i can live here forever :)

Ok about the potential lack of dgm chapter this month: even if I’m sad I very much get it, Hoshino had some really shitty editors in the past who treated her very poorly, then the legal process over the copyright, then restaring the manga and airing the new anime, which kinda bit her back with the whole KandAbs deal, then she had to close her insta account because of her mental health… Even if she can’t publish now, I get it how hard it is to deal with a writing/drawing block and pay attention to her mental health… I just want her to be ok.

I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.