i can make good food if i try

kidnapped/imprisoned starter sentences

“Not eating the food I give you is not going to make me give you nicer food.”
“You should be grateful I come down here and talk to you at all.”
“Listen to me or I’ll treat you even worse.”
“I picked you off the street because you were beautiful. You should feel flattered.”
“You don’t need freedom if I give you everything you need.”
“You can come out of the basement if you give me a very good reason to let you.”
“What’s this? Are you trying to get away from me? You should know better.”
“Get on your knees and pray I’ll forgive you.”
“Oh, you’re hungry? Sing me a song and you can have my leftovers.”
“Don’t cry, I’m keeping you safe down here, away from the world. You don’t need it. You only need me.”
“Freedom is a burden. You should be glad I took it away from you.”
“I bought you some new clothes. Please wear them tonight at dinner.”
“You don’t get to decide anything, understood? I make the rules and you obey them if you want to remain unharmed.”
“You’re nothing but a little doll I get to play with.”
“I own you.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to take away your virginity just like that. I’m saving it for something special.”
“I’m not going to kill you. Not yet.”
“If you’re good, you can shower with warm water today.”
“Crying won’t make me stop hurting you. It just encourages me.”
“You’re so young…”
“I love it when you scream, but I will only stop when you can’t scream anymore.”
“I’m sorry, I completely forgot you were still down here.”
“There’s someone coming to join me tonight. I’m sure you’ll be quiet, or I’ll have to kill my guest again and it’ll be your fault.”
“You’re going to have some company tonight. Try to think of him/her as your little brother/sister. I want you to do to him/her what I do to you, understood?”
“I’m bringing some friends along to show them how well trained you are.”
“How dare you talk to me like that. Wash your mouth, with soap. Now.”
“It’s been a pleasure watching you grow up. Your mummy and daddy would have been so proud of you.”
“I brought you some food. Now crawl over here and lick it out of the bowl like a good pet.”
“I think you should remind me why you’re worth keeping alive down here.”
“Tell me how much you love me and you can have your dinner.”

“Hello? Is anyone down here?!”
“Oh my god, what is this place? How can you still be alive? I’ll get you help! Please hold on.”
“You don’t have to hide from me. I’m trying to help you. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”
“What happened to you? How long have you been kept here?”
“Hello? Where am I?! Who are you?”
“Have you ever tried to escape? Do you think it’s possible if we work together?”
“It’s the police! Show yourself!”
“Is that really you? Oh my god, I found you, I can’t believe I found you…”

How to get me to say bye real quick:
“Mexicans don’t experience racism, y'all don’t struggle.”
“It’s not that hard to get your papers.”
“I’m not trying to offend you but MY grandparents immigrated LEGALLY from [insert European country here] why can’t you guys do that?”
“So what do Latinas do ;)”
“You’re one of the good ones, you look white.”
BYE. Soy de Jalisco, menso.
“I love authentic Mexican food—Taco Bell is my favorite!”
“Mexicans don’t deserve any rights if they can’t even get their papers.”
“Gentrification isn’t real.”
“Make America Great Again.”

We are now entering a tough time for a lot of us anxiety sufferers. The holidays. I can tell you that it won’t be easy to get through; no matter how far along you are, the holidays are hard. Just breathe. It’s temporary. Your family will be gone soon. The food isn’t as important as you think it is. You can go back to your safe places soon. Just try and remember the positives, focus on the good, and know that the pain and panic is temporary. Triggers come and go. They will always be waiting for us. And sometimes we can hide, but other times we are stuck staring at them. I hope you find some peace this season and I know you can make it through. Stay strong. That’s all you can do.

control starters

“I can make you do whatever I want now. Come on, TRY to oppose me, I dare you.”
“Aren’t you a good boy/girl, listening to every command I give you. Come here, let me give you a kiss.”
“Undress. I have bought you new clothes.”
“Are you hungry? Look at this plate of food. Don’t touch it. You’re only allowed to look. I love seeing your instinct lose from the control I have on you.”
“You’re my puppet now. How does it feel?”
“How long has it been? Five days? Six? Don’t fall asleep. I SAID DON’T FALL ASLEEP!”
“Hold your hand above the flame. It amuses me.”
“How dare you speak to me before being given permission?”
“I don’t remember telling you you could leave your room.”
“Look at how good you are to me. You never complain. I think you deserve a present.”
“I’m not going to lock the door this time, but you won’t leave anyway.”
“Begging isn’t going to make me give it to you. In fact, I quite like the sight.”
“I’m so sorry for disobeying you. I understand if you’re going to punish me now. I deserve it.”
“Do you remember what freedom feels like?”
“What would you be doing right now if you were allowed to do anything in the world, my dear?”
“Why are you complaining? I’m doing what’s best for you.”
“Of course I care about you. That’s why you’re not allowed to leave the house.”
“What did you just say? I think I made it very clear what happens to those who don’t listen to my commands…”
”How does it feel to think in my voice?”
“Your wish is my command. I’ll always listen to you.”
“Oh dear, I see you’ve had a little accident… I thought I’d told you to keep it in.”

Tofu scramble with sweet potato hash browns.

So delicious and so simple. Two very important criteria for me when deciding what to cook. One, because, well, delicious food is important if I actually expect to eat anything (lol) and two, if it’s not simple I lose interest pretty quickly. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy but rather busy. I’m always running around doing several different things so instead of trying to find more time to cook (and making myself crazy) I find things to make that can fit into the time I already have available (which isn’t much lately). Feel me? Good.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

1 large (or 2 medium) sweet potatoes, peeled and grated
¼ cup gluten free flour
2 tbsp. refined coconut oil (plus more for cooking)
½ tsp. salt

Wash and peel the sweet potatoes then shred them and using a colander, rinse the potato shreds until the water runs mostly clear. Squeeze the rinsed potatoes to remove excess water. I like to transfer them to paper towels to remove more water. Transfer potatoes to a medium sized bowl. Add flour, oil and salt and mix until incorporated.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to a skillet on medium heat. Measure ¼ cup sweet potato shreds into the pan and use a spatula to flatten them. Cook for about 3 minutes per side or until golden to medium brown and crispy. Transfer cooked hash browns to a plate lined with paper towels to soak up any excess oil.

BTS meeting their girlfriend’s parents

My first reaction! Hope you all like it. If you want me to make a reaction, feel free to request.

Rap Monster: 

RM: Hello, I am - oh sorry for that vase, let me help you - oh sorry for that jar too - let me - oh, my goodness, just put it under Kim Nam Joon..

(Y/D): Please! Just sit son! Don’t touch anything and just sit!

I think that he would be kind of nervous and awkward at first, maybe break some stuff out of his nervousness even (being the God of Destruction that he is of course), but he would try his best to make the best impression he can.


(Y/M): How do you like the food Jin?

J: Oh, it’s great Mrs. (Y/L/N/).

(Y/M): Oh please, call me (Y/M/N).

I think that Jin would be the perfect boyfriend material that every parent loves. With that cute face, he would steal your parent heart (especially your mums) the moment they lie their eyes on him.


S: Oh, your dad is the one who prepared supper?

(Y/D): Yes, I love to cook, and one of my favorite utensils is this ten-inch bread knife with the serrated blade.

In my opinion, at first sight he would be the kind of guy that your parents wouldn’t really favorite at first and maybe your dad would try to scare him a bit at first but once they realize what a nice guy he is and how much he loves you, they would adore him.


JH: Hello, mother and father! I am Jung Ho Seok. (Y/N) has told me a lot about you! Thanks for giving birth to this beauty!

I think that the moment he walks in and opens his mouth, your parents will adore him! Of course he will be nervous, but he won’t show it. He will small talk through the whole night, trying to look as calm as posible, maybe even sweet-talking the parents. 


(Y/D): So you are Park Jimin?


At first I think he will be quiet(not talk a lot) and nervous, speaking a bit too loudly because of how nervous he is.Trying not to say something stupid and maybe making a few mistakes here and there. After a while though, when the ice is broken he would go back to his funny and cute self. 


V: Hi there! *gif*

I don’t think he would be really nervous. He would just being his normal weird self, worrying your parents at first but not for long because the moment they realize how much he cares about you and loves you, how can they not love him and his cute uniqueness?


JK: *what do I do? how should i breathe? what if they don’t like the way I breathe?* H-hi.

I can imagine this golden maknae being all nervous and stuff not knowing what to do. I think that your parents would find him adorable and try to break the ice and make him feel comfortable.

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I’m kind of tired of everyone constantly bashing on Eyewitness. I love the show, but I can also admit there are flaws as well. Everyone involved made a huge effort to make it good enough and they deserve their credit.
I also am getting sick of seeing people saying how stupid it was to have the Philkas first time in a motel. They say it was unnecessary and it was “done for the views”. Let me ask you something, what do you do when your scared? Do you sit around and let that fear surround you? Or do you try to replace that fear with a feeling of comfort? Do you try to get lost in art, music, food, or tv shows?
I believe this is what was happening during the motel scene. Philip and Lukas thought that they were going to die. You saw how frustrated Philip was. It makes sense that they would turn to something that they find comfort in - each other. All the attention was on them. They were the only two people existing at that moment. No Ryan, no Bo, no Helen, etc.
“I wish we could stay here forever” because in that moment they were completely okay & safe for a little while.

A few tips for poor people who can’t cook:

Frozen vegetables! You can add them to ramen or spaghetti or mac and cheese, they’re cheap and they give you a little nutrition boost, and it’ll keep you fuller longer. I use broccoli.

If one generic tastes like crap, try another. They’re not ALL made by the same company. Personally I can’t stand the Velveeta knockoffs EXCEPT for the ones sold at Dollar Tree.

Rice cooker rice cooker rice cooker. Rice is cheap and filling and you can mix it with so many things and it’s worthless if you’re never gonna cook it. You can find these for $20 and it’s so worth it.

If you’re not allergic, peanuts make an excellent addition to a lot of foods. Adds crunch, flavour and protein!

Canned goods are way different prices at different stores. I can get a can of olives at WinCo for 80c when it’s $1.50 at Fred Meyer. Find out where’s cheapest, and if you can, buy a flat at a time of whatever you’ll use - it means you won’t go for the closer/easier store when you’re in a crunch, and fewer trips to the store mean fewer impulse buys.

Black or kidney beans go great in rice with a little soy sauce, or salt and vinegar. Corn goes great in just about everything. Black-eyed peas are a tasty chip dip.

Anyone else? I know @penbrydd always has good input on these things.

Little Slice of Home - Hunk Garrett x Reader

Prompt: For voltron can you do one where hunk and his s/o bond over various dishes and may be is a chef which is how she first grabbed his attention?

“What is it?” You asked eyeing the bright green goo suspiciously. You cautiously picked up your fork and poked at only to lose your appetite when gave a lively giggle.

“I like to call it food goo.” Hunk said, happily putting a spoonful of the stuff in his mouth.

“Why is it green?” You asked.

“I try not to ask those kind of questions.”

“Well does it taste any good?” You inquired.

“Nope. Not really.”

“Ok … Well how do we make it better?” You asked looking around the room at your options. 

“I’m not sure it doesn’t really taste like anything. Hmmm … Maybe it needs flavoring. Let’s see if we can find something here to give it some flair.” Hunk pondered as he started to rifle through compartments to find something suitable.

“Oh! So it’s like space tofu! Great idea Hunk!” You praised and started to help him find something that could flavor the goo. You both reconvened at the counter with arm fulls of alien food (or what you assumed was food). You cautiously tasted a few of your ingredients, trying to put a human name to some of the flavors.

“Alright I have an idea!” You said when you found a very familiar flavor combination.  You got to work with spicing up your bowl of food goo and when you were satisfied with your work you offered Hunk a spoonful. He took a bit and his eyes widened in delight.

“Oh my god. It’s mac and cheese!”  He cried happily. “That’s amazing!”

“What did you make?” You asked eyeing his workstation carefully. It looks like he used the juice of an alien fruit and some ground roots to make whatever mystery was in his bowl.

“I call it goo a la mode.” He smiled. You took a bite and nearly started crying at the flavors that were dancing across your tongue. It tasted just like your mother’s apple pie!

“Oh my god. It’s fantastic.” You sniffled, wiping away your homesick tear from your eye.

“I know right? I think I’m beginning to like this goo … you know unappetizing color aside.”

BTS Reaction #49

BTS’ reaction when they find out you’ve been dieting because you felt insecure after seeing all the beautiful girls in their MVs.


“Jin, do you think that if I lose a few more pounds, I’d look as good as that girl in your Boys In Luv MV? Maybe you’d be more willing to be romantic around me?”

“What? Babe, have you been dieting???” 


*walks up to you and slams you against the wall*

“I can always do things like this no matter how big or slim you are. Just stay healthy for me, that’s all I ask of you.”

*leans in and whispers*

“Now eat all the food I make for you from now on”

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“But why are you dieting??? You look just fine.”

“No I don’t… it’s only because you’re trying to be nice…”

“You might not be as slim as her, but you’re the swaggiest girl I know!” 



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“Jagiyaaaa!!! When you do things like this, it hurts my heart!!!” 

*starts pouting and using aegyo*

“Please eat!!!! For me at least~”

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“But you’re the most beautiful girl to me. So don’t worry about them, okay?~”

*thinking* did I say the right thing??? Oh good, she’s smiling. Okay, okay Namjoon, you did well.

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*drags you to the dinner table to eat with him, watches you eat happily*

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“S-s-so… you’ve been throwing away all of my hard work?!?!?”

“Sorry Taehyung-ah…”


“I know I shouldn’t have, but-”

“-no, the food doesn’t matter as much AS MY BABY’S HEALTH. WHAT’RE YOU DOING Y/N?” *pretends to sob*

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“Y/N, let’s go get some dinner~”

“I don’t want to… I’m tired, I want to sleep.”

*throws a pillow at you*

“YAH Y/N, I know you’ve been dieting!!! Don’t think I haven’t noticed! I like you just the way you are, so get up and eat before you ruin my princess’ body!!!” 

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My dear followers, my babies,

At first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you can enjoy the people around you & the food.

I have deeply respect for those who suffer from a eating disorder and those who are addicted to alcohol. Be strong these days, try to eat, try to enjoy without throwing up. And if you are going to drink, behave yourself when you get too impulsive. You all are so strong.

Also my love goes to those who are alone these days. No matter if it’s about having no friends or family, or if everyone passed away. Make a good day for yourself, watch christmas movies, turn on christmas music, and buy yourself something nice.

And I wish all the strength for those who have to celebrate Christmas with the one who raped them, or abused them. 

I wish you all the love from the whole world, and a very merry Christmas.

I love all of you.

When Dazai will marry you..

Dazai: We’re married now. Time for a few rules.
You: such as?
Dazai: *takes off his pants* try them on.
You: *tries* They’re too big.
Dazai: right and because of this, I am the man. I can go whereever I want, If I want to spent days somewhere else, I expect you to make me food without complain. Because I am the MAN. I can do whatever I want and your duty is to be a good house wife. Understood?
You: Alright. But .. *takes off your panties* Try this on.
Dazai: *tries* I can’t get in.
You: Yes, and this stays so until you change your views~

Always [Jefferson x Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 2432+ words

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AU: HamilTime

TW: Kidnapping / Violence / Losing Limbs

A/N: I think my titles are getting a little too cheesy and unrelated /sigh… I’ll work on it.. This has been in my head since I started reading poly HamilSquad x Reader, and I finally had some time to write it. 

Thomas was the first to wake up. Of course, he was. He looked down at you with a loving gaze, kissing the top of your head. Currently, you were resting between your two lovers, Thomas and Gilbert. 

“Morning, love,” Thomas whispered. “How was your sleep?”

“Good,” you muttered, snuggling to his side, trying not to move Gilbert’s arm around your waist.

“I love you.”

“Love you too,” you replied sleepily. 

“I’ll make us some food.” As carefully as he can, he got out of the bed soundlessly. He pecked your lips before moving to the other side to kiss Gilbert on the nose. You turned your attention to your Frenchman, leaning up to kiss his jaw. He stirred, but didn’t wake up. 

“Gilbert,” you whispered, trailing your hand from his cheekbone to his jaw. Suddenly, his hand grabbed yours and you gasped in surprise while a smirk just appeared on his face. He brought your fingers to his lips, kissing them softly. 

“Mon chou, why are you awake already?” he groaned, pulling you to his chest.

“You have a full day ahead of you, love,” you responded, going through your lovers’s schedules for the day. 

He hummed a response. “Where’s Thomas?”

“Cooking us some food. We shouldn’t keep him waiting.” He carried you out of bed, earning a small squeak from you, and walked to the kitchen to kiss Thomas’s cheek. 

“Morning, Lafayette,” Thomas murmured. “Je t'aime.”

“Je t'aime aussi, mon coeur." 

The two of you shared a pleasant breakfast, as usual, and Thomas and Gilbert were off to their meetings. It was one of the rare days that Gilbert and Thomas had early meetings which meant that they would be able to get off work at an appropriate hour. You waited for them in your carriage outside their office. You had arrived a little early, but you didn’t mind waiting. Your driver, Matthew, was outside, and you could hear him humming. The peaceful silence was cut short when you heard violent sounds. Reaching out for the door, you were about to open it when it was opened, and an unfamiliar face met yours. 

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle.” He had a villainous grin as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the carriage. 

“Who are you?” you demanded, trying to pull your wrist back, but he easily tugged it back and slapped you across the face. 


The situation became even more threatening when you saw Matthew on the ground, a small pool of blood underneath him. 

"Matthew!” you screamed, trying to escape the man’s grip once more. 

He growled angrily, pulling out a gun which immediately shut you up, but he lifted it up and brought it down on your head, knocking you out. 

Thomas and Gilbert walked outside of the building, with smiles on their faces. The day had not been as stressful as it could’ve been. Their conversation was cut short when Thomas pointed to the bloodied Matthew.

“Matthew!” Gilbert called, running up to him, and checking for a heartbeat. 

“Monsieur,” he moaned, his eyes slowly opening again. “They took Madam Y/N.”

Gilbert’s heart stopped. “Who? Who took her?”

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(its tuesday in my country atm but if requests are still closed please just ignore this? thanks x <3) how do you think the boys act around their s/o if they had really bad social anxiety? like to the point where they cant even order food without panicking? i hope this makes sense aaaaa i love also yalls blog keep up the good work <333

Sen: Feel free to slap me for keeping this in here for so long. 


He’s got terrible social anxiety so he knows what it’s like. Ushijima can order food for him and his s/o and all that but inside he’s still screaming a bit because “I really hope I don’t order the wrong thing” and he just lets his s/o sit at the table and is constantly looking back at them to check that they’re okay.


“You have to try to order sometimes but I guess this is okay.” He knows he won’t always be there for his s/o so they might as well get used to it but if they’re together, he’ll still be ordering. He doesn’t just want to shove them in the deep end so he’ll only get them to order if the place isn’t busy and they can take their time with no rushing.


He brings his s/o with him, telling them that it’s at least better to be there together so that maybe sometimes they’ll feel comfortable to order but for the most part, it’s just him doing the ordering. He always holds their hand to make sure that they feel secure and he really doesn’t think too much of their anxiety being something that changes the way they’re together.


He tries not to tease his s/o about their anxiety, but he does think it’s a bit cute. Though, he knows he should be more sensitive towards them since he had the same problems when he was in middle school. He suggests that they just stay at their place instead and order take out since they’re away from everyone staring and it feels calmer when they’re together or their parents are around as well.


He’s actually pretty shit at dealing with this sort of thing and he just doesn’t understand “why can’t you just… order?” It’d take explaining from his s/o for him to realise that it’s just difficult to deal with anxiety and it’s a hindrance but he’ll eventually think it’s kind of cute. He may end up with some idea that he’s like a knight in shining armour for them but someone will be sure to knock some sense into him.


He’s a bit annoyed. He knows he’s a bit insensitive and feels like an ass for feeling this way but he just wishes that… they wouldn’t be like that. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, but he just wants them to feel confident and accept themselves because he can clearly see all the things that make them great that they can’t. He does his best to support them as he can but he’s not exactly the most… helpful.


He’s pretty chill with it. It just means that he has to order for them, right? It’s not like they’re asking to join them in eternal life as a vampire. Kawanishi doesn’t see anxiety as a deal breaker at all and he’s completely fine with letting them lean on him for any support that they need. His affection is unconditional and he makes sure that they know he’s always there for them.


Prepare to be showered with affection because this guy will slam down any self-depricating remark and tell them at least five more things that he thinks are cool about his s/o. He may be a bit too overprotective of them, calling out people who say something unintentionally rude but he tries to keep his temper in control when he’s around them if possible.

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Bc I'm such a slut for Bucky Barnes x food, consider THIS headcanon: he hogs making/choosing meals. He likes to try new things every time he cooks and go to different family owned restaurants and has a secret Pinterest board full of recipes he can't wait to try. Steve sniffles back proud tears. Sam rolls his eyes and smiles. Bucky improves with each dish he makes. Shit is all right™. :)

DUDE YES!!! Bucky getting actually really good at cooking though??? Bucky dragging Steve and Sam to some country bumpkin, middle of Pennsylvania (if I’m gonna drag a state it should be my own) farmer’s market because they have a special kind of honey or Bucky dragging Steve and sam to a farm to select the cow they are going to eat for the next three months because it’s like some fancy ass, pampered cow.

BUCKY BARNES THE FOOD SNOB!!!!! I’m crying????

Bucky making Mac and cheese with cheese names only he and Steve can pronounce because why the fuck would I need to know French, Bucky.

Bucky spending hours making his own ravioli. Bucky hanging out with old Italian ladies at the market to learn how to make true gravy. Bucky taking like 9 trains to go to that one bakery with the best bread.

Bucky learning how to BAKE BREAD because he remembers eating challah bread that his mom made and making it one handed until he’s offered a new arm and then he only takes it because it would really make cooking easier, I guess.

Darlene Wilson giving Bucky cooking lessons because she wants her baby to be fed right since she’s been trying to teach him how to make yams properly for years and he’d rather get them out of a can (shameful). Bucky making Sam his grandmother’s secret pecan pie recipe :,).

Bucky setting Steve’s Irish ass on fire when he cooks curry. He’s literally never seen anyone drink milk like that. He’s not sorry.


I work in a shopping complex next door to a dollar store and I have a gnarly crush on one of the assistant managers.
I used to go in every day that I was working and buy candy or soda to use as an excuse to try to talk to him and get to know him. After about a month I realized that if I had enough money to spend on junk for me, then I also have enough to spend on other people as well.
I’m still trying to get to know the assistant manager, but now instead of buying shitty snacks for me I’m buying one can of soup a day to give to the soup kitchen and other emergency food pantries. 
I’m at about 40 cans at the moment and I plan on donating the haul during thanksgiving when all the food drives are most active.
Crushes are gross but using them to do something good makes them feel less gross. Idk.

Being a Hermit Crab Owner

People who don’t have hermit crabs: You got crabs? Doesn’t it pinch? It’s kind of cute, I guess. That a lot of shells. Can I hold it? I’m a little freaked out by it. What do they eat? I want one for my kids, heard they were easy pets.

Someone who has them as pets: They trashed the tank again. Should I bother straightening their mess up at this point? Don’t try pinching the hand that feeds. I see you buried food in your substrate. I hate you sometimes, but your little face makes you too easy to forgive. I wish you would stop eating everything you got your little clippers on, including my hand’s skin. Oh, you’re molting. Good luck and stay safe. It’s almost like you put ecoearth in the salt water just to annoy me.

Hermit crab owner problems. Yes, it is like a moody teenager in miniature form. Yes, they are difficult to be mad at for long once you see them crawling around looking adventurous. These are only easy pets if you give them proper care.

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How did your katsudon turn out? Was it good!?

it turned out really well!! i’m not great at cooking but it wasn’t hard to make at all (after i was done nearly crying about how stressful frying things is!!) but my parents seemed to really like it too!

yoi won for presentation points but this was def a gold medal meal haha. 10/10 recommend trying it out!

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I had to decide between eating crisps and writing in my diary. I chose to write in my diary. Used to overeat when frustrated, used not to eat for some time. Now I try to make healthy decicions and not hate on food. I hope, I can do it ^^

Wooohoooo!! Good on you for making the healthy choice!