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annaslastdalliance replied to your post “Oh I know transgenderism and transsexualism exist - there’s a lot of…”

@ anon, as someone nb who first thought that they just didn’t care about gender, there is a difference, experientially, at least. Me realising I was nb and not just a ~non-feminine~ woman was me realising I COULD be feminine, and I was in some respects…but that I wasn’t /female/. I can’t explain it better than that anon, and in some ways it still doesn’t even make sense to me? But I know what I feel, & I felt it before I found a word for it.

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hey I'm starting a batim blog. any advice on starting out?

(There really is no advice on how to grow big if that’s what you’re looking for. Its a mix of luck and how early into the fandom you join, anyways that’s how I feel about it. Tho if you can draw neat things and make a good amount of friends you will get a nice amount of attention. Interaction with other besides help a lot too.)

(If you need help with setting up the blog it’s self. Don’t do anything really Fucking stupid unless it’s a shit post character like Fucky or boss or daddy. Always tag your shit. It get REALLY confused and hard if you don’t. And turn off endless scrolling.)