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Emma Connell as Anne Boleyn in Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History


I’ve creeped around tumblr without a blog for a long, long time now. I don’t really know why but recently I felt it was maybe time to get a blog myself after all, since I was spending so much time here anyway. I don’t know how long it’ll last – I don’t have a good track record with any kind of social media. But for now I’ll keep this little corner of the internet for myself. Which is not the point at all.

Around New Years I picked up the first of the All for the game series and since then devoured all of the books, read all of the extra content, re-read the books a couple of times and then obsessively checked for new fanfiction every day. I don’t think I’ve had a book (or books) that inspired me to draw as much since I read the Silmarillion. Since I mostly picked up the book because I saw @defractum post about it I only felt it was right that the resulting art went to her and she was kind enough to post it.

Normally I would keep it at that. Buuuuuut it kind of really annoyed me that the format didn’t really work with tumblr. So I revised it a little bit and since I’m here now, I’ve asked @defractum if it’s ok to post it again and she was awesome and said yes ^^ So here it is. Nathaniel to Neil over the ages.

(also can I say how creepy it is that the middle one looks so much older than the other ones even though I used the same base???)

You are filled with DETE E R̵… ͝R͢ ̡.͞.̀ ͟.̛ 


Iiiiiiiiiiit’s October!! Which means, I can draw skeletons and creepy stuff and IT WON’T LOOK SO WEIRD 8DDDD
Dr. Gaster was a Royal Scientist in UNDERTALE. Sadly, it is said that his experiment went wrong and he fell into his creation.
… long story short, my crush shattered across space and time. And what’s your story?

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no? they're like brothers and reyes is their dad? i thought you got it because you're anti mcreyes but i guess not. :/

I’m at a complete loss of words…

I cannot believe there is someone out there who genuinely thinks that shipping mcge/nji is ANYTHING comparable to shipping that gross shit mcr/eyes


Highly speculative bust of that short-necked azhdarchid~


pairing: min yoongi x reader; min yoongi POV
genre/warnings: fluff, mention of smut (like, almos nothing, but) and a little of swearing. <3
words: 1,451
summary: Yoongi told you to wear something before falling asleep. You would wake up the next morning with cold, and of course, wake him up. But do you listen? Nope. So now, face the consequences. 

A/N: This is the first fic/drabble/anything, that I’ve ever did in my life. So, be nice and say whats wrong <3 I hope you enjoy it! And also hope that I could portrait Yoongi well. Mwah!

Also, I need to dedicate this to two jewels. @chanyeolingss and @floralseokjin , without you, I would never have the guts to do this. Thank you for not giving up on me and I hope I didn’t disapointed you <3

Though his eyes are still close, he can’t fucking accept that he is awake in such an early time on a freaking Sunday. Like, for real life? He had one of the craziest weeks of all and when he gets the chance to finally rest as a king - sort of - something wakes him up too early, and that’s exactly why he’s so piss. You’re the one that woke him up, and he can’t get mad at you for that.

Well, to be completely honest, yes, he can be mad at you for that. Last night, after all the cuddles, kisses, bites and more, both of you were dozing off when Yoongi told you to put something on.

“I think I know my body pretty well Yoongi, thank you” you said with a tiered voice, already closing your eyes and snuggling into his chest.

“Y/N, I’m serious. You’re gonna wake up with cold and most importantly, you’re gonna wake me up. Put anything, I don’t know, my t-shit is right there” he said pointing to the floor, near the end of the bed. You raised your head and pulled him by his neck, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips and going back to your previous position, completely ignoring what he had told you. This fucking girl. If she wakes me up tomorrow…

Bam. You did.

 Of course you would be cold. Yoongi told you that you would be cold. Min Yoongi is always right. After taking his time to take all the courage on the world to not brutally cover you up or hand you something to wear, Yoongi slowly opened his eyes and let them wander through the room, until he looked down and found you.

Even with all the anger and annoyance filling up his body and soul, he couldn’t avoid a small and tiered smile on his lips after he really toked a good look at you. Even if you keep telling him that no fucking one can look anything besides hideous in the morning - with morning breath, the dry drool on the pillow and on the side of your mouth from the sleep and your double sized face - for him, you always looked incredible. It’s the only time he can actually take a good look at you, since you somehow have a problem with being watched. You say it’s creepy and every time he does it, you tell him to stop.

“Wuat?” you say with your mouth full of kimbap.

“Nothing, just looking at you.” He says turning his attention to his own kimbap, taking a bite and starting to chew. “Can’t I look at you?”

“No, is creepy. Stop it” You say and gave him the tongue before taking another bite.

Sometimes, Yoongi thinks you have some sort of radar. Once, he was watching you from a good and safe distance; him on the couch, you on your study table, facing the window of your apartment. Each one was doing your own thing and minding your own business, when Yoongi stopped to stretch a little. After he did it, he let his arms fall back on the notebook and looked at your back, thinking about getting some food for the two of you. 5secs later he heard “I can sense your look Yoongi, stop being creepy”.

So basically, you don’t like being watched and he likes to watch you, so he takes those morning moments - or the moments that he’s awake and you’re asleep - to appreciate you without you complaining that he’s being creepy and all that shit. And since he is awake because of your stubborness, he felt the moral obligation to admire you and be as creepy as he wants. Woops, to bad for someone.

Yoongi brushes softly the hair over your face and put it loosely behind your ear, while he lets his eyes travel all over your face. He stayed like this for a few minutes, taking all your features in: your long lashes - that completely disappear from your face when you close your eyes and laugh hard of something stupid -, your red cheeks with some pillow marks on your left one, your heart shaped lips - that you use so well to whisper sweet nothings in his ears and right after, to trace long paths of kisses and bites all over his skin.

Then, he looks to your shoulders, where some small freckles can be spotted. Cautiously, he lowers himself slowly and brush his lips softly on then, depositing a shy kiss on your skin. When he returns to his previous position, his eyes found your torso and hips, where some other dark marks can be seeing, nothing like your cute freckles. Those marks where the signs that he left on your body and seeing them printed on your body makes a grin appear on his face. Yoongi has some of his own too, but nothing compared to the ones he left on you.

His bony fingers find a particular mark - on your waist - and your body flinch a little. Carefully he looks again to your semblance, afraid that he might have woken you up - he didn’t finish his task.  Another sound is made from you and you slightly turn yourself to the right, laying on your back. Your breast are staring right at him and he feels something twitch between his legs. Nope, no way.

Slowly and with all the caution he can get inside of him, he get’s up and go after some clothes. He’s not gonna let his hormones take control of this situation. Yoongi grab the t-shirt of the floor - yes, the one that he told you to wear - and put it on, going after his boxers right away. He found his pants and inside them, his boxers.

While he was fighting gravity to put them on without falling on the floor, he saw your clothes on the floor, trailing the path that was going from the door of your room to the side of the bed. You two never looked so eager and desperate for another. He laughed very low, remembering how you kicked the foot of the bed with your pinky  and how you interviewed the curses with deep kisses. He looked around, trying to find something for you, but your tank top wasn’t going to make any difference.

Slowly, he approached your closet and opened, looking for anything that seemed big and confortab - What the fuck. The little thief. He found his ¾ t-shirt, baseball style that said “Brooklyn x New York”, the one that he spend days looking for and when he asked you if you saw it, you said “No babe, no idea where you put it. You should be more careful with your things. Look how organized Hobi is.” You were not helping yourself at all today.

Yoongi grabbed the shirt and closed the closet, walking back to bed. He sited on your side and put his hand on your hip, brushing softly his thumb on you to wake you.

“Y/N, wake up. Let’s get dressed, come on.” You  squeezed your eyes and scratched quickly your nose, making a funny face while humming a low “No”. He gave you a small shake. Your skin was actually colder than he expected.

“You’re freezing babe, please. Just put this on and go back to sleep.”

After a few seconds, you slowly lifted your body and finally sat down, eyes still closed. Raising your hands up, you waited for him to dress you up so you could go back to sleep. Really? Really? Yoongi sigh heavily, although a smile started to form on the corner of his mouth. After dressing you up, your body feel on the bed and started to pad the empty space next to you.

“Yoongi…come back.” You said, finally open your eyes and looked at him. Sleep was dripping from your eyes and had some hypnotized aura around them. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. God, do you look adorable in the morning.    

Slowly, he returned to his previous place and grabbed the heavy duvet from your feet, pulling it over to cover both of you. You immediately closed your eyes and melted right beside him, gently letting your arm found his back and letting it rest there, your silent way to say “don’t leave again”. He smiled and brushed his nose on your forehead, kissing it right after. “Never”

He keept his eyes closed, drinking your last features before he went back to his precious dreams. His eyes were almost closed when he heard you.


“Yes babe?” he answered, looking carefuly at your face.

“Stop staring. It’s creepy”

  • stiles, dreaming about lydia: ...lydia??? why are you here??? this is really weird and NOT RIGHT OR NORMAL ALSO I AM DREAMING IN MY BED NOT FALLING ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL #JUSTSAYING

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i kinda have a crush on u.... i hope that's not creepy ajdhwkenmdukwnr i just love u n ur blog


Quinx Squad in ch. 40

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omg you are so shady girl w/your twitter! But you have to change your twitter icon, it's so creepy! I can't look at that smile and not cringe. Don't do the amazing "boys & toys" phrase that way! haha I really can't decide if his face in the photo is a cry for help or psychopathic murder eyes. Prob both! Screaming to get away from Posey, who prob smells bad lbr, and also planning to kill Colton for ever talking him into returning!