i can never forget what a beautiful man he is

Husband Reacts to 1D: Little Things

(I didn’t make any of these gifs, all credit goes to the original gif makers, as usual)

“I swear to god I can never tell what he’s saying. I think he just said ‘I’m joining up the dogs with the freckles on your cheeks, the old man says to me.’ Is that about right?”

“‘The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine’??? that’s called an asshole, and it is not beautiful.”

“Where did all his hair go? The rest of them all stole his hair, didn’t they?”

[about the cup of tea line] “Is that line supposed to….like…rhyme?”

“Did they all forget how to shave??”

“Except for him, he can’t grow facial hair.”

Hubs burped really loudly and said “That’s my reaction to him.”

“He couldn’t afford full pants!?!?!? I thought they were millionaires!!!”

 “Meanwhile Zayn’s hair is trying to escape from his body. It’s running forward to get away.”

“That was it?? That’s how the video ended?? That was horrible!!! They’re all singing about the same girl, aren’t they. They’re gonna gang bang her. In ways I described previously.” (I am still not publicly posting that reaction, but you can ask me for it privately, if you desire.)

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