i can literally feel his evilness

Falling in love with my best friend, which, you know, Laurel’s best friend was Wes and she was always looking after him and I never thought that that they’d become a couple but it made so much sense when it happened. Little by little we sold a very deep relationship with very few scenes. I knew…I personally knew, when I was pregnant, I knew it was gonna be Wes under the sheet, unfortunately. I was like ok, I see where this is going and this is super sad but I only have a few more scenes with his guy and… he’s my best friend in real life as well. We were both aware of how important these little scenes were. I remember the scene in the bed me taking off his watch, little things like the tub scene, the flashbacks, like all those scenes were so important because we knew we weren’t gonna have much more. That scene where she goes to Wes’ apartment and she opens the door and there’s a shirt there… I didn’t know how they were gonna place the shirt… so grabbing the shirt and feeling like I was holding his hand but, you know, his hand was no longer there. I could relate to it because, I’m also losing… I mean I know that he (Alfie) is still alive and bless him but Alfie’s a person that’s changed my life. Like as an actress, as a person, and him leaving is so sad for all of us so it was very easy to connect to the emotions of that. And I’m gonna miss him, tremendously. I still hope that it was really his twin. Hashtag it wasn’t really Wes it was his evil twin from Haiti. Alfie and I literally would spend hours in our trailers rehearsing the scenes that we had together. I don’t know if it’s also the Spanish aspect… the fact that we share Spanish and French heck. I sent him to Mexico to spend time with my family and I didn’t even go like thats how close the guy is. I feel like I can bring anything up even things that I wouldn’t dare to bring up to anyone else I would bring it up with him. When you feel that safe with someone i think the acting also becomes something a lot realer, more honest.

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Sometimes I feel like dc writers are so into Joker b/c they don't have to know any backstory or characterization to write him, they just have to be 'crazy' (chaotic evil, really). His characterizations flip-flops all over, so they literally can't go wrong. When you write Joker, you can be a lazy writer. The other villains actually require some effort to get right. (Which is why they are better characters)


Kdrama Leads! Seventeen (Plus you as the love interest)

(Warning: mild spoilers for well-known kdramas)

S. Coups- Descendants of the sun

  • Imagine leader-nim in uniform
  • Serious and a rational leader but has the best pick up line
  • “You must not have much time for a boyfriend, since you’re a doctor”
  • But. That. Uniform. Though.
  • His special forces unit are his children/family will protect them at all costs
  • Will love you unconditionally, the letter he writes before he heads into a possible suicide mission is for you
  • Wants nothing more than to curl up with you on the couch for a movie date

Jeonghan- Uncontrollably Fond

  • Seems like a hotheaded Hallyu star at first
  • Will fall for you the first time you meet
  • Will tease you endlessly and you will start out with a mutual frenemy dynamic
  • Secretly just wants your love because of his problems with his family and his upcoming death by brain tumor
  • Is cold and a savage sometimes when trying to get revenge for your father
  • Punches any guy who insults you

Joshua- Pinocchio

  • Best friend since childhood with you
  • Loves you so so much but can’t do anything yet 
  • Has a mysterious and dangerous background
  • Everything he does, he does for you
  • Gives you rides on his bicycle/taxi
  • Always supports your dream even if he needs to sacrifice something himself
  • A true gentleman, searches for the truth and takes down the bad guys
  • Waits until your family approves before dating and marriage

Jun- kill me heal me

  • Multiple personalities, main personality is quiet, mature, extremely determined
  • Mysterious bad boy secondary personality
  • Will protect you at all costs
  • Thinks you’re adorable and endearing and loves you very much
  • Wants to give you everything in the world
  • Becomes your best friend and your lover
  • A lot of quiet conversations about your fears and how you help each other overcome those fears and heal each other from past scars

Hoshi- Flower Boy next door

  • You prob fell for him sometime along the way without knowing it
  • He’s super energetic and hyper like a puppy and always positive and happy
  • Knows that you’re quiet and a recluse for a reason
  • “Ajumma, let’s go on an adventure”
  • Takes you to the beach and everywhere else just to get you to laugh and talk with him
  • Absolutely hates it when anyone comes near you and if they hurt you, they’re goners
  • Knocks on your door everyday, drags you around everywhere

Wonwoo- My love from another star

  • Wiseman who has basically seen it all and reads all the time in a huge af penthouse apartment with green plants everywhere, a true garden fairy
  • but when he sees you at first he’s annoyed
  • But he wonders why he’s so taken aback by you when he should have seen it all
  • Mysterious and a bit anti-social but around you, his smile lights up the world
  • Uses magic powers to protect you from anything (like a broken car brake and the car heading off a cliff)
  • Won’t let you out of his sight, constantly protecting you and making sure you’re safe
  • would spend years trying to figure out how to go back to you and be by your side

Woozi- Heartstrings

  • Mysterious lead vocal/instrumentalist that everyone wants to be close with, but no one except his close friends have broken his front
  • That is until you make a bet with him and lose, becoming his personal servant for a month
  • Somewhere along the way he realizes the kind and amazing person you are
  • is respectful of your feelings and waits until he is willing to give you all his attention and love
  • is super protective won’t let anyone say even a single bad thing about you
  • sings you to sleep, writes songs for you, serenades with guitar
  • supports you in every way for your dreams, your number 1 fan

Mingyu- Oh my Ghostess

  • The boy wonder, the boy who can do it all, the greatest chef ever
  • Thinks he’s the visual/best-looking out of those around him
  • Thinks you’re a bit klutzy and too docile
  • protects you like you protect a puppy
  • constantly worried about you
  • cooks with you in the kitchen, teaches you all the tricks
  • brags about you on live broadcast’s, you’re his girl
  • is super surprised when you stand up for yourself but couldn’t be any prouder
  • loves you a whole lot, buys matching aprons

The8- Healer

  • The quiet and cute type
  • Don’t let his cute appearance fool you, this boi flips everywhere from alleys to rooftops to parking lots, best in the business
  • can act really well and can appear as a soft fluffball, but can take on any guys in a fight
  • thinks you’re absolutely the cutest thing he’s ever seen and that you’re brave and strong-willed, something he admires in you
  • Willing to give up his whole world for you and only you, you’re his everything
  • has a secret lair that only you know about and you hang out, watch tv and stare out the windows together

Dk- Strong woman Do Bong Soon

  • A tease 99% of the time
  • is absolutely 100% smitten with you
  • Is cute and funny and happy and energetic 100% with you
  • Thinks you’re his fallen angel sent to him by his mom to be by his side
  • A jokester, he likes to tease you but always makes you feel like you can do anything
  • will melt into a puddle if you do something cute
  • is supportive and loves giving you cute pet nicknames
  • sends you good night messages with cute face filters and lots of hearts
  • also happens to be hecka smart and willing to fight anyone for you (even if he might lose)

Seungkwan- Heirs

  • Doesn’t understand the meaning of the word extra
  • can flip your entire world upside down with a few simple words
  • “Perhaps, did I miss you?” “Perhaps, do I like you?” “Maybe, did I fall in love with you?”
  • Cutest thing in the world around you, but gets super jealous
  • “Hey honey who are these guys?” “She’s taken sorry. Taken by me get lost.”
  • Showers you with gifts even when you tell him to stop
  • Doesn’t understand why he can’t just buy you the world
  • “If you’re by my side, nothing will happen. I’ll protect you”
  • Willing to give up everything, everything for you, you’re his everything, his home, his family

Vernon- weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo

  • Athletic cute flower boy
  • doesn’t know how he got so lucky and got a girl like you to like him let alone be his girlfriend
  • teases you non-stop and realizes he’s had a crush on you for a long time but never knew
  • wants to shout from the rooftop about his amazing gf but you’d die of embarrassment
  • Is always excited to rush off and meet you after practice, practically jumping off walls to see you sooner
  • acts casual when he does see you, but we all know he’s got no chill

Dino- I can hear your voice

  • always knows what’s on your mind (because the boy can literally read minds)
  • knows he is younger so always acts manly to try to protect you, but is a fluffball
  • “noona”
  • has been searching for you basically all his life
  • Is really mature for his age, sometimes it feels like he’s the adult and you’re a kid
  • back hugs, back hugs all the time
  • cooks ramen at best, you’re going to need to help the kid
  • respects you and your privacy always but is willing to use his powers for “evil” if you want him to

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Todoroki, Shinsou, & Midoriya confessing their feelings to shy crush. Crush confesses that they feel the same but told them their quirk is to read minds. People always treated them like a criminal despite they never done anything bad with or without their quirk. They are still trying to be a hero but they can't help but feel down. They ask the boys whether they still want them despite knowing their quirk. What's their reaction to this?

Todoroki Shouto

He would let his partner have their space and sulk a little, because he thinks that’s what they need to let everything out. After that he would mention the fact that they are in a school dedicated to becoming a hero, so there’s no need to be ashamed of their quirk. He would also say that their quirk is quite powerful and can be a huge advantage. He would be shocked at the question if he still wants to be with them because he’s never been concerned with their quirk and knowing it doesn’t change how he feels towards them. However, he would ask who treats them a certain way because of their quirk.

Shinsou Hitoshi

He would literally not care. I mean he wouldn’t mind at all. After all, he has received the same treatment throughout his school years. He would praise the shit and hype his partner up to the point where they forgot why they were upset in the first place. Also, he would say that their quirk and his go hand in hand, they can literally be the best duo against evil and that’s all they really want to be. He wouldn’t give up his significant other for the world and their bond would strengthen tenfold with the similar struggles they face when it comes to quirks. 

Midoriya Izuku

He thinks that any quirk is cool and would see the pros before the cons because they are in U.A., and that’s all that really matters to him. The fact that his partner could use their quirk for evil but doesn’t is more than enough to reassure him. He would mention all the times where their quirk would come in handy against villains and would make up tactics for them on how and when to use their quirk to make them feel better. He would always want to be with his crush. After all, they were going to be the best heroes in the world together. 

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Cartercy how would they act if the other was being flirted with

Idk if you mean random other people flirting with them or if they were flirting with each other so I’m probably just going to do both we’ll see how long this gets

-clearly they are both v attractive men and they are both v aware that the other is v attractive, but because they are insecure and blind, they get nervous in thinking that there are better people for the other one than them.
-so if a girl ever flirts with Percy, carter’s entire internal monologue is just “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit” because o fuck Percy’s bi he can totally like gIRLS
-and if it’s a boy it’s worse because he can be compared to other guys and how is he supposed to compete with them?
-so he just kind of stands there stunned, like a deer in headlights
-he’s trying his best to act natural he’s just really bad at it
-Percy can recognize this immediately
-carter.exe has fucking broke and percy has to basically drag him away
-“carter you froze out there”
-“ she was flirting with you!”
-“carter we’ve literally been datiNG FOR 2 YEARS”
-doesn’t matter, it was still rude
-and it’s not like he doesn’t trust Percy, it’s just that he doesn’t think he deserves him, and he’s scared he’s going to realize that one day

-coincidentally, Percy feels the same
-I wouldn’t pin percy as possessive (alliteration ayeee) but he can get a little…,.moody
-so sometimes when people are flirting with carter, he’ll think it’s entertaining because carter isn’t very good with People and Socializing so he will just shoot this “help me” look to Percy
-Percy’s evil and will just watch with this smug look on his face
-but sometimes he gets all pouty
-when he gets like this and he sees someone flirting with carter he’ll make it a Point™ to everyone in the room that they are dating
-“this is my BOYFRIEND carter isn’t he the best”
-he just wraps his arms around him like a little kid and will not let go and carter is immobilized
-“I have to use the bathroom”
-carter loves him but Jesus Christ
-they are constantly reassuring the other that they don’t have to worry and they do get a little less high-strung about it as the relationship moves forward but there’s always that little nag of “maybe I’m not good enough”

But when they flirt with each other hoo boy

-Percy is alright at flirting
-he’s not amazing but he’s not a bumbling idiot like he’s got an idea of what to do
-luckily carter gets easily flustered and flattered so literally Percy can use a dumb pick-up line and it would probably work
- like the fucking boyfriend material line
-carters still not over it
-“wow carter you’re so smart, I really like that in a guy”
-carter.exe fucking broke again
-of course it helps 0% that Percy looks like a god but luckily Percy doesn’t know that
-and carter doesn’t really flirt he’s just super genuine and nice and his compliments will just hit Percy like a bus
- “idk what tie to wear to sister preschool graduation”
-“I don’t really think it matters, you always look good in anything you wear”
-Percy is the shell of human,the rest of him is melted to a puddle

I’m done now this is long and I wanna nap

Still reading the Covenant novelization:

There’s no scene at the end with Daniels patching up “Walter"s face, but there is a scene where she just randomly touches Walter’s face and it makes him a bit flustered and it’s adorable.

I’m not really enjoying the emphasis that’s being placed on how long it’s been since David has had maintenance, with the heavy implication that that’s why he’s so messed up. David is disdainful of people the very minute he’s turned on, so there’s obviously something else going on. "He needs maintenance” as an explanation for his behaviour is I feel the robot equivalent of “he’s just crazy / evil” in terms of explaining antagonist motivations.

I just find it less interesting.

I mean I dunno, I’ve worked retail for three years and I’m filled with murderous rage, I can only imagine how David feels working for weyland as a petty servant for god knows how long.

***disclaimer: I am not literally murderous, and nothing that happened to David is an EXCUSE for his actions, just a motivation. David is an asshole.

So blue, while it is the most popular color, it’s also the least found in nature. We have blues like I.K.B. that didn’t naturally exist.

I think Busted and Blue is referring to not just the context “feeling blue” but also the artificalality of the color itself and by extension how the modern world utilizes the color. Blue is fequently used in apps since it’s calming, appealing, and authoritative and we all know the blue screen of death.

There is also Picasso and his blue period - which was also literal as well as emotional- when the color became a symbol of lonliness and fusteration, rarely warmed by other colors.

I don’t think a lot of people still think it’s a full on anthem of “blargh techology is evil and thomas edison is a witch”, it is about loneliness and the semi-artificial sense of community and socailizing that the internet lends.
But after the scrolling, commenting, and occasional dopamine hit, you are alone.
And the lonliness of seeing that can feel that much heavier.
I just finished watching Derek Jarman’s Blue so I have it on the brain.

do you ever think about how much attraction and feelings jack and elizabeth have for each other and how important their impact have been in each other’s life

for starters, let’s begin from elizabeth’s point of view. in dead man’s chest, the only thing she keeps saying is how much she wants to find will and save him.
so at the beginning, that’s where the compass points, towards the chest, and jack prepared sailing to this direction. but as the movie went on she starts feeling confused about what she REALLY wants.
jack embodies freedom and piracy for her. and in a way, that’s what she really dreamed of, during her entire life. being free, on a ship, doing whatever she’s eager to and going wherever she wishes to be without receiving orders from anyone, freedom.
there’s also this special connection they have, the flirting. but this teasing thing these two have is so heavy that she never had this with any other character. like, for real, sometimes you literally think they’re going to make up on that boat in front of the whole crew.
so the compass, that shows you what you really want, worked perfectly fine. and it pointed in jack’s directions. two. fucking. time. like at this point it’s more of a confirmation than a revelation.
she desperately wants to fight it, to deny it, but she can’t. the compass has spoken lol. and i’m not a superstitious kind of person but 👀

now let’s analyze jack’s point of view. at the end of dmc, when he realizes he has been trapped by elizabeth on his own ship, he doesn’t even feel hatred, he’s… amazed. amazed by this beautiful ‘sophisticate’ woman who turned out to be a real pirate.
he doesn’t resent her. the man is about to die because that bitch chained him and left him there to be eaten by a giant octopus and he freaking SMILES because he’s proud of her. i mean, for real, that’s one of the most fucked up yet interesting thing i’ve ever seen in a fictional relationship.
there are also so many other examples (that were formerly given in other rants here so i’m not gonna enumerate them) in awe that show how jack feels about her, how he sees her, and that was also very interesting because it showed the complexity of their dynamic.
i’m going to talking about the new movie now because as much as i hate how they handled jack’s character i was pretty happy with the sparrabeth hints that we got.
okay so i know the ‘does mommy ever ask about me’ scene might seems too pervert and inappropriate (it actually was considering he was talking to henry, her son, lmao) but i liked it. and i’m probably biased because i would have given anything to hear jack mentioning elizabeth.
what really disturbed me was how jack made sex jokes about literally any woman he crossed path with, especially carina and the comments he made in that undressing scene on the boat like please… no
but it’s different with elizabeth because he has history with her. and i think a part of him tried to hide his disappointment when henry said 'no’ with (sexual) humor.
and the moment henry tells him who his parents are and jack straight up responds with a look of repugnance on his face 'you’re the evil spawn of these two’ lmaooo you can literally feel the aversion he has for the will/elizabeth relationship.
like seriously how in the hell is he still jealous AFTER 19 YEARS OF NOT SEEING HER?? it’s just so obvious that he still feels something for her I’m bald

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Thoughts on whether or not the bug is BOB? The creepy lodge spirit guy seemed to be guiding the bug with that water/horse poem, and I don't feel like Cooper or someone not evil would literally go inside a girl like that D;

-vague wiggly hand motion-

if it’s BOB it’s not…purely BOB…

okay so, brief run down of the moonchild theory / MLMT and TSHOTP’s presentation of Dale Cooper as a supernatural phenomenon in himself 

dale being the bug doesn’t make him evil. it doesn’t change who he already is. MLMT shows us that evil follows dale cooper without his consent, without his cooperation. he’s a tragic man, hounded by things he can’t understand and inadvertently carrying heartache and death in his wake

these horrible things like the woodsmen follow him, even guide him closer to his doom, in a very perverse way even act as guardian angels and protect him. he’s had a lot of near death experiences he hasn’t survived through chance alone 

it all adds up rather neatly in that sense. dale cooper was not created for benevolent things. he was not lead through life to be a positive force in the world, he was lead through life to be possessed by BOB and BOB tries to take him time and time again.

but he’s a good man. regardless of whatever created him wanted from him. he’s an innocent angel of death/antichrist, unaware of his purpose and despite the pain the lodge and the rest of the world brings to him he’s only ever wanted to help and be good for the world

fucking hate when parents physically abuse their child. and the excuse i hear for physical abuse every time from family members and from other ppl is 

“they ran at me” and “I didn’t mean to do (x) to them”

like the fucking guy on the daddyofive channel is like “cody ran at me so i reflexively pushed him into a shelf” BECAUSE A SMALL CHILD IS A THREAT TO YOU??

Lets just say for a second that his child DID “run at him”. (He did not.) I’m a 17 y/o of small stature. Literally anyone could kick my ass with ease. And guess what? if a small child ran at me and tried to tackle me, i would not feel threatened at all. ive been *tackled* by 8 y/o children before and they literally cannot hurt you. 

And yeah, his kid did not even “run at him”. its literally just the same shit every abusive parent does. they try to pin the blame on the kid and make them look like the dangerous and evil one, as if a small child can be abusive to their adult parent. 

given the current state of The Discourse, I’m … actually kind of glad Planescape: Torment came out 15+ years ago and isn’t getting a re-release ever.

PST is a game where you can do terrible things. Sell your friends into slavery! Learn their darkest fears, and use them against them! Betray your closest friends for petty reasons! Literally murder the only person who cares for you unconditionally!

The game is also pretty unambiguous about the fact that doing any of those things makes you a horrible person. It’s one of the few games where I don’t have a beef with the morality slider, because if you manage to make the slider go all the way over to Evil, you have done some seriously immoral shit. We’re talking “I unleashed a God Of Destruction Of Literal Universes, because he gave me a cool knife” levels of evil. (That’s also a thing you can do!)

And I’m really glad that the evil options exist, because they exist alongside good options, and the fact that you can choose evil makes the good options genuinely heartwarming. You can convince your friend that everything he believes is a lie - or you can help him regain his faith in himself. And it feels so much better picking the latter when you know you could have gotten ahead faster by being repugnant. I’m not a believer in Manicheanism in the general case, but I do think it makes a big difference in game design. I played Planescape: Torment and felt genuinely, defensively good about my choices. “The Practical and the Paranoid have done wrongs, and I am here to right them.” It’s good stuff!

But the Discourse this game would generate, coming out now. Where people see “you can do this thing in the game” and think “obviously the developers think this thing is fine and completely without problems”. Good Lord, am I glad I can avoid that.

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I have a question about the axefell AU, how has the glitch occurred? Because the Flowey of the UNDERFELL AU isn't evil? And even if he caused the glitch, wouldn't he try to reverse it?

B- A person doesn’t have to be evil to make a lapse in judgment. I don’t view Flowey as evil. He is, literally, a psychopath, incapable of feeling anything emotionally, regardless of his intent. He both tortures and loves the monsters of the Underground, repeatedly, to feel anything at all. So when the monsters dismiss and forget him, living happily and developing a plan that will put them outside of his manipulative influence for good? The person that should have been his best friend is making a family with his worst enemy? He is as close to angry as he can be.

He wants to remind them that he exists. He wants to remind them all of his pain and loneliness. He didn’t mean to break the world. He only wanted the attention, the power that Frisk’s prolonged presence in the Underground removed from him. And after he had the power… he didn’t want to let it go. It’s addictive. He can finally feel. And once the Hunger touched his mind, he wasn’t capable of letting it go.

I almost made this post a few days ago when more ppl were posting abt john mccain and whether or not they felt bad about his brain cancer and there’s a few ppl I know who r really kind people and whose kindness and compassion extends to ppl like john mccain or at least to his family and who want to avoid being cruel bc they have seen what cruelty can do to people and they make anti cruelty statements during times when evil people suffer as part of their personal politics. i think I understand where that comes from but also I really hope that these ppl understand that, while yes, people like Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton or John McCain or Rudy Giuliani or Ronald Reagan or George Bush or Roy Cohn are indeed human and have families and feelings, their actions as power hungry political figures have ruined literally hundreds to millions of lives depending on the person and in some cases, such as Reagan, have destroyed things like federal housing programs and federal funding for cities’ transportation or slashed health care for a majority of poor people in America. Reagan’s policies destroyed the lives of a generation of American middle class and lower income families and pitched many people into unlivable poverty. John Mccain’s vision for a neoconservative America is a violent vision multiplied in violence by the people it impacts. In Clinton’s case, her and her husband’s political dynasty built in part on the war on drugs and on cutting welfare and orienting the Democratic Party toward elites and billionaires has enriched her personally while her variety of politics continue to pull the rug out from under the most vulnerable people in the country. So like when people wish violence on public figures of this kind (which is a Totally Different thing than say wishing death on Katy Perry or whatever) they’re like not even making a dent in reciprocating the engineered violence these people support and you aren’t really standing against cruelty by insisting people have a pure or kind reaction to the suffering of people who do violence to whole populations

Silent as the Grave: The Non-Speaking Villain (5th Case Study)

Ungoliant and Shelob (the works of J. R. R. Tolkien)

I’ve read a few instances of Tolkien’s approach to his work where he proclaims to despise allegorical readings of his universe.  Though given his religious background, I can see how he may not have been able to separate a theological/metaphysical treatise (which is what the Silmarillion is on one level) with an allegory…even though the two narratives have a rich history of intermingling.  The gradations of Tolkien’s ideas concerning evil are, of course, personified by his villains and how their particular brands of evil affect themselves and their external environments.  Sauron is corruption, which is different from being fallen.  Melkor is fallen.  He does corrupt, but Sauron is the corruption inspired by Melkor personified.  For this corruption to gain power, risks must be taken.  The most well-known example is Sauron’s ring (no one really calls the ring Sauron’s ring, and I’ve often wondered why that is).  The ring is externalized power that yields great results for Sauron, but also makes his weaknesses obvious to his enemies.  True power to Sauron and Melkor is a gamble.  Melkor’s great gamble was aligning himself with a creature he didn’t fully understand…a creature that he didn’t seem to feel could, or more realistically would, try to overpower him: the spider demon Ungoliant.  The two kill some trees together and steal some pretty jewels.  Ungoliant’s evil, however, is consumption.  Melkor metaphorically feeds his own powers in order to attain higher ends.  He makes the world fall down his level of darkness so everything can be utilized as his tools tools.  Re-appropriation is Melkor’s game: the re-appropriation of good into evil.  This isn’t Ungoliant’s game.  She is feeding, both literally and metaphorically.  She does not recycle!  I know that sounds silly, but what she consumes is rendered unusable.  She is only hunger and void.  This is evil even to Melkor, the supposedly most evil creature in all of Tolkien-dom.  Ungoliant has no attachments to the meaning of Melkor’s coveted Silmarils aside from their value as food.  She has no sense of rallying around a cause like Melkor does.  She is not deceitful but a surprisingly honestl form evil.  This is a concept that Melkor doesn’t understand since his mind is so focused on the dichotomy of good and evil, light and darkness: his methods are deceiving holy binaries to promote the values of the damned.  Ungoliant is of one mind: darkness and evil.  This makes her more dangerous to both the holy and the damned in Arda.  It doesn’t make her less intelligent, as it might seem, but rather makes her a being who has realized that she can demand what she wants rather than having to scheme like Melkor (”You can give me those gems, or I’ll just eat you as well.”).  Her consumptive nature is so voracious that she literally eats herself.  She is an affront to the game played by the Valar and Morgoth.  Were all of the major players of the war of the gems kids on a playground, both parties would look at the kid playing Ungoliant and say, “You aren’t playing right!”  Melkor is orderly chaos; Ungoliant is chaotic chaos.  Let’s play alignment chart: Sauron is lawful evil given his machinations are largely inspired by the schematic set up by Melkor, Melkor is neutral given that his loyalty is to himself, and Ungoliant is chaotic evil because “consequences be damned!”  The same is true, to a lesser extend, of Shelob, the greatest offspring of Ungoliant.  

She exists in Sauron’s world, but Tolkien goes to great lengths to show how she is a separate force.  She isn’t his servant, and the grand scheme of what is happening in Middle-earth means very little to her.  Let’s say she killed Frodo, Sam, and Gollum, and the quest to destroy the ring was derailed absolutely.  She wouldn’t have cared in the slightest.  Given this scenario, it is likely that Sauron’s ring never would have found its way back to its master.  Even the most tempting thing in the realm wouldn’t sway her from the desire to consume.  Sauron would more than likely have lost as well.  She might have sent Middle-earth into a bloody stalemate.  But that’s what her evil is, and it is only a small portion of her mother’s, whose attack on Melkor shows unequivocal disregard for the world of war and instead favors the darkest parts of what might be called a glutinous sense of instant gratification.

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I would have give notes anyways because the foods seem delicious lmao. can i please have the ship? also please mention me! @mintybogdanow . i'm a genderqueer, bisexual,panro person (preference for guys tho),i'm ENTP,gemini sun scorpio ascendant, chaotic neutral/neutral evil,i can be a fucking hurricane sometimes although i'm serious when i need to,i have ADD,i'm very sarcastic and fun, smart and arrogant. i give the image of a mean person but i'm actually verey nice, i just don't like (1/2)

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     Okay… so, Kel’Thuzad is the only person whom Arthas doesn’t feel, like, evil about, in any way. (That barely even makes sense to me.) Even when they were enemies, Kel’Thuzad was doing his part to send Arthas along on his way down a path that, in current times, Arthas is glad he took. 

     Everyone else was in some way an obstacle. Jaina and Uther abandoned him; Terenas and Muradin sought to deny him. Mal’Ganis was an enemy and Tichondrius a taskmaster, and Sylvanas was only ever meant to suffer. Falric had to die to remain loyal, and Zoen betrayed him the second she could. Ner’zhul wanted to share the throne. He’s got personal issues with all of them, in one way or another, that serve to somehow sour the relationship for Arthas.

     But Kel’Thuzad? He doesn’t have those problems with Kel’Thuzad. Kel’Thuzad has consistently proved himself wholly loyal to Arthas and Arthas’ goals in a way that no one else ever has. (This is all from Lich King Arthas’ perspective, mind. Paladin Arthas views things very differently.) He allowed himself to be slain in order to further Arthas’ fall to darkness, and following his resurrection proved himself to be a peerless ally and servant. Kel’Thuzad ensured Arthas understood what was really going on with the Scourge and the Legion, which for a guy fresh off the ‘manipulated into darkness’ train, was probably extremely nice for a change. And when Illidan’s fuckery resulted in a weakened Lich King, resulted in a Scourge civil war, resulted in Arthas nearly getting murdered by Sylvanas, Kel’Thuzad (unfortunately) came to the rescue. 

     Can you imagine that? A huge component of Arthas’ fall was his gradual isolation from his allies, by his hand or by others. By the end of the campaign, he’s facing Mal’Ganis alone because everyone else “betrayed” and abandoned him. So here he was, betrayed and abandoned, forced to deal with enemy Sylvanas Windrunner (who had him totally helpless and at her nonexistent mercy) on his own. Again. 

     Until Kel’Thu-fucking-zad shows up, subverting all of Arthas’ past experiences.

     Seriously! The one person to stay at his side through thick and thin is the wheezy old mage he smashed to pieces like an hour after their first meeting. Is it really any wonder that it’s almost immediately after this that Arthas a) puts Kel’Thuzad in charge of Lordaeron while he’s gone and b) straight up says “You have been a loyal friend.” LOYAL FRIEND. Like - God, my friends, it’s wild. It’s incredible. Arthas’ best friend is a floating skeleton monster and I don’t think he could ever ask for better.

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[After Max's death is slightly less plaguing of the characters can we get either Alec or Izzy scene with Jace, trying to make him feel better and not give up on love after his first boyfriend turned out to literally be evil. I also want them trying to make Jace feel less used]

[Don’t worry, I know Jace went through hell, but as you’ll soon see he’s going to recover from what happened to him. Izzy and Alec will be there for him, and help him as well as Simon and possibly others. Jace will go through some tough times, but he will get to a more healthier and happier place in his life. His storyline is something that’s going to be explored greatly in this second part of this AU.]