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Sparks Chapter 1

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team.

Word Count: 2.1K

Summary: y/n a member of the Stark scientific research team meets Bucky after waking him up from cryo sleep. She fits him with a new arm and a friendship begins to grow

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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Love Square Love Child: Ch 11


Marinette always thought she would end up with Adrien… eventually. But she can’t deny she’s also developed feelings for Chat the last couple years. When one night with Chat (under the guise of her alter ego: Ladybug) results in an unplanned pregnancy, Marinette finds herself caught between her duty to Paris and “two” men. Does she try to somehow make things work with Chat? Or does she cling onto the hope that she and Adrien can still someday get together?

Read Chapter 11 on AO3 

Start from the beginning on AO3 

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Hc: Alex really loves the pictures Thomas takes, not just the ones of Alex himself. They all have so much feeling behind them. You can feel the love Thomas put into each photo when he took it. Looking at the pictures of himself make him feel loved. He wants Thomas to feel that way too. So, he tries taking pictures. He loves looking at Thomas the most when he's distracted, whether it's because he doesn't know Alex is there, or he's caught up in his photos, his openness is beautiful. 1/3

this killed me..this is just too cute and adorable hhnng I love this!

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Do you have a masterpost for all your fics/hcs/drabbles/aus?

I did not but I do now!  I’m gonna make a page on my blog too :)



Post series Feysand coping with the war


Prompt: Can I get a fic where Feyre gets the flu and Rhys and Cassian take turns taking care of her?

Rattled & Part 2

Prompt: “I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”


Prompt: Outer and inner thigh kisses


Prompt: Rhys is sick and Feyre takes care of him

Missing (you)

Prompt: Feysand smut

Auxilium & Part 2

Prompt: I may or may not have robbed a bank just now



Prompt: Neighbour who’s way too enthuisiastic about LOTR soundtracks


Prompt: Spine kiss


Prompt: That shirt is hideous you should take it off



Prompt: Accidentally fell asleep on each other on the train au Elain being the first to wake up to Lucien’s snoring.


Modern AU based on a scene from the Holiday



Prompt: moriel fic of the moment Azriel wakes up after what happened in acomaf


Prompt: Mor and Azriel apartment buddies



Prompt: “I moved into the apartment next door and it’s 100% haunted please let me crash here for the night”

An All Phlint Rec List!

One guess which pairing I fell head-first into this time…

Need more time? No problem, I’ll give you a hint. It involves SHEILD’s #1 eye in the sky and his long-suffering, slightly anal-retentive handler. The purple Avenger and the dead-not-dead agent. You know them, and if you don’t already love them, these fics will fix that for you. Sorry in advance for how long this is, but there are so many fics and I have too many feelings.

Some of them even feature Pizza Dog, because we are a blessed fandom.

Most of these are rated Explicit, but not all! I even mention a G-rated fic, and I’m proud of me for branching out my recs. I don’t read non-con/dub-con, and I’m not usually into ABO stuff, so you won’t find any of that here, if it’s a concern. Just in case, read the tags! I also don’t read unhappy endings, becasue I’m not about that life.  

Click the bold titles (sometimes the little lines indicating a link aren’t there, but the link still is) and don’t forget to leave kudos/comments on the ones you love, to spread that love to the authors! And as always, there will always be more fics that I love/bookmark/scream about in my bookmarks page on my ao3 account: megamazing

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They Keep Warm - Robert Townsend/Abraham Woodhull, rated E. 
Post 4.05. Robert POV. 7,300 words. 

Following the party, Robert watches for Abraham outside his coffeehouse. Predictably, Abraham makes him wait, but not too long. They have much to discuss.

Ecclesiastes 4:11 - Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone

The Reason || Taehyung Tokyo Ghoul Au

{a/n}- Just like in my other stories, I give the main character a name, but really it’s just a nickname so I can connect with the story easier. It’s a [y/n] fic, but the characters called her Mae, so whenever you see Mae just picture that it says [y/n] instead if you want.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten. With the rise in security around the city it’s too risky to eat right now. As if his anger towards humans wasn’t strong enough already, now to fuel its fire, they go and make survival even harder for his kind. His stomach ached from his hunger, which only got worse as he smelled the flesh of those who passed in front of him. 

It wasn’t long before he felt the urge to feed so badly that he had to hide his face between his knees to keep his eyes, that he knew had already changed, out of anyone’s sight. He didn’t know how he was going to make it out of this. If he got up and walked away, his eyes would reveal what he was and he would be killed. And if he just stayed sitting there, soon he would no longer be able to hold back his other side and he would lash out and eat, which would also cause him to be discovered and then killed. If he doesn’t find a third option very soon he would not live to see the next day.

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Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You’ve just had a baby and Finn’s starting to doubt himself. A.n. from a request.

Tag: @ambrosegirlforever I hope this is what you wanted ?? I tried my best.

You’re exhausted. You shouldn’t be misunderstood you’re ecstatic of course you are but God you’ve never been so tired in your life. Twelve hours of labour will do that to a person you suppose. It was worth every hour because sleeping soundly beside you in her own little hospital cot is your baby girl. The sweetest, most perfect little girl that the world has or will ever see. You imagine most new mothers think that, you just happen to be the only one that’s right. With a man like Finn as a father she was always going to be wonderful from the get go.

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With all the rereading I'm doing I never know quite what the kumicho looks like. It's always written that yuuri is seen as his dog, hit man, or potential lover. Is he middle aged? Young? Older looking? A scary spinoff of his son Kenjirou? I imagine some gruff strongly built man but his face is always shadowed can somebody please explain his features to me 😰

He’s a very handsome, bad man. 😏😏😏😏😏  

In my head he looks like Hiroyuki Sanada and is around the same age (56, if you can believe!!!!)

Just….very handsome, very unrepentantly bad.

Dear Harries

louis’ out there fucking talking about his mom dying and being vulnerable as fuck and y'all wanna try to start some harry v louis drama and say shit like harry forced everyone to go on hiatus. pls log out y'all…go outside…do something productive. there’s a bigger picture and y'all are truly making you’re own little angsty fic out of things that haven’t even been said or even hinted at. thx.

How sad that you refuse to see the clear writing on the wall. Harry forced the fkn hiatus. You now have all of OT3 speaking about this. If you were too busy staring at the RS article pics from H’s interview && forgot to read that little bit where it states that H hinted at the hiatus way before even Zayn left, I can’t help you for your inability to comprehend what you’re reading or seeing. Maybe YOU should all log out, go outside && do something productive like take reading comprehension classes to help you understand how to make the connection from what you read to what it means. It would help you immensely in the long run. This isn’t an “angsty fic” as you’ve called it. We are finally getting the story from Niall, Liam && Louis about this fkn hiatus nonsense that they obviously were not on board with. However, the one who was on board with it, had a fkn film crew ready to film BTA, big name shows to perform in, big name magazines, a Dunkirk part, an album, TWO tours… I mean, c’mon now…. You can’t be that dense.

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White for TodoKami and/or Black for TogaOcha. So you can choose to do both or one or the other, I don't mind ~ ! ^^

Hooked on a Feeling 

TodoKami Guardian Angel AU

AO3 Link is linked above, but will post here under the cut. I’m working on the TogaOcha fic soon! I really did love writing this fic for TodoKami, and I hope you enjoy it too Violet.

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Hello ✌ !! May I request some non-au fics please? Thank you ♡

two anons asked for the same thing so i will answer both together~

뽀뽀 (Kiss Kiss) Taehyung pressed the shutter button and scrambled to check the photo. It was blurred and the lighting made his face too shiny but for once Jungkook didn’t mind. The photo was so raw, so different from the usual carefully taken selcas and Taehyung didn’t bother to add any effects. (Jungkook wanted a copy of the photo just to make it his phone’s home screen)

(this is like really lovely ;;;; cuddly!taekook ftw)

elephant moles in which taehyung annoys jungkook with his usual antics

(cute one shot about taehyung being an adorable little shit taehyung)

hold my handjeongguk is well-aware he’ll never get back to sleep if it’s taehyung who woke him up.   

(heartwarming and adorable platonic love because who doesn’t love platonic???)

Missing the Memo  You know what they say when you assume things. It makes an ass outta u and me. (Or that one fic where the hyung line tried to give The Talk to the maknae line, and nobody escaped unscathed.) 

(THIS IS GOLD, crack + fluffy is the best seriously)

negotiation tactics  Jungkook has been ignoring Taehyung all week. Taehyung decides to fix that. 

Secret (not really)  Jungkook is being creepy but Taehyung’s okay with that. 

(i love this one because i can totally picture jungkook staring creepily at taehyung for hours)

Let me go!Jeongguk has this habit of raising Taehyung and carrying him away whenever he feels like it -or when Taehyung gets too annoying.-   

(i will recomend this one ‘till the day i die. really lovely and funny ♥)

i hope you guys like it ♥

- admin H

Imprinted (v x mc/reader)

summary: there are some people that we continue to carry in a small corner of our hearts.

rating: none (maybe slight spoilers about V)

notes: i’m supposed to be writing oodles of seven, but decided to take a sec to celebrate V’s birthday, lol. i suppose this is more like an implied V x MC fic since there’s more implications than anything, tho i suppose you can take it as you will. thanks goes to @lingering-sound​ for looking over this for me! it’s my first time writing V so i’m a bit worried that he’s OOC but when am I not worried aobut ooc? anyway, i hope you all enjoy. <(_ _)>

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The soup can incident.

A late birthday present for greymichaela featuring an AU we discussed months ago- Gabriel is too short to reach the grocery shelf and employee Sam has to help him.

\Gabriel is not short. Even though his ridiculously tall family teases him about being the shortest, and yes, he uses a stepladder (the horror) to reach the top of his bookshelf, he’s really just average. Five eight is a perfectly respectable height, thank you very much.

Still, five eight and some rather short arms are not nearly enough to reach the top shelf at the local grocery, especially when the items on the shelf are near the back. He just wants tomato soup. He just wants the brand of tomato soup that’s normally a shelf below the top but has been moved up a shelf for some sort of holiday themed soup promotion that Gabriel doesn’t care about. 

He’s reached and stretched and reached, with no results, and, with a quick glance to make sure the coast is clear, attempted to stand on the very edge of the lowest shelf. Nil. He’s simply not going to be able to reach this way. Gabriel stands there in front of the shelf, pacing and looking up at the offending soup cans, and then slowly turns his attention to the cart. The ‘at least two feet of height boost’ cart.

Carts have wheels. Gabriel did not take into account that carts have wheels and is now holding the top shelf with both hands, trying desperately to keep the cart and his feet from rolling away. He still can’t reach the soup. God hates him, clearly. It’s late at night and there’s no one around, thank god, because he’s sure he looks ridiculous. He can get down. He can get down. All he has to do is…. haul the cart closer… 

“Sir?” Gabriel freezes like a deer in the headlights. “Is everything…?” Gabriel slowly turns his head, hoping to every god out there that it’s not-

It is. It’s the hot, friendly, 'my smile is a ray of sunshine’ employee who normally checks his groceries. Sam W., the epitome of gorgeous grocery workers, is standing at the start of the aisle, too confused to even finish his sentence. He clears his throat and starts again. “Do you need any, uh, help?”

Gabriel stares for a second, the cart wheel squeaking, the cheery grocery store music playing in the distance. “Nope!” Dooooooing great,“ Gabriel insists. "Just, ah…” The cart slides a little further, and Gabriel can feel his shirt riding up.

Sam rushes over. “Here let me get this-” he grabs the handle of the cart and pushes it back towards the shelf, letting Gabriel stand back up. He jerks his shirt back down and clambers out of the basket of the cart. But no, it can never be that simple. Gabriel Novak clearly hasn’t been humiliated enough in front of the love of his life today. The shoelace on the second foot catches on the wire edge of the cart and he falls backwards.

Landing on his ass would have been preferable. Sam has circled back around the cart, and leaps forward to catch him as he falls. Gabriel yelps as his head thumps against Sam’s (way too muscular to be real) pecs, and the next thing he knows, Sam’s arms are wrapped around his chest. “You alright?” Sam’s (perfect) voice is way too close to his ear.

“Um.” Gabriel chokes out. “Yeah?”

Sam sets him back on his feet. “Gabriel, right?”

“Yeah.” His mind is still returning from the wonderful world where Sam W.’s arms are around him, back into the god-awful one where Sam W. had caught him climbing in the grocery cart to reach tomato soup…

Gabriel looks away from Sam and up to the shelf, where the soup still sits, delicious and unreachable. “Fuck.” His shoulders slump.

Sam lets out a laugh, and dear god, he’s even more beautiful like this. “Do you want me to-”

“No no, Gabriel spits out without thinking. "It’s fine. I’m not that short.”

Sam visibly attempts to contain his amusement. “Okay. You… you have a nice night.” And as he walks off, he pulls two cans off the shelf and sets them on the shelf below. He tries to be subtle by rearranging some other merchandise. Bless him.

Gabriel purposefully gets in the other open check out line, but clearly the universe is against him, because the girl heads out for the night and Sam W. takes over the line. 

“Did you find everything alright?” Sam asks cheekily.

“Okay, that’s just mean,” Gabriel responds as he unloads his cart onto the conveyor belt.

“Sorry.” Sam begins checking and bagging. “But really, nothing else you need me to get down for you?” Gabriel gives him this look of absolute disgust and Sam laughs again. “I’m sorry. I’m done now. Promise.”

“How’d you know my name, anyway?” Gabriel finally asks.

Sam shrugs. “You must have mentioned it once when you were here before.”

“And you remembered?” Gabriel asks, slightly impressed.

Sam pauses bagging. “It’s just- you’re in here every Tuesday evening, like clockwork, and you always get in my line.”

“You notice that?” He’d sincerely hoped that Sam wouldn't notice that. He really didn’t want to look like any further of a weirdo. But no, add 'ridiculously observant’ and 'good memory’ to the list of Sam’s good traits.

“How would I not? You’re gor-” Sam blurts, then stops himself mid sentence and makes an attempt at professional. “I mean.” He swallows. “Every Tuesday.”

Oh god. Oh god. Sam isn’t just a friendly, chatty checker who happens to remember his name, he’s been… he's interested.At the very least he thinks Gabriel’s good looking enough to remember.How this is actually happening Gabriel will never understand, but he’s taking full advantage of it. “Sam.” He drops his voice to a low purr.“Are you saying you’ve been checking me out in both senses of the phrase?”

“Your total is thirty-one twenty-eight,” Sam says weakly, his face red. Gabriel swipes his card, earlier embarrassing incident completely wiped from his mind at the prospect of Sam, waiting every night for him to come in and get groceries, just so he can chat and apparently admire the view. This is unreal.

Sam presses the receipt into Gabriel’s hand. “You- ah, you have a nice night.” Then, apparently recovering a little, adds, “Try not to fall out of any more carts.”

“Only if you’re there to catch me, Samson,” Gabriel winks as he collects his grocery bags and heads out of the store, leaving a blushing checker behind him.

It’s not until he gets home that he looks at the receipt. Written across the top in tight, neat handwriting is “You’re the highlight of my night. ~Sam.” Just beneath is a phone number. Best grocery run ever.

(Gabriel eventually decides to text a picture of his bowl of soup and a simple “Didn’t die making soup. Promise I’m not that much of a klutz. -Gabriel.” Sam responds with, “If I come over, will you make me soup, too?” Gabriel gets laid that weekend and Castiel has to tell the 'soup can incident’ story at their wedding few years later.)

A little late, but it’s finally ready!  Phanniemay is back at it again with the white vans for its fourth year!  We’ve gone back to the 31 individual themes versus last year’s two to four day segments.  Can you create something for all 31 days?  If so, send me a message and receive a little congratulatory gift!

Phanniemay is a 31-day celebration of the show Danny Phantom, so as long as you create something involving elements from the show along with some interpretation of that day’s theme, it counts!  You can write a fic, draw a picture, take a cosplay photo, make a craft, edit a video, anything you can think of!  

If you don’t understand one of the themes or can’t think of any interpretations of it, don’t worry!  I will be making daily reminders for each day with a description and any relevant background information.  Some days will have alternate themes if you check out the event page.  Late entries are always welcome if you’re too busy to do this in May!

Please be sure to tag any of your contributions with appropriate trigger warnings!  And if you see any themes that may lead to a specific, uncommon trigger, please let me know so I can tell people how to properly tag their entries on that day’s announcement.

The official tags for this event are #Danny Phantom, #Phanniemay, and #Phanniemay16 (no spaces!)  

Remember, only finished entries are allowed in the tag!  In order to keep the tag as streamlined as possible for easy access to all the entries, keep any WIPs and casual, non-fic text posts out of the tag.  

Do you have any other questions?  Message me!

Thank you, and have fun!!

Really with Poly Marauders, I need to figure out where this new 2.5k word christmas scene (well, it needs a little bit more, so probably more like 3.kish) goes. And then edit the first few fics around it. Obviously, Moving Too Fast is set on Christmas but it wasn’t very Chrismassey and the content will have to be altered to fit the new stuff. (Lily’s opening letter of Moving Too Fast doesn’t make sense and there’s some other little things I need to account for, but otherwise that fic can still be set on Christmas.)

My thinking right now is it’s a new adjoining chapter, possibly a new chapter two of The Reclusive Hottie in the Attic. And then I could edit Moving too Fast to accommodate and let it be a chapter 3. Then finish that fic with Pictures of You as a fourth chapter. 

I’ll sacrifice some hits and kudos but in the long term my collection will be tidied and this is the format I’d like to have the series in as a compromise between smooshing everything into one fic.

I mean losing 3k hits… eh. Isn’t that big of a deal. Losing the kudos will wound me. And nice comments. Eh. I don’t know. I need to put my vanity aside and think about what logistically and narratively makes the most sense. The Reclusive Hottie is easily the most read fic in the series so it makes sense to lump it together.

It’s like a bandaid… just gotta rip it off in one go. Or something.

My heart is pounding...

It’s been 20 minutes since I woke up from the most cinematic dream about Pidge and Voltron and DANG SON if I’m not going to write about it sometime IT WAS AMAZING.

Normally I’d write a dream log for this kind of thing, but the idea was too good to just share like that, I’ve gotta write a fic when moving is all over.

All I can say is that the dream really inspired me to think bigger picture with some things, and like I’m starting to believe Pidge has a lot more potential as a Paladin than I thought.
GUARANTEE we’ll be seeing some of the stuff I dreamt about in the actual show (since it makes sense), but I’ve got to stop typing now so I can write this dream sequence before I forget!

Dream log bonus:
- Lightning McQueen was there for one scene, and he became an anime boy XDDDD

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I saw this prompt - Imagine your OTP finally kisses when they think they’re alone. Person C suddenly jumps out and says “I GOT A PICTURE!”

“Oh my gosh, is this you?” Nicole asked as she picked up a picture from from the mantle. She and Waverly had been on just a few dates before, but Waverly was hesitant to let Nicole see the inside of the infamous Earp house. It was one thing to get dropped off and walked to the door; it’s another to have her come inside. The moment she heard that Nicole had never seen The Princess Bride, she HAD to invite her over to watch it.

“Actually, yes. Hey, stop laughing!” Waverly pouted and snatched the frame from the officer’s grasp and placed it face down out of her reach. The taller girl continued laughing. “You know, I’m starting to regret asking you over.” Waverly crossed her arms in fake anger.

“No, I’m sorry,” Nicole said apologetically. She wrapped her arms around the smaller girl’s waist. “You look super adorable.”

Waverly, being stubborn, continued pouting, but reflexively, she wrapped her arms around Nicole’s neck. “Then or now?” She looked into Nicole’s warm brown eyes.

“Both,” Nicole replied as she moved to rest her forehead against Waverly’s.

Waverly blushed. Her breath caught when she realized how close their faces were now. She couldn’t remember why they still hadn’t had their first kiss yet.

“Waves,” Nicole whispered, scared that if she spoke too loudly the moment would be broken.


“Can I kiss you?”


Their lips met, and both girls were entranced by the taste and feel of the other girl’s lips. They were so lost in each other that they didn’t hear the front door open.

“I GOT THE PICTURE!” This finally got their attention. They jumped apart and Waverly glared at her older sister who was pointing her phone at the couple and a shit-eating grin on her face. “This will make a great Save-The-Date picture.”