats immediately just to name them after the characters. Hawke losing that battle. Hawke having to go outside at 10pm to shout “ABRAHAM DE LACEY GIUSEPPE CASEY THOMAS O’MALLEY, COME INSIDE NOW!” because you know that Anders would insist on his full name being used at all times.

• Anders loving the fuck out of the Lion King and presenting every one of Hawke’s and his’ cats like Simba every morning. Hawke can’t even get annoyed because it’s too damn cute. Hawke loving the Hakuna Matata phrase and taking it too far when they decide to use it in conversation with Templars and then Meredith in lieu of the preferable but unadvisable “fuck off”.

• Hawke despising Alice in Wonderland and refusing to watch it because it reminds them too much of the Fade. If they are made to watch it they sit tutting like a petulant child, but they keep laughing at the puns and trying to hide it. Of course, because of its Fadelike nature, Justice loves it and the snarky humour therein.

• Not Disney, but, Anders watching Cats & Dogs and being genuinely torn because he can’t possibly back the dogs (Hawke of course, has Dog sitting on their lap and is cheering every time something good happens for them and makes the poor Mabari cheer too by lifting their paws and doing jazz hands), and the cats are so lovely. Anders spends the whole time grumbling because most cats are kind and gentle and GOOD companions and there must be something wrong with all the dogs in the film.

admonishing the perpetual 6 year old

for once can I point out that you need to grow up a little if you’re still caught up in the idea that your worldview was everyone else’s worldview at age 6

like we need to stop with this constant “no one notices race as a child. They just notice the magic!!!!!!" 

if you didn’t notice race in animated films, great. You were probably a white kid who never had a reason to feel any sort of discomfort regarding your race because it was portrayed as the standard. If only everyone could have felt that way! But, alas.

It should be enough that there are thousands of people actively writing and speaking about their experiences that do not correlate with the "no one notices” theory, and if you’re still choosing to shut them out and listen to the sound of the 6 year old inside of your head instead, well, come on. What are you actually doing here

I just realized that even if they have a world tour… it’s also arranged around Namjoon’s filming for problematic men. I thought he’d take a break from filming that for a while… But then I read they’re going back to Korea after TRBDallas and then fly back out for TRBChicago. And I realized that there’s really never ending schedules… OTL.. Exhausted isn’t even the right word for them. Not even burned out is enough. And all we can do is hope they’re ok. And happy. Happy is important.


(that gingery mass of hair is me) 

I’ve been in Cardiff for the last 4 days and yesterday we decided to go to Caerphilly castle as a last stop before coming home. We never would have guessed Doctor Who filming would be happening there. It was probably the most exciting afternoon I’ve ever had!! The castle closed to the public at 5 and we still hadn’t had much chance to see Peter so we waited around the back for a while, and sure enough he came over to say hello and sign things when he had a break! He’s so amazing to fans, I can’t imagine many other actors going out of their way like he does! He’s smiling in the second photo because I told him I liked how fluffy his hair is at the moment ha! <3   

Watching Earthlings has cemented my beliefs and true heart for animals. We all inhabit this planet as one. All seeking the same basic needs to live. However, humans have abused the right and ruthlessly murder, exploit and consume the flesh and blood of animals. I highly suggest this film to anyone, who is looking for a compassionate, respectful and peaceful way of living. You do not need to have the flesh of the deceased rotting inside of you. You can be happier, stronger and connected to the world without meat or animal products. I promise you this.
Animals are not made for humans, they are their own nations. They may not speak our language, but their despair is universal. As humans we are too greedy and loud, never letting the quiet voices be loud enough to speak. And when they do we immediately silence them. But I will not stand for that, I will be a voice for them and along with my other fellow human beings who feel the same.
Make a difference in this world. 

Some people are good at acting. I have trouble enough just trying to pretend to be me, you know, without trying to be somebody else. You know, it’s just one of those things. I can’t, you know, I never felt that comfortable.
—  George Harrison, The Movie Life of George HandMade Films documentary

Harsher in Hindsight: Gideon’s plan, after he was dumped, was to write a post about Ramona, post it online, and gather the exes, who can be likened to a hate group. After 2014 brought some similar real-life events, this plan feels even more diabolical. 

-Your Milage May Vary: Scott Pilgrim - TVTropes

All right. All right, let’s do this. @gamergate-news​, heads-up.

In the film Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Canadian slacker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Sera) meets a cute blue-haired messenger girl named Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). After inviting her to his band’s show, he finds that before he can enter her warp pipe, he has to defeat her Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends in a series of video-game style battles. Is the best fighter in the province a bad enough dude to win her heart? (Note:I have never read the comic it was based on, which was unfinished at the time of the film’s release.) It’s a good film that unfortunately came out the same time as The Expendables.

In 2013, indie developer Zoe Quinn released the game Depression Quest, about the 1929 Stock Market crash depression and mental illness. Despite amounting to little more than a Choose Your Own Adventure game, it became a hit with critics, while gamer reception was lukewarm. 

In 2014, Quinn’s ex wrote a blog post alleging that she had been abusive during their relationship, including sleeping with several other men, including games blogger Nathan Grayson, who gave her game positive coverage. (This was later confirmed by Kotaku’s EIC, who did not fire Grayson for engaging in an undisclosed relationship with a source.) When people tried to discuss it, thousands of comments on Reddit were deleted, comment sections on gaming blogs were locked down, a dozen or so articles from games journalists about how “Gamers Are Over” and suchlike were all published on the same day, and a narrative was spun that Quinn was only being harassed out of misogyny and because she was a feminist.

This eventually lead to a large group of people taking the name “Gamergate” and aiming to discuss ethics in games journalism. Despite achieving such things as getting the FTC to change disclosure guidelines, detractors often insist that GG is nothing more than a bunch of straight white male neckbeards not wanting to let women into the metaphorical clubhouse. The mainstream press has taken to gratuitously dropping mentions of Gamergate into unrelated articles, presumably to increase their search ranking, and a Law and Order SVU episode was even made. The popular image of the movement was given a boost when obscure developer and feminist Brianna Wu, as well as professional victim feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian claimed to have been harassed by GG, with the latter even laying a bomb threat at their feet. What’s largely ignored by the press is the fact that the actual police found the bomb threat non-credible, while several pro-Gamergate events have been threatened, at least one of which the cops found credible.

You’re going to note a lack of similarities here. For one thing, GG is a faceless mob of misogynist harassers hiding behind a thin and tattered cloak of “ethics in games journalism” in the popular consciousness, while the 7X have clearly defined names, faces, personalities, jobs and things they do when not bullying Scott.

In the film, Ramona is just trying to get on with her life. IRL, Quinn has taken legal action to gag Gjoni, has gone on TV and in front of the UN (along with Anita) to say people should stop being mean to her and women in general. In fact, she’s recently sold the movie rights.

Despite the fact that GG is often called a “hate group” determined to harass all women out of gaming (later expanded to tech in general), precisely three women are commonly cited as victims of harassment. Despite Gamergate’s supposed large membership*, not a single woman has actually been harassed out of gaming, even in the fevered dreams of its critics.

In the film, the Exes are targeting Scott. Specifically Scott. The real world analogy would be if GG was aiming at…wait…gaming journalists. Which they are. And even then, Scott doesn’t really target the Xs back, or decide to sic his friends (analagous to feminists and social justice warriors) on them. Though there’s a credible argument to be made that the GG “friends” piled on all on their own, once they had a juicy misogynist harassment narrative.

In short, basically the only similarities Gamergate has with Scott Pilgrim is that it involves exes and a woman and a blog post and harassment and video games.

Oh, right, one more thing. In the planned alternate ending to the film, it turned out Scott was just straight-up murdering the exes, and his perception of them as video game bosses was all a delusion to protect a woman. Just something he made up to justify his actions.

I think that counts as another similarity.

* Depending on whether it’s convenient for any given sentence. When it’s not implied to be the vast majority of straight white male gamers, it’s a few people with, presumably, lots of sockpuppets.







I want a Ghostbusters Sequel

I want to spend more time with Erin, and see if she’s still an awkward turtle now that she’s living her dream. I wanna find out if Abby’s curling scholarship is film canon or just book canon (not to mention the latest in the wonton situation). Can I see Patty’s book shelf, or maybe just more of her and her history loaded brain in general? HOLTZMANN- there will never be enough.

These ladies charmed the hell out of me, leaving me wanting more. And I know I’m not alone.

C'mon Sony, it did pretty well- can we have a #GhostbustersSequel?

DAY 2562

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr 20/21,  2015               Mon/Tue  1:40 am

It is improbable to assess what others assess of you ..

It is indeed an exercise in immodesty and arrogance. What does one really achieve by submitting oneself to the other. Can we be truly known by the other or others. Can we be truly known by ourselves. If quite by chance we did, would we have not had intelligence enough to know the mistakes we make, or may have made, and thus avoided them. But … we continue to make mistakes, and therefore by logical argument, it is quite improbable that we have no knowledge of how we could or can assess ourselves. End of debate !!!

37 years of ‘DON’ today. A film made by that gentle giant Nariman Irani, the DOP of extreme excellence. He was all heart. Never ever did I see or hear him in loud tones or anger. ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ he would address me .. and I still have not figured what it meant. He passed away suddenly and dramatically. he was not supposed to leave us that soon. Was shooting for a film at RajKamal Studios and saw a portion of the set begin to fall on a little kid playing below it. Ran to save the child. He did. But injured himself in the effort. Broke his femur, was hospitalised, went into surgery and came out well. Few days later complications set in and he passed away. Strange, and sudden. Tragedy … he never lived to see the success of his film ‘DON’. That year of its release Filmfare gave me Best Actor. I went up to receive it and dedicated it to Nariman Baba, and asked his wife in the audience, still grieving the loss of her husband to come up and take the award .. a poignant moment !

‘Khaike pan …’ was an after thought. Manoj Kumar saw the film rough cut and asked Chandra Barot the director of DON, and Manoj ji’s assistant director in all his films, to add a song in the second half .. and that was it ..

It was shot in second shifts at Mehboob Studios from 2-10pm, when I was doing an action sequence in China Creek, a couple of hours away from the city, in the morning shift 7am-2pm. During the action scene, I had hurt my feet and had huge burn boils on the palm of my feet. Could not wear shoes, or walk. The song was bare foot … so … took pain killer injections on my feet before each shot and completed the song and the scene …

Saroj Khan, the ace dance director would much later tell me that she was in Dubai when the film was released, and after seeing the song she went every day for several days just to see the song. The theatre owners would eventually allow her in free, just because she would come at the time of the song and leave .. 

Salim-Javed saw the rushes of the film .. more importantly, the rushes of the pan eating duplicate DON, and sent me a telegram, in Srinagar where I was shooting for another film congratulating me. It was a most encouraging moment for me I remember. I still remember the room in the Palace Hotel, when I received the message, and my inner feeling of great joy on its contents …

37 years ..today .. it hit the screens .. time .. time has passed !!

Meeting Ef’s is always a joy .. and so was today .. lots of silences and discussions on different topics - from lighting strikes to communication technology and GPRS and espionage .. on food and how the Ef feel I am continuously under fed, hence their penchant for food stuff in their generous gifts for me ..!!!

Tomorrow .. a moment of trial .. let us wait and see the outcome … !!


Amitabh Bachchan