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Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are Rebekah Mikaelson’s best friend and, ah, a mermaid. She brough you home in a gesture act. What she did not expect was that her brother, Klaus, would fall for you and, whilst doing so, he win your heart over.

Warnings: swearing, kissing, some violent descriptions (not that big of a deal), mentions of sex, fluff

Word Count: 4250 (i think i broke my record with this one)

Patiently waiting for Rebekah Mikaelson, who happened to be your best friend for quite some time now, at a bar, you thought of how much your life had changed in the past year. All because you were forced to abandon your mermaid nature after one reckless night you spend at a forbidden cave; sure, your mother had warned you what would happen if you went there during a full moon, but you always thought she was just being an overprotective mum. Ultimately, she was not, for the next morning you woke up entirely naked. Oh, and with freaking legs instead of your blueish tail as well.

A gentle chuckle left your lips when you remembered the stunned looks the humans gave you once you managed to get out of the cave. Nudity can get them incredibly nervous.

“I presume you’re waiting for my sister, love.” A masculine voice, soaked in a marvellous British accent, said. “May I keep you company?”

“Suit yourself, Niklaus.” Your reply was short, straight to the point. “But I warn you she’ll be mad if she finds you here.”

“I know how to deal with Rebekah.” He smirked, sitting on one of the chairs and facing you with those deep blue eyes. “You know that.”

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do you wanna go to the seaside?

you don’t have to obviously, but i listened to ‘Busy - Olly Murs’ whilst writing this, and i think it’s perfect for the feel of this one :) 

“And we don’t wanna hear the real world passing by,” I glanced over at Shawn as one hand was gripped to the wheel; whilst he used the other one to point out the front of the window, pulling a stupid face as he sung along.

I placed my arm along the edge of the door, with the window down, and leaned my head on it; looking at my reflection in the side mirror. The sky was seamless, blue going for miles and miles. My hair was waltzing in the wind as Shawn sped down the roads, wanting to start our day at the beach.

“Oh god,” I sighed, as Shawn shut the boot. “What?” he asked, taking one of the bags from my hands and throwing it over his shoulder. “You actually bought that hat?” I said, pointing at the huge bucket hat covering his fluffy hair. A proud smile spread across his face as he adjusted it slightly, “Yep.”
I rolled my eyes before stepping onto the path, feeling Shawn nudge his shoulder against mine once he joined me. “At least you’ll never lose me,” he said, taking my hand in his. “You can spot me from miles away in this thing.”

The sun was shining, which was something I hadn’t felt for a long time. I felt completely relaxed, so much so that a towel on sand felt more comfortable than some of the hotel beds I had slept in. Shawn was like a little kid when it came to beach days; he threw everything on the ground before running down to the shore and leaping straight into the cold sea. He gave me the thumbs up as soon as he was in waist deep; but I chuckled to myself when his face showed how cold he really felt. I laid back under the umbrella, and read my book; not wanting to do anything else. Being on tour was incredibly exhausting for Shawn of course, but it was actually quite tiring for me as well.

“Shit,” I sighed as I felt cold drops of water land across my body. I slammed my book down and looked up, frowning with my hand over my eyes as I glared up at Shawn who had a childish grin plastered across his face. “Come on baby, come in the sea with me” he smiled, sitting down on his knees. “No Shawn,” I said, grabbing my book to quickly fold the top of the page. “Please,” he pouted. I tried my best to scowl at him, but I couldn’t help but smile at the dork in front of me. He had worked incredibly hard on tour, and he deserved this little break. “Fine,” I sighed, pushing myself up from the ground. “You’re the best,” he hummed before pecking my nose. “But the hat goes,” I said, placing my hands on my hips. He threw it to the ground so it landed on the towel, and grabbed my hand before running towards the sea.

“See, it’s not too bad” he said as he slowly walked ahead of me, getting deeper into the sea. I nodded quickly faking a smile, until he turned his back to me, and that’s when I swore under my breath whilst rubbing my arms. “Come here,” he said softly, reaching out his hand for me to take. I took it and made my way closer to him. As soon as I was standing directly in front of him, he grabbed me by the waist with both hands; and lifted me so I was being held by his arms. He swung me round in bridal style, laughing at the squeals that left my mouth. “Stop Shawn,” I giggled, terrified that he’d drop me in the sea. Seconds later he stopped, but kept me in his arms. I pushed back the loose wet curls, letting out the last chuckle. I was taken aback by his lips crashing into mine, feeling wet and smooth. He then gently placed me back on my feet, and admittedly the water no longer felt cold.

I found myself admiring Shawn’s back whilst he paid for our ice creams. I had seen it so many times, but there was something about it under the sun; revealing the muscles even more; carving his shoulders even more. I’d become so lost in a daze, I didn’t realise he had moved until I felt the cold shock of ice cream being placed on the tip of my nose. “You can stare as much as you want,” he said, with a cocky smirk on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him before attempting to lick the ice cream from my nose. He giggled from behind his ice cream cone, before grabbing my chin with his spare hand and gently wrapping his lips around my nose, sucking the ice cream off. “Sweet,” he smiled before going back to his own ice cream.
Hand in hand, we slowly walked along the stretched path; with the sea to our right. We would’ve walked at a normal speed, but Shawn said it was because he wanted to soak the moment up. Although this may be have been true, I knew it was also because he wasn’t very good at multitasking; meaning it was difficult for him to walk whilst eating away at an ice cream.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as we stood at the very end of the Pier, arms resting on the rails as we looked out at the blue ocean, that had no end in sight. “I wish we could stay here forever,” Shawn said as he had one arm wrapped round my waist, tugging me closer towards him. “You’d miss touring after five days or so, you’d be begging to go back” I smiled. He lowered his head with a smile, “I know.”
I moved slightly so I could rub the back of his head with my hand, tugging on the ends. “I love it when you play with my hair,” he grinned into the palm of his hand as he leaned into it; staring forward. I continued to do so for a few minutes more, until I knocked my body into his; my head resting into the crook of his neck, and both arms snaking round his broad figure.

“Are you getting cold?” he asked. I nodded before he pushed me back slightly, and began digging into his bag. He gave me his precious hat to hold whilst he looked for his jacket. “Don’t even think about throwing it over,” Shawn said, shooting me a daring look. I raised an eyebrow as he handed me his jacket, snatching the hat back. “Thank you,” I said softly as I pulled his jacket over me; loving the sudden rush of warmth.

“I could see you being a fireman actually,” I said before placing a chip in my mouth. Shawn and I were talking about what we wanted to be when we were little as we delved into our fish and chips. We were sat on a wall overlooking the sea, knowing it would be too cold to sit right on the shore now. “Oh yeah?” he grinned, dipping a chip into some tomato sauce. I nodded, “I can see so many desperate women purposely setting fire to something, just so that you could come and sweep them off their feet” I laughed. Shawn threw his head back in laughter too, “You’re probably right.”
“I can see you being a nurse,” he said, looking out at the sea. I froze and looked at him with a confused expression. “Are you kidding?” He looked at me and shook his head, “You’d look really, and I mean really hot in that uniform.” “Ha,” I said, shoving a chip into his mouth. “Maybe one day, but for your eyes only.”

Once we had piled the bags back into the boot and slammed it shut, I turned on my heels for a split second; before Shawn placed his hands on my waist and spun me back round; pulling me closer to him. “I’ve really, really enjoyed today” he smiled, his hands lingering at my waist. “I’ve enjoyed it too.” He slowly pressed his lips against mine as his hands gently glided down my back.
Shawn threw his hand behind my seat as he looked back, reversing out of our parking space. “Are you sure we’ve got everything?” I asked one last time. “Yes,” Shawn sighed. “Even your hat?” I asked. “You packed it into your bag,” he said confidently as he sat forward and spun the wheel. “No I didn’t,” I said bluntly. Shawn glanced in my direction, “Well, it’s not in my bag for sure.” I threw my head back in laughter, covering my gaping mouth with my hands and Shawn erupted in panic. “Oh well then, I take what I said back” I said between laughter. “Not have I only enjoyed today, but it is now officially the best day ever.”

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jikook 71 :))

mma: mixed mutual attraction

jikook | rating: t | request | 3k | ao3

Who knew being small and cute was an MMA fighting strategy? Jungkook sure didn’t – not until he felt it firsthand.

a/n: this was different and fun to write!! i hope you enjoy it anonie <333

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devereauxsdisease  asked:

BOOM! I'm prompting you: “do it. i dare you.”

Alright!  I see how you work, Murder Bestie.  @devereauxsdisease has prompted me.  Sassy.

“Do it. I dare you.”

“I am not a child, Will.  I do not take dares,” Hannibal said with a slight tone of indignation.

“Or maybe you’re just afraid,” Will said.

“Why would I be afraid of this?”

Will shrugged, and looked out the passenger side car window.

“I have been chased by murderous Verger hoodlums, had a fight to the death with a pompous string shop owner, was pursued by agents of the FBI – a darling one in particular –  fear is not something that I often encounter.”

“Well then do it,” Will sassed, as he poked Hannibal on the right shoulder.

Hannibal gripped the steering wheel of the car tightly and exhaled.  He then turned to look at Will, raised an eyebrow and coquettishly said, “You are looking very, very handsome this evening.”

Will laughed and threw his head back, “Wow!  You are smooth.” He continued to laugh, “Actually, you aren’t.  That was so obvious, love.” 

Hannibal pouted, and then gave it one last valiant effort, “I could just turn the car back and we could be home shortly, where I can then lower you onto our bed, and take you into my mouth…making you quiver with delight.”

Will’s laughter died instantly.  He looked at Hannibal lips while biting his own, “You are evil, and as tempting as that may be…”

Hannibal gripped Will’s thigh tightly, tilted his head and smiled.

“I only have three words for you,” Will said as he leaned in close to Hannibal, lips hovering near his, “I dare you.”  He then quickly licked the tip of Hannibal’s nose and sat back in his seat.

Hannibal scrunched up his face, and wiped his nose.  “Very well!  I concede. Let me just do this, so we can move on with our evening and our lives.”

Hannibal put the car into drive, pulled into the driveway and rolled down his window.

“How may I help you?” the voice asked.

“Ah, yes…thank you.  I would like one hamburger with cheese, one large order of frites, one vanilla milkshake…”

Will smiled triumphantly, “Oh!  And ask for some BBQ sauce!”

My Girl

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)           x            You (Reader)


You looked into your boyfriend eyes,

“We’re on the same class and he’s my friend. You know that I love you and only you, right?!”

“But the way he looked at you didn’t seem that way.” He glared at you

“Then it’s his problem not mine!!  Stop yelling at me like it’s my fault!”

“You are too friendly with him. Why can’t you just speak to him? Only speaking. No smiling. No laughing. YOUR SMILE IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL CAN YOU JUST STOP SMILING HE MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.” He yelled, again.

You’re so tired from your college tasks, your apprentice application, and all. PLUS your overly-jealous boyfriend yelled at you when you need his support the most.

“Can you just, go?” You asked him with tears on your eyes



“AND I’M HURT” He cut you out.

“Let’s stop and leave my house.” You glared at him and locked yourself up in your room.

Bobby is always jealous, he always care about you, he always want to protect you and he don’t want to see you get hurt or being happy with someone else. But he never yelled at you like this. This is the first time for you and for him.

He left your house feeling guilty but he can’t lie that he’s hurting too. Watching you talked and laughed with a boy, watching you being so busy with him and you centered your focus to him and your project. When he had a hard time writing lyrics but you weren’t there for him. You spent your time making your project with a boy.

It’s been 2 weeks since your fight. You secretly wait for him to text you first. He used text you a bunch of cute texts with thousands of emoji and you just laughed because of your silliness. After 15 days you held yourself to talk to him, you reached out your phone. When you try to press his number, he called you first. His voice sounds so cold and hurting,

“Have you eat?”

You were shocked of his sudden phone call, “He..He.. Hey Bobby. I. I… I have.”

“Good.” And he cut off the phone call.

Deep down inside your heart, you want to call him but you don’t have any courage to do so. You’re afraid of him. The next phone call appeared on your phone,


“Hello. Yes this is Y/N.”

Congratulations you can start your apprentice a day after tomorrow. I’ll give you the detail of it via e-mail. Congratulations!”

You almost threw yourself from your bed because you’re too happy about it. You almost called Bobby but— no. He won’t care about you. Who the hell are you to him?

You called your best friend to share your happiness that day.

It’s your first day at work. It was never been easy for you to get ordered from this side, and you have to ran to the other side, and you have to make a coffee in 3 minutes, and you have to collect the presentation. It was hard.

Someone called you from his space.

“Hey, Y/N. You’re new, right?”

It’s your boss.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Let me teach you how to make my coffee.” He took you to the pantry and you feel so many eyes were looking at you at that time.

You started to pour the coffee as he told, and you brew the coffee with the boiling water. You handed him the cup a—

“IT’S HOTTT!!!!!!!” You screamed as you feel the hot coffee pour down your hands and your shirt, turned it into a see-through shirt.

You suddenly feel your boss hands on your thigh trying to reach your bottom,

“HEEEEEEEEL—“ You screamed for help after realize what was he trying to do, before someone punch his back.

Someone held his neck and started to punch his face,





He looked at you and held your cheeks, “Baby are you okay?”

“Bo…Bob…Bobby…” Trying to recover from your shock. He hugged you tight as he stepped his feet on your boss legs.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry I’m not here sooner.”

“Baby I’m sorry.” He wrapped you on his arms and kissed your forehead

“It’s okay now, I’m here. I’m here.” He held you tight and try to escape from that awful workplace.

As soon as you’re home, he threw himself in the sofa and took a sleep when you spend your time calming yourself down after the assault.

You took a sleep about one hour and when you woke up, you went to the kitchen to grab some chocolates to keep you calm. But here he is, sitting on your dining table.

“You’re awake?”  He asked with his raspy voice but can’t look at your eyes.


You can’t stand that awkward atmosphere, you sat beside him.

“Thank you… for that.” You smiled beautifully but he can’t see it.

“No.” He started to look at your lips

“I’m sorry for being such a trash. I’m sorry I can’t protect you, I’m sorry for yelling at you and overly-jealous about something. I should’ve trust you and keep it cool.” He licked his own lips, nervous.

“Okay, then.” You got up and grab a chocolates, went back to your bedroom.

Suddenly, Bobby’s head popped out from the door. He looked at you with his guilty feelings but you smiled at him,

“Baby boy, come here.”

He walked towards your bed and stayed beside you,

“You have to know..” You finger played with his nose, his mouth, and his face.

“I love you. I love only you. Nothing in this world can compare to my great boyfriend, because you’re the best boyfriend in this universe and no one can ever compare to you.”

“So, chill out babe. I’m all yours.” You kissed his lips and smiled between your kiss.

“I’m sorry I got jealous because you’re too damn perfect and I think I’m not good enough for you so any boys could take my girl from me.”

“Um, um.” You shook your head as a no.

“I miss you so much.” He wrapped his body around you.

“Me too.” You hugged him tight when you let his lips exploring your face.

setyoursmileonfire  asked:

Fav drink? Do you like to take a bath? What is something you definitely want to do in the next year? And next 10 years? Can you lick your nose?

Heyyyy Anna!

Fave drink?
Hot - Coffee
Cold - Ice Tea

Do you like to take a bath?
Yeah, I frequently take baths to relax and ease sore muscles - I’m partial to bath bombs and reading a book with Postmodern Jukebox playing on my tablet/phone

What is something you definitely want to do in the next year?
Go for a proper hiking/camping session for a few days. I live just outside the peak district and have barely done any hiking there. I’d also be up for doing it abroad.

Next 10 years?
Own my own forge.

Can you lick your nose?
I can just about reach the septum! (just tried)

Thanks for the asks <3

Answering any and all asks - send asks to preserve my sanity!

RothFrye ideas, because why not?

  • Dancing, with Roth leading.
  • Jacob hiding his face under his hood.
  • Jacob gets food on his nose (like ice cream), Roth licks it off.
  • Jacob draping his arms over Roth’s shoulders from behind (being nosy?)
  • Trimming their facial hair.
  • At the breakfast table.
  • Walking home at night (possible departure).
  • Jacob hogging the duvet.

Feel free to add more or start your own list.

Be My Partner: A Chris Evans x Reader One-Shot

“It’s yoga day on the Civil War set!” Robert smiles into his phone. You laugh a bit, shaking your head at the man.

“What’re you even doing, Downey?” You try to get a look at his screen from over his shoulder, until he whips it around to face you.

“I’m giving our beloved fans a sneak peek, behind the scenes. Say hello to everyone!” Robert grins, holding the phone out. You give a brief wave, laughing.

“You know, I can’t believe you and Scarlett convinced me to do this again, swe- (Y/N).” Chris corrects himself once he spots Robert and his camera. You and Chris had met before shooting started, and, once the film began, you and Chris also began to date. You had been cast as a potential love interest for Cap, allowing you to remain on set. It wasn’t too hard of a role to play. But, in all reality, you and Chris hadn’t outed your relationship to the public yet.

“Aw come on, Chris, you’ll love it! You’ve already done it before.”

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Red Thread II

Paring: Hanzo/fem!Reader

A/N: so sleeping a lot is a thing. Sorry the story is slow, this is my first. I have no beta, so all spelling error’s are my own. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you guys want let me know what parings you want to see. Next update might be Monday.


You were aware.

That you could tell.

You were aware that you were awake.

But you could not feel your limbs.

Breathing through your nose, that you can feel. You felt your chest rise then fall. But still, you couldn’t feel your arms and legs. You tried to open your eyes however, it felt impossible. As you slowly pulled them apart it felt like a dune a licked your eyes making it hard to open and painful to try.

Still, you attempted to open them. it was dark when you opened them.

“Co-…” you winced at the dryness of your throat. It hurt unbelievably, worse than anything you had felt even when you had the flu when you were younger.

Suddenly, the pod jostled and soft light filled the pod. You squinted at the words that re-apperad on the hatch’s screen.

“Threat level: High”

“Scanning neat by threats

“Threat: non-organic”

You scoffed at it, or made a noise that sounded one.

“Unsafe to open; Brief hibernation activated

“N-..” sleepiness treated you like an old friend and greeted you to the darkness with open arms.


Your eyes shot open looking around in the darkness. Yelling, you were pretty sure you it was yelling, with.. gun-fire maybe. Wait, why were you hearing gun fire?

You tried to move your fingers but they wouldn’t move, it felt like forever since you last moved them. Then it dawned on you.

How long have you been asleep.

How long..have you been in this pod.

Your heart clenched…

As soon as the gun fire started it stopped, you heard mumbling, it was probably talking but your ears were strained with how long you had been out.

“He-…” you tried to grunt out.

The mumbling stopped and faded. You were going to cry, you just wanted out.

Then, a knock, it was loud enough to know it was a knock as well as being loud enough to hear.



You let out a startled noise. That wasn’t something hitting against it, someone was knocking.

‘Please arm, please’

You felt like you were moving a dead weight. You let out a pain filled grunt as you try to move your arm. Slowly but surely you were pulling up your hand. Shaking like a leaf as it rose. You grunted at you attempted to practically throw your knuckles at the side of the hatch.



Instantly, the pod whirled to live. The screen and the table lit up cause you to shut your eyes while letting out a scream. Your eyes felt like they had been set on fire.

The hatch hissed open after it opened, you heard a gasp.

“Mein gott!” a feminine voice yelled.

You squinted enough to let your self see a woman with blonde hair stare at you with complete and utter shock.

You tried to lift your hand towards her, shaking as you reached for her.

“Ple-.. hel-..” the woman moved over too you grabbing your hand and held it. She looked over her shoulder yelling orders to her left far out of your vision.

“Ho-.. -ong..” you managed out. She looked back at you with a questioning look. She then lowered her head to hear you.

“Ho-… -ong” you asked again in the same hoarse tone. She rose her head back looked at you with a broken-hearted expression. She placed her hand on your cheek, rubbing her thumb against the side of your eye.

“Too long.. mein dear..Too long…” your vision faded out into nothing.




The chirping noise was calming, because it wasn’t just a noise, it was a sign letting you know that you were out of the pod. Your eyes opened easier this time looking around the room that was washed in a dim light. It look like a large hospital room, the one were they could tend to more than one patients at once.

You realized that you were in a bed; it was warm and soft; the pillow supporting your back was fluffy. Fluffy enough to put you in a reclining position with enough support to look around with your head.

“Ugh..” You grunted as you turned your head left, then the right slowly. it felt like you slept funny on it. You moved your head back and forth trying to relax the muscle and get some blood flowing; you took the chance to look at your arm.

You blanched at how thin it was it was. It wasn’t to the point that you could see the bone however it was enough to know that you hadn’t eaten in sometime. Not only that, you were sure even though the room was dimmed you were much more paler maybe even sickly.

You froze, you could still feel your thread. It was then that the sudden hyper realization that something was different with it. You were terrified too even look at your finger for fear it was short and black. The color of a lost soulmate.

You sat your head back and closed your eyes, tears streaming down your face. You knew you needed to look but the thought of what it looked like after so long scared. So, with a small pep talk you decided that starting with the top of your left arm would make it easier to bear.

Your eyes scanned your bicep, you could see the colored veins now unlike before.

‘need some sun..”

You slowly got to the joint of your arm and saw a needle taped to your vein. Bringing what you assumed was a saline solution.

Your eyes dragged down to your wrist, the bone was slightly protruding via weight loss, but that was expected.

‘need a piece of pizza…” You slightly drooled at the thought.

You ripped your eyes from your wrist to your hand. You started at your thumb noticing that the nail had grown quite a bit compared to its normal nail bitten shape, from there you moved on. 





Your jaw dropped, more tears  fell down your face at the sight. It wasn’t the red that it once was. It was a sickly looking color of red with a few tangles, none the less that wasn’t what nearly floored you. 

It was almost complete.

You let out a choked sob.


“I have never seen anything like it either.” A soft voice spoke to the right of you. You whipped your head to look over, grunting loudly at the sudden movement of your head turning. You looked at her with a pained look, she just smiled warmly at you.

“All the threads I’ve seen from people in Cryo, that were alone have turned black or had disappeared completely.” she spoke as she checked the machine with bags of medicine. 

You just noticed that it was floating.

‘That thing is freaking floating…” You stared wide eyed at it.

“But most Cryo pods don’t come from the year 2016.” she said as she sat down in the chair next to the bed. Your eyes whipping from the floating pole to her.

You tilted your head at her. ‘what was that supposed to mean?’

“Oh! I didn’t properly introduce my self! I’m Dr.Angela Zigler.” she moved the chair closest to you.

“As I was saying, most pods don’t come the year 2016. Cryo pods didn’t go into use or manufacturing until 2506.” You openly gawked at this woman’s words.

‘What year is it!?’

‘How long were you asleep!?’

“I thought…” Angela licked her lips.

“I was going to be opening a cryo pod with a corpse. I should have thought better considering Talon had had the pod you were in.” You tried to sit up but Angela shot out of her seat pushing you back into the reclining position. 

“The Nano Tech I gave you wont be finished repairing for muscles to the point you can suddenly move like that. You were knocking on death’s door when we found you.” You looked at her with a questioning expression.

“we..?” you spoke softly at her. 

“Tomorrow Mein liebling, it will be a big day for you. Looking at the Nano Chart, its says you might be able to walk around for about 8 minutes at a time. It will give you enough time for you to bath. If you want I can show you some parts of the base; but for now rest, it is still early.” she said putting the chart down looking over you.

Without a thought, Angela started tucking you in the bed then fluffed your pillow. After she was done the blonde let out a satisfying huff. She then whispered a good night to you. she then walked out of the room leaving you with the thought that, that grown woman just tucked another grown woman in bed.

Even if it was strange, you couldn’t help but to smile and laugh softly to yourself. 

While drifting off to sleep, you took one last look at your nearly completed thread. The small comforts kept the looming questions along with the dark answers at bay, and for now that is what you needed.

“You love me.”

“I don’t.”

“That’s a statement, not a wonder.”

“You’re such a pretentious prat, aren’t you?”

“And still you love me.”

“If I throw a stick, will you leave?”

“I love the way you talk like you were not a stupid canine as I am.”

“Shut up. At least I don’t have fleas.”

“…Oh god. Can you let it go? It was a one time thing. And you know that.”



“At least I don’t run after my own tail.”

“You shove your nose at James’s groin once.”

“I must certainly did not.”


“But I could certainly shove my face on yours.”

“You must certainly not.”

“You keep sniffing me when you’re transformed.”

“You keep sniffing me when you are not.”

“I don’t.”


“You lick your own—”

“You lick mine.”

“Sweet Merlin, I’m leaving before the sniffing and licking shit become real.”

James slammed the door but could still listen the next lines.

“You love me.”

“I must certainly do.”

And if he didn’t know how to recognize each one’s voice at that stage he wouldn’t be able to tell who was saying what during the entire argument.

Sirius and Remus were very similar, from their sharp fangs to their wagging tails.

Some time ago someone (don’t remember for sure, but probably tinybro) in the Jasico tag suggested Jason being turned into a dog and I wrote this for fun and then more or less forgot about it. Someone has probably done this already but here we go.


Jason had made a lot of bad decisions lately.

Going on a quest alone had been the first one, but the whole thing had seemed easy. Just retrieving an artifact from a magical guardian sounded like child’s play after the war. Pissing off the guardian in question had been the second bad decision. Not that it had been a decision, really, more a spontaneous thing. Either way, it had all led to this.

Jason was trying to navigate the city on four legs, overwhelmed by the sounds and smells around him. A young girl stopped briefly to pat his head before her mother dragged her away, warning her about approaching unknown dogs. It hadn’t really occurred to Jason until that point that he had been turned into a specific animal, but he managed to catch a glimpse of himself in a shop window. A big golden retriever looked back at him.

If Lupa ever finds out about this, she’ll eat me.

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Avengers’ 4th of July party

*stuffs his face*

“Tony, could you wait for the rest of the team and not eat everything?!”

“Mho! *swallows* I always have to battle with Clint for the last burger! This time I’m gonna be one step ahead of him!”

“Ahhhh what do my damaged ears have to hear?? Someone said my name and I believe it was a whiny, whiny Tony! ON THE DAY OF HIS FREAKING SUPERSOLDIER’S BIRTHDAY!!! Don’t be whiny, Edward, it is a day of  celebration!! OF DOUBLE CELEBRATION!!! THE FOURTH OF JULYYY!!”

“Gosh these two, we should at best never invite them to the same parties again! Come here, you big puppy dog!! Happy Birthday!! *hugs him*”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Steve!! I wish Clint would have wished you a happy birthday as well, but I could imagine he already wrote you a long heart-wrenching Happy Birthday text message at midnight, didn’t he?”

“Aw, thanks guys! And yeah, I did get Clint’s love message.. Thanks, buddy! In fact, Tony is the only one who didn’t wish me happy birthday yet!”

“Don’t worry, your pretty blond head, you will get your wishes. And more. So, don’t stuff yourself too much, because tonight we will get buseey~!”

“That was so disgusting on so many levels!! You can’t say something like that while you’re stuffing yourself!!”

“Don’t worry, we all know Steve has a thing for Tony’s round little tummy!” 

“Let’s just please drop that and move on to having a fantastic Fourth-Of-July-Birth-Of-Captain-America picnic!” 

“No, I wanna give Stevie our present!!” 

“Later, Clint!” 


“You guys got me a present?! Really?! Ah, that’s soo– um.. Babe, you’re alright?”

*grumbles something about Natasha being the meanest person on earth and never being so insulted in his entire life*

“Aww Tony, don’t be a sissy! You know it’s true!” *smudges a bit of whipped cream on his cheek*

“Nat, don’t rile him up!”

*comes to them running and gasping, a present in his hands* “HERE IT I - “ *falls into the grass* “I GOT YOU YOUR PRESENT FROM THE CAR, STEVE!!”

*makes a face at Natasha*

*enjoys the chaos around him* “Aw, thanks buddy! What is it?”

“Round, cute little belly!!” *tickles Tony’s tummy a bit*

“YOU GOTTA OPEN IT!!! I ain’t tellin ya!! But it’ll mean a lot to you! We had some help from Coulson!”

“That’s nice of him to help. Didn’t see him in a while, guess he is busy training his agents.. Okay, let’s see..” *opens his present*

“Nahahahat! Stahp!” *runs and hides behind Bruce*

*sees his old records from the war* “Guuysss.. Thank you! It’s everything here! My team, Bucky.. I didn’t even know it was all saved, that’s really – Oh no.. No, no.. It this commercial of me selling war bonds.. How did that even.. Please, tell me no one had seen it..”

“Hey, we totally should!” *snatches the record from Steve* “Who wants to see Captain America punching Hitler?!”

“Tony, give me that back!!” *start to chase Tony around*

“Yeah Tony, don’t be a dick!!” *picks up a piece of cake and aims at Tony, but catches Steve’s neck* “… Oops!”

The greatest archer that ever lived and he can’t even throw a piece of cake!”

“Right? This is how it’s done!!” *throws cake into Tony’s face*

“HA! Francis throws like a girl! UMPF!!” *gets caked by Natasha*

*grabs the record from Tony* “Guys, stop wasting my cake!”

“Yeah!! Me and Steve planned to use it later on to eat it off each other bodies, so you kinda quickened the process for us. Thank you!”


“Right! Throwing like a girl! How do I throw Tony? Does this seem very unprecise to you?” *smashes the cake in Tony’s face*

“Perfect! Now we can all be part of the fun and eat the cake off Tony’s face!”

“Here is your plate, Steve! This looks like a nice piece for your birthday Captain!” *scraps cake from Tony’s face onto the plate*

“Thanks, Bruce, I can always count on you, my science bro.” *licks the cake off his own face*

“Okay, that’s enough! Another person who throws my cake, will be doing squats for a week!”

“ … “

*bops Steve’s nose with whipped cream on his finger*

“ … “

“Someone’s gonna die!”

*looms over Clint with a pissed of expression and after a while takes a piece of cake and smashes it into Clint’s face*

“YOU SON OF A - IT’S ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” *throws himself against Steve*

“We can’t stay out of this, Bruce!!” *pushes Steve’s plate against his face*

“… Thank you so much! … Tony, come over here, let’s hug it out!”

“Suuuure thing, Bruce” *gets closer to Bruce and rubs his face against Bruce’s face, leaving cake on his cheeks*

*pushes Clint to the ground and grabs what was left of the cake and runs with it* “THAT’S IT!! NO CAKE FOR YOU, GUYS!! ONLY SQUATS, YOU ALL WILL BE DOING SQUATS TILL CHRISTMAS!!”

“I was about to panic, but then I realized that we are all caked and probably have more of it here than he has over there!”

“Okay no, we should get after him and sign a peace treaty! It’s his birthday!”

“True! And Tony you better think of something to make him forget about the squats!”

“You guys brought it on yourself! Besides, I bought a spare cake. STEVE, GET BACK HERE, WE HAVE MORE CAAAKE!! You three should behave better! Shame. Shaaame!”

anonymous asked:

what was first meeting mina like?


By the time I arrived, I was so so so tired, yet also wound up, as you can imagine. I pull up, get out the car, looking rough as only a long road trip can leave you, BUT TRYING TO BE COOL YOU KNOW. I mean it’s a hopeless case as far as Hollilgay is concerned at this point, but there’s Jill, plus the very real looming threat that I’m going to lose my shit when I meet Mina.


Just thinking about it all too much has left me in tears, and I kind of didn’t want to walk into Casa Holligay and become an emotional human sinkhole. THESE WERE MY CONCERNS

So COOL, right? I knock on the door, and while I’m not 100% on this , I am about 98% sure I heard Jill yell “Ahh shit!” Which is the only true response to such things, honestly. Then the door opens a crack. Literally just a crack. There is only a tiny sliver of Jill.

“I’m not supposed to let you in.”

Now bear in mind I have just completed a fifteen hour, 900 mile drive to Holligay’s doorstep. This does not surprise me remotely.

“This could make things awkward,” is my reply.

Then Jill called out that I’m here, and this time I KNOW I hear Doc yell “WELL FUCK”, and it was all pretty much perfect really.

(Their refrigerator ice maker had exploded about five minutes before I pulled up, WHICH WAS A HARBINGER OF THINGS TO COME AS IT TURNED OUT.)

Finally the door opens, and there’s Holligay saying something, blah blah I’m not listening, because behind her I can see Jill running upstairs with Mina tucked under her arm.

“ME,” says Doc.

“MY DOG,” says me.

Then I’m ushered inside and directed to the couch where I can be properly introduced. By which I mean Holligay can SEE EVERYTHING, by which I further mean my emotional devastation. Jill comes back down, Mina is released, and she runs right to me.



It was all a kind of overload, honestly. And all joking aside, I really was fighting so so hard to not lose it. When she licked my nose, it was like something just sort of clicked inside. I’m not explaining it well, and really, it probably belongs in its own post WITH ALL MY OTHER COMPLICATED FEELINGS, so maybe I’ll WORDS about it later. The important take-away is I DID NOT CRY I AM A ROCK.

The other very important detail which I neglected to mention until now is that part of this presentation included a gorgeous red bow attached to Mina’s collar, which was adorable and absolutely perfect both for her and from Holligay. I didn’t get a picture at the time, but I DO have the bow. I’ll try to remember to put it on her later to show you guys.