i can never get his fact right

i don’t think anyone here is misunderstanding /why/ savan would have been annoyed at the time by louis speaking up and basically getting him kicked out. it’s the fact that he never once in that interview gave louis the credit he deserved. he wouldn’t even use his fucking name. he didn’t give him one ounce of respect throughout the entire thing. yeah of course he can reflect on his feelings at the time, but he can say “hey i was wrong” which he did and then follow that up with “and louis had every right to do what he did and he has proved himself time and time again to be a smart businessman and talented songwriter”… people aren’t pissed off because savan felt jilted at the time or that he was bitter over louis getting the better of him /at the time/. people are pissed off because he continued to disrespect him and put him down despite admitting he was in the wrong.

In Girl Meets Goodbye when Farkle tells Riley that he loves her and always will, Riley tells him that he shouldn’t say that in front of Smackle. Smackle then says that she is no threat. But the simple fact that Riley understood that it was not a friendly “I love you” but a romantic one is amazing. I mean she gets that Farkle is so not over her. She understands that it was not a platonic declaration, from a really good friend to another. She considers this situation crossing a line (i.e. telling this in front of Isadora) because she can see right through him. She knows that even though he says he doesn’t understand feelings, being a scientist, his feelings for her are as clear as day and he never doubted them. He doesn’t understand love. But when it comes to Riley, suddenly he does. She gets it so well that it makes her uncomfortable to have him being so vocal and explicit about it in front of everybody, his girlfriend included. Because what others could have considered as an emotional goodbye between childhood best friends, she knew was a love letter.

About the scene in ASiP where Sherlock deduces John’s phone (i.e. his heart )..

I can never get over the fact that right after Sherlock finishes deducing John’s phone, he lets out this TINY breath.. And purses his lips..

He was holding his breath the whole time..

This makes me sad. Because this is about the usual reactions Sherlock gets.. People say “Piss off!” . Here he is really trying to impress John, but knows the reactions people give.. And goes like ‘Here, I have deduced you, and I really wanna keep you . And this was the best I could give for now. And now go ahead.. Break my Heart like everybody does ‘. And then he pursed his lips and prepared for the rejection to come..

And when John replies “That was.. amazing !”

Sherlock looks seriously baffled.. Not just because somebody appreciated his deduction. But also because John, whom he is trying to impress from their first meeting, is now impressed by him.. Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective is captivated by John Watson, the army doctor, from that moment…

And the happiest man on earth…

lmao…..listen i love barry and his priorities. as soon as he found out he fucked up the future he went and checked to see if he and iris still get married. never mind the fact that he vanishes, who cares about that right? his only concern is if it’s still “IRIS WEST-ALLEN.” everyone can yell at him and drag him for flashpoint, he can deal with it but not if the byline doesn’t say “iris west-allen.” and honestly how can you not love this boy 

Too Far


  • 4 ,7 ,19 ,20 with Peter please.
  • (@thomas-newt-love)  Can you do 19, 17, and 16 with Peter Pan please


  • 4. “You can’t keep doing this.”
  • 7. “You did what?!”
  • 16. “Excuse you?”
  • 17. “This is all your fault!”
  • 19. “I could kill you right now!”
  • 20. “Just admit I’m right.” 

Warnings: none

You marched right up to Peter. You were fuming with anger, fists clenched and face red. Smoke would be coming out of your ears if this were some cartoon. All Lost Boys kept a distance from you, knowing to never get in your way when you were like this.

“Peter Pan!” You shouted, entering his treehouse. “You can’t keep doing this.

“What are you talking about? The fact that I pushed another Lost Boy out of a tree again?” He replied casually, laying on his bed and staring at the ceiling.

Your eyes widened, looking at Peter with disgust and shock. “You did what?” 

Peter had a thing for pushing Lost Boys out of trees from time to time. He thought it was the funniest thing, but you couldn’t stand it. The boys seriously got hurt sometimes and you had to deal with their whining.

“I was talking about leaving one of the younger ones alone deep in the forest! He could’ve gotten seriously injured. Could have gotten killed!” You fumed. “But you also pushed another boy out of a tree? Goddammit, Peter.”

“What? I wanted to see if he could fly.” He waved it off, sitting up on the bed to stare at you.

“Jesus Christ, I can’t deal with you! anymore!”

He cocked an eyebrow, standing up now. “Excuse you?” 

Your hands gripped the hair on your head. You lightly yanked on it, not believing Peter anymore. This boy drove you up the wall. You’d no clue why you liked him, no clue why you dealt with him and his shenanigans. But he was going too far. Pushing boys out of trees and leaving the younger, weaker ones alone in the forest. It was becoming too much.

“You’re out of control. You’re hurting the boys, nearly killing them sometimes! I have to take care of them. I have to mend their wounds. And you don’t even give a rat’s ass about them. This is all your fault!” You screamed at him. “All the problems on this island is because of you! All of it is your fault.”

Peter marched up to you now. Now he was fuming with anger. His eyes turned darker, his snarl nightmarish. He pinned you to the wall, pressing his hands into your shoulders. It hurt, but you kept the fire growing inside you.

I could kill you right now, Y/N. You know to never speak to me like that. I don’t care if you’re a Lost Boy. Lost Girl. I don’t care if we’re in some form of relationship. You don’t ever speak to me like that. You don’t control me, I control you.” 

Your eyebrows raised. “Oh, no no. No no no. You don’t control me. No one controls me. Now, just admit I’m right; you’re out of control, and I’ll be on my merry little way to go aid the Lost Boy you pushed out of the tree!” Your voice grew louder and louder as you went on. You grabbed Peter’s left arm, yanking it off you. You shoved the rest of him off, walking away.

“We’re not finished, Y/N!” Peter yelled at you. 

“Yes we are. We’re finished when I say we’re finished. This conversation is done with. Speak to me again today, and you’ll regret it,” you warned, sending very small chills down Peter’s spine. “Oh, and tonight I’m not sleeping in here. I’ll find elsewhere.”

You walked out of the room, heading to where the hurt Lost Boy was. Peter stood straight, looking at the spot you were formerly standing in. His mouth was slightly agape, eyes wide. He stood completely still. Maybe he did mess up. Maybe he did go a little too far. Because in all the time you two have been together and fought, you never once slept somewhere else.

Dear diary,
Yesterday I was naughty.
I invited the boyfriend over.
The married one.
I let him fuck me. And this time, he actually fucked me.
He hasn’t had any from the wife. And I’m happy to ablige. Mainly due to the fact that it ensures I get ravaged by my -big dick- husband.
After a date with the old boyfriend, I’m sure to get all the dirty, salty yummy cum inside me. I crave him. And his touch. These other men just fill his spot when we can’t be fucking 24/7.
I squirted. Alot.
Enough to stop the fucking and grab the towels.
When I bent over and told him I wanted him to cum in my ass, I’ve never seen him take off his condom so fast. He said he wouldn’t last long, and he was right. He hoped up on the bed and started fucking my tight little ass. He made it about 10 pumps in before he blew his load. And then fell over shaking with pleasure. I enjoyed the feeling of exhaustion from the fun.
I was more so imagining the kinky sex I was going to have once the husband came home and felt my asshole. With his cum still in it. Only to use it as lube while he took back his wife’s tight little asshole.
I can’t wait to do it again!
Until next time… 😘

“Johnny Depp shouldn’t get any roles in any movies anymore, this abuser:”
Well his ‘victim’ never found it important enough to actually prove that he was in fact abusing her,instead she settled a day before the actual hearing!
PLUS Amber heard abused her girlfriend aswell back in the day and she still gets roles and you all think that’s okay. But i get it, i get it! She is a woman she is allowed to abuse someone right? Yeah sure as long as she isn’t a rich white male she can abuse anyone she likes without getting judged by millions of people all across the world.
True, she is so fierce and brave and the abuse didn’t even really happen and even if a cop says it happened we suddenly believe the abuser and think it wasn’t that bad. 
Yeah we have to believe woman who are abusers if they say that they are innocent but we can’t believe males who were accused of abusing someone even though it has never been proven and there is so much questionable things in this story and so much evidence against the victims story. You are right! 

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QUESTION: Eo, have you met the other Ziggy’s?

Eo: Other Ziggy’s? Oh, you mean his phases! I have. There’s just one Ziggy, he just can look different sometimes because of his star. When I first met him, he was the Ziggy Stardust we all know and love: long red hair, colorful clothes, and glitter EVERYTHING (still can’t get it off of some of my uniforms) In fact, since he is a star, he looks different like one. He goes through the exact same phases and usually looks different: Stellar Nebula, massive Star, Red Super Giant, Supernova, and Blackstar. I will never forget the first time he regenerated. We got into an accident with the ship, and he kind of.. freaked out. He was scared, so scared in fact, that he regenerated right then and there, the massive star. He looked like a completely different person, his hair wasn’t straight anymore, it was curled and his make up was gone. And his skin, it was kind of cold. But, like all living things, he grew older. But faster than usual. It’s a long story, we’ll get around to tell it eventually, but right now, I don’t think Ziggy is comfortable speaking about the subject yet.. So long story short: Ziggy has always been himself, he just grows along with the stars.

Argument. (Request)

“I’m not the one hanging out with a new girl every week!” I yelled with an annoyed tone as I widened my eyes at Justin.

It was our 3rd argument of this week and it wasn’t even healthy. Justin won’t admit or own up to anything he does, he’s stubborn and so am I, meaning our relationship can go two different ways. And right now, it was going the worst possible way.

“What’s that supposed to mean? You know I love you, so why can’t you accept the fact I have other GIRL friends” Justin yelled as he rolled his eyes, and spoke in the same annoyed tone as I was.

“It’s not even about that Justin. Do you think I give a fuck that you hang out with girls? It’s just that you never ans-“

“Yes, you do! You get so fucking jealous and clingy sometimes and that’s the sad truth Y/N” Justin snapped, making me raise my eyebrows and drop my mouth. “Just lay off me for a bit”

This is what I hate about our relationship. It’s good one minute bad the other. I think I have a pretty valid point though, Justin is always seen hanging out with some girls every week, and never bothers answering my calls or texts. Regardless, I know he loves me, but it gets annoying after a while, you know? And for somewhat reason, he thinks I’m jealous, which pisses me off even more.

“Really? Is that what you think of me?” I asked, as I looked down at my shoes and back at him.

Knowing Justin, he’d have a sudden realisation of what he had just said in a matter or seconds and start to apologise, but this time he didn’t, making me feel like this was true. I mean, I’ll admit I’m sometimes up Justin’s ass about things, but it’s not that bad, I just want to spend time with him or hang out. Who cares anyway? He’d rather hang out with other girls than me right?

“I need some air” He spat before brushing past me and heading for the kitchen.

I let out a sigh, and went upstairs to our bedroom. What he just said really upset me, and the fact he doesn’t even realise made me mad in a way. Grabbing a bag from underneath the bed, I threw some clothes and some belongings in there, I just wanted to get out of here already.

Jogging pretty fast back down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab some water and my keys, I watched as Justin held a cigarette between his fingers. He knew I hated it when he smoked. Was he seriously doing this on purpose to annoy me, or was he trying to relieve stress. Not wanting to ask, I just rolled my eyes and walked out.

“Where the fuck are you going?” I heard Justin yell from behind me. Turning my head, I saw him walking towards me.

“I’m leaving. Don’t try and give-“

“Baby!” He moaned, pouting his bottom lip “I’m sorry, I was just kidding, chill out”

“Whatever. I’ll see you later” I replied, still upset, before slipping on some boots and leaving the house. Did he seriously think I was that easy?

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Was there any particular reason you decided to pick up Mrs. Hudson's case regarding her husband? Florida is an awfully long way to go just to ensure a man ALREADY sentenced to death would die... Mrs. Hudson never seems more than a bit disappointed at his memory... certainly not as though she was traumatized. Was it a particularly gruesome double homicide? I guess if so, it's not like anyone would miss him much...

You are hardly in the position to decide whether or not someone has been through trauma and I am hardly in the position to tell you. The facts were as follows:

1. People with the right connections, which he had, can get away with almost anything.

2. I was bored, under strict supervision, and unable to employ any alternative methods of distracting myself. And he had a drug cartel. 

I’ll let you figure out the rest.

[ open to: females ] 

“Listen sweetheart, I’m sure you’re a great girl and all but—–this can’t happen”, the blonde stated bluntly. He should have known it was coming considering she had been flirting with him almost constantly, wearing shorter and shorter clothing and spending more time in his presence. Maybe Dominic had seen it coming, but now that it was right in front of him he wondered how the hell he was going to get out of this without at least touching her. It was hard for any man when a woman offered themselves up so willingly, never mind the fact he had always had an eye for younger women. Something he was almost positive she knew too. “Don’t you have someone your own age?” They were all just boys, boys who were inexperienced and didn’t know what to do, but it felt like the sensible and right thing to say as he looked at her dubiously. 

More horrifying implications of Harry Potter! YAY!

I was re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban today and realized something really dark about the whole deal. The fact that Sirius Black ever went to prison at all has never sat right with me (I mean, really? No priori incantantum here? You can’t manage a basic ballistics test in 1981? Twelve years in jail without a fucking trial and nobody protests this? Nobody even exploits it - Sirius doesn’t get one “In Cold Blood” style book written about him? The magical version of Tyler Perry from Gone Girl doesn’t take his case, if only for the notoriety? Nothing?). Still, for ages I kind of brushed this off and mostly accepted Dumbledore’s explanation that everyone thought he was the Potters’ secret keeper and that he “hadn’t acted like an innocent man.”

But this time around, I was like, wait a minute. Maybe everybody else in the Order of the Phoenix wouldn’t have known about the secret keeper swap, especially if they thought there was a spy among them. But you know who absolutely fucking would have known Black wasn’t the secret keeper - someone who the Potters almost certainly would’ve had to run the change by, and who would’ve had to approve the change in the first place?


But he doesn’t defend Sirius. In fact, he straight up tells the Ministry Sirius was secret keeper - something he should have known to be entirely fucking false. Why? Because of Harry. Sirius tells Harry in book 3 that his parents officially appointed him to be Harry’s guardian in the event of their deaths - so Sirius has a stronger legal case for custody than the Dursleys do. Now if the Dursleys wanted to really fight for their nephew they might have still gotten him, but let’s be real here, they would’ve handed that kid off the minute Sirius turned up at the door. Dumbledore would’ve known that. He also would’ve known that Sirius, reckless as he is, might not have been cool with using his dead best friend’s only son as Voldy-bait throughout his childhood.

But Dumbledore needed that Voldy-bait. He needed it real bad.

So, tldr, Dumbledore let an innocent man rot in prison for twelve fucking years so he wouldn’t take away his magical human weapon.

Hamilton characters as group project partners
  • Aaron Burr: seems really cool and capable but never actually does anything, though you can't complain about having him in your group because the prof loves him and you figure that gets you some points right?
  • Washington: is in charge. Sends all the mass emails. Sets up a group chat. "Guys this is due in ten weeks we need to start now :)"
  • Charles Lee: claims he did everything after the fact when in reality he disappeared from the group chat halfway through and Lafayette took over his parts
  • Lafayette: not in charge but fucking doing everything, keeps going on anarchist rants?
  • Hercules Mulligan: writes his name at the top first and you're pretty sure it's at least one font point bigger than all the others but you can't prove it; does great research
  • Laurens: turns the whole thing into a social justice rant somehow
  • Angelica: see Laurens
  • Eliza: seems really concerned about the structure of the whole paper, writes a crazy outline
  • Hamilton: ...thE OTHER FIFTY-ONE (by which I mean, he does the whole thing himself without asking anyone no matter how many times y'all try and stop him and he shows up with Starbucks on the day of the project due date like "man I pulled an all-nighter on that some project huh?" and then you realize your project has 75 more pages and an index)
  • Jefferson: always seems like the smartest kid in class because he won't shut up to let anyone talk and every time your group meets you're too busy stopping yourself from fighting him to figure out if he's also smart in a small group setting; does some work I GUESS but you're pretty sure it was only the pithy intro
  • Madison: got sick and a pass from the prof, but he wrote at least a paragraph anyway
  • John Jay: also got sick. Contributed only derivative dither you're pretty sure he copied and pasted from Locke
  • Peggy: ???
  • The Reynolds: seem more concerned about the professor liking them than actually doing the project
  • King George: thinks he's Washington but seems less organized; breaks down near the end of the project and you feel bad enough you give him a collective pass
  • Philip: LITErally the smartest kid, but you're worried he actually will fight Jefferson so he stresses you tf out
  • John Adams: you're sure he did something but you couldn't point to it in the project if asked

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☱ (either/or /or both)


XX / XX / XXX  Time: 02:01

If I need to be brutally honest here, then I’m gonna down right say that I don’t trust this guy. Now.. Don’t get me wrong.. Don’t think about it so inside of the box, it’s probably Comic showing through with his own judgemental nature and fear of how others are. That.. And it’s another Sans. I know for a fact that Comic never trusted other Sanses, but you know? After talking to this guy and him even listening to me and my shitty ass problems, coming to me himself without a prompt of my own.. I can’t say that I don’t trust him 100%. 

Maybe I’m just being careful, maybe I am looking out for myself and my life like I always do. Old habits die harder than they should need to, of course, but.. He’s alright. Maybe he feels the same about me, really. Can’t blame the guy if he does. My job, my whole existence, what I do, who I am, what he knows about me, doesn’t know about me, yeah, I can see why he would be cautious of me. I just hope he understand why I would be cautious of him too.

No hard feelings, right?


XX / XX / XXX Time: 02: 01

This guy.. This Sans. I don’t really know what he wants from me at this point, but I know that he is studying me, keeping track of what I do and Judging me. 

But this isn’t something that bothers me too much about him. I am used to people doing this. I’m glad that he has become a little more open with me though, especially since I wanted to get to know him a bit better. It was all to do with that one night, wasn’t it? Where we talked about personal things.. More my own personal things, but that’s besides the point. Shorts is.. A good guy at heart. He tries. I know he tries. Maybe he worries too much about things though… Maybe a bit too judgemental? But that probably comes with the whole Sans thing and resets and what not.. Can’t say I don’t have memories of that from before this fusion self of mine. So, I can’t blame him on that front.

Either way.. I have nothing against Shorts. He’s okay in my books and I’d give a care or two for him if need be. Especially after what he said to me that one day– Which I wasn’t expecting.


“Babe,” Z called out to get her boyfriend’s attention. They were currently enjoying a movie in her new bedroom.

“Hmm,” he said turning his head towards her, then immediately grimaced after the fact. “Are you snapping me right now?”

“Yeah,” she giggled in response. “You’re never on yours anymore.”

“That’s because it’s all about the gram.”

“What?!” She exclaimed sitting up on her bed. “Do y'all hear that?” She asked speaking to her phone. “I can’t believe this guy is actually trying to say insta is better.”

“Do you really want to have this argument now?” He said reaching for his phone.

“Oh there’s no argument to have. Snapchat is far superior.”
“Do you want to repeat that?” He said now speaking to his phone. “My girl’s tryna argue that Snapchat is better than insta.”

“That’s because it is!”
“Really? Tell me how!”
“ First off, you see all these filters? The dog, the flower crown? This is quality right here. ”
“ Okay, but I don’t care about filters though. Plus it’s all a matter of convenience, why do I gotta go to 500 different places when I can have everything rolled up in one? ”

“Mmhmm, carry on using your cheap, knockoff version, everything you can do, I can do better. ”
He opened his mouth to counter her point but then instantly retracted. “Oh, so nothing to say now huh? Huh? Huh?!”

“Okay but-”
“So now he’s coming with the but, but what Val? But what? ”
He looked at her, rolled his eyes and ultimately subsided, “alright, alright you win.”

“Y'all heard that right? I won, I won, I won,” she sang while dancing in her spot. His only response was to look deadpan into his screen and say, “And this is why I never argue with her.”

“Aww, I still love you though baby,” she said and pecked him on the cheek.

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hey, ik you have a lot of people asking you for advice on their problems as well as dealing with your own but i honestly have no idea what to do, my boyfriend and I are long distance and he went to a party yesterday and made out with someone but he was so drunk he doesn't really remember it and only really found out when I did n idk I just don't know what to do

i’m so sorry you’re dealing with this honey bun. i’ve never dealt with this situation, but i am in an ldr and can only imagine how powerless you must feel since you can’t talk to him face to face. i think communicating is the best you can do right now - talk it out with him, let him know how you feel, let him tell you how he in turn feels, get everything out in the open. in this situation, despite the fact that he was under the influence and wasn’t in control of his actions, it was still foolish of him to get that drunk in the first place, which i’m sure he knows already. but again, communication is key. talk it all out. and if worse comes to worse and you need some time to collect your thoughts and emotions, maybe distance yourself from each other for a couple days, until you’re thinking with level heads. i’m sorry i can’t offer more sound advice, but again i haven’t gone through this so i can only say so much. i really hope that you can work things out


A weird out of nowhere oneshot idea popped into my mind a day back or so. 

Prussia is convinced that he’s allergic towards Canada. Why? Every time he comes in contact with him he gets out of breath, starts stuttering, feels feverish and it gets hard for him to think straight. Lately just thinking about him makes his stomach tie in knots and his chest hurt. It’s obviously an allergic reaction, right?

Of course this devastates him, making him go very dramatic over it and go to break the news to Canada. And this makes the nation really confused. All of a sudden his friend is saying that they can never see anymore, add to the fact that it’s caused by an ‘’allergy’’. He manages to sit Prussia down and demand an explanation. And once he gets one, a knowing smile spreads on his mouth and he claims to know the cure. What might that be? 

Perhaps I’ll wait around and see what my mind comes up with. Perhaps. Possibly.

I like to think it’s a date and a goodnight kiss afterwards


I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with how blaise Cassie Clare was about Ragnor’s death considering the fact that he and Magnus had been friend’s for centuries, so here are some headcanons. 

- After Ragnor died, Magnus packed up all his things and shipped them back to his place. It didn’t feel right leaving his stuff in Idris, surrounded by the Shadowhunters who could never consider him an equal.

- When Magnus gets back to New York, he and Caterina have a night in where they talk about Ragnor and all the crazy adventures they’d gotten into. They continue to do this every year in memory of their lost friend.

- Caterina becomes even more protective of Magnus because she knows that one of his voices of reason is gone.

- Magnus calls up Raphael who is clearly annoyed but agrees to receive his call anyway. Magnus is secretly glad that Raphael treats him the same way he would have if Ragnor were still around, and Raphael is secretly comforted by Magnus’s calls and memories of when things were better.

- Magnus takes Alec around the world in CoFA, partially to spend more time with his boyfriend, and partially to try to get over his lost friend. He likes to show Alec some of the places he’s seen with Ragnor and especially the cities that Ragnor was particularly fond of. It hurts to be there without him, but Alec’s presence helps.

- Tessa tries to fill in the void for Magnus, but she knows that she’ll never be able to give Magnus those centuries back. That doesn’t stop her from reminding Magnus of all the times they’ve had together, and that no matter how much time changes, she’ll always be there for him.

- Magnus sometimes catches himself saying things that Ragnor would say or mimicking some of his mannerisms. He always covers it up nonchalantly, but Alec notices and does his best to listen to Magnus’s anecdotes when their alone.

- Magnus allowed himself to cry three times. When he first encountered his fallen friend, he shed a tear that he quickly covered up to return to business. He cried once with Caterina as the two of them performed a makeshift funeral for Ragnor. He cried the final time when he returned to the Shadowhunter Academy years later, knowing that if Ragnor had lived for the eternity that he had been promised, he would have finally seen the day that Shadowhunters accepted him as an equal.

Steve Rogers Imagine- Tell Him

A lot has happened in my life and I never thought being an Avenger would be one of them. I had helped save the world twice and had fallen in love. The only problem was that he didn’t know I loved him. Cliche right? Just wait, it gets worse. His name is Steve Rogers and he’s totally oblivious to the fact that I love him. I’m also convinced that he doesn’t feel the same way. How much more cliche could it get? I don’t think that it can.

“Just tell him,” Nat said softly.

“I can’t. I don’t have kick ass confidence like you do Nat.”

“You’ll never know unless you do.”

“I think I would rather keep it a secret in case he doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Don’t be such a chicken.”

“Too late.”

“Tell him!”

“I’m too scared.”

“I don’t care, tell him.”

“What do you want me to do? Walk up and be like ‘Hey Steve I love you and I hope you love me too?’”

I noticed that she was smirking and then turned around. Steve was standing behind me in the doorway. His jaw was on the floor. I quickly ran to my room.

There was a knock on my door awhile later that I answered. It was Steve. Oh this was so embarrassing.

“Hey,” I grimaced.

“Can we talk?”

“Come on in then. What did-” I was cut off by his lips on mine. I kissed him back and Steve pulled away. “What was that?”

“That was for thinking that I didn’t love you because I do. I have for awhile now.”

“Thank goodness because that would was really embarrassing earlier.”

“How could I not love you? You are perfect to me.”

I kissed him again and he kissed me back.

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Gif reaction of the boys learning that their gf/bf was being (only verbally) threatened by sasaeng fans

Kookie: *is just in shock, while silently panicking*

Tae: It’s okay; I won’t let them hurt you~ (feat. Jungkook)

Jimin: What? When did this happen? What did they say to you?

Hobi: What…? This… is not good… *suddenly wants you to never be out of his sight*

Rapmon: *masks his anger* You’ll be okay, alright? They can’t hurt you!

Suga: I’ll never get over the fact that people have the nerve to say things like that… 

You know they can’t do anything to you, right?

Jin: Are they out of their goddamned minds? *wants to punch something… or someone*

- Devi (●´□`)♡