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Magnus I— I don’t think I can live without you.

#the intensity of magnus’ look here will forever haunt me #this right here is the moment he makes his choice #the moment he realises that all of the hardships they’ll have to face don’t matter #as long as they face them together

Can we talk…

about how Takizawa towards Amon & Akira…

is similar to Kaneki/Touka, because Kaneki and Takizawa are the same?

By the way, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part but…

considering this little thing on the last page, how much do you want to bet that this ring is going to save Kaneki from his own madness as he goes into kakuja mode once more? That would precisely fit the “if we don’t tie you down with a chain, you’ll go off and die” part of his parallel with Takizawa, the ring being the chain for Kaneki when it’s Amon’s cross in Takizawa’s case.

I know some people think the centipede rather is foreshadowing of Touka suffering but… Kaneki still is the one who has grown the less out of the two of them and he is the one who still needs to realize why he might want to live on, so I’d rather see this being all about him again, with Touka helping instead of needing rescue (as her fight against Mutsuki kind of hinted at in my opinion), especially when the centipede has always represented him.

Besides, Yoshimura could control his kakuja, Seidou did for a time as well when he fought against Amon in ch115, so who knows if Kaneki’s turn isn’t next? It would indicate a real step forward in his character development and it’d even fit the old “let’s go home” little meme in TG.
Because if that ring can help Kaneki with realizing that he has people he wants to go back to, not destroying himself could be useful to do that and that might even shed light on what kind of future he wants to strive for.

the question is who’s going to trigger the transformation into centipede-kakuja form in the next arc: I’d love to hear about everyone’s idea.

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UPDATE: I found out that with my new job starting in the second week in May, I will miss the pay period and won’t be paid for the first time until the end of May.

Thats about a month with no money coming in. I had to renew my car registration which cost $60 that I don’t have. I wrote a check but I only have $15 in my account (that $15 is thanks to you lovely humans honestly). I need my car because the new job has a 30 min commute every day, and I’ll also need to drive my youth places here and there. So with that on top of already struggling to pay for gas and food like??? I’m such a mess.

I won’t be able to afford therapy in the meantime, but once I get health insurance through this new job, my therapy and meds will be covered THANK GOD.
Anything helps: cash.me/$JApr
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The power is out in our neighborhood because a massive oak tree fell across the road, took out like basically every power line, and has trapped half the people who live on this dead end street. Including mom and me. It’s very exciting, we should be at cannibalism and trash can fires within 24 hours.


∙ wicked little bitches from Highgarden

Our Little Secret (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader 

Warnings Swearing. This part is setting us up for what’s coming.

Summary: After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with his best friend.

WC 1980

AN It’s long. I’m sorry. I’ve never posted something that wasn’t complete yet so this is very … scary for me.

You had two days to prepare for your next mission. You asked - almost  begged - Director Fury to send you on the longest mission he had coming up and thankfully, he obliged. The bruising around your face worked with your cover and you were almost grateful to Sam for breaking your nose.

Fury was sending you to Europe with Bucky as your partner and you weren’t altogether thrilled about the pairing. You had nothing against Bucky personally, he was pretty quiet and mostly kept to himself, though the few times he broke out of his shell you found him to be funny and sarcastic but also deep, but… he was Steve’s best friend. You were worried it was going to be awkward. Especially since your cover was that of a rich heiress and he was supposed to be your newest boy toy. The broken nose was easily explained as a healing nose job and Bucky’s role would explain why he was always in close contact proximity to you but you weren’t sure you could pull it off.

Some rich family was dealing in arms and you were to infiltrate them via their younger son to try to gain intel since Fury wasn’t sure if it was low level arms dealers or something bigger. You were estimated to be there for a month which normally you’d consider too long for a single mission. This time, you were ecstatic to be out of the tower for a whole month. In fact, you wished the mission was longer.

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Why y’all need to by the special live:

A compilation made by @mitsukimahou (I like to think I helped) of some of the best moments from the Budokan special live 2017. 

Now you all should run and buy it!!! You won’t regret it!!!


Late Night Getaway - Vernon Scenario (Fluff)

admin k: this took a while but I actually loved the scenario request and enjoyed writing ti so I hope it lives up to your expectation. xoxo

word count: 3.3k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sneezes

(why….is he so cute like tf?? my boyfriend) ^^

“Three months in Seoul, Korea, are you ready?” Your friend, Hannah. She had a warm smile as she was packing away and turned her head to the side to you, in wait for an answer.

“Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be.”  

“That’s the answer I want to here.” You laughed. You had finished packing first and was waiting for Hannah. The two of you had to head to school soon so that you could get into your group and head to the airport.

“Who do you think your partner will be?” You wondered, laying on your bed and starring at the wall.

She continued to fold her clothes and put them into the luggage. “I don’t know. I hope she’s pretty and nice and speaks good English.” She laughed lightly at her hopes.

You made a small smile. “What is it’s not a girl but a guy?”

“Then I hope he’s hot.” She laughed even more. “Are you trying to find love in Korea Y/N? Hm? Keep things professional between you and your partner!” She teased.

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Lean In: Chapter Nine

Thank you for all your likes, comments, and reblogs. They mean the world to me! Also, thank you for being so patient while waiting for this chapter! I’ve been super busy with traveling and the issues that arise with that. As always, if you guess where the title is from, you can get a sneak peek of the next chapter. 💖


Trigger Warning: PTSD Episode

Dinner is good–roasted turkey, vegetables, and mashed potatoes–and the entire family is satisfied by the time they clear their plates. “That was delicious,” Evelyn says, patting her son on the back.

“So good,” Amelia and Megan chime in.

“Better than yours?” Owen teases.

“I think we both know I can’t cook to save my life.” Amelia chuckles, patting her lips with her napkin.

“I want to hear you say it,” he coos, leaning closer to her ear. She feels the suggestiveness of his presence, his breath tickling the shell of her ear. “Say it.”

She shakes her head, trying to cover her blush, but, from the look of glee on Megan’s face, she knows her wish hasn’t been granted. “You’re a better cook,” she whispers.

“Louder,” Owen jokes.

Megan chuckles. “Enough with the dirty talk,” she says, content to watch them blush further. Owen looks a mess, his face red and his hands slightly shaking. “And the bedroom eyes.”

“We were not–”

Megan interrupts Owen. “Yes, yes you were.” She stands up from her chair, shaking her head. She grabs her plate and glass, ready to walk to the kitchen as the others move to do the same.

Once Megan is out of earshot, Evelyn says, “You really were.” If possible, Owen blushes even further. Amelia can’t help but react similarly. Yes, she’s usually the one making the jokes, but it’s another thing to make them in front of her new mother and sister.

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Ok about the potential lack of dgm chapter this month: even if I’m sad I very much get it, Hoshino had some really shitty editors in the past who treated her very poorly, then the legal process over the copyright, then restaring the manga and airing the new anime, which kinda bit her back with the whole KandAbs deal, then she had to close her insta account because of her mental health… Even if she can’t publish now, I get it how hard it is to deal with a writing/drawing block and pay attention to her mental health… I just want her to be ok.