i can never forget what a beautiful man he is

Husband Reacts to 1D: Little Things

(I didn’t make any of these gifs, all credit goes to the original gif makers, as usual)

“I swear to god I can never tell what he’s saying. I think he just said ‘I’m joining up the dogs with the freckles on your cheeks, the old man says to me.’ Is that about right?”

“‘The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine’??? that’s called an asshole, and it is not beautiful.”

“Where did all his hair go? The rest of them all stole his hair, didn’t they?”

[about the cup of tea line] “Is that line supposed to….like…rhyme?”

“Did they all forget how to shave??”

“Except for him, he can’t grow facial hair.”

Hubs burped really loudly and said “That’s my reaction to him.”

“He couldn’t afford full pants!?!?!? I thought they were millionaires!!!”

 “Meanwhile Zayn’s hair is trying to escape from his body. It’s running forward to get away.”

“That was it?? That’s how the video ended?? That was horrible!!! They’re all singing about the same girl, aren’t they. They’re gonna gang bang her. In ways I described previously.” (I am still not publicly posting that reaction, but you can ask me for it privately, if you desire.)

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Requested Imagine: Tyrion imagine where you’re a legendary queen from an independent island nation up north (legendary for your beauty and fighting capabilities) and you travel to Kings landing where he falls head over heals for you. Anonymous
A/N The sweet anon gave me the choice between Tyrion and Sandor and I picked Tyrion, because I’m absolute trash for Tyrion. Also this takes place when Joffrey is ruling because that’s the most realistic time for this. 

You’ve spent exactly two weeks in King’s Landing and you’ve never felt more alone. Back on your Island you have friends and family and your people. Here you spend most of your time walking in the gardens because it’s so nice and quiet. You don’t feel as though you belong here where there are so many intrigues and loyalty is practically a joke. On your Island nearly everyone exists together in peace. 

“Your Majesty,” someone says walking towards you. Recognizing Tyrion you smile and greet him back.

“May I join you on your walk?” he asks and you simply nod. You’ve heard many things of the dwarf and one of the things that have been said over and over is that he is a drunk. But surprisingly he’s sober right now. 

“How is King’s Landing treating you?” he asks smiling. He’s in a cheerful mood today and you’re happy to be in his company.

“Getting better each minute,” you say blushing a little. He makes a pop sound with his mouth before stopping dead in his tracks.

“I have been wondering if your fighting skills are truly as good as everyone says. It’s obvious that your beauty is,” he says and you can’t help but grin. He’s the first to talk so freely with you. Everyone else insists on speaking politics or tactics, but Tyrion speaks his mind, which is refreshing. 

“I can reveal that they are. I started training when I was six already. On my Island it’s normal for girls to join the army. We don’t discriminate,” you inform him enjoying the banter. 

“Would there even be a place for a dwarf?” he asks and you can tell he’s trying to keep the tone light but behind that he’s asking seriously. 

“Of course. I told you already, Tyrion; we don’t discriminate.” He looks up at you with admiration and you feel your cheeks flush. No man has ever looked at you like that. 

“Perhaps I shall come visit you then,” he says and you feel your heart beat a little faster. You continue the walk in silence before you find a bench to sit down on. 

“Can I give you some advice?” Tyrion asks and you look at him nodding. He truly is a beautiful man. The stories you’ve heard about how people has treated him seems unbelievable as you sit next to him. He’s too kind and sweet to have deserved something like that. 

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not.” Perhaps it’s the heat causing you to do crazy things or maybe it’s that Tyrion is the first person to actually show proper interest in you. Maybe it’s the fact that he seems like a good person, but whatever the reason you lean forward placing a gentle kiss on his lips. 

“I won’t, if you won’t,” you whisper against his lips. He’s breathing a little heavier, but he’s intertwined his fingers with yours. 

“I’m afraid it might be too late for me, my Lady,” he says with closed eyes. You dare to kiss him again. 

“It’s never too late.” 


The Black Dahlia | Part 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Violence. Depression.

Summary: You are a mythical creature of sorts. You were a English royal princess in the 1800’s, living in Russia so you could be married to the future King as an alliance of your two countries. You feel no love for this man as he is cruel and hateful. So you do the inevitable leading to a life of never growing old and being feared for centuries. In the 21st however you are captured by an organisation. Because you can’t rot away even if you tried, would you ever be freed.

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A/N: This may or may not lead onto another series eventually. Tell me what you think and what you see in Bucky and (y/n)’s future. Tags are open.

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It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 2

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline) 

Part 1 Part 3

“I have absolutely no clue if this even fits in with anyone’s personalities or characters, but funnily enough I don’t give a shit.”  -lily, who might again be concussed judging by her misspent time these past two days.

This whole time travel thing is apparently really bad for Mace’s reputation.  I mean, it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught doing something ridiculous, right?

Many thanks to @royalpinkzeppelin for betaing and talking me through this one and hanging on when I was typing out loud and making strange metaphors.  Also, the pun on Mace’s name is his.


Edit: some paragraph breaks added where I just noticed they were missing x.x

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Author: Mel

You woke up flustered, and covered in sweat. Staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, you couldn’t help but smile. It was the best sex of your life, and it wasn’t even real. You felt breathless and wet just remembering it.

And that guy. Who was that guy? Generally, dreams show you people you’ve seen, even if only in passing. But that face, those eyes, his lips. You would have remembered him. Who the hell was he?

As your mind became more awake the memories of the dream began to fade. You sighed and got out of bed looking at the time. The alarm wouldn’t be going off for another 20 minutes, but turned it off,deciding to get started on the day.

Showering, you couldn’t get his face out of your mind. You ached for this man you had never even met. You tried desperately to remember the details of the dream. How his hands felt against your skin, slapping your ass red.  How his lips grazed down your neck leaving bite marks as they went. How his tongue tasted. How he felt buried deep inside you, and the way he filled you up as you both reached your climax together.

When your phone rang in the distance, you realized you had gotten lost in your thoughts, and were not only running out of hot water, but running late. Washing quickly you got out.

Later that day, your dream long gone from your mind now, you scurried around the busy dinner where you worked. You heard the door chime jingle behind you, and without even looking at who walked in you said “Grab a seat, I’ll be with you as soon as I can.” and hurried off to place the order you had just taken, and grab the plates you saw waiting for you on the counter.

“So, what can I get you?” you asked as you approached the table, eyes cast down as you grabbed your pen and pad our of your apron pocket.

“I’ll have a burger and fries. OH! And some Apple pie. Coke to drink”

“I’ll have a chicken wrap, with a salad side, not fries. Water is fine for me.”

“And you love?” you said, finally looking up to the 3rd guy at the table.

“No, nothing for me..”

You stood there staring. It was him! You’d never forget those blue eyes. It was the man from your dream and he was just as beautiful in person. You couldn’t bring yourself to move, or say anything. The details of your dream last night all came flooding back and you felt your cheeks go red as a heat built up in your core.

“Damn Cas, what did you do to this poor girl?” chuckled the man across from him.

“Nothing, Dean” he replied. “ Though she does look a bit familiar…. oh.. She’s the one I heard last night! Like a prayer, but it wasn’t. it was…. well… she dreamed of me.”

Oh god. How did he KNOW

A little bit of sunshine to lighten up your day

As you may know, I’m currently injured. Which means that every morning I go see my trainer for some physical therapy and at the start of every practice I see him again for more physical therapy what I’m doing for today.

He’s a pretty busy guy which naturally happens when your school only has a handful of trainers to take care of hundreds of athletes. Not to mention it makes it even harder when he is in charge of lacrosse and track. Track practice starts at 3 and lacrosse practice ends at 3:30. So by the time he is finished with lacrosse practice, he walks into the trainers’ room to find a bunch of trackies lying around in pieces, some of which require more of a mental checkup than others. And while he sees this, he has a bunch of lacrosse guys who were hurting during practice following right behind him. This is all after an entire morning of working with other sports he is charged with, paperwork, calls, and other PT duties which currently include training someone else.

Yesterday was a particularly busy, and stressful, day for him, especially when 3:30 hit and it was filled with more than 10 people standing around, waiting to talk to him or get treated or both. Once he got to me, I knew the drill so I helped him out by handing him the supplies he usually works on me with. After he worked on my knee, he released me to bike as always. Although, he had cleared me to run nearly two weeks ago. Though it had always hurt to much. Well, on this day I decided that I would try running. Everyone else had a workout so the track would be lively. The sun was out. The temperature was finally up. My day had already been a pretty enjoyable one so far. Why not give it a go? I warmed up on the bike before making my way to the turf infield. I stood there, contemplating what might happen. Whether or not if I took these next few leaps of faith I would crash and burn or if I could actually maybe sorta run.

Then suddenly, I just did it. I ran. It was surprising and amazing and glorious. You could see it too. It hurt a bit but it felt normal which is all I could ask for having been forced to deal with bike training for the past two weeks. I don’t think I have ever smiled for so long. I also don’t think I realized that I was going sub-7 pace. After 20 minutes, I ran straight into the assistant coach, giving him a hug. I was so happy I didn’t even care how stupid I looked. Then I decided who was next. I quickly walked into the trainers’ room. My trainer was sitting down with his trainee, teaching her about x-rays. As I neared him, he said, “Should I be worried? You seem to have a sense of urgency.” Then I just gave him a big hug. He was surprised. “I’m assuming the running went well?” Still smiling, I gave him a thumbs up. “Hey, that’s good! And here I thought you were just hugging me because you know I’m having a stressful day.” I gave him another hug saying, “There you go!” “I’m glad it went well.”

The next morning, I was back in the trainers’ room for the early morning physical therapy routine. When I got there, the room was mostly empty, surprisingly. I went to my trainer’s room and said hello, letting him know I was there. “What’s up?” he asked. “Nothing much,” I replied. “How are you?” Then what he said next was a shock to me:

“Good. Actually, there’s something I want you to know. Yesterday once I got back home, I sat on my couch and was watching the game. And as I sat there, I read this article and it talked about six wealthy businessmen. It said that every morning once they got back home from school they would complain about their day. Then their mother would say, ‘Well, what are six good things that happened?’ I thought long and hard about that and tried to think of six good things that happened to me. And I could only think of two good things. The first thing I thought of was that I’m sitting on my couch watching the game, relaxing. The second was you hugging me and how happy you were. After that I could not think of anything else good that happened. So thank you for that.”

I told him that it’s a pleasure.

So remember, anything you do no matter how small it may be can have the biggest effect on someone else. Be kind as much and as often as you can. Because you never know what someone else’s life is like. What they are going through. Having the potential to do something uplifting in someone else’s life is a beautiful thing both for you and that someone else. Don’t waste it. Don’t be mean. Don’t forget to be awesome.