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I grew up an only child in a suburb of the city
Spent my days alone my only friend was a stray kitty
Called Sardine
I thought it was hilarious to call a cat a kind of fish
She played hard to get, hissing while she scratched me
What she was trying to say was, “Ogie come and catch me”
I learned quickly, that perseverance stood between
A cat and her new best friend, me!

Moana + Musical Theatre Part 2/?: Never Ever Getting Rid of Me, from Waitress

abby-6-stuff  asked:

Since you love cardcaptor sakura, do you see any similarities between Sakura and Syaoran, and Marinette and Adrien?




I have actually made a draw paralelling the umbrella scene with them (oh god that old art xD) 

like cmon, Nadeshiko, Sakura’s mom has 17 when she met Fujitaka, Sakura’s dad, and wow how coincidentally that Adrien has a mother, who was also a model! which photo  he has at age of 17!!!

she is teaching her son to play the pieano LIKE WTF ABOUT PARALLELISM ASLKDJAKSLJ

But like, Fujitaka is actually what Gabriel SHOULD BE AS A FATHER ARE YOU LISTENING GABRIEL.

And like, Plagg is basically the fusion of Kero and Suppi???!!!

Tomoyo is like Alya, cause she is the best friend of the protagonist and most of the time voice of reason and who also finds the time to film everything no matter how risky cause she must to

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(and who also has a crush on her friend. Fite me, Alya has an obvious crush on Mari. Pre and post Animan)

Sonomi and Nathalie? I mean we still dont know what Nathalie felt/feels for Mama Agreste but she will do anything for Adrien, same what Sonomi does for Sakura. Even if that means accepting the father in this (altho Fujitaka is a good man and Sonomi was just jealous. Nathalie, on the other side, has to deal with Gabriel bs, but she will do it for Adrien)

And this is just speaking of the characters cause if i start talking about the cards and the akumas…



(cant find the picture of ladybug screaming for adrien, but you get me)


actually more than one card can apply here, time and return, but it involves time travel like timebraker

obviously Miraculous is more superhero like, so there other stuff that would not fit. But there are obvious parallels between the shows (not only for the obvious tropes).

I’ve been drawing a tiny Ethan so much lately, today I felt like drawing a big one ovo and it turned into another sappy inspirational because hi i’m rin have you met me?


[pirate family AU] Syrup Village

Nobuyuki’s tweets (day 1)

It’s rather difficult when you’re told to start Tweeting again.

How about this? Haha… They’re both surprised.

At this time (7pm? 8pm?), Yukimura always takes a bath, goes running, and then takes another bath. He says the feeling of going running while refreshed and then washing the sweat away again is exceptional. Haha, that’s very much like him.

Nobuyuki’s on Twitter until 21st July to celebrate his birthday! Go tweet things at him!

More luckington stuff

  • Okay so Locus is big, right? Just picture small Tucker (he’s average height actually thank you very much, Locus and Wash are just large) sitting on him
  • Like Locus just hanging out reading or something and Tucker just casually lifting his book out of the way for a second so he can climb onto his lap
  • Locus just “can I help you?”
  • Tucker “Nah, I’m good”
  • And Locus being very ???? with the casual space invasion but just… going with it because it’s not like bad???
  • He’s probably used to having his personal bubble invaded and jabbed at in the worst ways by Felix, but here’s Tucker just casually leaning against his side or gently rubbing at his shoulder when he looks tense, but always giving him silent ‘hey is this okay?’ looks first and checking in to make sure he’s cool with it
  • Locus has to ask Wash about it like what should he do in response? Does Tucker want something in return? what does he do with this? soft affection is ?????
  • And Wash is “Yeah… he does that. It’s best to just go along with it”
  • Because neither of them can admit they like nice soft things or that they think they should get nice soft things
  • Tucker just dragging them both into bed so he can flop over both of them
  • And just, please, please picture small Tucker trying to be the big spoon with either of them. Just think about it
  • Because sometimes the big scary war vets need someone to shoo away the nightmares

Just. Soft luckington, okay, I need it

It’s raining - not that that’s new for Vancouver, it rains more often than it does anything else. Shepard doesn’t mind. As a spacer kid weather is still sort of novel to him, especially the PNW downpours; right now, though, it fits his mood a little too well.

There’s nothing particularly wrong, nothing to cause this melancholy, this pointless sadness that’s like a deadweight on his shoulders that he just can’t shake. It’s enough to make him wish there was a reason for it; Shepard’s a man of action but there’s nothing to do here, no straightforward solution, no fix, easy nor otherwise.

He hears Kaidan come in behind him, hears the sound of him dumping bags and keys, hears hey, Shepard but he doesn’t turn - he doesn’t want to drag Kaidan down with him, doesn’t him to worry. But Kaidan knows him better than anyone, probably recognises this better than Shepard does.

He comes to sit with him, takes his hand, and after a moment asks,

“Is there anything I can do?”

The question is soft, quiet, and Shepard’s emotions twist in the face of it, gratitude and love swirled in with the sadness.

“Just stay.”

“Always,” Kaidan says, and kisses him, before resting his head on his shoulder, and they watch the rain, together.


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That feel when someone you love casually talks shit about themselves and you want to just grab them by the shoulders and be like WHO? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?? Just so you can pay that motherfucker a visit with a snooker ball in a pop sock for making this amazing and wonderful person feel like less than they are because how dare they mark them this way?


“Stop complaining about Back to School Shopping” posted by onefunnymother

OMG guys, guys, guys, this is what I am surviving on. This is what we teachers die for. I’ve had parents tell me ‘that’s an absurd amount of pencils’ when buying a 42 pack and I’m just like, ‘that’s for an entire year and your kid eats the erasers off the tops so…

when your otp isn’t really a rarepair but also when you search for them on ao3 you mostly get fics when they’re the side pairing.


Princess Tutu: Ahiru + TV Tropes

I’m weird when it comes to drawing stuff.
Sometimes i’m like “Aw yeah i’m gonna draw it with 9999 layers, effects and spent on it my entire day!” but most of the time i’m lazy lil dumpling “meh, just flat colours and hard shadows, what is art, hello artblock my old friend”

I am the guardian of Magnet Hill. 

…What’s that smell I smell? Is it me, or your defeat?
What’s the matter? Can’t stand the stench? What sour losers you all are!

Julian Devorak Probably Smells Like...:

Rosewater,black pepper, leather, carnations, cloves, vetiver, perhaps cedar wood. maybe a dribble of oakmoss or white musk or something……………..

if i were to make a scent i would probably try and combine these. maybe even just the first four, but I figured since plague doctors used a lot of these herbs and fragrant flowers, it would only be appropriate. that he would smell that way. i would also add coffee to this list but i don’t think it would add anything good to it. maybe if its just a faint coffee ground scent  that would add an earthiness but i wouldn’t chance it. maybe…. if i can gather all the stuff for it  i can make this into a wearable scent sometime.