i can live here forever

Ok about the potential lack of dgm chapter this month: even if I’m sad I very much get it, Hoshino had some really shitty editors in the past who treated her very poorly, then the legal process over the copyright, then restaring the manga and airing the new anime, which kinda bit her back with the whole KandAbs deal, then she had to close her insta account because of her mental health… Even if she can’t publish now, I get it how hard it is to deal with a writing/drawing block and pay attention to her mental health… I just want her to be ok.

I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.

anonymous asked:

Do you like living in upstate NY yet?? I've lived here, in the middle of nowhere, my entire life and I honestly can't picture not ever living in the country!

It’s a huge adjustment for me tbh. I’ve lived on very busy NYC streets my whole life so it’s like a whole other world up here haha. I like the peace and quiet but sometimes it’s too quiet. And everything is so far! It’s so weird not living in a busy city. I’ll enjoy my time here but I don’t know if I can live here forever xx

If you’re looking for me,
I’ll be living up in the clouds.
Up here I’m free,
I can’t be touched.
Living in my picture perfect dreams
of sunshine and happiness.
I feel the thunder rumble
beneath me.
But it can never shake me,
Not while I’m up here.

I could make a home up here,
live in this fantasy forever.
But one day, I fear,
reality will pull me through,
and I’ll feel the storms again.

But perhaps I need to feel that.
I need to feel something,
whether it be the lightning
electrifying me to my core;
the thunder
shaking my bones.
maybe even just to feel
the rain on my face again.

I can’t live up here,
away from it all forever.
But right now,
these clouds are what I’ll sit upon
until I’m ready for the storms below.

—  4/26/15, inspired by Tove Lo’s “Queen of the Clouds”
I want an apartment and a cat. You and our little family curled inside a box. We are warm and hungry but all we have is our naked bodies and a kettle full of tea. We have eggs, though. Plenty of it. We have tomatoes and cilantro and pancakes made from overripe bananas. I guess we’ll survive this way? We will occasionally throw our tantrums at each other and we will be okay because this is what make up sex is for. This is why slow dances are invented. We both believe in forgiveness. We both think we’re lovely when we fight. I still think my music taste is better, much better. But I think I can live here forever or anywhere as long as I can feel your hands and the weight of your stare and the heaviness of your breath. Please kiss me and welcome me home, each time.
—  irishjulienne, young lovers’ dream