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8 Must-Watch Movies & Shows on Netflix

By: Grecia

Feeling bored on a warm summer night? Snuggle up in a blanket, grab a cup of coffee and make Netflix your date for the night.

  1. Stuck in Love - This movie has possibly some of the best actors all combined into one. Starring Logan Lerman and Lily Collins along with Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato, this isn’t your typical love story. There is romance but with that comes hard moments that they have to overcome in their lives. 
  2. Supernatural - If you have never seen Supernatural, you have to as soon as possible. Literally close this tab and go watch it right now! This is my all time favorite show. With 9 seasons so far and renewed for a 10th season, there’s a reason why it has so many viewers. Who doesn’t love the protagonists Sam & Dean that save the world fighting monsters? Beware this show is rollercoaster of emotions. 
  3. American Horror Story - Okay, this show is a little bit on the creepy side so if you are not a fan of scary things or get scared way too easy while watching scary movies, this show is not for you. On the other hand those who are scary-movie fanatics, have to watch this show. It has me literally glued to the TV while watching. It is super intense and what I love is that each season has a different theme but the same cast stars in it. Oh and what more can I say, one of the main reasons I watch it is because the unbelievably gorgeous Evan Peters.
  4. Gossip Girl - Based in NYC’s upper east side, this show is everything. It revolves around the lives of teenagers who have it all, and two siblings who don’t and strive to become part of their clique. I can literally re watch old episodes and never get tired of watching it. There is a lot of drama that comes with this show, it can make you laugh and cry and wish you had their life. Also basically everyone dates each other throughout a point in the show.
  5. Clueless - This movie is like the 90’s version of Mean Girls. If you feel like watching a chick flick, this is it. Cher will become your fashion icon after watching this film and you’ll fall in love with Paul Rudd. Cher, the protagonist, along with her best friend Dionne make it their life mission to transform a new girl, Tai and make her as popular as they are. At the end of this movie, you will catch yourself saying AS IF ! 
  6. Bates Motel - A prequel to the 1960’s film Psycho, this show is about Norman Bates a teenager, and his mother Norma Bates starting a new life after the mysterious death of Norma’s husband. They move to White Pine Bay, Oregon after Norma buys a motel there. Norma is very protective of Norman and they have this abnormal relationship. Norma knows about a mental illness Norman has  where he has blackouts and he kills people but doesn’t remember and she decides to keep it a secret from him and everyone else. Moving to White Pine Bay doesn’t do much help because the past comes back to haunt.
  7. New Girl - Oh wow basically this show is a series of funny gifs you see on your tumblr dashboard. You will fall in love with the whole cast. It is based in L.A when Jess a teacher, moves into a loft with three other guys. The show shows their complicated lives and troubles and the crazy stuff they get into. You will become very familiar with the DOUCHEBAG JAR.
  8. The Walking Dead - This show is action packed and will keep you on your toes. In a apocalyptic world, where zombies have invaded, live a small group of people who are fighting for their lives. Their leader Rick Grimes makes tough decisions, to keep everyone safe. Throughout each season they grow stronger,closer to each other, and they go through many horrible things, and troubles but they combat everything in order to survive.

Photographer: Emily Keenan

wonder (m)

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summary: that was the snag, the inconvenience if you will, Jeon Jungkook had next to no experience with girls. It was his best friend that insisted on dragging the poor boy from the safety of his dorm and to the nearest frat party. But now Jungkook no longer attended the parties instead taking refuge on your couch. He’d find comfort there, stretched out upon his back with your legs on either side of his body, your fingers threading lazily through his hair. virgin!kook

word count: 6,028

warning: usual filth, basically sex ed with kook

It’s the way he stares. Eyes almost childlike, shining with an innocence so pure and wondrous. Resisting the urge to indulge in such vulnerability becomes a daily fight because you stare too, except it’s not sheer curiosity that is fuelling you, it’s unadulterated lust. A passionate yearning that has your heartbeat racing and skin setting alight, a fire so intense you ponder on whether or not he’d soothe it or ignite it further.

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I’m huge on affection, I will kiss your face a million times especially your cheeks, I will never get tired of kissing them. I will never get tired of showing you constant effort showing you how bad I want this because actions speak louder than words most of the time. I’m huge on doing random things to make you smile. I’m huge on just spending time together, we don’t need to go out and always do stuff I’m okay with staying in bed all day cuddling and watching movies. I’ll be your gym partner, someone you can confide in,your best friend someone who motivates you because I see how much you can do. I will be here for the good days, the bad days and the everything in between. I’ll hold your hand through it, if you let me. I’ll be your 3 am phone call if you need company and your afternoon lunch date if you want to hangout. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we take for granted, because at the end of the day they’re the most important to us.
—  Show them they’re important 💜

No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for… for ten minutes!

You know, I really love the Pirates of the Caribbean world. I love the magic, the voodoo and curses being sea-themed, the sea creatures and I love the characters too. 

But stars am I sick of the stories. I don’t want Jack and a girl/boy lovestory happening because shenanigans. I am tired of some guy who we never heard before coming to get Jack because Jack was an ass to him in the past. 

I know this movie will be the last (according to the trailers for the 5th movie) but you know what kind of stuff I would have loved to see? 

  • sea creatures becoming more of a threat since Calypso is free again (Jack goes to find the (former) Priest and his mermaid (now wife) who help him find Calypso so he can talk to her)
  • someone took Barbossa’s old treasure to become the powerful undead ruler of the seas (classic Disney Villains, hmmm, I miss those) (Barbossa and Jack are once again required to work together, lots of quality banter happens while chasing a villain who pisses them both off)
  • Jack’s dad vanishes and with him the pirate codex (personal conflict for Jack that might give us character development and some more insight on how Jack became who he is today)
  • Angelica uses the voodoo doll of Jack that she still has in some way that gets Jack in a huge amount of trouble. (SERIOUSLY HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THAT SHE STILL HAS THAT THING?) 
  • Elizabeth becoming a pirate herself because she and her son are tired of waiting 10 years to see Will for only a day. (Elizabeth needs to find a ship that can keep up with the Flying Dutchman so she can sail with Will. Maybe their son somehow becomes Jack’s best friend? Someone who knows what to expect from Jack from his mother’s stories? And who is perfectly able to kick Jack’s ass if needed.)

Those are just some ideas and personally would have loved to see either of them as a movie. But no, we are stuck on repeat with the plot of the first movie until the end. :/

Give me a movie/show and I will give you my honest opinion on it (if I have seen it that is).

Rick and Morty (2013-) - Ahahahhaaa!! My friend gave me such a death glare when I asked if it was for kids. X,D For some reason I imaged it being in the same league as “Regular Show” so I kinda avoided it for a long time. Then I actually watched it and marathoner through it in 2 days. I do not find it HAHA funny, but I still very much enjoy it. There is a cleverness to the writing that I like, and the characters are fun. I am really looking forward to the 3rd season. I do however wish that they could stop with the whole “unhappily married couple” routine. It´s not funny or endearing; I just want to shake people.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) - Another one of my all time favorite animated movies. The CGI effects have not aged very well, but the rest of the animation is still out of this world. Eris is one of the best villains I know and Proteus is THE price for me. This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it. But now as an adult I do wish that they would have kept in more Middle Eastern influences instead of creating this fantasy Greece land. :P And why was that darn book never explained more properly??? Who made it? Why was it made? What was the world like before it? I want answers!! >:(

Star vs The Forces of Evil (2015-) - I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the latest season, so no spoilers OK. ;) When they released the opening as a teaser I got super exited for the show, but compared to other cartoons like SU, Gravity Falls or Avatar, it didn’t really pull me in. I do watch it (obliviously), but I would never sit up past 12PM to stream it the day it airs. I like Star and Marco as a duo, but I’m not a big fan of the whole romance subplot that has entered the picture. It´s like a watered down version of Kim Possible/Ron (last season), with the difference that they were older, more mature and had both dated other people before even thinking of getting together. That was nice. This tho… Meeeehhh… But I still like it. :D Favorite character = Queen Butterfly

The Swan Princess (1994) - I grew up with this film on VHS and let just say that it was rewinded many many times. Now I like watching it for pure nostalgia. …and ripping the story to shreds. It one of those movies that starts out so promising, but then falls right back into the cliché hole and never manages to get out of it. Like, how much better would it have been if we focused more on the relationship of young Odette and Derek? Then maybe we would have understood better WHY Derek loved her. I did not buy his confession as a kid or now as an adult. PS: I totally had a thing for some of the background ladies as a kid. My bi was showing early on. :P  And also - Why does there exist SEVEN sequels to this movie!! DX

Treasure Planet (2002) - I love this film! Typically I’m not big for sci-fi, but this movie´s aesthetics really gets me. Old fashioned/steampunk ships in the gorgeousness that is space??? GIMME MORE!! (O_O) Who cares is it makes no sense. The story may be really simple, but it´s the characters and their animation what make this movie shine. The only thing that I miss from it really is that emotional connection to Jim´s backstory. I don´t think I have ever shed a tear to his father leaving, which I blame the tone of the montage sequence for. If it had been shown in a more calm manner then I think I would have reacted more strongly. But yes - a 9/10 movie in my books!  


That first night… in the Shrieking Shack.

I never get tired of reading in fics Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs first time in the Shrieking Shack with Remus. If they end up making a Marauders film, they better include that part.

Be warned: ANY sign can be a fuckboi
  • LOOK FOR THESE red flags:
  • Aries: If he moves wayyyyyyyy too fast. He’ll be the type to send dick pics way too soon. He’ll be moving you guys to the bedroom before you feel like either of you know each other. Like as if he'd be happy having sex with ANYONE in that moment.
  • Taruas: He won’t put forth any effort. The king of “netflix and chill.”
  • Gemini: The king of snapchatting you photos of himself 24/7. You’ll be flattered by how much attention he gives you on social networks sites but then when you guys hang out in real life, his eyes are still glued to his phone, probably snapchatting some other girls. Sorry, hun. Delete his snapchat, kik, instagram, twitter, tumblr and Facebook account and find a better Gemini. They're out there, trust me.
  • Cancer: He'll act like y'all are dating, but don't be fooled. When you want to take the relationship to the next step or want him to be accountable for his actions, he might emotionally manipulate you by whining about how his mom never loved him or how life is so rough for him. He's the king of playing the victim role. Tell him to grow up and get outta there.
  • Leo: He talks about himself. Even when you're talking, he still somehow is talking about himself. He'll be uninterested when you talk about your hobbies. He'll basically be a narcissist. It's hard not to fall for him because he's handsome and so damn cultured and interesting, but believe me, he's not worth it if he doesn't try to get to know you. You shouldn't have to force him to get to know you.
  • Virgo: Tells you how you should look and behave And yet HE’S the hotmess. If you see his room is a mess or if he's not ambitious, RUN. The thing to notice here is that he'll act like you should be grateful for his "helpful" tips, but he'll get pissed if you tell him how he can get his shit together. He dosent want to get his shit together. He just wants to stay a nervous wreck. He probably has a drinking or drug problem.
  • Libra: He’ll be romantic at first and tell you all the right things. But if you see him a few weeks later talking to some girl and you get a feeling he’s flirting without disclosing he's in a relationship, HE IS. He’ll be fickle as fuck too. If he keeps rescheduling dates without a justifiable excuse, FUCKBOI ALERT.
  • Scorpio: He might pull the wounded-puppy card like a cancer man. He’ll try to seduce you but before you get under the sheets with this sneaky scorpion, ask him about his hobbies. Scorpios are artistic but a fuckboi-scorpio probably has poetry, drawings or music about his ex that he isn’t over and will somehow find it flattering to show it to you. Tell him his poetry is nice AND THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE.
  • Sagittarius: His tinder says “looking for fun”. He’s aloof af. He may take you out with him to that one party or concert, but you have a feeling you’re not really WITH him. You’re just a piece of furniture that he’ll lean on every now and then. Oh and he probably won’t introduce you to his friends. You'll just be standing awkwardly.
  • Capricorn: If he tells you he doesn’t want kids until his late 40′s. You may think ‘well that's fine, I don't want to get married anytime soon- we can just date until then’ But what he’s really saying is he’ll just call you up as a booty call when he’s not too tired after work OR if none of his gaming friends are available. He may call you his girlfriend and act like a gentlemen. But if you two NEVER go on dates that don't involve getting groped at the movies or on his couch HE’S A FUCKBOI. Don't be hypnotized bc he has a car and a fancy job. His excuses for not seeing you might be something like,“I’m really stressed and busy with work… " but if he wanted to have you in his life, he would make the time.
  • Aquariaus: He’ll be like a sag- aloof and carefree. Very charming. And awkward. He's that guy who seems mysterious because he'll be distant sometimes. He'll be the opposite of a Leo and get to know you but he has no plans of actual commitment, he's just curious and find you interesting. Sadly, a fuckboi aqua has a short attention span. He probally won’t follow through with plans like the other air signs.
  • Pisces: He’ll whine about his previous broken relationships and read you his sad poetry like the cancer and pisces. Except HE won’t make the first move. He’ll probablly get drunk and hope you’ll be the one to make a move.
  • -
  • Not all guys are fuckbois. So I’m not saying every guy will be like this. These are just the red flags to look out for. BE WARNED AND GOD BLESS
  • Say it with me “I am better than a fuckboi”. Say it until you believe it.
Let’s Watch a Movie

This was an idea from @shinyzango livestream.by a few people that wanted a fluff idea. (I’m kinda angst out for the moment, but it’ll come back to me soon) and was based on the movie she chose (Book of Life and it is amazing movie, you won’t believe what people request for me on Youtube of fanvids) so this is a fluff moment between them. 

So here we go! 

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Ghost World (2001) - Terry Zwigoff

5 bullets on this film:

  • Let me start this by saying that Ghost World is technically a comedy movie, but it was probably one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Not that it wasn’t good, but it left feeling kind of empty and sad.  Of course there are some ‘funny’ scenes, but the plot is really dark and real. 
  • Steve Buscemi freaks me out but I really liked him in this. Scarlett Johansson is also great, but Thora Birch is like incredible. By the way, where are you, Thora Birch? 
  • It’s one of those films you can watch over and over again and you’ll never get tired of it, because the soundtrack is good, the cinematography is VERY appealing, and you always end up noticing a new detail. 
  • Let’s take a moment to talk about the character development of this movie. All of the characters have a defined personality and a backstory, so they feel very real. You don’t really like them, because they’re imperfect, but then you end up identifying to them, and that’s one of the reasons this movie is so nice.
  • One of the movie’s main ‘targets’ is to show the two sides of growing up: you can be yourself, or you can change your personality in order to fit in, and that’s reality, that’s why this is one of the best coming of age films. The two main protagonists represent different ways of dealing with adulthood, so if you’re about to ‘start your life and become an active member of society’ (like me), watch this movie because it can help you decide what to do with your life. 
underrated songs from bands that had “one hit song”

You know what I’m talking about. A song gets overplayed on the radio and everyone eventually starts to hate it. But what about their other songs? Maybe they have potential? The radio can ruin songs for us, that’s why I limit my radio listening. I’ve always wanted to write out a list of songs from artists that have that “one hit song” that everyone knows. I’m just writing each one as it comes to mind, so the list will probably be all over the place. enjoy.

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Two’s A Crowd [Modern!Poe x Reader]

Summary: Weekly movie nights had become tradition for you, Rey, and Poe. But after Rey cancels one night, you and Poe are left alone, with at least one of you unsure how to act around the other.

A/N: So, this idea was an ask left to @fandom-writes and it just called out to me. I mean, how cute?

You swung open the door to your apartment, instantly being met with Poe’s grinning face.

“Pizza’s here!”

You only stared at him, a dramatic pout forming on your lips.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, making his way past you and into the kitchen.

“Rey cancelled on us.”

“What?!” Poe’s voice squeaked. “She’s never missed a movie night. I’ve skipped out -”

You glared at him playfully, eyebrows raised.

“I mean, missed. I’ve missed a few, but Rey? She must be sick.”

You hummed. “She is. She wanted to make it, but she didn’t want to get us sick, too.”

Poe began plating the dinner, a grin forming at the corners of his mouth. “Guess it’s just the two of us tonight, then?”

You sighed. “Yeah. I guess so.”

He turned around to face you, handing you your plate. “Cheer up, buttercup. It’ll be fun.”

You stood frozen, butterflies in your stomach. You were pretty sure Poe had just winked at you.

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I'm really happy for you that your unique perspective and deadpan delivery has brought you success. And I get that you're just like in general an overly critical, nit-picky kinda film-goer but Jesus doesn't it get tiring to never fully enjoy a movie? Like not a single minute ever goes by in a film where you're not finding something you need to complain about? Cute stammering complainer girl is a funny character but do you ever step out of that and enjoy things for what they are?

No I didn’t like Fifty Shades Darker, Batman V Superman, Rogue One, the new Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tomorrowland because I don’t and can’t like any films, those are the best films ever made and I didn’t like those so I hate all films, I don’t even try to enjoy films because after I watched and disliked Batman V Superman I realized it was a fruitless effort and the world of cinema would never bring joy to my heart

Cuddle Bug

Summary- Bucky cuddles all day long! So cute!

Tags- @iwouldratherbeadventuring

Pairings- Bucky x Reader

Warnings- So Much FLUFF!

Notes- It’s been a while since I’ve written so who knows if it’s any good. I’m sorry of this is bad! Also, I’m so tired so I didn’t proofread it sorry.


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Unrequited ( p.2 ) // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Original Request : can u do a onesided kolxreader where she has a crush on kol but he is with readers sister? Wheither kol n sister know of your feelings or not is up to you. Thanks.

Other Requests : My I please request a that you write? I really like the kol with the readers sister but I was wondering if you could do two versions after that like both would be part two but different situations like one where he loves her to and the other where everything just blows up?

Part two to unrequited please

^ These are just a couple of the requests for a part two so here it is!! I’m going to make two separate imagines with two different situations and here’s the first one!

Requests are closed. xx

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S/N : sister’s name

Here I am.. At yet another stupid party filled with even stupider people. I wonder if my sister ever gets tired of me tagging along with her everywhere, but then again she doesn’t really give me a choice. I found out about this party exactly an hour ago, not giving me much time to change clothes or put on makeup. I knew that S/N would make me stay with her until she found Kol and then I’d be able to sneak off.

Speaking of Kol, it feels as if he’s been avoiding me. I can’t really blame him, our last conversation must have been super weird for him. The room my sister and I were in smelled of alcohol and smoke. I knew some of the people here, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to talk to them. S/N has been trying to carry on a conversation with me but the music was so loud I couldn’t understand her.

And then I saw him. He just entered the room, S/N hasn’t noticed him yet. Through the smoke I saw his eyes trail over every face until they connected with mine. He quickly looked away but started walking in my direction. I realize, now more than ever, that I need to get over him before someone notices how my eyes linger on him perhaps a few seconds too long. How a small smile instantly finds its way to my face whenever he’s near. Or how quickly I look away when he kisses my sister.

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5 with prinxiety because angst

Title: Doors Between

Pairing: prinxiety (Prince/Anxiety)

Genre: angst

Word Count: 260

Warnings: mentions of injuries


“I love you.” “Please, you can’t leave me!”

They were happy, for lack of a better of word.

Roman and Anxiety had been going out for a few months and the fights had dwindled. In its place were moments of calm, where one of the other sides would often find them curled up on the couch together, movie still playing on the screen. Both Logan and Patton were glad that they were finally getting along. It was about time.

However, there were some things that would never change. Such as Roman’s ‘adventures’.

“C’mon, Princey, you don’t have to do this!” Anxiety shouted, frustrated and tired.

“You know damn well that it’s what I do. You can’t change that, no matter how hard you try.” Roman shoved past Anxiety, who had been trying to block the door, but was spun around by said side. His face softened when he saw how frightened Anxiety looked. “Love, I’ll be fine, I swear to you.”

“That’s what you always say,” Anxiety muttered, “and a lot of the times, you come back with bruises and broken bones and-“

“I’ve had worse.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better!” Anx held onto Roman’s arm, but the royal brushed it off like it was nothing.

“I love you,” he promised, kissing his boyfriend on the lips before walking out.

“Please, you can’t leave me!” Anxiety shrieked at the closed door. But it was too late. The door between their worlds was shut, and it would remain that way until Roman finished his quest and came out alive.

If he ever did.

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Brittany, what's your view on people posting on how bechloe is queerbaiting? I mean, first of all, they're not? No one is queerbaiting, I mean they are giving us moments as much as they can. AND Britt Snow herself, saying it's just not how she portrayed Chloe. And I'm tired of people dragging this big-budget movie like one of "those" tv shows.

Well, I think everyone has their own view and opinion on what is considered queer baiting. I personally don’t feel like it’s queer baiting because never once were we told or promised that Bechloe was gonna become an actual thing. I mean for heavens sake Beca and Chloe are both getting male love interests, do you need anymore confirmation than that?

People need to realize that Anna and Brittany have no power to make Bechloe canon, so they just try to support us where they can. Yes, Brittany is little more reserved when she gets asked about it in interviews, but we’ve heard from Anna that Britt is just as into it as we are. Anna obviously would be so down for it if it was up to her. Even Kay Cannon as the writer has limited power there.

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Hey it's my birthday and i was wondering if you could write som good lams fluff with maybe perhaps please selectively mute! John? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to<3I love your writing btw

Hope I’m not too late! Happy birthday my child!

Also on IG I saw a fan art to my post of “Philip’s First Words” and I’m crying it’s so cute!

On to the fic!


Whenever people go through emotional trauma, physical trauma, or any type, they usually come up with some sort of coping mechanism. It’s different for everyone, some last longer than others.

Alex rolled over, feeling the warmth of John’s chest against his cheek. Smiling, Alex’s arm went to wrap around John’s middle, feeling John shift a bit.

He didn’t really want to be awake right now, last night he and John had gotten in late from a night out with their friends and then proceeded to binge watch This Is Us on Hulu before falling asleep on their bed.

He opened his eyes, squinting at the sunlight peeking through their curtains. “Morning Johnny…” He sighed, eyes locking on John’s as he smiled in return.

John’s eyes shut as he gave Alex a tired smile, stretching his arms above his head. He sighed, body falling lax as Alex sat up, rubbing a hand over his face. “I was thinking today can be a relaxing day. I found a new recipe for burgers I wanna try tonight - and we can watch movies and TV shows all day, that sound good?”

John nodded, rolling out of bed. Literally. He slowly let his legs fall off, the rest of his body following. He laid on the ground for a few seconds before getting up, heading to their shared dresser.

John’s father, growing up, had never been nice to John or his siblings. He was the oldest of four so he’d protect the younger ones best he could. As he got older he began talking less and less, only speaking whenever spoken to, becoming the shell of who he was.

By the time he left for college John hadn’t spoken for two years. Doctors say there’s nothing wrong with his vocal cords and it’s a mental thing. He met Alex their sophomore year at university, the shorter of the two had gotten into an argument with some guy who was messing with John.

Alex had fallen in love with the consolations that lived on John’s cheeks, and John had fallen in love with the fire burning in Alex’s eyes. 

It’s been seven years since they met, and six since they begun to date. Alex was twenty six while John was twenty seven, and both were as in love with each other as the day they first met.

“Johnny!” John turned, pulling his shirt over his head. Alex was stood wearing a pair of black jeans and his “Non-Stop” sweatshirt, nails painted an almost purple galaxy look, John’s a blue one.

He nodded, showing he was listening. “So I know we’ve been talking about getting a pet for a while and I was looking online the other day - I got a break from writing papers for George - and I found this really cute local pet store. They have rescued animals, they don’t euthanize, they’re very friendly, workers and volunteers are there 24/7 and they play and exercise with the animals.”

John laughed silently, eyes crinkling as Alex rambled. Alex smiled at the blissed look on John’s face, stopping his rambling as he watched as John walked forward, hands caressing his cheeks softly. 

John leaned down a bit, lips softly pressing against Alex’s nose. “Right right - I’m rambling. Anyway - looking on their website I decided - or thought at least - we should go in and check it out ya know? Adopt an animal?”

John smiled to widely he felt like his cheeks were gonna split and he’d look like the joker. He nodded, curls flying wildly and Alex smiled, eyes taking in every detail of the happiness radiating from his fiance.

“Okay! So chill day today - and adoption day tomorrow?” John nodded again, pulling Alex into his chest, and Alex laughed, feeling John’s heartbeat against his ear.

“Well! Looks like we’ll be daddies soon!”

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Holle! Come here girl!” Alex clapped his hands as the four year old husky ran as best as she could to the couch, jumping up, fluffy tail hitting John in the face as she turned, flopping herself down onto Alex.

He let out a breathy laugh, “Oh-ho-ho okay.” He rubbed her fur, her head tilting back, tongue out in an almost smile.

“Hey beautiful.” He coo’ed, scratching under her chin.

John smiled, moving a piece of hair that had fallen out of his ponytail from Alex’s face. Holle was a three legged husky that had been in the shelter for two years. The two had instantly fallen in love with her, taking her home almost seconds after entering.

“Parent life suits us.” Alex let his head fall on John’s shoulders, eyes fixed on the movie playing.

John nodded, laying his head on Alex’s.

idk i wish i had friends that were wild and reckless and always up for an adventure and live near me and i’d have known them since i was little and we’ve spent basically our whole lives together and nothing could ruin our friendship and we know each other so well and we’d be at that level of comfort where no topic is too strange or off limits and if we’d be feeling down we’d sneak into each others houses late at night with movies and snacks when our parents aren’t home and spend just about every day together and never get tired of seeing each others faces every single day and never getting exhausted of the same topics or the same niggling fears that need to be comforted in the way that only a best friend can


❛ I love it when a plan comes together. ❜
❛ Oh hell yeah, Hannibal! This is it right here! ❜
❛ This is bat shit insane! It’s perfect. ❜
❛ This is beyond nuts, boss. ❜
❛ It gets better. ❜
❛ Aw hell naw, I ain’t steppin’ foot in any type of aircraft. ❜
❛ Now get in there, we’ve gotta finish the escape! ❜
❛ Man up! Man up and get in there! ❜
❛ I’m ______, and you’re gonna be unconcious. ❜
❛ Where’s the plan boss? ❜
❛ You actually sound worried. ❜
❛ You pancaked my van! I’m gonna kill you, fool! ❜
❛ This is a mistake! ❜
❛ You can’t park there! That’s a handicap zone! ❜
❛ This is a heck of a beautiful place. ❜
❛ I’d like to get into… ❜
❛ I believe that no matter how random things may appear, there’s still a plan. ❜
❛ That’s how we deal with heat seekers, chaps! ❜
❛ You… are not permitted… in my… ❜
❛ So, Satan walks into this bar. ❜
❛ _______, what did I tell you? ❜
❛ My bad. ❜
❛ Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? ❜
❛ They’re trying to fly that tank. ❜
❛ Close the door! ❜
❛ I know you’re airborne rangers, but that was ridiculous! ❜
❛ But how do you maintain your face? ❜
❛ I like your bed, ______. ❜
❛ Never mess with the face. ❜
❛ You spin me right round baby, right round! ❜
❛ I wanna try something I saw in a cartoon once! ❜
❛ So you’re Army Intelligence? ❜
❛ You seem to be stuck in some tires. ❜
❛ Is that gas? Is that you? ❜
❛ There’s a plan in everything, kid. ❜
❛ You should see these bullets in 3D! ❜
❛ It’s like we’re actually being shot at! ❜
❛ We are getting shot at you crazy ass fool! ❜
❛ We returned the plates, we can hold our heads high. ❜
❛ We did the right thing. ❜
❛ We trusted the system, and it turned on us. ❜
❛ Can’t finish the movie! Do let me know how it ends! ❜
❛ Sorry boys/girls, gotta run! ❜
❛ top! Stop, stop, stop! ❜
❛ Reverse now! ❜
❛ Son of a bitch! ❜
❛ Move your ass now! ❜
❛ Face, your girl/boyfriend’s back. ❜
❛ What is this? Will it knock me out? ❜
❛ It better knock me out because if it don’t I’m gonna knock you out. ❜
❛ Technically, we’re not flying… ❜
❛ Would you think I was crazy if I told you I had one of these? ❜
❛ There’s something wrong with your eyes, man. ❜
❛ Overkill is underrated. ❜
❛ Why does it feel like I fell on my face? ❜
❛ That’s good enough for me. ❜
❛ I’m not gettin’ on a chopper with this nutjob! ❜
❛ Give me a minute, I’m good. Give me an hour, I’m great. Give me six months, I’m unbeatable. ❜