i can lick my own nose!

RothFrye ideas, because why not?

  • Dancing, with Roth leading.
  • Jacob hiding his face under his hood.
  • Jacob gets food on his nose (like ice cream), Roth licks it off.
  • Jacob draping his arms over Roth’s shoulders from behind (being nosy?)
  • Trimming their facial hair.
  • At the breakfast table.
  • Walking home at night (possible departure).
  • Jacob hogging the duvet.

Feel free to add more or start your own list.

Michael giving your lil baby a lemon to suck on so that he can ‘one up’ the Hemmings’ cute baby videos, and recording the sweet little face scrunch up with the sour taste that they had taken a whole mouthful of, after trusting daddy so much, would immediately backfire when baby starts to cry for the rest of the afternoon, only to be settled when Michael accidentally licks a tiny remainder of the citrus juice from his own hand while clearing the dishes, and scrunches up the same button nose and bright red lips in true clifford fashion, as his now happily giggling mini-me watches from their high chair, clapping their chubby hands together and showcasing the beginnings of a tiny front tooth, making them look just as goofy as their daddy

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“You love me.”

“I don’t.”

“That’s a statement, not a wonder.”

“You’re such a pretentious prat, aren’t you?”

“And still you love me.”

“If I throw a stick, will you leave?”

“I love the way you talk like you were not a stupid canine as I am.”

“Shut up. At least I don’t have fleas.”

“…Oh god. Can you let it go? It was a one time thing. And you know that.”



“At least I don’t run after my own tail.”

“You shove your nose at James’s groin once.”

“I must certainly did not.”


“But I could certainly shove my face on yours.”

“You must certainly not.”

“You keep sniffing me when you’re transformed.”

“You keep sniffing me when you are not.”

“I don’t.”


“You lick your own—”

“You lick mine.”

“Sweet Merlin, I’m leaving before the sniffing and licking shit become real.”

James slammed the door but could still listen the next lines.

“You love me.”

“I must certainly do.”

And if he didn’t know how to recognize each one’s voice at that stage he wouldn’t be able to tell who was saying what during the entire argument.

Sirius and Remus were very similar, from their sharp fangs to their wagging tails.