i can make gifs too

Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

everything about me is just terrible, everything about me makes me wanna die

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”


(requested by anon)

quick Got7 “If You Do” footwork tutorial!! (my friend was asking for one lol) anyway there are four basic positions and it’s on a loop, also I filmed my mirror so you can just copy it as is ~~
(note: this probably isn’t perfect but this is what works for me, hope this helps anyone trying to learn!!)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ hug tackles!!!! kisses!!!

dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
more phan doodles here

Toothless Alpha Mode!

Thank you so much for my 100 followers out there who always have been loyal to me to reblogged all my post xD. I’m so happy that my followers finnaly reach 100 people who following me. You guys that already talked to me and friend with me, i can’t thank you enough. You guys already motivated me too.

Okay have toothless here trying to motivating you. Dont worry i also going to make hiccstrid animation and fanarts too. Lol finnaly i can make fanart again.
I Hope you guys like it :-).

Thank you.