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BTS WINGS Concert - Chicago

i personally took this picture at the concert but wanted to share it with you all. it’s currently my lockscreen hehe <3 feel free to use this as well if you’d like!



a comic based on a thought i had about jeremy serenading michael with two-player game to ask him out to prom
shima provided the lyrics on jeremy’s end and i chose michael’s response u w u


I. I need a moment. Or five.

Also I have to include the screenshot of our conversation because it was brilliant. Under the cut to save some space hehe

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Guild Message of the Day: Welcome to <Pirates of Arcadia>!
Remember to keep chat friendly and NO EMOJI!!

once a wow nerd always a wow nerd


it just feels like no stranger would ever look at me and be like “damn that person is attractive and I wish they’d talk me” ya know? like yeah I’m not bad looking but I just can’t comprehend some random person looking at me in my natural state and being like yep you’re cute please come say hi 🙏🏼🙏🏼

You know what I need? Caring Oikawa! Tooru being protective over Hajime.
And not in the jealous “you are mine” kinda way.
I need the tender and honest “I like you, I love you, I care for you” kinda way.

Because Oikawa does care! It is right there and I need it more in drawings and fics.

Waking up earlier in the morning and having Hajime curled up next to him, his nose nuzzled into Tooru’s side. The last weeks have been busy and stressful and even though Hajime is still asleep and the morning is early and soft Tooru  can see that last weeks put a strain on him.
He runs his fingers softly through Hajime’s hair, massaging the back of his head, running his fingers down the neck to the back where he runs smooth circles over tense muscles. 
Hajime stirs a little; mumbling noises, eyes still closed.
He looks cute like this: cuddled up, arm slung over Tooru and face buried into his side, floppy, ruffled bed hair sticking out.
Cute and handsome, Tooru thinks, that is his boyfriend and he looks at him with so much love and fondness while still circling his fingers over Hajime’s back. And he knows he is going to protect this man, holding him tight and making sure he gets a peaceful day and some rest.


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“How do you keep your wings so soft?” You were idly stroking Lucifer’s wings as you were doing “research”. The thought had randomly occurred to you and you just had to know.

“Wouldn’t you love to know.” Lucifer teased you.

“You’re no fun.” You gave one of his feathers a tug as a form of punishment.

Lucifer turned his head and gave you a glare. “Keep tugging on my feathers like that and you’re gonna get it.“

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Can I request the NDRV3 guys being given the "if you do anything to hurt her" speech?

Of courseeeee I’ve done it mostly being the parent of Fem!Reader giving the speech

DRV3 Boys being given the ‘If you do anything to hurt her’ speech

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Oh boy
  • He’s sweating
  • The longer the speech goes on
  • He’s just a mess
  • Getting conscious he may smell too
  • He’s stuttering a yes in response
  • So terrified he’s going to accidentally upset you now
  • And end up having an angry parent chasing his ass
  • Though you reassure him it’s all fine
  • It takes him a little while to believe it

Kaito Momota

  • He’s been prepared for this speech
  • He’s pretty chill
  • Even though he felt a pang in his chest when they asked for ‘a word’
  • But he’s okay
  • He’s got this
  • He’s very polite
  • And assures them that he will never intentionally upset their daughter
  • “I’m doing to do whatever I can to make sure she’s never hurt,”
  • Then shakes their hand, bows and leaves


  • Heart
  • Racing
  • Oh god
  • He will probably overheat by the end of the speech
  • Just feels his systems working overtime
  • He’s not prepared for this
  • No one warned him about this
  • So when he crashes the parent just has to kindly wait
  • Before he hurriedly apologises, bows and swears never to hurt their child

Rantaro Amami

  • He’s also prepared
  • So he just listens
  • And nods
  • He understands
  • And he makes sure they know he understands
  • “I truly value Y/N. I will never do anything to hurt her with intention,”
  • He is genuine and polite
  • And they can see that
  • So they back off slightly and smile
  • Saying it’s a pleasure to meet him and wish them the best of happiness together
  • “As do I,”

Kokichi Ouma

  • He really wants to be a cocky shit
  • And say things to challenge them
  • Or ask why they think he’s trouble
  • Do they doubt him?
  • Is he a bad influence?
  • He’s already ready to show some crocodile tears if need be
  • But no
  • He’s pretty mature
  • Until he smirks when they mention ‘messing around’
  • Has to bite his tongue to refrain from saying they will only mess around in the bedroom
  • But he just stays quite and nods
  • Before shaking hands and saying it was ‘truly a pleasure’

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s sweating
  • But he’s a gentleman
  • And he was expecting this
  • So he sits with them over a drink
  • And listens to everything they have to say
  • “Gonta understands of course. Y/N is a very special person. If anyone hurt her I would hurt them…”
  • Was that too much?
  • He starts to worry that maybe he said the wrong thing
  • But the parent smiles and nods
  • “I’m glad we understand each other,”
  • He’s so relieved and he thanks them for allowing him to date their daughter

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He’s the smoothest
  • He has a line ready for anything they say
  • He’s prepared to have a come back
  • But he assures them that he’ll never hurt them
  • Unless it’s a kink of theirs
  • “I too would want to come after the person who hurt someone as special as Y/N,”
  • Once they see how much he values them they tend to lay off a bit
  • And the kind of unsettling aura around him
  • Due to his comfort in the situation
  • Any fear they hoped to cause missed its mark that’s for sure
  • He just bows and leaves, thanking them for the conversation

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He’s a little unsettled
  • By the fact they don’t trust him
  • It takes him a lot of effort not to challenge them
  • And ask exactly why they think he could upset their daughter
  • Though he reasons with himself it’s a parental responsibility
  • “Maybe you’ll understand where we’re coming from one day,”
  • He hopes so
  • He just tames his irrationality
  • And nods with gritted teeth through the conversation
  • Before excusing himself as soon as possible
  • And checking he didn’t sweat too much
Do You Love Me?
The Blues Brothers
Do You Love Me?

You broke my heart, 'cause I couldn’t dance.
You didn’t even want me around…
Well now I’m back to show you,
I can really shake ‘em down…

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"I won't let you" +romione

funnily enough one of the first fics I ever wrote (like a century ago when my writing was x10000 times worse than anything I can try to do now) was called ‘I won’t let you’! So this is bringing back some nostalgia.

“You’re leaving?” she asked as she came into their bedroom and saw him packing his rucksack with clothes.

Ron looked up at her guiltily, staring into her eyes for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, it’s one of those calls again.”

Hermione nodded, resigned to life as an Auror’s girlfriend. But things weren’t adding up… the rucksack getting filled with clothes, the guilty look on his face.. “Wait, how long are you going for?” a few hours, just overnight, a few days…

“A couple of weeks,” he said, avoiding her gaze.

“Weeks?” Hermione gasped. “That’s the longest you’ve been gone yet!”

Ron chewed his lip uncomfortably as he continued to pack. “Yeah, well, a lead’s come up on a big case and they need us to go follow it up now, and they’re not sure how long it’ll take and–”

“What case is it?” Hermione asked warily, for what case could be so serious that Ron needs to leave now and for so long. But the way that Ron stiffened and looked very uncomfortable told her everything she needed to know. “Ron!”

“Yeah, it’s the Herzestor case,” he resigned. He finally looked up at her. “But Hermione, I swear–”

“NO!” She exclaimed, marching over and taking out the pair of jeans he’d just put in. “No, you cannot be going to tackle one of the most violent criminals in existence, who’s been renowned for his sadism and maiming and murdering his victims in the most abhorrent—“


“Nobody who encounters him gets out alive!” Hermione cried out in a half-sob.

“NO! I won’t let you!”

“Let me?” Ron repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Hermione, it’s my job!”

“And it’s me, telling you!” Hermione said, tugging on his arm to stop him putting any more into his bag.

“And I can’t!” Ron shouted. “I can’t not go!”

“Yes, you can! Just don’t!”

“That’s not how it works, and you know it. Besides, I need to go!”

Suddenly, the energy left her. “You need to stay home,” she whispered, sliding her arms up to rest on his shoulders. “Ron, I can’t have you—“

“I can’t let him stay out there, if there’s even the slightest chance we can get him,” Ron began, his voice a low rumble. “The things he’s done, if he ever got his hands on you…” he shuddered.

“And you think I don’t feel the same?” Hermione exclaimed. “Ron, you’re throwing yourself into his path.”

“But I’ve got a team of great Aurors who know the case, and we’ve got a strategy, and we’re going to get back home.”

“But why can’t you stay home?”

Ron raised his hands up to cup her face, tracing the edges of it. “It’s my job to protect you, love.”

“I don’t–“

“You don’t need protecting, I know. But it’s my job to. Both as an Auror, and as me. As long as there’s bad guys out there, I don’t want any of them near you, and I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure you’re as safe as you can be, as safe as I can make you.”

Hermione sighed and bowed her head to look away from the earnestness in his eyes. “I hate not being there to fight with you.”

“Should have joined the Aurors, then,” he joked, and Hermione grinned and rolled her eyes. “No, we can’t have that,” he conceded. “I’d go crazy if you were in the midst of all this.”

“Imagine how I feel now.”

“I know,” Ron agreed. “And I’m sorry.”

Hermione finally looked back up at him. “No you’re not.”

“Not really,” he said, grinning at her, before sobering up again. “But I am sorry I have to put you through it every time.”

Hermione sighed again and nodded her head. “You have to, though.”

“I have to,” he repeated.

There was a long pause before she finally released her hold on him and took a step back. “Let’s help you pack, then.”

from the four words prompts!

Dr Bruce Banner

Originally posted by 1900stove-0

Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bruce
Word count: 2,756
Warnings: Tiny bit of angst

Part 26 of Petty Insults

Sitting in the lab, you smiled softly as you rubbed your stomach. “He’s very active.” You glanced at Thor.

“Hopefully that is good news.” Thor smiled.

Bruce used scanners to scan around your body, typing away at different things. “Alright, I know I’m no medical doctor, but I’ve been studying what I can since you announced your pregnancy.” He started, giving you a small smile. “So, if there’s an emergency, we’ll get you to the actual doctor. Sound good?”

You nodded. “Yeah.” You agreed, hoping it didn’t come to that.

“Okay, things might be different because Thor’s a God, but I put together some questions for things that came up a lot.” He explained.

You took a deep breath and nodded, ready to answer to the best of your ability. Thor stood by you, just as concerned.

It seemed like you had been answering questions for ages when Bruce finally stopped. “So, in my professional opinion, you should stay in New York.” He said seriously. “It looks like you’re at a high risk for going into preterm labor. I’m not saying you WILL, but the chances are high enough that I don’t feel you should travel back to Asgard.”

Your shoulders sagged. “But Asgard…”

“We have intelligent medical staff there Dr. Banner.” Thor defended his home.

“I’m not saying you don’t.” He replied gently. “But, do they have everything we have here? I’m not telling you what to do. I’m giving you my opinion as a doctor, and your friend.”

Thor looked at you worriedly.

“Would I…would I have to stay in the tower?” You hugged yourself protectively.

“I’d like you to, only because we have the lab, and I could keep an eye on you.” He started. “But no, you don’t.” Bruce added. “I’m sure staying relaxed at home would help.”

You and Thor stayed quiet, but reluctantly agreed. “Alright, we trust you.”

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The human weapon | Part Six

(I saved this gif for lord knows how long ago, so i don’t know credits for this one) 

Pairing: JungkookxReader

AU: Robot!Cyborg, Sci-fi

Genre: Angst - Romance

Word count: 2.7k

Part five << >>Part Seven (Soon)

“Taehyung.” Turning around, you were met with your ex-boyfriend. He looked older and mature, rather sexy in fact. When you dated him, he was such a dork around you but quickly changed, knowing what he was up to later on.

“Wow…. It’s really you.” He continued to speak, stepping closer into the light. He was tanned, and suited in a tux like the others. A button unopened, to reveal the chocolate sweetness of his skin flash. Taking in a deep breath, you tried to forget the break and enjoy your night.

“Yeah, it’s me. I didn’t see you at the wedding ceremony?”

“I was late.”

“I see one thing hasn’t changed.” You blurted out, wanting to facepalm immediately. Taehyung might be your ex-boyfriend that broke your heart in a dirty way, but it didn’t mean you should make him remember. Maybe, he had changed.

“Yeah… You look beautiful, by the way.” He smiled, the smile you hated. Because, it bought back the great memories shared laughing together. In a boxy shape, you couldn’t help but mirror. You wished it was only Jungkook that could make you feel butterflies rising inside, but it couldn’t be fulfilled.

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad either.”

“I have to catch up with a few guests, mind I’ll come around later this evening? To catch up.” You felt weird, about how he wanted to catch up. Was it for the friends’ sake, or something else. He didn’t give you a bad vibe, and maybe for tonight, you would have an amazing night surrounded with loving friends.

“Sure, I’ll have to go back to the others too” An awkward nod of exchanging, you both parted ways with an odd feeling lingering in your stomach. Taehyung made you get butterflies, but he also made you feel an uneasiness of what you never got over.

“Are you okay, you look a little… uncomfortable?” Jungkook questioned, putting a hand around your waist. Normally, you would feel odd about it but this time, it felt right. The burn in the bottom of your stomach disappeared, not letting a simple guy ruin your whole evening.

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry”

Within minutes, you dined into the food and wine. You had your annual discussion about science and human emotions with Namjoon, while Jin tried to rationalise everything. It was like a family dinner, with a little more spice around it. Even though the topics could get heated, it never failed to put a smile on the whole group. It was enjoyable, and later, after drinking multiple glasses of wine you knew, it was about to be real fun. Your mom tried to figure out the mystery boy about Jungkook, as well for Jin. Namjoon would yet again, explain everything about a lost cousin or something. In the end, you let Namjoon take over the spiral of lies in the conversation.

Though, the music, food and drinks were great. Something was bothering you, not just one thing, but two. Jungkook was quickly fascinated by new people, and a lot of the girls were too. You noticed your sister’s old classmates, finding their seat beside Jungkook whenever you left to the toilet. You were soon enough, seated beside Namjoon who was probably solid happy-drunk. Watching Jungkook being surrounded by girls, you felt… jealous. Was it happiness too? There was something, that made you happy about that he could talk with them. That someone, would take an interest. But, it made you jealous. You wanted to tell them, to scoot away because it was your seat. There was just this thing, you hated jealousy and knew how to control it. In whatever way, you always found a way to distract yourself. To turn around the way of jealousy and greed became mixed up, to pure happiness. Not only was Jungkook’s innocence bothering you, but from just two tables away, someone always got their eyes on you. Taehyung was staring intensely at you, and there is no knowledge for how long. Whenever you peeked, he was already watching. You didn’t understand, if he wanted to talk, he should come over. But, maybe that was just a foolish wish for something else.

“How much, do you wanna bet, that Mina is going to ask Jungkook on a date one day?” Jin took away your attention, feeling his arrogance grow upon your shoulders.

“90.000 KRW.” You called, making his eyes pop. Pursing his lips into a thin line, he looked upon the flirtatious girl that sat next to Jungkook.

“Deal. I see you’re confident.”

“Oh please. Everyone can tell, that she will ask him out one day. The poor boy probably doesn’t know what a date is, and just politely accepts it.” You scoffed, trying to sip the last of your white wine. Sour but with a taste of bitterness underneath.

“Someone’s jealous?”

“And what if I was?”

“Ask him to dance then!” Jin requested, making your shake your head.

“No way, Jin. I can’t dance, and I will not cockblock him.” You chuckled, taking the last bit of your drink left in the wineglass. Jin exhaled in exhaustion, getting caught by a figure walking closer. To your amazement, Jungkook was standing in a light bow and a free hand, asking for a dance.

“Can I have this dance, Princess?” You were in shock and too flushed to react, before Jin pushed you towards Jungkook. With a quick reflex, you were in the arms of him, escorted towards the dance floor. A new song starting, while finding the right posture for a dance. Centimetres between each other and hands connected, you were swaying together along the rhythm. Jungkook was quite good and was leading you better than expected.

“Did Namjoon teach you to call the girl a pet name?” You questioned to break the silence, making him smile fondly.

“He told me, it was something girls really liked”

“Fortunately, he is right. Damn right” You chuckled, feeling Jungkook’s hand squeeze on the small of your back. Your hips and chest coming closer, going from two to one. Your head fit perfectly along his chest and the crook of his neck, hoping the song would never end.

“I’m happy, you asked me to come with you” Jungkook whispered against your ear, making it burn along everything he touched. You didn’t know, if it was the alcohol that made your heart race and every piece of limb felt numb.

“It wouldn’t feel right if you weren’t with me…” The hand on your back, swirled tiny movement of strokes sending warmth to your core.

“Say… Jungkook. Did you sleep with me on the couch last night?”

“…..I did. Was that bad?”

“No…. I liked it. I felt like I have slept for an eternity, which was nice for once. I feel so safe around you” The alcohol didn’t help on your honesty around Jungkook, but you enjoyed telling these small confessions, when the response was his heart beating louder against your ear.

“I feel safe around you too”

“How? I mean… you have weapons and everything. I’m just… nothing compared to that”

“No… You’re everything to me-“ You were shocked, to hear this kind of thing. Making your head peek out of the comfortable warmth, to watch his face fluster with red. You smiled, feeling happy and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“How about we take the guest bed into my room, and make it a double bed? A little less space in the room, but we will be able to sleep together…” You suggested, watching his smile grow and the nose scrunching.

“I would love that”

“Me too…” You didn’t know, when the song started or when it would end. But the connection between you and Jungkook, was almost unbreakable. The feel of your heart bursting inside your chest, as your forehead clashing together. Eyes, only looking at each other and no one else. It was just you and Jungkook, together.

“Erhm… Excuse me?” The world created around you and Jungkook, made you silence the sound of music. None of you noticed, the song stopped and a new began. Turning to your side, retreating from his grip, you were met with a familiar face.

“Can I have this dance?” Taehyung bowed lightly, making you look back to your first partner. He was also asked to dance with Mina, of course. Doubting for a second, you thought one dance wouldn’t hurt. Neither did it seem that Mina could understand a ‘no’, but got her dance anyways.

“Just this once” You replied, putting your hand in his. Trying to look back for the one that got away, he was occupied with the drunk girl who could barely make it a twirl.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take loving care of you.”

Guided towards the centre, a firm hand was placed on the small of your back. It was already warm, but Taehyung made it warmer. Eyes that was unable to look away from, you tried to compose yourself in front of him.

“Someone’s a bit on edge?” He questioned, breaking the awkward silence that grew between you.

“Shouldn’t I be?” You felt the groan escape the back of his throat, knowing your answer this easily.

“It was a long time ago Y/N… I’m not like that anymore, I was an idiot.” Pondering along his answer, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that Taehyung did sacrifice a lot to be with you. But still, he did do things that wouldn’t be forgivable.

“I was actually looking forward to see you tonight…” squeezing you closer against him, you felt weak at the thought of him. The way every memory replayed in the back of your head, by every touch he left.

“You can’t be telling me… you didn’t catch me watching you, multiple times tonight?” He whispered against your ear, sending vibrations of pleasure directly to your core.

“Don’t… Go to Eunji with that bullshit” You tried to resist, but your body wouldn’t listen.

“Come one… We both know that Eunji and I, didn’t last longer than 3 days afterwards. She was nothing to me.”

“Then what was I?” You dared to question, putting a hand on his chest to feel his heart race against the palm of your hands. He was frozen, biting on his lip for his next cheeky answer. But you had enough, your head couldn’t take anymore. Taehyung knew, what he could do with your mind and body. You were like a doll, and that’s what scares you being around him.

“You know what, forget it, I don’t want to know. Excuse me.” Pushing your bodies away, you escaped to the balcony. Not looking back, you didn’t want to see his expression. If it was pained, or effortlessly happy, you didn’t care. The stars lights above you, gave you a soothing feeling inside. The sound of cheerful people laughing and talking to nights end, gave you hope for joy. Looking back at everything, all you had to do, was to let go of him. Taehyung wouldn’t come back, and it’s a chapter that finished a long time ago, but you never had the guts to put it away.

“Don’t get a cold.” It was like you were haunted, turning around to face the same man again. In the dim moon light, he would look like a seducing vampire at the first sight.

“Why would you care.”

“Because I always have. I never stopped caring about you, Y/N.” It didn’t matter how close he got, your body wouldn’t listen. It was attracted to Taehyung, it was taken care of from him, it memorises him.

“Why? Why now?” You felt tears threatened to fall, but you wouldn’t let him get the satisfaction that his ex never got over him.

“I didn’t know when the right time was. I was told you never came out, and stopping by didn’t seem like a promising idea either.” Rubbing the back of his neck, he was now standing front. Only a few centimetres separating, making it uneasy for you to escape. He was taller, broader and intimidating, like always.

“Why me…? Why her…?”

“I don’t know. It just happened and I was a dumb jerk, but I still love you. It was a mistake, but I never stopped loving you. I can’t give you an exact reason why, but you have to believe me when I say, that I still love you.” A warm hand cupped the side of your cheek, making you look at the man who made your world feel like a fairy tale and hell. You regretted the feelings that came, but it was hard to deny them.

“Taehyung… don’t…”

“I’ll make it right! I promise! I can’t stop thinking about you the moment I open my eyes, and hope that I will see you sleeping next to me. The way I can’t help to replay the memories, that we spent together. You feel it too, don’t you? Our love, never died, it can’t. One more chance. Just one, that’s all I need.” Biting on your lip, you were considering it. His eyes became glossy, and face reminded you why he caught your heart in the first place. Giving someone a second chance, was a way for them to show another side. Maybe Taehyung really had changed, or maybe he was just trying to play you.

“Y/N.” Another voice, familiar and warm. Jungkook was standing in the entrance, calling your name like it was nothing. You knew, what you have now, would be better than to restore a lost relationship.

“I’m sorry Taehyung, Goodbye.” Walking along the concrete floor, Jungkook was ready to take your hand in his, following you out to the car. Taehyung was confused, yet furious of the situation. You declined his offer, as if it was a piece of candy.

“Taehyung? What are you doing out here?”

“Jaein..? Oh… I was just enjoying the night sky.” Within seconds, he had fulfilled his cool attitude once again. Jaein didn’t know about you and Taehyung’s past, and it seems to be taken advantage of.

“Say… Who’s the younger guy with Y/N?” Taehyung seemed like a typical curious boy, when asked. Jaein only found it fair, for your ex-boyfriend to know who it was.

“His name is Jungkook, and currently lives with her. I never got a clear answer if they were dating, though they seem comfortable around each other.” She explained, making Taehyung smirk in pleasure.

“I see. It’s getting late Jaein, but it was nice seeing you again. Congratulations with the wedding again, tell Jimin to call me soon” With that, Taehyung was done. He tried, but was turned down. Right now, he needed to try again. He wasn’t the kind to give up, as in never.

“I have never felt any better getting all of this glam off… I’m so exhausted now” You yawned, taking your makeup off while Jungkook lifted the bed inside to your bedroom. It was fun to see the guys having some drinks together, but watching Namjoon fall asleep, was probably too much for one night. You and Jungkook didn’t mind, since you both wore equally something that hurt. His shoes and your heels, and for the tight dress it became too much. Looking like a million, takes a lot of time and pain. Jungkook could barely contain himself, wanting to put the bed inside your room. Now there was no need to ask for permission, it’s officially okay to just sleep together.

“What did Taehyung say to you? You didn’t seem that happy” Jungkook settled up the bed, sitting on the edge to watch you through the mirror.

“He was just trying to get a second chance…” You explained, putting the dirty cotton pads away to finally slide under the duvet.

“Did you give him one…?”

“No… But… I think he really has changed Jungkook. I don’t know… My head is really confused…Am I making the right choice?”

“Whatever you choose, I hope you will end up happy.” The feel of Jungkook’s heavy body was placed along the other side, gave you a new sensation of smells and feelings. He was tired, and almost arrived to dream land the moment his head hit the pillow, but he kept looking at you.

“I’m happy being around you.” You confessed with a warming smile, unsure if it was the alcohol, even though you stopped drinking hours ago.

“Me too…” Tucking you into his embrace, you could slumber together receiving hangover texts from the others while waking up. Taehyung might be giving you a tingling feeling inside, but it isn’t the same happiness you get from Jungkook.


“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

Apparently my guess of becoming inactive after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out was 100% on the mark.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting together all my old teams from gen III to bring up to my Sun game and only /just/ finished today.

I have over sixty Pokemon that I’ve accumulated since my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day, and even successfully recreated my old 1998 team with the VC version of Red.
(I’m working on my old Yellow team still, but at least I’ve got them started!)

I also need to apologize to all the daily Pokemon blogs I’ve been mass following but apparently I’ve reverted back to the age of six and I’m just devouring every Pokemon-related thing I can find again.
Next comes the Pokemon stickers ending up on everything.

I’m even kicking around over on @charizard-daily for the extra art practice when I should be trying to post more often here.

Somehow my brain has had its Pokemon switch flipped and doesn’t know how to turn it off. ; A;