i can make stuff sometimes

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is it so wrong of me to want at least acknowledgement of my efforts? i expect no thanks, all i want is for you to know how much i care


Princess Tutu: Ahiru + TV Tropes



Dustin is the new guy on campus who meets Mark through a programming class and becomes a new addition to ‘the gang’. Chris is Eduardo’s friend from high school who just so happens to have a thing for slightly red haired programmers who watch way too much Star Wars and porn for their own good. So naturally he falls for Mark’s new friend. And Dustin? Well, he can’t help it if he likes blonde guys who follow politics like they’re going out of style. 

Holy shit this is super duper late bUT it’s whatever. So hey i was tagged by @cloudy-lionheart to give 11 facts about myself. Thanks ev ily 💙

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1. I can make plushies n stuff! (it’s been a really long time since i’ve made one tho)

2. I get really passionate about animation like if you ask me about my favorite animes or even just the process of animation in general I’m not going to shut up for a while lmao

3. ^ I don’t really want to go into a career for it though bc not only is the industry hard to break into the hours are super long and the deadlines are strict (but hey uh what else am i going to do)

4. I’m a really picky eater like honestly I basically live off of pizza, fruit snacks, granola bars, and fruits

5. Music makes me really emotional (take a wild guess at what music i could be referring to) and idk I just get really passionate and attached to it

6. I have a glass piggy bank that doesn’t have one of those openings at the bottom, so I can’t get the money out easily, and it’s so full of coins and dollars that I can’t even put anything else in so it just sits on my shelf (a part of me doesn’t want to get it all out tho…having all that money in there makes me feel like my life is together like theres at least 20 bucks)

7. I got a new sketchbook yesterday cause I filled up my old one, that means I have like five or six now probably (mmm don’t wanna open the older ones tho. dont wanna be reminded of that old Fuck Shit)

8. I got a bunch of porter robinson pins from this etsy shop (looks like it’s taking a break and the pins aren’t available anymore tho but may as well link it anyway) and I guess I accidentally got twice the amount of pins so now I just have a bunch on my desk cause I already put enough on my beanies (they’re like. worlds kaomoji and the crying kaomoji and the shelter logo all in different color variations)

9. I really really wanna go to more edm concerts

10.  The sinnoh region in pokemon is very close to my heart, pearl was my first pokemon game (i mean technically it was firered but i gave up so early it’s not worth mentioning. i was like 5). I remember wanting to be just like cynthia and being sad when I got my hair cut because I wanted my hair to be long like hers again. And also having a deep connection to mesprit…if I remember correctly there’s a part in the game where a guy is like “hey ur from twinleaf town…thats near lake verity with the pokemon mesprit…it must be watchin over u” and my little 9 year old brain got all excited like “omg this special pokemon is watching over me!!!” so yeah i love mesprit. Really the entire sinnoh region is so nostalgic and pure for me

11. I also love mew, besides mesprit it was the first pokemon i got super into and i just attached myself to it right off the bat when i was like 10. In this online community flipnote hatena where you could upload animations from your dsi with flipnote studio, i really only drew mews (i mean i did stick figures or dinosaurs at first but that’s beside the point). As time went on i made a (really bad) series with a mew and a friend’s pikachu oc Sparkle. I couldn’t think of a name for the mew so I just called her Mew, but eventually i gave her the name Mina instead. And *then* i decided I wanted her to be shiny, so that’s why I love light blue so much. All the internet friends i made on hatena (most of which i dont talk to as much but we’re still in contact) associate me with shiny mew and since my username on there was FuzzyMew (after changing from Mewfan123, Mewstar, and SnowyMew) they’d always call me Fuzzy lmao. After seven years my style of drawing her has changed so much that she doesn’t even really look like a mew anymore, and she doesn’t really have any personality; she’s really more of an extension of myself. But yeah mew has been my favorite pokemon for so many years so it feels like it’s kinda like. Been there for me through shit times so I’ve really attached myself to it, it’s super important to me 💙

Sometimes I’m scared because Alycia Debnam-Carey is so, so talented, and so sweet and caring and she wants to succeed so bad you can see it in her eyes, and she has so much potential, but then I see how some fans lose it and forget boundaries and respect and the fact that Alycia (or any other celebrity for that matter) is a real person with feelings, and start being inappropriate. Just because social media allows you to communicate with your favourite celebrities doesn’t mean you should send them everything that comes to your mind. Would you go to someone in the street and tell them how much you want to fuck them? Or tell them how much you want them to fuck one of their friends? No, you wouldn’t. So what makes you think that you can do that on social media? It’s dehumanizing. RESPECT, guys. Just be respectful. You’re allowed to love the shit out of them, but don’t interfere with celebrities’ private life. Tell them you love them, you admire them, but don’t be a creep for fuck’s sake. I know Alycia is an adult and can protect herself, but I don’t want her to be grossed out and uncomfortable because of a group of people who don’t see the limit between admiring someone and being totally inappropriate. And I don’t want any of this affecting her career, because she’s really talented and she’ll get far.

quick psa:

if you’re talking to me in the tags and i don’t respond:

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  • i forgot we were talking in the tags
  • i got distracted
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i promise i’m never EVER ignoring you.  i love talking in the tags.  and if i ever stop i’m not mad, i’m not upset, it is nothing against you.  it’s my screw-up 200% of the time.  so pls don’t feel bad, and if you want you can always pester me in my inbox or via im if we’re mutuals.

TSN character name definitions according to Urban Dictionary

EDUARDO - noun: strong-willed; can be very romantic; pacifists; hate fighting for stupid reasons; persevere; will stay in a relationship for a long time but will eventually be unfaithful; ends up hurting the people he cared about and will lose touch with them but reconnect in the end

TSN character name definitions according to Urban Dictionary

MARK - noun: extreme; too intense for words; incredibly intelligent; works hard; his downfall is his lack of confidence; a weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd; women feel uncontrollably attracted to him, probably because of all that latent magnetism he’s absorbed from fiddling with electronic things for so long.