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Its All Too Much Sometimes | Accepting

          The pain pulled dancing lights to his eyes, and every
          sound was amplified to deafening volumes now that
          the broken sinews of his muscles remembered the
          grievous wounds that would never take him. On it’s
          own the feeling would break down his walls of sanity
          and leave him with nothing but bitter memories and
          a pitiful husk of a man. Now it was paired with the
          bitter reunion of a long lost friend teammate, and
          the mere sight of him tore the last thread of reason.

     Kill him. Watch him bleed. Show him what its like to watch
          your back as his world falls apart. Show him what he showed you.

         There was no twitch of the muscle, or lean of his step
         to give way the anticipation of his attack. One moment
         he stood frozen like an owl perched on a branch, the
         next he was upon the cowboy, shotguns forsaken in 
         favor of his clawed fists. “ How dare you! ” The voice
         was disconnected, broken in rage and anguish. “ I
         gave you everything-You left me!

          A clawed hand slammed into the side of McCree’s head,
          a punch turned grapple as he snagged his hair and pulled
          his head back to face him. I died alone! I became this
          thing while you drowned out my memory in a bottle!
          violent strike. “ I will enjoy hearing your bones break.Hurt with me.
          With a sharp turn of his heel, the trapped target’s chest
          was assaulted by an armored shin. The powerful kick moved even
          a man of the cowboy’s side a couple of feet back, the grip
          on his hair only releasing when he was thrown too far from
          his reach.


Hey all! I’m opening commissions for Steven Universe inspired Gemsonas! The way I work with commissions is built on communication! Through email and/or the Tumblr messaging system we will discuss all aspects of your Gem so I can get the best understanding of their personality and quirks so I can draw and capture them the best I can! Once I have a sketch laid out I will share it with you so we can make adjustments accordingly and approve the design or just agree upon what you want to see. I’ll ask for payment when the sketch is approved by both parties then the lining and coloring will happen then bing bang boom! I’ll send the high rez file to you as well as a copy with a transparent bg so you have both options to fiddle with. Then it’s yours to use as long as credit is given. Feel free to send me a message over the Tumblr messaging system or shoot me an email at kuttleboneart@gmail.com

Note: If price is an issue (you have a simply designed gem) we can happily haggle until we agree with the number.

What I will NOT draw:
- Over complicated robotics/armor
- realistic looking guns (as i cannot draw them well)
- blood (because gems do not bleed (to our understanding))

Steven Universe is made by the lovely and talented Rebecca Sugar and if you have not watched the wonderful show, I highly recommend it. Spread the love!

Have a swell day and please reblog even if you cant afford a commission!

well i made a ball-jointed Sans doll template

but as it turns out i cant get my hands on materials and tools to make this as of now (and probably wont anytime soon)

so idk maybe someone can make use of this since i already made it???

if you do make anything using this whether it is a drawing or a doll please credit me lmao, and maybe show me cuz im curious


Fake screenshots of an abandoned project to recreate Mother 3 with Wind Waker graphics. While the project never got very far, these images will remain engraved in our minds forever. 

Reblog with extra images found here

If you know the names of the artists, please send me an IM so I can make adjustments. 

So I’ve already decided I’d be tweaking the design of my Mass Effect Alien OC, I’m not doing anything big, at least color wise. I just wanted to see if I can make some adjustments to the face/neck, maybe turn those yellow spots into freckles? 

I mean at least with this design I can fit his ear, but I’m trying to overall make this species look very herbivorous and still a little primitive because of the backstory.

Any opinions?

nemossubmarine replied to your photosetHonestly I feel bad for this child, I’m sorry But…

Im glad he has Phelan as a friend, I think they’d be good for each other. Do you know how they met yet?

Phelan is pretty good friend for Jeannot to have, since he has a lot of time and is very calming to be around so, it eases Jeannot’s anxiety. I think he sometimes does practices to go outside with Phelan after becoming friends with him. Phelan, while being a calm person and thus easy to be with, has also trained some kind of self-defense (that I have not specified yet but, he’s surprisingly strong) so Jeannot manages to move around with him without being too scared.

They talked for the first time when Phelan was leaving his therapist (this was around when he moved into the new town, after Patrick died) and saw Jeannot on the waiting lounge. Jeannot had been there as well when Phelan came too so he was curious as to why he was still sitting there and went to ask if everything was okay. Jeannot just mumbled a response to him, that he was just waiting for his ride to home, clearly uncomfortable about being approached so Phelan just left him alone.

But, they seemed to have their appointments around the same times since Phelan saw him pretty often and ended up talking to him more, litttle bit at a time. Eventually Phelan offered to give Jeannot a ride home one time and then somehow or another he ended up being his driver for the appointments after that.

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My question will probably seem totally out of the blue but I've been rereading Salute lately and there is a minor detail I keep getting hung up on. When Niall takes the bullet out of Piper's hip at HQ why aren't him and Harry wearing masks too? Why isn't Piper hooked up to any monitors and/or oxygen? I'm for sure overthinking this, but I'm just curious. I really enjoy how much medical detail you put into your fics and I'm endlessly fascinated by Niall and by Harry's surprising medical skills!

Okay so I totally appreciate this question because I’m a nerd for this kind of stuff too and obviously the whole scene isn’t perfect because I’m not a medical doctor and also it was taking place in a basement office basically. But remember that Piper isn’t awake for most of what happens, just for the prep part, so we didn’t see the whole thing. When she was awake she was only undergoing imaging, it wouldn’t have required PPE to the same degree. But I did write a drabble about harry’s pov and in it, niall was gowned and gloved when he was doing the proper procedure so it wasn’t a complete hackjob surgery, and also technically it wasn’t like a proper surgery either he was just extracting a bullet from muscle, it’s not like she was opened up, hence lack of machines and oxygen


My entry for the Kingdom Hearts Art Book Project II. I wanted to illustrate the bond between Roxas, Xion, and Axel as well as create subtle references to the relationships between the other Organization members: the members from Castle Oblivion are placed opposite one another while Xemnas’ inner court stands around the throne.

Taking into account the time-crunch near the end, I’m very satisfied with how this came out. There are lots of mistakes especially when it comes to color cohesiveness and grouping elements together, but it was a much needed learning experience. The final printed product gives me the chance to analyze how the colors translate over and to make adjustments for the future. I can’t say it enough, but thank you @kenzichi for everything, hahaha!

I’m posting this fully for the sake of showing everyone the details. With this, I am trusting that you will not repost anywhere and you will not delete my caption. If this happens, I will have to take this image down.


process recordings of my tokyo ghoul:re ch 43 edit (final gifset here)

click on recordings for larger view. total time was about 3 to 3.5 hours

  • Kouyou: I just thought you had really oddly high standards in women..
  • Chuuya: I do. They just need to be dudes.
Working on a Junkers and Junkette fanfic

Working on times is difficult. The omnium in my story is set to explode when Junkrat is 3, Ava is 14 and Mako is 26. Mako and Ava aren’t gonna meet til she’s 20. I’m considering adjusting those times so I can make Ava his old lady, cuz you know bikers and their old ladies but that would mean shifting the omnium explosion…maybe shift it up to like when Jamie is 10, Ava’s 21 and Mako is 33…like what do you guys think. You guys are great with suggestions so I’d love to pick your brains.

Supergirl Meme

Since the finale of Supergirl, I decided I wanted to do a meme. I haven’t been able to find one, so I decided to make one myself. Feel free to like or reblog this post if you plan on doing it so I can creep, and go ahead and make any adjustments to the meme.

[1] location
[2] minor characters
[3] pairings
[4] one liners
[5] villains
[6] relationships
[7] characters
[8] episodes
[9] outfits
[10] scenes

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Hey, I really love you guys and all the amazing stuff you do❤️ and I was wondering did you guys use a pattern to make JJ's bill jacket? Or did you make the pattern? I'm working on a bill jacket myself and can't quite find a pattern I like enough to make adjustments to. Thanks, and keep being amazing you guys!

Sadly, we did not use a pattern to make JJ’s Bill coat it was drawn up and measured to fit them. A lot of the time you can find old patterns at a second hand store or a fabric store which you can build off. I hope that helps!