i can make another gifset


I love you, Ollie. And I need you right now more than you know. So whatever you want, I’ll-I’ll do it. I just want to make you happy like you make me happy, and I know that I can. So, please, just let me.


video games + colours:  uncharted 4: a thief’s end

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end… you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta… choose what you’re gonna keep and… and what you’re gonna let go.


Jake/Ryan + touch (revised) as requested by anon.


‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ 

‘I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.’


Make Me Choose:
@boscos1 asked: Matt Bomer: Eyes or smile?


he’s f a s t

   she’s w e i r d 

he’s d e a d

   she’s b r o k e n 


But you couldn’t wait
I couldn’t promise you anything
If it was all a mistake
Then I guess we’re both to blame