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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever. 

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basically I’m slow as hell and haven’t done well with the whole being a good writer and posting shit (i’m looking at legend renlybaratheon). wips are all pynch whoops:

  • chapter four of this fake dating au - I KNOW you’re thinking… let it DIE but I have ideas and an entire outline and dialogue and Ronan and Adam playing 20 questions on the side of the road
  • rewrite of this Cinderella au - so I wrote the first chapter, I had plans but then I received this comment (from a writer whose work I love) and I was like ‘well I’m rewriting this bc ur comment is giving me thoughts’
  • pynch childhood/strangers-friends-best friends-lovers AU. I was gunna post this so long ago. I have the first chapter written and nothing else so I’m trying to get back into writing and maybe start the second? 
  • LISTEN I LOVE SUPERHERO FICS ESP THE TROPE: RAGGED TEAM OF KIDS COME TOGETHER AND SAVE THE WORLD AND FOUND FAMILIES AND SPECIAL ABILITIES. like that’s my shit… I wrote a thing for pynch week but it was only like half way done when THIS FIC came out and i was like… it’s over this fic wins nothing else is needed
  • pynch + huddling for warmth pre relationship
  • the last fic outline thing I have is different… it’s basically a rescue mission but I’m kinda :/ about it 
  • oh shit I almost forgot… yeah the de-aged adam fic chapter 8 has like a paragraph written and it’s angsty

anyways that’s my life bye I don’t know who to tag I’m tired. PS: am I gunna update for real? who knows! the tag is dead!

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four years later and she still has that " I'm deeply in love with my man look" isn't precious to witness? Such a strong and unbreakable bond between two souls that became one? Gaahh! I'm envious! Can I have what she has? She loves and is loved back for the love of her life.

You’ve just described their love perfectly, Nonnie! I like to say theirs is a love for the ages: it was written in the stars and meant to be. Even Cait said in an interview, “Sometimes the stars align.” For so many of us, it’s impossible not to see their love; it is too real and too deep to be hidden. They know how blessed they are to have found each other, and it shows. 

My heart overflows with joy every time I see the way they look at each other. I pray that LG/Starz will soon realize what a gift Sam and Cait’s love is to Outlander, and allow it to be seen in all its brilliant glory. 

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Have you ever felt like you have fallen out of love with your boyfriend now husband? Not a state of permanency but of one out of frustration from him just "not getting it"? I'm feeling this way with my bf of four years. I'm not feeling cared for, wanted or loved or like a priority. We've talked and sometimes he makes tremendous change, but he slowly falls back into the cycle and I don't know what to do..

I love my husband dearly and I cannot say I’ve ever experienced falling out of love with him. However, I know sometimes when life gets busy we can fall into routines and lose the excitement that once was so easy when our love was brand new. Lately I’ve been processing what love looks like through different seasons. If butterflies don’t come as easy does that mean that love is no longer there? Or does the lack of butterflies show a deeper, more seasoned love? I think it’s easy to long for the simple exciting love that first sparked a flame, but that type of excitement doesn’t always come naturally after time - it takes effort. Anyways, I guess what I’m really trying to say is love takes a lot of work and even more communication. Most times when there’s a misunderstanding it’s because I failed to communicate with Jordan exactly what I was feeling or thinking. He can’t read my mind even though I often expect him to. Make sure you are telling your boyfriend what you want and how you are feeling. Be direct and detailed with how you want taken care of and loved. He will never know otherwise. If you told him once before, tell him again now. It sounds like he cares if he has made changes in the past. If he’s fallen into an old routine try and ask him why to understand what is going on with him. Sometimes life feels heavy and stressful and loving someone well is difficult under those circumstances. Have patience in those seasons. But if he’s lacking any effort or desire to listen to your needs, I would say that is concerning and would cause reason to really evaluate the relationship.

I’m sorry if this is not the advice you were looking for, but it’s tough to be specific without knowing the details of your relationship. I just want to make it known to you that no relationship functions perfectly and every relationship requires work, communication, and forgiveness - sometimes unrealistic expectations are our worst enemy.