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Ok let’s do drunk asks tonight

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I need it let me tell you!!! I’ve had a week!! and it’s my weekend. So!! Please!! distract me from stuff!! Let’s talk about dumb things!!

Please block the tag drunk asks if you don’t want to participate in the deluge.

You can ask me or tell me literally anything!! Anything at all!! Here’s a list of some springboard ideas, but feel free to deviate:

- Drunk advice on that love trouble or whatever you’ve got.

- My favorite (x)

- My opinion on (x)

- Witchy related

- Random news about your life

- A random ask of any nature

- A writing prompt

- Something deeply personal I shouldn’t share online but whatever

- I did a thing once where people sent me weird foods and I made a recipe for them not knowing what they were. You can do that too.

- Vegetable/broccoli/sweet potato discourse

- Inane statements

- Do some divination for me out of the blue who cares

- You can make music recommendations and I can lie about probably looking them up later maybe.

- Send me fiction

- Send me fanfiction. About your fandoms, or about me. Or maybe I’m your fandom, that’s cool too.

- Literally anything, pal

Jikook Internet Friends AU 13 BONUS


Where Jimin’s stripper nickname gets popular

Requested by anon (I wrote a lil different than the idea but I hope you like it)

I’m still surprised of how I’m able to think in all of this shit LMAO I’m so sorry tbh a lot of people liked the candy thighs (what the fuck i literally searched for stripper names on google and that appeared and i thought THIS IS IT) and Jungkook teasing Jimin is ma aesthetic so here a bonus :) Y’all remember you can leave whatever request you want and I’ll try to do it! As always, if you have something to say or to ask, go ahead! (I swear I try to think of fluffy things but I always end up doing it so meme omg I can’t write cheesy things)

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!

Feelings and studying

Okay. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. The test is in two days and there’s no way you can focus. But it’s not because you don’t know how to, or because you don’t understand it. It’s because you literally can’t. You are a mess right now. You just had a massive fight with your S.O, or you just argued with your parents. And you just can’t let it go. I get it. It happens to me, a lot more than I would like to admit. And it’s terRIBLE. So in my experience I managed to figure out some tips that I thought might help you guys. Here they go:

  • Write everything down: Seriously, this is a life savior. Even if it’s a paragraph in your damn computer, let out all your emotions. Write whatever you want, whatever you want to say or however you would like to fix the situation. Just let it out.
  • Eat. Eat. Seriously. I’m going to be a terrible studyblr here but go and grab your chocolate bar and eat it. Don’t have any chocolate? Then have your favorite snack right now. Make yourself a damn banana smoothie. Call for a pizza. 
  • Get out. If you live with your parents and you just had a discussion with them, get out of your house. You are not going to get anything done with them around. Call a friend and study with them. Go to a library. 
  • Get distracted. For a moment, forget that you have to study, and forget all your negatives feelings. Do something that you love. Go for a walk, read a book. For me watching an episode of Glee works very well and definitely makes me feel inspired. Find your own inspiration and hold on to it.
  • Talk to someone. Maybe call a friend, or talk to your parents. Tell them about how you feel and ask them what you do about it. If you can try and fix the thing you are so upset about, try it. But remember, only if it’s worth it.
  • Allow yourself to be upset. This is very important guys. Not everything in life is about studying. My mom used to say that we need to separate emotions from our work, but I know it’s not easy. If you simply can’t do it, just don’t. Your mental health is x1000 more important than your test. If it’s not life or death type of test, think of other possibilities you may have. Talk to your teacher, or simply accept the fact that you can’t do it. But remember that it’s okay. It’s okay guys, really.